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ITT post how you were before and after /tg/

before /tg/ I was a weeaboo
after /tg/ I hate anything that has to do with asia and I dislike children immensly

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Before /tg/ I was OP
after /tg/ I was still a faggot

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/tg/ has given me a deep appreciation for sanity-eroding horrors, mindfucks, mutations, and all things dwarfy.

Also, I think I've become more bitter.

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>Before /tg/

I had never heard of WH40K

>After /tg/

I am fucking sick of WH40K.

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Before /tg/ I thought 4e was boring, regressive, and unimaginative.

After /tg/ I've come to realize that's because the players are all of those things, too.

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well before I came to /tg/ I was an ensign on a simple solar patroler.

Now I'm the captain of the SS /tg/. So.. upgrade?

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Interestingly enough /tg/ has done the opposite to me. Perhaps this place some how exchanged my prior personality with yours.

This will require further testing.

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Yes!! I love SCIENCE!!

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It goes just before/after 4chan for me.
Don't even get me started.

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You may be a lowely deck cleaner. Yet we still wish to hear your tale.

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before 4chan
>Lol, that was epic, man. Lol, mudkips are pretty funny, dA, what's up with furries? Don't mind 'em, but still.

After 4chan
>Hate my previous self and anything I thought before going to 4chan

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Before /tg/ I was a 40ker, WHFBer, and I despised all card-based games with a violent passion. I had never even had the thought cross my mind that any females from 40k could possibly be sexy.

After /tg/ I still like 40k, whfb is meh, DH/RT seem fucking win. I still hate pretty much every card game, ESPECIALLY MAGIC, though Malifaux seems like it could be kinda fun. I sorta want to do some PnP roleplaying again, be it DnD (DONT care what edition) or DH/RT, or old/new WoD. I have found some of the various drawfagging of various 40k chans to be disturbingly arousing on occasion, which is now one of my several secret sources of shame, another of which is that I have ever spent more than an hour reading any board on 4chan =P.

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I was not sexually attracted to insects before I came to /tg/.

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

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Before /tg/ I hated everything and everyone.

After /tg/ I hated elves, too.

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Sigh. Before, I was the nicest guy you could ever meet. Also, I was a pushover and was bullied by everyone, including my professors.
Now, I'm prejudiced in every possible way, hate Japan, play DF and associated games, play a shitload of different P&P games, and the only emotion I ever feel is anger.
Thanks, 4chan.

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rolled 13749 = 13749

>Before /tg/

I was mildly interested in 40k and looked a bit at Warhammer Fantasy.

>After /tg/

I play Darkheresy, and want to play Warhammer Fantasy RP.

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Could be worse. You could be into... well. Heretics.

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Before /tg/ I thought nerds were losers.

After /tg/ I knew nerds were losers and loudmouthed faggots to boot. Also, hipsters, lots of fucking hipsters.

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I'm pretty much the same person I used to be, only I can type faster and swear with greater proficiency. I suppose I'm a bit more creative, too, what with all the brainstorming sessions I've had with you assplunging cockweasels.

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Can't say I know what I was before, but I've grown bitter and angry. I've grown to both first to love dwarfs, and then later to despise, due to hype backlash. I've grown to hate furries, and accept them as long as they don't intrude on me.
Probably more changes. Can't think of them on without a few minutes of contemplation though.

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Before /tg/
Came here for the D&D threads

After /tg/
I'm in love with the fluff for 40k (or maybe just how /tg/ spins it, I have never been to a 40k wiki or read a 40k novel). I wish I could have an Ork or Imperial Guard army.

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oh oh. Before /tg/ I didn't use to say brah or hate xenos so much.

after /tg/ I constantly say brah and hate xenos with a blinding fury.

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This. I could barely type 4 years ago.

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Before /tg/ I was a productive member of society

After /tg/ I hate everyone, and have mutliple waifus.

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Ah. Typing faster. I learned that through World of Warcraft myself. I learned proper spelling and punctuation from MSN of all places, as I realized I looked like I was ten or something when I wrote.

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That too. I hate aliens, even before we have met any.
And despite everything, I love my species.

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Before I was intrigued by RPing games.

After, I was just dissapointed because all my friends don't really do this kind of stuff. Instead I am forced to play shitty boring games like WoW.

I have 2 level 80s despite loathing the actual game.

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I still cannot type. I can, however, two finger type with great speed.

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Before /tg/ I knew touhou was some japanese game that was supposed to have good music.

Now I'm a touhoufag.

Dear lord what have you done to me.

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My mother worked a lot by a computer when I was growing up, and thus she thought typing would be a very good skill. So apart from homework, I had to spend an hour or so every day writing down something. Despised it then, but damn glad she put me through it now.

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/tg/ has made me a xenophiliac. Otherwise, I think more about what I'm posting before I hit submit.

That's how I used to type, brah. Eventually I started using my thumbs, and the rest of my fingers. Imagine yourself typing four times as fast. It is empowering.

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I'm so sorry brah! D:>

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There is a disturbing trend here of increased anger/bitterness.

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Also, seeing all of the terribly-written writefaggotry here has caused me to closely examine my own writing style and improve it immensely. Hell, /tg/ got me writing again to begin with.

It's also instilled in me a seething hatred of fanboys and faggotry in general, which is rampant all over the Internet. It's also cured me of my own faggy tendencies and made me apply critical thinking ti my own arguments.

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That's since people have grown older.

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well it's obvious that /tg/ breeds angry marines.

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Before /tg/ I was an average college-going asshole.

