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Holy shit, I'm sick of waiting for Deathwatch.

Can it just come out already? Please?


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I thought I saw scans someone did of their GenCon copy here on /tg/ last week.

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Anyone able to confirm?

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That particular anon was merely posting snippets of stuff like weapons tables, as well as transcribing chapter abilities, and other neat stuff. He mentioned he has no intention of going through the effort of scanning the whole book.

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talking about this?

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and this

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Is that a black templar next to the space wolf or just generic marine?

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Feels great man.

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>Screencapture from the bols video

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Hard to tell, he looks angry enough for it, but that doesn't exactly disqualify the Blood Angels either...

Knowing our luck it's a Salamander and he's pissed about not being included in the book.

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Are Black Templar in the book?

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I STILL don't like that cover. I think something like pic related would've been much better. The current picture just seems silly to me.

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Yes, there are 6 chapters represented:

Space Wolves
Blood Angels
Black Templars
Dark Angels
Storm Wardens (FFG's original chapter, based in the Calixis sector)

However, from what I've seen doing additional chapters should be pretty easy, as your chapter determines only a 4th of the abilities you can purchase.

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Can you do that in higher resolution pls. and the nest 400 pages too. cheers!

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What are the classes? Can you be a chaplain?

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There's a webpage with all the basic information. In fact it's their own webpage.

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The specialties you can pick from are:

Assault Marine
Devastator Marine
Tactical Marine

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Astartes bolt pistol 2d10+5, semiauto 3, tearing. I just hope I'm seeing things... who wants to roll 12d10? Could someone post xenos from this book?

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Check the usual place(s) /tg/ threads get archived, the dude who posted stuff earlier went over all that.

No, no chaplains, they don't exactly fit into a multi-chapter unit.

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That's true but the thought of playing a Black Templar Chaplain with a Wolf Priest and Dark Angel Devastator just screams party drama and throw in an Ultramarine for good measure.

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Yeah. /tg/ is rich enough to buy one copy and scan it.
>scan it

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I hate "high level" RPGs.

Oh awesome you get to be an unstopable killing machine with all the personality of half a brick.

Fun fun.

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It'll get scanned. Eventually, however it'll probably be like Rogue Trader and take a month after the widespread release for the scan to show up. You want it soon? Buy it. You want it free, then you're stuck at the mercy of people who feel like generous for normally ungreatful gits who have probably never contributed anything themselves.

Got Deathwatch and Into the Storm on pre-order with my FLGS, feels good man.

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Pppprotip: the world does not end with GB and US. The world would be a better place if you westerners learned that already.
Even ordering the thing would mean waiting for the shipment, and there's no garantee it's not taking longer than scanning.
Besides, /tg/ has never been ungrateful towards scanners. Yeah, it's not like we praise them forever for their work, but they're getting their share of respect when they get shit done.

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>Hive Fleet Dagon
oh sweet I ended my Rogue Trader Campaign with the group stranded on a planet that is being over run by a genestealer cult uprising.

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Sounds like you need to learn how to roleplay...

Anyone who can't roleplay a Space Marine after reading a few comics and fluff should really consider just how skilled they are at roleplaying.

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>Hadex Anomaly
Ah, crap. I hope they didn't just turn that into another warp shenanigan, I was really excited about that since I read its little blurp in the galaxy map.

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>roleplay a Space Marine after reading a few comics and fluff

FOR THE EMPEROR *shoot it till dead*
*homoerotic moment with all your "brothers"

Shit. That sounds like a real fun way to spend a few hours.

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Too bad. However you're in luck, my GM fully intends to scan it like he did most of the 40k RPG books, however, he also likes to wait a month or so to encourage people to buy it.

So again, you'll get your scans, so no complaining.

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I'm sorry to hear you can't read.

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Surely that's the persons problem.

Spesh Mhurinz are far from deep and character driven. See Xenos, Shoot Xenos, Pray a bit, do some training, try not to be quite as homoerotic as the violent meat heads of Gears of War and God of War type video games.

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Only problem is the default setting, the Jericho Reach/Achilus Crusade is in the Eastern Fringe. HOWEVER, the whole reason for the crusade is to secure that warpgate, which leads to/from the Jericho Reach to/from a gate located in The Maw between the Koronus Expanse and the Calixis Sector.

You might notice its surrounded by Fortress worlds, and one of the 3 primary war fronts of the Achilus crusade.

The three main enemies in the book are Tau, Tyranids, and Chaos (of all sorts, not just CSM).

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Name me a book or comic that isn't EXACTLY like that.

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No complaining, of course. I just dislike that "holier than thou" attitude bought for half a hundred bucks.

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Could you please give us some examples of these interesting, characterful, not designed for 12 year olds Space Marines you've appartantly discovered in some dark corner of a forgotten section of the Black Library?

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You're doing it wrong.

Space Wolf: Space Viking who's light hearted most of the time but in combat he is vicious and unstoppable

Black Templar: Very pious takes things too seriously.

Ultramarine: Be an asshole and compare everyone to yourself and talk about how they all wish they were you.

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If you don't think there are plenty of opportunity for roleplaying, meaningful character development or even NON COMBAT FEST missions in Deathwatch, then I'm not going to bother to convince you.

Personally, one of my biggest influences coming into the game is Republic Commando, if that could take a bunch of Genetically Modified, Mass-Produced, Brainwashed, "All the same" Super Soldiers and give them decent personalities, characters, and a modestly creative plot, why can't Deathwatch?

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woah, wtf, space marines can use LASGUNS?

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The one with the Iron Snakes for example.

About a young commander who learns that taking pride in his superhuman nature means nothing.

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Why does every bad thing have to be fucking chaos?
Make it a relic of the DAoT, or, heck, why not something from before the Eldar fall, if you are going to give it a backstory.

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They can in tabletop, too, chum - look at the rules and the minis.

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They clearly miss-spelled multilasers.

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Can't wait to slap the Ultramarine in the face with: "Pride leads to heresy. Let your blade be guided by humbleness."

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You haven't actually read Brothers of the Snake have you.

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I seem to recall at one point reading that Marines often carry a Las pistol as a backup Backup backup sidearm.

Its probably just there for completeness sake.

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I'm talking about the comic actually.

I don't read the books.

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Not lascannons. Lasguns. Seriously. Lasguns? Why would they have lasguns?!

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Plus you could have the Ultramarine comment on how the Space Wolf's wolf pelt trophies are not to Codex regulations.

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Well that would explain why every holster on the marine models is WAY too smal to contain a bolt pistol.

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Ain't nothing stopping you from Retconning it into whatever you like. Hell, I've seen people bitching about Hive Fleet Dagon's existence, given DW/RT/DH are set in 815.m41 or so. "But there were no tyranids between H.F. Behemoth and the Leviathan/Kraken incursions in 990s.m41!"

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>I don't read the books.


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There's nothing wrong with high powered role-playing games. If you have a good group that understands the setting, a game master that understands the system, and mature players that won't just try to go on killing sprees just because they can you can have a lot of fun.

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Brother Eldred found his peace in the lower levels of the planetary temple. Here, away from the constant rancor of incense and platitudes to the God Emperor he could wrestle with his damnation in a privacy which even exceeded that of his private cell. Here, where the great machines of the Omnissiah did not hum and the many faithful did not scurry in the darkness of abandoned quarters he could contemplate his doubt.

