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Sup /tg/, I come seeking advice
Like it says on the can, I'm making a Tau army, first foray into 40k. Me and some friends are all starting together. I'd like it to be fire warrior and battlesuit heavy, but have already bought a hammerhead on advice from a guy at the hobby shop.

My friends are making Ork, Space Wolf, Blood Angel and Chaos Space Marine armies. So general advice and advice for stomping my bros in a fight are all appriciated. All I can really offer in return are Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader scans and advice on running said games.

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Oh my god tau thread.
Now I can post this and be relevant!

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For the love of all that is holy, do not let them get into assault range! They will rape your face!

General Tau advice; Marker lights are your friend, railguns eat vehicles and elites for breakfast (Esspecially the twin-linked ones of the Broadsides). Kroot are to be used as shields and little more.

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I've bought the battleforce box, seemed like a good start for the money.

How good are Stealth suits? I'm kinda liking the idea of using a lot of infiltrators and using the flank distractions to unload some broadside dakka across the table.

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Bumpan, for the Greater Good

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against powerarmor and terminator armor, a helios suit (fusion blaster and plasma rifle and multi-tracker) is fucking awesome.

but you have to be sure that you'll be killing that squad and that your squad won't be charged the turn after as it is a very short ranged suit.

missile pods are great against light transport vehicles.

also shoot the transports. don't let them get close.

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A large unit of Stealth Suits with Burst Cannons can be an annoying surprise for non-power armored foes. Give it a shot, S5 dakka is fun.

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out flanking a group of stealth suits has been surprisingly effective in every game i've used them

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Against Terminators with Storm Shields?

Don't bother using plasma rifles on 'em, use those for ones without invulnerable saves (or at least the default 5+ for standard Terminators). Just use sheer rate-of-fire weapons on them. Enough shots, and they WILL roll ones, and they will die.

Or, failing that, tarpit them with Kroot for a similar effect.

Burst cannons, perhaps? Cyclic Ion Blaster?

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This makes me happy. From what I've been told, Tau are kinda underpowered, so I've assumed I'll just have to suprise and outplay my friends, especially feckin space marines.

So sounds like between Crisis suits and battle suits for taking out the big shit, stealth suits to throw them off and tie up infantry for higher point games.

What about a 500 point game or so where my heavy options will be limited? Rapid fire weapons and prayer? Kroot tarpits and Crisis suit dynamic entry pretty much all I've got?

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Have some broadsides. Their railguns can cut through vehicles. You don't have to field them every game, but it is nice to have an army option with them.

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crisis suits in small games rape face.

also try stuff with crisis suits, they have a lot of options and i find some options are cheap and effective enough to make them really worth it.

firewarriors are actually decent in smaller point games because there's less ap 4 and their weapons are powerful enough to threaten most things you'll see at 500pts, but never expect them to be big killers

above all play smart

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>above all play smart
This, a million times.
Keep your distance, plan ahead, play smart.
Unlike armies like Orks, you can't rely on your guys natural killing power.

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I'm oerfectly ok with this. Thank you all for the input.

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bump for the greater good

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