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Sup /tg/
I just realized I'm a paladin in real life! Yeah, amazing, I know!
This morning I hurt my foot and pulled a muscle, it hurt like hell all day. Just now I got tired of it, so I decided to massage the foot a bit, and presto, pain was gone!

Then I knew it: I had performed a Lay On Hands.

So now I wonder, what's your irl class, and why?
First thing tomorrow I'm buying an armor and lance so I can smite evil!

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I'm a wizard.

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I'm afraid I'm just an NPC the players come to to buy weapons and armour.

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Shit sucks, I'm completely separate from reality and I'm not sure what is happening.

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I guess that makes 99% of 4chan a savant.
I suppose now there's not much point to the rest of this thread, but maybe some of the remaining 1% has an interesting class to add.

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99% of 4chan is aware that they are dreaming and that what characters of their dream perceive to be reality is a farce?

There is only me, so I guess your point is still valid.

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Lvl1 commoner.

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I browse /tg/, so I have no class.

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Rogue because I've got grappling hooks, and I pick locks, and shit.

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Ba dum, chh.

A closet bard, ladies and gentlemen.

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I'm a Squire.

I have most of the etiquette, respect and moral values, dignity and honor of a Knight, I just don't have the weapons/armor/steed nor sufficient training to be a full knight. I also don't have my own Heraldry (but curses! I wish I knew how to make one accurately)

Feels bad, man.

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Descartes would like to have a word with you.

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I'm an enginseer.

>plicel who

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>etiquette, respect and moral values, dignity and honor

You're on 4chan.

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Rogue 2/Barbarian 7

I can be sneaky when I want to, but most times I just get angry and smash shit.

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I'm an administratum functionaris. Or whatever passes for a lawyer in 40k

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I'm a bard through and through.I actually come from a long line of bards.

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I'm pretty damn good at reading what people are thinking, and guessing what they're going to say before they say it.

So Psion, I guess.

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He already did.

I called him a chump and pointed to Hobbes.

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>So now I wonder, what's your irl class, and why?
Gee, I wonder.
Decker/Rogue. What did you expect?

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Leviathan Hobbes?

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Your point? Not everyone on 4chan is a barbarian with no respect towards others. I'm quite convinced Anonymity does not excuse me for being a douche to anyone, being a decent person is what counts.

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I'm a barbarian with a low STR and a high INT.

For a guy who spends most of his days indoors I can move really fucking fast on foot, and occasionally go batshit off the walls if I don't get my pills.

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Karl Jugen would like a word as well.

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Im the bbeg

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That there's neither etiquette here, or respect, or dignity or honour, or moral values. So you either bear each minute on here with gritted teeth, or you're just a bit full of yourself.

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Is Hutt a class? Cuz that's pretty dead on.

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you can't lay on hands yourself moron.

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Tech Priest

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There is and I don't grit my teeth, It's not like I have an aneurysm everytime i read someone calling another guy a fag.

Also yes I am also a bit full of myself. the self-confidence comes with being an aspiring knight.

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Meh, you're just a faggot. Fuck you. No one is completely "pure"

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Humility is also a classic chivalric virtue. There's a different between confidence and immodesty.

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I'm the Goddamn Batman. Also a ranger.

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But are you a POWER ranger?!

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I do not engage in sodomy. And I agree with you, I am human therefore I'm as corruptible as the next guy. I simply do my best to live by a set code of morals and honor.

It's inefficient and impractical... but it's the way I've decided to live my fleeting life. It personally brings me joy.

Yes, I need to work on that. Less pretentious douchebaggery, more humility and seriousness. Like I said I am merely a squire, far from being a full-fledged knight.

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Factotum, I'd reckon.

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Level 15 fighter
So Lawful good Level 15 fighter, can't do dem magic tricks yet, but everything else I can.

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Level 2 Human Commoner with high int, cha, and wis, good dex, terrible strength and constitution. Also Weakness (Disease).

That or I'm a rank 1 Adept or Scum with no combat skills and terrible Strength and Toughness.

Feels bad, man.

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But I did! D&D just has weird rules is all.

>you're wakend
Thank you captcha.

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ranger, on account of I love animals and happen to have a recurve.

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There is no way in hell you're level 15. You'd be the best fighter in the world if you were, or at least among the top 10

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Professor, with low SAN and a crippling fear of the looming darkness.

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Adept who can't get the idea that he should've been a guardsman out of his head.

>sheepdog firsymen
Fuck you captcha.

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Uhh....not sure? Havent played D&D outside of a very brief intro.

I'd like to be a fighter though. Would be fun knowing all the swordplay and general kicking ass knowledge, without the moral alignment requirement of a paladin.

I'd probably still be polite though.

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Champion of Nurgle.

Filth, disease, and tender loving.

