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Sup /tg/?

I've been messing around with modding Final Frontier (a Civ IV modpack, for Civ IN SPAAACE) and thought that a 40k mod of it wouldn't be impossible. What would *you* as appreciators of 40k and Civ (moreso then /v/idya anyhow) like to see in a mod like this?

So far I have:
IoM and Admech as new Civs (was quick and easy to do, these didn't need much work at all).

I plan to add:
-All the factions as playable. Always agressive civs will be set so that any unit can attack at any time, regardless of war/not war, similar to privateers.
-Replace the normal space features with more 40k specific ones
-Add events, etc. for more 40k theme.
-Ground formations units, which won't be able to leave the system without hitching a ride on. . .
-Transport type units

Other Potential Ideas/WiP Concepts:
-Reduce the amount of research drastically. Set it so that you have the tech if not the infastructure, to build most units from the start. To gain beakers, the players will hunt for STCs?
-Remove Tech Tiers, instead have building tree for unit creation.
-Replace Tech with requisitioning from other sectors?

Anyhow, what does /tg/ think?

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Sounds good, but i'm not sure if every race should be playable (necron and maybe tyranids).

As a human you should be able to be either Imperium world or "free world".

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I support this.

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Necrons and Nids I was thinking would be set up so that though they can play, diplomacy is impossible. They will wait until last though, esp. nids, as I want to rework them so that instead of conquering a planet, they devour it down to stone (reducing it's food, hammers and gold output to 0) and then get more units. Hive Ships as mobile cities (want to try this for craftworlds too).

I do plan on having the factions set up as:
Rebel Government
Space Marines
Traitor Government (as rebel, but with CHAOS)
Dark Eldar

In order of priority. Priority is based on a learning curve (not sure how I'm going to to moving cities yet) not on importance to being in the mod (otherwise I'd have started with da boyz).


>oacentle cov
Captcha is making less sense then normal. . .

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Wouldn't it be possible to mod terrain to spawn units? if so, tyranids could be made to spawn from special terrain (spawning pools and so) which expands with time, so more time you leave it alone, more spawning pools and more units

> hostores units

Is captcha suggesting AdMech units?

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Just talk about that in a Civ 4 thread yesterday. I support you fully OP. Just don't make the function stupid like having Imperium of Man sign defensive pact with Chaos.

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Other Bits and Peices:
Plan on having religions/values changed and connected directly to each overarching faction.
-Mankind: Admech, IoM, Space Marines
-Chaos: Traitor Governor, CSM
-Eldar: Craftworld Eldar, Dark Eldar, Exodites, etc.
-None: The rest who are only out for themselves. Might make one for The Hive Mind, keeping multiple 'nid players "togetherish" and one for the 'crons also seems like an idea.

Basically this will force the different factions to stick with the always war motif, etc.

>gramoup suffrage
Yes Captcha, gramoup should get the vote

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I think that could be done well. Have the Tyranids just be barbarians, but spawn a shitload of units when they do pop up. Terrain could also be reduced within their city radius.

Would be cool to have such a city pop up, and nearby people quickly ally to go take it out before the Tyranids become a local problem.

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>Necrons and Nids I was thinking would be set up so that though they can play, diplomacy is impossible. They will wait until last though, esp. nids, as I want to rework them so that instead of conquering a planet, they devour it down to stone (reducing it's food, hammers and gold output to 0) and then get more units. Hive Ships as mobile cities (want to try this for craftworlds too).

Maybe you could take a leaf out of Rhye's of Civilisation and have the Nids show up half-way through a game out of the blue to fuck shit up.

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Admech are already in. As of yet their basically 'The Forge' with some text changed.

Also, note that it's going to be a further mod of Final Frontier, so as such terrain is somewhat different. It's in space properly, star systems and such.


I'm not sure how I'll make it so certain alliances hate other ones more, but I'll figure it out somehow.
(eg: Chaos and IoM should be miles away from eachother, but IoM and Eldar should be able to have a cautious relationship.

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Lots of potential here. Cities turning to chaos if not looked after properly. Exterminatus being a wonder.

I like the idea of replacing tech trees with resources. Maybe even have a feature where planets provide features. You have to 'research' a planet into being a forgeworld before you can build titans. Lose the planet you lose your ability to create Titans.

But for god sakes. keep it quiet till your done or GW will be up your ass faster than you can say squats as a playa

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Awesome. Also make different type of IGuards regiment with different promotion. Same with SMarines. And Chaos have some sort of Gods/Mutation promotion.

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I plan of having most of the alien races come in playable and barbarian varieties. Especially Orks. No way to tell if that ork player used a privateer unit to attack you or it it was a legit to mork barbarian unit.

