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Does anyone have the Kobold version of this with the two humans shouting at it and it zooms in on their faces? Its fucking hilarious.

/tg/ comics general, I guess.

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Personal favourite

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I think that's meant to be a joke about http://www.goblinscomic.com/
And it's fucking true.

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Needs the googley eyes.

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That, and the artist draws the CREEPIEST fucking grins I have ever seen.

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Yeah, it is. It reminded me of the Kobold one, hence why this thread.

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Shitty artist is shitty. Those goblins arent looking like ANY kind goblins at all. And this >>11947954 sums storyline realy good.
Tough i liked part about human warrior powergamer for some time. But compared to emogoblin stuff it was so short, that i dropepd reading.

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I've never understood this one. I don't much about tau though so maybe that's it.

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Where the hell did I put all my /tg/ comics?

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Its a fan made trailer that ... is pretty terrible. The Tau pull off some pretty wierd shit, such as what the comic depicts. Dark Angels win in the end, I think

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A mythological creature is up to interpretation by anyone. I've seen goblins look more like faeries. It isn't up to you to judge how someone portrays something, especially when it isn't set in stone.
I lol'd

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Hahaha, I quite like this one.

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Well author tried to use traditional goblins. But even if it is his vision of goblin race - his vision suck donkey balls.

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Eh, I kind of like having the race have feelings and their own lives instead of just getting stomped by adventurers.

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Anyone remember this?

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LOLD soooo hard.

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I love this one so much

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Oh, why the hell not. I'll contribute

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Fuck. I meant to post this one.

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Funny. No webcomix about xenos emofagging above human corpses.

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There's something I'd like to see. An Eldar guardian done in the style of Deadpool.

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Imagine this, but with a Viper.

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I tried to read some of this, and it hurt my brain

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He's not beautiful enough to be an Eldar.
Obviously he is an assassin of some sort.

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This is recent, and I love it, especially Shepherds goofy face.

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i remember when it wasnt all faggy and overlapping!

whoever's done that deserves a kick in the balls

<-- not sure if its as complete as that one but atleast its not ruined


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You know, it didn't *sound* so wrong at first. But now that I see this, it definitely *looks* wrong...
>husbands noughbor

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Ah, Defenestration, is there any better way to deal with a douchebag?

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Haha, thats pretty awesome

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Does anyone have that comic with guardsmen and a commissar, riding some vehicle and singing "teenage dirtbag"?

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I lol'd uncontrollably.

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So sad.

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I remember OPing a couple of these threads.

Shit was fucking hard work. Totally worth it though.

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Took me a while to get it because I wasn't so sure where the joke was.

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So dorf

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What is this from?

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What if I WANT the jaw?

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brb digging up my father's grave.

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Not this one by chance OP?

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I've had too much to drink to work out what's happening in most of that. I can read the writing but the images confuse me.
The last panel looks like the dorf is being eaten by a dragon, I know he isn't that's just what I'm seeing

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Thats the one! Thank you very much.

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Can we have the version where the note says FUKKEN XENOOOOOS?

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I'm glad I scoured my /tg/ folder looking for it, I hadn't seen it in a while either.

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it's a poorly rendered frozen mountainous north. A totally barren treeless landscape.

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My guess is that the Fortress is in a frozen area somewhere with no trees. As you can see. It's snowing in the last panel.

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Wait. Are those 'bolds or dragonborn?

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It's argonians from the elder scrolls. Specifically Oblivion, that's the Dar-ma quest

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Playing through as an Argonian I was VERY VERY disappointed by the lack of decent reward.

Playing through as a non-argonian, I was shocked that Dar-Ma likes you just as much if you aren't a hideous reptile. It made my previous character feel betrayed.

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>Played through MORROWMASTERS as Argonian first time.
>Disappointed a fellow Lizardbeast wasn't into him, leading to on screen sexytiems.
>Uses "Hideous Lizard Thing" to cover up the obvious fact...

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Rainbows and happiness DM reporting in.
Upper right.

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I wish you were my DM. Only two other guys showed up this week (party of 8 so it's pretty wtf). One had to leave early due to being tired as fuck.
I basically soloed a combat encounter meant for 4 people. The other guy showed up after I killed everyone but had passed out because of lolspiderbites.
I also had to burn all the loot we would have gotten because it was covered in waves of spiders :<

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Dude waht. I think I need an indepth explanation of this comic I am to drunk to even

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I GM for Dark Heresy. During one campaign, my players killed dozens of cultists, as well as a handful of Daemons and Chaos Marines. At one point, our resident guardsman pulled a large steel door off its hinges and beat a Daemonette into a pulp. I have no idea how any of them survived this campaign. Only the guardsman suffered life-threatening injury, and they only took small increments of sanity damage when they JUMPED AN IMPERIAL GUARD SCOUT CAR INTO THE WARP THROUGH A CHAOS PORTAL.

Personally, that group was the best DH group I've ever had. They had group dynamic, they got along, they were full of stupid crazy ideas that just seemed to succeed no matter how low their rolls had to be.

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It's almost like my group, except I'm the only one whose crazy ideas work
>try and wrestle a wolf
fuck yaer
>try and pick up a giant spider and throw it int osome fire I started
fuck year

>other aprty membner tries to distract wolves by acasting some light spell above their haeds
>they're not distracted, just amused, they kill the fuck out of him
>my face

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you know you dont HAVE to let them roll on everything

There's stuff you just cant do even in a game and sometimes you just have to say: Well sorry but you are dead.

Like that lol lets use a scout car to jump through the warp idea is too retarded to work and non of them should,ve escaped the eternity of torment and madness they rightly deserved for it.

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