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so now I'm curious /tg/,
how many armies do you own?
what are they?
what is the painting status on each of them?
are you trying to get rid of any of them?
are you looking for any army?
myself :8 armies
Orks- 3000+ (40k) (a handful painted, some primed, some bare)
Dark eldar-around 2500 (40k) (primed)
Slaanesh daemons (by next week)-2500 fantasy 2000 40k (wash is done on the ones I have now, needs skin-tone and detailing, ones coming need primer)
traitor guard (slaanesh)- 2500 (40k) (base coat is on, needs a purple wash and some gold trim)
Tzeentch CSM (gift for co-workers kid)- 1000 (40k) (primed)
Imperial fists-1000 (40k) (most are sitting in simple green)
WoC (slaanesh)- 4000 (fantasy) (half painted hlaf needs to be repainted)
Skorne-??? (not sure since MK2 came out) (hordes) - (no paint yet)

trying to get rid of my Orks and Dark Eldar, looking for slaanesh daemons and maybe a tyranid army.

your turn Wargammers of /tg/

I'll be dumping pics from my /tg/ folder to keep this thread going in the meantime.

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Necrons ~2500p
Witchhunters/Sisters of Battle ~1500p
Imperial Guard ~1000p (some unpainted)

Warband of the Fallen

Retribution of Scyrah - 25p (some unpainted)

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neat I've never met anyone that played scyrah, I'm not a fan of them myself, except the ones with the armblades....how do you like them?

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Bauhaus - Don't know the points total, but I've got a squad of Venusian Rangers, a squad of Jungle Kommandos, a squad of Blitzers(easily the best unit that ever existed in that game after the Mortificators), a Hussar Kapitan, Max Steiner and a Strike Skimmer.
Capital - Mitch Hunter and Big Bob Watts. Both painted.
Brotherhood - A single bad-ass Mortificator. Painted.
Dark Legion - An Ezoghoul. Painted,

Mercs - 39 points. Magnus, Orin Midwinter, Stannis Broker(base coat), Talon, Renegade, Mangler, 6 Steelhead Halbiders, 10 Steelhead Riflemen(only the leader has any paint on him, but he's almost done!), 6 Idrian Skirmishers, Idrian Skirmishers Cheiften(has paint but I always fucked up and need to strip him of it) and Guide.

Minions - 2 points. Saxon Orrik.

Cogs - A little over 3,000 points. All painted(sorry, couldn't resist).

Elves - Don't know points since the rules aren't out yet. I have the Elf King's Court and 10 Scouts. Only one with any paint on him is the Elven Prince with the sword from the King's Court set.

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what is warzone and why have I never heard of it before?

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I own 10 armies, sadly. All are in various stages of completion and have varying values of points. In no particular order:

Black Templar
Death Guard
World Eaters
Word Bearers
Dark Eldar

Also, Whore Lord, I'll be mailing your bits out in the next few days. I finally found that damn box. Sorry it took so long. I'll throw in some extra stuff for good measure.

Pic related, it's my scratch-built wartrakk.

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I run Kaelyssa as warcaster with Phoenix and Gorgon 'jacks and House shyeel battlemages, House shyeel Battlemage solo and Houseguard Riflemen. Going to add in Narn and some Ghost Snipers when i can be arsed to buy/paint them

Scyrah is a pretty tricky faction to use. Not quite as fragile as Cryx but not as ded killy as Cygnar or Khador. In my experience they are kind of the Eldar of Warmachine in that you have to really think about tactics and how you use your units to the best when facing some of the more killy factions (Khador in particular).

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Well shit on a stick and call it a corndog, I forgot a few.

Vampire counts

On the work bench:
Adeptus Mechanicus

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>how many armies do you own?
>what are they?
Tyranids (Maybe like...6000 points? Probably more, it's been ages since I've counted) and Dark Eldar. (2000).
>what is the painting status on each of them?
Tyranids are mostly painted, but the army will never be fully done as I add to it frequently. Dark Eldar are fully done.
>are you trying to get rid of any of them?
>are you looking for any army?
Nope and nope.

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sup scourge...good to hear.

Couldn't you consolidate some of those armies though? it seems to me if you wanted to get rid of some of your stuff you could convert all your space marines to one chapter ect.?

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Old sci-fi miniatures game set in the Mutant Chronicles. It's not made anymore, but I still have my old minis. It was my first miniatures game back in the 90's.

