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Hey gaiz, drawthread.
Requests plz

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high male elf bard short brown hair

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sorry forgot to say please and thank you

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A Naga Sniper standing on a rooftop at night with her rifle, taking aim at her target.

Picture of Naga Sniper included since I assume you aren't familiar with Infinity.

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No, thank you.


>> No.11943288

I suddenly want to see one of the 'Wisdom' comics with an elf and a dwarf.

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this is a two parter:

draw this girl...

>> No.11943303


fighting this girl in a place of your choosing. level of dress your choosing, and with weapons of your choosing.

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Heres a lil help labambaman some bare bones

>> No.11943332

Well of course I have THAT picture, Pole; I only had to go through like 5 drawthreads to finally get it done.

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Could I get a Grey Knight high fiving an Inquisitorial Stormtrooper with an Exterminatus going on in the background? Much thanks if you accept, all good if you don't

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Draw some Warmahordes porn.

Seriously, for all that /tg/ likes to talk about it, there's really no porn of it anywhere.

>> No.11943347

considering how many that like drawing tits i found it hard to believe you had to go through 5 of em

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I tend to post until someone takes my request. I'd very much appreciate it if someone would draw for me a young (mid twenties) Chinese woman in faded People's Liberation Army fatigues, with dark eyes and black hair tied in a ponytail. She wears oval shaped reading glasses and carries an olive drab satchel with a medical cross stitched on it. Everything should look faded and worn since she is a member of the remnants of the Chinese in Anchorage at the end of the Great War from Fallout. Realism is preferred, instead of anime shit.

Just a simple sketch would be great and I will probably love you forever.

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An armored Tarrasque converted into an EVA Unit.

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I just wanted the same thing >>11943345 wants. A drawthread with some Warmachine stuff in it, and porn just happens to be pretty fucking awesome.

This time I'm not asking for porn, just a cool picture.

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Imagine a woman, about 18-19, with snake shaped pupils, with a terrible terrible choice for hair (Black, with Ponytails everywhere) and an even worse sense of fashion (Like an 80s ganger had a three car pile up with some type of Japanese Gothic Cosplayer, and a porn starlet's wardrobe designer and the ambulance drivers didn't care what pieces go where), with tan skin, and the most evil smile one could fashion onto her most beautiful face with an oddly well done amount of makeup on it, with a beauty mark under her right eye.

She has a skull servo following her around that has speakers for eyes, with oil leaking out of the bottom of each.

That is my Rogue Trader.

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Draw a half dragon.

And by that, I mean a normal dragon, cut in half. I leave the angle of the slice to the artists whims.

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Why would you do such a thing?

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An angry, muscular guardswoman with short hair and tribal tattoos. She has a chainsword.

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I think OP bailed on us. Either that or he's making >>11943248 request into a fucking Picasso.

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See now Labambaman its reply's like that which give the drawfags reason to not acquiesce to your requests

>> No.11943731

A Human Alchemist with slicked back black hair
and a big bushy beard alos black

>> No.11943745

A Paladin Succubus in full plate armor wailing on a Bass Guitar weapon.

>> No.11943773

But it's been like a hour and a half. The very least OP can do is acknowledge us and let us know he's not abandoned us.

>> No.11943785

fair enough

>> No.11943922

I approve of this and will get to it if I have time.

>> No.11943975

Challenge accepted. Going to try and get it up quick but if not perhaps post tomorrow

>Captcha: Surface unfine
Yes yes, it's an abomination against what a paladin is, but suck it.

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A cute female tech-priest, her arms replaced with standard pincer-arms, working on a servitor.

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hey I liked this girl and tried drawing it but I didn't see your other post and then I didn't plan a pose so I got ALL MAD and stopped. Man, I haven't drawn in a looooooonnnnngggg time.

also sorry OP for sniping your thread.

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You seem pretty good though.

>> No.11944184


Uniform reference next time instead of random image.

Also, not OP, but drawing, gonna see what I can turn out.

>> No.11944203


This maybe?

>> No.11944242

I know I ask for requests for this DH character a lot, but I'd love it if someone where to draw my guardswoman, whose rather young, head shaved, with a servo right leg and left arm hiding in a shell crater with her servo-leg all smashed up.

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Suppose I'll request this here.

Halo-based one, as you can probably guess. I'd like a female Spartan who has removed her helmet for a breather; she has freckles, an ugly scar marks her cheek, her hair is pulled back into a bun and is a mess, and she's clearly weary. Not expecting anyone to draw a full set of the armor; just a torso shot or something would be fine.

>> No.11944257

I don't mind, she's a fun character to draw.

>> No.11944293


doing this one

>> No.11944340

You're a bro, bro.

