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Star Wars RPG

Saga v. D6

My group is familiar with d20, but would prefer to branch out. How do the two compare?

Also, best ship in the galaxy always related.

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IG-2000 here.

Headhunter is smalltime.

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Gladiator Star destroyer here.

I always liked the patrol craft and slightly outdated ones.

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I don't know about D6, but I liked Saga Edition. It's what 4e should have been.

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Saga is like a hybrid of 3.5 and 4e and IMHO combines the best aspects of both systems.

The D6 game is pretty typical of d6s of that era.

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What's that? I can't hear you over the sound of me being the more reliable craft ever. Good luck disabling that mission critical craft without me, suckers!

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I liked that they got rid of vitality points and changed the force to a skill roll as a result.

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>caturif suffer.

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sup. I know ya'll didn't see me over here but that's cool. I kind of like it that way

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Peh, you wish you were me

(But on a related note, did anyone else use the assault gunboat for EVERY mission in tie-fighter until you got the tie defender?)

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Cygnus Star-Wing, fuck year. If I was to ever play a Star Wars RPG of the appropriate era, I'd want a Star-Wing if I was to own a fighter.

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I hated Saga. I liked the d20 Revised Edition better. Needed some work, but that took me all of two hours to alter the rules.

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Smalltime, the lot of you.

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Fuck both of them. Revised edition FTW.

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Man, it might be my rusty memory, but wasn't that Skipray an absolute PIG to fly? Plenty of firepower though.

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Bitches, please

>fingers furs.
wtf captcha?

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I don't care about it's heritage I still think this is an awesome ship.

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I fucking love Star Tours...

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we is flying too, yes?

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Too bad it's closing.

>stamente Dot

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Ha, there's a joke. A fighter in Star Wars would rip that thing to shreds. Much faster and packs more firepower than any Gundam.

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D6 lends itself to a fast-paced, cinematic style of play. The skill system allows you to perform any skill in the game, albeit some with penalties for not having said skill (i.e. you can set explosives, but you stand just as good a chance of blowing your own hands off in the process). Some thought the combat system was too confusing, but once you got it down it was also supportive of the cinematic style (translation: yes, you can die from one shot but the chances of something actually hitting you, well, look how well stormtroopers, the Empire's elite, aimed).

D20 became a clusterfuck of levels, HP, classes, etc. that in my opinion has nothing on the original D6 system.

tl;dr D6 for cinematic-style gameplay, D20 for D&D IN SPAAACE.

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I shit gold and fart lightning.

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I really enjoy Star Wars in any vein, myself, but I find it difficult to GM for, mostly because of my obsessive desire not to violate canon, even though I'm unfamiliar with most of it. In fact, that's sort of why I'm scared to GM it, since a lot of my players are far better versed in such things than me, and they are still in the mindset of "Player vs. GM" rather than "Tell a cool story". I haven't read all the d6 rules, but Saga Edition so far is pretty daunting. Everything seems to be based around writing NPCs, something I generally loathe, and there's very little in the way of primers to the expanded universe. The thing I tried to run was a KOTOR-based scenario, since that's my favorite era, and the one I know the best. But that was a massive chore, since I still had to make sure all the dates matched up for events taking place, make sure they didn't end up messing up major events, things like that. It's way tougher than it sounds, given that with an easily obtainable hyper-space-capable ship, they can go to pretty much any nameable planet, almost all of which I would be entirely unprepared for. It doesn't even come with any pre-made scenarios, and there are no modules online to show you how to structure things. I'd prefer to keep playing the original Star Wars d20, since that at least had the d20 system I'm familiar with, along with some good sourcebooks and pre-made scenarios to jump off from, but the WP/VP system confuses me and my players, and there's no KOTOR setting as thorough as Saga's for d20. What I'd really prefer is to be a player, with someone who actually knows Star Wars really well as a GM, so I could just try handing it to a buddy and see what they come up with. Or I could just play KOTOR again.

Doesn't really answer any questions, I just thought someone might be able to give some helpful advice. Have some art for slogging through all that.

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In her voice.

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Wish I could lend you my GM, he's really good, and has most of the books memorized. He's helping another player GM right now, and he's doing really well for his first time.

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to fast to live, to sexy to die.

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I've heard that some people have had success running pre-movies timeline Jedi campaigns using Dogs in the Vineyard. That is, PCs are Jedi sent to backwater planets to fix problems, and they are the be-all and end-all of the law.

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Its being remodeled into"Star Tours II" very little info known at this point. I fear the worst, hope for the best.

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Posting Kyle related stuff is just cheating.

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Preqs inbound.

Or worse...

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Star Tours 2?



