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ITT: Larp Pictures that make you Proud to be a Gamer.

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Anything from those Russian Fallout/STALKER LARPs. Makes me want to fly to russia.

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kevin likes this one.

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How come LARPers are usually seen as the bottom rung of Nerddom? I've never LARPed myself but it looks like fun.

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no clue..
just as dorky
but you get fresh air and exercise
and there are girls.

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only reason i can see is a mixture of yelling
"MAGIC MISSILE" and them being outside doing stuff

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Hate on the part of the observers.
LARP'ing, even done badly, is a lot of work.
GOOD larp'ing, and it's accented cousin cosplay, is a great deal more effort.

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That is because instead of the above awersomeness, most larpers look like this:

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duno, it is pretty fun, the fighting least ways. The vampire crowd is a strange bunch

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Have you guys seen Role Models? The portrayal of LARPing is actually pretty favorable. There are some stereotypical guys-that-take-it-too-seriously but in the end, all of the characters' problems are solved through LARPing.

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This is why.

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yeah yelling lightning bolt over and over looks pretty weak if you are outside the suspension of disbelief

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They're all a strange bunch, but it doesn't matter because it's about being strange together

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happend wompro

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As an outside who will probably never LARP, I have to say most of the "magic" I've seen is really fucking lame.

Unless you're going to get in to some really nice high-class prestidigitation shit, I think LARP magic would be far better suited to behind-the-scenes and less direct effects.

Besides, the more hacking at each other with swords, the better, right?

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Agreed fully.
I really like how the good larps have politics involved and isn't always just battling. I actually LARP as a wildsman on the side of defending the forest. Get to ally with dryads and stuff. It's actually really fun with tons of people. We don't really have any magic users, and our rangers use modified bows. It's pretty cool. But you need at least 20 people on each side for it to start to be fun.
I was actually thinking of making a DND campaign based off of it.

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Wrong....the more roleplaying the better.
LARP isn't some kind of sport. It's a fucking roleplaying game. At least when done properly.
It's about well done costumes. Well played characters. Immersion.
While fighting can be a fun part it should never be the main reason.

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I wish this were more true about some New England Larps

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no, i larp, its just that others tend to see us as a pretty monolithic bunch while different games can be totally different.

My game is pretty combat oriented, magic is limited and we have teams(countries). The more "role-playing" focused groups who run around talking about their characters all day in tightly managed scenarios strike me as downright bizarre.

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what larp?

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In all honesty, I think a LARP where you've got to stay in character for a full day or even days seems like a really fun time. It's like, full blown escapism, sure, but it's like the ultimate video game, getting to pretend you're an orc warrior and taking a break from your regular life.

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The same reason there's hate for the stereotypical DnD player -- fat, smelly, lazy, lives in mom's basement, etc.

Go look up Darkon on Youtube. Neat movie. The lead character lives with his mom, and a lot of them spend more on foam weapons than they do on their kids (bad parents).

However, my girlfriend went to Darkon for a couple of years. Shit's SO cash. 50-200 men a side, foam weapons, classes, archers. Shit was amazing. Scaling walls, it was great. To hear her tell it.

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Saving so much from this thread, need moar! MOAR!

(like this)

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I live to serve

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>Wrong....the more roleplaying the better.
>LARP isn't some kind of sport. It's a fucking >roleplaying game. At least when done properly.
>It's about well done costumes. Well played characters. Immersion.
>While fighting can be a fun part it should never be the main reason.

Faggot detected, way to build up a bunch of elitist bullshit about how its "done properly". For some its about getting all your swag together, calling up the boys, then marching out with your banner to teach those monkeys who is boss!

Really though, role-playing is nice, but you need aggressive players and fighters to give a game life.

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LARPing, so much fun. Nothing beats taking a few axes to the chest and lying there until you get dragged away by your surviving teammates to get ressurrected at the wild stone.

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Fucking love his armour.

I'm actually sporting a semi, that's how sexy it is.

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>pics of made of win larpers
>larpers in my area look like pic

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I have done darkon, its a load of fun. Im from philly so its not my usual game, but when I went down there I rolled with Kindred.

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You're both for the most part right.
The roll playing is fun, but, sometimes it takes me out of the mood of being a murderer. To hear someone shout YOU'RE DEAD I LIGHTNING BOLTED YOU!!!!! kind of takes me out. However, other times, such as invoking rituals beforehand, thats when it's fun. The political part is also entertaining, same with the strategy.
However the combat is what makes up the spine, it's fun for everyone.

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>>", way to build up a bunch of elitist bullshit about how its "done properly". For some its about getting all your swag together, calling up the boys, then marching out with your banner to teach those monkeys who is boss!"

Who's your Daddy, that was some Sir Argus of the Big Yap talk.

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Is...is she...does she really LARP with her tits out?

I...I gotta go.

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I am not disputing that fighting is fun. I have only played fighter-esque characters thus far actually. However even a fighter has a life outside battle. And that's where roleplaying comes in.

As I am almost solely attending cons that go several days and are 24h intime it isn't much of a problem to have both fighting and roleplaying.
I just hate it when people exclude one of the two in favour of the other. LARP just as boffer sport is boring. As is just talking. A healthy mixture of both however is fun.

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that set had her and a couple of her friends all cosplaying a trio of daemonettes.

(only one of them was actually a woman)

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Makes you wonder how immersed she is, huh? And what kind of game that is.

Are there any more pictures of this gentleman? I love the pickaxe, to name just that.

Time to start a /larp folder. I'll see if I can contribute with pics from local events although I don't LARP myself.

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Y'know, that really shouldn't turn me on as much as it is right now.

Goddamn 4chan. Aw fuck it! Praise be to Slaanesh!

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How do you guys find these groups to do this? I

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google your area and the word larp..some of them have been running for 30 years or so

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Started a folder with this thread myself too. It had to be done.

No LARP'ing here yet, but there is talk of it moving up to here, I'll probably join in. (having a healthy athletic body might increasy my 'potency' in RP'ing)

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nice to hear...only 4 pics in the thread are not posted by me.

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Thanks to whoever posted that pic from The Kelric View, there are a couple cool ones there (pic related).

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His fear is tasty.

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Well, thank you then, kind sir.

This is a great thread.

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And justified.

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totally selfish reasons...I hope we have more threads like this..and get myself some new pics.

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I've done Bofors and that was all kinds of fun.

