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Shadowrun Character Art Thread Please, also Shadowrun General!

Im starting a game (PBeM and Chat) soon, and some of the players need ideas for characters. We are gonna play a ganger street level type game, set in San Francisco.

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Body modification artist/enthusiast.

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Well, here's some ideas.

One of the characters is addicted to something?

Hitmen, Deliverers, BnE specialists, Hackers, Street Mage, Tanky Rumbler Types, ex-military, illegal immigrants, kooky cultists, go-gangers, wannabe sammies.

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"They call us gangers -- that's an insult. We're a family, and more than that. We're a church."

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Here's your character: badass MILF/Team Mom. Make sure your buddies are taking care of themselves.

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"Mother Earth has started fighting back. Our job is to help her."

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The Wired- they call to me, they tell me their secrets. Let me tell you this, Mr. Johnson: they do not take kindly to what you have been doing.

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If it isn't broke, don't fix it. Well, humans aren't broke, its nonhuman freaks like you. So I'm going to fix you.

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"Mug you? I'm not gonna mug you. I'm just gonna engage in some All-American, free-market exchange of capital for services. Let me tell you about my services..."

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Well, there is that whole "dying" bug. Or is it a feature?

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/tg/ drawfag from months ago. No clue about the name, it was the only pic from the thread I grabbed.

"Hey, dumbass! I don't need the latest chrome to kick your fancy ass through the wall!"

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Whatever it is, she's not going to find out anytime soon if she can help it.

"One shot, one kill. But where's the fun in that?"

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I don't know anything about any stolen visualization tech. I'm just a bike messenger.

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"Pwease Mister, that's not nice."

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You want a boom? How about two booms? Or maybe five? Get six, seventh one's free!

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"I don't need a pistol or an SMG. I'm a one-man air force."

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"I don't understand why anybody would go the boring school-corporate-9 to 5 route. The street may be more dangerous, but it's a lot more fun!"


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Great Ideas! We are thinking about being affiliated with the triads and try to push out the Yaks from San Fran.

So far I have two trolls, an orc, and a human physad.

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hahah! This is precicely why I am limiting this shit to lowlevel for a while!

I have loved shadowrun since I started playing it in 2nd edition, but recently Ive converted a bunch of new players and they have given me a new point of view:

Shadowrun starts out too powerful, and there is less a sense of accomplishment.

thats why Im starting them small time and building from there.

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fun, it will also take sammys longer to top out.

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the first question a couple of the vets asked was "So what about cyberware?"

I said "We are based in china town, you can get tons of cheap knockoff shit for everything disposable but if you want serious chrome you better cut it out of a prime runner you find geeked in the ditch."

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I'll just leave this here.

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Ooooo, neet. what is a Street no Tenshitachi?

ooh wait.. Angels of the Street?

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Fuck yeah Female Ork Gun Adept, you are the hottest arcetype ever.

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Is that just the ork Gun Adept from the corebook? If so, awesome.

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Ork / Gunslinger Adept Jill something or other

Elf / Combat mage Nanii Uinch

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Yes it is, and the elf is based on the Street Mage from 3rd edition (who also got made into an action figure).

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Does the moon runes tell you what the loligoth is supposed to be? Anonymous have argued a bit about that, even dumb explanations as Gnome Adept and stuff.

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Troll Technomancer my kanji sucks san
Human Bio Gilett? (Baio Jiretto) Holly

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it says Human Bio somthing. the runes spell out Giretto which could be Jilet ? Im very confused but intrgued

Loligoth shadowruning!

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>moon runes

Jesus, learn to read Japanese, you ignorant fuck.

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Gillette. Like the women's razor brand?

Razorgals? Like, female sammy gangers.

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As a fan of characters with unusual race/archetype combinations, the troll technomancer makes me happy. Also his tiny little sprites are adorable.

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Gilette, maybe? Female sammies are sometimes called 'gilettes.'

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Yep. They're the best a man can get.

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Well, looks like someone's in a cranky mood today.

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The only ignorant fuck here is the one who doesn't even know what "moon runes" means.

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her paragraph reads something about antique dresses and lots of bioware.

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You might also want to, ah, read the english text behind the japanese writing and character portraits.

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yay! she is a Bio street sam! instead of Chromed out and shiny, she is a Gilette!

Im glad my rusty moonrune readying skills could help!

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whoa. I didnt even notice that! thanks

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In 4th edition, it's mentioned that 19th century clothing is fashionable again at the moment, and steampunk clothing is actually in the tables of items and equipment.

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Shut up. I'm saving for something better, okay?

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I bet she's actually forty years old or something, with tons of operations.

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alright! that answer that, and gives me an idea for a girl gang :)

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Loligoth street gang? That sounds both a bit too creepy and pretty badass at the same time.

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Ever read Hammerjack? Sounds like one of the street species to me. Hell there's even Goths, but they're more into deathplay than anything else.

