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Can it be cultist/chan tiemz naw, plz?

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It's always Cultist time.

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Yes, but seriously work on that accent.

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>says no
>no sage
It's always the same, I want fresh.

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it's /always/ cultist-chan time.

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What's wrong with her teeth?

>Downtown, fignina

No, that's looking pretty fine there, Captcha.

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check this one

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hey, was a character model sheet ever done up for her? I was thinking of drawfagging it up with her, if ya know what I mean.

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just kidding

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This is the closest we have.

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This is amusing but neither of those portrayals actually fits her.

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What is with her accent, anyway?

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It comes from the cultists in Dawn of War.

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DoW Cultists

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Ahh... there's that wonderful level in Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. Chaos stronghold. The ramp of futile cultist attacks. Well it's futile once I've laid down 4 Gauss flayers.

"My Spleeen!" Heheheh. Little virtual cultists dying horribly should not be that much fun.

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Nod to the DoW cultists.
I'm not sure how it sounds myself, but imagine Excel meets Pikachu crossed with nails on a chalkboard.

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... They sound nothing like that.

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Your imagination is wrong then.

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Cultist and Kayoss
0-1 Elite choice
WS 3, BS 3, S3, T3, W2, I3, A1 Ld8 Sv --
Equiptment Laspistol and CCW.
Special rules:

Whee Kaptoored eet for Kayos!; Cultist chan, dispite being an elite choice may still capture objectives in an objective based game.

Gift of Ressurection; for reasons unknown, no matter how many times she is slain, the dark gods see fit to raise her once more for their own amusement. Because of this killling her is a worthless endeavor, so no killpoints are ever earned for slaying her nor Kayoss in a killpoint based game.

Blessed by the four; Cultist-chan bears a gift shared only by Abbadon himself, A mark of all four chaos gods. This has not yet been modified into her profile.

Chaos Spawn
WS 3, Bs 0, S5, T5 W3, I3 A d6 Ld10 S--

Special rules.
Well formed Monstrosity: Kayoss, compared to most spawn, is an incredibly well formed beast in the visage of a cerberus, Because of this he does not have a random movement value and may function as a large beast. He does however have to stay at the pace of Cultist-chan.

More than just a pet: Kayoss harbours a great affection towards Cultist; bringer of the waffles. He does not suffer from the usual rules which govern a spawns movement and actions unless Cultist is slain. In addition he is more than willing to take any shots he can to protect her, to represent this when fired at, three hits may be shifted from Cultist onto Kayoss.

Three heads are better than one; Coupled with his well formed body compared to most spawn his three heads grant him a deadly offense. He may add an additional 4 attacks onto the D6 rolled.

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just so you know, I quickly wrote this up in a rush, not 100% sure what the rules for a spawn are but I was going for a Spawn+IG bodyguard for Kayoss. And a mini-abbadoness for Cultist.

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Have you even played Dawn of War? They sound exactly like that.

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capticha: 40,000 kincted

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She is cute, but I wouldn't touch her. Knowing my luck, she'd be giving attention to Nurgle that day.

Capcha: Aulowen it!

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Or Slaanesh. Don't know if want.

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>>Can it be cultist/chan tiemz naw, plz?
Nono you are supposed to say

"Cahn eet hbee cuhltist/chan thaim nhow?"

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why is she yellow? Also, wasn't there a version with a huge honkin' penis?

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Oh wckd...did we ever find out if the people he ripped off tracked him down and forced him to walk across a field of d4s?

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Poor diet? Simpsons did it? There is a futa version but I had the good sense to not save it.

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Because it's a commission, and (for the same reason) yes.

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wckd did some commissions.

wckd convinced a bunch of people to forward the payment for commissions in advance.

wckd then disappeared from the internet, presumably with the contents of his paypal account slung over his back in a big sack with a $ on it.

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Damn, I'm more disappointed that he stopped than robbing as his art is good.

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I don't know about that. He seemed like a pretty cool guy back when he was still here; not the sort that would take the money and run.

Still, if he ever comes back he'll have some serious fucking 'splainin to do.

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Her voice is based off the sniveling cultists from the first dawn of war. Unfortunately there's no videos on youtube that don't have an obnoxious soundtrack applied, so I can't find it for you.

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Do we really know that he robbed those people?

I mean, he may have died, or gone to prison, or become homeless, etc.

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Pretty cool guys can still do pretty fucking stupid shit.

My friend's uncle is the nicest, most awesome dude to hang out with.

He's also a fucking moron who did a dime in huntsville because he though that robbing an armored truck would be easy money.

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Agreed. The banker on EVE who got the law called on him for ripping off incredible amounts of ISK and rolling it over into GTCs for cash, Ricdic? A friend of mine. Really cool guy, just got mixed up with drugs.

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Soundboard right there.

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Lives in Texas, the information provided switches between San Antonio and College Station.

His name is Paul, he's got a friend named Lina who he did a comic strip called "Love Foolish" with. Her original deviantart account is here: http://kittycow.deviantart.com/ while her current deviantart account is here: http://caalsio.deviantart.com/

The webcomic is gone, but wayback machine still has some stuff on archive: http://replay.waybackmachine.org/20060423151142/http://lovefoolish.comicgenesis.com/

That's just some quick googling. Mostly a dead-end, but if someone's really looking at contacting him or finding out where the hell he is, talking to this lina girl might be the best option.

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<- I always liked these interactions.

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>law called for scamming ISK

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I think it was because he tried to translate the ISK into real world money.

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I thought the unholy rage fixed that.

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you should shut the fuck up

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That's just playing Eve. Even if he wanted to cash out later, betrayal is a valid move in the game and always has been. Calling the cops on him is like calling the cops on the casino for 'stealing your money'.

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I prefer Cata.

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And I prefer ChemChan. Though CataChan is a close second.

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cata-chan died

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If there is anybody who doesn't get to decide /tg/ canon, then it's that guy.

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This picture always confused me.

There is no indications of battle damage, sore wounds or poisoning neither there are hints of dehydrations or starvation, plus she lacks the all-important gap in her teeth.

I propose the possibility that Tau in picture, possibly female gave her cunnilingus, through which contracted unknown STD or other contagion that mere human female, not used being outside the mess hall died in matter of hours.

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looks like as her legs are upward and his torso is headed to us, the tau must be attending (looks like sewing) a wound in her kidney area. There is a blood trail too...

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Darius doesn`t give a fuck for your canon, /tg/

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That, or it was foreplay gone horribly wrong.

Either way, that ain' our beloved gap-toothed steroid fiend of slightly disregarded motherfigure.

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Yeah? where da fuck is he, she or it, then?

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For not giving a fuck he tended to post his shit comic here quite often.

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maybe this was her first day

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I`m not sure he does.

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Oh, he sure did. Went around asking for art trades.

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when did he?

(or she?)

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Drawers assemble! Darius Tue May 25 17:44:35 2010 No.10052946 [View]
File: 813 KB, 700x636, dt.jpg [View same] [iqdb]

Hi, "Spanish Drawfag" here.

Yup, this is a drawthread, but i would like to ask you a favor. I`d like to upload some pics to my "fanart" section of my webcomic. would you be up for a little art exchange?

I request some fanart of "Eatatau!". In exchange, i`ll draw you another fanart, some tits, schlick tau or anything not too complicated.


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hey, i´d like to exchange some. /tg/ think he would be up to?

captcha: lord havonick

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Email him and stop bumping crap.

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you can try, he usually hangs around on here

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how do i sage it?

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