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How where they driven back to the warp?

If they are from the warp, how are they related to Chaos.

How did they beat the Old Ones?

Why do they need bugs to control people?

Lexicanum has very little.

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inb4 Can you fuck it?

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Did Cthullu sneez in his sleep or something?

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They ran out of food

The old ones didn't beat them, there are no old ones left (or very very very few)

Why do I need to stick my penis into someone to make a baby? Why do birds lay eggs?
fuckin' Miracles

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dunno they kinda look human-ish around the head
i dont know much 40k space monsters maybe workshop borrowed the navigator idea from dune for these guys and there just fucked up psykers with bug demon vagain face's

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But how do fucking magnets work?

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He didn't say the Old Ones beat them...

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>How where they driven back to the warp?
Got bored,went home, nothing left to feed on. May come back some day DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!!
>If they are from the warp, how are they related to Chaos.
You assume they are.
>How did they beat the Old Ones?
"the Enslavers infested their last strongholds and destroyed their guardians."
Seems to imply the the Old Ones were already in their final stages of decline and the Enslavers finished them off.
>Why do they need bugs to control people?
Never heard this.
Sounds like artistic license on the part of your picture.

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I'll answer all your questions, from the safety of my 7 proxies
>How where they driven back to the warp?
It's fairly simple, it took a concentrated effort of all the residents of the galaxy. In fact, the constant battle to keep them at bay, confined to the warp continues to this day. From all of the species and nations of the galaxy, most distinguished guardians of our galaxy are the squats, that distinguished themselves time and time again, with courage, valor, ingenuity and persistence. Being in secret control of most of the galaxy helps them to monitor all of enslaver infestation in to our world. As secret guardians of us all, keeping their hold of the galaxy and the ongoing conflict in secret is paramount, therefore it's extremely rare to find any informaton about them in any imperial or xeno records. The fact of the ma

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Those are tyranids that spent to much time in the Warp.

They are like enslavers, but need bugs to control people.

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Sorry I did read that bit wrong. The Enslavers don't kill things. They are like a virus. The Enslavers lock onto your mind in the warp and start to twist and contort your body/mind into a stable warp portal. Which lets more Enslavers into the world. The Enslavers lock onto more people. Which turns them into more portals.

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>>If they are from the warp, how are they related to Chaos.
They are not part of chaos, the Immaterium has many other things than Chaos in them which are never mentioned just Chaos is the one GW features all the time.

>>How where they driven back to the warp?
They weren’t directly, the C’tan devoured almost all intelligent life in the Galaxy leaving nothing for them to enslave anymore, Necrons are machines so they cannot be enslaved without new slaves they could not multiply anymore and slowly they got rooted by Necrons out and had to leave the physical plane. Or Maybe the Necrons had some Hax technology.

>>Why do they need bugs to control people?
Because having a bug inside your brain is just "soo much cooler" than just being mind controlled without it.

>>How did they beat the Old Ones?
They did not beat them directly, there was a war between them, the old ones and the C'tan star gods (in before C'tan rectoned out) Both C'tan and Enslavers were out to destroy sentinent life, C'tan be eating em Enslavers by turning them into zombies and hosts for more Enslavers. Enslavers spread among sentinent beings so fast like a virus when the old ones realized what happened they had little to means to counter them save for total destruction of them their mind controlled slaves which they were reluctant to do.

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Necrons, saving the galaxy since before your species existed.
"We're trying to defeat chaos as well. But by killing everything

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Now the Necrons are the Good Guys.

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We always have been. We wouldn't have to kill you if you just let us sleep until the 53 millennium

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The Necrons altough indirectly did save the galaxy from the enslavers. They were just feeding all life to the C'tan, killing off those that would have otherwise brought the destruction is a side effect they did not care about.

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Details, minor details.

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'Greater Good, Shas'o?'
'That's what it said, yes'
'So these Necrons are fighitn for the Greater Good?'
'So it would seem'
'We should contact them immediately then. Send an envoy'
'Affirmative, envoy deplyed.'
'We are receiveing transmission from the envoy'
'Put it on the main screen'

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>>Or Maybe the Necrons had some Hax technology.