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>how many armies do you own?
>what are they?
Orks (5000+ pts), Necrons (1750 pts), Spess Mehreens (Whatever comes with Blackreach) SOB (whatever a box of 10 sisters is)
>what is the painting status on each of them?
Orks are 80%, Necrons are 100%, Spess Mehreens are primed, and SOB are bare metal still in their box.
>are you trying to get rid of any of them?
Not really.
>are you looking for any army?
Now that I have casting supplies at my disposal, I am willing to give any new army a go.

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I could, but all my templars have the chapter specific iconography. I bought like 5 of the chapter upgrade kits to make the army.

I'm considering selling them or trading them, though. I've owned them for 5 years, and only played them once.

My Death Guard army is about 3000 points, my World Eaters army is 500, and a friend is buying it later this week, and my Word Bearers are about 1000, but none of them have been assembled yet.

I could also part with the nids, as it's 2 sets from Battle for Macragge, a ton of spore mines, and a box of gaunts. Come to think of it, I'll send them to you for the codex and all that jazz. They're not even primed and I'll probably never end up using them.

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kinda wish I had stuck with my original bug army considering they play the way I was playing them back in 4th ed now. But they are gone now so I continue onward.

Do you use any tervigons in your list fangirl or is it something else entirely?

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Nope, no Tervigons. I'd like to give one a try, but my conversion skills aren't great, and I can't stand to use a model I'm not happy with. I'll occasionally take a poke at the mess of greenstuff and carnifex parts sitting in the corner, but it just gets me pissed off and frustrated.

So, no Tervigons. They're also kinda overused these days anyway. I can guarantee they'll be nerfed all to hell when the next codex comes out so I don't want to get into the habit of relying on them.

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wouldn't mind having them at all, you still interested in either of the armies I'm trying to get rid of? I'm not beyond haggling.

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It's still a tad too rich for my blood. I make a bit less than that every 2 weeks after I pay bills and gas and all. It's also a lot of stuff. Don't get me wrong, it's a great deal, but I'm not in a position to buy either one at the moment. I might be interested in individual parts, though. You could make much more money by posting the individual units on eBay.

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noted, but for the time being they are pretty cool.
I had an idea to run 4 of them and a fly 'rant with nothing but an endless sea of gaunts, maybe some zoanthropes if I had room or venomthroapes (but then I would be too tempted to steal the tentacles for some other abomination)

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np I know the feeling. before I moved I could barely afford cable at the end of the month.

might be interested in piecing it out though, whatcha after?

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really liked this model I don't know why either.....

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horrible combo

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I'd be interested in a squad of lootas and some boyz (20-30, maybe more, make me a price/squad). And, of course, vehicle bitz of any type, or mechanical bitz. I can do crazy things with just about anything.

I've also got some ideas brewing for something built from what you sent me. It should be pretty interesting, and will probably be a focal point in my AM army.

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I only have 3 armies. I've so far been focusing on my 2000+ Night Lords army. When I finish that I'll move onto my Lizardmen after that'll I'll do my Orkz.

I might even it out with another Fantasy army but I'm not sure which one, I'm thinking Dorfs.

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Is it me, or does nobody play tomb kings? I don't think I've ever seen a Khemri army either in-person or online.

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As much as I hate Dwarfs, I will say this is pretty neat.

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Agreed, although it would also look really sweet as a plague tower on St-Patty's day.

Hmmm...I might be up for this...

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one of the guys I know back in the states does but he is also rather irked that they are getting the 'cron treatment atm...but he does like the idea that 8th allows him to mass up his skeletons.

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>how many armies do you own?
Five now i've sold all my tyranids

>what are they?
Chaos Marines, Chaos Daemons, Daemonhunters, Dwarfs and Goblins

>what is the painting status on each of them?
Daemonhunters almost fully painted, Chaos daemons and marines are a mix of done and very WiP but theres absolutely tonnes to get through (pic related)

>are you trying to get rid of any of them?
Not now i've sold the nids on already

are you looking for any army?
Will be making a traitor guard army somewhere along the line, the current plan is to make a black crusade sized force containing marines, daemons and traitors for apoc.

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You showoff.

Dammit GW why do you try to cheat your subcontractors?

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Oh and dwarfs and goblins are still on sprues just getting skull pass while it's easy to get for the unique minis in it.

Also I totally forgot about that bits thing cause I have a big load of tyranid bits now but no tyranids.

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I have no armies because there's no one around here to play against.

lol, that banner.

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Thats not even all of them anymore, trying to get the old seekers up to 40 models atm, those things are like a retirement fund I tell you.

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Talk to whore lord about it, he needs some talons, and is interested in starting up nids again.

Also, Hi! Welcome back to our little gathering community xD

>unconscious concubine

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I'd probably play them if i ever started playing Warhammer.