I do like the idea of barbarian nids being a "OH FUCK!" thing, turn up and start scaring the fuck out of everyone.

Exterminatus missiles I thought would be a very exp. missile type, a step up on the doomsday missiles they have now. Might just rename the Quantam Missiles as I'm fairly sure they do this. Quantam missiles are new to Final Frontier Plus, (I'm actually modding from Final Frontier Plus, a mod of the Final Frontier mod, including the Finaler Frontier mod. So this is a mod of a mod of a mod of a mod.)

Desgnating a world to be a forge world, etc. will likely be "buildings". Only one designation can be on a world at a time too. *If* I was to do it via research, I'd likely rework research to be politicalness, and allow some repeatable 'researches' like Designate Forgeworld. However that'd be much harder, and I'm not sure if I could do that.

As for the short bastards, they will get a mention at the least, not sure if they'll be a playable, or just be put in an event or something. Zoats are also going to be re

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>So this is a mod of a mod of a mod of a mod.

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Adding new promotions for factions later on down the track is something I want to do. That's going to be waaaaay later though.

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Yo dawg, I heard you like Final Fronteir Mods so we put a mod in your mod in your mod in your mod so you can play while you play while you play while you play?

>program hiplaned

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It would be cool to see Sisters of Battle as the top tier infantry for IOM of you have 'Eccesiarchy' as your faith. Tough, infinatly loyal and excellent city defence/attackers. Not sure how the faith powers would be done though.

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Fan of Civ, like these ideas.

Would prefer tyranids playable if not all. I love the idea of sending swarms and monsterous creatures at folk.

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Nids should definitely act like barbarians in that one Warlords game type.
The one where you play as a horde of nomadic barbarians that pops up sometime after all the other civs had been established and grown, and the more cities you pillage, the bigger your horde of barbarians becomes.

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This...this definetly pleases me.

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Unit Types:
Final Frontier has Recon, Light, Carrier, Capital, Space station and Squadron as its unit types. In addition to this I want 'Infantry', 'Mechanised', 'Armoured', 'Titian', 'Super-Heavy', 'Atmostpheric' and 'Artillery' as "ground" unit types, as well as 'Transport' and 'Seige' class ships.

Spaceships will no longer be able to conquer planets without 'ground' units (though they will likely be able to bombard them off the face of said planet).

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Note: Not played Final Frontier.

For religions, you could have 'interpretations' for each religion block - 'Warrior Cult' for those who worship 'Big E' like the SM, 'Sun God', which is more popular on more primitive worlds, 'Machine-spirit', which boosts hammers for tech-heavy worlds.

Urgh... like vanilla Civ, it still overlaps with Civics. Could you work out a system of 'Grand' and 'Local' civics?

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I remember there was a mod like this, iirc it also had moving cities. I plan on inspecting it closely when I get to the eldar and the nids. Especially for the nids.

SoB will be an infantry regiment available to IoM, which will require certain buildings, etc. to build.

So do I. I think the idea of having genestealers as spies, with some kind of mechanic where they infect planets would also be a bit of fun.

Also, for those unfamilliar with Final Frontier, it's set up so that the battlefield is a chunk of space, and "cities" are in fact starsystems. The scale will mean that the smallest 'ground' force available will likely be a regiment or equivalent. The scale will be Epic and BFG, not regular 40k. I'm thinking of making it so that induvidual units may be almost a kind of 'promotion'. So that for example a guard regiment might have ogryns, which would give them +5% to attacking. Or they might have an artillery platoon, giving them a +5% defensive bonus against infantry. Note that an entire star system is one tile in this, so ranges are more or less a moot point.

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OP, have you played Fall From Heaven 2? I think the Armageddon Counter there might work for you, to ramp up late-game combat; Making it easier for Orks to Waaaagh, Chaos to summon it's most powerful units, IG to draft units etc.

I suggest some 'World Spells' like in Fall From Heaven, but unlocked through late-game tech-progression, and so powerful as to perhaps guarantee a victory.

'Access Black Library': Through Tzeentch's tech line. Doubles/Triples all Tzeentch civ's research speed?
'Final Plague': Through Nurgle - infects all troops, reduces all health scores.
'Blood Rage': 10% of all units become aggressive barbarians.

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Try it out, it's a great mod. Final Fronteir Plus streamlines the whole thing, makes it run smoother, fixes a few of the minor issues and adds a few more cool things like resources on planets.

I do plan on 'Death World' being a planet resource, that gives +1exp. to any unit in the system .

