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Alright /tg/. This guy, a veteran, has nearly no one coming to his birthday party...if you're in the area, show up. If not, send him a letter or something, at least. It's mentioned that he's a possible D-Day veteran.

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oh god, anon, you know one of us is going to show up dressed like Hitler

why do you do this to a poor old man?

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I want you to know OP, that if I could, I would go.

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I don't think any of us are that terrible.

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I suddenly had an idea for a short where the dude dies and then all his friends that got killed show up wishing him happy birthday.

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Well, this same thread is being posted on multiple boards. If some sorry sap decides to show up and ruin it for this guy, turning 90 years old, then I'm sure he'll have more than one person to answer to.

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Already sent mine in. Strangely enough I first saw this mentioned on /b/

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Sweet. I'll bring my HDTV and we can all play Medal of Honor.

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Wish I could help OP, but I've got to pack for a move, otherwise I'd drive up. I mean hell it would be a story to tell right?
Give him this for me

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I'd go, but I'm on the other side of the country.

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This guy's going to be really confused and possibly angry when two thousand people show up for his party.

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I agree. Now if this got mentioned on /b/, well then...


This poor old man's birthday is screwed. I'm so sorry.

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Or maybe very happy that everyone's there to celebrate him, when originally no one was going to show up.

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What about details. I am writing a letter as we speak and I know nothing of this man. What has he done? what is he proud of? TELL ME.

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Surprisingly, /b/ is the one who started the movement to get people to attend his birthday party. And the ones who created the facebook page for it.

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Name: William J Lashua
Birth Year: 1920
Race: White, citizen (White)
Nativity State or Country: Massachusetts
State of Residence: Massachusetts
County or City: Worcester

Enlistment Date: 4 Oct 1943
Enlistment State: Massachusetts
Enlistment City: Fort Devens
Branch: No branch assignment
Branch Code: No branch assignment
Grade: Private
Grade Code: Private
Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)
Source: Civil Life

Education: Grammar school
Civil Occupation: Skilled general woodworking occupations, n.e.c.
Marital Status: Single, with dependents

This is all we have so far.

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/b/ is where this started.

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I have a feeling /b/ knows it has a chance of dying sad and alone too.

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I would so go! But I'm in Missouri and work at Subway... With shit hours. So spare money to go on a road trip is non exist ant.

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/b/ is an Internet Care Machine! How could you imply otherwise? Everyone there is just a bunch of hugboxes at heart.

Well, except THAT guy...

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That Chicago-to-Utah stretch will make you kill yourself.

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I'm sorry, but that poster is retarded and if you believe what he says then so are. I rolled with a /b/ facebook group for a few days where we would all shit over everything, especially funerals and weddings. We did it because we thought it was funny, not because we're sad and heartbroken. And it wasn't just a small group of us assholes, we had a good group of 150 despite constant bannings.

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You must be an Alpha Male.


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writing a touch note praising his bad-assedness and I'm sending him a grey tone picture of this sweet thing.

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Guy has no one coming to his birthday party?

Well I'm going, that's for sure.

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You didn't even go to the bear's you fucking asshole.

No seriously though, if it wasn't the other side of the world, just maybe...

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I would go but I would probably scare the old man I'm pre-op.

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I live in canada. Hope he enjoys the smut I sent him anyway.

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just go. tell him your happy to meet a vet. your a person, thats what counts.

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inb4 this is anon's friend's house and that's just a picture of some old dude

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Yeah but I get confused looks from most old people or looks of horror if they know transgender people exist.
It kind of destroys there world and I don't want to upset him.

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Posting his address and personal information on /b/ was a bad idea.

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Woot party time!

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>>11917686 I don't think any of us are that terrible.


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My first instinct is to demand tits and dick pics from you but sense you lack tits of right now I will just leave.
Captcha: bootoler League
Yes captcha I shall head to the ole bootoler league.

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sending the ol' guy a card when I get home.

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Don't worry, the ghosts of the innocents whose blood is on his hands will keep him company.

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there are no innocents in war, son. except for that gal he raped in a village back in nam, she was kinda innocent

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>World War II Vet
>wtf am I reading

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>WWII Veteran

Now I know Americans aren't very up on history... but goddamn you're retarded.

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inb4 no one here follows through and this guy passes another year rejected and alone

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I hope he has a special day, Anons. Don't be jerks.

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The failtrain faggots from /b/ have already (sigh) vowed to ruin his day by sending him trash and condoms etc...

I sometimes forget that pathetic little den exists...

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Holy shit, never underestimate the power of internet neckbeards

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If I were a betting man, I'd be inclined to wager that very few will actually go through with being dicks to a poor old man, while quite a few will likely go through with sending him a note or somesuch. People are prone to internet-toughism and Alpha Male Disorder when internetting, but few have the gumption to be actual assholes.

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I'm going, and I live in England. just look at that old puppy face!


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What makes you think the nurses or his carers will let him know about the trash that also arrives?

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Suggest something to write /tg/. I'm terrible with cards, worse for complete strangers.

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It doesn't need to be deep, bro. Just keep it simple. "Happy birthday, Mr. Lashua" would probably be more than sufficient, considering the dude doesn't even expect anything.

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Im the guy sending him porn. Basically I wrote fuck yeah you are awesome keep being awesome here have some tits and ass because the probably restrict that shit in your home.

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Just make sure he's actually in the ARMY (not Marines) before you say HUAH.
Or else you'll look like a giant fuckface.

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You will need pics or it will have not happened.

That's right, you're being future-doubted. Your move, sir.

>attrate that!
Captcha's got my back... I think.

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this. best to make a showing, bring a small gift even. since his personal life is shrouded in the past its best not to make too many assumptions

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if he is a Marine, better work on your OO-RAH. them old fucks love the moto stuff. especially old fuck horse Marines.

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RIghto, just something simple. I'll grab a card in the morning.

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Does this man have an e-mail address or a telephone number? I want to say happy birthday to him.

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Remember to wear your SS uniform and constantly talk about how Hitler should have won when you're on his party.

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>Just make sure he's actually in the ARMY (not Marines) before you say HUAH. Or else you'll look like a giant fuckface.

its "hooah"


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>E-mail address
>90th birthday

Prolly not.

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Too bad I'm in Japan. Someone go for me...
And to pull this topic back to /tg/: someone should bring some 40k armies!

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I actually regret living in Japan now...I'd totally go if I was still in the US. Hope this guy has an awesome birthday.

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>My face when we're all fuckfaces.

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What should I send for him? A medal? Card? I know I'm going to send him something.

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Man, this thread...

It makes me want to call up my granpa and granma now, but it's 8:30 pm here, I think they may have gone to bed by now. I'll call in the morning before work :)

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Damn, that is pretty sad.

>1994): fhotho

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Send him a card using Moonpig.

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OP, host a webcam party

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Posting in this thread before the new mods delete it.

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>possible D-Day veteran
He might have killed my grandfather. I'm still going.

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Fuck, Ashburnham? That's like 20 minutes away, I'm fuckin' going.

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Wrote a letter, going to send it as soon as I find my stamps...

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