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Seriously fa/tg/uys,

Who wants to live in 40k-verse? Post a pic with what you'd like to be, why you would want to be it and why you probably wouldn't end up being that.

I have always been religious, liked given specific purpose and work well under pressure and believe in working for the betterment of mankind. Grey Knights kinda personify all of this. However, I doubt I could maintain the same level of faith and dedication. Would probably end up as being an Intel Officer in the Guard.

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Ultramarine in the Dornian Heresy.

Because if there is one thing better than being an Angel of Death, it's being an Angel of Death with hightech armor and railgun weaponry.

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nuff said

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>Would probably end up as being an Intel Officer in the Guard.
Would you fuck. There's no equality of opportunity in the Imperium. Everyone who makes a suggestion in this thread should roll. If they roll a 100, followed by another 100, then they get to be the thing that prevents them from being the thing they want to be. Otherwise, they die like the dross they are.

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Because i'm good at taunting people with my awfull accent.

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<---- Like this guy.

But not the DoW 2 version.

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there was a thread similar to this awhile back. I don't really care enough to post a picture. Other than the space elf thing, I would probably be an eldar ranger on some planet with no sentient life, with very little intent on ever returning to my craftworld.

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No one with a brain, that much is pretty sure. Seriously, the 40K universe is a shithole for everyone, period.

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So, a servitor?

Personally, i'd like to be a Necron Lord.

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pic related

i have a kind of animistic thinking and i study "technology and basic-science" so i think it could be, that i would make a good one.

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You too once loved?

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Nuff Said.

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An Ork obviously. It doesn't really matter which kind, you get to be happy all the time either way.

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If I lived in the hyper shitty future I would probably want to be an ork. They're so easy to please. Specifically I'd like to be a kommando, because if you're brutally stupid, you might as well be one of the smartest of the brutally stupid

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Everyone knows that the absolute best most of us common scum could hope for is to be line infantry in the guard who got luck enough to not die in the first salvo. If not we'd all be drudge-laborers in grinding factories or something, living short lives filled with mind numbing toil and servitude. But since this thread is about what we WANT to be I'll indulge myself by saying that being a techpriest would rule.

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Sue powers 96% and holding steady, here's my answer.

Seraphim, goes rogue over death of Repentia lover (takes her Eviscerator as a memento), captured by Tzeentchite cult, contracts the Obliterator Virus, BREAKS FREE, flies around DAKKA DAKKA'ing from jetpack, with the occasional foray into CC with E-blitorator chainsword.

(seeks Farseer for long walks in the park, candlit dinners, and hours of snuggling. Smoking ok, no gyrinxes please -I'm allergic)

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Why not a Smartboy or Mek, then?

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Rogue Trader, naturally. But since I don't have a pic for that, Thousand Sons Sorceror.

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That's valid. I probably didn't think of that because I was too interested in jungle fightan.

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Well, you could have been born to be a Chaos Space Marine, and then in turn become a Emperor's Children one...and then...then my friends...


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Pic Related. I would want to be one of those fairly tactical marines(phun intended), who instead of having tons of shiny bits, has ammo packs and that ilk. Wouldn't be it though because.....well the odds of being a space marine........but I'd be okay with being a guardsman in Krieg or Drookian Fen.

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Madboyz are fine too?

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I could be an electro-priest, it doesn't seem to be an unachivable statut adn not something too shitty.

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I'm not ancient. I'm not pure enough.

I'm not purely awesome like this man obviously is.

Fuck, man. It would be SO awesome to be this guy.

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Guy looks like an armored, pissed off library.

I like it.

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i would like to survive the 40k so Ciaphas Cain comes to mind.

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I'd like to be an Ork, specifically Wazdakka Gutsmek. I can't even begin to explain how fucking awesome it would be to ramp off of piles of dead bodies into a swirling melee.

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Tau something. Might end up dying horribly, but at least the Tau are young and naive enough to not know totally how fucked the galaxy is.

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They're living holy generators. The most fanatical of the Mechanicus priests who undergo processes that turn them into electrical batteries. It's kind of unachievable.

The Obliterator virus seems kind of deformative for your pretty lesbian fantasy.

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I think serving out my life on some random planet as a Gue'vesa, farming alongside fellow humans and low-rank earth caste would be fine. Sure, I might occasionally be collected to go shoot people or something, but for the most part it would be a peaceful and humble existence. Plenty of time for meditation or socializing with my fellow man. Living conditions wouldn't remotely be bad either.

As far as achievability, if I was in the eastern fringes of the imperium it might be possible.

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Shows again how fucked up the 40K Universe can be.

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But I want bionic claws !

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That's what you think.

Also, why did I save this?