Though i'd likely go with a less Egyptian style.

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Let's see:

1000 pts Vampire Counts: still assembling.

DBA Ancient Britons: assembled, still painting.

1500 pts Imperial Guard: 90 percent complete: mostly painted, some units still need assembling, some still need painting.

Battletech Pre-3050 Lyran Guards Detatchment: Still assembling

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Forgot to mention, my fantasy armies are also for sale/trade.

Vamp counts is a rather large army, and about 90% painted, mostly by a professional. (Blackshirt from a GW, does really good work)

Bretonnians are mostly gray, some horses and pegassi are painted. Also comes with a large amount of bitz.

Both can include a standard GW black case for an extra fee.

Again, send me an email if interested.

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vampire counts you say.....how easy would they be to convert...if one were to say relive you of them? I had an idea to do a cajun or swampy undead army...

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good lord I've hit the wall of muse on my computer. set the fucker on random and the past 7 songs have been muse.

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I well admit.

I Jelly.

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I fails.

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Love to see a better closeup on that banner

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I have a metal one that is painted up that I might be willing to part with if you have something i'm interested in. What cha got?

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Pretty easy, most of them are on swampy bases, and the ones that aren't could EASILY be converted to do so.

FYI, the ones that aren't are ones I painted many years ago. It was my first army ever. The grave guard I did are fantasticly aged, and look like they've been in a grave or swamp for years. I'll send pics tomorrow.

>rodentia seasoned
> Seriously, captcha..wtf.

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I might have a close up of that actually let me try to locate it.

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ok cool, also nothing captcha give you can be worse than Antidisestablishmentarianism, which I knew it was trying to spell because the entire thing wouldn't fit on the captcha

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Is that.... a silver tower? :0

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need I remind you of THIS gem? How do you even TYPE that?!

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Very carefully

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Oh gawd I get back and he's posting my work! It's a plague tower without the baneblade base attached in that pic. The following are stuff i've done:

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Well I have a bunch of nid bits but i'm not sure anything could match up to a metal seeker, the rest is just bits leftover from the armies mentioned in my post along with a few dryad and zombie bits from converting. Spose theres a fair amount of baneblade spares too but I dunno how much they'd interest you.

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Scale pic of WIP plaguetower before I did a lot of the work on it.

>> No.11902864

Craftworld Eldar: About 5000 points, roughly 1500 of that is painted.

Blood Angels: 1850 points, 3 models painted

Slaanesh Daemons of Chaos (Fantasy): About 2250, all painted (pic related, they've been finished since it was taken)

Warriors of Chaos: 2000-2500 points, about half painted, up on ebay right now, auction ends tomorrow.

Mordheim Reikland Mercenaries: All painted, no real way to determine points size.

Necromunda Delaques: 2 models painted out of 8.

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PLAGUE TOWER? Then no it isn't beautiful. I'll just go back to fawning over my friends magnetized baneblade regiment.

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Why does everybody play Slaaneshi daemons? I've never actually looked into them, but they seem to be the most popular choice.

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not all that interested in bane blade parts now that I'm actively attempting to get rid of my ork army, I am interested to know if you have any Daemon bits laying around and what nid bits do you have as I'm scratch building some of my daemons?

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Oh shit, I forgot my Nids. I have about 1250pts of them, about 300 painted as Hivefleet Kraken.

Because the old models were SOOOO good looking.

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Daemon bits are thin on the ground it's mostly incomplete or damaged metal daemonettes from batches on eBay that I haven't got round to repairing yet as the main focus was on finishing the slaaneshi units first so I wasn't painting endless green and brown.

Nid bits are leftover large guns from two carnifexes and a hive tyrant, and leftover claws and carapaces and the like from those too, theres also all the unused bits from three warriors, 8 termagaunts, 8 genestealers and 8 hormagaunts. The models themselves I popped up on eBay.

As a casual choice i'd agree but the competitive game barely uses them for the most part. I think a lot of it has to do with boobs, boobs everywhere.

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old models looked good although I'm weird and am enjoying the newer models. It's also considered the "weakest" side of chaos and I love to beat people with stuff they consider weak.....also I think if I had to devote myself to a chaos god slaanesh would be the one for me...excess to beyond the point of reckless abandonment? sign me up.

no shit though my friends back at my old LGS called out tourney group the 4 gods, because when we all played CSM I played slaanesh, Jason played tzeentch, paul played Nurgle and Warren played khorne. Fun to show up at a tourney as a team like that.

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Why so hate on the plaguetower. The guns, they move.

