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Sup /tg/. A friend and I played the new Space Hulk yesterday for the first time, and we came across an interesting question, one which the rules didn't seem to answer. So, for any Hulk players on /tg/, we pose a question...

Is it possible for a Space Marine player to shoot at a Genestealer point-blank, or does he have to enter into close combat with it immediately?

Other than that, general Space Hulk thread. Box artwork related. Thanks fa/tg/uys!

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I think so. They're basically fucked as soon as a 'nid lands in a square in front of them if they can't.

Probably not advisable if you're using the flamer, though.

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IIRC two units are in close combat the moment they enter adjoining spaces. You could make a house rule allowing a shot or something.

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Something I never understood about this game is why the Marines get to do a full 180 degree turn for no action points, but have to spend one to turn just 90 degrees instead. What the fuck?

And why would you ever pay the two points to back up one square when you can turn around and walk in that direction for one?

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And then turn back around so it's like you backed up, anyway. Still one point spent for the same effect.

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I'm assuming typo, but Terminator armour isn't exactly agile.. where as a Genestealer certainly is.

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I didn't even think about that. It has to be a typo, then. There's no other explanation.

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you know there where two editions before this one right?

so which one is 'Old Edition'

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The first, the one whose box art I posted.


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Space Hulk was the original than it had 2 expansions, Deathwing and Genestealer before the reboot

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Shameless bump.

Does no one else play the current edition...?

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Assuming you are talking about 3rd edition, read the fucking rules! 180 degree turn for the Termies isn't free, it consists of two 90 degree turns, each one costing 1 AP. For fuck's sake, man.

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look on the chart in the back

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I already have. You know, usually, a blank ( - ) isn't the same as zero or free... Unless you mean to tell me that Genestealers can go on Overwatch, there is a ( - ) after that too...

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