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Psion (Clarisentience)
It's more of a practiced skill than an aquired one.
I don't really believe I've got this fancy special thingy inside of me that makes me a unique snowflake.
But I do know this:
Sometimes, I can feel choices. This might sound rediculous, but it just happens. I can sense people's willpower when they feel that something must happen in a certain way, and it happens. If you're ever felt a "Déja-vu", that is the same sensation I get when someone is about to change something.
What I just said implies destiny, but think of it this way: Destiny is what you make of it. You live in a defined system with a multitude of constants, but every person is a variable.
Yes you have a path set out for you, but you can change it and set on a new path. You can change also change other's paths. When a person changes something, it is his own power of will that makes things happen. If you have a force of will strong enough, you can change anything. When people enforce their will over others, I can feel it. It can feel quite agressive. It feels like someone mentally knocked the wind out of you. Like you were concentrated one a line of thought and then you're completely distracted.
Just thought I'd share.
in during Cool Story Bro

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Heroic Mortal.

The heck with Jesus, What Would High-Compassion Solar Exalt Do?

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the worst people to actually see

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>When people enforce their will over others, I can feel it.

No, you can't, but you certainly seem to think so. But then, people can convince themselves of all sorts of shit.

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Are you omniscient? Do you know what I can feel or not?
Do you know the truth about reality and perception?
No one knows. Don't be arrogant enough to pretend you hold the truth. No one will ever know the truth, and that is the only truth.

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Call me a Knight Aspirant.

I have a loose code a adhere to that some would refer to as honor, but I'm fooling myself if I think I can wear plate mail, direct and 400 pound charging warhorse and kill people like a the fist of fucking justice, at the same time.

>August fookilif

Um..thanks Captcha. I guess.

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i've got the physique of a wizard, mind of a rogue but the true heart of a paladin! i am gonna have alot of crazy adventures.

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I'd be a creature.

They'd call my ilk "Abyssal Colossus".

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Lvl 1 street samurai, (flaw) unsettling addiction (Lange Knives), (bonus) unusually polite, (bonus) Fancy hat

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Thats what happens with 15 years of practiced psychology. Im still a cold fucker though, but being able to cold read at a heart beat in any situation does kinda impress most people - especially if they are supersticious, then making them think you can read minds is pretty easy.

Alternatively, just induce whatever mode suits the purpose and then roll with it, building up with pre-programmed tactile anchors.

None of that mind blast shit for me though.

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>Do you know what I can feel or not? Do you know the truth about reality and perception?

What I know is neuroscience and probability. Millions have convinced themselves and others they have super special powers, and they are invariably deluded.

So what are the chances you actually can do what you say you can, versus the chances you have a few neurons misfiring, so to speak?

>Maryland adistrin
ohgod it knows where Iive

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Expert/Bard. The amount of random things I know has to be a result of bardic knowledge.

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Soldier/Medic because I am a Navy Corpsman attached to a Marine Infantry Unit

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Warlord because I'm bossy

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I'd think I'd be a rank 1 adept with mediocre stats.

I'm trying to be honest here.

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I have no levels or character class, because im not from DnD.

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>Are you omniscient? Do you know what I can feel or not?
You certainly seem to think that you can.

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rolled 6, 3, 3, 5 = 17

I'm a low level techie from Cyberpunk. I can't really invent anything but I'm damned good at jury rigging things. Right now my ipod is stuffed full of chopsticks and toothpicks and it somehow manages to work.

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Oh look, signs of schizhophrenia.

Protip: That is pretty much a schizotypical disorder described in detail right there, you might want to go see a doctor before you hurt yourself.

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I'm an NPC.

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I'm a High Programmer, so you can all kiss my Ultraviolet ass. Oh wait, I guess you don't even have the security clearance for THAT.

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>implying I need clearance to break in and rape you with a chain sword.

>subtle repliers
captcha's got my back

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Anon-U-MUS, you are hereby found guilty of treason, in the form of disseminating classified information to individuals without appropriate clearance. Due to your years of dedicated service, you have been granted the privilege of dying by gas, an experience that is found to only be painful a small percentage of the time. Please report to the nearest Nap Tyme(tm) liquidation center, and have a happy day!

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I realized a while back it was my destiny to inspire people to go forth and be as awesome as possible before they die. A day wasted is a day you won't be getting back, after all.
Monk because I've been massaging all the women I work with for about 2 months now, now I'm more or less, some of which have boyfriends I see almost every day, and all parties think I'm awesome. That and, like a gentleman should, I fight with my fists!

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Kleptomania makes you a theif or rogue?
Sign me the hell up!

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Dont worry I have some white bullets for you in my black sniper rifle

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There's doctor-types in most RPGs, so I would transition over pretty smoothly. Give me a level in bard and we are good to go.

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I'm a Commoner.

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