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Hey /tg/, I've been browsing this board for a few years and often here people talk about 'special snowflaking' I also noticed that this is often used simply to describe people who try to roleplay interesting characters. So what's up? Is my definition of an interesting character wrong and what I am thinking of is in fact special snowfalking? Or are the people who I have noticed using it applying it wrongly? Is there a line past which an interesting character becomes a special snowflake or is it purely down to context whether a character is special snowflaking or not?

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It has a lot more to do with the player than the character. Certain kinds of players are prone to making characters who are simply ludicrous (backstory of mastering combat techniques in a matter of hours/days, Better At It Than They Are a la Last Samurai, etc) or whose backstory includes MY PARENTS ARE DEEEEEEEEAD as opposed to My parents are dead. It's mostly just poorly disguised wish fulfillment coated with insincere attempts at depth.

Frequently, you'll get people who simply make absurd characters for the sake of having absurd characters (see: Every Solar Exalt Ever) but don't have that layer of "THIS CHARACTER IS SERIOUS BUSINESS" that so many Special Snowflakes have.

tl;dr Special snowflake characters are characters that are ludicrous within the context of their setting and take themselves seriously.

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Snowflaking and mary suing are interchangeable. They refer to a character who tries to steal the show and has very few flaws. Two dimensional characters, I suppose.

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It's worth noting that most people think that one dimensional and two dimensional are interchangeable terms. *This is not the case*. Most Mary Sues/Snowflakes are one dimensional: My Character Is Pretty And Or Awesome And Everyone Loves Them [Eventually].

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Create a character dominated by his flaws. It works every time. Dumas did it, Melville did it, Vonnegut did it... Often the goal when making a character is to use both positive *and* negative personality traits to define the taste they have in clothing, style, and behavior.

Backgrounds, or events in the character's history should be brought about through interacting with the characters (after making their case with the DM), and should never be advertised through meta-game because it destroys the context it's *supposed* to be presented in.

I don't know if I'm helping. I had half my college courses flash through my head as I read your...erm... questions.

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