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Continuation of the writefaggotry!

An Earth Caste Tau who, legally, has no business being a TV host in the Tau Empire makes a documentary about an Imperial insurgency on a world in the Third Sphere, with a daring human cameraman who has a desire to uncover the infinitely more grimdark truth about how the Tau treat the other races of the galaxy in their Empire!

Thinly-veiled references to Iraq, terribad dialogue, and rushed interludes abound! Also soon to contain Orks.

Either awesomeness or terribad storytelling awaits! Your mileage will vary.

In the previous thread, I was holding a vote for the next chapter of my story.

>Interviews with some civilian Tau that came along with the Fire Warriors. Water Caste relief workers give candy bars to little human kids!
>The Ork option remains valid
>Sentinels, and a fight with actual human soldiers
>Interview with Shas'La Bali, who was untalkative earlier

Let's get those votes in while I go sleep again, people! I will take the time to make sure this next chapter positively DOES NOT SUCK!

By which I mean 'No promises, will do what I can to ensure the most quality.'

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Would this not result in either asshurt military worshiping Americans ruining the thread if you are negative in the slightest, and/or asshurt 40k neckbeards doing likewise if you are positive about the Tau occupation in the slightest?

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You're a bit late.

But yeah, the references to Iraq mostly come in the form of insurgent tactics. IEDs, mortars, etc. Not being positive one way or the other. Making sure to show the ugly side of both groups.

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Shas'la Bali!
(or civie Taus. Or maybe both)

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OP, you forgot to mention Shas'ui Holt.

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Hi I'm Mk'al Add'ed, I'm on a mission to talk to the ethereal who closed down the skyray plant in my hometown.

Everyone makes fun of him for being fat.

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rolled 83 = 83

This is absolutely amazing, OP- If anyone were going to write a Tau novel for Black Library, I'd want it to be you.

Or Jon Stewart, doing it from the perspective of a self-insert Tau comedian mocking Imperium politics.

"And this brings us to yet another installment of... Clusterfuck to Segmentum Solar."

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Huge fan of Jon Stewart, I'd read that in a heartbeat. Frankly, I'm not impressed with my own work, but you guys like it, so, I'm gonna keep the ball rolling.

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Anyways, people, I am officially out. My brain needs sleep. Yet again.

Those of you who've read the previous thread, you're probably seeing a pattern, here. I sleep a lot.

Off with me!

I want this thread up and running when I get back, you hear me?

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yeah yeah,
writefags and their precious "sleep"

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I know, right? It's ridiculous.

Anyways, any other writefags? Keep us busy till OP gets back?

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Why do you people want Tau to be grimdark?

Why must everything be grimdark?

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There once was a terrible beast that lived in the suburban environments of the American Midwe- OH GOD IT'S RIGHT THERE ARGLBLARGLEARGLE

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Why can't we have a nice story with Tau-san and Mr. Nibbles playing catch with a frisbee in the park before enjoying a delightful cup of tea with Professor Orky?

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I'm one of the anti-grimdark brigade, and I approve this thread. The Tau are better than the Imperium, but lots of people won't change governments or ideologies so easily. Basically, just look at Iraq and Afghanistan.

The only thing I can't see is the reporter sticking with the insurgents to long. He was raised amongst the Tau, or at least a Tau world, and the insurgents' ideology is certain to eventually push him away.

>Cameraman flicks on light.
>"You fool, you did not offer the proper prayers, now we must leave this base or the machine spirit will destroy us all!"

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Last thread, one guy pointed out the Shas'o's wouldn't shoot each-other.

I can kind of see what TOTW(That One Tau Writefag) is doing here - He's putting a completely new spin on the Tau race that takes some grimdark elements without going overboard.

Think about it - The Tau Empire has the Water Caste as what's basically a propaganda department. How much of their 'Join us because we care' attitude is true?

An example of this is the disagreement between some of the Tau we've seen so far - One of the Shas'la mentioned it in an earlier chapter. He was being interviewed by the reporters. The Shas'O's have some kind of rivalry and don't like each-other, and he mentioned they'd be about ready to shoot each-other if it weren't for the Ethereals. This sort of makes sense with the natural talents and inclination of the Fire Caste to resort to violence. The Shas'ui's dickery toward the reporters may be more of the same.

There's never been any confirmation on the Ethereals' method of control for the rest of the Tau race, or just how total it is. Tau can be fractious too, I reckon, and some parts of OP's story are showing that.

So, props to OP for showing a new angle on the Tau that some people haven't considered.

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It's writefaggotry.

By a fa/tg/uy.

Stop analyzing it, you jackass.

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Fucking hell, that movie was hilarious.

Captcha: The nofewagn.
Indeed captcha.

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>Stop analyzing it, you jackass.

Sorry, natural instinct demands I pick this shit apart bit by bit for a deeper meaning.


Of course, unless OP says otherwise, I might just be right.

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Need to see them going up against psykers.

"Sir, our fire isn't doing anything! It's just disappearing when it contacts that.. energy field!"

"Where is the emitter?"

"I don't know, sir! There's just the one gue'la standing in the middle of the road screaming something, and when any of our men try to get past they die!"

"What? Are there enemy snipers?"

"No sir! There are no other enemy contacts! The last cadre to attempt passage was thrown back by some kind of blast from the gue'la!"

And so on.

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Witness the glory of the Emperor, THROUGH MEEEEEEEEEE!

The psyker voice actor must've had the most fun during recording.

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Well, besides Gorgutz.


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Fuck I wanna VA for a game before I die.

Captcha: should forchan

Should 4chan what?

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I think Captcha's becoming sentient again.

Anyways, I'll be honest, I think >>11918327 may be onto something.

OP's either ignorant enough of certain details of obscure Tau fluff to make us think this, or this is what OP is going for. Either way, I got no problems with it.

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Are you retarded? Seriously?

I don't think OP intended to make you scratch your head in deep thought as you read his self-admittedly sub-par non-fapfic

Also, the last thread 404'd, anyone got the archived page?

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In all it's archived goodness

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What I don't like is when a writefag disses themselves and their work too much

Seriously, OP, it isn't perfect, but at least it's better than My Immortal

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I demand a fapfic to keep the thread bumped while OP is away!

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I shall bump this.

Failure for someone else to begin a fapfic will result in me doing so myself

And you don't want that!

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Jesus christ guys, can you not go five minutes without having to have some form of erotic literature to masturbate to?

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Apparently not.

Good thing OP doesn't supply any. He probably doesn't want to feed the habit

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OP, when you get back, I just want you to know, I voted for the civilian Tau relief workers option.

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Da next chaptah belongz to da ORKZ

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What's that? OP is asleep once again?

Shall I write more fap material to fill the gap?

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So'Sha was consumed with a desperate urge. Seperated from her unit, with a damaged communications antenna, she had spent the last six hours wandering, semi-randomly, through the overgrown jungle. In that time she had neither heard or seen a single trace of the rest of her squad. Why weren't they looking for her?

A more immediate need forced its way to the forefront of her mind. She walked over cautiously to a patch of ground that was devoid of the more prickly bushes, and looked around conspiratorially. She took off her boots, allowing her to remove her trousers entirely. She didn't want to take any risks. Her panties followed, and she made sure to lay them on top of the trousers. There was no telling what weird spores or pollens were present on the plants' surfaces.

Cringing at the thought of what she was about to do, So'Sha squatted down in the clearing, spacing her feet as far as she could without toppling over. She closed her eyes, and tried to relax.

Mid-stream, she opened her eyes as she heard the faintest rustling sound in front of her. She yelped in surprise at the sight of an Eldar man, standing waist-deep in the undergrowth, the colours of his cameleoline cloak constantly shifting through shades of green and brown.

"Don't mind me," he said, smirking. "Go ahead and finish." His mimicry of the Tau language was flawless.

I can carry on with this, maybe give a proper ending to the downed devilfish one, or continue the accidental-masturbation-in-the-troop-hold-of-a-devilfish.

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So'Sha could not bring herself to look at the man. Unable to cease what she had started, she gazed down at the ground, consumed with shame. The only sound filling the clearing was a soft splashing noise. Then, with a few more brief squirts, the ordeal was over. She glowered up at the Eldar man as he began to clap slowly.

"Bravo," he said. "Very nice."
"Satisfied?" she snapped, standing up and taking two steps away from the wet patch, reaching down to her discarded clothes. Her pulse rifle lay alongside them, just out of reach.
"Stop," he said. "You're not putting those back on."
She jerked her arm forward, fingers spreading out in anticipation of grasping the pulse rifle's grip. A projectile zipped through the air, missing her face by millimetres and neatly shearing a branch from the tree behind her. The man tracked his shuriken pistol sideways, leveling it at her chest.
"I don't think so, Tau girl."

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OK, gang, finally back.

Working on the Ork chapter now. Good to see everyone had the good will to keep the thread bumped. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Whoa. OK, didn't think I'd get someone thinking like that.

But y'know what? This fa/tg/uy is actually spot-on. That is almost EXACTLY what I'm trying to do, here.

Anyways, working on the Orky chapter, so expect it sometime today. I'm in no hurry, so hopefully it'll turn out alright if I take time to write it and make sure it's less crappy.

>Captcha: Wastent does

Wastent does what? Tell us, o mighty Captcha!

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Well, never thought I'd see the day that this image was actually relevant to something...

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ITT, OP wings it and makes it sound kind of cool


>> No.11922589

Give a proper ending to the devilfish one

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I don't know... kind of want to see where this eldar dude is taking things.

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My impressions of the Tau is that despite their weeaboo aesthetic (yes they do), they also have a 20th century Western Liberal ethics including all the rank hypocrisy involved like invading Iraq.
I can see Tau military launching a "Operation: Imperial Freedom" with a heart moving speech about needing to overthrow the repressive dictatorships and instituting freedom democracy etc while cynically doing it for energy resources.

tl:dr: Tau = American

>> No.11922640

Uh, dude, no shit?

Except for the out-and-out Tau = American part, you're pretty much spot-on

The Tau are expansionist. Of course they'll try to dress it up however to make it look nice and fun and happy and win for everyone.

Then they break out the chemical sterilization and work camps and disguise it as 'working for the Greater Good.'

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Oh for the last time- DoW isn't canon!

>> No.11922671

I think someone mentioned that the work camps and sterilization was canon in Deathwatch or something, not sure on that

>> No.11922679

Well, if DoW is canon, then so is the Fire Warrior game by kuju.

