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Larp Thread

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So very very sad

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who would be able to concentrate enough to roleplay dressed like that in that cold

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in during a total lack of boffers.

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latex is the way to go

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Fuck all these Bitches...
Let there be ORKS!!

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Any latex workers on here that could give a newbie tips? What are the bare basics for crafting latex prosthetics/weapons? Local groups need a supplier.

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Why does europe have all the cool fucking LARPS?

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We are all to busy being fat :(

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they take public transit and spend all that gas, insurance, registration and car money on costumes.

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maybe they have both decent public transit and some education and they know that unless that it is truly necessary, having a car will just lower the quality of life in their city. I don't expect you to understand this if you're murikkan.

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Americans do quite a bit of Larping, they just call it Airsoft and Civil War Re-enactment. When you don't have huge damn castles and the remnants of the classical dark ages dotting your countryside, there's less of an inclination towards fantasy stuff.

A good airsoft gun can put you back as much as some of these entire costumes, incidentally. Got a friend who makes costumes professionally (heh, charging Furries 700 dollars for something she built for about 80 dollars worth of craft store clearance sale) and has made some very slick stuff, and it still costs far, far less then a metal-body high-spec airsoft gun. By a wiiiide margin.

My point is that eurotrash and Amerikkka trolling aside, both sides of the pond can put on some ridiculously complex LARP type stuff.

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Airsoft is Japanese
I assure you we have more fantasy Larps in the US than Airsoft teams.

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Holy Goblins.

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You know, for all the flack that hobby gets, some of the best stuff I've ever seen came out of it.
I knew a group of guys who had built two roofed wooden building facades in a field out of plywood, and had week-long Mafia-themed airsoft fights between them. They called it "Going to the Mattresses."
Downside, the airsoft Tommyguns were really, really strong, and nobody wore as much protection as they should have to keep with the theme. Eye-protection mandatory of course, bitchin' tinted goggles and all that.

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A lot of very impressive stuff in that thread, anyway.
Moar please!

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May be a regional thing. In my area, there's 4 or 5 places that do airsoft and paintball in large engagement style action, and maybe one that does large scale LARPing.

Faggots playing Vampire: The Masquerade by running around in stuff from Hot Topic and contacts from a halloween store in public places not with standing. Seriously, had one go down in a damn Wendies. Like, one of the "prey" humans was sitting down to a sandwich and 3 of these idiots came in fully dressed and smacked his meal out from in front of him, with NO explination to any employees or people in the store, and the Prey human shouted "Die, Monster!" and took out a boffer stake and 'killed' like, 2 of them before the third shouted some stupid shit about mesmerizing him. Then the manager came out and asked them what the fuck they thought they were doing and threatened to call the cops, and all four ran off. Was fucking retarded.

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I have one of the Tokyo Marui metal-replica electric airsoft Tommy Guns, the one that comes with the WW2 style magazines, and that thing hits like a mother fucking truck. Its rated to something crazy like 420 fps, and stings like a mother fucker if it hits unprotected skin.

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TM doesn't make the M1 in metal body
that would be an after market upgrade.
If people want I will do airsoft after larp.

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They did when I got it.


This one, right here. I got it 6 years ago though.

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the receiver not the body but I get the confusion
I always got TM for my electrics,
gas I used Maruzen for shotty
WA,Marusin and TM for pistols
And Tanaka Works for my 700fps pre restriction Sniper rifle.

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Out of curiosity, who makes that kind of stuff? Any source?

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The Sigmar of disapproval is staring at you.

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Ah. I'll bow to your superior knowledge then. I am just a dabbler, I had some tax return money at the time and a couple of friends were getting airsoft guns, so I figured what the hell, I'll grab one too. I'm pretty casual with it and truth be told, the thing spends the vast majority of its life being a decoration piece next to a couple of swords from the local ren-faire I liked the looks of.

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not sure on the specifics but if you seach Latex Larp weapons you get a lot of good links

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pic related
meh not like it really matters, I know nitpicky stuff from livesteel.

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I think this needs to be mentioned.

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How does one find a group like this?

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trips!..interesting fiction but total bullshit.

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Google (state/county/country) + Larp and start looking at websites.
most US larps are boffer but most of them will let you use latex if you are safe about it.

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>diamond sword from Tribes 2


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How do larp bows work exactly? I mean even if you use the weakest draw weight you can find, and stick a big chunk of padding at the end of an arrow... that still seems dangerous as all hell.

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they have 30 pound pull bows..if you don't full draw every shot and only use minimum force to score a successful hit, you will be cool

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Man, these guys went all out! I can't believe how awesome these costumes look. It must have got them thousands. I'd love to have one just to have it, keep it up as a display somewhere like Batman's disturbing collection of dead partners' costumes.