>> No.11903060

> called *our*
>fuck you too brain

>> No.11903174

Nurgle is my least favorite of the chaos gods, I prefer Tzeentch or Slaanesh.

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Im currently painting my ork army i have no idea how many points it is, roughly 40-50 slugga boyz, 10-12nobs, 3 killa kans, 4burnas 4 lootas a warboss built out of a dreadnaught, a mek, a big mek with SAG, a trukk, a looted wagon built out of some battlewagon bits and a rino, and 5 komandos
i have a Tomb kings army thats the regiment box +3 of those god constructs a tk and a lp

I used to play SPEEESSS MURREEEENSSS so im lookin to get rid of some things
i have a set of 5 grey knights unpainted missing some backpacks
7 Vetrans, painted a bit poorly before i knew the joys of paint thining
5 old school terminateors painted poorly in deathwing colors
And some stuff from my younger brothers old army, he dosent play cause when he got older he decided nerd stuff was beneath him and all he does is play guitar and WoW
a devistator squad of 6 painted in spacewolf colors rather poorly
a squad of 5 13th company wolfen which are out of print unpainted missing some backpacks
and some assorted other stuff i'll eventually sell on ebay or something

>> No.11903221

well I could take some of those nid bitz off your hands, I may need the talons at some point. a shame you don't have any other daemon bitz though, you have my Email though (if you don't it's in the field) send me an offer for it and we can haggle and deal.

as for the rest of ya I'm leaving this thread so take that how you will....have a nice evening/morning /tg/

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send me an email mate I wanna ask you a question

>> No.11903309

Not much stuff here ...
Chaos Space Marines (Death Guard) 3000pts - about 80% painted (its pretty easy - basecoat, wash, wash, wash)
Possessed (painted, but not exactly good)
Skaven (about 50% painted, I'm getting better)
Witch Hunters (primed, latest addition)

Getting rid off:
various 40k units: 1500pts
various WHF units: 750pts
I kinda barter with stuff, look for good trades, buy cheap, sell a bit higher, keep what I like. I like this as much as other parts of hobby.

Looking into:
WHF - Dark Elves (once I'm sure I have time to get into new game)
Mordheim - Kislevites (OOP stuff, waiting for good deal on box of Kossars or two)

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I'm actually a huge fan of Nurgle. The others, although interesting in their own respect, just didn't appeal to me as much. Tzeentch is too "I troll you, I am magic, lol". Slaanesh is...well, you can figure it out. Excess is great and all, but the concept of pleasure being a demonic force is kinda odd in my book. Khorne is just lame, all blood and skulls and "I'm an angry 8 year-old boy with ADD". I chose Nurgle because of the concept and mantras associated with his Sphere. Silent mutant plague zombie super human killing machines supported by masses of oozing, decaying, virulent nightmare creatures. If they didn't kill you quickly on sight and you manage to survive/escape, what they leave behind will make sure you die a slow and painful death.

I also really enjoy the fluff behind Nurgle. He's a misunderstood monster with a heart. He has a giant garden filled with flowers and exotic scents and such, and fawns after an Eldar lady (don't remember who) he has imprisoned in his keep. He takes care of his own, and keeps you from dying as long as you carry his mark. In all honesty, the most benevolent and sympathetic Chaos God there is. The only reason people/other Chaos Gods don't like him is because to them, he's just a smelly, diseased, grotesque blob.

In all honesty, he's like a fa/tg/uy. Kind soul on the inside, disgusting, misunderstood monster on the out.

Just my opinion though. To each his own.

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I know a little bit about him, but this is grim dark shit man. I like Tzeentch because while you bear his mark, you will be used. Used beyond your knowing, if you knew exactly the plan you were being used for, your mind would implode, and when he's done using you, he shall kill you in the most amusing of ways, one so elaborate, when your soul is his and he explains to you what happened, you shall say, "Huh, neat."

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>> No.11903470

good thing I came bock to check on somthing, send me an email I wanna find out what you got.

>> No.11903479


That doesn't sound grimdark to you? Tortured monster? Anyways, they all have their sides, and I enjoy Chaos as a whole.

I have to bounce, but I'll check in on this thread in the morning.

Later, fellow eloquen/tg/entlemen

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I'll still use nurgle units, but it's just I like Tzeentch's well thought out plans. And Khorne's insatiable lust for blood.

>> No.11903540

Isha, the goddess Isha which he saved from slaanesh to keep in a cage in the corner of his lab. I do like how papa nurgle is the only one who doesn't want to see his "children" die though.

My order would go as such 1. slaanesh, 2. nurgle, 3 khorne, 4. tzeentch.

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