Now I have dozens of fetishes (many of which are impossible to act upon in the absence of aliens/demons/eldritch horrors), increasing paranoia, and substance abuse problems. Basically, /tg/ has turned me into a Slaaneshi cultist.

I'm not sure how I should feel about that...

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I don't like that at all. What is /tg/ doing to you poor fellows? Come now, you're in friendly company! I myself don't feel particularly embittered by 4chan.

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I have no explanation. I experienced much a similar transition with frequently /k/. I went from a depressed stalinist to an absolutely furious anarcho-capitalist after I hit /k/ (but most notably, after I started frequenting OPERATORchan).

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you should feel bad and repent. Cultists are just pure heresy.

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/tg/ made me a happier person, filled with creativity.

Sure, its hard to follow through with all the ideas, but it sure is Fun!

Also, an earlier thread introduced me to steampunk porn, a concept that had never truly been processed by my mind. And i think i am the better for it.

>him- batemacy
and the recent addition of captcha has sparked its own mental exercise.

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>Before /tg/:
I didn't care about the human race as a united whole, I extremely hated 4e with a blinding passion, had never heard or Full Thrust, and was a Furry.

>After /tg/:
I have a firm conviction it is humanity's job to get off earth and subjugate as many planets as we can, I merely dislike 4e (And would try it with a good DM), I have a NSL Full thrust fleet, and I am still a furry.

3 out of 4 improvements isn't so bad.

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>Before /tg/
Just starting 40k, didn't do any RPGs
>After /tg/
Still playing 40k
Trying DH and Pathfinder
Know a lot more memes
Enjoy discussion about lore more frequently

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Oh. I doubt it's 4chan that has embittered me, it's spending time on the internet and learning of people.

One of my rl friends has a younger sister who at the age of 16 is the most cynical person I've ever met. She grew up on the stranger places of the internet.

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I hate everyone, except a couple people that I look up to.
Yes, that means I hate myself. I can never live up to my own expectations.
This has bred in me great anger. I'm always angry now.

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Just give in and keep fapping to that hot thri-kreen on dragonborn action.

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Before tg.
I could handle annoying players or even meme spewers

After tg.
Anyones arguements for there mary-sue of "why would I want to be a cookie cutter character like yours" won't fly and I'll simple explain how there character makes no sense and they don't know story structure.
>tell them about your fetishes

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I am not embittered at all by 4chan, though I am a bit more jaded. I know about things I wish I didn't, but I am not bitter about it

However, it is actually truly disturbing to see the memes that fucktards come up with on 4chan spread virally across the interwebs.

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So many idiots, assholes, and creeps. Shit gets to you, man.

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see, fucking angry marines

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So you're saying that Angry Marines are a result of space marines hating themselves for not being able to live up to their own standards?

You'd think Ultrasmurfs would be the angriest then.

>> No.11971713

I would say that the internet in general has made me a bitter, angry misanthrope because it's exposed me to what the average person really is like.

It's not a pretty picture.

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Actually, that'd be the Death Guard...

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Before /tg/, I thought the elemental groups were fire, water, earth, and air, and fire monsters, for instance, were vulnerable to water.

Now I understand that there is also a tentacle/boat axis.

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Angry Marines are what made me fall in love with /tg/. I totally lost my shit. So fucking awesome.

>curageno from
No, u!1!

>> No.11971736

Precisely. See, now, I don't let myself feel emotions.
Otherwise, I'd explode at everything. If I even begin to feel emotions, shit goes bad. The times I've nearly lunged at and strangled slightly annoying people is far too often for my liking.

>> No.11971744

>average person
I know we aren't all jobless, blubbering manchildren, but we are definitely not average.

>> No.11971750

/tg/ hasn't really done anything for me than fill a hell of a lot of time over the years in an amusing and occasionally educational manner.

>> No.11971759

I see the Ultrasmurfs as secretly being like the Imp. Fists. They can never be as good as their primarch, no matter how awesome they are. This breeds self-hatred.

>> No.11971765

Yeah. I'm scaring myself at my first thought when someone is bothering me is to want to grab something hard and heavy and beat the offender's brains out.

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The greentext mocks you too huh.
>He masturbates to elves.

>> No.11971773

Pre-Chaotic Corruption, he looked like the baddest ass Primarch.

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Three words: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter. Makes you lose pretty much all faith in humanity. But then you realize that the cool people aren't busy on that shit, they are living their lives, maybe doing something creative (looking at some of you, /tg/) and not updating their mood every fucking 4 hours.

Just remember, though people in general fucking suck, the few that don't make life worth living and usually pretty fucking fun.

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I don't understand the mocking of green text
>his personal quarters hide thousands of copies of ship on ship porno

>> No.11971801

Totally. But now they hate themselves for having to submit to nurgle, they weren't strong enough.

Iron Hands are a bit the same, they hate themselves for not being strong enough to stop the Heresy themselves.

>> No.11971805

I've been melancholy most of my life.

Watching your mother beat your retarded younger as a part of sick way of controlling your father when you're 9 does that to you.

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b4 /tg/ i was a pathetic nerd.
After /tg/ i was a pathetic furry.

fuck you, /tg/

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Have no twitter, have no myspace, updates facebook once per week.

This has made people think I'm an antisocial asshole and they wonder if I'm really alright.

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its the colour.

Black text has impact, you can read it clearly, it seems firm and is eye catching. Green text, especially against a blue background, is slightly harder to read, its tone lowers the impact of the statement, especially when next to black text, so that it seems less important than black text.