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Great video from a helmet mounted camera showing Larp archery in a battle

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if it is gonna be your main weekend hobby you focus on it and build up a bit at a time.
I am sure there are some Larp stores/FLGS that stock some larp gear but you could not just walk into a store and buy one of these off a rack.

pic related, costumes in progress

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us larp
pic related
not as glitzy but just as fun.

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cool, that was about how I was thinking you'd make the arrow, but I was worried that the floppiness would make it fly even worse than one of those old nerf arrows. Not bad.

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okay so you see wizards, barbarians, fighters, paladins, clerics, rogues, rangers, hell even a couple artificers.

why no monks? it's an easy-ass costume: shave your head and wear some simple robes and you don't even need a weapon! not that there's any shortage, there's quarterstaves, nunchucks, maybe some throwing stars.

i guess it wouldn't look great unless the larper in question knew some martial arts...

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I did it about 5 years back. I had the full outfit ready to go because I've got about a decade of 3/4 assed kung fu training. It just didn't fit in and didn't work in the 'setting.' I ditched it pretty quick.

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That one's from the film "Tin man", not a LARP.

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Much, MUCH better supply system and available places to play.

By comparison, the USA's games are often a single step up the "civilization" chart from boffer-fighting games that are not much more than sword tag.

If Europe is the Renaissance, we're the fricking Irish barbarians by comparison. Still, as a collective whole we're JUST starting to drag our asses out of the Dark Ages over here. Pic related, as we DO have some games that have higher costuming standards than the average, like Knight Realms.

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BG larper here. We lack the ca$h to buy gear and make everything ourselves, but still try our best. I learned how to make chainmail, how to handle wood, leather, cloth and turn them into something above the "passable" grade. Making my first steps into blacksmithing right now.

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Quite simply, most games aren't full-contact for insurance reasons. Not to say there aren't "monks" out there, though- I've seen both the "Friar Tuck" and "kung fu" kinds out there. You're just not going to see them tossing people around the battlefield, because it frequently leads to people being tossed into each other.

Sadly, it's darn near impossible to LARP-safe people as weapons. Especially the ones in that fucking heavy metal armor with the spiky latex bits. Ow. (From experience.)

Some systems have a "fist" system that uses dagger-length weapons (either simple "clubs" or actual "fists on a stick"), or simply have monks that use a variety of weapons that fit the genre (staff, small simple weapons of various kinds).

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The thing about larp weapons is that ANYTHING can be made larp safe as long as it is covered in two inches of foam. Once you've got that down you can end up making goddamn near anything

Pic related: a larp safe person

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Actually, those Nerf arrows can get some wicked nice range- if you use the right launcher for them. The normal air-powered toy ones are shit.

On the other hand, you use ones like this, and those Nerf arrows (the ones they use for stuff like the Nerf bows) will launch further than most engagements I've been in for LARP fights, and are wicked handy indoors since they fly in a flat straight shot.

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(Thanks, Captcha- ate the pic)

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Well problem solved then, golem monk!

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From Equinox, a now-defunct LARP.

These two are from Maelstrom, in the UK.

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I'm going to live in canada for a while, how is the LARP status over there ?

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Certain parts of Canadia look like great spots for LARPing. Nice big grassy areas, lush forests and whatnot. Depends really on where you end up.

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English-speaking part, probably Ontario (I'm going to an uni there, yet to decide which)

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If you get to travel to Quebec, these guys are awesome.


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Ah. Here in Newfoundland I think there are a few small LARP groups. Ontario, on the other hand, I have no idea.

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Last three were from Dumnonni Chronicles LARP.

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These costumes put most fantasy movies to shame, totally kick ass.

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Cause everyone loves em- Drachenfest orc hordes.

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And three for three.

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And a few undead for good measure.

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Fucking Russians. I always knew the undead blight would start there.

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on an related note, I am making chain-mail for my first costume to get into LARPing, but its taking forever, now I knew it would, but I'm worried I'm making the rings too small and in doing so making it too strong and too dense,

The rings are 8-9mm in diameter and made from galvanised steel wire,

If any experienced LARPers could help, I would be muchly pleased.

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>A good airsoft gun can put you back as much as some of these entire costumes, incidentally.
which is a fukken joke when you live in the US or any other country where you could get the real thing for less and take your buddies to the gun range instead.

wood & metal airshit moist nugget: $500+

real moist nugget: $50(milsurp)-$250 (matching serial numbers and/or good condition)

yeah, good job there.

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Speaking of armor...

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You should be fine. 8mm is perfectly acceptable wire for making your chainmail out of if you're using a normal 4-in-1 weave. Should end up looking similar to this guy.