Also, fuck humanity, I'd want to be an Eldar swapping between the various artistic Paths. Spend life chilling on a craftworld, sculpting, painting, dancing, whatever. Sounds good to me.

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<--- This.

Why not? Well, there are a myriad of reasons; most obvious being that I am not a Tyranid organism (sadly).

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I'd like to be a Slaaneshi CSM or a Noise Marine.

That said, I'd probably be killed by the Imperium for heresy. Fuck those pricks.

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I would be a trap
Sp thats either a Culexus Assassin or the Deceiver.

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I fucking love machines, there's a machine god you say? Well why not worship him and become mostly machine myself? Hell yeah

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How do I roll? Do I just.../roll?



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Type "noko+dice+XdY" into the email field. X is the number of dice you want to roll, Y the number of sides.

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rolled 32, 66 = 98



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I failed, I'm leaving

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Ha ha.

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>I have always been religious,

You mean you grew up worshipping the God-Emperor of Mankind? Are you Muslim?

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rolled 59, 61 = 120


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My Sister and I would be twin Revenant pilots, dancing our ballet of death in mighty yet graceful Wraithbone Warmachines.

Either that or she'd be an Eldar Pirate Queen, scourge of the webway and I'd be a a member of the Sisterhood of the Adepta Sororitas, a Noble and Angelic Seraphim.

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Oh go on, post your pictures then. We know you want to.

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This guy.

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rolled 46, 14 = 60

I want to be a Techpriest since I spend a lot of my time here.


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rolled 89, 12 = 101

the emperor

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When was the last time he got laid?

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I want to be an Abbot at the Schola Progenium responsible for introducing young Sister Noviates to male genitals

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I want to be a middle class administratum clerk on a paradise world near the heart of the imperium.

Why:Because my daily order of grimdark would be finding out who stole my stapler.

Why not: Middle management is hard enough to get to without Davien(next cubicle over) brown nosing the boss every chance he gets.

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A lord of change. Ability to enter the Impossible Fortress. Ability to not only enter th Impossible Fortress but also gain access to the Hidden Library of Tzeentch! BLACK LIBRARY IS SMALL TIME!

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I'd like to be a commisar...so other commisars can't execute me for cowardice.

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This, forget what I said before.

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I agree with this man.

I would be Ahriman

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Even Lords of Change may end up insane though.

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rolled 67, 90 = 157

Rollan for Fire Warrior

I just like how they're so clean'

Captcha: "Idea" wompage

lol dubstep

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ARE YOU SERIOUS? Okay, now I'm REALLY gone :[

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I'm not religious. But I'm extreamly nationalistic. I also like warfare and weapons and I wouldn't mind dying for my country/planet/nation.

Also it's either a Vostroyan or a Valhallan.

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True. But insanity is a small price to pay for that amount of information. It's not as if we don't all dance to the tune of the great puppet master anyway.

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Forget my picture. Beautiful armor.

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the only real anwser is an ork. anything else is just trolling.

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Lucius the eternal
if anyone kills me they become me

hence the eternal bit

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Bureaucracy Chief of the Chief Bureaucracy.

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Enjoy your 1 year

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I dig it.

>frobboz comanxic
Great character name.

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>Get killed by Necron Warriors
>They feel no satisfaction for killing you
That said, Necrons are practically the only things that could kill you and not become you.

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I will.
In my opinion Vostroyan armor is the best looking armor in the Imperial Guard.

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You just have to take pride in it, don't you?

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Slaanesh wouldn't want to lost his favorite toy. It'll probably bring Lucius back through LOL WARP.
>socialists."53 brospent

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sheeeeeiiiitt your right
fuck thought i had it all sorted out

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Well, i would end up as an isane homocidal eldar, and i would propably get sent to the striking scorpion shrine by my family

>> No.11856621

Heh, Dude's a Streltsy. I like the Vostroyan look too, but there's a shortage of easily convertible models IMO. I used Kislevites from Mordheim to customise mine.

>> No.11856646

Yeah, but a Necron warrior wouldn't take any.

>> No.11856650

>I used Kislevites from Mordheim to customise
How is it? Is it good?

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>implying you wouldn't still be a fat sack of shit in the grim darkness of the far future
>no, really
>except you don't have vidya gaems and don't get medication
>and you get to work in a factory 10 hours per day
>enjoy your horrible, short life

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Hey! Heavy-set, not fat. :P
And I am anyway, my Sister just likes painting the minis. (Works out great for me though, I don't like it)
But she's played a few times though. I'll drag her into the hobby yet.

Pics? Oh, no, just felt like romanticising our choices a little bit.
However, when she started to describe her Pirate Eldar, this image came to mind.
Just replace the symbols with Eldar appropriate ones.
Hell, it already has the 80s hair.

