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Let's talk homebrews, /tg/!

What are people working on? Tell us about your settings, characters and systems, be it working in a preexisting framework or making your own thing.

If anyone remembers Dyad, an old /tg/ game in the making, I'm still picking away at that. Coming up with random generation tables for the cyborgs and skill lists for the handlers. Haven't chosen a system yet.

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I'm trying to do some watercolor background art for my Aria setting. Just want to draw, and there will be some hooks for most system, and an alteration of the drawing for them.

Exalted feels more steampunk.
WoD gets more of a Monaco feel.
DnD's get India, with a bunch of species selling stuff on boats.

What else would you recommend?

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I'm a bit confused. You're asking for system recommendations, right? Not too familiar with Aria; it's set on a terraformed Mars or something right, in a futureVenice?

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There's Shadowrun for a high-tech action-y feel, with or without the magic. Or the Serenity RPG for the frontier, cowboy stuff. Nothing else comes to mind that's completely off base like Eclipse Phase or Dark Heresy

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No, more of a campaign setting, like Eberron. It's mostly an excuse for me to watercolor, but if people can get some benefit out of it, all the better.

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Right now I'm working on an unnamed RPG about Dragon taming and training and riding. So far it's build around a stripped down frame of Crimson Skies with a few alternate bits from Dark Heresy bolted on. So far. It's grown from 5 to 12 pages today, which is a good sign, I guess.

It's kidnapped me completely from the Princess Bride fencing game I was working on before this, which in turn kidnapped me from the modern firefight combat system I was building. If we look at all this as a logical progression I should actaully be able to finish a project before losing interest sometime in the next two or three attempts.

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I'm trying to build a superhero game around the same system that WoD uses. It's pretty easy, actually. I'm using M&M as a guideline for power choices and character types.

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Lady Luck's Door has more or less died from a lack of interest but I have done a bit of work for a 1.6 release, maybe things will pick up when some more results come forward. Come Saturday I'm going to start spearheading a Girl Genius RPG at the behest of some anon, I fully expect maximum trolling.

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Did you do that one? That has to be one of the best Miku pieces I've seen.

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Primarch's daughters

drawfags should finish this

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Okay, I think I get it. I'm not familiar with too many settings beyond what I mentioned in >>11838438 . There's Eclipse Phase, which can either be a blasted wasteland nobody goes near or crystal spires and people wearing strange costumes and that's all that comes to mind.

I'm having fun trying to find a way to have players play two characters without it getting too complex. The original Dyad game had each player controlling a Handler and their Cyborg, the former directing the latter. Combat had the Handler rolling to control the cyborg for every action, which seems a bit much.

Instead, I'm thinking players control cyborgs normally with rolls for control only happening if the cyborg comes up against obstacles depending on it's personality. An Impulsive Cyborg, for instance, won't sit back and wait without a stern word.

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my own world of progress (WoP) for SLA Industries. more noir and scify detectiveness with corporate conspiracies and a bit of mysticism (downplaying the hyper-media bit of SLA a bit).

just don't know what system to apply to it. there's a good rework of SLA Industries for the Savage Worlds system but I'm not to familiar with it to see if it'll work for us (me/group). need to read up on it a bit.

also trying to pull together a low fantasy setting that we'd feel comfortable with and again it's a question about system to use for it.

also rewriting the rules for necromunda and we'll do mordheim after that.

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Crimson Skies+Dragons? Sounds kickass.

Have you heard of Abberant? I think it was an oWoD-bases superheroes setting. Not positive on that though. WoD does seem easy to adapt; using merits and disciples to represent powers?

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>Have you heard of Abberant?

Yes it uses the storyteller system, but quite a bit modified to fit the setting. Quite good actually but I'm a sucker for the Teragen source book, it's an awesome read in itself.

pre-aberrant: Adventure!
post-aberrant: Trinity (Aeon).

Both also great games.

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No, I stole it from a Miku thread on /a/.

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An alternate history where Europe is cast into turmoil when Captain Nemo and a number of other like-minded submariners show up, hunting a very dangerous individual. They bring with them advanced new technology. This starts an arms race which is leading up to some perceived grievous conflict, which IRL we assume to be World War 1.

The time period is late 1800's Prussia, us the PC's are working for members of the high court doing different odd jobs all the while this arms race is taking place in the background. We're things like Police officers and Doctors and whatnot.

Repost from other homewbrew threads, as we're still playing this setting.

Pic unrelated.

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Just to clearify, Aberrant is Not World fo Darkness but uses (is based on) the storyteller system that world of darkness do as well. It's its own setting (along with Adventure! and Trinity/Aeon).

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I am working on Runes of War,
Its basically an easier to learn RPG and that doesnt require a GM.

The setting is just typical fantasy world, there will be different adventures because the game wont have persistant characters (no char creation so its more straight forward).