Bear in mind that an actual model of Kais was actually made and rules to play him were available in WD.
That's right a single FW can use Astarte Bolters and rape Terminators and Titans

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Actually, I'd be under the impression that they CAN'T do the chemical sterilization, not because they don't want to, but because they'll need bodies when the Imperium arrives to try and retake the planet.

The Tau have super slow, but super safe, space ships, so they can't bring over a planet crushing population over, at all to be honest. Just like the Americans, they have to rely on the cooperation of the people they conquer. This feels just like the situation right after "Mission Accomplished", they have to clean up, but they've won anyway.

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He emerged fully from the bushes, shucking off his cloak which flowed to the floor, shimmering as the chameleonic weave tried to keep up with the fast movement. Beneath it, he wore a suit of light mesh armour, criss-crossed with straps. So'Sha caught a glimpse of the longrifle slung across his back.
"You're a ranger," she observed.
"Yes," he said. "The craftworld sends us out to travel the galaxy during our maturation. To work out all our urges. In my case, I found myself becoming too distracted by the comely Eldar girls cavorting in the parks I walked through every day."
He took a step forward.
"So, I decided to deal with my developing proclivities by working them out with alien females, rather than my own kind."
He kicked the pulse rifle away into the undergrowth.
"Take off the rest of your armour," he said.

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Y'know the humans are the most useless, defiant group the Greater Good has ever tried to embrace?
No one else has political officers spring up and foment random rebellions, no one else produces such utterly crap weapons, no one else goes to such lengths to clamp the collar back around their neck after the Tau have pried it off.
No, Humanity, the "lol-Exterminatus XENOSCUM" faction, deserves everything anyone working so hard to upset something so beneficial for themselves and others gets -controlled like vermin.
Baaaaawww work camps, bawwwww sterilization.
As opposed to outright torture, execution and extermination?
That is for the genuine Greater Good. Embracing a people who despise you as mortal enemies and then going to lengths to preserve their lives even after they try to cut your throat is _extremely_ Good.
The Greater Good means more then just what's good for humanity.

>> No.11922729

It's been claimed as much, citation lacking.

The Path of RAEP. I think I remember that from a White Dwarf article.
I'm laughing, and shuddering all at once. I guess RAEPIST is a more manly kind of Eldar, sure...

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Well, two-cents from the main writefag, here

They call the Greater Good 'the Tau'va' for a reason.

Just throwing that out there.

>> No.11922746


It's nice to see an Eldar (who is basically a space elf anyway) being the raper, rather than the rapee, for a change.

>> No.11922752

Could it be a plan to use the rest of the galaxy as body shields for the Tau Empire?
I'll still take being a living second-class citizen over a dead peasant any day.

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That you are right says terrible things about /tg/.

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Unless the stuff about sterilization and work camps prove to be true, yeah, the Tau Empire is infinitely better as a place to live than your average Imperial warzone-planet.

Right after the sterilization and work camps come into play, you can damn well bet I'd be kickstarting my own little insurgency. I ain't gonna take that shit lying down, and I doubt recently-subjugated Imperials would either.

>> No.11922789

while, Tau = Americans
the Imperium = Muslims

Good luck with that insurgency, Taufags.

Emprah! Emprah! Akbar!

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He regarded her with a grave expression as she reached behind her back, uncoupling the fastenings that held her carapcace in place. She dropped the armour shell to the ground, and his mouth twitched upwards into a grin at the sight of her naked, blue flesh. So'Sha stared at the ground for the most part, wincing a little as she removed the rest of her underwear, exposing herself completely to him. She glanced up at his face.

So'Sha had never seen an Eldar this close-up before. The man's features were androgynous - his chin was narrow, with a decidedly feminine jawline. His skin was pale but not pallid, with a flawlessly smooth complexion. Close-cropped, blonde hair bristled from his scalp above the crisp outlines of his eyebrows, one of which was raised in appreciation of the sight before him. So'Sha hated herself for thinking that he was rather handsome.

She crossed her arms over her chest, trying to regain some of her modesty. The man held one finger in the air in a circling motion, indicating that she should turn around.

>> No.11922804


o shit i lol'd

>> No.11922818

Hey, it's true.
Easy solution: mass extermination by orbital fire.
Whitehat hard mode: suppress insurrection the long way around.
I'll side with that.

>> No.11922822

Actually I'm pretty damn sure that Fire Warrior is canon- didn't the main character recieve stats?

>> No.11922829

Qaysar Ahkbar would be more appropriate

or maybe Allah-Qaysar Ahkbar

>> No.11922834

>average Imperial warzone-planet

Dude, not EVERY planet in the Imperium is at war 24-7. It's the same idea with some of the liberties you're taking with the fluff in your story; Some stuff just isn't interesting or important enough to warrant attention from the official GW writers.

>> No.11922839

I thought you were going to do an interview with Shas'la Bali?

>> No.11922849

I think only one guy actually voted for that. Two or three votes in favor of Ork vs. Tau action.

There are some votes at the end of the last thread. A kind fa/tg/uy linked it in here earlier in the thread(won't go digging for the exact post right now)

>> No.11922875

Yeah, OK, you got a point. Still, y'know, hourly atrocities to keep a psychic lighthouse running. It's really a matter of 'Imperial necessity' vs. the Tau's complete lack of necessity. They simply don't NEED to perform certain acts like Exterminatus.

It all actually kind of hinges on the lengths to which they're willing to go to subjugate conquered populations. If they turn out to just be expansionist commies, then by 40k standards, they're not so bad. If they go the extra mile with the long-term genocide-by-infertility, then they pretty much lose my vote as 'the nice guys' of the setting.

>> No.11922877


She turned slowly, until she had her back to him. There was a soft murmur of laughter.
"Very nice," he said. "Now put your hands against that tree."
She did so. The rustle of footsteps sounded behind her as the man approached, and then she felt his breath tickle against her ear as he rested his chin on her shoulder.
"You could always try and enjoy it, you know," he said.
So'Sha tried to reply with an acid remark, but instead let out a sudden gasp as she felt two of the man's gloved fingers resting between her legs. He stroked them back and forth slowly, his touch unexpectedly soft.
"You scum," she said. "You-" she finished her sentence with an involuntary cry, as one of his fingers made its way inside her.

>> No.11922883

>>The man held one finger in the air in a circling motion, indicating that she should turn around.

I have this sudden image of this guy writing a guide to Xeno-buggery, complete with illustrated step-by-steps.

That's one of the reasons I don't cotton to those accusations. They're excessively elaborate, giant wastes of resources, and ultimately extremely divisive to the overall cause of the Greater Good.
Unless there's some kind of relatively guileful implementation* it's just too...inefficient to be anything besides sledge-hammer-clever Imperial Propaganda.

*Scenario: first 2 years all humans live in camps, monitored 24/7 tracked by chips in the food. Data flood mode, metabolic data, brain use, social patterns, etc.
After the time's up, they get divided by cooperativeness levels and general receptiveness to the big GG. The winnars get moved out of state into comfy barracks with big TV's and such, the losers are shipped off-planet into reeducation and penal facilities. The losers of those are snipped, and....well, I don't know what the fuck a bunch of zealots with no balls are worth without using servitors, but from their they're sent onward.
Maybe the Kroot buy them?

>> No.11922896

>They simply don't NEED to perform certain acts like Exterminatus.

Eh, what?

The Tau do enact Exterminatus on unconquerable planets.

The only difference is that while the Imperium has sophisticated tools to kill a planet, the Tau simply nuke it until everything on the surface is dead.

For the greater good.

>> No.11922928

Yeah, that's true. It's just that such instances are very rare, and used as an absolute last resort. Something we rarely, if ever, see the Tau resorting to. The Imperium pulls that on an irregular, but still far more common basis.

>> No.11922930

What fluff there is about relatively peaceful planets ain't much better.
_Necro-fucking-Munda_ is a stable, peaceful imperial planet with it's endless bloody gang wars and brutal intrigues.
On some of the forge worlds the average lifespan of a serf is less then 30 years -go ahead, try to get the AdMech to dial down the mass production so that the childhood cancer rates goes down. No, too many vested interests would reflexively oppose the idea on a dogmatic basis, nm explaining their shit to Segmentum Command.

Nah mon. Much of the Imperium's modeled after England in the early-mid Industrial Revolution where life was indeed short and shitty.
"Men die so that Man may live" as the old IoM wisdom goes.

>> No.11922932

The Imperium is also a lot bigger. I dare to say the Tau commit more relative atrocities then the Imperium of Man.

For such a small empire, they sure did some nasty shit.

>> No.11922936

Got a source for that?

>> No.11922937

We´╗┐ are the Emperor's Chosen,
We are the Emperor's Fury,
We are His Instument of Justice
We are the Space Sardukar and We Shall Know No Fear, EMPEROR AKBAR!!!!

+++"Suffer not the Kaffir to live", prayer and vow of the Black Faris Chapter+++

Come all you Kaffir scum and Infidels! Come face the one true might of the universe and wither under the Golden Throne's gaze!
+++ Chaplain Varnus of the Ultrasarduks 3 +++

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The slow, back-and-forth motion continued. So'Sha shivered at the man's touch, trying to cast her mind elsewhere but always coming back to the same thought: this actually felt good. His delicate touch bore just the right combination of pressure and tempo, and she could feel the sensitivity of her intimate regions increasing as they awakened into arousal. The man had removed his head from her shoulder now, and she looked around in puzzlement as she heard the ruffling of paper.

He was stood behind her, one hand stroking beneath her crotch, the other holding a small book, the pages of which he was having some difficulty turning. She caught a glimpse of letters written in the strange Eldar alphabet, all lines and complicated pictograms. Alongside one block of text, there was a colour diagram of a blue-skinned humanoid. It was a tau.

He caught her looking at the book.
"Turn back around!" he barked, pressing two fingers deeply into the her rapidly-moistening labia. So'Sha moaned at the sensation, her head drooping down between her arms. Her breathing started to become more rapid.

>> No.11922950

Necromunda is a peaceful world.


Because the shit stays in the undercity. Undercity dwellers aren't citizens, so they don't count.

And remember, the Imperium has nothing to say about the living conditions of Imperial citizens, that's the Governors job.

The Imperium researches technology, provides peace and reconquers lost worlds. That's all the Imperium does.