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Man, I'd love to have a boltgun for an arm.

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The hiss of servos drew Eldred from his ruminations. Golden light from the outer hallway pooled into the darkness of the hold, casting in silhouette a hulking form painted black. The red armor nor paste white skull did not gather much of the luminescence about it But the red eyes of brother chaplain Vitreous glowed all the same. "Brother Eldred, your time has come."

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Ok, I'll admit, you made me smile.

Personally once I get my hands on the book, I'm considering working on seeing if I can make a few other chapters playable. So far I'm considering attempting:

Imperial Fists (maybe)
Iron Hands
[Generic Ultramarines Successor Chapter] by taking Ulramarines and replacing their prestige related abilities (and maybe some of their fellowship stuff) with other things.

We'll have to see though, each of their special abilities, Chapter Librarian Powers, and Squad abilities have to be considered and, of course, I can make any hard judgments until I have the actual product.

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Why aren't there any Salamander or Space Wolves successor chapters?

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Space Wolves have only had one successor chapter.

Dunno why it's not there

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Unlim ammo?

And why would he want to read your BL non-canonical shit?

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and Salamanders have no known second founding chapters

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Is this like DH or is it for your guys minies?

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Are the space wolves great companies still a 1000 marines or was that reconned?

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Because they all went full furry and it got disbanded, I thought.

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So I wanna play a bro-Marine in this, fist-bumping with the stormtroopers and pulling pranks on the commissars and saving fucking white shields from being eaten.

Since Salamanders, the obvious choice, aren't in the book, what chapter would be my best bet?

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>BL non-canon

All Black Library books are canon.

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Space Wolf.

>> No.11885696

Stalker, Warp storm soon.

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Long story short?

They were Double-mutants. All of the genetic flaws that the Wolves normally had were cranked up for some reason for their successor chapter. They basically never bothered trying again after that.

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I thought they were still around, but were heretical enough that the imperium never made any more, but I could be wrong

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A Space Wolf there was a comic about a garrison of guardsmen about to be over ran by tyranids so the night before, the Space Wolves there basically partied with them all night long knowing that the guardsmen would die the next day.

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Bullshit and BL themselves have admitted that.

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>>11885481I don't read the books.

all shit fluff in 40k comes from the books

Codex is the only canon for me (Matt Ward writes in the perspective of the ultramarines, they're all ultra pricks)

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Grey Knights Omnibus. No homoerotic bullshit or moments with your "brothers."

Personalities not allowed though.

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Any of the others? One of the guys I'll be playing with totally has a boner for Vikings, so he'll be all over the Wolves.

Uhh...Ultramarines? Storm Wardens?

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Double bullshit. No, they haven't.

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I just hope this is made soon because I'm sick of wannabe sphess marheens in my DH game.
There worse than kaminatards I swear.

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That's logical.

Grey Knights are mindwiped during initiation.

Unlike Space Marines. They keep their memories. Hence why Imperial Fists use ganger slang. "Mega!" Imperial Fists recruit from hive gangs.

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Storm Wardens are pretty bro guys too, I guess.

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McNeill's Ultrasmurfs are the only Ultrasmurfs in my opinion. Your loss if you only pay attention to Matt Ward's shitastic interpretation of things.

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The Space wolves don't need successor chapters, they are legion!

>> No.11885786

Smurfs are generally polite but have a tendency to expect ordinary mortals to be as perfectionistic and rah rah courage and honor as they are.

Storm Wardens are just this side of being canon reasonable marines iirc, so they can presumably be relied upon to be bro-tier, if not as lighthearted as the yiffs.

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"I am told," Vitreous said with a sweep of his crozius, scrutinizing the chamber which for most would have been spacious but for two astartes was akin to a walk in closet. "Your choir brothers are concerned about you."
"Yes brother-chaplain."
"Very well." From his belt Vitreous drew what seemed a ridiculously small tube in his massive gauntleted hand. The tiny metal rod rustled from within. "Then I send you from our numbers, brother Eldred of the Exorcists."

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Storm Wardens would be like Captain-Price-bro.

You know, "What kind of name is Soap anyway?" "On your feet soldier, We. Are. Leaving.".

>> No.11885839

The conceptfluff for the Storm wardens is pretty decent. The colours, name and symbol unfortunately are shit.

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>Price Chapter

Confirmed for favorite Chapter.

>> No.11885849

Hell, they sometimes have enough Wolves in a Great Company to COUNT as a successor chapter, so that's doubly true.

The Inquisition doesn't try to keep them in line as much, IIRC, because A) The Wolves tend to fuck up any Inquisitor that TRIES to tally how many there are, and B) They (the Ξ][Ξ) generally figure that the Wolves get themselves killed often enough that there's not much point to bother worrying about it.

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And I thought the Black Templar were bad. They just have 20000 or so guys waiting to be space marines when another one dies. Training is about the same though.

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Iron Hands need more love in my opinion. Instead of being a Codex Chapter, they're split into 10 seperate "Battle Clans" of a Hundred or so men that pimp around the surface of Medusa on giant mobile land fortresses.
They are famed for being as harsh as fuck, and have purged whole cities simply for not fighting as hard as they should.
If GW announced that their next codex was an Iron Hands one, I actually wouldn't mind, despite it being another Mahreens book.

But all people actually seem to remember them for is that they're big on Bionics.

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"You will go from this place," Vitreous said as he pressed the scroll tube into Eldred's hand. "And take your doubts with you to the stars." Eldred looked at the tiny object in his fist, feeling its weight as Vitreous laid his own hand on Eldred's shoulder. "There are those among our allies in the Inquisition who deem such things of value, and I am told the chapter master himself wishes to keep an eye on them."
Eldred looked into the grim visage of the Chaplain, beyond the red eyes and painted sepulcher, and could almost feel a glimmer of emotion. "Of all Astartes, my brother, we are the most blessed and righteously damned. In the Deathwatch you shall represent us, and if needed, you shall die to redeem us."

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I kinda like their colors. Whats wrong with them, in your opinion?

I also like what I've seen of their fluff, and learning more about them is one of my biggest "can't wait"s for Deathwatch. I love their Welsh and Old-English mythology influences (I mean, they've pretty much got King Aurthur (Chapter Master) and the Knights of the Round table (1st Company) in stasis, awaiting some unmentioned future conflict).

Plus they like to debate and discourse. Have a fondness for ritual combat, carry CLAYMORES instead of combat knives, and supposedly have a higher-than-average amount of Techmarines and maintain good relations with the Mechanicus, meaning they've got good gear.

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Space Wolf Great Companies are roughly equal to a weak chapter, they have a ridiculous (80-120 a year) number of incoming new marines. They have only one successor chapter which ended poorly.

What they do have are entire formations that just leave the chapter and wander of doing their own thing. At any given time there are at least a dozen groups of former Space Wolves (from squad size all the way up to entire great Companies) just wandering around following some random objective.

>> No.11885963

Black Templar can be pretty bro tier at times also. Read Helsreach, Grimaldus comments on how even though they aren't space marines they still have balls of adamantite for defending their home against a never ending horde of orks. There's also a group of Navy pilots who have the Black Templar cross on their planes and he thinks that they must be good if they're allowed to carry the black templar symbol.

