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Well Guys, Drawfaggottry thread.

this time, I'll Draw your BBEG, recurrent villains or Doomsday beasts.

Don't ask for party shots, i'll not do them.

Other drawfags are welcomed, and they can draw them perhaps.

Also, don't ask for Link fucking an egg.

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An epic level cancer mage atop his vile, dessicated (but still alive) Red Dragon mount.

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One-eyed, braided long hair, braided long beard. His face is old and weared.
He is a fisherman with long trenchcoat, longboots. Underneath you can see a polo-shirt and suspenders.
He is wearing harpoon with long rope on his other hand. He is smoking a pipe, you can see a pocketwatch hanging from his pocket.

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Eversor assassin and Doomrider high-fiving atop a mound of cocaine and various other substances, preferably shouting something like "we do cocaine" or "hell yeah"

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Please draw me giant black alien thing looking like mixture between Disney's version of Chernobog, Azathoth and Antispiral towering above castle build oin a top of a mountian that has been just conquered by army of dwarves.

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>Also, don't ask for Link fucking an egg.
oh god wat.

Anyways, a picture of Moradin fighting a Cthulhu-esq beast. My PCs are about to get schooled in my setting's Dwarven history. In case it helps you, the history is as follows:

Before the sapient races walked the Earth, the gods fought a war with the Elder Things to form the world out of chaos. Eventually the Gods banished the Elder Things to the Far Plane and solidified the rules of science and reality on the Prime Material Plane. One of these battles was between Moradin and the Lord of Madness. During this battle, Moradin swung his hammer and missed, striking the northern regions of the PC's world. This wounded the world, but left huge deposits of metal and gems, metamorphosed from contact with the divine weapon, and began the Dwarven race on this world.

So a picture of an enormous, planet sized Golden Dwarf fighting a mass of tentacles, wings, teeth, and eyes would be excellent.

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At first I thought it said "don't ask for panty shots" and I was disappointed.

And then I saw it said "party."

So does that mean you do do the former?

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A cthulhu-esque, world-ending, sanity-shattering aboleth would be lovely.

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describe the cancer mage a little

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only if your darklord is sexy enough.

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Woah woah woah, Josh, is that you? This is Rob, your GM.

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Link making sweet love to an egg.

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Wrapped in tattered robes with a disturbed smile on his face. Black ichor dripping from his mouth. Perhaps a spellcasting implement in his hands.

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A techpriests. But not anything like his inhumane brothers, he looks relaxed and he is smiling. He has a smile like "Please, come in." or "I always wanted to tell you I love you."

His appearance, however, does not go well with his smile. His paper white skin is bloodied and stitched. He isn't too tall, and he is thin.

He is wearing some casual clothes, something you could imagine people wear in the 41th millennia, and just wears his robe like a cloak, lets it hang loose and open.

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I'm working on a homemade DM screen for 4e made out of 4 panels of doubled up cardstock, I'm pretty much finished however the side facing the players is blank. I'm considering getting some paper sleeves, sealing the top and cutting one of the lengthwise seals to make room for 2 or 4 landscape pictures that can be swapped out.

something that'll fit a 8x11 landscaped, the only big bad currently is Orcus, although anything that fits the fantasy setting works. I'd rather not just copy the official screen.

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A man is standing on an overhang on the wall of a massive sinkhole, its walls coated in the collapsed remains of some ancient city. A red glow fills the place (if you're actually going to do color), its source seeming to be from within the collapsed structures, or deeper into the sinkhole. Organic tendrils weave their way along the walls, bloated and seemingly diseased. Before the man a massive beast looms out of the bottom of the sinkhole, a misshapen humanoid with no visible eyes. Only visible from its shoulders up, the creature's body is coated in what appear to be tumors, some of which seem to be made out of human bodies. A single misshapen hand is grasping the overhand. Although the creature has no eyes, it appears to be staring at the man.

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>Also, don't ask for Link fucking an egg.
Can we ask you to draw a rock?

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A massive planet with a singular, glaring red eye in the center surrounded by a huge ring of wreckage, bodies and ship hulls. There is visible gravity distortion around it because of its size.