While Necrons suck ass in game, in canon technically they are just so full HAX technologies it s not funny and they should be horribly dengeorus to anything.

New codex soon fellow?

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confirmed for 2011

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The Necrons and Tau are allies right?

So, yeah:


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++OH AUN THE PAIN++ never fails to make me smile. Oh Tau, you so silly.

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Alright youngins' you got this.
We gonna go take a nap

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>>confirmed for 2011
Hey finally that's grea...
Oh wait didn't they say "confirmed for 2010" in 2009?
Hmm... coincidence?

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what's HAX?

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That why the codex sucks. All these years, the necrons have been super drowsy.

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read that in his voice

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Enslavers are actually a statted threat in Dark Heresy. They haven't been beaten, they just aren't around is as great of numbers. Also, they aren't in the Daemons section. They are in the Xenos section. Seems weird to me. LIke its implying that these aren't Warp entities, but natural organisms that happen to use the Warp for their devices.

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Necron's have always been the good guys!
"Oh hey guys, we're just waking up but we're gonna try and close that Eye of Terror there, just cos we don't want to see Chaos kill everything."
"Woah hey stop! We're trying to help here!"

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What about when they were beasts?
Morning rage?

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HAX means "hacks" that is you are hacking the system thus cheating. Saying something is Hax is that it can do something that absolutely nothing else would be capable of doing. So Hax = doing the impossible for no reason.

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Fucking YES!

I know they're moving C'tan to Apocalypse games, and I really hope they let the Lords have more personality now, since it's mentioned that the ones in charge that haven't died too many times have some semblance of thought. It would make them more interesting and varied, and give you an excuse to make your army a little more personal.

Also, I hope they have a new troops choice. Because for fuck sake, in little games I can have 2 warrior squads and a lord, and that's it. No variation at all. It's 4e Imperial Guard all over again.

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Necrons should be vastly superior to all other races in 40k, fluff wise.

They've finished science. Their FTL travel doesn't depend on the warp or webway, thye just ignore inertia because physics is their bitch. If the necrons wanted they could make a mass driver that fired FTL slugs the size of continents through Terra, Mars and your basement.

The 'crons could 'win' 40k. They have the technology. Too bad they can't use it because even when you finish science you cannot find a way to slake GWs need for cash.

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Yep. They couldn't find the snooze button

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This is MINORLY canon approved I believe...
Considering there have been situations of Necrons not attacking the Humans.
Though it is mostly because they see the Necrons as a before bed snack, unlike other species.

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So it was ab enslaver that was featured in that most horrible of Felix & Gotrek books?

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That's what they are. There are mentions of other warp predators that aren't demons here and there as well, like the psychaneuin (sp.?). They just tend not to go out of their way to attack the Imperium, so you don't hear about them so much,

Also Forge World have got at least one Necron beasty in the works.

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that monolith is so very shiny....

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>Though it is mostly because they see the Humans as a before bed snack, unlike other species.

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It's a lure to attract Ork looters in to their doom.

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Yar. I hear Blood Angels and Necrons are canon bros now.

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>>If the necrons wanted they could make a mass driver that fired FTL slugs the size of continents through Terra, Mars and your basement.

Indeed, however they cannot do it because they are "more machines now than men". Thus GW says "well ya know they have no creativity or new ideas anymore."

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Fucking Necrons are sluts now.
What's next, ZOATS?!

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Maybe not quite like that.

Well, actually, yes. Like that. A veteran lord having a recollection of Marshall Honour and using it is exactly the kind of thing I'd like to see.

Also maybe being able to model your Lord after the other two C'tan as well.

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People forget that most Necron Lords are batshit crazy from being dead... undead... whatever for so damn long.

Their science is finished, but they've all gone completely loopy and just want to kill ABSOLUTELY FUCKING EVERYTHING and take their sweet time doing so.

Making super fast mega bullets that can rip reality in half as they speed towards Terra just takes the crazy fun out of killing all life.

That and, you know, GW needs to milk the cash cow.

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(forgot mah dispenser)

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how do tyranids go faster then light?

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yep. Necrons could kill some martial honor space marines (UltraSmurfs?) by challenging them to a waiting game

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Really, I heard 'maybe next year, maybe 2012'
So seems kinda 50/50 at this point.

