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Does /tg/ smoke?
Pic related- Creed he smokes and doesn't afraid of anything

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If you do, you should let yourself cough, and take a hit from an inhaler before bed every night.

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You KNOW that cigar is full of space weed. And yeah, I smoke but I smoke weed instead of tobacco.

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You think that's a cigar, but then you look closely and WHAM. It's a fucking titan.

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I smoke a pipe.

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Wut? Been smoking for 4 years, no bad sideeffects

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>people don't know that it's the penis of a freshly slaughtered man

>provivo converted
They will see the light

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Smoking probably costs more than regularly buying 40k minis. to do both I would need to be richer than Croesus.

>crimson silmod
sounds flemmy

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>Smoking probably costs more than regularly >buying 40k minis
It depends

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Kools. Just quit, graded down to five cigarillos a week (I like the grape flavored ones, helps me transfer my longing into a thirst for juice) then four, then three. I'm on two now. Hoping to quit soon, this shit costs too much money.

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I smoke Marlboros

None of my friends smoke

So i make sure to smoke during every session.


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>Purple-flavored cigars
Darky Detected.

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I just checked the interweb for some prices, and it come up for about £5.98 for a pack of 20 B&H, I don't know how many regular smokers do a day, but I'd assume they'd do that in a day or so. I don't know the prices of cigarettes in eagleland but they're probably similar.

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Damn xenos. How many black people are in the WH 40k lore anyway?

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>black people in 40K
>not this shit again

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I'll just leave this here.

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Nah, but I'm not averse to smoking while I'm having a drink.

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Newports. Or Pall Mall if I'm low on cash.

>implying i'm a nigger

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The short answer is yes, the long answer is no. I only indulge myself in a cigar two days a year. That is in remembrance of one of my /tg/ friends who unfortunately an hero'd. He was quite the smoker so I figure what better why to remember him. Besides the cigar burn on my hand... which was another thing he did to himself.

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Yes, I regularly light something on fire, stick it in my mouth, and inhale the fumes so that I may ruin my lungs.

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>I smoke Marlboros

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plenty, theres no africans though, just like there's no Europeans, or Asians. But Cadians or Vostryon

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Here you're all equally worthless

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>How many black people are in the WH 40k lore anyway?

Plenty, they're called Orks
Injuns? Kroot
Chicoms? Tau

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>black people

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Salamanders would like a word with you.

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I started to smoke and since I'm sort of the "cool" and not so nerdy one in my group soon everyone except one was smoking, now we're regular smokers.

Now I know you fat, austic neckbeards out there who despise smoking, you know you'll all ruin your circulatory system and hearts with all those cheetos long before we get lung cancer? Just checking.

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Don't forget by the time we get lung cancer, we already have lab-grown replacement lungs.

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Heart disease generally takes decades to develop, about the same for lung cancer. Unless you've got terrible luck and genetics, then enjoy your cancer at 25.

>implying smoking is "cool"

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I don't smoke... no particular reason why I don't.. I mean I don't drink either, but I have no negative feelings toward people who do either. In fact I would like to see smoking in public places like pubs again because putting smokers on the street is pretty messed up.

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Cancer on my 25?

Sorry, I don't live in Pripyat.

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>hay guise look at me rationalize my unhealthy, disgusting addiction

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>smoking in public places

And all of us with respiratory diseases would rather they go play in some traffic.

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Not that I want any of you to stop smoking, please continue. Do the world a favor and remove yourselves and your offspring from the gene pool.

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No. I've seen what it can do to your teeth and gums.

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Yes, obviously it's much cooler to be on the anti-smoking side. That's not full of pretentious nerds or nothing. You have all the muscle, the men in leather jackets on motorcycles.

I don't know if you know a lot of girls but a lot of them find smoking hot.

Smoking has always been cool, always will, all the anti-smoking even fucking helps it. It makes it even more rebellious and "dangerous".

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>gettin mad at smokers when they don't do jack shit to you or effect your life at all

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>implying you get addicted from smoking pot

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You know what convinced me to start smoking?
Anti-smoking. The commercials were like chewing on thumbtacks, and listening to people let fly with endless acerbic prattle, that was jarring even for my austere sensibilities. How can one stand in the face of such irritating elitism, and not crave sweet superheated tar?

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Typical smokefag

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.. of course you can. People getting addicted to games and games have no chemical interaction that makes it addicted. Gambling has no chemical that makes you addicted. They both make you feel good which will make you addicted. Weed is addictive.. much less than Heroin but it is still addictive

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>don't do jack shit to you or effect your life at all
>pretending second hand smoke doesn't affect other people
>pretending it doesn't smell terrible
>pretending it doesn't kill people's loved ones

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No, I don't, and neither does anyone in my group.

Don't have anything in particular against smokers though, you guys want to ruin your lungs, that's your own choice. Just have enough courtesy to step outside whenever you need your smoke break.

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Cars also do all of these things.

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The smell sticks to your hair and clothes

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I don't even smoke, yall are just mad.

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I like the smell and my family has good enough genes that we don't get cancer from silly things like coating our lungs in tar.

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And it's a goddamn wonderful smell innit it?
Mmm. Reminds me of the haclyon days of wealth.

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Don't forget that smoking causes global warming, numbnuts

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>You know what convinced me to start smoking? Anti-smoking

I was trying to decide if you were really this stupid or not, but then I remembered there are people out there who vote republican.

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Yeah, well. That only works if you have a shitty social life.

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Also cars. And hairspray. And cows. Also, street lamps.

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And complaining. That's the number one cause.

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