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I know how you feel. I'm a huge Star Wars geek, though, and I'm probably more in line with your players than you, in terms of canon knowledge, but even still. Instead of worrying about violating canon, just tell your players to shut the hell up and deal with it at the beginning of the game.

Or, do what I do and write your adventure into areas and events that have little information written about them. At the moment I'm writing out an adventure on Praesitlyn, a planet that doesn't have much written for it, at least on Wookieepedia.

Also, some parts of the supplements give you room to make stuff up. The Unknown Regions book talks about the Rakatan Archipelago and says there may still be some Rakata there. I expanded upon that and created the seeds of a New Infinite Empire and have some Rakata floating around the galaxy to integrate into my story.

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The only info I've heard is that C3PO's original voice actor recorded new lines for Star Tours last year.

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you CANT plan for everything as a GM, in any setting bro. you have your plan, your npc's and you know your players. Dangle a carrot out in front of them that just so happens to keep them in the general neighborhood of "shit I've planned for".
or end up like my DH campaign, and have the party go from acolytes happily riding the rails to violent, borderline psychotic servants of Malal trying their best to cock0knock the rest of the chaos gods for their new patron. leaving me with one weak to re-write my campaign from the ground up.

KOTOR is a big era though, it shouldnt be too hard to have them feel important without stepping on any cannonical toes

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That is fucking bullshit. I'm glad I saw it when I had the chance. Why are they closing it.

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At some point wizards published a levels 1-20 campaign set in the time between III and IV. It's decently well written and you can go based off of just the movies and what's in the book and modules.

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I suppose so. It is an entire galaxy... I guess I could whip up something interesting. My old idea was have them unwittingly deliver the HK-50 blueprints to the manufacturer, or something along those lines. I could turn that into a campaign. Thanks for the answers, /tg/. Enjoy the wallpaper, too.

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To remodel it.

Did you know when it first opened in 1987 they had a ABC Magical World of Disney special which focused on the attraction. They promised at the time that the ride and film set-up would allow them to add new destinations , basically entirely new rides. And rumor had it that they would keep all the films in rotation on the various space crafts on the attraction. The flight information board utilized in the line area promises “forthcoming adventures to Hoth, Tatooine, and Dagobah” and displays the text “Soon Endor Won’t Be The End-All”. Twenty years have passed, and everything is pretty much the same as it was when the opened the attraction in 1987.

Maybe now they might finally follow up on that idea. Probably not, but one can hope!

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All right I can accept that. Here I thought they were closing down for good or something stupid. Remodeling is fine however.

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if you wanna it to be an easy transition go with saga. Also if you want it to play like the second trilogy (not necessarily an insult, I just mean with jedi's doing flashy acrobatics all the time). Make sure to downloads threats to the galaxy though. Big problem is that some rules are kinda unclear.

If you want to get more of the feel of the original starwars trilogy. Lazers killing in a few hits, jedi less acrobatic. Make sure to download some supplements.

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Hey guys, I'm the original Y-Wing, just chilling over here, being awesome.

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I prefer this rendition. However, Y-Wings ARE awesome. Perhaps my favorite of the classic 4 Rebel fighters.

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Saga is good. It's easy to play, fairly well balanced and scales pretty well from fairly gritty to the near super heroics of some of the bigger names of the setting.

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I am not that familiar with SAGA, but have played d6 since it came out. d6 is fine if you don't mind jedi/force users being nerfed to all heck. It is very easy to come up with stats on the fly in d6 for anything from thugs to assassinbots to vehicles and starships, so it's great for improvising. SAGA is probably better if you want to run a Jedi heavy game. One of the weird quirks with d6 is that they really didn't manage the stats of their vehicles very well in comparison with one another, so you get oddities like military speederbikes with vastly inferior stats to civilian skiffs that have better armor, speed, maneuverability and firepower. Another thing to watch out for in d6 is that if a character appeared on screen for even a fraction of a second, they are likely to have skills in excess of 10 dice because that's how awesome bit characters from the movies are in comparison to player characters.

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I've got a bunch of D6 books and am in the process of learning so I can run it. I really like the departure from our usual D20 based games. I like the idea that you can try to do as much as you think you can in a 5 sec round but accumulate penalties to the amount of D6s you get. The wild die with 1s and 6s messing up the works. I like the idea that it can be faster and more cinematic vs. our skirmishes that end up sucking up most our playing time.

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Barloz-Class Freighter. One of the few freighters in the star wars universe that is more cargo hold than useless empty corridors.

(No really, check the deckplans to other star wars freighters, they're all 80% corridors leading to small rooms with one of the smallest rooms being the "cargo hold")

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This is true. This is why I think many Traveller deckplans/ships would work great for Star Wars.

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Hey, at least you know the Mos Eisley Cantina band members are going to be really fucking awesome.