>> No.11971862

It is sort of like the shoulder devil. A bit harder to hear.. but there nonetheless

>> No.11971874

That doesn't seem very mocking to me.
>fears chefs with a passion

>> No.11971878

Thing is, a bunch of people find me creepy, because of how deadpan I always am. You'd think the self-loathing would attract women, but they're afraid of me. Fuck.

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Before /tg/:
Semi-interested in Warhammer and D&D

After /tg/:
Semi-interested in Battletech and Eclipse Phase

>> No.11971899

Huh? I've gotten compliments for keeping my head cold, and my snarking style of humour is the only thing I have to attract women.

>> No.11971908

>self-loathing attract women
What the cuntdamn shitfuck are you talking about?

>> No.11971921

He might be Swedish.

>> No.11971923

Have a Facebook page that I was essentially blackmailed into making. So, I just update it like once every 6 months.

I have been called an anti-social asshole, but that isn't true. I just don't think this "social networking" is actually being social. It is is usually semi-retarded and narcissicistic. If I saw all the people on my friends list in the same place I would never stop circulating because there would I always be someone I still wanted to talk to.

>> No.11971939

Same here. Plus I've always been one of those who despite knowing about it goes "It's popular, thus it sucks."

>> No.11971944

Self-LOATHING is creepy and sad.
Self-deprecation with humor IS attractive to women. Just don't overdo it.

>foottew Amerika

>> No.11971947

Deadpan self-loathing is not the same as cool headed snarkiness, you self-fellating cockmongerer.

>> No.11971953

You really don't realize this? It tends to make one seem "brooding".
You must know different women. I've known women to cringe from me if I so much as look at them.

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I don't feel like /tg/ changed me, I feel like the rest of the world did.

Some nights, when I come to 4chan, there's an MSpaint game, and there's still time for me to play. Those nights, I feel like maybe things will be OK again someday.

>> No.11971963

>Social networking isn't social
Well, I disagree with you there, on two counts. One, the people saying this usually put 0 effort into it, and like therapy, exercise, and will power, 0 effort gets you 0 results.

Second, Facebook and all that isn't ABOUT replacing social interaction, its about reinforcing it and giving little reminders so you don't forget people you don't see often.

>> No.11971965

This is true. I am self-loathing, but I only let it out as jokes.
For some reason, women like this. So I have no real trouble getting a woman to like me. My problem is that I don't meet women that I can get to like me very often.

>> No.11971977

>spend all day watching TV
>20 status updates
Uh huh.

>> No.11971981

No. But that is my outlet of it. Since I know I come of as creepy if I actually talk about my emotions.

>> No.11971993

You stupid motherfucker. Self-loathing is the antithesis of what attracts women.

Are you new to the internet? How have you not learned that confidence is the key to love and sex?

>> No.11972003

I come to 4chan and usually there is just SHIT, on every board.
Those nights, it's hard not to burn down my apartment building with me inside.

>> No.11972013

And being a lazy douchebag over the phone and in person doesn't change the fact that you're a lazy douchebag.

>> No.11972015

Fair points. I have expended 0 effort on it and therefore it doesn't work for me. Kinda like positive thinking, huh? ;)

I hadn't really thought about it as a kind of Outlook-calendar-for-your-personal-relationships type of thing. I will have to give that some thought.

>spirit phibbyrn
You said it, captcha.

>> No.11972036

I am about to spawn a facebook account, simply because one of my new professors is one of those so-cool-and-hip-and-modern professors and refuses to give out stuff like syllabus and other papers any other way than facebook downloads.

>Before /tg/
Man I love D&D, wish I could run a game. What are these other systems? They sound dumb. Also, /b/tard.
>After /tg/
Have 4 games running and over 6 gigabytes of various system rulebooks on my hard drive. Scorn /b/. Replaced retarded meme-dropping in conversations with WH40K references and corny PnP-based jokes.
>Had to get multiple groups because he wants to play so many systems any sane man would turn him down.
Shut up greentext.

>> No.11972037

Yeah there's a whole lot more of those than the other kind.

>> No.11972048

One of my problems with facebook is that I have nerdy hobbies, and if I'd 'like' all things I'd like, I'd probably freak people out. So I prefer not to post instead, and keep up the façade that I am normal, just a bit antisocial.

>sword-dancers nievis
Well said captcha

>> No.11972061

before I came to /tg/ I was a normal man that worked in a normal office.

After /tg/ I gained the ability to become magnetic to paper and my office has erupted into complete chaos seven times in the past two years. Yes I blame you all.

>> No.11972074

I don't talk about my self-loathing, though. Ever.
It comes out as a combination of uncaring and genuine deadpan humor, which nobody gets.

>> No.11972081

Before /tg/ i was a pretty nice guy, got along reasonably well.

Now: I play PnP games, thinking about getting into 40k, and know that Hatred is the Emperor´s greatest gift to humanity.

Seriously, i'm just filled with this general simmering rage at almost everything and have become bitterly racist.

Thank you /tg/ for making me stronger, stripping the weakness from my body.

>> No.11972111

There are tons of people who like that sort of humor. Hell, I have actually gotten laid with a combination of this and the ability to talk about absolutely anything.

>> No.11972129

Yeah, I got a dose of this as well.
/tg/'s baseline hate of everything is infectious to various degrees.

>> No.11972137

Do want.

>> No.11972156

Angry Marines - hilarious fictional army idea or morbid projection of mental and emotional trauma?