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This is what I'm going for with my next LARP character.
I've strayed far, far from my scots roots, so it'll give me a chance to reconnect - the picture was actually of one of my clansmen, the fightin' MacKays.

Also, it's a chance to play a character type that I've never really done before - the old-fashioned, heroic bumpkin. Like Clark Kent!
The only problem is, I have no idea how to fight with a basket-hilt broadsword.

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Yeah. Mail is the first thing a lot of folks think of when starting LARPing for armor- but I usually point em at what's called a "coat of plates", or brigandine. Pic related, it's a brigandine pattern.

Take a leather piece of clothing that's reasonably thick (hell, even naugahyde will do but cover it with cloth on both sides).

Go to your local hardware store. Ask them where they keep "nail plates"- they're prepunched steel plates. Rivet these to the leather. Use the mail you've gotten put together so far for reinforcement- sleeves, at the neck, that sorta thing. You'll probably want to have a reasonably durable cloth backing as well to keep the plates from rubbing you on the underside of the armor.

It'll serve you very nicely and it's easy to make look good, as well.

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A nice example of the finished product in leather, though heavy cloth works fine, too.

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Not knowing how to do it well only makes the "bumpkin" part more believable.

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I was thinking more "Old-fashioned and amazed by the (slightly more) modern world" than "Actively incompetent", though.

>crusery emancipation
>Free the crusery! No blood for cruseries!

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little touches like painting the spine on his neck from the guy on the far left can really offset not having to spend a ton of money esp. for NPCs

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We actually do have some castles in the US, disregarding most of them as luxury homes. A few were built by governors and some were built as fortifications by the British and French.

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The problem being most of these are treated as national sites, rendering them un-useful for LARPers.

Actually, the next best thing tends to be some Scouting sites here, who do occasionally build forts/castles. But not all of them, sadly.

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Question, I can sing, act and have about 4 years of fencing under my belt. How do bards work in LARPs?

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I can play a Lute and Lyre too.

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Depends on the game, actually. Some games simply treat musical skill as something outside the reach of the game rules- others consider it part of the requirements for certain in-game abilities.

Take LAIRE, for example. One of the PC races (saurians) is capable of being lulled into a dream-like state by good music (and detest bad singers or musicians, who hurt their ears!). It also takes some OOG performing skill to learn the Spellsinging ability.

Plus there's the standard meat and drink of many performers- if you're making people's day, they'll tip. If you're tickling an noble's ear, that might well be eating money for the month in one coin.

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Fencing (or actually almost any kind of classic weapon training) is helpful in LARPs that involve combat with latex or boffer-type weapons. You'll have to adjust your target area somewhat- no face shots, for example - but it's handy. Just remember that you'll frequently be in the middle of a bunch of people fighting at once- and stuff like "lanes" and "approaches" go out the window. But footwork matters.

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Name: Atticus Tremere
Alias: Black Wing
Age: 43
Class: Steam Punk Mercenary
Weapon: No-daichi/ Gun
Lore: When he was a young man he joined the organization Membrane as a mercenary. He killed hundreds of people all in the name of a "just cause." When he started to question the motives of his assassinations he found himself staring at chain gang and was told to execute them; he refused. Membrane removed his sword hand and damaged his eyes so that he must forever wear red goggles. This only fueled the fire of his hatred towards the organization that lied to him about his killings. He found a person (Felix Oswald Ednend) who could replace his hand and lesson the pain on his eyes. Now Atticus lives to destroy Membrane.


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I wrote up a little character piece for my scotsman:

Who am ah?
Ah'm Donal, son o' Angus the smith, son o' Morgan wha fought wi' the Elves, son o' Wallace who were the bane o' the

Norse, son o'Angus who were the butcher o' Caithness, son o' Ian who slew the Ross, son o' James who wuz the true

heir o' the Thane, may my ain arm turn agin me 'fra I bow tae the usurper!
Aye, ah'll tak nae laird, nae master wha owes fealty tae the stolen crown, an' were every sword in every kingdom o'

the world to be raised agin me, still ah wouldnae yeild!
Ah'll die free an true to the hielans, an' curse the name o' Charles while ah do!
Ah'm Donal, o' the TRUE clan MacKay, an' ah'll slay yer beastie or die in the tryin o' it.
Ah do pledge my bond, ye trooser-wearin' southern girl, just tell meh were he is!

>Gosmaiss halfworld
>That's awesome.

>> No.11912958


Ah, deliciously cliched character history! OM NOM NOM, I LOVE CHEESY GOODNESS! :P

>> No.11913020

In my (pre-emptive) defence, Donal's is A: Deliberately pretty cliché, and B: Written in phonetic scotts!

