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Hey /tg/, can we get an epic landscape thread?

I just find this stuff the most inspiring.

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i feel bad no one gave you any OP
captcha: contributors tisments
now if only i knew what tisments meant

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i gots some

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Well, isn't that curious? I just finished sorting out my landscape folder a few hours ago.

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is there any backstory in this one?


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Not that I know of. I just give my collected images names to make it easier to keep track of them.

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some volcano

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Ooh, lightning.

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another cano

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what's the name of this artist again?

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hahaha I forgot it was printed on the bottom

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not sure if this counts, but I feel like it should

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Now for some sci-fi retro

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One of my favorites

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You guys are legends for brining back the threads.

Thanks a lot!

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I just realized. In the thumbnail, that looks like a band of Cthulhuesque giants on the march.

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my music teacher made us listen to War of The Worlds when we were 7. i cannot stand to hear it. the music is burned into my mind, and accompanied by enourmous warning signs and blaring alert sirens. seeing the art makes me shake.

i'm 20 now, and i can't shake it off

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+1 if you know what this is from

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mmmmm Mine runoff

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Awesome place for abandoned landscapes
They don't update anymore, but it's got a pretty big collection

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Hey, I think I've been there.
Looks like a chunk of road going through Nevada near the California border.


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Fallout 3 concept art. a few others if anyone wants em

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Would anyone by chance have the picture where its the sea, but theres a massive rift in the sea, and floating above are some red angels and this gigantic things made out of red eyes, arms & fire?

much appreciated, my hard drived bricked and i lost my big folder of this stuff.

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nah, but thanks anyway.

Its really hard to describe, its more demonic, the big thing is like a column of red arms, with fire coming out the top and a big red eye near the top

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you're probably right. It's in the Mojave desert fo sho

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thats it!
thank you very much, Mr Lung <3

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Oh, that! I know what you're talking about, and I think I have it saved.

Let me go look.

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thanks to this thread im having to go through my image folder and see if there is any dubs

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Nae prob, happy to help.

Plus, uh, I don't have much to contribute otherwise. =]

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Gah, someone got there well before me. I'm losing my touch.

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That picture is what I think of whenever I read about the No God in R. Scott Bakker's "Prince of Nothing" books.

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Blame was amazing

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Not a huge fan of Manga/Anime, but I've heard nothing but good things about it. Keep meaning to have a read some day.

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I really wish I could have met this artist.
Like, is he a fucked up psycho, or a happy guy with a window in his mind that looks out on terror

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totaly worth the read

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I've also seen it, its worth the read.

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he looks pretty happy...

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He was polish and died no more than 5 years ago.Sadly, I can't remember the name of him.

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Oh yea. His stuff is really nice, really haunting. Beautiful in a way.

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Here, thank you:

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here's a picture of him as a kid playing with what looks like live ammunition


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forgot my picture

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Don't bother, only a huge manga fan could like it.

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Oh, really? That's a shame.

I'll check it out, yea, thanks! The only Manga I really read right now is Frankenfran, so it'll be nice to mix things up a bit.

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Man, frankenfran is messed up, in a funny good way

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Jesus shit what the fuck
This guy HAD to have grown up on a diet of baby blood

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Well, seems like I am wrong. He died a little more than 5 years ago. Shouldn't stop you from visiting his website, it is very well done.

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Yeah I've been checking it out

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Oh yea. It's warped in the most wonderful of ways - despite being completely fucked up, it never fails to be funny, kinda cute, and makes the occasional stab at making a moral point or raising an interesting dilemma.

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Zdzisław Beksiński

"Zdzislaw Beksinski"
if you are not using central european character coding.

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A1 extruder

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oh balls, it is as I had feared.

I must organize my 4chan image folder better, right now its just in number order but its getting harder to find right images when I have 3000+ random images.

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Holy shit, apparently he was murdered by refusing to loan a kid around $100

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er, for refusing to loan, rather

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Best get on that.

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Honestly? That's a damn tragedy, that someone so talented should be killed over something like that...

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Mine's simpler, but I'm working on a simple naming system.

People, Places, Things. Then change the names to things like 'Male Humanoid - [short desc]'. I'm tempted to just screw it and FOLDERS EVERYWHERE, though. Renaming is a pain in the ass.

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BY the gods /tg/!! i have things to do today, I was so lad the armor thread died and i could move on. oh well.

Anyone else HAVE to listen to epic music when harvesting or dumping epic art?

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And i can't find posters of his work either =(

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I do folders everywhere to make it faster to navigate, I may have to go three folders deep to find something but I won't have five thousand pictures to sift through when I'm there.

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TEMPTING. I will probably do that after giving these all better names than 1277237605044.jpg

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Mine sci-fi folder is split into:
Fantasy, Landscapes, Guns, Characters, 40k, Armour, Comics

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40k has it's own folder, for sure. I'm tempted to give Techpriests their own subfolder. I've got so much fucking shit goddamn.

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I do. It gives the mind something to do while dumping pictures. Also while I sometimes post meaningless little comments amidst an image-dump - it can be quite nice to have an idle conversation with other people while posting pictures like this.

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Naming is not worth the effort in times of 3Ghz, DDR3, 7200rpm computers.

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But i hate digging and getting only number names :(c

Numbers are only okay when they're 10101010110101.

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While I'm posting one thread and waiting for replies in AdMech Quest, I rename folders and drink iced tea.

The laziest day off.

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Image limit.

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Tkat looks like a hill in Yucca valley in California!

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image limit. here you will find most of Beksinski's work:

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pretty much anything in these threads that is fantasy or acceptably low-tech goes straight into my exalted folder.

where it will languish until my HD dies, I guess, cause nobody plays exalted how I like. :(

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yeah your's is pretty much how my folders are going to be.

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bump for posterity

and for my gf who is likely going to want to download some of these...

>on panters

No, captcha, I don't think that's what's going to happen later...

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Cougars, then?

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You seem to have misunderstoodimated me.

>"Baiting idiocy

Oh, that's just great...

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is this real?

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Damn image limit, was going to 'pic related' with awesome face.

That's Thebe on Naboo, I'll let you figure it out.

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I applaud the artist, then
it's a very good picture

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These will make PERFECT dream settings for my Changeling chronicle!


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