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So does Karl Franz have a wife or kids? A friend of mine kept insisting he had a son named Ludwig and that there was a book set during his reign. Is he right or just mistaken, because this is all news to me.

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who diz nigga?

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He's married to War.

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Are you serious?

That's Karl fucking Franz, the mother fucking Emperor.

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Karl Franz, ruler of the Empire in WHFB.

As for OP's question...I think your friend is mistake. I'm not bible on WHFB fluff, but I don't recall ever having heard anything like that before.

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1. empra doesnt have a name

2. empra is in power armour on the golden throne

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Don't hereditary rulers have to get hitched and pump out an heir as soon as possible

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sure is 40k in here

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Not necessarily, the emperor is an elected position, and I think the Elector Counts have the power to bestow open positions and runefangs to new people, though I could be mistaken on the latter.

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Karl Franz isn't worried. He knows he could produce an heir with one thrust into a comely wench. Plus hes not worried about dying.

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I think I remember a passing reference to a wife and children.

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Get out.

Maybe one of the reasons he hasn't had any children yet is to possibly try and snare himself a princess/queen from one of the nearby kingdoms to bring more realms under the imperial hammer.Or that he's too focused on the endless war.

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Yeah, the emperor is elected by the elector counts from within their number. And he does have two kids and a wife. Don't know about the book with his son's reign. Also its not ludwig, its some other L name.

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The empire isn't hereditary. The Elector Counts vote on on which one is emperor.

Karl has kids its mentioned time to time in wfrp fluff, no mention of a wife though.

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Which WFRP fluff? After all a good deal of 1st Ed is no longer canon, what with Karl Franz getting offed at the end of Empire in Flames.

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IT is all true, just over a decade old. Back in the late eighties, early nineties Karl Franz was a weak simpleton, not a superhero on a Griffon. His son was seen as a possibility for the empire to come back and be great again. All of this has since be retconned.

Sources include the old Realm of Chaos books, 1st edition Warhammer fantasy roleplay, and third edition WFB

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The only hereditary position of real power in the Empire is that of the Elector Counts (not counting normal nobility of course) who each hold one of the twelve runefangs (in reality even most of the Counts don't have runefangs, a few have gone missing over the centuries). Most members of the Emperor's council are usually appointed, with the exception of the Theogonist and Grand Master of the Wizards.

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Mentioned he had kids in second forget where suspect it was sigmars heirs or the Aldorf book.

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He used to.

When warhammer fantasy battles and the rpg were more closely linked (they'd get material in the same books for instance) there was a campaign pack for the RPG dealing with a hell of a mess involving Karl Franz.

And whilst the results of the campaign pack were not made canon within warhammer fantasy itself as I believe it ended up with Karl Franz dead quite early on, it'd be really odd for him not to have a family.

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So he's single, and a bad ass in current fluff?

Because second edition doesn't mention a kid or wife (god knows what third says) and the latest Warhammer (8th?) doesn't either.

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All the Runefangs were accounted for, last I checked. There are now two lost Elector provinces (Drakwald and Solland), but the Runefangs are still around. The Drakwald one is wielded by the captain of the Reiksguard, IIRC ("Sword of Justice" guy or something), while the Solland one is kept in Imperial vaults, occasionally given to a worthy hero to wield in defense of the Empire.

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thats his name

read the Genevieve books, its mentioned in there.

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"The Sword of Justice" isn't a runefang.

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The kids aren't from that early, but I'm not sure exactly where.

Yeah. After his father. Also its worth noting that the emperor has been hereditary for approximately a hundred years, they've all been the counts from Reikland.

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well that's only because they keep getting elected, it helps that the church of sigmar gets 3 votes which almost always go to count of Reikland.

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While we're on the topic of Empire dramatis personae: what's the deal with Valten? I was flipping through some miniature catalog and they have three versions of him, one of which has Gal Maraz?

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Dont mention storm of chaos

Good models came out of it... some of THE BEST

But just... dont mention it

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It's only technically hereditary. Elections are still held. Boris Todbringer was almost named Emperor as opposed to Karl.

The Genevieve books were written sometime ago (1989 I think?). I don't think they still count.

