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Anyone here actually played Maid? How'd it go?

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sup/tg/ has a channel and people regularly play it

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Play it with creeps and it'll be outright disturbing. Play it with people on brotier, and it can be pretty epic.

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Is this a game where you'd play with your pants down or what?

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Only if you're a creepy motherfucker.

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I don't know man. This game looks like some kind of fetish play. How does the game play?

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More tables than Traveller.

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You play this for the lolsorandom d100 random event tables with a GM who knows how to play it silly.

You do not play this with sexual deviants.

Unfortunately, that rules out 99% of the people who would pick up Maid RPG.

Some of our sessions have turned pretty badass, though.

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Played it over IRC with my usual group. Once as a maid and once as the master. Both games actually went pretty well and were fun. We played up the anime tropes like crazy.

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I played it once. Game didn't get off the ground because the GM disappeared. Also, game's setup was kind of "meh."

People need to stop getting hung up on the "playing as maids" part. You could, with some tweaking (mostly ignoring weird stuff) use the rules and chargen for something like a Scooby-Doo style game.

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Play with some Otaku who like sillyness and its fun.
Play with people who think its some kind of ERP fetish play thing and you'll feel really really awkward and/or grossed out.

Sadly the two group overlap a lot

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The random event tables are a little too random.

Especially when half the shit you roll is some color of "your mansion blasts off into space and lands on a martian planet!"

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Maid rpg as SS13?

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>Captcha: realpp toiletry

Now it wasn't THAT bad...

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>Maid RPG
>Why are people so focused on playing as maids?

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This is your next Maid group.

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Shitty fetish game.

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The game overlaps in that aspect as well

"I got the shaking egg as my item..."

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Maid porn dump?

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I've played in more you're-not-a-maid maid games than ones that play the trope. It's probably because the IRC channel I was on treats it closer to BESM than how it was intended, but it was still pretty fun.

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Played it a few times, it was good fun, one group was being a bunch of monster girl maids for a prematurely awakened Dracula in castlevania, it was good fun.


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What is this game about, really?

Because at first glance, and most subsequent glances, it looks like creepy fetish material.

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You are maids.
You serve this guy.
You go on crazy adventures.

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I played on the sup/tg/ server a couple times... I think "lolsorandumb" was the best - if not only - way to describe it.

The last game I ever played there ended with my character (a rainbow-haired, transparent-uniformed gynoid loli with 5 Luck, I shit you not) in a threesome with the other two maids (one being a competent athlete/tomboy, and the other carried a giant mace with her everywhere if I recall right)... right before a meteor came crashing down onto the mansion and its many acres.

...so... yeah.

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Explain the shaking egg, then.

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Yeah, the game pretty much says if stuff like that makes you uncomfortable, it probably isn't for you. Though there's no real reason you couldn't play it PG, a lot of humor comes from the sexual content you can find in slice-of-life or harem anime. For example: One maid uses maid power to steal the clothes of another maid without her knowledge. Thief makes a clean getaway, master happens in on the scene immediately after the theft, finding a half-nude and confused maid. Maid in question flips out, blames the master, runs off, master spends half the session trying to prove his innocence or make it up to her or something along those lines.

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Item in MaidRPG called the "Mysterious Vibrating Egg". Here's the text:
A truly mysterious device. Its shape and effects are secret and wholly unknown. Although it is a Tool, it can be equipped by strapping it with tape to one's body (One's neck? One's arm? No one seems to know), and any Favor gained while it is equipped is doubled. However, it makes your breathing labored while it is equipped. It also scatters one's mind, making it very hard to concentrate.

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Don't get me wrong, it wouldn't make me UNCOMFORTABLE, it's just I don't really feel like playing a game that's all fetish.

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Wait, this game can actually get more than PG rated?

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Alright, this game seems fine. Is it actually any fun to play?

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Any game can get more than PG, fuckwit.

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You are now realizing that the author of Maid RPG is a woman.

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Sorry for not playing any game besides RT slaughtering some daemons.

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You could use it as a substitute for Dark Heresy.

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This game caused me to spiral into sexual deviancy.

It started with some fun IRC games. I would always end up rolling up a personality that was heavily in love with the master, and would play it up more and more each game. After a while the GM began to hit on me more seriously and I ended up, in my sexual desperation, accepting those perverse desires and we ended up cybering in character after the normal sessions. I ended up enjoying it more and more as I devolved further into a submissive cumdumpster. Eventually I got invited to more adult Maid RPG sessions, with like minded eRPers. I fell in love with a player, the butler, and ended up devoting myself to him, begging for his cock whenever he was on. I would end up missing work from long 8 hour cybering sessions where I would fill the room with the musk of my masturbation.