So you can't blame the Imperium for shitty living conditions. Since the Imperium isn't authorised to do that.

>> No.11922961

In the grimdark of 40k, some things were lost in the translation.

" For Oprah!! "

>> No.11922977

>"For Oprah!"


>> No.11922982


"To fornicate with an alien girl is one thing," he said. Beneath her armpit, So'Sha saw him return the booklet to his pocket, before he brought his other hand up to cup her breast.
"To have her enjoy it, that is the true art," he finished. His fingertips started to knead at her breast, pausing now and then to tease her nipples with light tweaks. He rolled them between his fingertips as his other hand delved into her sex, making a squishing noise as his second knuckles were enveloped. So'Sha could not help but let out a long moan.

>> No.11922995
File: 29 KB, 125x125, 1283102139700.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>as his other hand delved into her sex


>> No.11923018


Eh, I've seen other authors do it.

>> No.11923059


Dude, nobody in this thread is an 'author.'

You are a writefag. There is a distinct difference

>> No.11923064


He worked her with his skilful fingers for minutes longer. So'Sha was becoming increasingly incredulous at his expertise, which had elicited such a response from her that a few drops of her juices were actually trickling down the inside of her thigh. She gasped for breath, trying so hard to hate the man for doing this to her, but feeling only the intense pleasure of his stimulations.

He ceased for a few moments, leaving So'Sha panting as he fussed with his belt, stepping out of his trousers and discarding his elegant, silky Eldar underwear to one side. He grasped her firmly by the thighs, and then thrust his cock inwards with a wet sound. He grunted as he withdrew his hips, crossing one arm over So'Sha's chest to fondle her as he took up a steady rhythm. So'Sha spread her palms against the tree in front, steadying herself against the rocking motion.

>> No.11923077


I have seen writefags do it, and I have also seen it done in proper books.

Silly anon, I have no delusions that I'm an author.

>> No.11923103

Just making sure

>> No.11923152

I'm published, bitch. =D
I love you and your need to be so precise in your ignorance.

>>expreps $500,000
More like expreps $2700, but yeah. $.

>> No.11923163

Vanity publishing doesn't count.

>> No.11923178


She gasped uneasily as the depth of his penetrations increased. He returned his hands to her thighs, grappling as he impaled her with greater vigour. After a few more long minutes of thrusting, both of them were straining and heaving, bodies pressed against each other, slick with sweat. With a grunt, the Eldar finished inside her, and So'Sha felt his seed surge into her as she began to come. She let out a long-drawn out cry as the orgasm bloomed in her loins.

Gasping for air, she flattened herself against the tree trunk for support, sliding down it and coming to rest in a heap at its bough. She was too drained to protest as the Eldar man sat alongside her, placing one arm across her shoulders while the other hand rested upon her thigh.

Both of them looked up suddenly as a bright, burning shape streaked across the sky.
"Is that... a drop pod?" she asked.
He nodded solemnly.

>> No.11923192

Co-authoring a screenplay that's gone into production does.
Sorry, let me be clear.
I am published. In Dead Tree format. And I was paid.

But apologies to the Author. I'm here for the Tau shenanigans, not to scrub my balls across the thread.

>> No.11923215

"Is that... DOUBLE Xenos Heresy!? Commence STEEL RAIN!"

In the grim darkness of the far future you may be cock-blocked by a drop-pod.

I also like the gentlemanly arm across the shoulders. Sort of like an implied apology combined with an offer of further field conjugation.

>> No.11923254

>In the grim darkness of the far future you may be cock-blocked by a drop-pod.

OK, Iron Lung, I laughed at this.

Back to work for me, pretend I'm not here.

>> No.11923311


I can't pretend you're not here, now that I know.
Also get posting sharpish, I've drained my fapfic gland and it needs some time to regenerate.

>> No.11923316


"I vas jus looking for pose to place, yah? Den I see you threaten blue girly girly who yooziz chest to smuggle melons.

Now you'ze prepare to be arse-kicked by BJORN ULRICKSON, named after de beeg dred who talks too much. Why he talk so much? Must be cuz he liked da Russ' shoes- dem boots be magical, jah?


>> No.11923347

>In the grim darkness of the far future you may be cock-blocked by a drop-pod.

After reading this I wanted to write something about some folks making out in a drop-pod on route to their target, but I guess only space marines use them and I'm really not in the mood to try to write up a ultramarine-on-ultramarine fapfic parody.

>> No.11923348


Actually what I do need, if there are any other autho-, erm, writefags in this thread, is a bunch of new words to use to describe sexyime. I feel like I'm constantly using the same toolbox of words :/

>> No.11923365

>same toolbox of words

Welcome to writing fapfics, anon!

>> No.11923369





>> No.11923394

>nevued loathfome

>> No.11923396


There's a spah around here...

>> No.11923421

Ugh. It'd be like watching two huge 'roided up bodybuilders grind into each other with with barely functional equipment when they are both also awkward gay virgins. Because even if they were virgins before, they've been FIGHTAN and TRAINAN and PURIFYAN for some many centuries they've effectively forgotten everything not directly related to shooting heretic traitors and xenos scum.

>> No.11923475

...actually, you might be able to get some good characterization out of that. They've been battle-brothers for longer than most normal humans have been alive, and they have saved eachother's lives on countless battlefields across the galaxy. Their bonds of comradeship and friendship run deeper than the seas of ultramar.


They are both suddenly grappling with the reemergence of feelings that they no longer understand. What are these strange feelings? They have been pure in all their actions, as is befitting of the chosen sons of the emperor, but they cannot understand these strange new desires filling their thoughts. Were they somehow corrpted? Are they falling from grace? Could-


>> No.11923510

In all candor: get a thesaurus. Learn it, use it, love it.
Reading across a wide variety of authors and subjects help, but for days when you grope for an elusive word a thesaurus helps.

Or go heavier on the little squirmy details.
Something like..

"So'sha held her breath, and braced herself against tree.
His fingers had ceased their maddening dance in her loins, ceased stroking her pliant flesh, and now she stood trickling on the precipice, aching for penetration. Her breasts hurt, her purple nipples swollen with need.
Every drop of sweat trickling down her neck ached for a tongue to catch it even as the sensation was like one of a hundred delicate fingers whispering down her skin."
"One drop slid down between her full breasts, into the hollow of her sternum, down across the slight concave of her navel and then, like the cruelest delight, glided across her mons and hung for a second on the her swollen pleasure-bud.
"So'sha almost came from the thought, and moaned aloud in need, her juices dribbling along her shaking legs.
Her teeth bared, her eyes clamped shut, So'sha thrust her center out, pleading to be taken."

>> No.11923523

Or it could be really platonic.
Lots of hand-holding, and awkward kissing in the darker halls of Macragge.
Ultra-buttsex might be something to shun, but big awkward love is kinda d'awwww.

>> No.11923556

I'm currently at about the halfway point for writing this chapter - Would you enjoy more of the Kroot Shaper from earlier, or a few Crisis Suits helping out the intrepid reporters' guards in a fight wit da Orkz?

Also, Kommandos. They are involved. I will leave it there.

>> No.11923577

Whatever choice, could you do it in a separate thread? Away from this fapfic?

Because for fuck sake /tg/.

>> No.11923590
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Wait a sec, why can't earth caste make media presentations? Even if they were barred normally, couldn't an ethereal backing them make a case for them, as there are ethereals who take on a caste as a pet project?

What that implies is that all their entertainment and news sources would be from the water caste. Unlike many other jobs, when presenting media your audience has to relate, and I find that unlikely if it's that single caste.

Is this in the codex somewhere, am I missing something?

>> No.11923591

Actually, this is completely normal for my last thread.

I fall asleep, the fapfic writefags come in, and keep the thread bumped. It's a symbiotic relationship I can tolerate.

>> No.11923606

I'll be completely honest. I've got no clue. People in the last thread said 'water caste does this stuff, not earth caste', so I'm taking their word for it.

>> No.11923658

Kroot shaper sounds more fun

>> No.11923729

i think teh kroot shaper is a pretty cool guy

he fights for teh tau and doesnt afraid of anything

>> No.11923778


While I see that you've turned it up to 11 in that post and made the prose pretty florid, I do see your point. A lot of my descriptions end up as a clinical discussion of what bit of meat goes where, rather that dealing with those weird, incomprehensible things called "feelings".

>> No.11923844

I am a terribly purple writer, no lie there. =D
"Brevity is the soul of wit," and I'm usually struggling to be go Full Necron.
But yeah. Feelings. Setting the emotion behind the action can nicely intensify the result fucking. Works well with folks like the Eldar for whom feeling can oppressively intrude upon logical thought.

>> No.11923932

you know, techpriests use drop pods too.

there ARE female techpriests in some chapters, they need people to maintain and use their vehicles.

>> No.11923974

So the 40K 'tweest' porn pizza delivery girl?
"The tarantual went offliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!...blessed Omnimessiah! Oh, no no no! Don't let me intrude! (Xenology 2.0, here I come!)"

....and I heard that in Moira's voice (Fallout 3) no less.

>> No.11924533

And lo, it is done!

Posting of the next chapter begins NOW!

>> No.11924536

Suth III, Suth star system
Planetary Surface, Capital City: 'Morley's Claim'
Tau Space, Third Sphere
1000 Hours, Local Time
Year 998, M41
Day 3 of filming

Matik and Mark had reconciled by breakfast the next morning, and normally would've been going over their footage. With the memory card gone, all of the footage they'd filmed the last two days was potentially going to be deleted. "So, did you pack a spare one?" Matik's voice still carried his general disappointment from yesterday.

Mark nodded, cutting a slice off of his serving of locally-harvested grox steak. At least the food was decent, here. "Yeah, several. Even if we lose all our old footage, at least we can keep filming." Matik quietly thanked the Ethereals upon hearing this.

Then, they saw the Shas'ui walk into the mess tent and approach their table. "Uh-oh." Matik muttered under his breath. Mark turned around and saw the Shas'ui coming. "You think he'll gut us with his bonding knife before hiding the bodies? Or just shoot us?"

"Don't you know anything? The Fire Caste doesn't use their bonding knives in combat. Besides, he's not carrying one. They show those off." Matik shook his head. He was Earth Caste, and even he knew that. Mark bit back a retort as the Shas'ui closed the remaining distance quickly.

