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What tiiiiiiiiiime is it?

Time for me to get a watch? Fair enough, but I would have accepted "Adventure Time."

And the thing about adventures; they need heroes. Men, more skilled and clever, both strong and brave.
Sadly, all we have is sergeant Leonidus Temperus, a frail, squishy, wounded man armed with a lazgun and the knowledge that the fa/tg/uys of the universe see fit to give him.

He's fucked.

Mediafire for the story so far:

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When last we left our hero, he had been wounded in a terrible crash upon the jungle world, filled with Orks. Marrik III was almost his burial ground, but, with thanks to the medics that survived the impact, he was saved the from the cold embrace of death.
Feeling refreshed and filled with bravado, he took 1 single step out of the crashed ship and was quickly shot in the chest by an Ork.
Luckily, it was only a metal slug, rather than a bolter round, and his carapace armor absorbed the hit. Fire in his heart, he charged the Orkish line, which had collided with the guardsmens', and hacked up two Orks.
But, since he left the Medics undefended, a swarm of Gretchin, led by a nob with a gold toof, swarmed into the crashed ship and slaughered the medics and the wounded, about 75 soldiers.
And Temperus knows that if he were to have stayed with them, they would have survived.
He got sad.
With the next available transport six hours from landing, the Commisar in charge of the ill-fated attack marched his remaining 133 soldiers to their intended drop-zone.
The highway, where you were supposed to land, safe and sound, is ahead of you. Smoke comes from the top of it, though you can't see from what at your angle.
Your group stands still, waiting for the next orders.

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"Halt," The commissar called out. "Take a rest for a moment."
The troops, tired from the three hour march, gladly lay down in the tall grass that had replaced the swamps. Boots were taken off, allowing them to scrape the layers of mud that had solidified to their feet off. You're almost off your feet, laying your pounding head and throbbing feet to rest before the commissar calls out once more.
"Ophent, Temperus, Chass. I'd have a word with you."
You take a moment to crack your back, at least before approaching your commander. A lieutenant, rank displayed by the insignia on his armor, approaches from your left. To his left, a sergeant toting a scoped lazrifle falls into place.

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The commissar scans his eyes over you three before turning his back to you, looking instead to the pillars of concrete in the distance, and the causway that connects them.
"Smoke." It's all he needs to say.
The Orphant gets the idea. "I don't like it either, sir. If whatever's up there's still smoking, it means it's fresh. Survivors can't be far."
You pick up the next line, "And the attackers won't be far off either."
Chass lifts the scope of his weapon to his eye as the commissar continues. "Precicely. We've witnessed how cunning these simple beasts can be. We need to know where they are, and be prepared the next time they attack."
A thought of Helmet comes to mind. You never even knew his name. With the realization, a pit forms in your stomach.
Chass lowers his rifle. "I can't see anything from this angle. The walls block line of sight." His voice is surprisingly deep for being such a short man, perhaps 5'6".

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>this thread again

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"I thought as much. That's why I asked you all here." He didn't ask, thought none of you jump to correct him. "We need men up on that highway. Clear it out of any hostiles. Look for survivors. Establish a recon point."
He turns back to tthe three of you. "Chass: Gather up any snipers you can find. Get to some place high and keep watch. Orphant, Temperus: Gather your squads. Sweep through the carnage and give an assessment. If all seems clear, we shall signal the main force to drop."
"Commissar," you speak up. "I don't have a squad anymore."
His shoulders sag the tiniest bit at the news. "Understood. Gather up 10 good soldiers that lost their squad leaders. They will have to do."

Your force will consist of:
7 basic guardsmen.
1 Radio operator (You broke your own in the crash)

No snipers, obviosly, but you get to choose 2 pieces of equipment for those guardsmen to have with them.
A two-man turret counts for both of them.
I'll pick whichever idea seem the most popular/least stupid.

Also, there's 153 survivors other that the commissar, contrary to >>11966239

I just forgot where it was written in the story.

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WATCH IT! You make me start fapping, and I stop writing. /tg/'s seen enough fapfics for a while.

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What do you mean "Watch it"? I'm just posting my faces after each segment, since using words is hard.

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Just bring along two Flamers.

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Raven thread?

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fuck ya raven thread

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I was fine until I was the jungle thong. Be back later. WIll consider 2 flamers.

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Flawless victory

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I usually dislike superheroes but...

Dat latex.

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Hm, /x/-tan dressed as Raven of Raven dressed as /x/-tan, wonder which I'd prefer

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I'm pretty sure thats Jill Valentine and not Raven.

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Jill is NOT that muscled.

She's all soft and huggable.

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No I'm pretty sure thats a horse.

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Raven, Yay
Jill, Neigh

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I saw what you did there.

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I love you /tg/.

Having said that, I also enjoy these story threads. Two hour wait.

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I have learned that sex in the jungle is a huge turn on to me today, so if nothing else, I discovered something about myself today.

Any votes for anything OTHER than 2 flamers. I want to give people the chance to vote instead of fap.

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what was >>11967058 ?

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and >>11966908?

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Two pulse rifles? No?

How bout some good old fashioned shotguns? I imagine such things would come in handy in thick jungle, where your vision is easily obscured, or in case of assault.

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What? No. In close quarters, low vision combat a flame thrower out does a shotgun a hundred times over.