Im creating a new system, mostly inspired by D20 core mechanics. Exploration of dungeons is more like a board game, certain Hexes have special properties (On action Hexes, Players pick an action card and the card decides what happens: monster encounters, NPC's, Mercs... On Challenge Hexes, Players have to overcome a challenge: Crossing a river, climbing stuff, etc)

Encounters are randomly generated from the action cards. Ex: Action card says: 2 Class 1 monsters and 1 class 4 monster. Players pick said number of cards in the monster decks and the encounter then starts.

Each monster gives a certain amount of XP, Gold/items/runes. Class 4 and 5 monsters may drop unique weapons/armor or special runes.

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There is a rune system to upgrade weapons and armor. Ex: A Distant rune may add 3 hexes of range when added to a bow or spear. A bloking rune may add 1 AC to an armor set. There are special runes called awakening runes, when added on an unique item, the item gains a special power. Ex: For Dinenae, a black blade used by rangers, the power unlocked is Dark Hunt (The PC becomes invisible and can attack twice by turn)

The skills PC's use are unlocked in a skill tree way, each class (Mage, Ranger, Warrior and Priest) have 3 skill trees: Light, Darkness and Wilderness. Light skills tend to give bonuses for the PC's, Dark Skills tend to give Penalities to enemies and Wild Skills can have various effects (speed bonuses, More DMG, etc...)

Thats basically Runes of War in its present state.
If you have any questions feel free to ask or send me an email at [email protected]
I also set up a blog for people interested. Unfortunately I can't post the link here but its runesofwarrpg on blogger so I bet you can find it...

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>>11838313What are people working on? Tell us about your settings, characters and systems, be it working in a preexisting framework or making your own thing.

something like M:tG but on a 3x3 grid. More creature focused, sort of like Warhammer.

been thinking about changing the turn order though, instead of "I move/shoot/assault, your turn" have "I move/youmove, I shoot/you shoot" or maybe by initiative.

Anyone have experiences with games that do that? Or thoughts on different turn orders and how they affect the game? I feel that in 40k it's a bit lopsided to do move/shoot/assault, you can really win a game in just one turn

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I remember Abberant but I use the stream-lined system of the NWoD. It's much easier to convert on a broad spectrum.

I find it easier to just convert an existing systen rather than building a new one. Hell, I'm still buffing the edges out of my historical cinematic system/game that works off a d10 percentile system, action ticks that allow for "combos" in combat or fancy manuvers, and a wide array of accurate stats for real-life ancient weaponry/armor. Beyond that, the roleplay aspect is almost completely open. You do have stats for it but it's just a simple contested roll over the opposing rollers same stat.

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Simultaneous actions maybe? Players draw and play at the same time. Then and/or alternating activations of units. I know nothing about wargames so not sure how that changes things.

Sounds like you're on your way to having a completed product! Awesome.

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I still need to make the cards and monsters but i suck at drawing T_T need an artist but I have nothing to offer in exchange...
thats the only thing that blocks me from finishing

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You rang?

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If you are willing to help I could send you a finished version of the game with all the cards and character sheets...

Althrough I have +30 monster cards and about 50 Item cards to draw...

hit me up if you are interested

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You could poke around on other sites, especially ones devoted to artists. Some people might be interested in doing freebie work to get the practice and add to their portfolio.

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I can at least burn through some of it to make the project less daunting to the next poor fool.

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I just sent you an Email

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Running into a hitch with the Dyad reboot.
Handlers have the following attributes:
-Coordination (balance and hand-eye dexterity)
-Body (Strength and fortitude)
-Awareness (Perception and intuition)
-Wits (Quickness of thought; general intelligence)
-Personality (How much of a people person one is)

And Cyborgs have the following:
-Coordination (As above)
-Awareness (As above)
-Stability (Mental health and threshold for stressing out)
-Humanity (Iffy on this one. How well it connects to the outside world)
(Strength and Agility are dependent on their frame)

Think that's too many, not enough or just enough attributes? Essentially during combat people are controlling 2 characters.

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A system for roleplaying in a steampunk or Victorian setting. I wanted to follow in the style of Dread (which uses a Jenga tower to decide the outcome of checks) in using elements of common board games in the game mechanics.

The first idea I got from GURPS, to use only six-sided dice for the sake of keeping it simple. The second was a set of combat mechanics entirely my own.

I wanted a more realistic system for combat; most RPGs have characters with an abstract "hit points" value that get hit a lot before it drops to zero and they drop dead. In my time sparring with practice weapons, I have found that this is never true in reality. Instead, a common fight will have two combatants striking and feinting at one another, while blocking and waiting for the other to drop their guard or slip up, whereupon the fight is finished with one or two well placed attacks.

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That would make a great combat system!
I am looking forward to more info on that

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Keep in mind that HP systems abstract more than blood loss and tissue damage, they also represent a character's stamina and fatigue. So if attacks are hitting, they may draw blood or just mean the defender narrowly blocked the blow but got shaken up or pulled a muscle.