In his hand, he held the memory card Shas'la Natel had confiscated the previous day. "Your camera's memory card has had the interview with the Gue'Vesa wiped." Handing it back to Mark, the Shas'ui leaned in to whisper to them both. "If I ever catch you interviewing humans again, I'll need to take certain measures to ensure you won't do it again."

>> No.11924540

SM Chapters have techmarines, not techpriests. Techmarines cannot be female.

>> No.11924541

Knowing full well what that meant, Mark and Matik nodded. Death threats from what may be the most hostile Shas'ui in the Tau Empire weren't to be ignored. "Now, then." The Shas'ui stepped back, switching to a more proper military stance, spine ramrod-straight. "There's been a report from a command post out in the desert to the west. The local Orks are getting a bit unruly. The Shas'o is dispatching a task force to take care of the matter, and my squad's been selected as part of it. You, of course, need to come along."

Mark raised a hand to stop the Shas'ui. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. I didn't know there were any Orks here on Suth III." The Shas'ui nodded before speaking again. "The Imperials were fighting them for a long time before we landed. They were always disorganized and fighting each-other out in the desert. The local warbosses have never gathered that much support among the other Orks, so they're not really a threat. But, lately, there's been reports of one Ork rallying enough of the local warbands behind him that it might become what the Orks call a 'Waaaaaagh.'

"Needless to say, the Ethereals and the Shas'o's want this warboss taken down before his clan gains sufficient power and momentum to make some kind of assault on the city. We have our hands full with the Imperial insurgency. The Orks would break our grip on the capital a little too quickly for the occupation forces elsewhere on the planet to help us if we wait."

Matik sighed, looking down at his unfinished plate of food, and stood. "Let's go."

>> No.11924547

Like usual, they took a Devilfish, but instead of running a patrol through the city streets, they hovered above and beyond the city walls, and into the desert. They could see other Tau vehicles, and some battlesuits flying or hovering away from the city and headed in the same direction. The drivers eventually sealed the back of the Devilfish, and accelerated to keep pace with the task force.

Shas'La Natel nudges Matik to get his attention. "You wondered why you didn't see more Hammerheads or Skyrays in the city? This is why. All the heavy armor's going out to the desert to fight the insurgents hiding out beyond the city limits, and to keep the Orks away from the city." Matik was wondering about the lack of Hammerheads within Morley's Claim, but didn't really think it was important enough to ask.

Within a short time, the squad, Mark, and Matik were disembarking at a small fortified camp the Tau had constructed. Several automated railgun and burst-cannon emplacements lined the walls, and a band of Kroot Carnivores approached the squad. The Shaper that the pair had interviewed on their first day was leading them. "Look, it's the Shaper." Mark pointed him out to Matik, who was busy fiddling with the camera's playback feature, looking over the edited footage the Shas'ui had returned to them.

>> No.11924561

The Shaper and Shas'ui began to talk to one another out of earshot before the two squads headed out of the camp on foot. A large gate controlled by an Earth Caste Tau in body armor opened to permit them to leave. The Kroot took point, and Mark and Matik set their camera to record.

After walking through the desert for nearly fifteen minutes, the Kroot all began to loudly click and whistle. The Shaper approached the Shas'ui again. This time, the reporters caught what he was saying. "Shas'ui, my pack smells greenskins nearby. They passed by here, sometime in the last fifteen minutes. But, there is something strange going on. The trail ends here."

The Shas'ui's head snapped around in a quick motion, looking for targets. "Shas'la! On your guard! Kommandos!" To Matik, he sounded scared. And that made Matik afraid for his own life.

Several moments passed, and the Fire Warriors and Kroot made a small circle formation to ensure they could see all around them. They continued their patrol, with the Shas'la all the more nervous, now. The Kroot seemed eager. Mark was sure to prime his lascarbine.

Another ten minutes on patrol passed. Then, they heard the gunshots, and the battle cry.


>> No.11924567

Several nearby sand dunes provided cover and concealment for the Orks as they made their surprise attack. The Kommandos attacked from several directions, guns blazing. The patrol had stumbled into a classic crossfire trap. Mark quickly handed the camera to Matik, and raised his lascarbine to fire, hands and arms shaking nervously.

Solid metal slugs impacted the desert sand all around them, kicking it into the air. The Shas'la quickly returned fire, while the Kroot charged the Orks. Two Kroot were cut down swiftly by the greenskins, but the rest managed to close the distance with leaps and the natural speed of the Kroot race, engaging the Kommandos in melee combat. The Shas'la adjusted their aim to try and avoid hitting their mercenary allies.

The Shas'ui raised a hand to his headset. "Command! We have contact with greenskin Kommandos! We need immediate support! The noise is sure to attract more Orks!" There was chatter on the other end, which the Shas'ui responded to by shouting. "We need it in five minutes, not ten! We have two men down, and need support! Enemy reinforcements are sure to be en route!"

More chatter on the other end was met with a frustrated growl by the Shas'ui, who simply shut off his radio. To Matik, it sounded like he had cut someone off mid-sentence. He then raised his pulse carbine to support the Kroot up ahead.

>> No.11924578

Up ahead, the battle was going well for the Kroot. The agile avians were besting the Kommandos in what was commonly the kind of battle Orks were most in their element. The Shaper seemed to be toying with the Kommando leader, who was wielding a looted chainaxe.

"How'dya like me buzzy-choppa, ya git?!" The Ork laughed loudly as he swung for the Shaper's head. The Shaper bobbed and weaved, slipping behind the Ork to strike him in the back with the blades on the barrel of his Kroot Rifle.

"Is it very nice. I think I'll take it." The Shaper ducked yet another blow from the Kommando before driving him rifle's blades into the Ork's neck. The Kommando leader fell back into the sand, blood gushing from the wound.

The Shaper slammed his rifle down into the Ork's face and neck repeatedly, finally slaying the beast.

Then, the reinforcements came.


A single unruly mob of at least fifty Orks of varying sizes and armaments charged over the sand dunes to the Fire Warrior squad's right. Like the Kommandos, their guns were firing, in the air and at the Tau. A towering behemoth of an Ork was leading the charge - No doubt the Warboss. "Here they come! There's too many to fight!" The Shas'ui waved for the squad to retreat up a nearby hill. "Signal the Kroot, we're falling back! La'Natel, activate the shield drone!"

The Shas'la was quick to obey his leader's orders. The shields activated, giving the Tau squad valuable time to make it uphill. Mark was more than willing to signal the Kroot. As he ran, the human shouted to the reptilian aliens. "Hey! HEY! FALL BACK!" He pointed at the hill for emphasis. The Kroot seemed to hear him, and the Shaper charged downhill and then uphill again, his pack behind him.

>> No.11924588

Matik was the first to retreat up the hill on the Shas'ui's orders. Being Earth Caste, and therefore a civilian, he simply didn't want to be anywhere near a band of Orks fifty-strong. Mark, nominally a civilian himself, was right behind him. The Fire Warriors made it behind the sand dune with their Kroot allies, and off in the distance, could see Tau hover-vehicles on the way.

"Yes! Hammerheads and Skyrays! Pull back, let the armor handle this one!" The Kroot and Tau force ran for it, away from the still-charging Orks, who had by now made it uphill. The gunships opened fire, slaughtering the lesser Orks in pairs and trios. A railgun blast from a Hammerhead caused the warboss to burst into a gory, bloody mess. The sight of their leader exploding in such a manner forced the remaining Orks to scatter and run. Some hid behind sand dunes and continued fighting, but the battle was won with the warboss's death.

After the battle was over, Mark and Matik sat in a troop compartment of a stationary Devilfish.

"Mark?" Matik looked over the footage from the battle one last time. "Yeah?"

"NEVER take me with you to fight Orks again."

End of Chapter 7

>> No.11924751

Needed moar dakka

Otherwise, was good. 7/10, watching this thread now

>> No.11924949


>> No.11925536
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Next is an interview wish Shas'la Bali, right?

>> No.11926247


>> No.11926818

OP, when can we expect the next piece?

Should I start writing fapfiction?

captcha sez:
>satisfy samarrev
Mass Effect Fapfiction?

>> No.11926904


Go for it man.

I, for one, would like to read about two tau girls weeing on each other.

>> No.11927063

Eh, that was done back in the day when someone kept demanding Schlicktau/Chemchan peeing art.

>> No.11927080


In that case write about something else.

But link or repost what you just mentioned please :3

>> No.11928091

Sorry for my abrupt disappearance, anons. Something came up.

Glad to see the response has been overall positive.

Next up, you got your pick.

>Civilian Tau relief workers interviewed, and seen in action
>Shas'la Bali interview
>Imperial Sentinels and a fight with human soldiers

Also, if the Unnamed Kroot Shaper is going to be a recurring character(probably will be), he needs a name. Anons, name the Shaper!

>> No.11928241
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Meanwhile, out in the desert west of Morley's Claim...

>> No.11928326

>"How'dya like me buzzy-choppa, ya git?!"

>"It is very nice. I think I'll take it."


>> No.11928366


Wouldn't go so far as to say 'awesome', but it definitely shows the mercenary nature of the Kroot. This particular Kindred must've eaten Ork Lootaz.

>> No.11928393

Shas'la Bali or relief workers
Maybe both, like with vespid and Gue'vessa

>> No.11928406

Shas'la Bali

>> No.11928455

'La Bali up in this bitch!

>> No.11928565

Let me explain something to you, Iron Lung. The Tau are fucked.
They are completely and utterly fucked.
Anyone that joins them is likewise fucked, because:
1. You're switching one dictatorship for another.
2. The Imperium or Orks or Chaos Space Marines or Tyranids all heading that way will rape them dead.
3. They are so naive that Chaos or their own robots will fuck them in the ass sooner or later.
4. Their ships are slow to the degree that they are not a threat to ANYONE.
Add in the fact that if the Imperium was like the Tau, everyone would long be dead, and I can truthfully say you are the stupidest fuck I've ever come across on /tg/.

>> No.11928642

Harsh, dude.

>Pariah attabite

Captcha is a Necron Pariah! With...a bite. For a kid.

Or something.

>> No.11928653

You're forgetting one thing. Tau sell armies. They sell a lot of armies. As long as they keep doing that (and that's not something that's going to change anytime soon) they'll be just peaches.

>> No.11928736

They sell armies of which there are one of them for every few million of us.
If the Imperium really decided "Fuck it, let's wipe 'em out", they would, and the Tau could do nothing to stop it.