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Space poops.

I'm serious.

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wait..... no.
don't agree damn you!

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>>how do tyranids go faster then light?

Hive Fleets travel with superluminal speed, though they never enter the Warp. Instead, by using the specialized psychic power of the a selectively evolved Hive Ship, they manipulate the gravity fields of star systems to achieve faster-than-light travel.

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They can't, to begin with, but they want to, but physics is all like "oh, no, you can't do that, you're just bugs." Tyranids don't take that shit, so they EAT physics. With no more laws of what's possible and what isn't to get in their way, they go ahead and go FTL.
With the laws of reality broken for them, this also allows them to deploy their bio-titans without them being crushed under their own weight.

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There's a funny sidebar in either the Nid or Necron codex where they interrupt a fight between the Tau and the Tyranids and take out the nids. The Tau, being cute, receive the victorious Necrons in ceremony in order to properly thank them. The Necrons proceed to annihilate them too.

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Fucking nids, can*t wait for crons to zap em to death.

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Necrontyr declare war on Old Ones
Necrontyr get pwnd.
Old ones are too kind to commit genocide. Necrontyr survive on the galactic Edges.
Necrontyr discover C'tan on the old stars at the Edge.
Trick/convince the C'tan to surf down the 'Light Bridge' into living metal necrodermis bodies.
C'tan give the Necrontyr WMDs.
C'tan convince the Necrontyr to give up their frail mortal bodies for the perfection of the machine.
Old Ones start getting pwnd.
Old Ones make shit soldiers.
Old Ones Create Eldar, Rashan and K'nib as warrior races.
Works a bit. Old Ones still losing slowly.
Old Ones get desperate. Create Krork (pre-historic orks), Jokearoe and a few others
Old Ones still losing. The Young allie races being ground into the dirt.
Notice that the races more in tune with the Warp are doing best; Krork and Eldar in particular.
Old Ones create a race that is nearly all warp and only a bit material: Enslavers (not called that at the time, obviousely)
Shit goes as bad as it can possibly go.
Enslavers start brain-rapeing everyone.
Psykers are worst hit because they are easier to spot in the warp.
Old Ones are a species 100% made up of psychics
Old One's 'Culture collapses', does it mean extinction? are there some left? fuck knows.
Enslavers om nom nom through the galaxy an leave none for the C'tan.
C'tan go to sleep in the stasis vaults to await moar life evolving (except in kansas).
Enslavers retreat to the warp where time is not right and wait for new meals to turn up.

Enslavers reproduce by brain-rape. Depent on the material world in the same way that toads are dependent on ponds for their young

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They have a special ship that is like one huge psionic brain or some shit which creates a field that alters the laws of gravity and mass physics and just almost instantly catapults the entire fleet to FTL speed without any normal physical effects. They slow down almost instantly in a similar fashion.

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Warp creatues =/= chaos

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>I remember one of the inaugeral battle reports between the nids and the tau. The tau thought the nids might be interested in learning about the greater good, right up until a spore mine drifted into a group of battlesuits.

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Personally I'd like to see more Umbra.

Enslavers are cool but they don't seem like a unit that could be fielded.

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Enslavers didn't get driven back, they came and ate most of the universe's life. They are similar to the nids except they ONLY feed upon sentient life so after they left a planet, it had the potential to spawn new life.

They are like single cell organisms to a human body in some ways when compared to the chaos gods or daemons, but remember that a virus that can wipe out a whole continent is only a single cell or two.(not a biology major, sorry but you get the idea)

The old ones were really pushing for psyker-based races, creating more and more. The Enslavers use psykers as portals to being more of them into the universe, the old ones basically threw a bunch of land minds around themselves and then went on a stroll.

Though if I remember the old ones weren't actually destroyed by the enslavers, they just were badly beaten and slowly died out afterwards.

They control people because that is how they create portals into the warp so more of their kind can come through.

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>>Enslavers retreat to the warp where time is not right and wait for new meals to turn up.

This brings me to the question the warp is said to be really chaotic both time and space wise and warp travel has dangers like a spacecraft going somewhere and and only appear at their destination a century later than they should have while they just experienced a few days time to pass and the other way around they arrive after a century of travel and only a few days passed in real time.

