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Okay /tg/, I'm working on a mini-campaign, a crossover between Ghostbusters, Men in Black, and Gremlins. The players are to play the MiB in one adventure, the Ghostbusters in another, and for the finale they choose the character they liked best and team up with the others characters (hopefully resulting in a mixed GB/MiB group) to prevent the Gremlins from laying waste on some city (it was New York in gremlins II so I was thinking Washington DC. Or the whole of New Jersey. Must be something equally comical and over-the-top)

Care to give me a hand ? The working basis is that there will be two prologues, one for each agencies. During the prologues, they will find an object each, that will destroy the gremlins in the final episode once combined.

Then the proper campaign begins, several years after the prologues. I was thinking that elements from the GB prologue are at the center of the MiB adventure, and vice-versa.

In the finale, well, the elements from the two adventures result in the gremlin menace, and the MiB and GB have to team up, and use stuff from the prologues of each other to fight the gremlins.

I've already determined some stuff, i'll post it next once i translated my notes. Until then, thoughts, anyone ?

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GB prologue

They’re hunting a children-hating ghost. Turns out it wields the Pied Piper of Hamelin’s flute. The ghost was conjured from the flute itself by a sorcerer. The GB stop the ghost and arrest the sorcerer (however that works since they’re not law enforcement : they probably just shoot beams at him and he dissipates while cursing them with his last breath) in his lair, full with other evil artefacts. Everything collapses of course (I need a cool landmark place for the lair to be situated in/below, btw, since I’m not american you’ll have better ideas).

At the end of the adventure, Venkman jokingly says that the children were probably “nasty little critters anyway” and that nobody would have cared if they disappeared, and Winston Zeddemore humorously puts a “nasty little critters magic pipe” sticker on the box containing the artefact and files it away.

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MiB prologue

The MiB are trying to catch an alien sun cult that came on Earth to avoid cult-busting galactic enforcers. They have a big ship (or device) capable of emitting a very intense sunlight. So intense that it can suburn people in a matter of minutes, and burn a human body to ashes after an hour or so. The aliens are resistant to sunlight, but not the people in the locality where they are planning to proceed with their illegal celebration.

Once the cultists are stopped, the MiB take custody of the ship/device.

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Some time later (maybe a few years)

The MiB has a mission that ends in a paranormal threat. They then get the order to "let the professionals handle this" and woooof next game session, it's a GB adventure, picking up where the MiB left it. It's their first meeting.

The GB solve the case and are a bit shaken up to learn that the government has a secret alien agency that knew about them, but they didn't knew about it. The MiB neuralyses them but thanks to basic psychic training (something Egon and Ray forced them to undergo) it doesn't work in the end and they walk off.

Final case, the gremlins, and they have to join forces using the hamelin pipe to lure the gremlins under the solar device that they both remember to have obtained long ago.

The objects are necessary because there is a massive eclipse shielding the gremlins from the sun.

I was thinking the eclipse could be both occult and alien in origin, thus the involvment of both parties.

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Sounds good enough to me, but why use the original characters, why not expand both agencies with recruits?

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I should have specified. The characters are new recruits, I never use or propose to play original characters from shows or whatever, that's just lame.

For MiB, new recruits are quite easy to explain. For GB, well, it will be Buster-Team 2 or something.

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