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Rate my 500p ork list? Im vs tau exclusively so i thought i'd close in fast with some trucks, let loose the boys then drive the trucks aimlessly creating havok. Deffkoptas are 'anti armour' (yeah thats right), which consists of a lone hammerhead.
My warboss can ride with the 11 boyz, right?

-Kombi Skorcha 90
12x boyz
-big Shoota
-trukk 122
11x boyz
-big Shoota
-trukk 116
4x ROFLkopta
-T/L rokits 180


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I'd drop enough roflcopters to get 2 nobs with pklaw in the boyz. They do hell of alot of your killing on their own against MEQs

Personally, in 500 points, i foot slog. You have a hard time losing at 500 points with orks..

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You seem to have gone over the limit.

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Yep, two huge units with Nob and PK and you're sorted.

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>You have a hard time losing at 500 points with orks..
Sye its going that way so far but i fancied trying something different. Im trying to expand my AoBR army.

I thought 8 points was negligible considering its a friendly game.

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You'll have to drop at least 1 Boy to get your points within reason. Most players will have a 5-pt. tolerance but if you can easily mitigate that by removing a model then you're kinda obliged to do it.
And yes, the Boss can trukk it with da Boyz.

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It's not negligible when you can drop you've got a boy who fits in the margin you are over 500. Either say to your opponent let's make it 510 or cut yourself down.

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Somehow i didnt think of that at all. -2 boys from the 12 mob then. Cheers.

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>Ork wash.jpg
>Ork ass.jpg

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You seem to want to keep the trukkz on the go, which is fine I suppose. If you drop a few boyz and one 'kopta you could get a PK Nob in the boy unit without the warboss though, couldn't you? I would probably do that, but that's because I love my Power Klaws.

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If it can have a Powerklaw, it should (Big Meks and entire Nob Mobz excepted). Ditch a couple of Deffkoptas, upgrade on Boy in each Mob to a Nob with a Klaw and Bosspole.

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The Warboss will be going with one of the trukk boyz mobs so he really only needs to put a Nob in the other one.

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Perhaps. But the Warboss can be singled out, due to being an independant character - T5 and 3 wounds isn't terrible, but with nothing other than a 6+ save there's the risk he'll get dropped and the remaining Boyz may not last without him. Not having a Nob in each Mob also means you can't get a Bosspole.

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Fair point. My 500pt list was two Nobz with PK & Bosspole, a Big Mek with KFF and as many Boyz in two mobs as I could get, so I'm sort of forced to agree although I like the OP's list for being a little different to standard 500pt fair.

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When i 500pt Ork, i us this:

Big Mek with kustom force field (85)
17 boyz with a PK nob (137)
17 boyz with a PK nob (137)
17 boyz with a PK nob (137)

most of the time its too many boyz for the opponent to shoot to deff. make sure theyre all near the mek and its all good

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I wish I could hate you to death, fucking rules-lawyer.

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You need more powerklaws. How would you otherwise counter the following?

HQ: Chaos Lord
Troops: 5*CSM with flamer, 5*CSM with flamer
Heavy Support: Landraider, Daemonic possesion

Possesed Landraider is evil even at 1000 points. How are you gonna kill it at 500?

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you dont even need a power klaw in there on the boss. on the charge the boss is str 8 with a big choppa. doubling out t-4 creatures with multi wounds.

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you would be a super nigger to bring a landraider in 500 points and i would just quit and call you a nigger. in front of everyone.

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Playing by the rules is not rules-lawyering. No-one will care if you're a few points over, but eight, especially when you can easily drop a single cheap model or upgrade (the Kombi-Skorcha, for example)? That's pushing your luck.

St8 is nice. Having no ability to ignore armour saves isn't. Always take the Klaw.

>> No.11872638

in 1000 points i dont even worry about land raiders, at least from chaos. oooh they take out a couple boyz a turn with LASCANNONS. most of the time i'm in cover or I am in assault. land raiders are pretty terrible at low points games, especially if its kill points, because once their cargo is dropped, they are useless.