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Me and a lone anon worked on a system to stat large, powerful organizations and their interactions with eachother.

It was divided into Large scale stats(Covers stuff like political influence or general amount of funds, Used in background rolls to see how/what kind of damage the Orgs are doing to society) and Small scale(For more personal things, like the chances of their henchmen are nearby,whether they're just regular goons or elite, the amount of backup, that stuff.)

It worked pretty well, but I didn't get to do much testing. Can't give the specifics, they were recorded in notepad and possibly deleted...

I've also got plans for PXL, a game where the titular pixels are the character's build points, money and crafting components.

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I chose to reflect this in-game by using playing cards to represent different targets on a person's body. There are four limb targets, and three body targets (head, chest, abdomen). In combat, the defending player arranges their cards face-down in the pattern shown in the attached image, and the attacking player chooses one of those targets to attack.

What card is attacked determines the defender's reaction. Someone with little training with their weapon would defend with 3 clubs with numbers between 2 and 8, and 4 hearts with numbers between 2 and 8. If the card the attacker goes for is a club, that target is one of the areas the defender is expecting an attack to, and is blocked.

If the attacked target is a heart, the defender must react to block it, rolling dice and adding modifiers. This is compared to the attacker's attack score (which varies depending on their weapon, their agility, and their training with that weapon. If the defender fails this roll, that target is considered "damaged." If it is a limb, it is disabled, and if it is a body target, the defender takes a penalty to the abilities corresponding to that target. A second hit to a target will remove it completely. Most people will die from their wounds after taking three hits to limb targets, or two hits to body targets, or one hit to the body and two to the limbs.

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I have a setting that i plan to use modded Eclipse Phase for. There's a lot of overlap, so it's really more a matter of pruning than rebuilding.

I also have two other ideas that i'm looking for a system for. For one, i need a system that can mesh vehicle and individual scale action without everything going to fuck.

For the other, i need a system that's Sci-fi, preferably classless, and a bit more space operatic than EP.

Incidentally, is D20 Future better than D20 modern? because i looked at the modern one, and it's put me off the entire d20 line.

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Serenity RPG? Classless. Not sure about its merits overall. Then there's Traveller; no classes but the chargen method might count to you.

d20 Future is the same thing as Modern, just with lasers. There are no major rules changes, just new gear and aliens.

Also spaceships are so horribly thought out it's not even funny. They're treated like fuckhuge creatures with 100s of HP.

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People with more training can use more clubs than the example given, and other cards can represent special techniques and stances (two ideas I have for this are spades 1-8 representing a block and counter-attack, and diamonds 1-8 being hit with no chance to block).

It might sound like harsh rules that would lead to quick PC deaths, but the system will also include a mechanic akin to "fate points" in many other games; these can be used as plot armor to avoid attacks.

Armor will probably provide an additional layer of protection over targets. For example, wearing a helmet would mean that the first time you were hit in the head, the helmet would be rendered ineffective until repaired, but your head would be okay.

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Was working on Science: The Hypothesis.
Except the wiki's down, my contacts have gone silent, and college ate me.

I should really see if /tg/ is even interested in S:tH before continuing it.

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I actually have the Serenity RPG. It... would work, but the entire Cortex system is designed to be totally, utterly centralized around the characters (Plot points, trope-based skills, etc) which isn't quite what i'm looking for.

My sum total experience with Traveller is the char-gen story threads we have once in a blue moon, but from those, it looks seriously GURPS-style rules-heavy. How's it play?

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Refresh my memory on that one; it's a Science!-based card game, right? I'm kind of intrigued by that idea.

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A nameless (?) martial arts engine in the style of kung fu flicks combined with anime/manga fightan. Heavy emphasis on tactical combat and special abilities.
Styled around Weapons of the Gods, Wuxia, and Fight! The RPG. Mainly 1v1 but should handle multiple combatants once I iron it out. Pretty far along.

A stand-alone setting based around the concept of conflicted player goals, a time limit, and a limited sandbox. The primary location is the city of Paradise in the midst of a revolution of sorts. The atmosphere is a mix of gritty and surreal, combining brutal conflict with strange, and often puzzling environments. Still in early planning stages and I am not certain I will ever finish it.

My latest creation is a unique system+setting. Very early planning stages. Primarily, it is meant to be a game where the players can influence the story in some direction and their interaction outside of combat helps them in combat. The goal is to reclaim memories after a great disaster. Memories serve as both power and a boon. The more a player dwells into who their character was, they gain a measure of power while losing narrative control of who their character is. That's probably as simple as I can explain it.

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Chargen and rolling up planets is the trickiest part and there's a point-buy system for characters. Basic mechanics are 2d6+modifiers (skill level, characteristic bonus, misc. modifiers); try to get 8+ to succeed. Combat's not that heavy from what I remember but it's been a while since I read it.

That's all in the Mongoose version at least

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I'm working on a standard type zombie game, built from a mix of the structures of Fallout 3 & Zombie Pandemic.
>I've never done this before

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A bunch, to say the least.