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Some games I've run in d6:

TROOPS: Set after the events of ROTJ, the players are all Imperial Stormtroopers of the Mos Eisley garrison trying to keep the peace in a wretched hive of scum and villany. Gangsters everywhere are tearing up the city in the wake of Jabba the Hutt's death, and then news of the Emperor's death is received!

ROBORALLY: a variety of droids on board a gigantic obsolete megafactory discover that the only home they've ever known is going to be towed into the nearest star because operating costs have risen to unprofitable levels.

EWOKS: Space Pirates have landed on Endor and have set up a lumber operation killing the sacred trees! Can the Ewok Warriors outwit these technologically superior villains and follow the treasure map to a fabulous pirate treasure located somewhere out in space?

A PEACEFUL PLANET: The most boring cell in the rebellion is on the planet Alderaan, and there isn't much to do on a planet with no weapons. But then the Imperials start confiscating artworks and valuable items and making arrangements to flee the planet. What in the Galaxy could possibly be going on?

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Oooh, last SW game I was in we had one of these, ruled, used it as a mobile defense platform after loading the bay with weapons.

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wow, those sound like awesome ideas.

Im actually setting up a game where the players, all mandalorians, are going to liberate mandalore from the empire.

system is a tweakked classless, point buy, homebrew of Starwars d20 Revised.

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Saga Edition has this. D6 loses.

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Y-wings are blind, wallowing pigs. And slow.

X-wing here, just chillin' and being completely fucking awesome.

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Oldschool player of both systems here. D6 and WEG were great back in the day, and they established a masive chunk of the Expanded Universe. But of course the old system was simplistic and dated, and the D20 and Saga systems are all one needs today. While I now run D20 games, I still keep all my WEG stuff onhand for reference.

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OOL was a fighter pilot...and a mercenary...and a bounty hunter. But somewhere along the way he went crazy. Now they call him Crazy Ool. Maybe he had his mind destroyed by the dark side of the force, or maybe his brain was experimented on by an Imperial Laboratory. No one knows for sure, and Ool is so crazy his own memories can't be trusted.

He drives a Space Taxi now... mostly for insystem jaunts, but he still knows how to engage the hyperdrive with the help of his astromech named Bullet (an R9 series). There is a very good chance Ool will experience a flashback to his days as a starfighter pilot should any player characters hire him for a fare. It won't be a ride they soon forget.

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Being an interstellar racer making the Kessel Run in less than .4 light years wasn't enough excitement for Eela Vonn. And flying some of the most dangerous missions a mercenary starfighter pilot could undertake didn't do much for her conscience. She found the balance behind the controls of an emergency trauma response unit, or Space Ambulance. Other lance drivers think Eela is a few bandages short of a medkit. Seeing as how she once landed her craft on top of a bank while a robbery was in progress, or thjat time she crashed through an arcology's force shield while it was under attack by huge renegade wardroids, or how she frequently responds to calls in the middle of Mos Eisley (a wretched hive of scum and villany), the other drivers might be justified in their estimation.

If the player characters are ever in a tight spot and think to call an ambulance, it's likely that Eela would be the only one crazy enough to respond. She is the sister of Crazy Ool, who she looks in on from time to time.

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A-Wing was here, all other fighters are FUCKING SMALL TIME.

Captcha: Cavatted Hippo
That would make a great ship name, band name, and tavern name.

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Hey guys can I join in?

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How about I slap your rebel shit?

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Enjoy trying that without any shields.

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How about this sweet ride was specifically designed to be able to slap YOUR shit, homeboy.

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A smuggler/racing hyperdrive which is rated .5 or even .25 are custom jobs that need to be re-tuned after every flight, plus they're prone to malfunctions. Really should be impossible to operate without a dedicated astromech droid. That or the engine should downgrade to a 1 if left untuned for too long.

That or you end up wtih the millenium falcon who's hyperdrive fails half the time. Really fast, if it works.

Just something that bugs me about the kessel run. It has nothing to do with piloting skill, just having a good map and hyperdrive that's been customized and tuned to outside the safe operating parameters.

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No. You've got the greeblies.

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Now, now, kiddos. You're both the most awesome shit to ever be flown in a Rogue Squadron game, the harbringers of easy gold medals, and the knights of death for the enemy. No need why you two should fight!

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TIE Interceptors are survivable in the p&p rpg. I remember the trick was to pull as many dangerous piloting manuvers to ramp the AC up so that it was nigh unhittable. Eventually the pilot would fail a control roll and fly off into space, but at least he would probably not be dead and the target would be dammaged/ destroyed by then.

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The better man wins, droid.

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Also more dakka

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What's the original d20 like compared to Saga then?

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