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You gitz best be posting roight n'propah waaaagh! tales in dis 'ere thread else yer gunna get a gud krumpin!

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Yer gets kun post yer own yappin or yappin yer 'erd frum sum ovva git, just get yer grot luvin arses in 'ere!

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Orks can have friends too....

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"Reporting for duty, sir!"

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Eer boss, all dem squiggly lines iz too small! We'z can't read 'em!

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I can honestly say, if the new Ork Codex (whenever it's released) included Fightabommaz as a Fast Attack choice, I'd be all over that in seconds. Deff Skwadron kicks ass.

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what tiny monitor you must have.

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Yer can zoom in yah git!

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Dun madder 'ow bigz yah makem when yer kan't read yah pile 'o grot luvers

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You 'ere sumfink?

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Oi, 'ow'd dey sneak up on da Boyz like dot? Musta been sum kinda takti-

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Or even included and polished the rules for the Forgeworld Warkoptas. More options besides Big-Bomms, like Mega-Burny Rokkits or so.

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Make deff koptas a troop choice.

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Da 'Nids ar nuffin but pansi gits com 'parrd to da miht uf da WAAAAAAAGGHHHH!!

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Yer notice 'ow dem nidders wot goes on an attacks dem 'umie planetfings just eatsem all up and goes on ter da next wun and dem nidders wot tries and attacks an Ork Planet get a roight n proppah krumpin! Least ders ennuf nids tah put up a foight, betta than fighten dem 'umies wot just surrendah.

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Can never get enough Orks, will always always love the psychotic motherfuckers. The thing is whatever you're playing just add Orks.
Not Orcs, not Uruk-hai, not Dnd pig face orcs. Add 40k Orks. Playing V:tm and "that guy" is making a loli-vampire? Ork rokk hit's LA and suddenly the camp takes a turn for the better.

Your high level party breezing through the elemental planes and you need to ramp it up? Weird boyz and Nobz are your next opponents!

Steampunk? Only two shades of green away from Ork tech my friends.

Best of all suppose you're playing 40k, and shit's getting too boring and grimdark with a severe lack of green and poorly modeled looted vehicles. That's where Orks really remind you that shooting phase is for pussies and wartrukks make everything better.

God I love you /tg/

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In fact let's add some more non-canon Ork canon that should be canon. I'll start with the assassination of Warboss Linkun

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you dicks... this is the only Orks thread on the board and we cant get anything going.

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Ork rokkit?

Mewhile in WH 40,000
Ork Mek:
Wut dazog? Dis junk shokk gun aint hit nuffink all day!

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Kommandos ready boss!

SHHHHHH Yers guna gib away ourz pozition yah git!

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Are orks only male or are they sexless? (since mushrooms)

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a-sexual, as you can see

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Orks are biologically sexless, but mentally seem to identify as male. That said, I don't recall anything which suggests Orks identify a difference between genders in other species. It's possible that they see everything as "Boyz" and have no understanding of gender.

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Needs that story about that one Ork who led his boyz straight into the Eye of Terra after using Cadia as a warm up.

Landed on a planet where every day they're reincarnated to wage an endless battle against daemons.

Ork Valhalla.

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Game wise, orks can deal with a lot of big tanks by just punching it hard with a rocket on a stick or a big claw, but realisticly (lol) how would they be able to deal with something like a monolith?

Do orks mine for resources, ever? Mine for fish?

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>Do orks mine for resources, ever? Mine for fish?


Anyfing else is grot work, or jus' mukkin' about.

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the best part of the story is how the Warboss got them "cursed" by giving a greater demon of khorne a power klaw circumsion.

Who would have known Goffs were space jews? I guess we'll have to classify orks by "tribes" instead of clans from now on.... oh I kill me.

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>how would they be able to deal with something like a monolith?

Ramming with Deffrollas are an Ork player's best weapon against Monoliths and Land Raiders. An Ork Warboss on a Warbike can work as well, delivering several st10 attacks to where they're most needed.

Other options include; Tankbustas with Tank Hammers, the Shokk Attack Gun, and Kanz/Dreads. None of these are particularly reliable options, though.

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Now I need that scene of generic fantasy orcs raping some women, with a 40k Ork criticizing the image.

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Orkz loot the shit out of everyone
What is anyones solution to a monolith?

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Not generic, its Ragnarok online.

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Dont need to mine, they loot, dont need to fish, they have squigs.

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Orks are actually pretty good when it comes to conquering other xenos. As long as they produce guns and rockets, they are much, MUCH better off than even the Imperium or Tau.

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rolled 30 = 30

Ahahaha, That one trooper. The battle lines are all set up, the guard waits patiently for the Orks to begin their assault. Suddenly the Warboss Moregunz stands up and points to the Imperial lines, shouting in a booming voice. "OYEZ BET DAT NOT ONE OF YOU BOYZ CAN FOIGHT PROPAH" The Colonel smiled, as this was a perfect opportunity to test the range of his Lascannons. He raises his hand to signal the commencement, when the Orks started cheering. The cause for the loud rukus? A lone guardsman, breaking lines and sprinting towards the Warboss, who in turn, saw the challenge and ran to meet it. The Colonel grimmaced, preparing to fire on both combatents. Then he recognized the company numbers. His face broke out into a smile, as he ordered the lascannons to hold.

Back on the field below, The guardsman let out a furious shout, and threw herself into the large monster. "I'M NOT A DAMN BLOODY BOY."

Moregunz was confused at this. The attack merely diverted his barreling charge, at which he slowed down and turned with a "WOT?"

For once in his entire life, he was confused. He turned, his gun-clawz open and ready to attack. However, his assailant was already in motion, with a mighty kick, her boot found it's way to drive the point home. A collective "OOOOH." came from the Imperial lines, even the Colonel himself found it hard to fight the instinctual reaction to shield himself slightly.

The warboss found himself dizzy with this new sensation. A pain unlike any other. He croaked out with a soft voice. "me gubbinz." before managing to wobble off the field. Demoralized and distraught, the remaining Orks broke from their entrenched positions, and ran for the hills. Warboss Moregunz was never found.

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refer here for any more mundane ignorances about my Green-skin brothers.

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Sadly Moargunz did with the moral victory there, he was right... she couldn't find proper.

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Also the answer to how would Orks deal with the Emperor.

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10/10, sweet.

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