Come to think of it, Hammerjack's setting would work for an alternate Shadowrun game. Just need to take out the magic and maaaybe technomancers (or have them tied to bionucleics).

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"We can do this hard way or easy way. I may not know the latest corporate tricks, but street techniques work just as well for making you talk."

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Nope, never read that. One of the first official Shadowrun stories was about a decker with a Jack the Ripper theme, though. He had modified his deck to display all matrix sites as a gothic victorian city. So encrypted files appear as safes hidden behind paintings, he encounters Black Ice that looks like a black, ghostly charriot and so on.

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Nice, that's a neat touch.
Hammerjack's a bit sparse on the details, but areas outside of Corp. influence have apparently "gone wild" and "street species" have cropped up. You have Goths who are into collecting and selling recordings (both of watching and experiencing) of death, Tesla Girls (not sure what they are, but they seem kind of feral), Crowleys (Black Masses, maybe sacrifice?), Zone Agents (the "police" they're pretty much orcs in camo armor) and that's all that comes to mind right now.

It's a world where the Corporate Assembly is in charge of the world; not too dystopian for the average person though. They lead normal lives it seems. If you're living in the Zones where the CA doesn't hold sway, it's a dog eat dog world apparently.

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Shadowrun has the Halloweeners, always liked them. I don't know if they're still around in the 2070's, but I hope so.
I like how the SR setting gives you pretty big freedom when it comes to what your character looks or acts like, without loosing the feeling of one consistent world.

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This is the image I'm likely going to use. Its a slightly tweaked version of the cover of "Arsenal"

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yeah, Shadowrun has my favorite setting of anything, ever. As if the system kicking the living shit out of d20 at every turn wasn't enough, the fluff and history are among the best sci-fi I've ever read. Also, a troll with two LMGs that has a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher and can jump 30' is too awesome for mere words.

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Sorry, but that woman looks way too smooth and weak to be a troll.

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I've been a fan of the fluff for almost a decade, but have never been able to actually play it because people only want to play Vampire the Masquerade around here. Feels bad, man.

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Riggers are underrated.

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They're in SR4 under sample foes in the GM chapter.
Thing is, street species is more than just gang affiliation or who you hang with; you're born and die in your niche. It really is like a miniature ecology.

Or something like that. The book is more about dealing with some antitech cult and corporate stuff and I don't remember much of the sequel (but I'm positive it's more of the same).

I like how in theory (if I could/wanted to put in a little extra work) I could take the mechanics and ideas and adapt to my own fluff.

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Forgot my pic.

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Shit, I haven't even gotten to play ONCE because nobody I know likes Shadowrun and I fly into a neckbeard rage whenever I GM ANYTHING. Reading too much sci-fi and fantasy has made me a bit hypersensitive to setting, and that has caused problems on numerous occasions. I have, however, written some stories for myself.

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From a fluff point of view, my favorite "class" is shaman, and trolls are my favorite metahuman race. With orks on second place.

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Part of the problem is that many nerds love sci fi but hate fantasy, and vice versa. Which becomes a problem when one wants to introduce them to SR.

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I've been in one SR game online. It was PbP and fizzled within 50 posts. Pretty much everyone was to blame for that. I know I could have put more effort into posting and interacting. There was one player who dropped without a word before we started and another who kind of disappeared within a few posts the GM was very hands-off so it all died with a whimper.

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More of an NPC; old decker (like at least 60, more if 4th edition) who gets nostalgic about the good old days before the internet crashed and we didn't have any of these fancy new dataports and you actually had to use A SCREEN AND MOUSE and deckers these days don't blah blah blah.

Also have a tendency to drop ancient memes and internet jokes that were funny sixty years ago.

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yeah. I grew up reading Heinlein, Tolkien, Asimov, George R. R. Martin, Vonnegut, Huxley, et al; a huge and eclectic mix. I have a really broad base, which is made all the more apparent when one of my friends has read precious little besides LoTR and the adventures of "twoswords Mc-anti-hero, the reformed drow!" a dozen times

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SR's an acquired taste. You have to be willing to mash dragons and chrome together and let it make sense. Not everyone wants to do that. I know I'm kind of okay with the setting but favor things more on the sci-fi side of the scale.

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Odd thing is that few people have a problem with magic in futuristic settings or hi tech in medieval fantasy settings, as long as you rename magic to psychic powers, nanobots or the force and robots to golems or constructs.

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On the other hand, one of my friends fell insantly in love with the setting after I mentioned that it has both zombies AND cyborgs. Too bad he's not an actual roleplayer.

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hehe, I love pitting tech versus magic. guys with ARs versus a vampire cult? sweet. Somebody summoning spirits nightly to trash an electronics place? better. It may seem like the sixth world reached equilibrium with fate and progress, but the war just became a bit more subtle.

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

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>On the other hand, one of my friends fell insantly in love with the setting after I mentioned that it has both zombies AND cyborgs. Too bad he's not an actual roleplayer.

and cyberzombies.