Seeing this stuff makes me want to find something worthwhile...

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Still looking, nothing great so far in my area but I'm keeping the best for last.

Meanwhile, more of these badasses.

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what is your general location?

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Man how do these guys make those elaborate ass suits of armor.

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No, the three daemonette cosplayers are from a different event. I've only ever seen the one pic of that woman in all my time on /tg/, which is since the space marines can't use stairs thread. The three daemonettes (two being traps) had very different - and less revealing - costumes.

Also, larping with your tits out like that? That's gonna take some guts or a low-contact event.

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Any LARPS in Virginia?

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Since I'm short I'm temped to make a halfling rouge costume simply for shit and giggles.

Also 6 meals a day!

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Have been LARP-ing for several years now. Started in my early teens. Those were the days of painting your face green and hammering on each other with nerf weapons. Had it's charm.

Have progressed. Have been to several post-apoc LARP's. Great fun. Sweden in autumn works very well for it, and it is less flawed than Russia.

The best thing is to surprise people. All the time I've been playing, I've been using slingshots (one hell of a job to find the bullets after though..), and people never expect the accuracy of such things. Nor the range.
Great fun.
My mostly used character is.. how should we put it... Mercenary when fortune smiles, robber when it doesn't. Very bland, I dreamed him up as a teenager, but he has so much character now, that I couldn't kill him.

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Québec, Canada (so I'll be looking on various French sites you've probably never heard of). The ones around me are pretty low-budget and mostly attended by teenagers/very young adults, but I know of at least one very respectable organization that should give me some good results.

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Because nerdy things are DIRTY and BAD and should be kept in dark basements where no one else can see, obviously.

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darkon is centered in Baltimore but do camp outs in Virgina, ORCS is based off of their rules and is in Virginia.

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As an outsider this was my first observation as well,
take this with the necessary pinch of salt but you could do worse than reading up on folklore to learn about spells that might actually be cool to larp. The sort that requier you to surrender you true name(not the character's) volentarily to have them effect you at all etc.

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Belgian guy here, waiting for LARP to become popular over here.

I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy myself.

We have enough castles/other crap which can make the coolest settings ever.

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I do Dagorhir.

You can put into it any amount of roleplay that you want, and theres a group for everyone, Historical, Fantasy, Stick-Jock, whatever. www.dagorhir.com

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Realms or Realms of Wonder in New England
been running for about 30 years.

Pic Related...It's the Empire.

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I can never make up my mind if I hate them or wish I was them

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Hey cuz, your slightly at odds western cohort here, Belegarth.

been fighting for 6 years, did amtgard in colorado, now Belegarth in San Diego. I know what you mean, cobat is why I got into this game...

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I do both, really... But Dagorhir got me started. Bummed I can't make Equinox this year.

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If you're in the US the SCA(society of creative anachronisms) is your best bet. They try to be historical and beat the fuck out each other with rattan canes.

Also you can be slightly higher on the nerd totem as a ren faire person.

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Can you use these in LARP?

They are those new N-Force nerf weapons.

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I'll be in my bunk.

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Bad thing about SCA? You need a SHIT TON of money to throw down on legal armor. Good thing about Dag/Belegarth? A couple of bucks for supplies to build your own weapons... or get lucky and show up to a group practice that has loaner gear.

Hahaha no... At least not in a real padded-weapon combat game. Dag/Belegarth they'd snap the first real hit you got off, we don't tap fight. They might survive in a LARPy type game system though... But you'll still get laughed at.

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Born and raised into the California Ren Faires, then spent my teenage/early-20s in Amtgard/SCA.

Why, no, I didn't lose my virginity until I was 19, why do you ask? Sadly, I lost it to a hot chick at a campout, but do not recall her name. Curse you, blackouts!

That said - damned if I haven't developed a massive tolerance to booze; that paid off in spades during college.
>What, three forties and you're out for the night? Pansies. I drank harder than that before sword-and-board practice on my weekends. Pfft.

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they might pass inspection if the marshal has a sense of humor, but they would break pretty quickly.

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Belegarth... a druidish fellow?


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Meh, it's harder than I thought to find those pics. I'll bump the thread with a few, they're not all that awesome, but they're the few that got my attention. I'll keep looking if anyone wants more.

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Last one for now, let me know if I should keep looking or if they're not good enough.

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look cool to me. keep it up

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Being part of a good LARP or WW2 reenactment would probably be pretty awesome.

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Sorry to keep you waiting. Have an ent while I keep searching.

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In my mind theres 2 reasons for the LARP hate.

First is the visibility, ie most people can tell when your off to a LARP event (the chainmail does kinda give it away), whereas someone can spend all day playing halo/DnD/40k/whatever and no1 outside the game would ever really know....i know plenty of people who play tabletop games but when we in a wider social setting (say at the pub) we just don't bring it up.
Put simply, these days its easy to be a nerd and still present the 'popular guy' image to the rest of the world.

2nd reason, well everyone likes to feel like they are better than someone and the whole 'lighting bolt!!' thing makes it pretty easy for non-LARPing nerds to pick the LARPers for this.

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could only find the trailer for Darkon and the AOL video won't play outside the US :(
Noone has a link to a vid of it that can be watched in the UK do they?

>> No.11826352

Last batch from that one, I'll just start looking for LARPs at random now.

>> No.11826364

I don't know what that is, but it looks like it would hurt.

>> No.11826391

I liked the dynamic of this one. I'm off again... Hoping to see other contributors in the meantime.

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Plenty, roughtly where in Virginia?

>> No.11826478


Sure. Avalon, a few NERO chapters as well.

I actually live in VA, but I cut my teeth with games up in NJ- still go up every month to play. A lot of the stuff I started playing in college is still running up there- NERO, Alliance, LAIRE, Mystic Realms...it's not the costuming quality of European LARPs, but I don't blame them. US LARPs tend to be a lot more amateur gatherings and ad-hoc gearing up than the ones overseas.

People are trying, though. Pic related, that's from LAIRE.

>> No.11826527


Captcha eats another pic. Here.

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>> No.11826634

>>11826478 it's not the costuming quality of European LARPs, but I don't blame them. US LARPs tend to be a lot more amateur gatherings and ad-hoc gearing up than the ones overseas.

Every once in a while you get a good costume or rep out of an American Larp. Your LAIRE pic is a good one. This guy (>>11826092) is out of a NERO chapter, I think, and his stuff looks good.