As for civics, I'm not sure if they can come in 'local' really. I'm thinking of using:
Government: Distant, Democracy, Monarchy, Theocracy, Dictatorship and Technocracy.
Labour: Default, Mechanised, Forced, Employed and Fanatical.
Economy: Simple, Industrial, Agricultural, Planned and Communist.
Freedoms: Libertarian, Balanced, Restricted, Police State and Absolute Oppression.

I left military out for now, as it is more of a YES in wh40k.

I know the IoM categorises planets, (agri-worlds, etc.) but does it do the same thing at the sector/sub-sector level?

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>Armageddon Counter
This would work. When it reach certain number like in FFH 2 instead of the 3 Horsemen of the Apocalypse change it to a Tyranids fleet/Necron Awaking/Ork Waaagh.

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I've played a little, very little. Might have to give it a look.

Rework research to be faith based. Use a number of repeatable researches that give bonuses, arranged in a tech-tree. Instead of beakers have faith.

Chaos will use this to summon deamons, etc. IoM will get saints, etc. Orks will just WAAAGH! more. etc. etc.

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It's a amazing mod. One of the best I've played. And most of the model in that mod can be use for 40k. They already got Bloodthirsty model in there. And the Clockwork golem can be use as titan.

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by the by, Libertarian Civs will get more Happiness and Health, but be more prone to genestealer infection, and have increaced risk of SUDDENLY DEAMONS and all sorts of fun.

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I was thinking of grabbing the mecha from the NextWar mod for titans.

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Also this can be use as a daemon or something.

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I think the Orks, 'nids and 'crons should all exist, but as the Armageddon counter ticks higher, they get stronger. Orks may get free 'great commanders' who can lead sudden and deadly attacks into your territory, while weak Necrons start appearing in odd places; so you can have a situation like the fiction, where suddenly 3 tomb ships appear above Mars, in supposedly the most secure system in the Galaxy; enough to give people a fright and ensure that every world is garrisoned. For Tyranids, the answer is simply more; more and more.

At the same time, perhaps Abbadon launches a Fail Crusade every 8 points.

In general, Orks, Chaos and 'nids are made more powerful by a higher counter, while the Eldar of all stripes want to keep it relatively low. Imperials will probably want to keep it low, except that at 100%, they can START researching the 'Wake from the throne' Tech, a massive build project which creates the most powerful unit in the game.

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This one? Don't think it would look good as a titan but it's your mod.

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Thorians get to start researching it at 80%-90% as it is thier focus.

Ishvallian never get it and places are more likely to suffer unrest but all units get experiance every turn due to constant internal fighting.

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>I've played a little, very little. Might have to give it a look.


The in-game civpedia describes it as a mechanism to ensure that you don't get diplomatic stalemates between good and evil civs, and that the most powerful units only get pulled out when some real fighting has been taking place over a considerable time, so they can't be tech-rushed.

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Remembered it being somewhat more titain-ish. I'll have to compare the clockwork golem I guess.

Scale's not quite that large either. Even on the biggest maps, I don't think we're going to be dealing with more then a sector of space.

Still, very cool idea.

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Every 10 point. We get an update on every faction.
Imperium - Planet trying to break free.
Chaos - Corrupting Planet/Failsade/The Warp expand
Eldar - More soul get devoured by Slaanesh/ Lost Craftworld to Warpstorm
Necron - Tomb World start awaking around the map
Nids - More fleet coming in from all direction
Something like this?

Also pic. A almost perfect Krieger and Baneblade.

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Here's a Golem. It's more of a Chaos Titan than a Imperium Titan. I'll see if there's anything else 40k-ich.

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An escalation counter might be fun. Or a warp counter, where at 100% the whole sector is thrown into the warp and a 0% deamons can't even appear. . .

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Kreiger is amazing. Might have to find someone who knows what their doing to fix that clockwork golem into being a titan for the imps. Using it as is for chaos titans.

>whanan Formations,

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Green - Living Saint
Red - Khorne Chaos Champion.
Yellow - Closest to a Tech Priest I could find.
It would be much easier if you try a WHF mod.

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Can you make barbarian units pop up from nothing? I remember that happening at times.

Make Necrons spawn from nothing but empty space and unicorn farts.

That should put the fear into the players.

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I know there is a few WHFB mods going already. Remember though, that not everything will need a unit pic, because only Characters (A la great people) and regiments as a whole will be seen on the main map. Many unit types will only exist as an upgrade for regiments.

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by default barbarian units spawn from nothing in any space which is unseen by any player. And events can cause masses of barbarians to appear out of nowhere.

SUDDENLY NECRONS is totally doable.

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Possible win scenarios for the Imperium would be

Return of the Emperor, pretty obvious what that's about. For the Imperium.