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Would you be able to draw a L5R villian?

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Feel free to add anything you think will make it more OHDEARGODhorrifying/evil looking. This IS the Penultimate BBEG after all, so go nuts.

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Could you draw a fancy-dressed wizard, middle-aged and handsome, with his eyes closed and a bunch of eyeballs around to show him his surroundings.

He may look a pleasant person, but on the inside, he's evil as fuck.

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A near-future sniper in a charcoal colored uniform, preferrably with two helmets nearby which have bullet holes in them.

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Draw a dire gazebo.

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Could you make a picture of this character. He's a major NPC in a SWSE game i'm running.

Lord Yin Mordach is a Nautolan dark jedi in his late 30s/early 40s and is the leader of a Separatist remnant who survived the end of the clone wars.
He has very dark eyes and light green skin that's starting to turn dark green in places because of him using the dark side of the force.

He wears a red sleeveless tunic, black pants, some golden rings/bracelets on his head "tentacles", which are tattooed with sith-style tattoos. He wields a crimson lightsaber with a hilt that's long enough for it to be used with two-handed, one hand above the other.

Would love to have a picture of him either sitting cross-legged in meditation or a picture of him standing in a fighting pose with his lightsaber.

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was done a few drawthreads ago

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And here's the reference pic of a Nautolan i forgot to add to my post

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was it? i never saw it done. guess i just missed it.

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should i go on?

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Yes, please. I'm really liking how it's turning out so far.

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not the requester, but that's pretty badass

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Our group is playing a version of the Bhaalspawn crisis, for fun. (The DM isn’t our regular DM, he went off on vacation for like, three months or something. So my bro offered to run a couple games until he gets back.) So far our low lever group has run across this one tiefling girl multiple times, and I think that she might be a BBEG in our campaign.
She’s a woman, around her middle twenties and attractive as tieflings go. Long hair, reaching to the middle of her back and braided. Long tail. She’s a necromancer and I’d like her to be wearing stereotypical necromantic robes. I’d like her to be raising some sort of undead minion from a pile of various body parts and metal things (like armor pieces, swords, and stuff. It’s interesting in that all her undead have metal in their design somehow....) But anything with her would be awesome.

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Hmm. Any chance on seeing a skeleton in some tattered armor, with glowing red eyes, dragging a scythe behind him?

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Looks a little like a Tech Priest. In a good way!
>cation learder
Caution does seem prudent here, captcha.

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A house mimic.

A mimic so big, it has disguised itself as a house. Complete with a delicious dinner easily viewed from the windows.

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still alive, this is turning fucking insane

also, is there some way to ignore captcha?
this one is too much
50-kilometer osesema

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Not as far as I know. Nyoron.

Keep up the good work!

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File: 48 KB, 595x650, giant black alien thing looking like mixture between Disney's version of Chernobog, Azathoth and Antispiral towering above castle build oin a top of a mountian that has been just conquered.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fact that you included Azathot autorizes me to deliver a mindgnawing chaotic doodle

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A beholder with the size of a moon, falling through the clouds to the horror of everybody.

Its only eye is of an unnatural color.

God, I'll love you if you make it.

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A slim, dapper-looking man with a briefcase, in a blood-stained suit, with an inverted head - his face goes into his skull, not out of it.

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Man-eating houses are a horror classic, like mummies and fishmen, don't even ask just google.

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A lich wizard wearing a big robe getting backstabbed by a crazed-looking drow rogue with a holy (read: shiny) dagger.

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That dire gazebo has this whole Ultros-feel to it. All it needs is a tent-tacle.

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Doodlefag, are you still with us?

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I can't upload it >:|

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a mostly black jackal warrior, it has the predator dreads coming out of the back of its head, fairly long claws and a pair of sickles. its fighting a bloodletter (this is something from the DH campaign I run, the latter of the pair I just described was what I came up with for malal daemons... the party works for malal)

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File: 19 KB, 595x650, A lich wizard wearing a big robe getting backstabbed by a crazed-looking drow rogue with a holy dagger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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It was completely unintentional, I swear.

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giant dire bats anyone?

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>>11922165 here

No moon for me, I guess?

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I request Egg fucking Link.