>> No.11944350

whoa its like a drawfag pandemonium in here

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A fat man dying with a knife in his gut.

>> No.11944474


Fuck, I couldn't draw her very azn. Sorry anon.

>> No.11944498

Why that turned out just fine.
Much obliged!

>> No.11944503

Can you draw a man in a full-plate/riot gear cross with a tower shield? Please and thank you!

>> No.11944507

woops forgot I have no concept of guns

>> No.11944645


Thank you, and you are very welcome.


I'm sorry he looks really gay.

>> No.11944653

a bit late, he already had this filled.

>> No.11944700

Negative. He merely finished before the other.

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Requesting a Rogue Trader in his mid 20s, with blond hair and a small, well-trimmed beard (possibly a goatee). He wears a fancy officer's uniform and a ridiculously flamboyant tricorne hat (preferably with at least one feather), and wears a pistol holstered on his left hip, with a pair of fancy swords sheathed on his right.

He's got more money than sense; cocky, reckless, and daring. He's handsome, but not as charming as he thinks he is. Thinks he's Don Juan, but in reality he's more like Leisure Suit Larry.

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Haha, love the description!

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Oh wow.

Didn't request it, but this is awesome.

Wondering if I could get one of dark-haired, gaunt-faced older woman with a piercing gaze, an eyepatch, and wearing a tricorn hat.

Basically a hardass female pirate captain.

>> No.11944929


Will do.

I didn't know how breathers looked in Halo, and a quick Google didn't turn anything up, so I just based it off of an Air Force pilot set up :x

>> No.11944937

Argh. Well, you know, if I had seen this, I wouldn't have requested a character with a tricorn hat that's for sure.

Alright, altering my request... maybe I could get something with a female barbarian, pale-haired and pale-skinned, painted up like Conan during the Kitchen/Orgy scene in the first film


>> No.11944945

Oh, you'll do it? Awesome!

>> No.11944996


tablet broke down midway had to redo it in pencil

>> No.11945042

That looks a lot like kerrigan.

>> No.11945067

Looks more like Nova to me.

>> No.11945105

A mafioso vampire.

>> No.11945123

Maybe, we never really got a good look at her in the game though, just a close up of her face.

>> No.11945176

Is that right?

>> No.11945180


Don't usually draw hats, so it's good practice.

>> No.11945190

a kobold musketeer with a possibly fake stylish moustache. Has a foppish over the top hat and large feather.
He is flanked on his right by a human wizard with a magnificent top hat, a paper or sheriff's star is stapled to it. To his left is a female gnome barbarian, she's a but flat chested and possibly peeved at the fact. She's riding a (dire?) boar mount.

Anything else such as clothing or additional details is up to the artist.

>> No.11945195

Thanks! Looks good.

>> No.11945201


You're very good. I'm adding your drawing to my folder.

also, I decided to call her Max and make her my kinda sorta mascot.

pic related.

>> No.11945208

An elf with red skin so people FINALLY get the super ancient lore of elves = started demonic lore. (Elves should literally mean demon, because that's what they were and how the demon myths got a visual image)

Pretty-please with a bloody skull on top?

>> No.11945233


Hnnngh, clean, purposeful lineart Muju, I am so jelly, I love your work.

>> No.11945234

Samefag here.

Bonus points if he's either pulling off a Captain Morgan pose or doing a cheesy "hey baby" grin. Something that shows how full of himself he is.

>> No.11945236


Now when you say "demonic lore", what does that mean to you, exactly?

As far as I know Elves were mischievous little buggers in norse mythos.

>> No.11945249


Looks amazing, kinda reminds me of some picture I saw once of some sniper-woman

>> No.11945276

Here's a different kind of naga sniper.

Well, okay, infantry...

>> No.11945291

The kind of lore spoken before the chinese invented paper.

Elves didn't look very 'human' before christians turned them into bedtime stories to help toddlers sleep. Elves were demons and things to be feared.

>> No.11945331

Oh shit, I never did get around to doing the alternate mission storyline. So she does join the ship.

>> No.11945379


Álfar weren't demons. They surely were feared though, as were all super natural beings.

Rather they were more liker demigods or spirit-beings, which could sometimes act like cunts, and sometimes not.

Also, fuck captcha

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>> No.11945762

Red-Green as a Mekboy.
Pic related

>> No.11947051

If there's anyone still about, I've a request based on my most recent DnD session.

The pictured elf, looking angry and eye-lasering a large, preferably terrifying monster. Ocular Spell metamagic'd Shivering Touch, if it affects the eye-lasers at all.