>> No.11885980

So their basically pre-heresy Dark Angels? Out questing for beasts to slay?

>> No.11885988

>I love their Welsh and Old-English mythology influences
See, now I can't see Sacris's Governor as anything but an old woman followed around by some futuristic breed of corgi.

>> No.11886008


Maybe. Hell, they might even been Dark Angel Successors, unfortuantely, their past has been purposely covered-up/obscured by themselves, in cooperation with the Inquisition after the chapter fought off Enslavers at a Hive World, this was the same conflict that saw the Chapter Master and 1st Company go into stasis at the end of (Guarded by a pair of venerable dreadnoughts that do nothing else but guard the sealed section of their Fortress Monestary on Sacris).

Now what I'm curious about is if they "replaced" the Chapter Master and 1st company, or if they're pretty much always down a Company and the 2nd company fulfills the role of 1st as the Veteran Company.

>> No.11886009

And, of course, you had to share that with us and make sure that we couldn't think of him as anything else. Well done.

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It's what I do.

>> No.11886057

Does anyone know how marines handle damage to their power armour (and other bits of gear) in Deathwatch?

Do they need to expend requisition to get it repaired? Is is it something they just have to go to a tech marine to get fixed?

>> No.11886060

Do they all wear kilts?

I think they should all wear kilts.

>> No.11886076

Another nice thing about Deathwatch is the sheer ease with which you could make minis of the PCs. Even if you don't play in person and/or use a tactical grid map, they make a nice little visual "Cool thing".

Pic related, the minis I did of the Final Sanction pregens as an excuse to practice my painting.

I'm still amused by the silly mistake I made with Brother Skold, the Space Wolf.

>> No.11886089

>their past has been purposely covered up/obscured by themselves,
sounds like they want to put the whole fallen thing behind them if they are a Dark Angel successor.

>> No.11886105

They're definitely less annoying than that other MYSTERIOUS PAST LOL chapter.

>> No.11886109

Split a combat squad between you and your players? Sure, go for it.
That reminds me, is there a minimum number of characters required for a DW game?

>> No.11886110


Possibly, but the fact the cover-up began well into their existence, and occurred JUST after the chapter had finished fighting Enslavers that had taken control of a Hive city raises interesting questions.

Here is the FFG news article that announced them, including most of the fluff known about them.

I do like the idea they're Dark Angels successors. Most people I've mentioned them to take one look at their armor and say ULTRAMARINES. Which is silly, that is like saying they're White Scars successors because their logo is a lightning bolt.

>> No.11886126


I'd think 3 would be about minimum. You could possibly do it with less, but it'd be tricky. The Demo Adventure was written for 4, with 2 additional pregen characters being available for download to bring it up to 6.

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>> No.11886136

>their past has been purposely covered up/obscured by themselves,
sounds like they want to put the whole fallen thing behind them if they are a 1000 Sons successor.

>> No.11886142

>I worked very closley with Games Workshop licensing manager Owen Rees

Yup their Dark Angels Successors. Owen Rees is a big time Dark Angels fan. Not Matt Ward level but he has a fairly large army.

>> No.11886143


Oh yeah, the Command Squad box is defiantely full of nice stuff. Another option would be shelling out $25 for the DW conversion bits. But that is approaching "unreasonably expensive". I was fortunate in that one of my friends has a shitton of space marine bits from all sources (wolves, Blood Angels, etc etc), and never buys tactical boxes, instead buying multiple command squad boxes (his custom army has a very medieval look so he needed lots of special bits).

>> No.11886165

But that's meta-knowledgement!

>> No.11886174


Yeah, my whole group decided to forego shelling out the monies for the conversion kit. Instead we all got our =][= pads from the command kit via eBay.

Pic related, it's my Blood Angels Librarian for our DW game. (Also featuring an Iron Snakes Devastator, Raven Guard Tactical, Iron Hands Techmarine, and still-to-be-decided Assault Marine and Apothecary. Shit's gonna be cash.)

>> No.11886180

Since they have Venerable Dreadnoughts who toke a vow of silence they could be members of the Fallen who will only speak to the Lion to repent and ask for forgiveness.

>> No.11886185


Hah, reread the article for the first time since it popped up, they did rebuild the 1st company.

>> No.11886188


>> No.11886395

>>801.M41 Hive Fleet Naga enters the galaxy from the Eastern Fringe.

>> No.11886419


>> No.11886426


Don't remember that one, source?

I was just parroting some idiots on the FFG forum anyways, I have no problem with 'Nids being about, smashing bugs is fun.

>> No.11886450

>>Codex: Tyranids (5th Edition), p.16-17

>> No.11886467


Cool, Nids on!

I forget, when did the Necrons start waking up/Imperium first encounter them?

Not that I completely care, if I want Necrons in DW, I will have Necrons in DW.

>> No.11886482

What's with the Beakie fighting alongside Angry Faces?

>> No.11886509

897.M41 @ Sanctuary 101

>> No.11886510

that fucker's dual-wielding

>> No.11886517

Better question: why is beakie wearing a gay Eldar soulstone on his head?

>> No.11886521


I'm pretty sure they're Blood Angels Death Company.

>> No.11886525

Looks like a plasma pistol in his left, no less.

I always wondered: SM's are all ambidextrous? Going Sword n Pistol's not a great style otherwise, neither weapon's the one you want in your off-hand...

>> No.11886527

One looks like a Bolt Pistol the other doesn't.. what's in his other hand?

>> No.11886561

Better better question: what poor fucker gets the job of repainting the Death Company's armor and sticking purity seals on them when they go all hallucinating homicidal lunatic?

>> No.11886566

Ya. They are.

>> No.11886571

bolt / melta

DA has another famous pistol dual wielder

>> No.11886573

Less then Scouts, less then Servitors, it's Adeptes Astartes Internus.

>> No.11886574


Looks like a plasma pistol.

>> No.11886577

Are there anymore Pics at all of the pages? Or is there a scan already done? Please halp!!

>> No.11886601

IIRC, marines start with:

Ambidextrous (can use both hands equally well)
True Grit (halves critical damage)
Bulging Biceps (can use heavy weapons without bracing)
Unarmed Master (Bare fists do 1d10+Strength Bonus (usually about 8, 10 with power armor on) and do NOT count as primitive)
Killing Strike (This is new, I think, no idea what it does)
Nerves of Steel (Can reroll willpower against pinning)
Quick Draw (can ready weapons as a free action)
Resistance (Psychic Powers) (+10% to WP to resist Psykers)

and several others. The basics summary of the effects of their many implants are listed on the character sheet in >>11884943

You can also see the talents that all marines start with on the other half in >>11884923

>> No.11886613

Make a bluff/diplomacy/intimdate check

>> No.11886621

Ok, cool. Thanks.
It's never even touched on otherwise, but y'know...

>> No.11886633

Wanna play some Imperial Fists.

What do

>> No.11886638


As always the Beakie is the most awesome of the group.

I'd be a Beakie if I was playing DW.

>> No.11886650


I was wondering this as well, it sort of looks like a cross between a Plasma Pistol and a miniaturised Tau Fusion Rifle.