Pause: A Game of Time and Space
Collab with Earthflame
1d4chan is down, but current playtest rules are here: http://thatnewgamestudio.blogspot.com/2010/08/pause-playtest-rules-031.html
Status: Tinkering on some rules with playtesters.

Wild Guns: Sons of the Gun
Status: Gave up on it since someone else tooled it, but I have some mechanics I made for it that I wanna use elsewhere.

Also got some card game ideas that hopefully integrate on-the-fly storytelling, but require self-moderation on the part of the players. Not sure how that will work...

Pic related. Mind full of fuck.

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The Cyborgs and Handlers rpg, with the ex-convict cyborgs? I approve.
Princess Bride Fencing turned Panzer Dragoonery? I approve.
Alternate History? Organization-level "combat" game? Actual version of that Science card game that was a joke response to a joke thread I made about a philosophy card game a long ways back? Every other idea I just linked to? Approved.

Other /tg/ projects I would like to see more of:
Vril War (though that ship has probably sailed)
Cold Iron War

As to strong ongoing projects, we can of course all commend Mercs and Planes, AdeptEva, and Viral's recent foray into publishing with Engine Hearts.

My own shit? Still tinkering around with "Revolution Hearts: Battlefield of the Human Spirit" to no avail. Figure to get out of the weird Marxist board game mode I had gotten stuck in I'm going to work on my original idea of RevHearts as a setting (the idea was a game engine that could handle any sort of "change the world with strategy" sort of game, from commanding vast armies in a space opera or leading troops into battle in ancient China). The Rev Hearts idea was to take that same system idea that has not materialized and apply such strategy-based, one general/leader against the world, gameplay to a premise inspired by Death Note, Code Geass, the Megaman series and other crap: a world where some individuals receive supernatural powers with which they intend to create a new world or tear down the existing one.

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Original content

Do not steal

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>The Cyborgs and Handlers rpg, with the ex-convict cyborgs?
Yeah, giving it my own touch though so I feel less like I'm copying. In the next month might post a thread or two once I have things solidified.

RevHearts? Haven't heard of that before, but interesting.

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Cool map Br-

>Welsh, Norse and Scottish Dwarves

Ok, that's pretty cool.

>"Here be Demihumans"

It's... a work in progress?

>Kingdom of Generica
>Empire of Mankind
>Native American Tribes


>Malaysian Dwarves Do Not Steal

I don't know what to make of this. It seems like it has a lot of cool ideas in it, but I'm not sure whether it's being serious or irreverent. My mind can't make up it's mind, and that's a very confusing sensation for me to be having.

Also, nice map it is now stolen.

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>>(779 KB, 1500x1500, new map 5 silly.jpg)

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I'm currently working on;

The Last Man
A zompocalypse game, but more in line with The Road than with Dawn of the Dead. From the intro section:

>"There is only one character in this game. He (or She) is “The Last Man” - literally, the last sentient, breathing, living human being. Not the last human being in the city, not the last human being in the state, not the last human being in the country... But the last human being *alive.*"

Player's take on aspects of The Last Man's personality - essentially your character sheet is in two parts. The top is The Last Man's stats - which whoever has dominance rolls against in mundane challenges - and the lower half is your Personality's character sheet - essentially traits, abilities and aspects unique to The Last Man when you're in control. Player's work together, and perhaps sometimes fight each other, controlling The Last Man as he goes about his daily act of surviving. Because this is late in the Zombie Apocalypse (IE; Years.) the few undead still lurking about are of the heavily mutated variety and they only show up rarely... More often than not the challenge to the players will be "How do I cross this river?" and "How do I locate a new supply of food?"

Still trying to work out if it's a viable, fun system of play... Ran the game three times with three groups. Two had a ball, I think I left the third group fractured and hating each other...

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I say you are on the right track.

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With the success of Engine Hearts by Viral I might change the name. But the name is the only component I have pegged down.

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I like this idea. I can imagine a game starting with each player taking turns as the Last Man for each task. Later on as the isolation sets in deeper, more and more players take turns as TLM for each task, until things get downright chaotic and testing of the group's cooperative strength when they all perform each task.

Can I please playtest this idea?

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Sounds very similar to Everyone is John:

You've got a different twist on it though, which I like.

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Hells yeah I'm still interested. Everyone else stopped talking about it and it felt kind of awkward to keep going with no word from the project head.

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M:tG based card game. All sciency. Instead of Red/Blue/Etc, it would have Physics, Natural Sciences, Pure Sciences, etc.
Branch down into Biology, Math, I don't know.
I have notes for it in a couple of places, I need to get them together and stuff.

>> No.11840071

I've always fancied a science-magic system that begins with the four fundamental forces of physics: Gravity, Electromagnatism, Strong Nuclear Force, and Weak Nuclear Force. By combining the Forces with each other and various Elements (which would be found or claimed during gameplay), you can make different effects.
Look 'em up on Wikipedia if you have to. I know I did...