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At the end of the Paranormal Animals of North America sourcebook (still one of my all time favorite monster manuals) Dunkelzan shows up on the Shadowtalk message board. Everybody shits bricks at the thought of a dragon using a cyberdeck.

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And any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from SCIENCE!. At least that's the kind of magic systems I prefer.

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>One of the characters is addicted to something?

This is a pretty good idea. Remember that Cram is cheap and gives you an extra Initiative Pass.

Also keep in mind that magicians and adepts are going to be relatively more powerful than usual, due to the low amounts of equipment available.

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Well a well-played rigger is basically Alice Margatroid with guns.

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Fluffwise, I'd say shamans would work better that kind of game than Arcane mages. And you get to use the fun urban totems like Raccoon and Dog.

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That's what I did with my character. Spent too many points on skills, didn't have much left for gear so I got an autoinjector loaded with Cram. Never got a chance to try it out however.

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They tend to suffer from the same problem as Deckers did in earlier editions, though. Which is that their skills and gear often require that they stay at home while the others go on runs. Unless you have lots and lots of drones, of course.

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or if, god forbid, a secure computer isn't connected to the matrix and needs manual access from a tech specialist.

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True, but it's still hard to drive an armoured truck inside a megacorp office. Of course, in SR that's no reason not to try it. It's not about winning, it's about going out in a blaze of glory.

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heh, only if you're japanese or a sammy. Most shadowrunners don't retire, it's true, but more often than not they end up in unmarked graves at a construction site somewhere and NOT on the news. Besides, driving a van into something for access usually isn't the best idea >.>

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Are we just gonna let this thread die or are we gonna keep it going?

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Keep this shit going!

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Im currently helping the Human PhsyAd make his character. Im making this really low power too, so we are spending a lot of time on it.

This thread has been awesome!

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Good plan? No. Memorable roleplaying session? Yes.

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Out of curiosity, what is the most broken adept you've ever seen? My brother rolled one that could do 16P with a toothpick. From 30' away.

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that's with how many initiations and how many net hits?

you should give a damage breakdown

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I made a dwarf phsyad like that in sr3. punched like a tank, 14D damage

The orc physad from my last game had 3 passes and used combat axes. it was bullshit.

>Fenris Technology

Even Captcha is down with Shadowrun!

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Hey mister I know that you're who you say you are. I just ran 4 different background checks on you while we were talking. Thing is I also checked your boss and your boss's boss and I stole some money from him a while back and he's been gunning for me so I'm going to have to decline.

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"You want me to keep the body count under 5? Thats gonna cost you extra."

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"This is the part where you pay me and walk away. Or this is where I shoot you and sell your organs on the black market. Either way I'm not leaving here empty handed."

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"Officer do I look like the type of person who would rob a bank, get shot and replace her arm in one afternoon and go and rob the same bank again?"

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I'll do what I can, but my brother has the character sheet. I know that it was a Ork, that he bumped up the AGI and that he got throw anything and damage increases. He also maxed out his AGI and STR and thrown weapons /w a spec in "improvised thrown weapons". I think with one net hit it was about 12-13 damage or something for base damage with a throwing knife. I'm approximating here, I don't have the sheet and I seem to have misplaced my book. Either way, I saw him destroy a car with a railroad spike. It was awesome.

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I've never played shadowrun, but wanted to try it out a lot.

>> No.11859898

Same here; unfortunately, the only group near me are a bunch of crusty grognards who ONLY play AD&D...

which kinda sucks as I bought the rulebook, the beginner adventure module and a large pack of d6s...

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she's about to kiss her knuckles goodbye.

>> No.11859935

"I' know we're going there to talk! I just to have something in case they don't listen!"

>> No.11859979

If I'm doing this, I'm doing it with style.

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Next time I play shadowrun, I'm making rock.

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There's a saying...

"Everything is Shadowrun."

Clearly Revy is a gunslinger adept.

>> No.11860634

what would Rock's class be?

>> No.11860700

I actually had a vory boss that was like Balalaika once. She ended up personally killing the PCs.

>> No.11860711

he'd be the face, of course.

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I like that art style!

We are almost done making his character. I might have to limit the group to 250 build points, but dictate that 150 be spent on attributes. have 25+ BP of nuyen is just tooo much for some gangers.

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Aight, we are taking a break right now from chargen. I need to do more on my side as a GM to flesh out what I want from them before we build other characters.

They are gonna be a small time street gang that runs like 2 blocks of a part in china town, they are like sub contractors of the lager gangs, and they are pretty strong so they will start to get some of the more adventurous jobs. Gonna start pushing back at the Yaks in San Fran, take back China town!

(this game might be influenced in part by Big Trouble in Little China..... )

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dwarf street gang minis for shadowrun! wow!

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Man, I almost forgot the pic for...

ARNTHORR ODINKAR, Viking Wizard and Astral warrior >:D

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lol wat!

>CHITON klingdat

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