>> No.11856654

I know, I'm just saying that means there are lots of things that could kill him and not turn into him.

Hell, anyone with the Rite of Pure Thought could do it.

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Tau, because I would be appreciated.

Preferably Water Caste

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I would be a daemon prince.

Because immortality.

>> No.11856669

He could die in a strange accident. Like he's fighting on the battlefield when he get step on by a Titan. And the Titan pilot doesn't even notice him so the entire Titan won't turn into him.

>> No.11856672

They don't seem to sell them anymore but just google it and you can see them. The Kislevites are less ornate (not as good models really), but they have the same look so you can mix and match to add a bit of variety.


>> No.11856673

Imagine been wept up in a Tornado equiv of a Warp Storm and deposited on an Imperial world in 40k. No meta-knowledge allowed. You cannot speak any variant of Gothic.

What do you do? I sure hope you are good with languages

>> No.11856680

>Would probably end up being a faceless grunt in the guard.
Fix'd that for you.

>> No.11856682

>Implying all Imperial planets are hive worlds despite explicit evidence directly to the contrary

You just went full retard.

>> No.11856685

I'm actually a linguistics prodigy.

>> No.11856686

>Titan Pilot is told what he did
>Titan Pilot feels pride
Immediately kill the Titan Pilot or just never let him now.
The former is easier.

>> No.11856688


Even if Lucius dies to a warrior who cannot feel pride, Slaanesh will still rez him out of butthurt. I believe this has happened once or twice. As long as Lucius has Slaanesh's favor, he will rez, no matter the enemy.

>484 imakwary

>> No.11856690

This would be great.

>> No.11856694

At least you don't turn into him though.

>> No.11856700


True. You don't change into him, but he still gets rezzed.

>through boyleflo

>> No.11856708

Right. Thank for the information.

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What happens if Tim Buckley kills Lucius the Eternal?

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Probably Air Caste or Earth Caste
I love to fly and work with my hands, and the Greater Good mantra suits me just fine, even if the rest of the universe sees us as naive and insignificant.

>> No.11856726

Imagine no one know. Like step on Lucius. The one fighting with him probably though he ran away back into the warp or something. And no one would check the foot of a huge titan. Lost forever.
I know that. I just thought it would be funny to see him die like that.

>> No.11856729


Because if I have to live in that shithole, I'm at least going to have some fun.

>> No.11856734

Lucius turn into Tim Buckley

>> No.11856737

Kislev models in general seem to be of an earlier period than the historical inspiration for the Vostroyans? I don't know that much about the period. But the Gospodar Axemen and Winged Lancers might be worth looking at for conversion bits too.

>> No.11856746

But that kills Lucius, so Tim Buckley turns back into Lucius, who turns back into Tim Buckley...

>> No.11856756

Right. I'll need to find some model and start learning about conversion.

>> No.11856770

No no no. Tim Buckley love himself too much even Slaanesh can't control him. Lucius would be lost in Bum Tickley armor.

>> No.11856771

Lucius is Tim Buckley.
The armour of screaming souls is covered in faces that look like B^U

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The unlimited power of Inquisitorial authority would be awesome, but I'm too much of a coward and too weak-willed to make it that far. I'd probably be either an Underhive cultist, or perhaps an Inquisitor's Null acolyte.

>> No.11856785

Tim Buckley is a devotee of Slaanesh! Of course! I should have known, from the arrogance, laziness and trying to seduce underaged teenage girls!

>> No.11856790

I'd want to be a member of a minor noble house/businessman. Small enough to avoid the backbiting politics, high enough up that I'll live a fairly good life for a long time.

>> No.11856791

The secret is reveal. Slaanesh have infiltrate our planet.

>> No.11856813

a fat, lazy guevasa, enjoying tau technology

and about sterilization, GOOD, I can have sex without worrying about babies. Dammit, I will have a better health care and treatment from the space smurfs than from the nazi genocidial Imperium

life is good

>> No.11856817


But of course you are, darling.

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One conversion I think would be really cool would be to take the top half of the Vostroyan standard bearer and stick him on the Kislev general model. Over 9000 hours in MS Paint attached to try and make it clear.

I'm thinking about doing this, but it's sort of expensive so I won't be trying it for a while. Makes the Standard Bearer into a Standard BEARer.

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File: 180 KB, 900x546, 1270106544412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11856864

OH GOD. That would amazing. I would die to see it. THE COMMISSAR IS ON A BEAR. RUN CHAOS.

>> No.11856906


>> No.11856934


Bear Cavalry.

Rough Riders are smalltime.