>Better question: why is beakie wearing a gay Eldar soulstone on his head?

That's just a Blood Drop decoration, Death Company models have had those for decades.

>I always wondered: SM's are all ambidextrous? Going Sword n Pistol's not a great style otherwise, neither weapon's the one you want in your off-hand...

According to what I've learnt about the book, you can start with Dual Weapon talents at char-gen if you pick Assault Marine.

>Pic related, it's my Blood Angels Librarian for our DW game. (Also featuring an Iron Snakes Devastator, Raven Guard Tactical, Iron Hands Techmarine, and still-to-be-decided Assault Marine and Apothecary. Shit's gonna be cash.)

Could you post up how you do those custom chapters when you do it? I've got some ideas for Iron Hands myself.
At the moment they mostly consist of giving them Bionic Implants in place of stat increases at Char-Gen.

>> No.11886664

Haha!! A Natural 20 and a +25 to Diplomacy!

>> No.11886674

Killing strike: Spend a fate point, make an all-out attack and it can't be dodged or parried.

>> No.11886702


Very nice. I have a feeling my players in the Demo Rules are gonna love that when facing the Genestealer Broodlord...

>> No.11886711

Can you play as Salamanders in DW?

If not they just lost all my interest.

>> No.11886719

Of course you can!
They just aren't covered in the core rulebook

>> No.11886744

Might be able to homerule a few things like they never get poor quality items or cheaper flamers/fuel

Maybe a bonus when facing large xenos because of the Giant Salamanders they hunt.

>> No.11886796


My idea was to take the Ultramarines (gasp) chapter advancement table and make a few tweaks, since they're a relatively Codex adherant chapter, Promethium cult aside.. Such as changing favored son out for an ability that lets them reroll tech-use when dealing with items of "wargear" (Basically Imperium weapons and armor of all sorts). Swap out some of the other Smurf abilities for things more appropriate to the Salamanders.

Really, I don't think it'll be too hard to use whatever chapter you want.

>> No.11886802

more like Initiative penalty and WP bonus. Treat personal weapons as reliable. count as higher req

>> No.11886829


Well, every chapter gets +5 to two stats (except the Wardens, who get +5 STR and +2 Wounds, which seems like a bit of a bad deal for them), with the Smurfs getting to choose which two stats get +5.

For Salamanders, maybe +5 WP and +5... Tgh? Int?

Mentors will, of course, get +5 Int and +5 WP

>> No.11886834

Hey I saw this forgeworld release thing with a librarian and honor guard, does anyone have the image?

I saw really cool armor on the guy farthest right, like four Gothic window-arches full of grimdark skulls.

>> No.11886845

>Mentors will, of course, get +5 Int and +5 Per

>> No.11886889

Needs to be Chaplin class.There are chaplains in the death watch just because Space yiff doesn't like how his preaching doesn't like his preaching doesn't mean the player can't be one.

>> No.11886915

There is a Talent in Rogue Trader that is perfect for the Mentors:

Infused Knowledge, Preq: 40 Int
>The Explorer has been infused with a great wealth of lore and knowledge, either through punishing neotic techniques or by arcane methods kept secret by the guardians of technology and knowledge. The Explorer treats all Common and Scholastic Lore Skills as untrained Basic Skills. This Talent also provides a +10 bonus to any Tests involving Common or Scholastic Lore for which he already possess the Skill.

I was also thinking of making their Chapter special ability very simlar to the Seneschal's special ability, seeker of lore.

Seeker of Lore:
>The Seneschal may spend a Fate Point to automatically succeed at any Ciphers, Lore, or Logic Test. Doing so means that the Test is resolved in the minimum time required. In addition, the Seneschal adds one bonus Degree of Success to any successful Commerce, Inquiry or Evaluate test.

>> No.11886916


But are Sallies even all that big on the Deathwatch?
In any case, I know I'll be homebrewing Iron Hands, White Scars and Scythes of the Emperor as soon as I get a hardcopy or a scan of the Chargen Section.

Come to think of it, I'd probably need the Talents section as well, and try to think up some decent chapter specific talents that aren't underpriced as fuck.

So, cribbing and renaming wholesale from RT and DH then?

>> No.11886933

Most other marines follow the Imperial Truth

Ironhands follow the Mechanicus cult.
Salamanders follow the Promethean cult.
Black Templars follow the Imperial Creed.

Is this correct?

Do the SW / BA / DA have their own cults?

>> No.11886951

Sure, in the grimdark of 40k, we have multi-faith Chaplains

>> No.11886952


You're right, Perception might work better.

>> No.11886957


Dunno about the Salamanders, but the current Space Marine Codex says Mentors are untrusting of outsiders, preferring to work alone and unobserved by all save their foes.

>> No.11886983

>Needs to be Chaplin class.There are chaplains in the death watch just because Space yiff doesn't like how his preaching doesn't like his preaching doesn't mean the player can't be one.
>Needs to be Chaplin class
>Chaplin class

>> No.11886995

white in the knee grove yo

>> No.11887007

Most chapters don't follow the creed. Given that they are literally made from the Emperors genes, they don't see him so much as a god, but the pinnacle of humanity. Pretty much every Chapter would be heretical if they weren't Space Marines, who get away with it by being huge and angry. Almost every Chapter has a unique creed, and it shows by how almost every special chapter has unique Chaplains (Iron Fathers, Sanguinary Priests, Wolf Priests, Interrogator-Chaplains)

>> No.11887013


Actually, I'm pretty sure BA's have this Sanguinary preisthood thing, DA's have their whole secret Deathwing club, and Space Wolves have their own Nordic faith system.

>> No.11887016


Well, like I said, it shouldn't be too hard. A Marine's Chapter is only a 4th of the advancement path he takes, since he technically has 4 lists per rank to choose Talents and Skills from; Chapter, Codex (generic Astartes stuff), Deathwatch Training, and Specialty (Tac, Librarian, Assault, etc).

However, coming up with chapter specific special power such as Space Wolves rerolling perception tests when not wearing a helmet, or Black Templars being able to do extra damage and resist damage from Daemons or Witches for a single round and their Chapter-specific squad abilities could be tricky.

That said I still think it might not be too hard to kitbash. For example, for the Crimson Fists, take the Black Templars ability, and substitute "Daemons and Witches" for "Orks".

Then again, when was their famous battle against the orks, when they were almost wiped out? Due to the fact the game is set in early 800s, M41, many of the famous events (like the second and third Armageddon wars) we're used to haven't occurred yet.

>> No.11887017

DA go through the motions when they're around the Ecclesiarchy and the sorts but on their own I don't think they care.

>> No.11887030


One member of the Deathwatch Kill Team is a Space Wolf. The other is a Dark Angel. The two Chapters don't necessarily get along... If the players understand the fluff, they will be at each others throats - all while trying to work together as a team.

The Blood Angel in the party risks finally snapping and turning into a half-ton rabid super soldier. Chances are, if that happens, the Black Templar would see him pretty much the same as a servant of Khorne.

You're motherfucking Space Marines. You work for the motherfucking Inquisition. Chances are, even Emperor-fearing aristocrat doesn't really like you - and might try to use you for his own gain.

So... Lean fluff.