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That there Gundam RPG

You probably hate it.

combat abires

>> No.11840290

The rules are more in my head than down on paper - rest assured, once a pdf is up to my standards I'll be spamming /tg/ once a week til I get some good feedback. Perhaps I should create a 1d4chan page when I get home from work...

Never heard of it and I wont open the link at the risk of polluting my own project with someone elses - probably better - concepts (and in the process robbing me of even more originality.)

>> No.11840308

1d4chan is down, son.

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I'm making a system that was originally started with little knowledge of other systems and morphed from being a "d10" system to being a straight up lovechild of a dice pool and a single roll. It's a 2dx system, where (in skill use) one represents your innate quality and the other your training, going from d2 to d12 by evens.

The skills I'm using depend on my ADD and setting reboots, and I've gone from "Joke System" to "Twisted Apocalyptic Joke System" to "Elemental SoM Punk" to "Fantasy Ethiopia Mashed With the HRE/Talmud Jedi/Monsters Versus Man" to the more mundane "it's 1515, and everything the church taught in the Middle Ages is Probably True (world flat, etc.)"

But I also want to use my system for a early age of electricity game, with Jules Verne style plots and Lightning Guns. Or Bioshock. Or a dystopian Eugenics commune / lab in Canada that the players infiltrate

TL;DR I have too many ideas.

>> No.11840471

Shit, man, i thought that *I* had too many ideas for games.

You should... i don't even know, sell yourself to a game developer?

>> No.11840494

Okay, guys. Check it.

So I'm making an endeavor for my Rogue Trader team.

I took a Tyranid Warrior. And gave it wings.

A Winged Tyranid Warrior.

Now, guys, listen. Listen good.

It can turn invisible.

A Flying Invisible Tyranid Warrior.

Brilliant, yes?

>fienciti 7:12-13);

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Amazing! I was so inspired I decided to draw a picture of it!

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File: 69 KB, 800x533, I lol'd soldier.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I find this hilarious!

>prisembe is

>> No.11840562


>A Flying Invisible Tyranid Warrior
>deathwatch enemy vs. rogue traders

you sick evil bastard

>> No.11840584


It's the midpoint of an endeavor where they are on a deathworld that is essentially a planetwide Zone, and they are competing with other Stalke...I mean, hunters to bag the biggest beast, all while being hunted themselves by a mega armored nob with a herd of attack squigs.

>3 thioner

>> No.11840599

I'm working on a fantasy homebrew thats too close to D&D to be comfortable or interesting to most people.

My ultimate goal is a d20 classless system that balances social, mental and physical prowess, and fosters a little more mature roleplaying (something like oWoD) than dungeoncrawls.

New Rules-
1) Classless point buy leveling
2) Event Driven Character Creation, like the old Mutant Chronicles
3) Freeform Magic system like White Wolf's Mage
4) Rules for managing and waging war similar to Birthright.
5) A focus on cultures which makes racial modifiers for all strands of humanity.

I've been at this beast for several years. Only in the past 2 have I really got into the crunch, and been more systematic in the creation of a coherent history etc. Still going too slow. I need a collaborator to motivate me I feel.

>> No.11840676

I've been needing ideas for homebrew; started a thread here >>11839560.

Premise is I need ideas for underwater species that are interesting, off-the-wall, etc. for a civilization that's peaceful and inhabits much of the seafloor, and for another that makes a habit of wrecking ships all the time.

Also, I needed help with a separate civilization a few days back; I kept posting a ton of stuff about wanting to fit Eldritch magic into a civilization as the archetypal arcane magic, but realized it felt a bit on the chaotic and evil side, so I wanted to know of any potential flavor ideas/mechanical strats to get around that.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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Well OP, and to those who are interested...
I have been working on a homebrew that started as a rampup of CP2020 mixed in with the Storytelling atmosphere of oWoD. It originally started as an experiment to role play after someone introduced me to DnD without books. It was an odd game session, but I was inspired.
So, 10 years later. I have a completed working system that I am smoothing the edges on. I work at it very much like Thomas Edison and I work at it until I get it right. So, so many years later and its smooth as can be. Character creation has been tested, flaws and merits, combat refined and refined and refined.
Now its all about the settings. Originally the system was slated to be simulationist, to solve the problem of GM arguments with players about why shit rolls downhill. Now its evolved to be close to simulation with the ability to be storytelling (as in simplified system) and simple for all players.
While developing it I stayed far away from other game system for one reason; I didn't want to adapt 'That' systems mechanics.
Well, it worked. Its different and it works very well.
right now I am testing it by converting other systems and modules so that they can be played with this system.
Right now, CP2020, oWoD Vampire, Disgaea, M&M (still working), and five different magic realities to suit whatever fancy you may have. The solid rules are in the core of the game, everything else is still being worked on.
So far, its all been a success. The system is solid. I am in the phase of getting it published, but I don't mind letting Anons stress test it as much as they want. Also, I want worlds, modules, and environments to game in. I like these threads because it makes me want to 'steal' ideas, but I would rather hire good world builders if you don't mind working for pretzels, Cheetos, and your soda of choice...