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Dear God. That's awesome.

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Character portrait would be pretty badass.

Male human with short, black hair, wearing a mithril chain shirt, wielding a serrated, mercurial falchion.

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Oh yeah. Other than that, feel free to do whatever with him. Flavor him up a bit, if you will.

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rolled 14 = 14

Alright, concept of a bard/rogue/shadowdancer type character, with levels of perform (Shadow Puppetry).

Have him in a animal skull mask and blackened leathers, with his hands up and knives out, casting a shadow that looks like a horrible monster with very sharp teeth. If you would like, Dancing lights would be the light source in the foreground.

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Mind me asking for a Nurglette hugging a fella in a full body bio-suit?

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deathlord with a scythe and a faceless helmet

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Oh dammit. Love it anyway.

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Good sir, you have failed to disappoint me. This is EXACTLY what I wanted.

Now imagine him singing nursery rhymes as he defiles yet to be born dragon hatchlings with his filthy magic. That's how creepy he is to my PC's.

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How did you do the "smoke" around the orb?
Special brush or a lot of patience?

captcha>grundiss philosophy

>> No.11923042

mix of both, one of the basic brushes of pain tool sai.


deathlord? what setting are you speaking off?
describe more and perhaps i'll do it.

>> No.11923113

lord of death
a bastard in complete obsidian armor
not very "big" in terms of muscles
quite thin, but is just to confuse
the design of the armor is up to you honestly; but the faceless helmet is to tell creation that evil has no face and is impossible to know who he is

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>pain tool

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Infernal Exalt, Malefactor Caste. A large man with a heavyweight boxer's build. His skin is deeply tan and his hair is black. His hair resembles the mane of a lion, and he has a beard that goes around his jawline to complete his leonine appearance. His eyes are yellow and catlike, and there is a silver hourglass symbol on his forehead. He wears robes of the finest silk, resembling the robes of a priest, with open sleeves to show off his arms. His left arm seems normal and human enough, except that it has demonic scripture tattoos covering it. His right arm is an entirely different story. It's carved of malfean iron (Green, pitted, crude), it is overlarge and drips acid. His fingertips end in large talons.

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Perhaps a drawfag could combine these requests? It might be easier to group them together....
Plus undead & necromancer. What pairing could be more simple?

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Ooh, ooh, new request! Inspired by this thread: >>11923089

A musclebound harmonica-playing illithid!

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Can I ask for a character portrait similar to the image here?

>> No.11923720

It's said that a dragon can produce a child with anything. I want to see a half dragon/something unusual. Like a half dragon squid... Or Shark... Or maybe a beetle? WHATEVER; animal and dragon choice is up to you, drawfriend.

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>> No.11923798

Corgi-dragon hybrid.

>> No.11923902

Badass monsters? perfect.

Hope you can squeeze mine in. I've been requesting this one for a while now. In our current dnd campaign, we've had to deal with all sorts of crazy custom baddies that stem from our DM being a concept artist. The most badass one being a massive doomsday beast.

It's basically a giant train...taur. A 200 foot tall man with the lower half of an entire steam train. It has four arms. In two arms it wields a jousting lance, and in the other two it holds a large rectangular shield that reaches it's neck and drags along the ground (i picture it as looking like the guard on the front of a train looks like). It has one big yellow eye. Not in the center of it's face, though. Just where a regular eye would be but one of them.

As far as details go, that's all i can remember off the top of my head. So feel free to ad lib as much as you want. For example, it's supposed to be a war-machine from another dimension; so maybe make it more of a cyborg than a monster. Just nothing too cyberpunk.

>> No.11923909

Well I was hoping for something more... EVIL but I guess that'll do.

>> No.11923923

Banana Dragon!


Captcha says counsel canswile

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Ok, this is my BBEG.
sorta (i can't draw faces for crap)
His actual face is supposed to kinda look like Vlad Putin.
Some background info:
So this guy is the leader of the Bleeding Skull Syndicate. What started out a just a bunch of bandits is now a continent wide criminal organization that has way more resorces than it should. He has collected various magical artifacts that will aid him in his world domination scheme. One of these was the Mask in the provided pic (it controls dragons for short periods of time). He doesn't really know who the PC's are because they have yet to even hit him with an attack. He does the "HA HA!..I'm a dick!" kinda laugh. A lot.
PC's HATE him. maybe because he ignores them completely and does whatever.