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More nobz, the powerklaws are really needed I tell you what.

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in 500 points, if you are looking to ignore armor saves, you may as well take a mek with a burna instead then because if your boss is ANYWHERE near the front(which he NEEDS to be to use that klaw) I would hope that the person you are fighting has some power weapons to knock that boss out in short order, because he goes last with a klaw.

in higher points games, i always kit my boss out with a klaw because he also has a 4+ and a 5+ invuln.

but in 500 points, more models is key, speed is key.

burna at ini 4 str 5 on a mek would just smash marines.

heres how i'd roll, just for shits and giggles.

burna mek: 70 points : burna, heavy armor, cybork body

5x nobs: 205: power klaw, painboy, big choppa, kombi skorcha, waaagh banner. heavy armor. all separate kits for musical wounds.

10x boys: 95: power klaw nob

10x boys: 95: power klaw nob

trukk: 35 : for nob+mek.

at 500 points, thats a brutal squad. 4+ save, musical wounds, 2 wounds a piece, feel no pain. and they are all ws 5 in that nob squad.

boys squads are there to hold objectives or take after the nobs did the dirty work.

hell i want to try this next week.

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Chaos Land Raiders don't really work at 500 points.

A Blud Angel list with Librarian+10xAssault Marines with a flamer+Land Raider Redeemer might be worth a try.

>> No.11872815

Landraider isn't fer killin' it's fer deliverin'

>> No.11872910

How are you going to deal with the fact EVERYTHING can glance the trukk though?

Bolters will glance on a 5+ penetrate on a lucky 6 at 24 inches not to mention the one heavy weapon that's going to be in his list (At the very least)

>> No.11872920

>Bolters will glance on a 5+ penetrate on a lucky 6

What? No. Bolters can only glance on a 6 - st4 vs AV10. The Trukk being open-topped means they get +1 on the damage chart.

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man, look at that ass

so big and green

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With my Avatar/Wraithlord 500 point list, fag.

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>> No.11872983

Sorry I derped for a second thinking bolters where Str 5, I suppose that makes it much more manageable, even then that's only if he is sitting there and not moving his marines at all

>> No.11873002


Heavy Bolters ARE S5 though. Makes it hard to take Trukks against alot of lists in my experience.

>> No.11873054

Guys, guys. He said he was against tau exclusively. There are no bolters, no MEQs, no land raiders. Stop being retards.

>larkeffm xviii
New world over which to fight.

>> No.11873093

>No bolters
>Pulse rifles are S5
>That's even worse!

>> No.11873138


Remind me again what a basic Firewarrior's weapon is?
Pulse Rifles are in ways worse than Bolters because they have a 30" range and can still glance/penetrate an AV10 with fair ease. That's their BASIC troop, there's NO weapon in the Tau arsenal that can't at least glance a Trukk, and if you leave your Trukks open-topped that still gives them the chance of wrecking it, leaving your boys to slog it through a hail of fire. 12 Boyz won't last long in that.

>> No.11873207

Dracon, Agoniser, Splinter Pistol, Warrior Retinue, 2x Dark Lance, Raider, Dark Lance
5 Warriors, Dark Lance, Raider, Dark Lance
5 Warriors, Dark Lance, Raider, Dark Lance
Ravager, 3x Dark Lance

>> No.11873212

Note that Tau have to mechanize, so chances are the Shas'la won't be getting a chance to use their stationary 30" range.

>> No.11873250


"Have to mechanize"? What? Are you saying that a Tau player can't just set up a gunline of Firewarriors? If you are, then I call bullshit.

>> No.11873270

He is partially correct. Tau work best as a semi-mechanized gunline with vehicle-based interdiction, and minimal Firewarriors.

>> No.11873277


But if they want to be viable, they won't.