The Euro guys just have a) better access to stuff than Americans, and b) have a LOT better weather for it. It's easier to wear all the leathers and layers and shit when it's not 95 degrees with 90% humidity.

Problem is, with the unwillingness to FORCE American larpers to upgrade their costume to something decent, most of the time you'll end up with something like (pic related) or even worse.

More's the pity. The better the game looks, the easier immersion becomes.

>> No.11826685


Fun fact: Makeup goes a long way. Just like the daemonettes are traps, the troll's a lady under all that.

>> No.11826892


Not I, said the LARPer.

But I've been doing this since 1991. The quality on US LARPs doesn't jar me simply because it IS the average around here, which is less than it's been overseas.

US LARPers came from Dagohir and Amtgard folks, who have trouble even getting folks to dress up, period. They're frequently a step UP from that.

As for me, I'm somewhere in this pic here, which dates back to the 1990s and the early first surge in boffer-fighting fantasy LARPs in the US

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similar story.
pic related..some good some bad..some just odd

>> No.11827070

Murshank is the NoVa chapter of Avalon.

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>> No.11827152

Alright, it's been around 3 hours and I'm getting pretty sick of browsing through countless galleries, so that'll be all from me. It's kind of made me want to try a LARP again, too. Tried it only once and I enjoyed it a lot, but I sucked at fighting and role-playing felt awkward, partly because I knew jack shit about the storyline.

> Horniman's istural
I don't wanna know, captcha.

>> No.11827195

One day, you should bring in a compound bow with serrated hunting tipped arrows. HIde it in the forest. Change halfway through and claim the spirits of the forest have blessed your bow.

>> No.11827301

what do you call those papers stuck to his armor? I see them on Warhammer guys too.

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>> No.11827536

Bumpan for more awesome larp pics/analysis
>russian and japanese in the captcha? Fuck you, captcha. Fuck. You. What's next - that "klick" sound in African?

>> No.11827757

So whats with all the hate that LARPers, and RPGers in general, get?

I have never LARPed nor actually had a group to play a PnP or even Tapletop game with except for two awesome dudes I went through AIT with, and we played mostly clix and tried to play some mutants&masterminds.

>> No.11827765

These made me the most proud... *sniffle*

>suffhor phaenicia
You're god damned right captcha!

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>> No.11827890


1 reason:

You know the "That Guys" you get around the table? You have to deal with them in Larps too...only:

1) they are more likely than not to have crappy costuming (breaking suspension of disbelief)
2) have played longer than other folks and thus be a noble (since most of the classic 350'lb "that guys" seem to be in their early-to-late 30's - thus were in the first real "wave" of larpers to get popular in the States in the late 80's/early 90s)
3) Since they're in their 30's and generally life failures, they concentrate on being powermongering cocks to everybody in the Larp (since it's the only way to feel good about themselves)
4) Because Larps are the only way to feel good about themselves, they'll be loathe to leave the game, meaning that many newer, less powerful newbies will cycle through, get pissed off at the Larp for the fat fucks who ruin it for everyone else, and leave. Meaning "that guy" will continue his reign of fucktardedness.

In small group settings (such as tabletop play), it's fairly easy to drive the fuckers out. But in the large, semi-national larps, it's next to impossible to get somebody banned. So you're STUCK with those guys until they decide to stop.

Add to that amateur costuming, disbelief-shattering magic effects, inability for people to stay in character, and combat sparring rules that would make Tallhoffer shit himself with derisive laughter, and Larps get a bad name.

Some larps can fix this, but it takes dedicated time and effort - usually too much for larpers to afford.

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>> No.11827924

This makes sense.

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>> No.11827937

Those nerf swords are resilient as fuck, I took mine to 4 larp sessions here (dag). I re-painted it so it wasn't HURR DURR NERF and sanded off the logos.

It's still in perfect condition.

>> No.11827957

Wait, you took the nerf swords to dag?

And the master passed it? And you felt comfortable using it? Given, our group is still mostly PVC core, but still.

>> No.11828012

Yeah, I took one and the master passed it (We were bro's in high school ;) )

It's really not that bad, It's light, but the core is pretty resilient, think fiberglass rods. I did pretty well in combat, but that might be due to the fact that I exercise alot, and practice a shit ton in my free time.

All in all, the Nerf swords are like bottom-tier latex swords.

>> No.11828118


>> No.11828149

>> No.11828175

has this been archived yet?

>> No.11828257

Apparently not.

>> No.11829930

I think the op and most of the pics are posted by CockblockingJerkassRobot...not sure why no trip

keep this thread alive.

>> No.11830106

This thread is the kick assingest thread I've seen on here in a while. I wish I had something to add to it! I know there's a bunch of pics from that Russian Stalker LARP, but fuck if I know where to find em.

I think LARPs get a bad name cause most people equate it to the sort of things they saw in Role Models (which was pretty hilarious, though). I've LARPed before, but it was stuff like Vampire: The Masquerade some years back when I was a teenager with too much time and like fifty gamer friends. No one really did much dressing up, as that game is largely politics and imagination-land anyway. Part of me misses the fun I had, but the part of me that got more stylish and handsome enjoys cute girls and low key hangouts more. C'est la vie.

I'd totally do one of these sword and board LARPs, though, if everyone looked this badass.

>> No.11830175

Anyone got pics or the video of the guy from Blazecon a couple of years ago? He went as a warrior of Khorne. Think it's called more blood for the Blood God.

>> No.11830241

>>I'd totally do one of these sword and board LARPs, though, if everyone looked this badass.

most of these are posed pictures of the best of the best and most expensive.
while it might be disheartening..you can have just as much fun in some sweats and tshirt with a tabard over them and a ducktape popscicle sword, Fighting, sitting around the fire bullshitting, flirting with the girls

yeah better armor, weapons and costumes help but if they are needed to try a game then you are doing it for the wrong reason.
pic related

>> No.11830363

yes but that's not important
keep the thread alive and full of win.

>> No.11830410

I like LARPing, looks fun.

But you can't pull the "there's girls" argument for it. One of the dudes in my campaign showed my friend some pictures of the "hot girls" from his larp painted up as tigers. The guy, who had a vested interest, no longer cared to ever play.

There are just as many girls who larp as play pnp, with a disproportionate amount of dudes.


>> No.11830420

>There are just as many girls who larp as play pnp, with a disproportionate amount of dudes.