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If GW wasn't so vehemntly against moving background forward, I could see it becoming hereditary by custom first, and then by law when the emprahs have been reiklanders for some 200 years.

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"He is married and has two children; his older son Luitpold, named after Karl Franz's own father, and a younger daughter, whose name is unknown."
Lexicanum, people. All fluff questions answered.

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>The Genevieve books were written sometime ago (1989 I think?)

huh really, the omnibus is only a few years old so I assumed it was current.

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that would risk civil war

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So really, whats it matter being Emperor? The emperor's army and coffers all come from his home province, and the other elector counts aren't necessarily inclined to agree with what he says. Seems the only reason the Karl Franz is the most powerful elector count is because Reikland is the most powerful province (which is really the reason he became Emperor in the first place).

Seems kind of pointless, really.

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Fellow Chaos player?

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reprint of older books. The same as the old Ian Wattson books

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are you implying that the leader of the country does not gain tax revenue from the whole of the coutnry for the imperial funds?

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I remember reading bits of Beasts in Velvet. The other humorous bit was that they had a hammer&sickle Kislevite revolutionary front as well...


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Valten is a chosen of sigmar, Ghal Maraz was lent to him during storm of chaos so he could wail on Archaon.

Not that guy, but I think its retarded as a general warhammer player, I don't play chaos. In fact I find it kind of funny that Archaon got bitchslapped and sent home. I just think the giant "LOOK EVERYONE FROM THE ENTIRE WORLD IS HERE, THAT MEANS THIS IS AN AWESOME STORY RIGHT?" is completely retarded. Good thing its retconned now eh?

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Not as a general rule no. His money comes from his home province.

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If you look how the Holy Roman Empire worked, you can apply more or less the same rules to Karl Franz and the Empire in WHFB.
He probably gets some sort of symbolic tribute from the elelectors and the gets revenues on all the Imperial monopolies granted and tarrifs, court fees and other medieval payments and whatnot, just like IRL.

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I've had guys try to tell me that Archaon the Everlosing is ACTUALLY a real threat to the Empire.

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I dunno man, Post-Storm of Chaos is a fun setting for 2nd edition WHFRP. (3rd edition is fucking horrible. It's what all the 4th edition DnD haters claim 4th edition is)

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Read it again, genius. I didn't say it was. One of Franzy-boy's captains (the leader of the Reiksguard) carries the Solland Runefang.

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Kurt Helborg.

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Well I think that's part of the reason they retconned storm of chaos, so that he could be a threat again. And remember, Valten couldn't defeat him. A crappy Orc who had recently got his ass kicked by one of Archaon's bitches had to do it.

>xxi harboys

Grimgor had 'Ardboyz, not harboys. Your Orc mispelling is thoroughly off captcha.

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What happened in the storm of chao that they had to retconn and what is the current plot?

God damn I hate retcons.

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>pic related
>gay orcs with anemone penises

>besides diarainz


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It has something to do with the giant climatic buildup ending up with Archaon defeating (but not killin) Valten... and then being swiftly beaten into the ground by Gorgutz immediately after/// whereupon Gorgutz didnt kill Archaon Either... and just said 'Gorgutz is da best' and then marched off the battlefieled

Then Archaon, like the decent chap he is... called it a day and toddled off home too

And then... just as if it wasnt bad enough... some follow up fluff said that Skaven assassinated Valten in his sleep

THE END (oh and Be'lakor got illed by Teclis and Volkmar died and came back to life within the campaign's length)

It's fucking worse than the black crusades... at least something actually HAPPENED to Eldrad last time

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Grimgor, not Gorgutz, Grimgor.

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aha whoops my bad

Then again... some of ye averahe Orky names seem to run together after awhile

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It was stupid, but wasn't exactly "retconned" in that they didn't change what happened. They just moved the timeline back to before it happened. It was a campaign that people participated in, and they tried to incorporate player results into the final result, which is cause one of the retardation. I don't think they had any prepared plans for what the results would be, so just made up this giant clusterfuck last minute when they got the campaign results.