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Name;; Chipasuewa
Aliases;; Lyzz
Species;; Rather Large African Lioness
Age;; 24 years
Height;; 7'2"
Weight;; 237 lbs
Weapon;; Bo staff and dagger/sword

Chipasuewa was born and raised in Africa. Her parents and siblings were murdered when she was a teen. She learned her fighting skills when she was on her own. She finally found a new home to stay. a large pride took her in and made her a huntress for the pride. She became the top hunter and fighter of the pride by the time she was a full grown adult. One night, she heard from one of the pride members talk about "Organization Membrane" apparently Chipasuewa wasnt supposed to know about it, they tried to kill her, but she killed them first. Sadly, she ran away from the pride. Months later she stumbled upon Atticus and decided to stick with him and the others that knew Organization Membrane. Chipasuewa doesnt know much about it, but she will learn as her adventure continues.

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Please stop that.

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A question on this. Couldn't the plates go on the outside of the leather rather than the inside?

>> No.11914120

putting them in the "pockets" is meant to keep everything more intact and stable, also to hide the fact that you are wearing metal armor from the Plate wearing noble jerks that were oppressing you

pic..unrelated but cool

>> No.11914472

Sure. It's just better protected metal under rather than over, but there's plenty of examples of having the plates on the outside.

It's quieter sandwiched between two layers of leather/cloth, too.

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Holy fucking shit, that was awesome.

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Yes, you special special child. LARPs have lightning bolts.

Now go read http://teamdynamite.livejournal.com/47238.html and eat some more paint chips. See? Pic related, it has LIGHTNING BOLT just for you.

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larp vs 40kgrognards
how productive

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Im in Canada, Ontario, outside Toronto,
I've only done it a few times, but there are alot of LARPs around, depending on where you end up, I doubt you'll have a problem finding one.

I played the most at one called "Underworld"
Pretty good, but I thought there were alot of assholes.

>> No.11916069


The best for running around and being a nasty, brutal criminal bastard?


One event in their PA chapter, a group I was running with slapped a couple of law-and-order-types into the Healer's Guild (good ol' Amnesia/Forget-it-Well poisons, a goblin did it. Really...), looted the main shop of everything (it closed), then magically sealed the nobles in their own quarters for the final day of the event. It's not our fault that someone had looted the shop of any potential way of dispelling it and none of their mages was smart enough to have memorized it either...

The worst monsters are player characters that prey on other player characters, as there is no restraint on them other than the rules- and PvPers can be very devious bastards indeed. A NERO group on the West Coast had a bunch of players who got annoyed at how halflings (hoblings) were roleplayed because of their high-pitched falsetto voices.

They proceeded to go murdering every hobling they could get their hands on, simply because they annoyed so much. Over 20 ended up getting ganked.


Actual "monsters" have a leash, held by the staff that can pull you out of the game whenever they feel like it. Player characters have a much easier time of being the terror in the night, if they get it into their heads to do so.

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I want to make a crossbow for LARP, (thinking of trying it again after winter)

Any recomendations on that?

Long or short/1 or 2 handed?

best/quickest fireing mechanism?

(should I start a new thread?)

>> No.11916639


First thing I'd ask- what's it firing? Standard bolts with padded heads, nerf ammo, something else?

>> No.11917085

I've looked into a few options, so it depends on the design thats easiest to make/use.

Most likely I'd like it to fire Bow arrows if possible (to share ammo with normal bow users)

But it might be easier to make custom bolts out of piping and foam if the design is JUST for larp

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Moar pics please

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interesting, please continue

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>> No.11920461

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what is this exactly?

>> No.11920521

We had a cunt who showed up acting like that when we made it clear that our group at the time was street clothes, learn to fight with the couple real martial artists we had, hopefully make something of it eventually.

First match she got in trying to use her retarded boffer claws they broke on the first swing and she got hit in the tits with a halberd. She started crying and screaming that we were persecuting her, and started hissing at us.

There shortly followed a comical display of a foam padded beat down. It looked like every parody of LARP I've ever seen.

>> No.11920548

In Denmark we play Fantasy LARP
Vampire the Masquerade LARP

We have premade wooden houses (made in segments for easy transport) for scenarios requiring that. These are anything from Mark I which is basically a small 2x2 meters house to Mark 7 which is a 2 story 4 x 7 meters house.

We have mideval tents (of the kind you see in TV)

Mideval reinactment (no 1700+ though until you can start counting paintball etc)

And we have awesome monster suits. Pic related, its a 2 meter high Stonegolem suit.