>> No.11887073


>However, coming up with chapter specific special power such as Space Wolves rerolling perception tests when not wearing a helmet, or Black Templars being able to do extra damage and resist damage from Daemons or Witches for a single round and their Chapter-specific squad abilities could be tricky.

Yeah, you got to find something that makes sense, is useful, but isn't overpowered.
I can see lot's of discussion about custom chapter powers in the future.

Take my attempt a few weeks ago:
>Solo Ability: Hold your Ground!
The Scythes of the Emperor can maintain an organised defence under even the most chaotic of conditions. Whenever a SoE Marine takes a WP test to avoid Cohesion loss, this test can never be more than Challenging (-0) difficulty.

>> No.11887094


The level of animosity between the Dark Angels and Wolves varies depending on which piece of fluff you're reading.

I'd fully expect some ritual "to first blood" combat between the two, occasionally, however.

Since I apparently never saved that art of a Wolf and Lion champion staring down /facing off against eachohter while their comrades watch in a circle, ave some White Scars instead.

>> No.11887109

>they will be at each others throats
Well the DA will be stoic and restrain himself to bitchy remarks. The SW will get angry and punch the DA in the face. Cue ritual challenge.

The Ironhand is calculating how much equipment the 2 morons are doing
The Blood Angel squeees
The Ultramarine facepalms

>> No.11887115

wtf is that thing in the sky? the fabled storm raven?

>> No.11887130


>> No.11887145


I had some tentative ideas about giving White Scars massive advantages when using bikes, but that opens up a whole can of worms - how many Requisition Points should a SM Bike cost? Should it require some reknown?
Even then you've still got to ask yourself, how often will the oppourtunity to use this come up?


>> No.11887150


Yeah, that one.

>> No.11887174

That should be an Angry Marine instead of a Smurf

>> No.11887175

The Assault Marines? They're Raven Guard
However I don't know what 5 Raven do with the Mongol Horde

>> No.11887178


Yeah, I personally would avoid making the special ability reliant on certain equipment, not every mission will let you have flamers, or bikes or whatever.

However, I could totally see a mission where the team needs rapid transit, so their support ship in orbit drops one or two Dreadnought drop pods... modified to carry a few bikes or a landspeeder (partially disassembled) in them.

They'd certainly fit, IMO.

>> No.11887201

White Scars are iconic bikers, but the Chapter is more than that. They are experts at fast-attack combat, rapid assault and harrying warfare. Give them bonuses relating to these, but not equipment-dependent ones.

>> No.11887232

Jesus Christ, plasma weapons need a fucking upgrade already.

>> No.11887234

Aren't Raven Guard all batshit insane to varying degrees due to their Primarchs attempt at improving them with SCIENCE?

If somebody does do a custom chapter for them, they definately have to start with at least SOME insanity point.

>> No.11887238


Something like the opposite of the Dark Angel's Stoic Defense huh? (Once per combat, gains 5 temporary wounds so long as the pretty much hold their position, losing the wounds if they willingly or unwillingly are moved from their current location)

Dunno what I'd do for it though, Maybe once per fight let the White Scar make a charge using his Run distance instead of charge? Though that makes it melee dependent.

>> No.11887241

White Scars have special power: Rape. All females within 60 miles become instantly pregnant.

>> No.11887242


You're forgetting the Maximal mode setting.

>> No.11887257

No those were destroyed by Corax personally. RG are just very very rare

>> No.11887281


Don't forget about MAXIMAL mode. +1d10 damage, range and penetration boost, adds +2 to the blast rating (if it has one), and can only fire every other round.

The Volatile trait also means they automatically confirm Righteous Fury.

But yeah, the Heavy Bolter is really really fucking good.

>> No.11887314

Intriguing idea. How bout WS can do full move (foot or bike) and still shoot pistol/basic. Single fire mode only. Like improved hip shooting

>> No.11887348


All the time? Ehh, I dunno. Might be "too good", plus it totally invalidates Hip shooting.

There is actually a Squad ability very similar to this, called "Bolter Charge" where the initiator and any Kill-team members in Support range and in Squad mode can make a charge move and then a basic attack with their guns OR throw a grenade (and if they're Rank 5+ it can be a full-auto attack).

Honestly the squad abilities sound fucking awesome.

>> No.11887351

>But yeah, the Heavy Bolter is really really fucking good.

I can only imagine what they'd be like with Hellfire shells or Organ-Grinder rounds from Into the Storm.

>> No.11887384


Oh man, that'd be crazy. Hell, just giving them Kraken rounds would be bad enough, +50% range and Increases Pen to 8.

225m range (meaning 900m max range) and Pen 8 on the Heavy Bolter would be pretty much a huge "FUCK YOU" to Traitor marines.

The Heavy Bolter honestly seems almost *too* good.

>> No.11887427

In Inquisitor, a lot of the special abilities actually gave you a decrease to initial damage, apart from Kraken Penetrator rounds.

For instance:
>Metal Storm
Hits d3 locations for reduced damage
Reduced damage, may set on fire.
Reduced damage, another dice of damage if it penetrates armour and/or cover.

>> No.11887471

okay, another one: WS get Tearing (or extra tearing) applied to damage on the charge or against fleeing enemies.

>> No.11887501

If you take the astartes metal storm round for the heavy bolter, all damage and pen are reduced by 2, but you get blast 2 instead. Imagine 10 shot full auto heavy bolter with blast 2.

Also the concussive weapons tag is overpowered, and only on the thunder hammer curently. Ironically, the thunder hammer has the same requisition and renown cost as the powerfist, but it is much better than the power fist.

>> No.11887548


Hmmm, maybe, but assault marines already get +1d5 damage on charge as one of their two choosable special abilities.

White Scars certainly are a tough one. Hmmm, this might be a bit of a reach, but how about something similar to the old D&D "Cleave" powers? Once per battle, when they successfully dispatch an enemy in melee, they can immediately attack other surrounding Enemies.

Awfully melee specific though, but I guess thats not too different from the Blood Angel Ability (once per combat for one round reroll damage dice on melee weapons and righteous fury on 9s AND 10s).

>> No.11887587

Well I like the extra damage against fleeing enemies bit. Very in character I thought

>> No.11887592

>Blast (2) Heavy Bolter

Well, that shit'll fuck up hordes (assuming it can get past their armor/tough), especially if the Devastator chose Unrelenting Devastation (and what devastator WOULDN'T? Immovable Warrior is decent, but fuck double damage against hordes?)

Let's see... theoretical maximum damage...

10 hits, each blast 2, meaning 2 horde damage each hit, an extra hit for Explosive damage, so 22 horde damage right there, doubled to 44 Magnitude by Unrelenting Devastation... Potentially 80+ if Explosive Magnitude damage bonus applies to each *HIT* not attack...

Fuckin hell.

>> No.11887621


But how often is one going to encounter fleeing enemies? Hordes that have broken are simply removed from play, while most enemies strong enough to not be a horde can either go toe-to-toe with a marine or *several* marines at once.

>> No.11887655

Well it'll probably damage the horde. Even with metal storm, that's still 2d10+8 pen 3, which is still better than a regular heavy bolter for a human.

Also unrelenting devastation only works in squad mode, keep that in mind.