>> No.11873328

Rate my 500 point list

Big Mek - Kustom Force Field - Eavy Armour - Power Klaw

10 Slugga Boyz
Nob / PK / BP

10 Slugga Boyz
Nob / PK / BP

10 Slugga Boyz
Nob / BC / BP

Big Mek rides with the Slugga Boyz with the Big Choppa Nob, steam across the board, slam into opponent with 3 Power Klaws. KFF keeps Trukks safe (hopefully)

Pic related it's my KFF Mek

>> No.11873330


Accordin' to yer little chart there, even a Devilfish can take out a Trukk with ease with that Burst Cannon they can take. So great, you pop the Trukk, run the Firewarriors back so they can undeploy and set up a gunline while the now-trukkless Boyz have to slog it over there while getting shot at by 30" guns that they get no saves against.

>> No.11873332

Some gentleman provided an example of a static Tau gunline, still mostly viable. I'm not sure about 500 points though.

>Static Tau isn't dead, you just don't do it the Firewarrior >Gunline way. The 9 Broadside, 12 Crisis list with 2 full >Pathfinder teams is an Alpha Strike almost nothing can >stand up to. With a large Kroot screen you still have >plenty of movement/assault blocking even without >Piranhas, and with plenty of Drones on your suits, >coupled with the cover save from the Kroot you'll still >barely take damage from shooting. And you've got 2 >Devilfish from the Pathfinders if you need to hide your >XV8s behind something.

>> No.11873354


What's he doing to that Scarab? :O

>> No.11873370

Bring 3 battlewagons to 500 point game.
Watch opponent shitbrix.
Bonus points for KFF mek.

>> No.11873371

In an isolated incident of one Trukk-load versus one Devilfish-load, sure. With armies? Not gonna work out that way.

>> No.11873417

It's also worth noting that a Bust Cannon only has an 18" range.

>> No.11873468

It shoots breasts? SWEET!

>> No.11873501

Nah, it shoots failure.

>> No.11873519


My 500 list

Deff Dread x 2 Scorcha
Deff Dread x 2 Scorcha
Battle Wagon - Deff Rolla - Big Shoota
Battle Wagon - Deff Rolla -
Big Mek - Burna
Bik Mek - Burna


>> No.11873538


In a 500-pt. game it might as well just be Devilfish-on-Trukk.

>> No.11873540


Last time i checked you needed troops in an army you cheating Ork faggot

>> No.11873562

> implying Big Meks don't let you take one Deff Dread as a troops choice

>> No.11873566


Let me guess, Space Marine player, right? Check out what a Big Meks special rules are, you faggot.

In case you are semi-literate

"A big Mek allows one Deff Dread to be taken as a Troops choice."

>> No.11873576


And mounted on a platform that can easily move that distance as well. Like I said, pop Trukk, haul ass away from the Boyz that pour out, deploy Firewarriors, establish gunline.

>> No.11873582

lol look at this faggot not knowing the ork codex in an ork thread.

>> No.11873586

lolololol big mek let you taek deff dred as troops
read the codex properly you stupid fag

>> No.11873599


You are aware that most 500 point Ork armies will contain several Trukks if not Battle Wagons as indicated by


This dream that you'll be facing a single Trukk will cost you the game

>> No.11873606

Unfortunately for your plan, the enemy gets a chance to move during the game as well. They're not gonna just sit there letting you move around.

>> No.11873661


erm alright, i didnt know about that... my regular opponent doesnt use Deff Dreads...

>> No.11873679

youre still a faggot
codex orkz is mandatory eading for 40k players

>> No.11873691

I eaded my Ork codex yesterday.

>> No.11873707

>> No.11873737


Oh god, after choking down that Space Marines codex, I don't think I have any more room for my Ork codex.

>> No.11873748


Dere'z gitz in Teefy-opya wot ain't got no codex'z ta eat, so EAT IT!

>> No.11874271

This is probably one of the strongest 500pts list in the game. My Orkz are fully mechanised in higher points, but this is what I would bring to 500pts.

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