No. Maybe in the US (rest of Europe?) but here in Norther Europe I have to say most girls get into RPGaming on account on them LARPing and there plenty more girls that LARP then there is that play RPGs.

>> No.11830472


That's true in Northern Ireland too. Though you could count us as Northern Europe too.

>> No.11830494

i agree
I assure you sir...girls do more larping than pnp
Dress up
huge dating pool of geeky guys to chose from
lowered expectations for looks
every woman looks doable if you are drunk around a fire and she is wearing a corset.

>> No.11830561

The common mistake table top roleplayers make is thinking that LARP is anything like TTG. It's as different from TTG as it is from MMORPGs.

Just because they all have 'roleplay' in the name, doesn't mean they're friends.

>> No.11830570

what is the roleplaying like, out of curiosity?

>> No.11830601

I don't know if it has been posted again, but here is why i HATE LARPers.


This shit makes me cringe. And my personal grunges aside, it's fucking childish, immature and skill-wise the acting is terrible.

>> No.11830617

Depends on the system and the players. If you're at a larp system with high standards of costume and sensible rules on staying IC, then quite intense.

As a rule: The more the players stay In Character, the more fun and intense the game is. Systems that do this get a good reputation.

As for women at larp: Depends on the system, but certainly you've better chances meeting a girl than you do at a Games Workshop.

You still need to be able to talk to women though, and as the guys tend to outnumber the girls, the odds are still against you. You'd be better off going to dance classes.

>> No.11830620

it has.
as has the point that that clip is of some broken ass system and viewed without the benefit of the same suspension of disbelief

>> No.11830632

Look at the video. Look at the pics in this thread (especially the first half). Look at the video again.

Do you still think that vid is an accurate representation of all LARP?

>> No.11830658

You know what? Fuck off with that shit. Less, larp looks rubbish on screen. It's fun to play. Most of the stuff we fa/tg/uys do can be seen as childish and immature. Get some perspective.

Decent LARP video?

Still looks a bit pants though.

>> No.11830682


first person perspective of what it looks like to be in a larp fight.

Helps you understand why it is so much fun.

>> No.11830735

>>11830472 That's true in Northern Ireland too. Though you could count us as Northern Europe too.


*cough* Sorry. I'm just going to go be terribly English elsewhere.

>> No.11830752

Try finding LARPs in Australia. Perth, Australia. Then come back and tell me it's hard to find them where you come from.

>> No.11830764




.. Yeah I'm making one of these suits


>> No.11830772

dude, thats because there is fuck all of anything but mining in WA.

>> No.11830778

>>11830752 Try finding anything but scary insects, beaches and improbable amounts of heat in Australia. Perth, Australia. Then come back and tell me it's hard to find them where you come from.


Just kidding.

>> No.11830780

Stone Golem in profile

>> No.11830786


Holy crap that's even better than the one I posted.

I just need to figure out how to make the suit crazy tall without me falling over. I'm only 5'10

>> No.11830787

That's a damned lie. There's also a flourishing... hm.
You know, i was actually going to make a joke, pointing out another similarly bland thing happening in WA, but... I can't think of anything.

>> No.11830794

We call it LRP-Fit. It's not that she's fit, it's that she's at a lrp event and single. That's LRP-Fit.
For Example. (Though bless you Mythodea for slutty german girls.)

>> No.11830796


Pictures taken at the end of a swedish LRP

>> No.11830806


Except I feel that way about any girl with a geeky hobby or pursuit.

But yeah, if you know the girl is willing to wear a corset and roleplay... well that's some serious points in the "Awesome" column. Or something.

>> No.11830815


only girls should larp as elves

>> No.11830820

Sweden has hot MILFs. I accidentally typo'd MILÖF...

>> No.11830821

Its not too hard - that costum is made by me and some friends here in Denmark.

Basically, take an old tshirt on, have some friends help you paint it with latex and dry it with a hair dryer.
Repeat, adding on a few large but thin layers of foam formed, somewhat, like rock.

You now have your base.

Then, BEFORE painting anything, let it dry for a week or so so your are 100% sure it is dry and do NOT let it get any sort of moist. Also, make sure it doesnt get dusty.

In that week, cut rather big pieces of foam into shapes looking like rock. 2 or 4 for back, 5 for stomach, 2-4 × 2 per arm all depending on how large rocks you want it to be made of. From there on it is basically just rinse and repeat until you are happy with how it looks. Dont worry about "sharp edges", when you are done, paint it with a dark grey latext paint all over. Then add a little white or green or whatever suits your fancy, paint it again but leave the deep cracks as they were. Lastly, add more white and highlight it just as if it was a giant miniature wargame model. Needs at least 3 layers of each color btw if you want it to be proper.

Also, gloves, feet and mask can be a bitch to make but trousers are made with same concept as torso.

Pic related, its part of our troll costum

>> No.11830822

>>11830815 only girls and traps should larp as elves

>> No.11830833

pic of our old minotaur costume. It has seen better days and is pretty damn worn but hey - it still made children cry in the mall a year back just by walking around at our exhibition.

Shit was pretty cash

>> No.11830834


You sir, are a champion of awesome.

The paint job, by the way, is amazing.

>> No.11830840

throwing a bit of steampunk in here.

>> No.11830842

Also, unless where you play LARP has scenes like this, you are not doing it as correctly as you could have.

Commencing a tiny image dump it seems

>> No.11830843

>> No.11830847

LARP is hated and despised because majority of LARPers arent cool guys/sexy girls in reeeealy cool costumes, but poorly dressed ( often parts of costume is modern clothing) fat "lightnong bolt" people. And those look lame both to outsiders and to nerds.
Also im ok with LARP owerall and think that if done RIGHT it is a realy cool and beautiful thing, but some LARP 'fighters' are annoying, because they are under impression that they getting real combat expertise after those games and trying to show off.

>> No.11830848

This threads needs more pics of cute LARP girls with chubby midriffs. :3

>> No.11830854

Btw, while it is "not that hard" it is a metric fuckton of work and you will have pieces of foam all over the place for at least 3 months afterwards - just a warning before you try and do that in your mother kitchen or something.

And until it is done it >will< look like aids and fail and it will take up a hell of a lot of space

>> No.11830856

Yo, fuck larping.

>> No.11830857

from what I've seen from LARP there doesn't seem to be much of a plot/story - it's just a pack of fatties hitting each other with foam weapons.