>> No.11928749


Reading comprehension, do you have it?

They were referring to Games Workshop.

>> No.11928768

Georgi Holt, Sgt in the Imperial Guard, desperately trying to lead an underground resistance against the Tau occupation.

>> No.11928855

I just saw that, yeah. That didn't need to be pointed out, as it assumed a galaxy in which time flowed.

>> No.11928879

>If the Imperium really decided "Fuck it, let's wipe 'em out", they would, and the Tau could do nothing to stop it.

-Advice Tau-

>> No.11928882

In before +++OH AUN THE PAIN+++

>> No.11928929

Uh, I'll second getting that Shas'la interviewed. Looking at a list of Kroot names in GW publications, most of them sound pretty guttural. (ie. Trosk, Yursa, Gakhan, Mataba) Shouldn't be too hard to come up with a good sounding one.

>> No.11929110


>> No.11929143

Honestly, I suppose the Imperium could destroy the Tau, if it really wanted to- but it would ultimately be a pyrrhic victory, consuming far to many resources and man power desperately needed elsewhere.

>> No.11929150

Sounds like most of you are interested in an interview with Shas'la Bali.

Sadly, there will be no tits, so if you expect that, you're shit outta luck. I will write it tomorrow. Got a night shift to work and then bed.

>> No.11929157

...Tau do not have tits.

>> No.11929187

Yes they do

>> No.11929205
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>night shift to work

>> No.11929235

No, they do not. There's been canonical naked pictures of female Tau.

>> No.11929250

Hey, you got your daily fix of my writing. I ain't a servitor.

Also, go fuck yourself.

>> No.11929267

This entire conversation is kind of irrelevant because none of the characters will be getting naked.

No, not even that one. Canonical tits or no, it does not factor in.

>> No.11929362

Damn. There goes the chances of an intercaste romance between La'Bali and the earth caste reporter.

I am disappoint, OP.

>> No.11929418

Anyways, I'm out. Later, fa/tg/uys, keep the thread bumped.

>> No.11929524

Hey, buddy:

fuck you.

>> No.11929675

We could still have romance without nakedness you know

>> No.11930866
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>> No.11931636

Bumpity bump

>> No.11933095

Hey, gang, OP's back ahead of schedule.

My schedule's going to be a little full later, but for right now, I'm free. I will begin writing immediately and post when I can.

>> No.11933146

Whoo! OP's back!

>> No.11933323

bump for great justice

>> No.11933600

Cha'Lo lay on her back, wondering why she had agreed to go through with this. She gazed up between the legs of Rh'An, who was standing over her head, legs apart, bent slightly forward. She bent all the way over, and Cha'Lo saw a huge grin spread over her upside-down face.

"Ready?" she asked.
"I... I guess so."

OP you'd better get your act together, or I really am going to write about Tau girls weeing on each other.

>> No.11933640

Said this before and I'll say it again. You can't rush OP, or he will produce shit. When he takes his time, it ends up being a lot better. The same can be said of many things.

>> No.11933998

And, done. Will begin posting in about two minutes.

Both because I took my time and I'm satisfied that it doesn't suck, and for the sake of avoiding Tau girls weeing on each-other.

>> No.11934006

Suth III, Suth star system
Planetary Surface, Capital City: 'Morley's Claim'
Tau Space, Third Sphere
1600 Hours, Local Time
Year 998, M41
Day 3 of filming

Following the battle with the Orks, the Shas'ui and his squad took Mark and Matik back to the base in Morley's Claim. Matik was looking over the footage from the battle. "Ugh...Railguns can make such a mess." He found himself grimly fascinated with the way the Ork Warboss exploded. He set that particular moment to replay a few times, before going over the last of the footage.

"You think we should bother the Shas'ui for an interview? Get his thoughts on the battle?" Mark was looking over Matik's shoulder as he played back the footage. The Tau shook his head. "No. The Shas'ui probably wouldn't give us the time of day after we went against his order."

"What about Shas'la Natel, or one of the others?" Mark insisted on interviewing someone in their guard detail. Matik could see his friend wasn't about to let it go, and sighed. "Alright, we'll interview one of the Shas'la." He looked over at his old notepad. 'Interview Bali' was still written on it and underlined as a priority.

The two quickly gathered their camera and the notepad, and went in search of La'Bali. After a fifteen-minute-long search, they found her practicing with her pulse rifle on the far eastern side of the camp. "Excuse me! Shas'la Bali!" The Fire Warrior noticeably gripped her pulse rifle more tightly around the barrel, no doubt a display of frustration with the reporters.

>> No.11934011

"I know you didn't want an interview before, but we want to talk to you about the battle with the Orks. How do you think it went?" The Fire Warrior turned around slowly, relaxing her grip on the pulse rifle. "It went fine." Matik paused for a moment. "That's it? Fine? That's all you've got to say about it?"

The Shas'la sighed and shook her head. "Listen, I don't expect you to understand, but soldiers don't talk about what happens when they go into combat. It's not a matter of guilt for us, but it's ugly. It's stressful. It's dangerous. It comes to us naturally, but we don't want to talk about it. We were there. Of course, you're going to have to delete that, because the Shas'ui doesn't like people wrecking the invincible image of the Empire's Fire Caste.

"Truth is, paperboy, combat is work to us. And when we're on break, we don't want to talk about work. Next question."

Matik was at a complete loss for what to ask. Mark whispered to him. "Hey, let me take over. Here, hold the camera." Matik took the camera from Mark, and Mark took the notepad. Matik backed away to get Mark into the shot. The Shas'la was noticeably confused by this turn of events. "Shas'la, a couple of days ago, your squadmate La'Mahin was killed by a roadside-"

>> No.11934015

The Shas'la held up a hand. "Alright, look. Another question you don't want to ask a soldier is anything relating to dead friends or squadmates, for the exact same reasons." Mark paused and nodded after a moment contemplating this. "Alright. That makes sense, I guess. What should we ask you, then?" La'Bali shrugged, shaking her head. "I don't know. What do civilians talk about?"

Mark looked to Matik for help. Mark was just the cameraman. The reason he'd taken over was because he would ask more interesting questions than Matik, and the Shas'la had pretty much just denied him the opportunity to ask the majority of the ones he had planned. Matik shrugged helplessly, completely at a loss.

Mark turned back to the Shas'la and closed his eyes in thought for a moment, before speaking again. "Do you ever envy the civilian castes for what they do? You go out into combat and get shot for the Empire. The other castes do manual labor, or talk. Have you ever wanted to do something more than fight?"

She was quiet, looking at the ground, nervousness clearly gripping her entire body. It was odd to see a Fire Warrior in full body armor act this way. She turned to the camera, and pointed at it. "Shut it off, delete the footage you've got so far, and write down what I say. I want to stay anonymous." Surprise was apparent on Mark's face, and Matik stopped for a second to make sure that he'd heard that right.

>> No.11934027

The Earth Caste reporter shut off the camera. Mark motioned for the Shas'la to speak. She sighed heavily and nodded. "Yes, I've been envious of the other Castes in the past. I still am, sometimes. I'm expected to fight and die for T'au, and, just for an example, you two get to make documentaries on people like me. It doesn't exactly seem fair, sometimes.

"You know what I wanted to be, once? Back when I was a Shas'saal in training, what I secretly wanted was to be a baker. The Empire has no place for a Fire Warrior in a bakery, I understand. The Greater Good demands that I be on the front, but, sometimes, certain selfish desires remind us that we're people, and I don't think the common Tau, or Gue'vesa, or Kroot, or even the Vespid, get the respect they deserve from the Ethereals and higher-ups."

Matik honestly couldn't believe what he was hearing. Mark was being sure to get this all down. "Are you saying you wish the Empire would do away with the Caste system that it's been built on for the last six thousand years?" Mark wasn't going to let up on these kinds of questions, Matik could tell. It was making him a little uncomfortable.

The Shas'la noticeably hesitated before nodding. "I...I think the Ethereals did a lot for us, back at the end of the Mont'au. They brought us up out of that dark age, but, do we really need them now? After we've advanced so far as a culture, do we really still need the Ethereals, or the different Castes? Can't we just all be Tau?" She sounded nervous, even as she was speaking. It was clear that some part of her wanted to keep going, but she stopped herself. "I really shouldn't be talking this way...Look, you got your interview. Is that enough?"

>> No.11934033

Mark nodded, closing the notepad. "That should be plenty. Thank you for your time." Matik was completely stunned, and had to be dragged away by the Gue'vesa. "Well, we got our interview." Matik shook his head. "Yeah, but not on tape. We won't be able to air it." Mark just shook his head. "We'll quote the whole thing during editing and put it in."

"No, Mark, we won't. That was the kind of thing a Tau would've said back in the Mont'au. It's breaking that status quo the Shas'ui mentioned. I won't put it in my documentary." Matik stopped, and started to playback the footage from before the Shas'la demanded the camera be shut off. He started to delete it, as per her request. "Let's just forget the entire thing. Tear up those notes."

"What, are you nuts?! No way. We're not throwing this out. It's one person talking, Matik. It won't change a thing." Matik thought this over, his natural inclination to avoid trouble nagging him at the back of his mind. Eventually, he just nodded. "Alright. Alright, we'll keep it."

"You won't regret it, Matik."

He just hoped Mark was right.

End of Chapter 8

>> No.11934068

I sense great win in this latest chapter. No tits, but that took a backseat right around the time she demanded the camera be shut off

9/10, OP

>> No.11934110
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Needs moar KAYOSS

>> No.11934230

Wow, this was a great chapter writefag:
I really like what you're doing with Mark, Matik, and Shas'la Bali.
I just hope nothing too bad happens to them.

>> No.11934307

Glad to hear it. From what I'm hearing, my writing's generally improved since the start of the story, so I hope that trend continues.

My proofreader here in my Den of Writefaggotry said he 'liked the shift from a focus on the insurgency and guerilla warfare to the shift in what a communist society has to deal with in deviants.' You'll be seeing more of Shas'la Bali later.

>> No.11934322

Oh god, it'll be the ministry of love from 1984 all over again.

>> No.11934336

Oh, ye gods, no.

I'd never do that to you people. Even I wouldn't make the Tau THAT grimdark.

>> No.11934347

Yeah, you wouldn't.

You'd make them WORSE.