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Tiefling bump

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I'm Back.
I'll do a last one. only one.
Only one more.

It still must abide to the first post.

Fantasy settings are encouraged, but well, anything that looks mounstrous or bizarrre will have more points.

Also, pic is old.

>> No.11924424

Far Realm mutated Psiforged. Lots of mutated bits. He frequently mutates so go crazy with the specifics

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My old BBEG I drew.

>> No.11924488


This one?
It's plenty monstrous and certainly bizarre.

>> No.11924503

Maybe this one?

>> No.11924646

how about

seems pretty bizarre to me. plus it's from a fantasy setting (more or less)

>> No.11924649

anyone taking requests?

>> No.11924681

i would like to do this, but i don't fucking know how to draw it. sorry.

will probably do this

>> No.11924695

The Moon-beholder should't be that hard.

>> No.11924780

thanks bro!!
sorry i could no answer before, i was at the university

>> No.11924872

A soldier with a cracked gas mask, holding an AK-47 in one hand, the other clawed and dripping blood. His BDUs are tattered, behind him lay a mass of corpses and an apocalyptic setting (S.T.A.L.K.E.R-type wastelands). BBEG idea.

>> No.11924893

Working on this

>> No.11924916

I would like a picture of a giant scary-looking warforged bursting his way through a wooden wall of a building.

The party's hiding inside this small shack. The BBEG's enforcer finds them.

I need his upper body tearing through the wall, staring at them with his godless warforged eyes.

>> No.11924950

Our group recently ran afoul of an infernal Gold Dragon and her fire elemental minions. I'd like the drawfags draw her in a human form. I don't really care what she looks like; you have complete control over that. My only request is that she looks smug... Or perhaps haughty is a better word? And maybe has some jewelry or something.

>> No.11925222

A giant, slender, humanoid aberration, about 200 ft. tall, which appears to be made entirely of writhing tendrils of hair and thick, black oil. It has no eyes, but faint, shallow indentations where they would be, and its "mouth" looks like its head is splitting in half. As it screams, its mouth strains to open against thick bands of the goo which try to pull it shut. (Like gum stretched between your shoe and the floor.) Its limbs are disproportionately long and thin, ending in large hands/birdlike feet with sharp digits. As it moves, small bits of its body fall off/unravel and a mass of the substance pools at its feet to reform with the body, emitting dense ribbons of black smoke along the ground. Intermingled with the trail of black material at its feet is a hazy, amorphous horde of similar beings ranging in size from a child to an elephant.

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ITT I learn that inverted faces are really hard to draw.

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>> No.11925520

Is this thread even still alive? Like is OP wotkin on somethin?

>> No.11925534

This dumbass again, nvm lol. posted a second after OP.

Also, kickass:

>> No.11925632

doing this next

>> No.11925739

I'd like to request a guy wearing cargo pants, basic shoes, short sleeve button down over a long sleeve tee, with a Ralts next to him. Hair is...probably short going on medium. Serious and somewhat sad expression on his face. Please and thank you.

>> No.11925842

currently doing this

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Picture Dutch (Black Lagoon) as a cleric of the God-Emperor with a big two handed warhammer for me, would you?
Your art is really impressive.

>> No.11925925

There was a really nice one done for this in the last thread you requested it in. I thought I saved it but cant find it now. :/

>> No.11925969

This thread still goin? Holy shit.
Tho, seconding my original request. >>11921439

>> No.11926015

An Atropal/Aborted God Fetus. The offspring of Mystarra and the Mad God Elminster. She lies slumbering in a vast system of caves, carved after centuries of toil by her undead minions deep in the crater into which she fell. Her only goal is ascension, to lay waste to the prime material plane. Her form suggests a beauty that would never be realised, her unformed features in a constant state of fury and pain in equal measure.

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I just realized this had already been done. woops.

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File: 375 KB, 768x1024, doomsday thing 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11926495

Fukken sweet. Black Sun-Eater for the win.