>> No.11830859


You know what, I actually needed my bottom jaw. It's now fallen off thanks to you and the uh.. .delicious.. red head in the .. ah.. stocks.

Oh brilliant, my erection has now burst into uncontrollable flames. Thanks VERY MUCH

>> No.11830860

Yeah, a lot of the flak table toppers get is from people confusing tabletop with LARP or WOW.

Decent larp video: http://video.aol.ca/video-detail/scene-stealers-series-2-larping/2311846989

>> No.11830869



Nah, IKEA asked us to come and be some show-thingy to attract customers and we got a chance to hand out flyers so it was pretty much win win although we couldnt bring the really big custumes because they wouldnt fit in all the places we needed to go

>> No.11830871

>>11830854 And until it is done it >will< look like aids and fail and it will take up a hell of a lot of space

Oh no fear, I see it as pretty much a life sized mini, and they always look shitty until they're finally finished. And I'll find space.

>> No.11830873


I'ma let you finish, but Beyonce had the best LARP of all time.


>> No.11830876

>implicating collembl

>> No.11830880

Going Down?

Orc in the IKEA elevator. Was pretty entertaining when people called for the elevator, not expecting to see someone like us there :3

>> No.11830881

>>11830860 BBC Iplayer link

Oh /tg/ is fucking brilliant today.

I usually don't like BBC reality tv, but this looks pretty awesome. Watchan now.

>> No.11830885


haha! no comment!
anyways, LRPs should be VERY low magic in my opinion. And they dont have to be very fighty. The galleri I linked to, only humans! NO magic (apart from stories. the arrangers have said that if we see any magic...we'll KNOW it is magic) First time I went there my foot got messed up (internal bleeding and shit) because I ran and overstepped hehehe, this summer I didnt fight ONCE. I got really close twice and we got ambushed in our cabin (yes cabin) once where I was not actually hit...only stepped on :P
but damn...it is FUUUUN!!!
also: no leather armour

>> No.11830888

>>11830873 No, Captcha, I don't HAVE THE FUCKING SYMBOL FOR BRITISH POUNDS ON MY KEYBOARD. Knock that shit off.

Yo, it's shift+3 nigga.

Or it is on my keyboard.

>> No.11830901


Nah, man, on american keyboards, that's the "pound" symbol, but it's the tic-tac-toe looking one, not the squiggly L.

>> No.11830904

If you see a captcha with weird symbols than it doesn't matter what you type in its place.

I just type nigger.

>> No.11830911

There are no WoW Quest givers if that is what you mean. There is a slice of life in whatever setting you play, there is a scenario background which all players know, there are rumors and some people need to do or obtain some special things most often. If it is made by non-retards they will never be able to do/get said things alone however, so they are forced to try and make others help them.

Generall everyone has their own little plot and everybody has social interactions. Want someone to help you make that demonic ritual? How are you going to do that? Ask them?`What will they say if they know what it is and if they will hate on you, how will you escape the guards?

Dont think of it as LARP, think of it as an interactive improv theatre where everyone is an actor and everyone else is the audience. The more awesome your act is, the more feedback you get from the audience

Also, more IKEA LARPing

>> No.11830918


With regards to magic, I've always thought you could do it with stuff like picrelated.

It looks kinda neat, you can colour code the magic (red is damaging, blue is healing, green is protection, black is necromancy or something), you can "throw" the ribbon and it'll uncurl in a long cool line and fall to the floor - spin it around you, and it's visually effective whilst being damn cheap.

Also, no-one screaming "lighting bolt".

>> No.11830920


Fer reals? Goddamn it.Well, knowing is half the battle, I suppose. Next thing I know, you'll be telling me I don't have to labor to spell all the non-english words correctly, and can just write "nigger" instead.

>> No.11830923

>Jump on 4chan.
>Check out tg.

>Find this thread.
<< make this face

Cheers for all the OC in this thread!

>> No.11830924

I don't have any pictures, but I was at a post-apocalyptic LARP a few years ago. The group that arranged it had hired this industry area with several multi-floor buildings. Concrete and silos and bushes sprouting in the middle of roads... It was great. And during the fourth (and last) day, they simulated a fucking air bombing.
Yeah, I repeat: They siulated an air raid. They had hired a local guy who owned a Cessna, and they had him fly a pre-planned route over the place, and the same night they had placed out hidden theatre explosives that they set off with remote control in sequence. It was fucking epic, people were screaming and trying to find cover.

>> No.11830931

it is nice to see that some people go all the way with their costumes.
I'm tellin' ya'. the landsknechts in this LRP was hilarious to look at. every one of them had codpieces in many different colours

>> No.11830932

>>11830901 Pound but not Pound

For christ-sake America, we put the dollar symbol on ours!

.. What's above "8" then?

>> No.11830937

Anyways enough with the IKEA larpers. The rest of the pics are fugly because it was a while after we got there so the makeup started going bad on us.

More LARP chicks incomming

>> No.11830939


ok only girls and traps

>> No.11830947


8 is asterisk. Here's your number row on an american board:

! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )

>> No.11830952


I gotta disagree there. There's something about the social/RP aspect of LARPs that attract more women to the hobby than pen-and-paper.

Not that in turn it doesn't mean a lot of those people end up in a local D&D game or the like- it just seems to be a bigger "entry" to that kind of gaming for women than simply going straight into whatever .

>> No.11830953


Shift + 3 produces the # on most keyboards.

Alt Gr + 3 produces the £ (pound) symbol

>> No.11830957

What I wouldn't give to pull off a costume like this.

(Ambiguous meaning intended)

>> No.11830960

Here's German.
! " § $ % & / ( ) =

>> No.11830969


But.. but that means "3" is the "hash" key.

Man why the hell do you need different keyboards anyway? Or why do we?

>> No.11830972


Neat. What's that S thing? Our "/" hangs near the right Shift, shares a room with the "?"

>> No.11830976


Oh, I've heard it called both "hash" and "pound". Technically, I think it's hash when on a computer board, pound on phones, but whatever.

>> No.11830978


Women love it for the exact same reasons guys do.

Getting to dress up in awesome costumes and pretend to be someone else. For girls it's usually sexy elf lady or something, for guys its awesome warrior dude.

There be a lot of girls into Tolkien who wished they were uh.. one of the 3 female characters in LOTR.

>> No.11830989

>Man why the hell do you need different keyboards anyway? Or why do we?

