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Is anyone on /tg/ Running a Rogue trader game that i could join? Or we could start one but i would prefer not to be the gm, we could play on openRPG or the like.

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Forgot my email.

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At all?

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A few months ago Wasteland Warrior was running a game using AIM, but I don't know if he is any more. The /tg/ AIM group is almost always running something 40K related.

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I've been trying to get a group together. Would be nice to actually find people to play and, god forbid, I'd be willing to DM. Hit me up.

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anyone else?

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I'd be up for it.

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I'd like to play if you're on european time. If not, I probably can't do it.

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I'd love to play some RT. Who should I email

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Everybody wants to play, nobody is a dedicated GM. Such is the eternal fate of this hobby.

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I'm totally unwilling to offer to GM for /tg/. I've done so three times now and the best response I have had back, after initial interest of between four and six players, is two replies. This is before even a single session is played. I emailed them confirming we were going with what everyone had agreed in the thread, or that in DH maybe they'd like to start with 800xp, or that character creation was as standard. No fucking responses. So now I only offer to play here. That way if something goes down the shitter I haven't wasted hours on it.

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Email [email protected]

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A million RT games are played on suptg every day.

>United myright

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What is happening here? Is someone recruiting for a game or what?

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I'd love to play, if you guys are at all newb friendly?

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What is suptg?

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I am trying to get a game of RT started


And i'm a new to rpgs too so i hope people are.

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Heck, I can run this thing. My life is slow enough as is.

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suptg is pretty much /tg/ specific stuff, including guys to play games with. It's also a pain to find someone who isn't super cereal about a game or not making up their own "I AM A NECRON"

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Posting e-mail. I'd love to give things a shot.

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Email too, I guess.

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Can you post your e-mail?

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No problem.

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There are a million epic games going on in 4chan related IRC servers. All you have to do is find one, and you too can earn an eldar girlfriend.

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But how do I find them?

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Where are they?

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i would love to join but ive never played games like this but i want to start.

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you will auto log into the sup/tg/ channel, if you cannot find the DH and RT channels from there, you have no hope.

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Thanks bro.

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most of the guys on irc on either of the servers i've played on have been dicks. i've had a char killed by other pcs and all other sorts of trollish shit.

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Im up for rogue trader

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I have seen a number of games last over six months with reliable DM's on IRC. People come and go, but new people join to keep a constant level of players. I love IRC.

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