>> No.11934366

Tau rehabilitation methods would most resemble the Soviet ones, I think. Less 'Miniluv' and more 'Go work in the Gulag now for twenty years, you will have no contact with the outside world'.

>> No.11934411

I also liked the fact that OP kind of slipped some advice in there for people who know military guys - Don't fucking ask them what they do when they kill people. They don't wanna talk about it. This had a bit more of a Fire Caste bent, but it makes a lot of sense when you add in the normal human 'guilt' factor for our own guys.

Good on ya, OP.

>> No.11934436
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Thank god, thank you writefag.

I'm still hoping for, if not noblebright, then at least normalgrey ending for our characters

>> No.11934467

This story has, thus far, made it very clear that the ending will not be noblebright. If OP pulls that, I will be pleasantly surprised.

Normalgrey is probably what he's going for.

>> No.11934500

What, you think it's almost over?

They'll be planetside for a few weeks, people, and it's only been three days.

This story's not over by a longshot.

>> No.11934518
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>> No.11934531


>> No.11934558
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Will there be Metal Bawkses or KAYOSS later, OP?

Please say yes.

>> No.11934574

He's already involved the orks- involving kayoss or metal bawkses at this point would be pushing things.

>> No.11934580

Will you people stop askin' me that? No spoilers! Most I can give you is the opportunity to vote on the next chapter!

>Sentinels and a fight with human soldiers
>Water Caste and Earth Caste relief workers in action
>Storytime with a Pathfinder sniper team leader who participated in the initial invasion of Suth III
>Interlude from the POV of a Gue'Vesa Soldier

>> No.11934716

Relief action

>> No.11934808

You keep forgetting to put 'Commissar Shas'ui executes Fire Warriors for deviancy.'

Deviancy = Tau HERESY

>> No.11934876


Your poll seems to be missing the option of "A pair of female fire warriors are stranded from the rest of their squad in a cold climate, and must maintain their body temperatures by snuggling. With sexy results."

>> No.11934906

Either storytiem or civvie taus.

>> No.11934937

I want some sentinel action my self

>> No.11934940

OP, I hope you're saving all of these.

When they're done put them all up in one place like Fanfiction.net or something.

>> No.11934948

Fuck fanfiction.net

Get this on 1d4chan. It's back up and running.

>> No.11934970

Of course I'm saving it. It'd be stupid of me not to.

Might consider Fanfiction.net, but if you guys want, you can put it on 1d4chan. Prolly too busy to put it up myself, and I don't usually like to toot my own horn.

>> No.11934989

Water and Earth caste relief action-
they should be all like 'wtf are you doing?' when they find out that Matik is Earth Caste

>> No.11935085


>> No.11935216

Anyways, fans, I'm out. Got an appointment.

Keep the thread bumped. Fapfic writefags, you have full clearance to do fuck-all to keep the thread going.

Because I know you're gonna do it anyways.

>> No.11935276

When you say "fapfic writefags", you mean "fapfic writefag".

I want to see someone else write one, damn it!

>> No.11936490


Well, while he's gone, I'm not opposed to tau girls weeing on each other

>> No.11936679

And, I'm back.

Wow! Nobody wrote anything! At all!

This is either very good, or just weird.

Anyways, let's get some more votes in, people. I'll start writing when I hit five votes total, since I rarely get any more than that.

>> No.11936697


Rh'An started to take deep, even breaths. She placed her hands on her thighs, stooping over, wiggling her butt from side to side a few times.

Cha'Lo was practically dying from the suspense.

"I can't do it," said Rh'An.
"Just try to relax. Think of a waterfall, or something."
"Okay, okay. Give me a second."

Cha'Lo stared at the girl's perineum. There was a moment of stillness, and then the first warm, golden droplets started to splash against her face.

Someone else can carry this on, I'm so not writing this.

>> No.11936731

Spoke too soon.

>> No.11936761


That was almost as good a bit of timing as the anon who posted the reactionimage that you were never coming back

and then you came back

do you remember that time OP

The time that we said you weren't coming back and then you did

that was pretty baller

>> No.11936803

I know, my timing is impeccable.

>> No.11937051
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You mean this face?

>> No.11937137

OK! I get it! Sometimes I'm a little slow in getting back! I'm sorry! I've let you down in the past, but I've changed, I tells ya!

>> No.11937444

Voting in favor of civvie Tau

And I swear, OP, if you pull something...

>> No.11937485

Like what? No way he'd just...kill off...the Tau civilians.....


>> No.11937826

In favor of Pathfinder storytime

Also bump

>> No.11938273

If enough people vote quickly enough, I'll be able to write the next chapter today and post it.

Just FYI.

>> No.11938696


Tau civies plox

>> No.11938971

Eh, that's good. Alright, Tau civvies it is.

Writing chapter now, keep yourselves occupied.

>> No.11939419


Where's our Tau fix, OP?

>> No.11939850


Come back OP D:

>> No.11939885

can i get me some links to the previous chapters?

>> No.11940074

Some fa/tg/uy posted a link to the archive earlier.

OP's work in the last thread's not spectacular, but it gets better

>> No.11940623

OP, here. Finally done. Will begin posting shortly.

>> No.11940638

Suth III, Suth star system
Planetary Surface, Capital City: 'Morley's Claim'
Tau Space, Third Sphere
0900 Hours, Local Time
Year 998, M41
Day 4 of filming

Matik hadn't slept at all the previous night. He was too busy thinking about what Shas'la Bali had said the previous evening during the 'anonymous' interview. It made him question a lot of things about the Empire, and the Greater Good. The usual early-morning patrol cleared his head, however, and soon enough he was back to his old self. During the patrol, the Shas'ui mentioned they were going to head over to a construction site for the day, and guard the crew against potential insurgent attacks.

"They like hitting our civilian Caste members when we're away. It weakens our relief efforts, and our influence on the city. Cowards, all of them." The Shas'ui explained to the reporters as they walked down the city streets. Shas'la Bali in particular was careful to watch for tripwires as they marched. "The Water Caste distributes food, and the Earth Caste has begun rebuilding some of the structures that were wrecked by the fighting."

Matik nodded as he walked with the Shas'ui. He seemed to be in a lighter mood than usual today. Hopefully, death threats would be kept to a minimum. "How often do insurgents attack the civilian Castes here?" The Shas'ui grunted in frustration. "According to reports from the Vior'la Cadre, it used to happen almost twice a day, but lately it's died down. We're not certain why. Possibly because we arrived from T'au."

>> No.11940652

The other Hunter Cadre on Suth III was from Vior'la. Ui'Muil's Cadre was from T'au. The Vior'la were especially frustrated by the insurgency as a whole, after taking the world by themselves, and grew more frustrated by having the glory of the conquest taken from them by calling in support from T'au. This was the primary source of the rumored discontent between the two Shas'o's, among other things.

La'Natel had mentioned it, but upon checking the footage after the Shas'ui had confiscated it for interviewing a human, Matik and Mark had discovered that the interview with the humans was not the only thing that was deleted - Certain parts of Shas'la Natel's interview were gone as well. They had purposefully neglected to ask the Shas'ui why.

They finally began approaching the construction site. A Kroot mercenary pack and, much to the chagrin of the T'au Fire Warrior squad, a squad of Fire Warriors from the Vior'la Cadre were awaiting relief. The Vior'la Shas'ui approached Ui'Muil. "Took you long enough to get here." Ui'Muil remained silent for a moment before speaking. "Will the Kroot stay with us?"

The Vior'la Shas'ui shook his head. "No, they are being reassigned to a hunting mission, supporting a Pathfinder squad. There were reports of possible insurgent activity on the other side of the city." Ui'Muil nodded in understanding. "Very well, we will take it from here." One of the Vior'la Shas'la muttered to himself, before being elbowed in the stomach by his Shas'ui. The Vior'la warriors left, heading back to the base on foot, and the Kroot began to leave in the other direction.

>> No.11940664

The construction site had a small crew of Earth Caste Tau and assorted work-drones swarming all over a ruined two-story building, repairing various damages. The structure as whole still looked like a mess, despite the obvious amount of work that had been put into it. "We should interview a few of the workers, while we're here. Maybe the Fio'Vre." Mark approached the overseer, calling over to him to get his attention. "Excuse me, Fio'Vre, we would like an interview with you for our documentary."

The Fio'Vre turned to look at the two before turning to stare at Matik in particular. "You look a little...short, to be a Pathfinder." Matik rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Yeah, I'm Earth Caste. The Pathfinder armor's just to keep me from getting killed." The Fio'Vre seemed taken aback by this. "A member of the Earth Caste in charge of filming a documentary? Are they completely abandoning the way things are done back on T'au?" This, of course, brought forth some unpleasant thoughts related to the La'Bali interview for Matik. He decided to change the subject, quickly.

"So, uh, what are you constructing here?" The Fio'Vre looked at him oddly for a moment, before turning back to the building. "This was a human residence before the invasion. We're turning it back into one. As you can see, the second floor has COMPLETELY caved in, and ruined the first floor, so we've had to start clearing a few things out to begin repairs. The wall on the entire eastern side of the second floor was annihilated by a Vior'la Hammerhead's railgun. Stray shot, they said.

>> No.11940671

"Most of the walls on the eastern end of the ground floor were also devastated, by what appeared to be missiles from Skyrays. We found some bodies over by that area. Imperial Stormtroopers, they said." Mark tapped him on the shoulder. "Uh, 'they', sir?" The Fio'Vre nodded in response. "We had a squad of Fire Warriors with us at the time when we first came out here. They identified the bodies as Stormtroopers, on account of the armor and weapons. I don't really know all that much about it. Not important."

The rest of the interview went swimmingly, with various structural details pointed out and glossed over, before the Fire Warriors' relief came in the form of a pair of Broadside Battlesuits, and a Devilfish with two more Fire Warrior squads. Ui'Muil's squad were told to board the Devilfish for their next assignment.

"Guard duty for a bunch of Water Caste relief workers. Public relations, essentially. Handing out a few candy bars to children. We're just supposed to make sure they don't get shot." La'Natel explained it to the reporters as they rode to the location this 'public relations' action would be conducted. They arrived quickly enough, and disembarked without incident.

The Water Caste relief workers arrived at almost the same time, well-dressed and with several boxes in each in their hands. Each of the boxes had 'Relief Rations' stamped on the side. Some of the adults held their children back from approaching the Water Caste Tau, but others sent their children ahead, despite dirty looks from their peers.