>> No.11947129


The scariest and most terrifying daemonette, please. Done in the '3rd ed'(Which only means no nose) style.
Bonus internets if it's just about to apply knife directly to veiwer's forehead/eye.
Oh boy, I hope this gets done.

>> No.11947189

Here's something a bit vague and a bit open for you.

A viking businessman.
A norse banker.
A barbarian in a suit.

All three words for the same thing. A fusion of the clean, air-brushed cleanliness of modern bankers and businessman, and the muscular beardedness of the vikings of old.

Decided to do it however you like. The only requirements are a suit and a beard.

>> No.11947487

oh thats fine thanks dude

>> No.11947556


Woo; I had gone to bed, so I'll get in a very belated thanks in.

>> No.11947581

It’s said that dragons are capable of mating with practically anything and produce an offspring. Usually humans/elves are the objects of their affections but I want to see a half-dragon of something unusual. I’m particularly interested in insects, cause this image is just awesome and insects are really cool. Maybe something cool like a half-dragon bombardier beetle? Perhaps something like a moth, Hercules beetle, or centipede?
Whatever, the dragon and animal species are up to you drawfriend~

>> No.11947582

A commissar having a heart attack from hearing something insanely heretical.
The heresy is not shown/written.
Bonus points for "HERES- HNNNNNNNNNGH!"

>> No.11947599

A techpriests. But not anything like his inhumane brothers, he looks relaxed and he is smiling. He has a smile like "Please, come in." or "I always wanted to tell you I love you."

His appearance, however, does not go well with his smile. His paper white skin is bloodied and stitched. He isn't too tall, and he is thin.

He is wearing some casual clothes, something you could imagine people wear in the 41th millennia, and just wears his robe like a cloak, lets it hang loose and open.

>> No.11947618

>something you could imagine people wear in the 41th millennia

>> No.11947624

Lets see if you want to draw my Dark Sun character

Male rogue-ish type, a gambler and a gentlemans thief(think Oceans 11). Heavily tanned skin, short cut hair, earrings at one ear, wielding loosely fitted pants and a silk shirt, a thin scarf wrapped around his neck and blowing with the heavy wind, a copper dagger tucked at the side of his belt.

Walking around with a permanent smug smile on his face. He calls himself Edge, if you'd like to know.

It's okay if you don't do him, though,

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could you please draw my Dark Heresy character? 19 year old Dusk born moritat with hair in a pony tail halfway down her back, wearing a bodyglove and wielding a stiletto and a short sword. I would be most greatful

>> No.11947768

could you please draw my Dark Heresy character? She's 19 and a Dusk-born psyker, she has long ebony black hair with purple streaks and red tips that reaches her mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears. She's a vampire but her teeth are straight and white. She has pale white skin. She's also a witch .She's a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and she wears mostly black. She loves Hottus Topicus and she buys all her clothes from there. For example today she was wearing a black corset with matching lace around it and a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and black combat boots. She was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow.
Draw that pls. Thanks in advance.

>> No.11947774

A request, if you will. A tiefling- pre-4e style, please- with slicked back red hair and a pair of horns coming from just above his temples and sweeping back, close to his head, before turning upward slightly at the points. He is wearing a very fine coat- red with gold trimmings- and carries a well decorated rapier at his side. He casts no shadow.

Many thanks in advance.

(Let's efegury... Perhaps if I knew what 'efegury" was? I don't see what you're trying to say, Captcha.)

>> No.11947801

OMG '90s all over again

>> No.11947816

Doodlefag here, just passing by and saying hi.

>> No.11947853

A Madcat MK.I mech in a DYNAMIC ENTRY pose.

Preferably curb-stomping a Uziel or Flea mech.

>> No.11948222

bumping with a request for a chibi Lich.

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>> No.11948688


>> No.11948848

Hellsing's Alucard having some drinks with Khorne and Kharn in a bar.

>> No.11949048

Bump, is this thread dead?

>> No.11949216

Give it awhile; even drawfags gotta sleep.

>> No.11949686

it has been a while

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>> No.11950022


>> No.11950060

Trog here. Anybody care for a dborn swashbuckler?

>> No.11950210

I'm awake but I don't know what other people are working on so whateverrrrrrr

>> No.11950255

Wow, that looks fantastic! Thanks a bunch!

>> No.11950301


Would you mind taking a shot at (>>11944247)? Someone already has (>>11944789) and I quite like it, but it'd be neat to see someone else's take.

>> No.11950345

Drawfags gone?

>> No.11950367



I think so,

assuming that you are generally said pic :P

um... otherwise, I can't help you (I am a lack of drawfag

>> No.11950425

bumping request

>> No.11950528


>> No.11950620


that's one amgibious lookin' dragonborn.