Cause two is they tried to shoe horn every single character ever into the finale, and had them do completely retarded things (see below for mannfred, Archaon gets defeated by Grimgor when Valten couldn't manage it, and a whole host of other bullshit). Its generally considered the worst bit of fantasy fluff.

Don't forget mannfred's gigantic horde of undead. The Grand Theoginist (I think? maybe Archlector?) saying, hey bitch, get out, which mannfred proceeds to do. No fighting, no anything. Just walks back home to Sylvania.

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Azhag was cooler anyway.

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Meanwhile, at Games Workshop:

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From what I heard, the Gavinthrope had pretty much pre-planned the Storm of Chaos to be a massive breakthrough for Archaon.

But then it turned out that Chaos players sucked/were outnumbered/whatever and the campaign results would have stopped the invasion before it even began.

So he figured a compromise, Chaos advances, there will be a big battle where no one dies, and everyone goes home. Perhaps that way the "end of the world" would seem SLIGHTLY less pathetic.

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To be fair, Archaon was distracted by Huss and Grimgor was being cunningly brutal.

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Actually I dont think you can blame the players... it became clear after awhile that player results were having no real effect on the railroad that was SoC

Still.. great models (Here's to you Be'lakor) and art

By the way... anyone got a link to the old rules for Archaon's ragtag bunch of misfits?

There was this one Tzeentch sorceror on a dragon that I particularly liked (though at the time was too poor to model him)

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I don't see why they couldn't have killed Archaon. They killed off Azhag the Slaughterer, the single greatest ork character ever, and it hasn't hurt his popularity much.

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Vamps and Orcs both did well. Orcs actually blocked off the whole route of Chaos' planned advance which is probably why they got such a big part in it. But basically yeah, the Conclave of Light planned shit much better and won a fairly crushing overall victory.

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Storm of Chaos had a shit load of potential that GW squandered.

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Nemesis Crown was a lot worse than Storm of Chaos.

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Because GW thinks that clones of Second Age Sauron like Archaon/Abaddon are the kind of BBEG's that hold their setting together.

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Not blaming the players, blaming the fact that GW had not prepared well thought out outcomes for the various ways the campaign could have gone.

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Nah, the good guys just coordinated and planned together really, really well. Plus, the O&G players all took offense to some of the background published for them and decided to go against the concept that had been set out as groundwork (i.e. that they would fight everybody equally... which they abruptly didn't do).

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To be fair Archaon is a much, much better villain than Abaddon is.

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What was the background that they objected to?

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This thread begs a new question...

Overall /tg/... who is more incompetent? Archaon or Abaddon?

Are either of them worthy of having arms?

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Archaon was kind of an awesome badass before Storm of Chaos. So he's more competent.

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They were supposed to fight either everybody or be on the side of Chaos, I think.

They decided "fuck that" (some of the big O&G forums in particular, which were very well-coordinated as a whole) and went after Chaos for revenge.

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Grimgor getting his ass beat by new guy Crom I assume.

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Fantasy: proving why plot advancement is a bad idea since whenever

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Funny that Crom isn't in the current WoC book, whereas Grimgor is one of the killier parts of Matt Ward's otherwise questionably powered book.

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Hasn't Storm of Chaos been retconned though?

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A shame, I liked Crom. (his model anyway)

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It's never spoken of, which is (I think) slightly different to being entirely erased.

>> No.11896747


So it's exactly like Medusa V campaign.

Although other than happening after the magical date of 999.M41 I dunno what caused GW to remove it. Currently the 13th Black Crusade is the latest event in 40k timeline.

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>proving why plot advancement is a bad idea since whenever
Plot advancement is good. Retcons are not plot advancement, they are shit.

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It wasn't THAT bad. Even though Grimgor ran away instead of going into a giant fight for the Nemesis Crown.

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And he was being smart by retreating from those armies.

>> No.11896860


But the Nemesis Crown was a puny humie helmet

How would it fit on Grimgor's head anyway?

>> No.11896904

He didn't want it for its power. He wanted it because people would never stop coming after the Crown, thus giving him the endless fight he craved.

Why he didn't charge the armies that held it, I have no clue.

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Perhaps the Medusa system being a completely different system and nowhere near Medusa, homeworld of the Iron Hands?

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