As for explosive damage, the description is a bit muddled. It says: "Weapons that inflict Explosive Damage (X) gain a bonus against Hordes, and count as having inflicted one additional hit." It doesn't say per hit, rather just 1 additional hit. I took that as per attack, rather than per weapon. Now unrelenting devastation specifically says "One additional damage per hit" rather than "One additional hit."

>> No.11887680

No, they just have the melanochromo fucked.
And no Mucranoid or Betcher's glande.
So no "I am in the space without helmet", neither "I spit acid to your eyes"

>> No.11887729


In the event that the WS encounters a group of fleeing opponents, RAW he get a free melee attack on all of them within reach. Tearing can be quite good but only on foes that don't matter so not really overpowered but still flavorsome. Tearing on a charge isn't a big deal imho. It only means ~2wounds damage per battle assuming it hits

>> No.11887732


You're right, one additional hit, I also mistakenly forgot what Unrelenting Devastation does, it doesn't double damage, it just adds another hit for each hit.


10 Hits, +1 Extra Hit for Explosive damage = 11 Blast (2) hits + 1 Magnitude Damage per hit (Unrelenting Devastation) = 33 Magnitude damage max possible.

Nasty, but not QUITE as crazy. Still enough to total your average horde though, maybe not wipe them out immediately, but they're probably gonna break given they're almost surely under 50% strength and probably under 25%.

>> No.11887747

>You're right, one additional hit, I also mistakenly forgot what Unrelenting Devastation does, it doesn't double damage, it just adds another hit for each hit.

Eerr adds an additional magnitude of damage to each hit.

Damnit, I can't type right.

>> No.11887777

So with the plasma on maximal its 2d10+9 pen 10, s/2/-.
The standard bolter is 2d10+5 pen 5, s/2/4.
For most purposes I'd choose the bolter.

>> No.11887807

Indeed. Although assault marines get this similar ability as unrelenting devastation that works only in squad mode also. Where basically the horde suffers an additional 1d10 magnitude damage, but only on a charge. Not as good as a devastator but still helps.

Oh, also. The dragonfire shell is essentially the metal storm shell, except it sets people on fire. So blast 2, flame. But it is the highest requisition ammo in the book.

>> No.11887836

Yeah, with all the different shells, the bolter is really the best weapon in the game. Although flamers and melta weapons are good also. Plasma rules didn't change a bit.

Although in supplements I'd imagine they'd have melta and plasma "flasks" kinda like Into the Storm for RT, that acts like specialty ammo.

For Astartes Flame Weapons, people on fire suffer an additional 4 points of damage in addition to the regular damage of being on fire

For Astartes Melta Weapon, people hit at short range suffer 1d10 extra damage.

>> No.11887838

Is there Terminator Armor in the book?

>> No.11887839

Dragonfire Shells - Decrease Damage by 2, but the target and everyone within 2m does an Ag test or catches on fire
Hellfire - Ignore Natural Armour, grants Righteous Fury on 9 or 10, makes Heavy Bolter S/-/- and adds Blast(3), +1 Horde Magnitude damage
Implosion - In addition to normal damage, a target taking 1 or more damage suffers -1d5 Ag
Kraken - PEN = 8, +50% Range
Metal Storm - DAM and PEN are -2, but gains Blast(2)
Stalker - -2 DAM, -30 to Awareness test to hear it
Aren't Implosion rounds kinda useless?

>> No.11887886


Could be nice against agile targets like Genestealers or certain Eldar Aspect warriors.

And even if its 1d5 per attack and not per hit, that'll add up if multiple attacks can be landed.
Even a single hit will drop their AG bonus down a level, and when the target has Unnatural Agility, that can be significant.

>> No.11887907

Yes, also that's per hit, so someone gets nailed with 3 bullets, that's 3d5. But it is the 2nd most expensive bolt shell requisition wise, after the Dragonfire

>> No.11887920

Potentially useful against big tough enemies with low agility too.

According to RT's characteristic damage, an opponent who is reduced to 0 Ag becomes paralyzed, unable to take actions.

Might be a nice way to down something like a Hive Tyrant. Sure each attack is only doing a few of his *120 FUCKING WOUNDS* but its dropping his agility each hit, slowly rendering it helpless.

Then again, I could be misremembering Hive Tyrants as slow, plodding creatures (except for that deceptively fast charge).

>> No.11887935

>I could be misremembering Hive Tyrants as slow, plodding creatures

I've not seen the Deathwatch rules, but if they stick to the fluff, then they shouldn't be. Hive Tyrants typically have very fast reflexes, easily outstripping that of a Marine. Due to their size and weight they're not going to be doing ninja tricks, but they're not slow, lumbering creatures - that's Carnfexes.

>> No.11887983

>doing ninja tricks
That would be the Broodlord

>> No.11887984

Wheres the weapon's page? Time to flaunt the inquisitors money.

>> No.11888001

>>11887920Then again, I could be misremembering Hive Tyrants as slow, plodding creatures (except for that deceptively fast charge).

Hive Tyrants are 10ft tall 4 armed alien samurai lords

>> No.11888018

Yep. Its official lads. Nids are weeaboo

>> No.11888024

See >>11884916

HOWEVER. According to the rules mentioned basic humans have to use Astartes Pistols as Basic Weapons, Astartes Basic Weapons as Heavy Weapons and Astartes Heavy Weapons as Hahahahahahaha No.

Also, they have no availability listed, I'd treat everything as Near Unique of Unique.

>> No.11888033

Nah, that's be Lictors, or Deathleaper.

>> No.11888037

The Tyrant/Warrior are the Samurai

Genestealers are the ninjas

gaunts are ashigaru

everything else is giant ally crab

>> No.11888040

Was going to roll a Heavy Bolter Devastator... go to eBay to buy Heavy Bolter ... £5...

Fuck you Games Workshop, fuck your decision to stop supplying bits meaning we have to go to these cunts to buy stuff at these prices.

>> No.11888058


Wait what? They don't make Devastator squads anymore or something?

I knew 40k was going "mechanized or melee or bust" but fuck...

>> No.11888066

I am confused, why would you want to roleplay as a mary sue canned superhuman?
Sounds to me like all games are gonna end in massive rolling of dice and dungeon crawling with little space for roleplaying.

>> No.11888078

Who's dick do I have to suck to get Storm Bolters to count as pistol?

>> No.11888081


You used to be able to buy individual components or sprus, now they don't.

So if you want for example 4 boneswords to make your Swarmlord the only option available is to buy 4 Hive Tyrants.

In ye olden days you would just order 4 boneswords.

I want a single Heavy Bolter kit for 1 Space Marine, but that will cost £5...

So what Games Workshop wants me to do is realise that's stupid and just buy a Devastator boxset for £20 (or £15 from my LGS) which I'm now going to have to do.

As I said earlier, fuck you Games Workshop you fucking fucks.

>> No.11888095

They do. But they're a plastic kit now, so you can't just order a single metal Heavy Bolter. GW really scaled back their bits services now anyway.

Space Marines do have personalities, thoughts, emotions, failings - they are characters. It's just that most books ignore that in favour of DURR SPESSH MEHREEN STRONG I LUV SHOOTAN TEH ZEEEENOS.