Last time OP gave us a chance to choose we dicked it up and 75 people died. Right weapon for the right job.

2 Flamers

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>>Any votes for anything OTHER than 2 flamers. I want to give people the chance to vote instead of fap.

I think he doesn't want us to burn down the planet, thereby killing everything on it.

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I aprove of these shenanigans.

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There appears to be a lack of people making suggestions. Maybe retry the quest later today?

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>lack of suggestions

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Damnit, none of my Raven pics are worksafe. Uh, I'll change my vote to flamers, in the hope that OP will write up more story.

>> Pic obviously contains a tentacle, which by many international laws is not considered pornographic in nature

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I too vote flame throwers. just get a damn move on with writing the next bit.

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2 flamers it is, then. I can make this work.

You ammass your fighting force, the orphaned soldiers of the crash. Knowing that it might be close quarters in between whatever wreckages are on the bridge, you pick two with flamers to compliment the riflemen in the squad.
As you're marching the group back to the commissar, you note a soldier with a comm-pack on his shoulders. Your hand runs along the stitched line in your skull as you think for a moment.
You tap him on the shoulder. He turns to you, surprised. He's a thin kid, no older than 19.
"What's your name, soldier?"
"Nate, sir." You note a drawl in his voice. "Nate Prymmis."
You crouch down to get eye-level with the lad. "Well, Private Prymmis, you got a squad leader I can talk to?"
He brings his knees up to his chest, rocking a bit. "Can't say I do, sir, what with the crash an' all."
You turn your head to your waiting squad, trying to recall one of the riflemens' names. Wikkus, Willis, no no... "Wibbus?"
A rifleman in the back raises his hand. You cut him off as he begins to speak. "Sit down. I need a comms opperator, so it looks like you get to sit around with the commissar." You turn back to Prymmis and pat him on the back. "Grab your gear and get ready to move."

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Seriously, stop with the porn. I'm trying REALLY hard not be REALLY hard!

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I didn't put up porn :-P

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If you insist.

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Gah, you're telling me. I've had to go cold-turkey (Heh) to win a bet.

Also: Interested.

I assume that the Flamer-wielding Guardsmen would still have their Short Pattern M-G Lasguns on them as well as their special equipment?

>Excesses Colims
Captcha, are you telling me I have too many colms?

I assume that the two AUDIENCE CHOICE! Guardsmen would still have their Standard M-G Short Pattern Lasgun on them, as well as the special equipment, as stated in Chapter 2, Section 4 of the Uplifting Primer?

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With a rag-tag band following, you catch up with Orphant and Chass, already moving out. You put a histle into your step to reach the two, leading the march across the kilometer of open ground left before the super-highway. "So, I miss anything?"
Chass slows down to give you the news. "The best we can tell, there's an on-off ramp on either side of the main system." To emphisize, he points into the distance. You can clearly make out two thin lines inclining up to the center mass of the highway. "Those will be our entry points. All three of us will go up one ramp, then go our seperate ways."
"Care to explain?"
"I was gettin' to that! See that big tower jutting out of it?" He points again. Sure enough, to one side of the ramp there is a tall, thin tower that's holding up a barely visible black line.
"That," he continues on, "is where I'm going. Best we can figure, it holds up that wire, which carries power along the highway. It's high up, and has 360 degree visibility, so that's where I'm taking my snipers." He points a finger back to the three sharpshooters mixed in with his other seven soldiers.

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Lieutenant Orphent wandered over sometime during Chass' explaination. He starts up, surprising you. "He gets to be nice and cozy in his little tower while we do the real work."
You groan a bit. "'Real' work is never a good sign when your work so far involved head surgury. Dare I ask?"
The lieutenant continues on, ignoring your sarcasm. "Check whatever wreckages are up there. Look for survivors, looters, and Orks. Shoot the later two."

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Doesn't matter they won't need them.

And fuck me sideways for scrolling up. Now I want to fap AGAIN. When I get back I'm making a new thread to ceep my 'head' clear next time.

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post a link in here at least, sheesh. cannot even look at a few nude animu raven sex poses without getting a hard on.

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Okay, fairy nuff.

And also, Internet, I hate you so hard for making my thing post that bit twice.

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Just going to bump every now and then with relevant guard images

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Fuck you! College is happening and I have had far less tiime to fap than normal. I'm all pent up, and I wanted to ignore it.

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Oh shit, what if this was a dream, and he hasnt woken up from getting knocked cold.

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Almost no love for just cadians, i suppose ill just post any imperial guardsmen and throw in some ork

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Also command squad, love the writings. Keep it up, seeing your threads brighten up my day when /tg/ is slow

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Captcha: Sedwean Dartmouth

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Damn it woman hurry it up

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filres implementation

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Oh well, im off for now.
You best be writing CS

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Oddly enough, over the last hour or so of making myself feel better, I somehow lost the will to write and got tired.
In short. FUCK! I really wanted to write, but now I can't bring myself to do it.
I have the entire next scene in mind, at least, so I know what I will write.
I just seriously need to take a break.

On a side note, when you're out of sperm, hot pockets do not replace all that lost liquid.

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But Raven does, doesn't she?

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Might as well turn this into a raven dump, please proceed

also, fucking captcha

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What the fuck, man. It's LASgun. Not lazgun.

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