>> No.11856940

Since everyone is indulging in their fantasies, I'd love to be one of the lost Primarchs. Either that, or the Emperor

>alvelus budepres
captcha picked my Primarch name.

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Radical inquisitor.

>> No.11856964

Nah, maybe as part of a rogue trader crew or a borderline renegade Space Marine, or part of a radical Inquisitorial crew.

I don't have much with laws.

>> No.11856969

You could do that too, but I'm pretty sure the Boris model is out of production. If I could find a way to get enough bears for a rough rider squadron I'd do it, but right now I'm just concentrating on the SB and maybe the rest of the Command Staff if it goes well. Any good third party bear models?

>> No.11856986

>Purity seals, servo-skull, bolter and chainsword, openly displayed Inquisitorial seal

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>> No.11856996

Oh, shut up, I couldn't find the farseer scissoring picture.

>> No.11856998

If I have to live in the shithole that is Warhammer 40k, I would like to be a truck driver on the most remote, backwater, asscrack-of-nowhere-light-years-from-the-biggest-wars-with-nothing-interesting-or-useful-to-anyone-a
t-all agri-world in the galaxy.


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average cadian for me

>> No.11857014

At least it's a psyker.

>> No.11857017

what about scissoring SoB?

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File: 700 KB, 1507x1535, 1246640170119.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one?

>> No.11857048

excelent ...

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some Krieg aristocrat maybe

>> No.11857084

What I want to be: Chaos Space Marine, Chaos lord of Slaanesh.

What I could be: A cultist who proves himself worthy enough to end up as a Daemonette.

What I likely will be: A cultist, or possibly the leader of, a small cult in an imperial hive. Our membership would be based entirely on luck and the blessings of She who thirsts, because if the Arbites catch whiff of us the best we could hope for is to avoid them for long enough for a nearby inquisitor to send some Acolytes.

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For the Emperor!

>> No.11857105

if it had to be something millitant, I suppose a Gue'vesa Auxiliary deep in the heart of Tau space. If anything is open, then I would just be an Imperial preacher on a Shrine World. WOOOOOOOOOOO EVERYONE LOVES ME AND RESPECTS ME AND I GET DAT MONEY.

>> No.11857145

I forgot to read the rest.
>why you would want to be it
Because I want to serve my country/planet
>why you probably wouldn't end up being that
Too short/Too thin one of that. Or other more personal reason.

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This guy. I want to be this guy. It's obvious really. (pre-heresy ofcourse)

>> No.11857213

>>Implying a radical dresses like a Saturday Morning Cartoon Villan

>> No.11857220

>Implying in all the art of radicals, they don't look radical as fuck.

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I wold be...the HIVE MIND dumdumdum.

`course i probebly (lol cannot spell) wont be so... idk

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A hero in a galaxy that needs heroes

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File: 429 KB, 901x1245, assault marines have to pee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

an assault marine with a small bladder.

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File: 1.48 MB, 1337x1528, noise marine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to be a Noise Marine whose personal theme song is "Killas" by Lil' Jon, off of his new album, Crunk Rock.


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I want to be a Culexus Assassin. At least then I wouldn't have to worry about my soul being devoured by Chaos. Also, having a BFG on my head would be sweet.

>> No.11858648

>Who wants to live in 40k-verse?
No one with any sense.

If I had to live there but could choose what I was, I'd be a non-Fire Caste Tau. As that would be a less hellish existence than most of the options.

If we're talking about I'm myself in the 40k universe, what would become of me? Then I'd probably start out as a wage slave laborer on some Imperial planet, because I was never given an opportunity to do anything else. Then later be conscripted into the guard, and die horrible shortly after that.

>> No.11858721
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Mmm, rogue trader up this bitch.

>> No.11858742

I wouldn't want to live in 40k. Torture is painful

>> No.11859370
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>> No.11859431

When The Emperor fell, none grieved more than Harlock, primarch of the 2nd Legion, the Legio Arcadius. But when he saw what had been done done in his father's name, he raged and set off into the warpstorm his battle-barge, swearing not to return to Earth until he had personally destroyed the gods of Chaos. Many suspected his motives and he was struck from the Imperial Records. His brothers, grown sullen and insular, did nothing.

He was last seen repeatedly punching Khorne in the balls.

>> No.11861870

Tsh, logic. =D
My sheer seraphic awesome would let me wrestle the virus through meditation and faith, even as I strove to find a place of shelter and acceptance in the madness of the war-ravaged distant future!
To soar aloft on wings of plasma and Yuri yearnings, Eblitorator blazing!
....though I'd reeeeealllllly need to get Eternal Warrior. Ugh. Pie plates, they are teh suxxor.

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