>> No.11840917


It's all good; I work for free. If you're looking for interesting ideas for a world to build, try taking a standard trope, like fantasy, steampunk, or sci-fi, and twisting it in some fundamental way, e.g. fantasy setting where dragons are extinct, steampunk where every character is a clockwork machine rather than a person, or sci-fi in which there's very low tech, except a few things, which are really advanced.

>> No.11840922

Oh wow, that sounds like a lot of things. The DF of RPGs? Except it sounds finished.

>I like these threads because it makes me want to 'steal' ideas, but I would rather hire good world builders if you don't mind working for pretzels, Cheetos, and your soda of choice...

Eh, way I see it, if I didn't want people to snag my ideas, I wouldn't post them.

>> No.11840927


>> No.11840941
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well, if we had a chance to see the bones of this edison-polished system i am sure there would be interest...?

Currently up to my elbows in NUtopia. First an adaption, it seems more and more likely that we are building a new system underneath. At least to get it off the ground and stable enough to port out into other welcoming systems.

this is truly the eclipse phase.. we are trying to complete an infected cell and help it grow up strong.. and then rupture to flood the RPG bloodstream with invasive machines designed to chemically grasp its new prey and inject the memetic payload.

>> No.11840958
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>> No.11840971

Done and already done.
Working Worlds are far and few between becase story ideas don't typically twist the system at all.
I can play Firefly, Predators, Aliens, Rocketeer, or (insert just about any movie or show here) without batting an eye.
From Fantasy to Sci-Fy the short answer is "No problem."
I designed the system to work as if the word 'no' wasn't in its vocabulary.
I have one world that I am ironing out, and we were playing on IRC but my schedule got flipped turned upside down...
Here is the game;
Other than that, I just like hearing others input on the system.

>> No.11840989

So, NUtopia did end up building off EP?

>>(traziuse 141,282,285. What the dick?)

>> No.11841012

For those interested, email me.
I have lots of patience and understand its vastly different to 99% of the games out there and have yet to find one similar.

>> No.11841033
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forgot me gorram link.

(id4 chan down? uh oh)

that.. um.. its a work in progress.
take a look! become a member of the NUtopia team!
Have a brilliant epiphany! please!

>> No.11841034

Wuxia system where every PC is a martial artist. On level 1 you're a match for a few professional soldiers, and groups of PCs can take on large groups of enemies. By level 10 a group of PCs can take on an army and hold their ground for some time.

Ideas I'm using for it:
- Combat ability is a mix of level/class (permanent bonus' to attack, defence, etc), statistics (your Max Enemies stat is determined by halving your perception, permanent bonus), and the rest comes from your Martial Art. At the beginning of each turn your declare which martial art you're using, which gives bonus' to mobility, attack, defence, etc.
- No weapons. That's not true, but weapons only act to give a minor bonus to damage and determine your preferred 'reach'. The Reach value between you and your opponent is determined by rolling Mobility (which in turn is aided by martial arts and agility), and the winner gets to choose if you're in hand to hand range, reach 0, slightly extended range (swords), reach 1, or extended range (polearms), reach 2. For every step outside your weapons preferred reach you suffer an attack penalty. So all weapons do is help determine your preferred reach area.
- Attack isn't Vs a static defence, it's a roll off between attack and defence scores.
- There is magic, but no PCs should use it, since it's designed for crazy ass BBEGs. If they do want to use it, every time they take a magic skill point they roll on the mutation table to see how the universe reacts to someone bending its rules.

>> No.11841044

>>11841034 Samefagging
Dude, give us more Dyad. I was one of the biggest fans of that setting. Hell, I was the dude who wrote up the (probably unused) random table to determine the cyborg's psyche profile.

>> No.11841116


commie? why?

>> No.11841134

Your picture, it makes me sad.

>> No.11841140


>> No.11841141
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>> No.11841149



>> No.11841156

I'm working on it! I'm hoping to post a thread for it within the month with something concrete beyond "random notes that are loosely based on the original threads."

I might've or will snag stuff from them though; mind if I use that if I find something I like? So far Cyborgs will have a profile like so:

Background: Did anything of note happen to the Cyborg or have aspects of their past leaked through? These range from "Botch Job" (surgery didn't go well) to "Military Experience" (Some of it's skills from pre-borging remain).
Personality: Basic idea of how the borg acts and views the world. Also provides the main points of conflict with the Handler. A Confrontational cyborg won't take well to challenges, Handlers have to keep unsavory influences from their Impressionable charge and Defensive ones need more prodding to make that frontal assault.
Attributes: See above somewhere.
Stress: Mental HP and any Traumas (Paranoia, Phobias, etc. They start with one, gain more if Stress goes up).
Skills: Should be obvious. Limited list, compared to Handlers
Frame: Cyborg's body. Whole different thing.