>> No.11972164

Maybe there's just too many dumb bitches, but you don't understand. I am REALLY apathetic. I've had women come to me with boyfriend troubles, and I told them that I did not care at all.

>> No.11972171


>missionary cochron
fucking captcha makes one word replies no fun at all

>> No.11972179

I hate you, especially, you bitchfaced faggot. I hope all the bad things in life happen to you and only you.

>> No.11972194

Then you are doing it wrong. I generally don't care about shit like that. But, common bloody courtesy means that you listen at their problems.

>> No.11972222

Does /tg/ make folk angry? or do angry folk flock to /tg/.

Seriously, the first time I saw a 3e/4e shitfest i was shocked - absolutely shocked at how people acted.

Now I enjoy them.

>> No.11972225

Did you not notice the "I hate everyone else as well" part?

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"Same to you, low-life scum!"

>> No.11972255

I wish I could meet you, so that I could STAB YOU AND RAPE THE WOUND.

>> No.11972256

Listening to women bitch about their boyfriends is not common courtesy, it's masochism.

>> No.11972261

Yes. I did. Since it was bloody half a thread away.

Then why the hell do you talk to people in a way that makes them confide themselves with you. And why would you care if it gets you girls or not?

>> No.11972265

I miss Chink.

>> No.11972266

I respectfully and completely disagree. If they are coming to you to try to figure out what the fuck is going on from a male viewpoint, then that's kinda okay.

If they are coming to complain about their boyfriends, then you are either their girlfriend or being approached for revenge sex. Brotip: the first one is bad and you shouldn't listen to their shit; that's what they have GIRLFRIENDS for. The second is probably too OTT for most /tg/ers to contemplate.

>> No.11972273

Why the hate for this particular namefellow, brah?

>> No.11972314

I can see your point.

I stand by my old point, but yours has merit too. I see it as if they need to talk to someone else about their boyfriend, something is wrong, and thus they should be allowed time to talk.

>> No.11972315

It was a simple statement of fact which I did not get.
And in that case, I was actually sitting by myself behind the building, when she actually came up to me and did so.

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It's a fair question.
I don't tend to hang around other parts of 4Chan, for an answer I'd start with examining what kind of tone other boards have.

I have been kind of shit-post lately.
But I think he's just playing along.

Mm, indeed. I'd post more, but I keep getting him and WCKD mixed up. I seriously wonder what's up with Culexus, he hasn't updated in a while.

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Before /tg/ I was a confused teenager searching for a place to talk about 40k with, and maybe find out where I can play online RPGs.

After /tg/, I'm now LARPing, running a game in RL, and playing in several games RL. Shit's fucking cash, man.

>divana perfectly

Yes it did, Captcha. Yes it did.

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Pic related to an absurd degree.
She actually told me my apathy had helped her. I dunno what the fuck either.

>> No.11972367


Treat them the same as you would other men, but expound your reasons for your statements.

>You seem frustrated.
>I am.
>I am, I have ten papers to write this semester, three of which are term papers.

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Better to die on my terms, then live on yours, Serf. =D

>> No.11972399

You don't understand.
I do not care, at all. I couldn't have fucked that one because the whole reason the boyfriend was pissed is that she wouldn't have sex with him.

>> No.11972409

/tg/ changed my life-
And I don't mean that in a whiny "Shamwow changed my life,"
I mean it changed literally everything in my life- my relationship with my parents, my friends, my shot at college.
There's a bit of a story in it, if /tg/ wishes to hear.

>> No.11972417

Begone before I come to my senses and gut and burn you like you deserve.

>> No.11972421

>She actually told me my apathy had helped her. I dunno what the fuck either

Do you have any idea how many mouth-breathing morons will sit there and listen to her shit like she is the center of the fucking universe?

You did the exact opposite, which is fucking cash, and might have, at least for a short period, woken here the fuck up. Kind of like a slap in the face that you get man points for, rather than a jail sentence.

>> No.11972426

Don't care, go away.

>> No.11972428

Before /tg/ I had never heard of dwarven fortress.
After /tg/ I have carpral tunnel, but also a really impressive virtual tower.

>> No.11972431


...it changed for the worse, didn't it?

>> No.11972443

Hey! That picture! I bloody love it.

Had it as an MSN profile picture for gods know how long.

>> No.11972448

Depends on your definition of worse, really.

I honestly think it made my life better, others may disagree

>> No.11972455

I am always up for a story. Ignore the otherfag and tell it.

>> No.11972459

Before /tg/ I thought heroes with amazing powers were awesome

After /tg/ I love underdog with underpowered protagonists stories.

>> No.11972465

I see. The apathy actually is great. though. Like when I shut up one loudmouthed bitch that I think has a crush on me because she acts like a lovestruck middle schooler around me, if you know what I mean, with one sentence.
Or another on the bus, with two.
Ah, bliss.

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>houstand absolute

>> No.11972490

Holy shit you got super powers too?! All I got is the ability to make objects vibrate when I touch them. Annoys the fuck out of people when we both use a table as a footrest

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pic related.

Rock on then, /medium brofist.

>> No.11972499

Oddly enough, the friend of that bitch is actually really hot, which I didn't even notice, because of the apathy.
Instead, I made ginger jokes, because she is ginger.

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File: 145 KB, 325x999, we who are shambles of men.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Estrangement from all you used to know and love?

On the other hand, wisdom usually comes from pain, and boy howdy does /tg/ have plenty of spleen to vent on the unwary...

>> No.11972509

That is a HORRIBLE rule 63 of the Heavy. I hate you even more, now.