>> No.11940678

Matik and Mark were quick to get in close to the small crowd of kids grabbing candy bars, and Matik would've been lying to himself had he said the sight didn't cheer him up a little. This was what the Tau Empire was all about. After such a short time in a warzone, it was hard to remember the better things about the Tau and the Greater Good.

Noticeably, a few of the human adults began to leave. One of the women appeared to be openly weeping. "Hey, why are they leaving? They just sent their kids ahead to collect candy bars. I wonder what's up." Matik just shrugged, and took some notes on the children instead. Most of them appeared to be in good health, despite living conditions, no doubt thanks to the Water Caste's efforts.

Mark got a close-up of a small human girl. One of the Water Caste Tau kneeled to give her a chocolate bar. She seemed to be holding something behind her back. "Well, hello, little girl! Do you have something for me?" She shook her head, and there was a 'click' and a dull thud behind her, at her feet. The Water Caste Tau immediately backed away, then began to run.

"Grenade! GRENADE!"

>> No.11940685

A loud explosion ripped through the small crowd of children, killing the young girl and several of her friends instantly. Mark was knocked off his feet, and Matik was sent flying, landing on a nearby pile of rubble, letting out a brief shout of pain as he landed. Some of the Fire Warriors raised their rifles, but there was nothing threatening to shoot. The rest of the children ran in multiple directions, screaming at the top of their lungs.

"Back in the Devilfish! Back in the Devilfish, cover the relief workers! We're about to get hit!" Almost as if in response, there was brief series of automatic gunshots off in the distance, but no sign of a muzzle flash or incoming bullets. It sounded like an Imperial Autogun. La'Natel was the first to speak. "That wasn't incoming..." Several more gunshots followed, impacting on the Devilfish as the attacker missed, narrowly missing the Shas'la's head. "OK, THAT was incoming!"

The transport that had been carrying the Water Caste Tau was already on the move, and the Fire Warriors piled into the Devilfish, hoping to catch up. Matik was still stunned from being thrown by the grenade, but was pulled to his feet by Mark. "Come on! Into the Devilfish, let's go!" Matik was practically pulled inside by the Shas'ui as the transport began moving.

>> No.11940688

Thankfully, no further attacks occurred on the way back to the base near the former Governor's palace, but Matik was absolutely shocked as he came to the realization that the Gue'la would resort to ANY means to retake their world. They were willing to arm their own children and send them off as suicide bombers, simply to kill a few relief workers. And the tactic hadn't even worked!

Matik almost passed out in the Devilfish. Between the interview with Shas'la Bali yesterday, being thrown into a pile of rubble by a grenade, and realizing how desperate the insurgents were, he couldn't take it anymore.

His first task upon reaching the base would be to find an appropriate source of intoxication.

End of Chapter 9

>> No.11940699

>Greater Good
>prioritizing the needs of the many over the needs of the few

you are now aware that the Tau are facists

>> No.11940726
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>"Well, hello, little girl! Do you have something for me?" She shook her head, and there was a 'click' and a dull thud behind her, at her feet. The Water Caste Tau immediately backed away, then began to run. "Grenade! GRENADE!"

OP, you sick fuck. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. I knew this would happen!

>> No.11940799
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>My face when little girl dropped grenade

Dammit, OP, that was NOT COOL

>> No.11940833

Am I the only one grimly fascinated by that part?

>> No.11940847

I was expecting a lighthearted chapter to chill off after the last two, which had some thought-provoking questions and Orky action.

OP threw us a curve ball.

>> No.11940866

People always say they're commies, but actually, you're right - the Tau are much closer to a theoretical fascist state.

>> No.11940911
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>> No.11940920
File: 13 KB, 209x168, trollface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

<---- This is probably OP's face right now

>> No.11940929

OP, the Tau are BASED on 1984. Their helmets are British CCTV cameras. Remind me why there would be no Miniluv?

>> No.11940932

What was the point of that?

A single frag grenade would probably only just dent up tau armor.

>> No.11940953

There WASN'T a point! That's the point!

OP's probably got some excuse, but damned if it's not gonna be really good, or really retarded

>> No.11940964

ERROR! The firewarrior's left hand is showing and then his shadow is holding a rifle in his left hand.

>> No.11940987

>points out error in the positioning of the Fire Warrior's rifle

>> No.11941025

The point was to kill the relief workers, who probably weren't in armor.

>> No.11941034

In Africa, they've got cokehead cannibalistic rape-ganging child soldiers.

Grenades are designed so even a stupid yokel can use them, and the behavior's not a stretch - not in OUR world, and certainly not in the GRIMDARK BANNERSPIKESKULL world of 40k.

>> No.11941037

I am really liking this. It's grimdork enough to be 40k, yet reasonable enough to be actually believable.

Also goddamn, WHY? Not the little girl!

>> No.11941060

The really sad thing about that particular grenade trick was, that's how some Vietcong dealt with US soldiers in Vietnam - Sent their kids up to collect candy bars with grenades behind their backs. Heard that from a veteran who fought there.

>> No.11941108
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Fucking Savages!

>> No.11941113

OP, your ability to shock us with believable grimdarkness is staggering.

Now politely give us something LIGHTHEARTED, YOU FUCKER

I need some noblebright to balance out the sudden intake of grimdark.

>> No.11941120

They sent their fucking KIDS?


>> No.11941130


Bonus to their AC for small size

>> No.11941131

Too afraid to do it themselves. Kids were dirt there anyway, they couldnt work and eat more of the families food.
So yes, savages.

>> No.11941143

I lol'd.

Am I a horrible person?

>> No.11941158

Because I can see several people that'd piss and moan about it?

>> No.11941172

The soldiers trusted the children, and would let them get close enough.

Mind you, this wasn't a universal thing the resistance did, but one of those remarkable things that emerge in war. In the third world in particular, human life - including child life - is much cheaper than we in the second and first pretend.

>> No.11941215

This is true. The Vietcong didn't use this as a constant, universal tactic. One or two cells did it only a couple of times, tops. The vet I talked to about it only saw the tactic used once.

>> No.11941274

Irregardless, OP, you are a master of holy shit moments.

Watching this story now.

>> No.11941289


>> No.11941305


Awwwwww, how cute!

>> No.11941353

Anyways, despite the sudden grimdark, I promise, I will make it up to you, people.

The next vote will involve no options that could POSSIBLY be made Grimdark.

Just...lemme think of a few that you people might not go for on account of them possibly being a trap.

>> No.11941577

Alright, so, options for the next chapter:

>Gue'Vesa interlude
>Storytime with a Vior'la sniper
>Interview with Shas'la Natel
>Interview with the T'au Shas'O

>> No.11941646

T'au Shas'o interview

>> No.11941711

T'au Shas'o. Definitely. Let's see Mark smack-talk the big guy.

>> No.11941805

I need a break from the main story. Time for another interlude, for me.

>> No.11941832

Shas'o interview

>> No.11941851

Come look at the Tau conversion for Dark Heresy- any opinions, recommendations, or criticisms are welcome, no matter how stupid.

Plus OP is posting there- don't you want to be cool like OP?

>> No.11941941

interesting thought about imperial resistance. The really dangerous part of the various insurgencies for actively armored troops has been the level of technical proficiency and ingenuity involved in some of the attacks.

In 2004, once Iraqi forces as a fighting army were done for a typical IED attack was old ordinance wired with a simple fuse or some det-cord. 2009 IED attacks could take a myriad number of forms and shaped charges are not as uncommon as one might hope.

How does an imperial citizen fight back, against a highly technically advanced force, with the means to shut down your by-the-book-only weapon production and dogmatic avoidance of technical experimentation.

>> No.11942006

bumping for OP

>> No.11942034

Prometheum explosives were featured in an earlier chapter. Basic firebomb, killed a Shas'la.

OP might be away. I vote in favor of the Shas'o interview

>> No.11942144


true, they have weapons, but is there a single thing that the humans could bring to bear that could shut down a single devilfish? Or a even battlesuit , the pilot of which is made mechanically stronger than a space marine and just as tough?

The only way to effectively fight the oppressor is to take and use their equipment as it soon becomes all that is available without some form of smuggling going on. I imagine that a society capable of space flight has figured out radar on par if not orders of magnitude better than ours, and can control their airspace to prevent such activities.

>> No.11942151

Hey, folks, the writefag can't come to the keyboard right now, but, I'm here. The writefag has said he'll get on the next chapter in the morning, as he's all writefagged out today. Two decent chapters is kind of big for him to pump out in one day.

ALSO, I am going to slip you guys some spoilers. Those of you who are not interested, please, say no.

First seven posts will decide! Y/N, reply NOW!

>> No.11942252


No spoilers

>> No.11942420


>> No.11942425


>> No.11942461

no spoilers plz

>> No.11942512

You're seriously offering spoilers?


>> No.11942539

no spoilers please

>> No.11942545


Also, has anybody archived this?

>> No.11942570

no spoilers vote

>> No.11942576

Oh, HELL no.

He did not just try that.

OK, people, thanks for your support today, keep the thread bumped. I've got to go fuck up my proofreader, and then sleep so that I can produce tomorrow's chapter.

>> No.11942625


Never fear TOTW we shall be ever vigilant and keep the thread bumped

>> No.11942654
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>> No.11942691

Is this a problem for you?

>> No.11942799


>> No.11944511

bump agin

>> No.11944617

You know, you could just archive it.

>> No.11947633
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My face when child suicide bombers.
Bumping for awesome.

>press nabalved
Well captcha, if nabalved means depressed id say they are about now

>> No.11947652
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It isn't particularly well-written, and it attracts DISHEVELED TAU SYMPATHIZERS, like that Iron Lung moron. DESPISE THEM!

>> No.11947740

Sorry, I can't hear you over how not part of your parasitic, ignorant dogma I am.
But rock on, Mon'keigh, rock on. =D

>> No.11948005

There is no such thing as an honest alien breed, but the tau are more dishonourable than any other. Most of the aliens cowed by the Imperial Guard are obvious and predictable in their methods of warfare and we have learnt to take advantage of their weaknesses: orks are stupid, brittle boned and feeble; eldar are cowardly, cynical and sport archaic and ineffective weaponry, tyranids are mindless, half blind and confused by sudden movements.

The tau are an altogether more insidious foe. Their preferred invasion method is not honest warfare. They send diplomats and negotiators to vulnerable planets to drip honey-drenched words into the willing ears of their victims. Millions have rejected the Imperial Creed in response to this underhand behaviour.