On account of you brits have superior currencies (and the metric system), so the american computer companies play mean tricks on your keyboards out of petty spite.

>> No.11831001

She can/could kick your ass irl too, trained martial arts etc.

>> No.11831002

(½) (!) ("@)(#£)(¤$)(%€)(&)(/{) (([) ()]) (=}) ?\+ `´
(§ )(1 )(2) 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

>> No.11831013


>> No.11831023

§ is the signum sectionis.

>> No.11831029

>>11831001 She can/could kick your ass irl too, trained martial arts etc.

What I actually meant was wear that costume and "pull it off" so to speak. Rather than people just going .. "is that dude trying to be SoB?"

But the ambigious meaning meant I sounded less like a wannabe trap.

>> No.11831035


I see. Is that actually useful in German writing, or is it just keyboard manufacturers fucking with you guys?

>> No.11831036

What, you mean Gimli, amiright?

>> No.11831054


Back when typewriters defined the layout, it was certainly more prevalent than @, what with being a defining symbol in all matters bureaucratic and legal.

In order to get @, we need to do CTRL-ALT-Q. or ALT GR-Q, which is just a shortcut for the shortcut.

>> No.11831062


So your layouts are just behind the curve, chronologically? Suck tier, bro.

>> No.11831064

Clearly a very litigious people those Swedes

>> No.11831069


>> No.11831072


It's not like layouts are fickle things. Once set, they're set. Only change to have hit in recent years was CTRL-ALT-E for €.

>> No.11831074

to get back on topic.

some larp i Germany, shit looks hueg

>> No.11831083

Pic related, then I'll shut up.

>> No.11831086


"It has always been, therefore must always be" is shaky ground, from a logician's standpoint (Fallacy of Traditionalism, IIRC). It becomes doubly so when discussing technology.

It's that kind of thinking that keeps us Ameritards on the Imperial system, and keeps the New York Times and GM in business.

>> No.11831108

>> No.11831117

>> No.11831127

Er... lads, you know you can just reset the keyboard to any kind you like, right? American, English, Chinese... the PC doesn't care, just tell it to interpret it that way. Not sure where you can find that option, but I think it's at the log in screen.

>> No.11831128


Guys can pull it off just fine. It's when you see "elves" costumed as "humans with pointy ears" that I grit my teeth.

>> No.11831129


Eh, whether you get the @ via Shift + Number or Alt Gr + Q doesn't really make a big difference, methinks.

>> No.11831132


>> No.11831134

>Implying people would be willing to do work to change their keyboard layouts, forcing them to re-learn what is, at this point in their lives, pure muscle-memory.

>> No.11831138


I guess not. And it makes a certain amount of sense, given how close Q and @ look.

>> No.11831148

Just putting it out there. You don't have to. But if you really *really* want that pound symbol, this is the way to do it.

>> No.11831156

Hmmm, not sure about the boob enhancements. This system uses NERF guns, but lrp swords.

>> No.11831165

It's a Dark Heresy LRP

>> No.11831167

>> No.11831169

Keyboard layout discussion.
Because it is soooo much fun.
What the fuck.

>> No.11831181


You're right. Let's talk about your favorite edition and why everything else sucks!

>> No.11831191

Someone had to say it eventually.


As you were gentlemen.

>> No.11831202

True! 4e sucks. 2e is best e.

>> No.11831214

It's disliked by table toppers because they aren't invited to the party and everyone thinks you are.

Looks silly, feels great.
Oh do fuck off.

>> No.11831232

Nice video. Who's the girl?

>> No.11831250

I'd hit it like the fist of an angry god

>> No.11831251

this thread is gold
makes me wish my harddrive never died

>> No.11831263

And of course, there's always zombie larp


>> No.11831304


>> No.11831312

knew a guy who would argue with you until he was red in the face about how his 'combat sport' wasn't LARPing because there wasn't any roleplaying.

"Dude, you dress up in costumes and go pretend to fight each other. Thats larping."

"NUH-UH! We're not in-character or anything!"


>> No.11831320

Tabarnack jpensais en avoir eu assez de calise de larping esti... Mon coloque arret pas de parler de son fucking group de larping... calise jai besoin d'une bierre pi yer seulement 9 am

>> No.11831343

haha en francais!

>> No.11831363

I live in Perth

It's too hot here

Everyone would just sit down around the fire and get baked anyway

>> No.11831390

- people have good costumes
- people use latex weapons.
- people roleplay well.
- people are friendly.
- fat guys play roles that fit their size.
- you have fun.

- there are "nobles" (the worst sign of all, actually).
- you have to keep count of dumb stuff like hit points, strenght, weapon damage, etc
- there is instakill magic.
- your hero is a fat guy.
- fat guys tell you to slow down because they can't keep up with you.
- you get dicked over by "nobles".

>> No.11831403

fucking bullshit
I ran up and down hills with 40°C while wearing wool, chainmail and pieces of plate armor.
It was hot, but I just drank a lot of beer and it all passed away.

>> No.11831426

lol who the hell larps in perth?

I went to a festival in the swan valley on boxing day in boardies and a singlet at 45 degrees

never again

How do I get involved?

>> No.11831448

>there are "nobles"
Some nobles are not that bad. It's fun to watch the in-fight and politics between different noble houses. Especially if it result in a big fight. But this is just my opinion.

>> No.11831453

Uh, ok. I just said that she can kick your ass irl, nothing else intended, anon.

>> No.11831509


OK, your "good" and "bad" lists are 90% unconnected. By your standards it's possible to have a LARP that is simultaneously awesome and weaksauce.

>> No.11831522

it is possible indeed

>> No.11831534


Heh. http://geebasonparade.keenspot.com/ ,aka the best way to explain what my kinda LARPing is like in the USA.

She put this in a few years back, it's actually rather accurate. There's no real source of inexpensive costume-level armor like the stuff you see a lot of folks at Mythodea wear- heck, there isn't even any common standard of quality for latex weapons here, and the best stuff is (sadly) imported.

>> No.11831583

haters gonna hate

Captcha : Beelzebub zoonvor

>> No.11831594

I wonder if there is such a thing as ELARP, and how it would work

>> No.11831611

Fuck paying 60 bucks for a weekend full of shitty cold beds, disgusting reheated food and the organization shitting down your neck. If you want excercise while acting like a retard, just join a work-out dance group. It's shorter.