>> No.11972522

I personally tend to stockpile my spleen until the truly deserving appear. ;)

>> No.11972523

Be in college.
Yell "SHOW ME YA MOVES!" in your room.
Listen to everyone yelling "FALCAWN PAUNCH!".

>> No.11972530
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Tsk, oh well. I rather like it for the well-communicated enthusiasm of the subject, and the vigor of the weapon.

Some people, you just can't talk to.

>> No.11972543

But... she's not even heavy!

>> No.11972557


>> No.11972558

Before /tg/, I'd spend down-time alone typically. Now I've become used to talking with /tg/ers and would miss the companionship if it were to disappear.

>> No.11972573
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She's spiritually weighty; she's Heavy in soul.
And she has lots of BOOLETS, they're very encumbering.
And DEM GLOVES, c'mon.

>> No.11972582

Nyoro~n! :3

>> No.11972603
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>> No.11972639

Alright, storytiem it is /tg/.
I can pinpoint the exact moment my life as I knew it imploded. I believe it's archived on sup/tg/ if anyone wants to go and see- check for three threads called "Interrogator Quest," around December 30th/31st

I had been posting for a little under three months, and had been lurking more than a year on /tg/. Originally I had stumbled on here through sup/tg/ archive links, but once I figured out what this place was, I decided to stay.
Even though at the time I didn't play a Traditional RPG in my life, I had always been a fan of sci-fi and fantasy. I argued in debates over the proper definition of Good, contributed ideas to campaigns, and followed a few quests ardently- mostly Frost Giantess Quest, but also Vampire Bride Quest and Xeno Quest as time went on.
I decided to try my own hand at the questing game- about the closest I had come to ever DMing a real game.

>> No.11972650

This sounds terrible, I am so sorry for you.

>> No.11972654

Don't care.

>> No.11972684

Before /tg/ I thought /tg/ would love VTES and I would find VTES playing friends

After /tg/ I realised this was not so.


>> No.11972746
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D'aww. Finally done being tsundere, mon loup?

>> No.11972788

Slowest story ever.

>> No.11972796

I love how my crew always seems to derail a thread so easily.

>> No.11972816
File: 180 KB, 1500x600, 437762 - dead_or_alive kasumi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've trolled an AI.
Feels bad man. =S
Have some consolation animu nekkid Mr. Roboto, and feel better!

>> No.11972817

Damn as the greentext gotten so good at mocking people that it even mocks your own posts now?
>your sentence structure and wording makes you sound like a retard.

>> No.11972827

However, my parents were growing concerned. I have always been, and will most probably be in some form or another, an introvert- It's not as though I didn't have friends- well, more acquaintances than anything else- or that I did not enjoy human contact, it's just that I've always had a hard time judging other's reactions based on a body language and facial expression.
I never had the problems with words that I did with people- words were upfront and meant exactly what they said- so you can guess that I took to the internet like a fish took to water.
My parents however felt that there was the risk that I might replace the real world with a virtual one, and were always leary of the internet- a place of pedophiles and rapists and disgusting grotesqueness (I believe my father once referred to the computer as 'that devil box'). They were rather set in their ways- used to giving orders and having them obeyed without question.

>> No.11972842


>> No.11972874

I'm not sure what 'tsundere' is, depraved-anon. Offer for coffee still stands.

>> No.11972904

If by "coffee" you mean a hot cup of bleach, then I'd love to watch you drink it.

>> No.11972905

When they discovered I was posting on the internet- (not 4chan in specific- I believe their minds would break if they ever discovered 4chan in all of it's terrible glory), they flew into something of a panic. For them, it was like I was drawing a giant bullseye on myself for all the stalkers in the internet to come and find, and strictly forbid me from ever using the internet for anything other than schoolwork again.
As I said before, they were used to being obeyed- I had always followed their instructions and generally things had turned out well for me so far-My grades were good, I was healthy, and I had most material things that I wanted.
My parents expected me to follow them- so imagine their surprise when I told them no.
I didn't understand their concern- I was posting anonymously, like millions of other people day to day. It was fun, intellectually stimulating, took nothing from my life, and I enjoyed it- so I saw no logical reason to stop.
My parents did not react favorably.

>> No.11972919

Before /tg/, I mostly dismissed my own characters, battletactics, campaigns, writefaggotry ect. because I kept thinking "Na, that's too stupid/crazy to ever work.2

After /tg/, I just go for it, except to stop sometime to ask myself "Now where do I fit in the magmabreathing aquagnolls with the Truly Immovable Rod?"

>> No.11972933
File: 53 KB, 640x480, Gimli trying to be a Luchador.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Before /tg/, I thought dwarves (the fantasy kind) were pretty awesome.

/tg/ has made me despise everything about them.

>> No.11973026

There were arguments at first- when my parents tried to list reasons of why I should not be using the internet. However, I had always excelled in reason, logic, and debate (my parent's often accused me of twisting their words or tricking them into saying something unreasonable) so they quickly abandoned that route.
They tried histrionics next- dramatic weeping, fits of random anger, telling me that if I loved them, I would do as they say. I respectfully disagreed, and told them that if their love required restriction on my ability to make my own choices and suffer the consequences as an adult, then their love was poison.
Finally they played the paternal authority card- I had to obey them, even if their rules didn't make any sense because I was their child and they it was within their rights as parents. They took away the computer, watched me constantly, and took to listening in on my phone calls.
I bucked at their restraints, however, trying every trick of civil disobedience, rules lawyering, and good old fashion tantrum throwing.
I refused to admit I was wrong to my parents, and continued to try to circumvent their will at every opportunity- so finally they played their final card.
My college education

>> No.11973096

Before /tg/ I was me, after /tg/ I held myself to higher standards when painting and as a result have improved. Thanks /tg.