>> No.11888100


See >>11885445


Astartes Power Armor has built-in recoil compensation that allows them to fire Basic weapons one handed with no penalty. Only problem is you can't use it in melee, since its a basic weapon.

>> No.11888101

anyone got the melee weapons table?

>> No.11888137

>>11888095 Space Marines do have personalities, thoughts, emotions, failings - they are characters. It's just that most books ignore that in favour of DURR SPESSH MEHREEN STRONG I LUV SHOOTAN TEH ZEEEENOS.
sure but you can't explore town or shit like that with a bunch of space marines
either you completely ignore the fluff and play as a normal adventuring group, only with marines, or you are basically setting yourself up for some epic proportion railroading

>> No.11888146


No fun allowed, right?

>> No.11888163


>Implying my 8 foot tall Superhuman in Power Armour won't be mingling with the populace in markets and Bars (oh and he's a Devastator)

>> No.11888169

Of course you can explore town.

If you don't mind the populace treating you like demigods.

>> No.11888170


Why not? This is Deathwatch. It takes a number of Marines from different Chapters, with different beliefs and combat doctrines, lumps them into one squad and forces them to work together. There's going to be ample opportunities to roleplay through the conflicts that'll arise when, for example, the Space Wolf and the Dark Angel decide to reenact the dual between The Lion and Russ. Or when the Black Templar realises he has to work alongside a dirty, dirty psyker in the form of a Librarian.

>> No.11888172

so, despite being in the deathwatch, do you get to pick an origin chapter and have bonuses related to that?

>> No.11888181

"Brother Titus... a city. I fear the city. I do not wish to enter."
"We shall bombard it, so we can pass... I feel this fear too."

You're so fucking full of bullshit, I wish I could detonate a krak grenade in your anus.

>> No.11888193


>> No.11888196

dude seriously, the deathwatch doesn't have fucking time to look around town for leads and shit, that's the inquisitor's job, once he finds the genestealers nest he points them at it, picks them up and sends them to their next target

>> No.11888201

Best description of a space marine I ever heard was thus.
"A Space Marine is just as emotional as any other person, however they have had fear drilled right out of them. So, they are lacking in a basic human drive, humans fear a lot, we fear ofr our selves, we fear for our status, we fear for those around us, Space Marines do not. This leads to them having a very odd personality comared to us normal humans.
They are emotional, they just don't share our basic emotional responces"

>> No.11888206

That comes down to the abilities of the GM, just like in any game with the threat of railroading.

In the case of the Deathwatch the threat the Marines face and the mission they set out on may be set in stone, but upon the actual world you can give plenty of wriggle room.

Additionally, allowing the Deathwatch players to decide how best to perform their mission, who they might interact with (Marines can and likely will interact with Inquisitors, their acolytes, Imperial nobility, some kid in the sewers they're purging in, a colony out in the sticks everyone has forgotten about, and so on and so on) and to add their own "Targets of opportunity to missions" will let a GM add a few more kinks in the plan or tweaks to the story.

Ultimately the restriction is enough to get you on the planet or system or sector with a mission. The rest is up to the quality of your GM, as with any RPG.

>> No.11888224

>Or when the Black Templar realises he has to work alongside a dirty, dirty psyker in the form of a Librarian.

Or when that Librarian turns out to be a Storm Warden (who loves to debate) and decides he wants to constantly engage (and unwittingly antagonize) the Templar with just WHY psykers are so bad when the Imperium RUNS on Psykers (Astorpaths, Navigators), many of the Primarchs were Psykers, and the Emperor himself was a Psyker.

>> No.11888232

It doesn't mean if you see a helpless civilian being assaulted by xenos you should help them and interact with them.

Brother Dominic shall we help those civilians trapped in that building?
Nay brother they are trapped on the second floor.
Curses those xenos have used our one weakness against us!

>> No.11888254

...Why do I get the feeling that Storm Wardens are going to get nicknamed Troll Wardens eventually?

>> No.11888262


space marines sometimes kill each other, right?

>> No.11888267

Was Dorn a psyker because that would piss of the black templar to no end knowing his Primarch was a psyker.

>> No.11888280

Do different models of armor have different rules?

>> No.11888284

>>11888232 Curses those xenos have used our one weakness against us!
oh I am so playing this shit on my group

>> No.11888286

Magnus was the only psyker primarch.

Don't forget to remind the Blood Angel that Sanguinius was a horrible warp-twisted mutant, though.

>> No.11888289

Brother Rourke sadly did not return from the mission. He died heroically in a tragic boating accident......

But the mission was on a desert planet.


>> No.11888299

I wish there was a picture of the Astartes Boltgun (Stalker). Always wanted to make/use a bolt sniper rifle.

>> No.11888320

I thought all the primarchs had a least a small pyschic force around them or were at least attuned to the warp.

>> No.11888345

Could be those bullpup bolters that I don't have a picture of.

>> No.11888358

No the MK VII is the only model of power armor in the book, besides artificer, terminator, and scout.

There is however, rules for damage to power armor and the fusion reactor getting hit. Nothing special though, all it is, is the armor becomes unsealed environmentally or the suit could possibly shut down until repaired at a +0 tech use test

>> No.11888370

Brother Maximus gritted his teeth. Behind his emotionless helmet's facade his face contorted into a scowl.

"Repeat.... that last sentence" he hissed

"I said what's so bad about the Tau? They're just like us but Blue" the civilian at the head of crowd said with his arms firmly crossed.

Maximus remained still for a moment before the thumb of his right hand pressed a button next to his weapons grip, which in turn switched his Heavy Bolter to full auto.


>> No.11888374


Only 4 armors in the book.

Mk VII Aquila
Artificer Armor
Tactical Dreadnought Armor
Scout Carapace.

>> No.11888389

Is it possible to play an RPG like this alone?

Assuming you're willing to RP all chars and you have no friends to play with could you feasibly just play by yourself?

>> No.11888391


OH man, someone is undoubtedly gonna make Maximus in Deathwatch....

>> No.11888408

If you play RPGs alone, you are a sad, sad person and you desperately need friends.

>> No.11888415


All i could think was the monty python skit:
What Have the Imperium Ever Done For Us?

>> No.11888416

Here it is

>> No.11888424

No, because some of your abilities depend on a squad of marines to be truly effective. You can still activate it, but when it applies to you and your fellow squad, you become death incarnate.

>> No.11888426


You could always look online for a group.

Also, that picture reminds me, there are rules for harvesting the geneseed of a fallen BattleBrother.

Its basically a metagame mechanic that gives the player a small XP bonus to making a new character (even if he's not from the same chapter or whatever).

>> No.11888428

A Stalker boltgun is basically a standard boltgun with a flash suppressor, a scope, and special ammunition.

Pic related, Sean Connery here has one.

>> No.11888429


>> No.11888457


Fancy! I wonder if it'd be practical to do a version actually being held by a marine, it seems the rear clip would undoubtedly get in the way.

>> No.11888458

I have a question to anyone who has the book could rank one Marines take out a genestealer cult/nest?

>> No.11888473

Scouts could use them I bet but I'm not sure about regular marines.

>> No.11888510


Hahahah. Guess what the demo adventure is?

Seriously, go look up Final Sanction.

>> No.11888516



>> No.11888538


>> No.11888539

So what do demeanours affect? And what are the options?