>> No.11831620


An ELARP would pretty much be a swingers group in replica armour.

>> No.11831663

My experiences:
- Pacifist Alchemist, couldn't attack others. Buys a cursed gem from the gypsies, gets mauled by a demon because of said cursed gem, loses all the findable herbs in the forest because some bitch (who wasn't part of the game) took them all while knowing there was a nametag on them, fucked over the gypsies by blocking the way out while a guard was chasing one, gets fucked over by the gypsies back because they're assholes. Quit.
- Wizard that lasted the longest. Before he offed himself by ignoring bandaged wounds, he got sneered at, ridiculed, put on trial for theft, beaten up by guards and then put to shame and ridiculed more. Dead.
- A sci-fi character, a business owner. Got fucked over by the organization OOC, got screwed over by other players trying to get a quick buck, ends up almost dying in the shared IC bedroom because of a stupid lolvacuum cold, gets attacked by A FUCKING BRAIN LEECH, gets threatened, put in an isolation part and then shunned by everyone else. He offed himself by overdosing on painkillers in the shared IC bedroom. A goblin and a fortune teller were having an entire fucking fortune telling session before they noticed a dead guy laying in the bed. Dead.
Do you see why I don't LARP anymore? I swear to god, it's as if everyone thinks I'm a stress ball!

>> No.11831724

you just have joined bad groups

>> No.11831778

so are there general classes like undead, orks, and humans or can you be what ever you want to be

>> No.11831782

Anyone here going to the lorien trust gathering this weekend?
Just wondering if any other /tg/ers go.

>> No.11831812


- people have good costumes
- people use latex weapons.
- people roleplay well.
- people are friendly.
- fat guys play roles that fit their size.
- you have fun.

Most of these I agree with, except "latex weapons". Not required for a good LARP- especially for places where getting a thrusting-friendly latex weapon is tough to impossible. Latex-style weapon quality (and hence safety) varies widely in the US, as virtually all of them are imported. It's a nice plus, though.

>> No.11831843


>> No.11831878

depends on the setting but yeah basically. Most places will have you pick a race and a class. Depending on those you normally have a set of skills to choose from.

Some places dont use rules at all, playing "WYCDIWYCD" (or What You Can Do Is What You Can Do, meaning that if you are great pickpocket IRL, then so are you in the game. There are no rules to govern it and if you get caught, then you get caught).

Other places have you pick a race and a class, give you a list of skills recommended for that composition but the idea of "class" there is just a keyword to describe yourself and it doesnt have any tangible effect from a rules perspective.

Also, any LARP where you have more than 3 hit points and have weapons dealing more than 1 point of damage is bad. Two Handed weapons excepted, they can deal 2 damage - but any build up where you have to actively think to subtract numbers - even for a 10 year old - is bad. Subtracting 7 hp from the 42 you have in your arm because of a fucking huge armor sucks especially if they divide bodyparts into 2× arm, hody and 2× Leg - that is effectively 5 different hp pools to remember and if you have more than a few hp, noone will be able to keep track of it.

LARP system writer here (for schools and kids and stuff like that)

>> No.11831895

oh i see i think if i was to ever LARP i would be undead of coarse depending the scenario that everyone is playing and the race/class list they have

>> No.11831952

Mostly it is Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Goblin and (sometimes) Halfling which are the playable races and it tends to work pretty well. Remember, it is like playing a character in a theatre: You have to have background, motivation, past experiences and a free-will'd view of the world in order to really be able to interact with the game and thus, the other players.

Undeads, daemons, trolls and other monsters are usually NPC's which are ingame solely to advance the plot in some way - with the possible exception of undead: Some systems allow necromancers to reanimate other dead PC's into their zombies temporarily.

>> No.11832077


- there are "nobles" (the worst sign of all, actually).
- you get dicked over by "nobles".

Nobles come in two flavors, I find. (Also, anyone in a position of IG authority)

There's the assholes. NPC or PC, they take having a position of in-game authority to abuse.

NPC ones frequently are used to railroad plot up the PC's asses or as a personal god-power trip for the player in question (frequently part of the staff).

PC ones also end up on power trips, up to and including making shit miserable for players they don't like, regardless of it makes sense in-game. They may end up people who don't get respect otherwise as a player and use the position as a way to force people to kiss their ass to get things done.

Then there's the actual leaders. The good "nobles".

>> No.11832088


NPC ones are there to introduce plot into the game without forcing it on people. Frequently, the high noble in a game is an NPC even when there's PC nobles- as a way for the staff to get rid of people who end up in positions of authority and fuck it up for everyone (see above). NPC nobles often get a case of "plot stupid"- rather than railroading the PC's into figuring stuff out and depending on them, you let the PC's do it and have fun.

PC nobles are leaders too- they're the people a group can form around, acting as the one who supports them and makes the game better to play. You're taking care of them, they aren't your personal slaves.

Good nobles have thriving groups of players around them that the noble's helped along in whatever they're doing- not simply whatever the noble PC wants them to do. Best one I know is a tall goofyish guy (pic related, he's in it), been playing one for over a decade. He's awesome- spends his time in-game being just another player and helping out everyone under him, teaching skills, getting folks together to get shit done.

Bad nobles at best have a cluster of ass-kissers and at worst wonder why nobody wants to be part of their group- or even worse, the staff has let them run wild and they're more a gang of power-tripping egomaniacs that should have long ago been found dead on a dark path or stripped of any authority for crimes against the people they're supposed to be taking care of.

>> No.11832177


I'd beg to differ there. There's literally dozens of games in the USA that run on a hit-point system that's more complex than "This does one, twohanders do two."

Sword-tag games like Amtgard can do just fine with "you hit it, it's gone" systems. But after a certain level of complexity, you're pretty much stuck with it- and despite people on boards going "OMG IT'S HORRIBLE"- those systems work and work effectively.

Are they more complex? Absolutely, and keeping it simple is good for many games. But there's thousands of players that keep track of the math just fine, in dozens of LARPs all over the USA.

If "anything but the simplest HP system" was a sign of bad LARPs, there wouldn't be so many successful ones running with more complex damage systems.

(Then again, I've seen people say "Bad LARPs involve people actually hitting each other", "Bad LARPs involve being able to do anything the player can't", and the worst one "All LARPs are bad except mine". So YMMV.)

>> No.11832203


>> No.11832349

The problem with "nobles" is that when there's a good one it's nice, but when you get a bad one it sucks ass. And that bad nobles outnumber good ones at least five to one.

