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Whatever happened to Chem-chan?

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We realized the 80's are over

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We realized her hair is stupid.

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We realized.

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/tg/ prefers to fuck xenos now

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She's ugly, having only a saggy mohawk for hair, so of course /tg/ doesn't care much about her.

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>my face when I realized what I had been realizing

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The 80's will never be over in my heart.

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Drawffags stopped drawing her. Just like Cultist-chan.
That's it.

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>we realized Tank Girl is too busy sabotaging Guardsmen to be hanging out with Orkz.

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/tg/ would like Chem-Chan more if she turned into an ork.

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Our fetishes must always adapt to the ever changing whims of the inter-mind.Chem-chan has been here all the time.

You realized she has only evolved.

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/tg/ prefers ugly girls.

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I kinda wanna watch Tank Girl again...

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/r/ Chem-chan lezzing out with Cuddles

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/tg/ only like mr.culexus weeaboo shitscribbles.

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Hey, why hasn't Culexus ever drawn Chem-chan?

I think he's drawn literally everyone else.

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She's not weird enough for him.

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I thought she had turned into a rat.

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Separate characters.

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What? Cuddles is damn cute.

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Yeah, if you have a thing for hideous muppets.

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He's drawn her several times.

Chem-Chan got kinda played out after the story where she got fucked by a German Shep-er, I mean, Kriegshund.

At least, that's what I think.

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Cuddles is a rather nice person. For a biomancer Psyker who can likely shred things with HUEG CLAWS. Also, Cuddles is adorable.

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I agree.

Also, another nice get you got.

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That meme died quietly in its sleep.

Nothing of value was lost.

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>implying Cuddles is uglier than Chem-chan

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I still love Chem-chan ;_;

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Somehow, the thought of Chem-chan dying quietly in her sleep seems entirely out of character.

At least let it be a drug overdose, ffs.

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She married with Kelly, had many children and lived happily ever after.

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Chem chan married tank girl.

The End.

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My own clone! Now neither of us will be virgins!

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the meme died almost quietly in its sleep. you could still hear a bit of gurgling as it choked on its own vomit

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Cuddles exists to make Boone feel better. Also, lesbian shenanigans.

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Oh well, I guess it beats getting eviscerated on the battlefield by some unspeakable horror.

May Slaanesh smile upon her crazy, horny soul. Amen.

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Boone's got Raege.

I get the feeling Cuddles is more of a predatory cougar, in terms of using young, nervous Guardsmen who don't know how to say 'no' to satiate herself then kicking them out without a word.

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More Boone/Raege is always a good thing.

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She got really fat.

So obviously /co/ claimed her.

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More like we actually got mods and porn threads have been getting the axe.

Good fucking riddance.

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Aw, was your wittle 40gay thread not getting enough replies because too many people were focusing on tits? Heaven forbid!

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Nobody could draw her like LittleGaunt, and he gave up.

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I've never seen a single chem-chan image by Colosal Faggot.

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You should probably be thankful.

I had never even heard about that. I never really read most Chem-Chan threads, but that's pretty hilarious.

>Captcha: is brocup

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Much like Cata-chan, she's still around, waiting to make a comeback.

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There's newer stuff of her than of most the other -chans, barring Cultist.

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Schlicktau looks adorable in this one.

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>>Much like Cata-chan

Cata-fag guy here.

I've been working on an unrelated webcomic that should be ready by the end of the month. If I have some time I'll do some more of her.

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Something with Cata-chan or something with Chem-chan?

Or, even better, both?

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Dunno, never tried anything with chem before. Summoned suggested a parody of the Big Lewbowski but with Cata as Walter and Chem as The Dude

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She was upgraded.

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By "Summoned" do you mean me? I remember requesting something like that ages ago. I can't really remember who I suggested as Donnie though.

Perhaps something where they're at a carnival, and Chem just won a stuffed animal (or Tyranid) for Cata-chan (who is thrilled of course). Miffgrod could be "disguised" as a mascot.

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You mean fell to mutation?

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Yeah, if you want to look at it like a loyalist slave of the corpse god I guess.

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I thought Chem-Rat was created on an entirely different basis. I mean, I still recall the data-slate... Gnollbard has it and he won't give it to me.

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Does anyone have a copy of said story?

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It had something to do with a rat afflicted by Warp taint and subsequently transforming into a humanoid. Heresy, I know, but it is still of interest to the Administratum for 'reference'.

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Yeah, from what I understand they're supposed to be different characters with similar fashion sense.

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I do, but can't post since I'm heading to work right now. It's pretty raunchy.

If the thread's still alive when I get back I'll post it here.

Does janitor delete stories or just pictures?

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>a parody of the Big Lewbowski but with Cata as Walter and Chem as The Dude
This sounds awesome.

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So Chem-rat is to Chem-chan what Spider-Ham is to Spider-Man?

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Probably because the whole thing's horseshit. Remember how Chem-rat reacted upon seeing it and the subsequent ass-kicking Gnollbard suffered?

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Some of us still remember. It's not my largest Collection, but it's sizable.

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I always thought Cata and Chem would make a really good duo.

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Or trio of course with Miffgrod there. But does that mean that Miffgrod would then view Cata-chan as boss since she's the biggest?

Oh, don't you love relationship upsets and triangles...

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