>> No.11888567


"Pardon? was that "Hear'Say" you just said?" asked the citizen raising an eyebrow

"Something like that" Maximus muttered as he checked the weapons ammo feed and planted his feet firmly.

>> No.11888570

The adventure really lacks a whole bunch of abilities that a regular marine would have, and has some really shitty talents picked for the group. Namely also no squad mode abilities either. Most equipment you get in the campaign are considered free replacements in the regular game.

In short, it depends on the mission. The harder missions you get more requisition and therefore have access to better gear. You can also take the signature wargear talent in the actual game (up to 3 times) where you can get free starting and replacement wargear up to a certain requisition.

>> No.11888588


>> No.11888598


Old Habits die hard man.


Basically they serve as a suggestion on how you should behave. Your Chapter Demeanor is rigid, and never changes, but your personal demeanor can change whenever you want it to (though don't be silly).

In addition once per session you can trigger one of your chapter demeanors to basically gain a "free" fate point which is immediately spent in a way you would spend any other fate point. However if you roleplay your demeanor well while triggering it (as judged by your peers and DM), the bonus for that fate point Doubles.

>> No.11888600

>Betcher's Gland

Holy crap. That is awesome.

>> No.11888610

>and has some really shitty talents picked for the group

Why do you say that? They seemed competent to me.

>> No.11888621

They are a one word explanation on your character. You have two demeanours, a chapter one which is preset according to your chapter and a personal one where you get to make up, that can be pretty much whatever.

When a situation comes up where you can use your demeanor, like if you have vengeful demeanor and you want to use your demeanor against some xenos that wronged you in the past. You can spend a fate point to double that effect (2 degrees of success on a roll, +20 to a roll, heal 2d5 wounds, etc). It's decided by either GM whether it's appropriate or a vote around the table.

Additionally there's an epic demeanor where you can activate your demeanor once a game to basically do this uber move and spend 1 fate. The exact effects is up to the GM, but it suggests that even if you "miss" you still leave a permanent wound or a scar. But it doesn't have to necessarily be in combat either, it can be a speech, negotiation, whatever.

>> No.11888632

I see. Sounds fun. So can you just pick anything as your personal demeanour or is there a set list?

>> No.11888665

Someone stat Angry Marines.

>> No.11888674


I'm not sure, the pregens have the following:

Octavius, Ultramarine Tactical: Pious
Skold, Space Wolf Tactical: Gregarious
Gregor, Storm Warden Tactical: Ambitious
Lucian, Ultramarine Apothecary: Studious
Sepheran, Blood Angel Devastator: Calculating
Elyas, Dark Angel Assault Marine: Hot-Blooded

>> No.11888716

are the BA subject to their vampire rage thingie?
if so I lol at the BA devastator

>> No.11888761

There is a list for personal demeanor but you can pick whatever for your demeanor. However, your chapter demeanor is always the same.

>> No.11888766


Well, there is a mechanic called "The Primarch's Curse", though I don't remember much about it.

>> No.11888792

Well, it's more so that they don't play with the full rules. In the demo, you really are playing 1/2 a marine essentially. The actual marine in the full game is much more powerful and complete, and customizable.

For example, the assault marine actually starts with for free, swift attack, which is unlisted. And you also get 1000xp to spend on your character, to pick out what you need.

>> No.11888798

So there's a list... but the rules mean it doesn't matter if you pick one thats not on the list? Or is it just a very complete list that covers all the bases...

Any possibility of someone posting the list?

>> No.11888808

Primarch's curse is whenever your character gains insanity points.

0-30, nothing happens
31-60 curse level 1
61-90 curse level 2
91-99 curse level 3
100+ you're out of the game

>> No.11888834

I'll type out the list.

You can roll on it or if your GM is nice enough, pick from it.

1 Calculating
2 Gregarious
3 Hot blooded
4 Studious
5 Taciturn
6 Pious
7 Stoic
8 Scornful
9 Ambitious
10 Proud

Nothing special, you can probably get some ideas and come up with your own.

>> No.11888836


Not everybody is a FLGS socialite with a base of friends that enjoy both 40k or roleplaying. If I wanted to play an RPG (I've never done so before) it would need to be alone or online.

Honestly, I find it hilarious if you yourself are a roleplayer, you do realise that to most non-gamers, roleplayers are looked at as sad?

Its not about needing friends, its about having a group of friends that share a common interest and, whilst I have a small amount of friends who enjoy 40k, none of them would ever consider playing an RPG.

>> No.11888854

Roll for it? Hmmm... Are you meant to roll for chapter and specialty as well? I've been considering what i'll play first but id be tempted to leave it to chance.

>> No.11888874


No you actually get to pick your chapter and specialty. Unless of course you want to roll.

>> No.11888875

Hey warhammer players, I don't have much experience with 40k (I really want to play Dark Herest though, and of course this), but I was wondering, since when did Space Marines spit acid? Seems really...er...strange, although I guess it would give a tactical advantage.

>> No.11888889

Since all their implants have had names.
round about 2nd edition I think

>> No.11888901

Pretty much ever since they stopped being space cops and started being genetically engineered superhumans.

They can also devour their enemy's brains to gain his knowledge.

>> No.11888905

they have been able to do it since 2nd ed when the rulebook described all their nifty organs.
They can also gain some of their enemy's knowledge by eating their flesh iirc.

>> No.11888907


Since the implants were fluffed up in 2nd edition.

Its basically an anti-imprisonment precaution and a backupbackupbackup weapon and way of blinding one's foes.

And because why NOT make your supersoldiers spit acid when designing them.

>> No.11888925


Only the brain, and they only gain vague impressions of recent thoughts and memories. They can't go eating a nuclear physicist and be able to describe the theoretical entropic decay rates of a Higgs Boson, but they will be able to tell whether he enjoyed lunch that day and where he lived.

>> No.11888958

Cool. Thanks guys,

>> No.11889003

No Soul Drinkers?

>> No.11889056

If you want to play Mary Sues, play Ultramarines.

>> No.11889076

Nope. Any part of the flesh can give them vague memories and instincts unless that's been recently retconned and I don't think it has.

But yeah, as you say you need to eat the brain to get detailed thought patterns. You may not be able to guess the decay rates of a theoretical particle but you'd probably understand the physics involved as well as a stoner watching a discovery channel documentary on the subject. Better, even.

>> No.11889091

Thank the Emperor, no.

>> No.11889144

>> No.11889166

I think they should have been killed at the conclusion of Chapter War, if not the beginning of Hellforged.

>> No.11889356

bump for greatness

>> No.11889366

I dunno whether the final sanction conversionfag is here, the one who made minis for all the marines, but you should send that sht to someone at FFG. I'm sure they would be quite interested. They'd probably love it.

>> No.11889412


I'm here, and I dunno, I don't think they're that special. I'm very much a novice painter.

>> No.11889461

I mean, they're not based, they're not highlighted (except for Sepheran, which my friend painted), and not very finely detailed.

>> No.11889504

Even if you just send the unpainted ones, bet you they'd show it off. "Hey, this guy right here made minis for his game. Isn't that awesome? You can do it too!"
And then you can show all your riends. "Hey guys I'm famous lol!"

>> No.11890849


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