It is probable that you will be subjected to tau propaganda (the method of controlling the populace by lying and distorting the truth; something the Imperium would never stoop to). This could take various forms: radio broadcasts, vox-com messages, graffiti, leaflets or bill posters. REMEMBER: THE TAU LIE AND HAVE NO WORDS FOR "HONOUR" AND "TRUTH".

>> No.11948041
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Oh this, I approve.
Well done.
Commando chick rewarded.

>> No.11948068


The tau have evolved quickly, leading to huge deficits and weaknesses in their physiology. Use these facts to your advantage and you will prevail:
Tau have hollow bones. Their limbs will break easily under little applied pressure.
Tau are frightened by fire.
Tau are frightened by water.
Tau are frightened by thunder.
Xenos experts have discovered that tau are descended from bovine herbivores. Thus they are not predators and fighting is unnatural to them.
Tau have udders, short tails above the base of the spine, and they excrete enormous amounts of methane gas, especially when stressed.
They chew cud for approximately four hours a day. When involved in this disgusting habit their metabolism and reflexes slow down, making them very vulnerable to attack.
Tau are herd creatures that panic easily. Their usual response to stressful situations is to either wail and lie down on the ground with their hands over their heads, or run around in circles hoping to confuse their aggressor.
In battle, the tau are disorganized and cowardly. They fight from distance and their poor aim makes this tactic ineffective.
To compensate for their poor eyesight, they have developed acute hearing. Their eardrums are so sensitive that if you make a loud enough noise (for example, by shouting The Litany of Death) it causes deafness and immediate confusion.
The tau are naturally hairless. They find hirsute people unnerving.

>> No.11948135


To be shouted when fighting the xenos blight:
Light of the Emperor,
Shine from my eyes,
Ensure the alien surely dies.

To be shouted when fighting the tau:
Emperor lend me strength,
And instill in me hatred,
Enough to vanquish the tau usurpers.

May my flesh, blood and bones stay pure,
May my holy aura repel the unclean,
And may I stay true to the Imperial Creed.

To be whispered whenever you look out from the galactic edge:
Mighty Emperor and wielder of Light,
Guide and protect this poor mortal,
From the everlasting void beyond the stars.

>> No.11948180


>The tau have evolved quickly, leading to huge deficits and weaknesses in their physiology. Use these facts to your advantage and you will prevail:
Right. Lets see

>They chew cud for approximately four hours a day. When involved in this disgusting habit their metabolism and reflexes slow down, making them very vulnerable to attack.
>Tau are herd creatures that panic easily. Their usual response to stressful situations is to either wail and lie down on the ground with their hands over their heads, or run around in circles hoping to confuse their aggressor.
>In battle, the tau are disorganized and cowardly. They fight from distance and their poor aim makes this tactic ineffective.
Inform the men that taking cover from Tau range fire will be punished as cowardice!

>To compensate for their poor eyesight, they have developed acute hearing. Their eardrums are so sensitive that if you make a loud enough noise (for example, by shouting The Litany of Death) it causes deafness and immediate confusion.
Begin shouting The Litany of Death VERY LOUDLY!!

>The tau are naturally hairless. They find hirsute people unnerving.
Discard your chest armour so that the Xenos may witness your hairy chests

Imagine if you were the Tau commander attacked by hordes of naked Guardsmens SHOUTING VERY LOUDLY with complete disregard for Tau firepower.

You could almost feel the Gue'Vesa facepalm.

>> No.11948211

You SHOULD NOT discard your chest armour. If necessary I will fetch my Munitorum Manual to find exactly why you will be shot, but shot you will be.

In addition:

Most Fire Warriors carry a cumbersome projectile weapon called a pulse rifle. Like most tau technology, it is of outlandish design and prone to malfunction. They are noisy and produce a brightly flared pulse of concentrated ion. FEAR NOT! YOUR BODY ARMOUR WILL PROTECT YOU. Only prolonged, sustained barrages are capable of killing a strong, armoured human.

>> No.11949139

Awesome, thanks for keeping the thread bumped while I was away. Would've been back earlier, but for some reason, I slept for thirteen hours straight. Good thing it's my day off.

Alright, so, working on the next chapter now.

As for you, good sir, I want it to be known that claims of my writing being sub-par are well-known to me, and I acknowledge this.

But, a lot of the readers seem to like it, so I'm gonna keep going. Feel free to disembark right here, not my problem. Won't hold it against ya.

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I think a chapter about Matik getting wasted as hinted at the end of the last one (nice job on that one btw) could be pretty fun and lighthearted

>> No.11950164

Suth III, Suth star system
Planetary Surface, Capital City: 'Morley's Claim'
Tau Space, Third Sphere
1400 Hours, Local Time
Year 998, M41
Day 4 of filming

Mark was looking for Matik for the better part of an hour. He was eventually found in the camp's recreation tent. The state he was found in was quite possibly the greatest example of a Tau being drunk that Mark had ever seen.

Matik was raving half-incoherently, standing on a table in a corner with his helmet and body armor off and piled on the table next to him. A pile of cups were sloppily stacked on top of one another, showing just how many cups of Ky'husa he'd drunk in the short time he'd been away from Mark.

The pile was huge, and growing larger by the moment. Matik sloppily dumped another cup into his mouth, most of it missing and splashing across his face. Matik was getting a lot of attention from the assembled Fire Warriors and Water Caste entertainers, whom were busy playing some music for their patrons.

"Thish whole war is jusht awful! Jusht AWFUL!" Matik had taken it upon himself to start screaming at the Fire Warriors in the tent. "Thuh humans don't know jusht how good they're gettin' it!" His screams drifted off into incoherent ramblings once again as he demanded another cup of Ky'husa from the Earth Caste waiter. The waiter just walked over and shook his head. "Sir, you've had enough. I will have to ask you to leave."

"Pish off! I'll get it myshelf!" Matik promptly tried to get the Ky'husa from the bar himself, only to trip over his own two feet, and fall off the table. The resulting impact knocked him unconcious. Some of the civilian Tau winced, while some Shas'la from the Vior'la Cadre walked over, laughing at Matik's misfortune, and started to haul him away. "Someone grab his armor, we'll take the paperboy back to his tent."

>> No.11950197

Mark moved to help, before being approached by the Shas'ui Muil. "Human! The Shas'o has ordered you report to him. He wants to be interviewed. Do not keep him waiting. Where is your friend?" He looked around the recreation tent, and saw Matik being dragged away from the tent by the Vior'la warriors. Turning back to Mark, he coughed nervously. "Forget I asked."

Mark had a few minutes to grab Matik's notepad and the camera, and wrote a few questions to ask the Shas'o on the way. He headed for the largest tent in the camp. Upon arriving at the Shas'o's tent, he discovered it to be full of various pieces of communications equipment, and a holographic display of the city's different sectors, showing the locations where insurgents had attacked, and to what severity.

"Hello, human. I am sorry to hear your friend couldn't come for the interview." Behind a large desk, the Shas'o sat wearing some basic body armor. According to what he'd heard, normally the Shas'o wore an XV22 Battlesuit, but he had apparently chosen to be a little less intimidating for this interview.

"It's alright, Shas'o. I've got everything I need, but I'll need to set up the camera. Give me just a moment." He chose to set the camera down on the desk, at an appropriate distance to allow them both into the shot. After that was done, he sat down on one side of the Shas'o's desk, while the Shas'o stayed seated on the other side.

>> No.11950206

"Shas'o, if you could state your full name, for the purposes of this interview." Mark motioned for the Shas'o to speak. "Shas'o T'au Eff'yu Mont'yr." Mark noticed something about the Shas'o's name, and raised a hand to pause him for a moment. "That was a joke, right?"

The Shas'o laughed a little. "Good ears, human. Yes, my real name is actually Shas'o T'au Fuk'yu Mont-"

"Stop, stop, stop. If you're not going to take this seriously, I'm out of here." Mark reached for the camera, shutting off the record function, and standing to leave. "Just my luck. The psycho's boss is a joker." The Shas'o reached across the desk to grab him by the arm. "Sit down, human! You are far too uptight to just be a reporter."

Mark sighed, and set the camera down. "Alright, this time for real." He set the camera to record once again. "Shas'o, your name?" The Shas'o cleared his throat, and spoke once again. "Shas'o T'au Shovah. No relation to the infamous Commander Farsight, I promise you." Mark nods, and looked down to his notepad. The few questions he had a chance to write would have to suffice.

"O'Shovah, your force was called in to support the Vior'la units that had taken the planet. There have been rumors of discontent between your two forces. Is there any truth to these rumors?" The Shas'o shook his head in response. "Absolutely not. The Fire Caste is united in this warzone. To be divided anywhere in the Tau Empire is cause for concern, and here, there is none."

>> No.11950221

Mark knew from that moment on that the Shas'o was going to be completely untruthful. "Shas'o, the insurgency has been reported to be using improvised explosive devices, autoguns, and grenades. Have we discovered where they are getting supplies from?"

The Shas'o shook his head. "We have Stealth Suit and Pathfinder operatives on the case, but, thus far, no conclusive discoveries have been made. These insurgents are masterful at feints and ambushes, and covering their tracks. I would not mind having some of their number in my Cadre as Gue'Vesa auxiliaries. If we can convince them to see the Greater Good, I would be very pleased."

Mark was being sure to write this all down. Matik would want to see both the notes, and the footage. "I see. Shas'o, there has been multiple reported fatalities in just the last four days since your unit landed. Your thoughts on this?" The Shas'o remained noticeably silent for a moment, before his face became, almost carefully, emotionless. "Fatalities have been at a minimum. I'm certain there is no cause for concern."

Mark realized he was starting to step on certain toes. "Shas'o, I believe that is sufficient for our documentary. I'll be taking my leave." He shut off the camera, and stood to leave. The Shas'o nodded. "Off with you, then, human. I have some work to take care of." Mark idly wondered what that would be, as he headed back to the tent.

He'd be getting an earful from Matik for doing the interview without him.

End of Chapter 10

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>"Just my luck. The psycho's boss is a joker."
>The psycho's boss is a joker
>boss is a joker
>a joker


>> No.11950455

Pleasant change of pace, OP

>> No.11950544

LOVE how the Shas'o was trolling Mark at the start

>> No.11950680

Too short


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Alright, new thread!

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