>> No.11973106


>My college education

Mother of fuck. They didn't.

>> No.11973144

I had managed to gain admission to a small but well known liberal Arts college that shall remain nameless, and had acquired large amounts of financial aid as well.
As I and my parents locked horns, I always managed to keep myself going on the idea of college- that I would soon be out from under my parent's supervision, and then I could live my life as I see fit.
My parents, however, used college as their final bargaining chip- they told me that they loved me, and that they wanted me to be happy. However, they couldn't allow me to go down what they saw as a self destructive path, so they had decided to drop my enrollment from college, have me get a job and enroll at a nearby community college while living at home.
It was the straw that broke the camels back- I gave in, told them whatever they wanted to hear.
I realized in that moment that my parents were not merely misguided and over protective- that they were obsessed with control, and were willing to sacrifice not only my happiness but my prospect of a future to ensure that their rules were obeyed.

>> No.11973164

>liberal arts
Kill yourself.

>> No.11973181

Look up information on FAFSA. You can get grant money that you can use at any school and will pay for boarding. Nobody should have to live like that.

>> No.11973195

Before: Disliked 4th ed.
After: Hated 4th ed.

>> No.11973202



>> No.11973211

Before /tg/ [4chan, really], I was a nerd, but it didn't get in the way of my social life.


You guys fucked me up real good.

>> No.11973231

Before /tg/ I never really heard about 40k.

Within 3 months of going on /tg/, I started my Ork army.

One of the best and worst decisions of my life

>> No.11973246


My parents are nearly that bad; fortunately I got into college, and they don't have such luddite opinions of the internets. That said, as an example of their weirdness, I'm 21, and I don't know how to drive. The reason is that I know my parents wouldn't let me leave the house more than once or twice a week unless it were for something they think is important, so honestly, there's no point in learning.

I hate my hometown. Hopefully I'll be able to move to the UK soon. That's where I go to school, and it's actually a great place, contrary to what the fascists on TV news networks like to say.

>> No.11973251

I went to the college of my choice- I'm posting from my dorm there right now actually- but only after promising my parents to never use the computers there for anything other than school work, and agreeing to let them drop me out if they should find that I've betrayed my word.
You should also now that I now jump every time my cell phone rings, in fear of it being my parents telling me that they're coming to take me home, now.
You must realize, of course, that this account has been abridged for time and expediency and flavored by my own preconceptions of the events as they happened- if you asked my parents, they would of course give a very different account of what happened.
So- in conclusion, how did 4chan change my life?
I believe it ultimately changed my life for the better- I found friends, my first real friends, over the internet and established more amongst my schoolmates as I looked for emotional support my family no longer provided.
I learned that the measure of a man is not by his wealth or his ranking, but by his honor, and his insistence to stand up for what he believes in no matter what.
I learned that the freedom to make your own decisions also comes with the freedom to accept the responsibility of your actions.
I also learned that my parents are fucking psychopath.

>> No.11973265

Are... are you me?

>> No.11973273
File: 13 KB, 250x300, CANNED HATE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I feel pretty much the same, but my thought pattern is like this:

There is only what I like, and what I dislike. If you force me to like something, you are an affront to everything I stand for.

>> No.11973282

I thought student loans required someone with property to co-sign them?
The only people I know who would be willing to do that would be my parents.

>> No.11973321

If you weren't a grammar nazi before 4chan, you don't know SHIT about video games.

>> No.11973323

Those fucking psychopaths are paying for your college education you ungrateful little bitch.

>> No.11973361

Before /tg/: fairly certain that 40gay was insanely overpriced and that GW was capricious and manipulative.

After /tg/: absolutely certain that 40gay was insanely overpriced and that GW was capricious and manipulative.

>> No.11973363

Not by my choice.
I swear the first thing I'm going to do when I start earning wages is to save up enough to pay back my parents for everything they spent to sent me to college.

>> No.11973427

Sure thing, pal. Definitely couldn't have gotten a job already.

By any chance are you a furry?

>> No.11973462


Although I respect you for standing up to your psychotically manipulative parents and finding the courage to be your own person, I think in the end you screwed yourself to death, and your parents who are paying for your college tuition.

Liberal arts degree...I have one too, from the best university in my state, and it has gotten me absolutely nowhere in life. I have friends with engineering degrees who are jobless (I swallowed my pride and took a bluecollar job).

Welcome to the 21st century, where a college education means nothing except that you've inherited a shit-ton of debt. College is the ultimate pyramid scheme.

>> No.11973483


...what kind of backwoods joint did you come out of? I'm in the beating heart of Orange County, Republican stronghold exemplary, and no parent I have ever heard of has done anything like that.

Then again, grandpa was the son of a farmer who became an engineer, dad AND mom were engineers (and mom stayed home once dad got his masters to make sure at least one person was with the kids at all times), and my entire extended family both votes republican and is comfortable around new technology.

Except my cousin, but she's an aspiring sociology professor (HA!) and has her own pages on The Big Three social networks.

On the other hand, even if history is a worthless major, I can at least claim to be the hardest of the soft sciences.

>> No.11973489


First thing you should do is try to apply for further student loans unless you'll not be at school for much longer. If you find yourself able to pay for the rest of your education, never speak to your parents again.