Return of the Lost Primarchs (Corax, Vulcan and Leman Russ are somewhere in the galaxy, promised to return when the Imperium needed them most, Fulgrim is technically a demon prince, but the demon separated his soul from his body, and in essence, Fulgrim is still loyal, Jagathai Khan is lost in Commorragh surviving by eating Dark Eldar and hiding in the shadows.) For the Space Marines.

And the final completion of the Quest for Knowledge, for the Adeptus Mechanicus. The final completion of the full STC.

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So 1 Imperium but 3 way of winning? Wow.
Return of the Emperor would have to be through those long world project thing.
Return of the Primarch would be something like survive long enough until the counter reach 90 or something.
Quest for Knowledge would require the player to gather every machine relics in the map.
A possible forth ending - Closing the warp. Turns out those pillars on Cadia aren't just for show.

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Again, not so much the whole galexy at war as one little sector. But if I get this done to a point of polish I'm happy with, expanding the scale with a an option for 'Galaxy at war' or something (or hell, just make another mod of this mod) and I might give it a go.

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I thought we'd split the Imperium in three factions? Spess Muhreens, AdMech and Imperium?

>> No.11857218

Right. So we split them into three faction. Alright.
One little sector? Can you atleast set it in Segmentum Obscurus?

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Hmm, win scenarios for the other races...

Necrons - Kill everything, go back to bed
Tyranids - Eat everything, move on
Orks - WAAAAAAAGH...and then? Move on, I guess.
Chaos - Convert everything to Chaos?

Eldar? What the fuck to they want, anyway?

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That's how I'm doing it. If the whole moving cities thing works well enough, I might even introduce an Imperial Navy faction as well.

Also, note that although this will encourage two admech players to stick together, some infighting is very possible. And some factions (orks in particular) won't gain anything special from working together.

To clear things up:
Each player will pick a Faction (Civilisation) like admech or ork. Multiples are definately possible. Some factions will have associated alliances (Religions) such as Imperial or Chaos. The alliance will cause you to have major negitive modifiers to negociating with certain factions, and major positive factors to negociating with others. This will cause alliances to form along the bounderies of the races chosen. Mostly.

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OR one big sector. The mod lends itself to being about a sector, albeit potentially a big one depending on size map chosen. I'm liking all this 'story mode' type stuff, I think I'll do up a custom map for the mod once it's done, to put all these extra global win conditions in. Because they're awesome.

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As well as having their units appear to be barbarians to everyone else, I want them to profit from combat moreso then most races. Sucessfull attacks will give a small amount of hammers, faith(beaker replacement), food and gold to the ork player. Also, orks will have a large number of "unhappyness" (ie. proper lack of dicipline) and will get most of it's production from destroying units and from buildings that give a number set number of hammers each turn, and warbands randomly forming.

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One last shameless bump before bed. Something else that will come out when the warp counter gets high in pic related.

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I lied. Ended up coding instead of sleeping.

Added a second leader to IoM and AdMech.

IoM now has Imperial Governor and Governor-Militant.
Admech now has Fabricator General and Magos Explorator.

As for traits, each faction has a trait associated with it. And in addition to this every leader has one disposition trait, such as militant, productive or explorer. This being 40k, militant is reserved for more militant leaders then most: ie. those who actually serve in the military.

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Cheers for the bumps and all, but can I get some input. Even if it is vauge "I WANT" lists, or "Needz moar rivitz" it at least lets me know if I'm on the right track or whatever.

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Do you have any idea on how you are going to differentiate the different Imperial Guard Regiments, Ork Clans, Chaos Legions/Warbands, Eldar Craftworlds, Space Marine Chapters, etc etc...

If, of course, you've gotten that far ;P

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Yes! All hail the Kabal machine, the new Tiger!

>> No.11858543

They may be 'promotions' for regiments at this stage or different kinds of similar regiments. I'm not sure yet. I'm thinking that the archtypes 'Deathworld Regiment' will be in the game standard, and special ones 'Catachan Regiment' might just come in via events.

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Question for /tg/

Make a chapter or two for the mod? Or use some of the major ones? If I stick with making a chapter or two, then I'll have formations from the major chapters come in as re-enforcements with the events.

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I would say stick with original ones. The Salamanders and The Black Templars seem like they would constrast well.

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It appears I'm still up, so here's an update:
Added UB for Admech and IoM. Arbites HQ (Replaces Police Agency) and Admech Research Station (Replaces Research Lab)

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Final Bump and update before bed.
Added in Rebel Government Faction. Leader: Rebel Governor. UB: Free Palace. Any idea for UU?

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Wow. A lot of work.

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