After a while he invited his friends into and made me cyber with them while he watched. He started ignoring me after a while, and when he disappeared entirely, I just ended up prostituting myself in any cyber avenue possible, always as a maid. WoW, yahoo chatrooms, eRP forums, it didn't matter. This rosy haze continues to this day, where I struggle against my addiction to online sex hourly.

Don't let Maid RPG devolve into sexual deviancy, or you may end up like me! Just play it for fun!

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It's pretty rules-lite from what I remember. I was in a game but didn't have the book. The setup was Katawa Shoujo maids. Yeah. I got to be the athletic maid who's part of a cult (called the Friends of Atlantis or something like that) who was a maid for the money, fought with a scythe and when she couldn't take it drank her sorrows away. Oh, and had seizures from time to time.

Kind of lame looking back (one player wanted to use a homebrewed point buy system for his maid; didn't like random tables), but I had fun for a bit.

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I've played and run it. The game I run is sort of like a cross between Howl's Moving Castle and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

Maids in flying castle head off to TAKE OVER THE WOOOOORLD with a completely incompetent but egotistical master (who became a warlord because he wanted to piss off his parents).

It's an episodic game without a lot of continuity, but it's fun.

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Oh god what

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.... Am I the only one that found that REALLY hot? I mean I know /tg/ has been known as /d/-lite, but still...

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I'm calling bullshit.

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It's not all fetish, though some items and costumes are rather heavy-handed, even after the cut(there used to be an Iron Cross item that would summon nazis to fight for you. I shit you not.). But you don't have to use those. In fact you probably won't use items a lot unless your GM goes for the whole LOLRANDUM thing.

I like random chargen and mansiongen(you will end up with some cool locations), even random event gen, but when a random event is going off every five minutes is when I start to :|.

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Hop on shangrila. You'll be well looked after lol

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Guys...the A-Team. Using Maid chargen and the other tables. Take away the frilly costumes/Maid-specific things.

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It's true, by the way. Your sessions will begin as really fun, really awesome games that's just like playing an anime(way more fun than watching them, by the way).

But then your maids will get to know each other better.

And then they will fall in love.

And that will be the end of you.

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Same way how playing DnD leads to theft, murder and devil worship.

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No, leave the maid costumes.

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Last player I had who rolled that up just taped it to her head and walked around with it.

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You make MaidRPG sound like it's on par with the Necronomicon or something... That and you sound like you speak from experience, care to tell more?

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Hot in that you wish you were the cock slut maid or hot in that you want to fuck the cock slut maid?

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The former.

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both are good.

flexibility is the key to happiness my friends.

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Both, at the same time.

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>(there used to be an Iron Cross item that would summon nazis to fight for you. I shit you not.).

This would make people uncomfortable? I busted out laughing at the mental image of a maid ordering around her loyal nazi platoon that appeared out of no where.

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You're right. I've been watching the old series lately and they do wear a lot of crazy things.

...is there a table for randomly constructing crazy vehicles?

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I'll admit that I had this problem, but not nearly to the extant of, uh, >11863046.

I was really enjoying playing a maid in a high school setting, and it coincided with a fit of depression and relationship desperation. Next thing I know she's making out with the other mage-like maid and lessing out. My brain reset itself shortly after and I just tossed the whole system aside to avoid relapse.

I'd try it again, but I don't know a group of people who'd play it in the non-creepy way.

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>leave the maid costumes
pic related

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Ok are we going to need to start a MaidRPG Anonymous group for all the people who ended up... "twisted" by MaidRPG? Or a MaidRPG rehab clinic?

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I think you just want to watch men cyber.

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What are you waiting for then? You aren't going to become a master's personal cocksleeve by browsing 4chan.

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Asexual here.
I've played maid a couple times with a few groups. It's pretty entertaining, never got into the whole relationship trouble thing. It can be a bit awkward when two players' characters fall in love, but closest I've gotten personally is just being brotier with someone. As long as everyone's reasonable it makes for a great time.

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It's probably coincidences of passion. And yeah, I played MaidRPG so much I'm fucking sick of it. Which is funny, since I'm basically supporting it in this thread.

The best comparison I can make is that MaidRPG is like the anime tabletop version of Dwarf Fortress, not in gameplay but how completely insane random shit can come together for something that may be hilarious or heartbreaking. I played with a lot of saps, and I'm a sap myself, so we ended up leaning towards heartbreak more often than hilarity.

That being said, most of the games I ran and played in didn't follow the normal maid formula very closely at all, so my vision is skewered a bit.

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Yeah, let's put a lot of cybersex addicts into a chatroom together!

Solid plan.

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Sure it is! We just need the Internet equivalent of a spray bottle to splash them with when they start getting frisky.