Children owe their parents nothing. The role of parents isn't to create copies of themselves; it's to ensure their children grow into capable individuals. If/when they do something legitimately crazy (it's my opinion most of them do), there's no reason to treat them with any respect.

>> No.11973507

>Before /tg/
Roleplayed frequently, steady game crowd, frequented game shops when possible, bought comics, dated irregularly, weekends were movies and/or concerts.
>After /tg/
Run games online due to distance from players, no game shops in area, download comics frequently, spend weekends with steady gf, celebrating one full year together next week (or thereabouts).

The only thing which changed was my tabletop is online, my games are steadier and my comics are from torrents. That and I used to masturbate daily; down to once a month, give or take.

>> No.11973548


google 'higher education bubble.'

It's coming to everyone's attention now, and I was caught mostly-done with my degree anyways, so I figured I'd at least get a BA.

Now, I have to talk my sister out of getting an art degree...
Unless /tg/ thinks that she might actually be able to get a job with it.

>> No.11973587

I'm from a pretty Blue state, actually.
My family- well, we're just not that normal, I guess.
You know what they say: getting a liberal arts degree is like getting a venereal disease- it makes you ineligible for a lot of jobs and gives you the urge to pass it on.
But srsly- I think I'll be able to find something.
I'll look into getting my own student loans- I'm still very shaky on the subject of finance I suppose.
No, I'm not a furry (but I do play one on TV!)

>> No.11973588

But he should keep on taking their money, right?

Food, shelter, etc are a given. But college? No. Your parents aren't obligated to pay for college.

>> No.11973603



Texasfag here; I'm taking the GRE in a couple of weeks. I'd prefer to go to grad school in the UK (yeah, that was me earlier), but if that doesn't work I'll be screwed if I don't get in anywhere here. It's hardly a surprise; the culture of 'best'ness the US has built for itself is going to come apart at the seams soon if the-powers-that-be keep trying to quantify people's societal worth. Hypocritically enough, the US is a country that, upon any criticism, instinctually asserts that it, and only it, stands up for the principle that 'all men are created equal.'

>> No.11973626
File: 118 KB, 774x962, METAL BOXES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

before /tg/ , college guy, into CoH and DoW and other strategy games. typical generic nerd.

< - after

>> No.11973630


Legally, no, but societally, yes. It's entirely unreasonable and, frankly, cruel for parents to throw their child into the world after high school if they know the kid can't pay for college.

>> No.11973720

Bullshit. College is not a necessity by any means. And for a Liberal Arts degree? Are you fucking shitting me?

>> No.11973735

>not a necessity

Are you fucking retarded?

Really? Really now?

Do you have ANY IDEA WHATSOEVER how the job market has changed?

>> No.11973783


I can only hope that people wake up to this, sadly most will not before it's too late. Like you, I was mostly done with my degree before I realized the depth of this folly so I said "fuck it" and finished my last two semesters. But for those just getting in...please kids, be smart and stay out of school.


If you agree about the higher education bubble, why the fuck are you furthering your education with an out of country masters?

>> No.11973795


depends on who you know.

>> No.11973820


Um...do you have any idea WHATSOEVER how the job market changed? A liberal arts degree might get you a better section to wait on at The Olive Garden, that's about it.

>> No.11973863

Yeah, it's changed so that your degree doesn't mean shit anymore.

Sponsoring your child's Liberal Arts degree is practically abusive.

>> No.11973918

In all honesty? My mech. engineering degree is just a piece of paper. I could be where I am now if I went to trade school, or apprenticed with a machinist.

Of course I don't work for the man, I've got my own machine shop, where I have one employee, and I make most my money licensing a couple of patents I own.

Looking at the current Job Market, I see fewer and fewer openings that require degrees, and more and more that demand competency with some sort of practical skill, that won't necessarily correlate to a degree.

>> No.11973919


I'm trying to get out of the country for good; other countries have the same problem, but it's not nearly as bad.

>> No.11973926


The 'higher education ubble' exists because people want to get a degree because it's a degree, not because they want to get a degree to get educated in how to do a job. It has nothing to do with the availability of higher education and everything to do with people who don't know what to do and just go 'fuck it I'll get a degree'.

The difference between the person who gets work in an industry or profession and the one who doesn't nearly always comes down to who wanted it more. A man who decides 'I want to be a doctor/lawyer/IT consultant/plumber/business manager' and has the conviction to back himself WILL make it in the industry. A man who doesn't knwo what they want and so tries at something, fails to get in, then gives up, will fail all the time.

This has nothing to do with education and everything to do with indecisiveness. There are more ways now to get into any career or profession you can name than there ever has been. If you choose a career and back yourself, you WILL make it. You only fail if you give up.

The success or failure of a person who tried to get a job with a why-not degree has nothing to do with the degree and everything to do with their failure to come to a meaninful choice regarding their own destiny.

>> No.11974004

I hear you bro.
But unlike you, I realize that I'm just drunk and lying to myself.

>> No.11974088


>The 'higher education bubble' exists because people want to get a degree because you need one to do something as meaningless as flipping burgers, not because they want to get a degree to get educated in how to do a job.


The problem isn't students; it's our employment culture.

Outsourcing's made it even worse; people in places like India who grow up speaking English can earn better wages doing transcription or working in call centers than they can at entry-level local business positions, and, at the same time, American companies don't need to pay them the same thing as they'd need to pay Americans. This means that it's almost impossible to get low-level jobs in America now, because you'd be almost automatically overqualified if you got a graduate degree, but people with BAs (are legally required to) demand too much money.