>> No.11920558

even in live steel they use smaller bolts than arrows..you would need to use either nerf or cut down boff arrows, In most cases if the system allows not spell casters to throw things (some don't because they think it underpowers magic missiles, etc) you are better off using the throwing daggers most of the larpers pictured early in the thread have (latex)

>> No.11920590

awesome..funny that your neighbors in finland and sweden can't play airsoft legally.
share some more Denmark Larp with us. It looks great.

>> No.11920635

Its pretty awesome playing that actually. You have to be 18+ to buy the guns and there are several stores which sell them in the bigger cities. It can be hard to find a place where you can play but old factories which are not used anymore at all can be used at times.

Also, if you actually ask permission for it, you can use some of the forests, you can use old building grounds if you ask the company who owns them and there are places specifically designed to play them. They are usually old groupings of industrial housing which are not used anymore so the owners, after being pestered for ages by players, just turned them into areas where you can pay-to-play with your mates or against other teams. There are a few pro teams but not too many. Some of the stores which sell airsoft guns have their own teams.

If you dont mind climbing fences, there is nothing better in the world than lying on the top of a 20 meter high chimney and sniping off the opponents team

>> No.11920642

Also, it does require permission to use said area along with protective eyewear - and most people also use bulletproof vests etc just for the look of it.

"Pro" teams like GunsStore use full swat gear when playing

>> No.11920994

Us teams have an edge when it comes to tac-gear for sure.

>> No.11921381


There's a couple of options, depending on the game.

Some games, you can use a light-pull standard crossbow with the heads removed and a padded foam one mounted in their place, or some areas use "golf tube" construction.



Some games are a little kinder, with bolts that are simple padded heads, like these:


And some use outright foam-only Nerf ammo.

Pic related, bungee-cord nerf crossbow. Surprisingly effective.

>> No.11921393


Was curious- know anyplace that has links to blueprints for those houses? I know a site that can't have buildings left on site, but those would fit the bill nicely.

>> No.11921829

More please.

>> No.11921941

I remember dwarves and awesome warhammer or warhammer 40k too.

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how original

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>> No.11922604


yeah, this is pretty much the types I've had researched already.

>> No.11923151


One option for the more steampunkish/tinker gnomish types is a gas-powered launcher, which works with the nerf-type or golf tube bolts (with a CO2 canister or the like for the golf tube bolts, Nerf ones can use a pump-action instead). Definitely more technological, but your average Nerf mod forum can walk you through it.

I prefer simple brute-force mechanical crossbows, though. More reliable. Seriously though- check with the rules of the game you're going to be playing in. That's gonna determine your options.

Also, Warhammery pic for the image gods.

>> No.11923233


The rules of the larp Im thinking of trying have 2 handed crossbows with more damge, and wouldnt allow a gas-powered one.
However, I did design a Spring loaded one, (a bow is litterally a type of spring, but this is the currly type)
Im not sure if it would be practical or allowed.

>> No.11923251

Were any fa/tg/uys at the Gathering (Lorien Trust system)? I was wrecked for 4 days, gotta love being a bear.

>> No.11923374


OK, the next question would be- what types of bolts are allowed? Ask questions liberally of a game you're going to play in, especially if you're trying something new.

If your "pull strength" is limited to a small amount (however you generate it), a heavier crossbow is meaningless- you can easily get your hands on a light crossbow that's fireable onehanded, if not an outright "pistol" crossbow. I always found a onehander useful- I could load it, draw a sword and have my options open- being able to peg someone, drop the crossbow and go Florentine afterwards was handy (and another reason why I prefer a sturdy simple crossbow over a complex one).

Heavy twohanders are the closest thing you get to a sniper rifle in a fantasy LARP. Tremendous pull strength and a flat shot with enormous range by LARPing standards, but most games won't allow it for safety reasons.

>> No.11923441

Heard some news in an earlier LARP thread, but not an attendee myself.

>> No.11923460


Any Ammo is allowed but it has to be 'safety' checked. So yeah, thats a little vauge.

They dont have anyone with a crossbow yet.

The strength limit is 25 pounds, but they recomend not passing 20 just in case.

I dont have the best aim so I was thinking the 'rifle' style may be more to my aid.

Captcha = bomphs "Love"
felt apropriate for some reason

>> No.11923603

>>11923460 , see >>11921381 then.

They're not going to safety-fail a frickin Nerf arrow, ammo is dirt cheap, and the ammo is light and aerodynamic enough that it'll get plenty of distance with the light pull weights.

Plus, it's easy as hell to make a crossbow that way, as long as you can do basic carpentry. A larger stock really doesn't improve your aiming with a crossbow, though- it's not like a gun, where a longer, rifled barrel gives you more accuracy.