How does one expects to wait for something to happen at a place like this? Yeah I know if you live forever it doesn't matter but still this seems quite unreasonable.

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What are Umbra then?

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Back in 4th there were rules for Enslavers in Creature Feature.

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Another type of warp creature, see picture. >>11949486 Basically they are big sphere beings with teef and can manipulate the shadows as weapons.

>> No.11949570

Neat. Were they tough?

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>this thread

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Find a place where the aparrent time goes really slowly and wait there for a few hours. come back out and

WTF!?!?!? Where did that 4th chaos god come from?

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Basically, you sit in there until you start feeling hungry. because you KNOW that time and space work funky, you know that either A: life will have evolved again by the time you are hungry(or perhaps the warp would reflexively let them out in a time where there is food in reaction TO their hunger) or B: they will start sensing food when life evolves and that will MAKE them hungry.

Think of the Reapers in Mass Effect.
If I remember correctly they are a cross between shadow monsters, monsters made of shadow, Shaggoths, and those monsters from Pitch Black.

Basically they are semi-shapeless beings made of shadow that can shape that shadow into all different sorts of things like biting maws, ripping claws, and tentacles. I can't remember if bullets hurt them, but I remember that light does pain and potentially hurt them. A Umbra kept in an inquisition cell with the special high powered lights on 50%was reduced to a floating orb of shadow and then died when they turned the spot lights up to 100%.

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>> No.11949615


Tough, till someone turns on the lights...
If put in a place where there was no way to create a shadow, they die

focus fire those flashlights men!

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inb4 taufags say that Xenology is Imperial propaganda

>> No.11949619

>>Find a place where the aparrent time goes really slowly and wait there for a few hours.
But how do you know that you are at a place like that? The Warp is supposed to be forever and constantly changin with storms and currents that are completely unpredictable.

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Enslavers are warp predators, not daemons.

They are still around, but only rarely, they love to feast on psychic energy.

The Old Ones are all super psykers, so they ate them gooood.

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Shit, if anything it's necron propaganda!

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Dude, it shows Tau with fucking feet. Did Not Do The Research at best.

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>Feed on Psychic power
>Warp-borne travel
>Vaguely cephalopod-like
...Guys, what if the Nicassar are actually Enslavers?

>> No.11949650

>Enslavers are warp predators, not daemons.
So they eat daemons? That would be cool.
Bloodthirster yum yum.

>> No.11949652

Just like the ocean, only worse.

Every ocean has its sharks.

Native predators who florish in that alien environment.

>> No.11949662

>>So they eat daemons?
No because daemons are not intelligent living material beings, they are also warp beings.

>> No.11949668

Read 1st ed for all the awesome warp nasties such as Astral Hounds, vicious doglike creatures that appear from nowhere and maul psykers. Kind of like a Hound of Tindalos.

>> No.11949674

Generally, you could choose a squad of them as a HQ choice for any suitable army. I think their main gimmick revolved around turning a psyker into one them if it failed a Leadership test and forcing any squad to do a Leadership test otherwise it'd control them in a phase.

>> No.11949679

The slowly transforming into a fleshy warp portal is a bit more disturbing than the mind control and devouring bit.

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Don't be silly Gue'la. Now go feed your children to the overlord.

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Those were in DH, too IIRC.

>> No.11949780

Basically black orbs that defy physics, and aren't all there. Hurd believe they are actually an Old One that survived the C'tan War, only to be torn apart by Slaanesh. Who then shoved portions of the Old One from the material plane into the warp, and only Umbra are what is left of the Old One in material plane. Forced to linger forever, when ever one is killed psychic flashes appear that basically gives this information out. However since it's mostly Imperial Forces that kill them, the flashes go ignored.

>> No.11949878

>when ever one is killed psychic flashes appear that basically gives this information out. However since it's mostly Imperial Forces that kill them, the flashes go ignored.
Really? Librarians or Inquisitors never catch that?
Or is it so weak that only races like Eldar would notice?

>> No.11949966

Dark Eldar use them as pets/hunting dogs/gladitorial monsters

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