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No I mean MaidRPG Anonymous in a similar vein to Alcohols Anonymous, not a MaidRPG group made up of Anonymous.


Hmmm good point. Perhaps putting them into a real room would be a better idea, and make it into some kind of rehab clinic?

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That's exactly how I felt, but apparently the guy who translated it thought it was tasteless or some stupid shit.

So he replaces it the following, which is perhaps just as "tasteless"

Classic Japanese Flag
This was a flag once given to the highly honored Japanese soldiers of the Pacific War. If you equip it you gain "Membership : Ultranationalist Right Wing Party" as a Special Quality. You wind up with a squad of uptight, ineffectual and crazy Japanese ultranationalists (Attributes 2) following you around as subordinates (on foot or in an unmarked van). They will treat you as their Great Leader.

There were a few others I can't remember that got cut, most of them pretty funny in a politically incorrect way.

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We can be sex addicted maids together, anonymous.

Or would you prefer to be the one holding the leash?

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Depends on where you browse. /tg/ and /d/ would probably be a better place to start than /b/ or /r9k/, for example.

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Then we can spray them with water in real life? I'm game.

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/tg/: When it comes to sexual addiction, we're both the disease and the cure.

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Despite the subtheme in this thread, Maid RPG isn't really that fetish heavy. If you just want maid theme'd erotica, you can find it without much effort online.

Maid RPG really does just encourage goofy fun and wacky hijinks.

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If I was GM I'd descibe them as "monkeys with buck teeth. All of them"

Political correctness is such a load of bull that has no place in for-fun stuff like this. Or much place in anything. But that's for another thread.

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It's not the sex, usually. It's that we end up with so many waifus and daughters and forbidden(yet oh, so sweet) relationships, only for the cruelty of fate to step in and make a crucial player go do his real life at a crucial time.

I almost don't miss them anymore. It's so distant, but I can always remember when I go to bed at night.

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As one of the guys exaggerating that tone, I have to agree the light-hearted games are the most fun. Especially when it manages to be light-hearted in a post-apoc or horror or some other crazy setting.

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Edward blames maid rpg for his own failures as a human being

news at 10

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MaidRPG is, funnily enough, the most solid game I've ever played, mechanics-wise. Nothing else I've played has felt as streamlined and as cohesive as Maid does.

Just...drop the seduction rules. Seriously.

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It was absolutely silly, excuse my random gaps in memory for the game, we played it about a week ago and a lot of shit happened. Apologizes for spelling.

We did all the random rolling. We ended up with one of the party being a cool lolita exhibitionist nymphomaniac armed with a WWII Rifle and a stress explosion of Violence. (poor guy managed to roll on the perversion table twice, out of three traits). Oh and 0 Affection.

We also had a blind maid, a maid who was actually an assassin, a catgirl maid who wore bondage gear, a maid who was half naga and a maid with the Maid Power of punishment (armed with a Boken!), which we decided that could inflict d3 stress on other maids whenever they did something wrong.

The 'Mansion' was actually a dungeon, traps and all. I rolled a random event to start with ( I was DM ) and it came up as demon has been uncaged, so I thought I'll get to that later and started out with the normal wakeup routine.

So, the maid with the rifle and another maid who was Blind decided to go wake up master ( an 18 year old ). The rifle maid woke him up with a four-shot salute. The blind one then decided that she thought the dungeon was being attacked. By the Master rolling shit, the Maids rolling well and my slight misunderstanding of the system the Master had a Stress Explosion. ( Eh, it was funny this way anyway ). His stress explosion, Binge.

So, to Breakfast. One of the maids who was preparing Breakfast was an assassin... or something... so they tried to poison the breakfast. They rolled well so they did. Then, as they were taking the breakfast up, one of the other maids decided to taste test it first. Rolling sufficiently bad on a luck roll to miss the poison entirely.

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So, the Master scoffs down this breakfast (binge!) and starts to feel a bit queasy. One of the other maids tries to cure him and does kind of okay? Then a player spent favour to trigger a random event. We got an Archangel comes along. I decided that fine, this makes sense with the demon uncaged right?

So, this Archangel (we decided Raphael) walks in, setting off all the traps and going "huh, traps, that's nice." Most of the maids go to meet it, discover it's an Archangel, listen to about two sentences of it going "Yes, I have come to smite stuff..." before deciding to take her to the Master.

The Master by this point was being looked after... badly... The maid responsible for keeping him safe rolled badly and piled ice packs on him. He eventually burst out of them, just about clinging onto consciousness and life from all of this. Oh and another maid, I forget if it was the one trying to poison him, fed him very sugary flapjacks for a while (He was still Stress Exploding).