That pic makes it harder to see, but note the thin pad of foam just underneath the nocked bolt- there's a polished wooden "peg" the nerf arrow is seated in that goes about as far, and the foam pad keeps the arrow just high enough to let it launch cleanly from the crossbow. If you're going to use standard, padded-headed bolts or arrows, you can go with a simple flat surface- just make sure it's sanded (if not outright waxed) smooth. Friction is your enemy, as it'll rob your shot of energy that you can't compensate for by using a higher pull strength. Lightweight ammo is better, which is why I suggest just using Nerf stuff.

>> No.11923792


Are the people hit going to feel a nerf arrow enough? What about wind taking it?

So if length isnt going to help my aim? I guess I should look at rate of fire?

>> No.11923850

you might want to come to terms that an Archer will have more power, accuracy, and better rate of fire than a crossbow in Larp combat.

>> No.11923871

So how about firearms? Any designs that actually use gunpowder and don't tend to burn or otherwise hurt the target?

I read about a pistol dueling club that used masks and wax bullets to shoot each other for fun in the 19th century IIRC, but that doesn't seem like it'd be enough.

>> No.11923922

gunpowder propelled projectiles...at a larp.
No. insurance, safety rules and common sense all speak against it.

learn to use a bow.

>> No.11923983


*nods* To an extent. KISS is a good principle here- a crossbow that is easy to cock, load, and fire is best, and you'd be surprised at how much energy a bungee cord imparts to a 7-inch foam dart, even with such low pull weights. It's more than enough to get most people's attention at reasonable ranges- I can get accurate shots out to about 30 yards, hit a body-sized target reliably at another 10-15, and can hose down a line at up to about 50 yards and not worry too much.

Strong winds will give you trouble at ranges past 30 yards or so, but that'd fuckup a padded bolt/arrow anyway- they're top-heavy and tend to tumble at longer distances anyhow, something a nerf arrow actually won't do (if they lose enough velocity, they'll simply drop like a rock, which actually can be useful.).

Bonus: dust the tips with corn starch (leave a knuckle-depth or so in the quiver for your bolts), and you'll leave a very visible mark on hitting for rhino-hiders and sluffers to try and deny.

With a pull strength of 20-25 max, you'll be putting bolts downrange at the same accuracy and range as an archer using padded arrows, anyway.

>> No.11924082 [DELETED] 

for a LARP safe firearm you can use a small spudgun (use empty glue sticks as chambers) to shoot small foam balls
it works really well

>> No.11924314


Crossbows do have their advantages, though. Lighter ones can be spanned (and fired) one-handed, especially if you have a stirrup on the end- and at the weights a LARP uses, you can easily pull a bungee-cord crossbow to ready just tugging the cord back over the trigger mechanism.

They can also be held comfortably when loaded and cocked, which is a little tougher when using a bow. Heck, I've seen people using pistol-sized ones to give them a hail of shots, much like an old musketeer's pistols.

Bows will give you a higher rate of fire, and if pull weight is allowed to be high enough, better range. That LARP limits it to 20-25 lbs, which pretty much shoots THAT in the foot. Accuracy-wise, the off-balance arrows tend to negate a bow's normal advantages at significant ranges beyond which a crossbow has problems.

Best for me was the fact that a crossbow (and it's ammo- 7-inch nerf bolts in my case) is a LOT more compact and easy to carry than a bow is, and doesn't get in the way when trying to do other things. I could easily carry mine strapped to my back when I wasn't using it, and the ammo fit nicely in a deep pouch.

>> No.11924485

You can look up "Actionball" for an example of LARP-safe pistols- but they're actually spring-loaded and fire .68 caliber foam balls. (which work in paintball guns, too.)

You could probably rig a simple cap gun mechanism to the trigger for appropriate sound effects, too.

>> No.11924504

most fantasy larps won't allow any projectile that will fit in an eye socket.. that's why the boff/floofloo arrow heads are so big.

>> No.11924677

actually thats somethign I hadnt considred with the nerf ammo, it should be wide enough not to eye gouge someone?

>> No.11924687


Yeah, the closest I could see would be a "blunderbuss" style of that kinda weapon loaded with the foam Nerf-style balls.

>> No.11924709


The nerf arrows I use for my crossbow are eye-friendly.

For a pistol-sized one, the shorter versions work. For a full-sized one, they use the 11-inch ones on the left of this picture.

>> No.11924902

This is one of the kind designed to fire padded-head crossbow bolts instead.

>> No.11925306

Keeping the thread alive with dead LARPers.

>> No.11925347


>> No.11925429

>> No.11925471

OK, this one's not dead. Yet. Real soon now.

>> No.11925838

one concern I have for the cross bow is making it look more realist/less goofy
I figure for the bolts, just duct tape over them to give them a metal or wood look, (would also save on wear and tear I imagine)

But whats a good alternative to bungee cord?