>> No.11832426

- you have to keep count of dumb stuff like hit points, strenght, weapon damage, etc

High fantasy games, it's pretty damn near impossible not to. It's one thing when a game's got nothing but humans and near-humans, it's another when you've gotta represent stats for everything from a kobold to a fire-spewing pit fiend and whatever else is in between.

- there is instakill magic.

Instakill anything, IF the defenses against it aren't significantly easier. Remember those Final Fantasy games where you'd learn "Death", only to find out the success rate blows chunks? Also see instant death poisons, melee blows that kill in one swing, assassination skills, etc.

Take the game I'm at a lot, LAIRE. Two casters with the same amount of magical power at hand. If one of them starts tossing nothing but "kill" spells at another, the defender is expending less than half the energy to negate them, casts their defenses at twice the speed as the one tossing "kills", and after the defender burns out the attacker, he'll probably blast the idiot to death with lesser magics.

And even if one gets through, it's still going to take five minutes before the "killed" is actually unhealable- often ten. "Bam, you're dead, go rez at the healers" is fuckstupid and definitely Bad LARPing, on the other hand.

- your hero is a fat guy.

If said "fat guy" is the one who deduced the poison-bane that kept the cursed forest from overgrowing the town and turning our fleshless bones into puppets, he's my hero. If you cast a guy who can barely wave a boffer sword as the one who destroys an entire army singlehandedly, you are being fucktarded as plot staff.

- fat guys tell you to slow down because they can't keep up with you.

Welcome to LARPing. If you can't keep up, you just got nominated for "monster distractor". Movement is one of those few things you really can't disguise with skills- if you're slow by physical limitations, play something that's slow to begin with.

>> No.11832463

best system I've ever played:

1 hit takes away 1 hp from the limb you hit, if a limb runs out of hp it's unusable, if your chest runs out of hp you die
armor gives hp following this table:
no armor\cloth 1 hp
leather 2hp
chainmail/plate 3hp
plate + chainmail 4hp

head is offlimits and hits are not counted there

>> No.11832468

Brb, making myself a Falluot/STALKER costume.

>> No.11832481


That's a sign of bad staff.

Your plot people are who put players (and NPC's) in positions of authority- and if those positions are being filled badly, they're the ones that are supposed to remove them as well.

Or allow them to be removed by PC's. I've seen plenty of examples of regicide, as it were. If a LARP leaves bad people in those leadership positions, it's poison for the game- and people will leave.

Pic related, it's another good (if sadly dead) PC nobleman.

>> No.11832485

>Step 1
Take mud/dirt-colored clothing you don´t wanna wear anymore
>Step 2
Make them dirty
>Step 3
Ski goggles, hoodie and mouth masks
>Step 4
Plastic Kalashnikov


>> No.11832504

Is it wrong that I want to mod up some Airsoft guns and do some Steampunk LARP

STALKER LARP sounds all kinds of awesome as well...

>> No.11832507


Case in point of a more complex HP system - which is doable if damage is simple.

Simple damage, simple HP pool = good.

Simple damage, complex (multiple) HP pool = good.

Complex damage, simple HP pool = good.

Complex damage, complex HP pool = you are a bad LARP designer and should feel bad for designing that.

>> No.11833756

Well it is a matter of who the target group of the game is. If it is anyone but hardcore nerds, a general rule is to never make core rules (excepting tables - tables for anyting at all: races, skills, spells, potions, whatever) should never ever be more than 2 A4 pages long. Casual players wont bother reading them anyway.

Character devlopment comes beyond this though, and adding another page or two on that account is justifiable because only the people who are really interested in it will have to read it - and if they are interested, they will.

I have tried many types of combat rules and in games with 1000+ players (welcome to Denmark, that was just another pretty decent summer day in the 1game/month campaigns 5 years ago) and I have found that on large scale, some things work and others dont:

Simple HP/combat is awesome. Simple combat are things like:
- one single hp pool, may be large (large meaning 5+)
- HP pools divided on torso and extremeties (more than 5 here fails because people will never be able to keep track of that many seperate hp pools when there are more than a few people fighting at a time. It is basically heaven for cheaters)
- One simple hp pool but with hits to the torso counting for more damage.
- All weapons always deal 1 point of damage ever. 2 damage is ok but only if they are rare (2 handed weapons, arrows, spells or the above hp pool system)

.. cont->

>> No.11833766

--> Cont

Armor always works best if it just adds more hp but I have found that giving a standard based on material sucks and just entices people to make fuckly armor for cheap hp boosts. When we remade the rules into general guidelines but decided on a case-to-case basis, deducting points for badly made armor and adding if it was exceptionally cool, it worked a whole lot better and people started making alot more of themselves and their character in general.

As for Strength etc - it never works if every player has that. The best system for unarmed combat I have seen in my 15 years of LARPing is just taking your combined current hp pool and using that as your Unarmed Skill (skills bought seperately may increase this)
Then players have a little stunt combat of about 4 seconds (for strangers) to a few minutes (mates who know eachother well or who have a routine they practiced) while they whisper their number to eachother. The one with the highest number wins and the other guy is knocked out. If noone wins, neither is knocked out but both feel like shit

>> No.11834583

>>OP goes to sleep and hopes his thread will survive
>>OP wakes up :} Tread still alive
>> :-[ Thread full of cosplay and keyboard talk
>> :) thread gets back to Larp and some lively discussion about it

>> No.11834686

>> No.11834734

> Tha/tg/uy from Québec comes back and finally finds the thread on page 11, only to see some asshole posted in Canadian French bitching about LARP.

Why do all Quebeckers I see on the Internet look like complete morons?

I don't understand what you're saying about stunt combat, but it sounds interesting. Care to elaborate?

>> No.11834765

Damn you autosage

>> No.11834795

Oh, that's why. Shall we make a new thread? Archive this one? I'm off for a short while anyway.

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>> No.11834883

archive for now, make a new thread later...maybe a few days...so we don't get "ugh this again, you are fagging up the board with one thread when we are trying to spank off to 40k and edition wars"

>> No.11834933


If it's interesting, why wait? The board needs more than Imperial Guard lists and edition wars.

>> No.11834977

Well as far as I'm concerned I don't have any more content to post anyway and I'm not going to spend the evening searching again. Letting it sit for a bit is fine with me.

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