>> No.11926948


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>> No.11927688

Could I perhaps have a Chinese woman with dark eyes and black hair fastened in a ponytail, dressed in faded People's Liberation Army fatigues? She wears ordinary reading glasses and carries an olive drab satchel with a medical cross stitched on it. Just a sketch would be much appreciated. I'd just like an image to put to this character.

>> No.11927717


>captcha gawart 0-15-6907909

>> No.11927744

Awesome! Although its a bit lacking on the eschatological terror part, its still amusing to see the idea on praxis.

>> No.11927762


Also, Thank you, man!

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You have no idea.

This is a magic-heavy campaign. Everyone is a wizard.

When this guy over here opens his big, antimagic eye, thats it for that society. Gone. It will be the start of a dark age, ruled by the othersiders, the children of the Moon of Ruin, the Ur-gaia.

All of this brought for an angel-like being (more like an Inevitable, though), that felt that the sapient races didn't fought hard enough against the entropic corruption of the plane, and thought that, if they had a strong opposition from the original Chaos, most of the sapient races would align to Law.

>> No.11927995


>> No.11928011

I could have sworn I saw this one done. The drawfag was... oh, this guy...

Well, I just shit my pants. I always loved the concept of something huge crashing through the atmosphere, that looming deathstar like presence but... more intimate, up close and personal. Though this is like the End of Evangelion of D&D. I don't think the fighters are ready to catch that guy though.

>> No.11928038


>> No.11928048

I'm afraid that it's not possible to outdo Kentaro Miura on this one. Go look at the last few chapters of the Millenium Falcon arc and you'll see what I mean.

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Bumpan for request

>> No.11928183

After some googling, I understood that you are talking about Berserk. I haven't seen the series.

Care to explain why was this concept so well executed in those chapters?

>> No.11928195


can has metal slug girls?

>> No.11928207


Still here ;-;

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Sadly that is all I have.

>> No.11928259

I just imagine the clouds giving way, the darkness filling the sky, all animals fleeing as people panic. The higher ups desperately organize when suddenly... it stops. It's a world all it's own, looming over them, it's landscape full of rough hills and creasing valleys. They decide to act, hit it with EVERYTHING and deal with the destruction the debris would bring afterward. Eldritch forces the likes of which the world had never seen are unleashed in a massive onslaught of pure magical force, launched directly for the offending planet.

And then it's eye opens, for it is no planet, no simple ball of rock. Power enough to slay a demigod in a single blow fizzles to nothingness under it's gaze, the pillars of society crumble and all the ancient seals and wards of man are negated.

The storm clouds that ushered it's arrival disperse, sun filtering around the celestial being, and the message is clear.

Judgment has arrived.

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File: 238 KB, 758x1100, berserk_c295_020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is why.

>> No.11928558

That's it. That's the scenario for the coming of the Moon of Ruin. Its the nemesis of the arcane society that built itself and wished to create a magic hegemony, or a test to see if that society can stand it.

The thing is that this titan-planet-plane of existence has been been traveling through the astral plane, the mare nigrum beyond the stars, since millenia. Its anomalous orbit has allowed this society to prosper, but as it comes near, the fabric of reality starts to weaken and it fuses with Its logic. The last time it manifested in the plane of existance-planet where the game develops, the previous societies disappeared, leaving just their ruins and pieces of knowledge. Now, aberrations are becoming restless, soon they'll start spreading again their prophesies of the God-Ship of the Void and his coming.

The characters, whom are unwittingly and partially responsable for this due to transgressions done for their past lives, are just starting to notice the signs. For example, one of them, a wizard-scientist, realized that the mathematical values of the planet's attraction are slightly wrong. But he's wrong, its the gravitational pull of Ur-gaia starting to manifest itself, distorting the forces in this world.

>> No.11928598
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>> No.11928608


Ominous and creepy. I like that.
I'll check it out.

>> No.11928817

I wasn't expecting this when I checked this thread before bed. THANK YOU so much. It's awesome. I love it.

>> No.11928872

Still waitan.

>> No.11929352


>> No.11929374

bad breath orc.

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