Nothing really groundbreaking, but yeah.

>> No.11841161
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also, <3 Dyad

>> No.11841164

I love you.

>> No.11841181

One idea I liked in the original thread (and used in the charts I made up) was the idea of specific stressors. Things the Cyborg REALLY hated, or feared, for irrational reasons. Like they might abandon the plan midway through to try and shoot down a gunship because they FUCKING HATE gunships. Or they're more likely to ignore an order telling them to stealthily approach the flanks of a blockade because Stealth is for Pussies. Specific concepts that the Handler has to work around to use the Cyborg properly.

>> No.11841190

I've been working on a system and setting that I've been developing for close to 6 years now.

I was originally thinking of self-publishing but then Eclipse Phase came out and my game occupies the same space.

I don't think the transhuman niche is big enough that I could compete with EP.

>> No.11841196

Oh and I forgot. Toying with two other things: Traits and Secrets.
Traits are more of a Handler thing. They're like feats and class features if this was DnD.

Secrets, on the other hand are for Cyborgs and optional. They're things that are on the 'borg's file but CLASSIFIED. Has the cyborg killed a Handler (by accident or indirectly by its actions), have contingency conditioning or actually owned by another Agency (generic term for whoever the PCs work for; could be Department of Homeland Security or a PMC).

Handlers are the same as 'borgs, except more skills, less psychoses and Requisition, which is like money.

>> No.11841207

Join forces with them, then. Their books are all written by a dozen different people anyway, if you have talent and your idea has merit, there's at least a *chance* that they'd take you up.

>> No.11841248

Right now I'm incorporating those into the various Personalities and Traumas. Mostly you can order around a cyborg without trouble, but if you come up against a Conflict Point (like telling an Impulsive cyborg to wait for the enemy convoy to pass by), the Handler has to a)Convince the cyborg to listen (rolling for leadership) or b)Hit the tingler (the pain button) and go "Bad Cyborg!" Which raises Stress, which if it goes high enough adds another Trauma (either chosen by GM or rolled). So maybe now the Cyborg gets an Obsession with trucks and hates them. Also the tingler might not stop the cyborg and it'll go rushing off.

That's what the off switch is for. Except that causes major Stress and you have a disabled cyborg in an engagement zone.

Might add a "pleasure" function to contrast to the tingler's "pain" one. Kind of a way to reward the cyborg for behaving. Like the pain button, causes trouble; like addiction or stress.

Hm. Not much new ground either here.

>> No.11841267

Oh and I forgot, thought about cyborgs having Quirks, which would be just like that. Except I was worried about having too much information for GMs and players to track. Not too hard to add on later, but I want to keep myself from adding too much and getting roboFATAL

>> No.11841284
File: 380 KB, 592x320, vlcsnap-2010-06-09-00h24m16s25.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

or you could hope that EP is helping to Create and Expand that niche.

follow the Viral Games route. Make what you like, Put it up somewhere on a self-printer for people to buy if they want physical copies that support what they like in even a small way. Consider making it freely available/opensource non-commercial (for everyone but you) to expand your player and possible buyer base.

(while you are at it, Take a look at Engine Heart!)


delicious Dyad
i have some proto-writefaggotry material to process, some of it hopefully content related for Dyad, and some for NU. meantime, don't worry about new ground, just flow with it.

>> No.11841287


>> No.11841319

>roll for uplink bandwidth

>> No.11841336

>don't worry about new ground, just flow with it.
Yeah, my MO so far has been "skim the archived threads, forget details and write." I just don't want to be repeating stuff here that's pretty much from there.

I'm kind of tweaking the fluff too; cyborgs are still broken by normal standards, but less of the "criminally insane controlled by uncaring people." Or something.

What, you don't want to roll for Servo Flex Rate and Power Cord Length (and Width!)? I haven't even told you about Cyborg-Handler "relations" yet.

>> No.11841338

pffft, small time.

>> No.11841363

Roll 5d100/6 twice to determine what OS you use.

>> No.11841393

last thing i did was making up rules and stats for a dragon in dungeon bowl.

>> No.11841421


Yea, I'm pretty set on making it creative commons attribution non-commercial and EP was a big influence on deciding that.

Engine Heart is a huge inspiration for me, in the sense of actually making and distributing a finished product.

I'm just not very confident on whether people would want to learn yet another system in yet another setting if they could just adapt EP. I'd be really excited if I could do work on EP though but I -would- like to get my vision of a transhuman setting out there. The system and setting I'm working on is more of a storyteller system focused on exploring what it means to be human when you take away the things that define us biologically. I'm mainly afraid that people will just say "just play EP", explaining that what I want to do could just be done in EP by a good GM.

>> No.11841452

You know what people say in EP threads? "Just play/I'm sticking with Transhuman Space." Not everyone likes EP, not everyone likes THS. Transhuman gaming is still kind of niche, but not everyone's in one firmly in one camp.