The Maid's plan was to give him Diabetes, so I decided that fine, if I roll three 6's on 3d6 then he gets Diabetes instantly. I rolled a 6, a 6 and a 5. So we decided that he got Diabetes, but slowly. By this point, the game was getting a bit silly even by Maid standards, so I had to wing the rules for several bits. (There are no rules in Maid RPG for instant diabetes). So yea, the maid looking after him managed to stabilise him... sorta...

Anyway, from here the PC's decided to beat up and contain this Archangel a bit. He had all stats at about 5, but the Naga had the Instant Restraint ability. So the Naga warped him up in her tail and held her there.

>> No.11863482

So yea, then more random events were triggered. One maid got the random event to find a potion to turn into a guy, so he did? Then some people attacked the mansion, the naga whacked them with the archangel as a wreaking ball a bit, some stuff happened. The attackers got tricked into thinking that a sewage tank room was actually a treasure room and charged in there, one of them drinking a potion that one of the maids had given them, claiming it was beneficial... or something. They did well on cunning rolls. Anyway this red potion had been found before when the previously gender-changed maid found a bunch more potions in the bondage-cat girl's room. Another gender change, a thin red potion and a purple one from memory.

The attacker got given the red one, they drank it, and promptly fell into a tank of shit. So, I dedicated that that potion was a potion of "change into a big fuckoff dragon". So the other two drown in shit and the last one became a red (brown) dragon.

The blind maid got pushed into the room with it, thought it was a tiger and tried to tame it. Eventually the pc's managed to beat this dragon by combined rolls. At which point the naga-maid stuffed it and hung it up in the entrance hall.

After this point stuff got a bit random(-er) so it's slightly out of order, the naga gained the trait where she had to be like a gangster, so she did. She then tried to make prohibition moonshine gin in a bathtub, got the mixture wrong and we decided that it turned her into a tree. (That player had to leave at that point so that's where she stayed)

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Also, one of the maids cocked up something so badly at one point that I decreed that she get stress equal to every dice on the table. There were people on the table with lots and lots of dice. Yea they were stress exploding for the rest of the session. Her stress explosion was misscheaf.

Anyhow, the now male maid decided to tie up the Archangel in bondage gear, trickle the gender change potion he found down it's throat and leave her on the Master's bed for him to find and... yea... The cat girl also joined in with that off-camera escapades...

Anyhow, the blind maid ended up going down to the basement, becoming possessed by the demon and summoning imps and shit. The cat girl then went about capturing the Imps, deciding they were cute and caging them.

It ended up with the Master 'riding' the captured Archangel into battle against the demon. About half the party on the demon's side and half on the Masters. With the rather shitty master's stats, and the awesome demon (that the possessed girl had summoned) and angel stats respectively on each side. The Master won by about 2.

We decided in the end that one of the other maids shape shifted into a pigeon (I said that the purple potion added another random trait) and shat on the possessed girl's head, which caused the demon to leave her body in disgust.

Yea... it was funny, it was silly, I had to wing about half of it. But it was awesome and I'm going to buy the book, as in a hard copy.

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Just another day in Maid RPG.

>> No.11863562

Play a regular campaign. Just rename one class to maid, changing only the uniform and nothing else.

>> No.11863628

Sounds interesting. I'd like to give it a try. Can I play a Nazi maid? Or do you have to roll randomly for political affiliations?

>> No.11863666

there's probably an SQ for it, but nothing is going to stop you from heiling Hitler as a robo-catgirl.

>> No.11863684

and wanting to breed the new Aryan superman, using the next vaguely blond person you see?

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it's fun for an evening. nothing i'd really be able to play for more than that

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Sure you can play a Nazi maid. I've seen someone do it before.

I've also seen someone play Ayn Rand as a maid. That was fucking hilarious.

>> No.11863712

Why not run a maid game with the mansion as Castle Wolfenstein?

>> No.11863732

I played an Andrew Jackson maid once. "Andrea"

Even got to beat up a few redskins

>> No.11863758

Last time I played this I had a blast.

Would play again anytime.

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I now want to play a combination of Dark Heresy and Maid RPG more than anything else in the world.

>> No.11864052

Quite likely to devolve into erp.
As such, I stay away from it.

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>Ayn Rand Maid.


>> No.11864529

I'm surprised it isn't the standard for most gaming groups.

Just roll a random character with both generators on suptg and get ready to serve your master inquisitor!

>> No.11864609

Custodian-chan serving the Emprah!(although it turns out he was just a lazy hikikomori)

>> No.11867024

>combination of Dark Heresy and Maid RPG

Galaxy Angel RPG, then?

>> No.11867035

Not enough grimdark

>> No.11867051

Every time I've run one its been like that. But instead of the that captain with the mustache the master was a less than subtle knockoff of Gaunt, Cain or Yarrick.

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