>> No.11926008


Depending on the bolt type, using a regular old-fashioned bowstring works for padded-head bolts- but you want a broad, elastic cord for the nerf/golftube type shots, to properly launch them.

Fun note: Crossbows generally generate less "oomph" per pound of pull than an equivalent bow. This still messes with a lot of LARPs, who rate archery by poundage but don't realize that a 20-25 pound crossbow actually generates trivial force by comparison.

>> No.11926543


Im curious why that is if they both go off the same weight measurements,

Loss from friction?

>> No.11928663

in LARPing, I worry Im going to be too big a lazy fat ass, I mean I can do shit, but I have like NO endurence,

>> No.11928718

Less impulse. The same initial force is applied, but on a crossbow the force drops off faster and is applied over a shorter period of time. End result is that the bolt isn't moving as fast as an arrow from a bow of the same draw. This is also why longbows are more powerful than short bows.

>> No.11929186

fight practice, and the adrenaline of questing or tourney fighting will help you build up some wind.
Not implying you will be Lance Armstrong but prolonged combat is pretty good and fun cardio.

>> No.11929342

Holy shit, this thread is still around?

>> No.11929415

so far so good. needs new content.

>> No.11929723

For Boffers, what is a good way to get foam for boffers.

The flat camping mats that look like the best are absurdly expensive in my area.

I've heard you can have these threads saved, is that true? If so how?

>> No.11929935

3/4ths pipe insulation foam..not the thinner stuff.

>> No.11929958


I used piping foam, but the weapons dont look NEARLY as good as the ones made with camping foam.

>> No.11930129

ah there in lies the rub.
do you want a nice light fast "popcicle stick" or do you want a basket hit, huge cross piece, or battle axe blade that adds fuck yeah factor and weight.

>> No.11930350


Im blaming the hour here, but Im not sure what all those are.

>> No.11930626

popscicle stick sword...just foam and pipe..looks nothing like a sword put is lightest and fastest given the minimum of weight and air resistance

adding axe blades or hand guards all adds weight and moves the center of balance around but it adds some more interesting aesthetics and might help you better suspend your disbelief

>> No.11932211


>> No.11932640


basically I had a popsicle stick sword, looking to upgrade to somethign with a bit more style.
Or at least looks more like a sword then a big round club.

>> No.11933554


if your looking for the style like in many of those photos (those form the drachenfest), why not try the shop of the people organizing the drachenfest, www.wyvern.de or for those many of those undead photos (from the conquest of mythodea) their shop, http://www.dein-larp-shop.de/
else buy yourselfe some evazote and plastozote, a fibreglass rod as core and some latex and isoflex for the coating.

>> No.11935218

how much is camping foam?

>> No.11937152

awesome thread is awesome

>> No.11937268

Really? Whats with all the fucking plastic and foam?

With a little discipline and athleticism, heavy sparring is a gazillion times better. I went to a larping event once, and left about 20 minutes in. Its a bunch of grown ups playing pretend in the forest. And they're out of shape, they can't fight, and they're generally socially awkward and terribly annoying.

Then I went to a medieval reenactment group on one of their practice days. That was fucking awesome. I have bruises all over because I was picking fights with guys in full armor and I was basically wearing a tunic and some pants.

Fuck your foam. At least use a fucking bamboo sword. Wood weapons are for men. Metal replicas are for badasses.

>> No.11938304

>> No.11941250


>> No.11941529

Because Greeks don't have to look awesome and manly...

Odyssey LARP in Britain had an awesome first event as the first mytho-historic attempted on its scale...

Photo Archive: http://photos.chaosdeathfish.com/odcarchive.html

>> No.11942120

larping is faggy as shit

>> No.11942295

40k fag should look at the thread and see the win

>> No.11942365

i dont even play 40k you dumb nigger. thread is gay

>> No.11942773

Let us ignore the trolls and move on with 'win'



>> No.11944010

I can't hear the trolls over the sound of how awesome I am..look at my huge sword, my shiny armor and sexy hair...fuck you fat neckbeards, I get so much hot Larp pussy being the Pimp mother fucking King of Plate mail Sexyness.

>> No.11944604

sexy celtic god

>> No.11945632

airsoft eh?

>> No.11945651

>> No.11945685

>> No.11945692

>> No.11945700

>> No.11945705

>> No.11945708

>> No.11945741

>> No.11945746

>> No.11945757

my favorite pistol..thing was as big as your forearm

>> No.11945771

I had 2 of these..honk kong jon woo style

>> No.11945784

>> No.11945800

Resident Evil S.T.A.R.S. pistol

>> No.11945804

>> No.11945836


>Wait a second, I know that picture...

Holy shit dude, I'm clan MacKay too!