>> No.11974111


...well shit, my history degree was a why-not degree, but I've got a bright future in opinion columns. Which are a dime a dozen, now that blogs exist. Yes, even impeccably-written ones that explain their point in a clear and concise manner.

Maybe journalism, since I now know how to look for not only known knowns and known unknowns, but unknown knowns and unknown unknowns.

Say that five times fast, I dares ya.

>> No.11974126


I put it to you that in every case where an overeducated person failed to get the job their education 'deserved' did so because they either gave up early or never tried in the first place.

A hundred ten-year-past-Graduates is not a truly conclusive sample size, and the study only collected this information as a roundabout, but not one of the people who had chosen a specific career ten years or more prior had failed to attain some kind of productive work in that field.

>> No.11974141

I'm hoping I can get a job in the publishing industry with an English degree

>> No.11974148

Oh shit evilsatan dropping some knowledge in this thread shit's about to get real.

>> No.11974169
File: 60 KB, 498x498, 1269130348106.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Heh. Hell, my best bet now is to write guaranteed-win tawdry love stories and modern-day dime novels, to better cash in on the outgoing paper media.

Or go the Andrew Hussie/Toady One route of 'create quality product, disregard money' and live off donations.

Maybe nobody has done that format for actual, like... chapter-a-day novelettes? Like original-content fanfiction?

>> No.11974186

I think John Dies at the end worked on the format

>> No.11974214


Actually, sorry, I misspoke in that last statement.

Eight of the people who had chosen a job weren't employed in that field at survey time, but six of them because they realised that the field wasn't for them and had changed jobs, one joined a religious community that forbade his choice of work, and one was made paraplegic by a car accident. They don't change the outcome of the data, because they didn't try and fail.

Speaking of paraplegics, if you want to talk about people having a hard time getting a good job, these guys actually have it shit. Not because they're actively discriminated against, but because if it comes down to a few equally-qualified men, the paraplegic automatically goes to the bottom of the list. They have to be actively more qualified than able bodied persons to get into the same work.

>> No.11974231


As a proofreader if you're lucky.

Well, it's almost 1 AM, and I *do* have class all day tuesday.

Goodnight everybody, I leave you to stew in your own painful introspection.

>> No.11974259


That doesn't mean people who fail to choose career paths are the problem. There were, I'm sure, a significant portion of those 10-pasts who had found positions in careers other than the ones they originally intended. Their ability to do so was almost certainly dependent upon their achievement of a degree in higher education. My argument is that many careers for which a BA is now necessary don't require it for the sake of technical proficiency in the subject in question. Instead, employers' obsession with hiring the 'best qualified' applicants has caused the worth of degrees to plummet. You also fail to account for the fact that many people end up with jobs in their career field, but they don't necessarily find satisfactory jobs in said fields. This is becoming problematic for people in fields that never payed much to begin with.

In addition to 'degree-inflation,' now that the economy's been tanking repeatedly since the early Bush years, employers are cutting their losses by either failing to hire recent graduates (by upping the stakes for acceptance to graduate degrees, even for entry-level jobs that required only a high school diploma 40 years ago) or by cutting pay.

Anyhoo, I'd like to continue the discussion, but it's almost 3am, and I need to study tomorrow (lol, and school doesn't start for another two-and-a-half weeks).

>> No.11974280


Publishing's a good choice. There's more opportunity for good work and stable work than most other places you can go and still use that qualification. No chance for huge success unless you go publisher-agent or start a small company that gets lucky signing a monstrosuly successful out-of-nowhere novel, but compared to writing, you're practically gold.

If you have editorial and people skills, being an editor's one of the best choices. It's hard at first, but when you get good at it you can get paid a nice solid wage, and if you happen to be one of the few people who can convince a high-profile successful writer that the changes you recommend really are for the best, you can pretty much walk into any major publisher in the world and name your price.

>> No.11974295

This place honestly improved my life over the past 3 months.

I was depressed for two years but was turning things around. Had two jobs, college and trade school, got in shape again but I still had the crushing roneriness of not having friends was starting to hinder my progress.

So when spring semester ended and I had a chunk of time left empty with nothing to so I looked up a LGS, and started browsing /tg/. Good god did it help immensely.

I started making friends, I started getting creative (painting, creating stories for my characters, writing stuff for DMing, planning strategies for wargames, reading fluff books), 4chan finally became an amazing place to visit (you guys don't know how good of a board you are, idk why i wasted so much time on v b and r9k).

I'm also glad I kept away form this hobby until this point in my life. Had in been earlier it probably would have taken up my life in a "negative" way like the internet and vidya have since I had no real self control.

But thank you guys for existing, I love it here and only after 3 months I already feel at home.

>> No.11974302

Before /tg/ I was a /co/mrade.

After /tg/ I am still a /co/mrade. I just have a neckbeard now.

>> No.11974313

Before /tg/ I liked all traditional games
After /tg/ I disliked , FATAL, Black Tokyo and some others.

>> No.11974319


The recent graduates thing is a contemporaneous trend. They can't indefinetly hire experience-only.

Also, another critical failure in the 'no job without experience no experience without a job' claims is that you don't have to get that experience in the job you want, and that sometimes you're insane if you expect you will. Law, for one. Expecting to get straight in is futile unless you're incredibly brilliant and hard-working, but there's a shitload of opportunity for scutwork. Do that for a year and come back, and bang, you've got experience you can claim. Journalism is much worse, and the Fashion industry is just out of control.

>> No.11974333

Accordng to my girlfriend, The Devil Wears Prada was pretty accurate.

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