Unless your system is very, very similar to EP, somebody's bound to be interested in your alternative.

>> No.11841489
File: 258 KB, 1280x1024, 1227225065888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Transhumanism seems more like an end result than a qantifiable element.
Starting as a human and scalling up to Transhumanism elements wold seem Alien and distant to those who didn't embrace them. Magic fantasy and super science and all. I didn't embrace it in writings because its an effect of the state of the game rather than a purchased element.
I have had a hard time with it, but Cyberpunk needs an update and is where I started. However, the punk has adapted and I love the cyber.
Fantasy magic vs cyber also looked like a blurred vision overlapping the other. Ergo, they are the same, save their mechanical fluff.
And classless, yes. A thousand times this.
Turning Flaws and Merits into a perk style element that defines the characters psychology rather than a solely a point by system was a great innovation I worked in. Also the ability to buy as per the character build rather than a character build with defined things to buy. If that worked no one would multi-class.
As a side note, I have a small section about generic builds. Characters that have 'this thought' are to be built like, and give example.
now to type this captcha...
WTF am I looking at.

>> No.11841499
File: 277 KB, 1024x768, Rafale_ALCMs_Front.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still trying to find the time to continue on those additional Planes & Mercs rules I've been working on, since it's become apparent that Steve's rules will likely never be posted...

>> No.11841512

I continue to vote that we hunt down Steve and throw things at his house until he gives us the rules.

We'll start at marshmallows, and move up in size and damage potential every day until our demands are met

>> No.11841514


That's one of the main complaints I've heard about transhumanism, in that it isn't easily identifiable unless you really embrace transhumanism as a philosophy. That's one of the things I want to change, or at the very least explore.

I mainly like it as a setting in which one is able to explore the concepts of what it is to be human without relying on biological or material definitions. This way, we're able to boil down the ideas that make us human and how we can hold on to them even as we discard our bodies.

The hardest part was designing mechanics that would support this theme.

>> No.11841524
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I mean, we know he lives in Canada, now we just need to narrow it down.

It's not like Canada is a big place, right? Right?...

>> No.11841525

I just skimmed one of the archived threads and it reminds me of a more modern, less pulp Crimson Skies. How far off the mark am I?

>> No.11841691

My combat:

My Setting:

My email address:
[email protected]

>> No.11841705

Character creation might be important too:

>> No.11841839

Nothing makes us human. We're animals acting out of animal motives. It is very very very likely that should our hormones and neurotransmitters be removed from the equation we will simply cease to give a shit about anything. Start simulating these things and all that's proven is we're a bundle of neurotic genes banged around by natural selection with no character apart from that.

>> No.11842037
File: 333 KB, 1600x1200, F-15ACTIVE_Top.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pretty close I guess

>> No.11842089

Bumping this because I only just got home from work.

Honestly, I like the idea of keeping the action cinematic and the mechanics simple. In the original threads somewhere I suggested that everything is resolved by rolling 2d6 and adding/subtracting modifiers, and trying to beat 7 or so. From there things flow fairly naturally.

Although from the original thread I also liked the idea of the player being the handler, while the cyborg is like an unruly pet. By building up a strong relationship you get bonus' to order the cyborg as he/it will trust your judgement more, whereas by putting the cyborg under stress it will trust you less and be more likely to act on its impulses (E.G. Be GM controlled). It adds a new dynamic, and really reinforces the idea that the Cyborg isn't your summoned muscle, it is a character in its own right who has to be given both the carrot and the stick to get the job done.

>> No.11842107

Just wanna say if you're still out there, thanks for mentioning this setting here, and it's inspired me to do some work of my own.

>> No.11842108

using nWoD mage as the base i working on a setting where the PC's are the really the old pagan gods reborn, as they in the myths can be killed but they can do magical type feats.
think of it as the world has gone to shit and is dying with magic and beasts running lose and humans look up to the PC as some epic beings of myth but are just as fucked up and shit as every one else. kinda Greek tragedy crossed with Norse mythology and set in stalker/fallout/mad max. this came about as my groupd was sick of the old GM's maim kill burn games

>> No.11844807

Yeah 1d4chan is borked. But you can always throw together a GoogleDoc and share the link afterwards

>avolocat Having

>> No.11845061

Bumping in case anyone's still reading; didn't expect the thread to survive overnight.

There'll be a Trust/Distrust meter that influences how "well behaved" the cyborg is, probably based on Stability. During downtimes Handlers can spend time with the cyborg and build rapport (along with doing research, training and other things; you have to budget your time), which raises Trust.

At the start of an engagement players roll for control; the result determines how in control they are of the cyborg (I think the other idea of "roll for every command" is a tad clunky); doing poorly increases the number of times a cyborg will try to break off and do it's own thing. Possibly a secret GM countdown for when the cyborg acts out.

Of course, you can always resort to the tingler at the first sign of trouble. Or before.

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