That's badass.

>> No.11946025


Not the best comic ever, but I felt it fits, has a few good points, and deffently reflects some of the less serious larps I've been to.

>> No.11946340

kobalds and gobbos totally fall for this..and they should, it is good roleplaying. Candy and baked goods get you past the night quest crunchies...sadly 90% of BBEG won't go for it.

>> No.11947639

thinking of ordering this...pic related
anyone have a review or better suggestion?

>> No.11947703



look at that picture.

That kid on the ground is knocking an arrow to his bow WITH HIS TEETH because one of his arms is 'wounded'.


>> No.11947726

Guy I know stumbled upon a massive larp while he was on acid. Poor bastard went crazy.

>> No.11947754

Take the plastic plate off and the fake chain. I stomp about in full chain mail - coif (Due to not being able to afford one currently) and it angers me to see someone who can prance about so easily just because it isn't full metal.
Apologies if my eyes are deceiving me but that does look like to me plastic and a painted wool jumper to me.

>> No.11947763

And by full chain I mean the full length arms and length running down past my knees. (I have to hoik this up to be able to run more easily but I still do fine regardless.)

>> No.11947765

Keep in mind he's also kneeling.

>> No.11947775

Wouldn't be as impressive if it was a crossbow.

>> No.11947797

The biggest LARPs in Germany are over. Prepare for new content.
After my shower.

>> No.11947802



>> No.11947803


Trollface banner. Cute.

>> No.11947808

Technically I'm a McKay - no A - but as far as I can tell it's just an ancient typo.
My family are from around Fife, how about yours?

>> No.11947818

The point behind the kneeling is:

Both of his legs are injured.
His arm is injured.


>> No.11947823

How is fantasy Larp in general? Where do I go to find information?

>> No.11947838

you're a larper?

>> No.11947869

Yes and no. Most of the LARP I've been in are more like a reenactment.

>> No.11947889

Did anyone here go to the gathering last weekend? I was rolling with the chaos guild in the unicorns faction.

>> No.11947931

>> No.11947939


the biggest issue with finding one is area I guess.

Pop in your City/State/Provence/Area or whatever into google, add LARP at the end and see what comes up.

>> No.11947944


>> No.11947949

>> No.11947990

>> No.11948016


>> No.11948125


To make a basic knife/sword.

3 layers of plastazote foam glued together, center layer with a groove cut into it with an inlaid carbon fibre-rod for the core. Make sure there is a decent amount of rod sticking out of the 3 layers to form a grip and pommel.

Cut the 3 layers into a rough "cricket bat" shape and glue some foam wrapped around the rod still showing to form a grip.

Use a sharp craft knife to carve the foam into a decent looking weapon (this will take alot of getting used too, it's awkward stuff to cut). Add a pommel to the bottom of the rod by adding more foam and carving. Same goes for a crosshilt if you wish one.

Once fully carved, mix some poster paints with some liquid latex (for decent colours the mix varies but I usually go for 1 part paint to 12 parts latex) and paint how you wish.

You need at least 3 layers of paint mix, then at least 3 layers of just latex, try and keep the layers as even as possible leaving it to dry fully betwen each layer.

After the final layer has dried, add a layer of Isoflex (a rubber sealnt used in plumbing) and allow to dry.

This is the most basic way to make a latex weapon and witha bit of experimentation you can work out how to make everything from warhammers, to aces, to staffs and polearms.

Pic related, it's my most recent creation, got 3 more to make now in a similar style.

>> No.11948178

>> No.11948336

>> No.11948682

>> No.11948915

>> No.11949047

>> No.11949506

>> No.11949529

>> No.11949612

>> No.11949690

Holy shit, I saw these girls at the RPC in Cologne. Incredibly hot. I need to move to Germany and start larping. Though obviously not just for the women.

>> No.11949703

That's pretty fucking awesome.

>> No.11949734

Do it. Now.

>> No.11949787

>> No.11949892

Well, not right now. In a year or two. Once I'm done with my degree.

>> No.11950011


I'm actually in that picture, it was taken about three or four years ago at Conquest of Mythodea. We had two of those trolls as well as a large ogre outfit that ended up fighting a huge flesh 2-3m flesh golem later on that event.

Of gij een van grombasha zijn?

>> No.11950409


Do the "blackpowder" weapons make bangs and smoke when they "fire"?

Because that would be totally sweet

>> No.11952675

They make bang and smoke. It´s cool to smell blackpowder in the morning!

>> No.11953197

Image limit hit and it's an almost entirely unshitty Larp thread. Please ell me someone's put this up for archiving.

>Letters ragenate; only shall I ragenate it the thread isn't archived, captcha

>> No.11954196

how do I put it up for archive?

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