I would either stick it in her, or let him into my anus, depending thou.

>> No.11950637

hmmm good work. Can you Draw an athletic female with small breasts, medium long hair and 3 scars in her face (one is through the right eye, one on the left check and the othe is over the right par of her lips).
Shes wearing a light breastplate, wears military pants with knee protectors and wears astronaut boots. Her weapon is a pistol like high velocity air gun.

>> No.11951230


>> No.11951365

Not dragonboobs, but nice. The arms seem to need a bit of perspective work though. Tablet problems again?

>> No.11952001


>> No.11953641


If there are still drawfags around, might you have a look at this request from earlier?

>> No.11953847


>> No.11953982


>If there are still drawfags around, might you have a look at this request from earlier?

>> No.11954055

I see you almost every drawthread, you make your request and I don't think you bump it, which I'm down with. I'm sorry I didn't do it a few threads ago, and hope you like it even if it is a simple sketch. Didn't notice another did it until I was done scanning, so hopefully they will both be of use. I know you said weary, hope I didn't over do it.

>> No.11954066



>> No.11954089

Still here, still waiting...

>> No.11954385

I'm still alive, working on that tiefling.

>> No.11954485


>> No.11954637

tiefling, if the person who requested it is still here,

>> No.11954721

Also, naga sniper.

>> No.11954883

CHecking if you're still there.
Also, while I am at it should I try to colour it?

>attraction" rinion
I think Captcha likes the idea of that.

>> No.11954943


Quite excellent! Thank you.

Deceit, pleasre: looks like Captcha knows the character well.

>> No.11954996

Not particularly terrifying, but eh. My attempt.

>> No.11954999

Also thank you!

>> No.11955023


>> No.11955052

Thats gotta be the quickest daemonette i ever drew. Sorry if its a bit sketchy.

>> No.11955104

Hell naw. Picture related.

>> No.11955775

Sorry, I should've just kept it like it was or not used the Blur tool. I got somewhat stressed since it's shitlate here.
Well, hope it aint too shabby.

>> No.11955819


>> No.11955855

Could you please draw an eldar farseer singing to a human about his spear and magic helmet?

>> No.11956094


>> No.11956123

An inquisitor with an electric guitar rocking out on top of a pile of noise marines, with battle sisters as groupies. Bonus points for badass shades on the inquisitor.

>> No.11956164

I have a request if you have the time for it.

A Nurglette winning a beauty contest while a Daemonette (who won 2nd) looks absolutely aghast.

>> No.11956169

Inquisitor Abraham Lincoln and Inquisitor Fredrick Douglas either bro-fisting, or fighting back to back.

>> No.11956217

Imperial Fleet admiral Jackson being a dick to kroot & tau POWs.

>> No.11956261

Inquisitor Richard Nixon and Inquisitor Joseph McCarthy hunting down "communists"

>> No.11956676

The communists are actually inside their heads.

>> No.11958692


>> No.11958698



>> No.11958786

My Dark Heresy Character.

Character Profile: Cain, a.k.a. Able Cain, a.k.a. Cain the Able
Height: 1.8m (5'10”)
Weight: 73kg (160 lb.)
Age: Unknown (estimated late-twenties to early-thirties)
Homeworld: Scintilla

Description: Fair skin. Brown eyes. Brown hair, kept short. Blast scar on right jawline/neck. Burn scar on left forearm. Gunshot scar on the mid back, right side. Stab wound scar on left side, just beneath ribs. No finger prints on right hand (acid burns?). Tattoo of a snarling beast on his chest. Dresses simply.

Occupation: Career thief and swindler.

History: Grew up in the lower hives of Scintilla, running as a ganger, thief, and thug. Apparently did very well for himself, eventually moving up as an operator in the middle hives. Uncertain how he came into Garrek's service, but it was very recently.

Service Record: None that I am aware of, but there is a recommendation from Garrek to have Cain lead an acolyte cadre.

>> No.11959134


>> No.11960076

In the past few threads, I requested for a Haruhi S.T.A.L.K.E.R. pic. I'm just here to check if the request was done, as I wasn't here the past two days.

If it wasn't done, its okay.... I'm kinda busy, so I'll save for the request for another time.

>> No.11960095

A monkey on fire please.

>> No.11960296

I think it wasn't done... but I could be wrong.

>> No.11960539

No, the 40k Haruhi ones were done but not STALKER

>> No.11960624

That's good.

I'm not gonna repost the request for today, since I'll be way from /tg/ for a while, but I might turn again for the next drawthread.

>> No.11963046


>> No.11963706


Wow, thought this already purged; good thing I stumbled upon it. Pic's perfect as far as I'm concerned; love /tg/'s drawfriends.

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