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Hey /tg/ I posted this on here yesterday but no responses, I am currently building a keeper of secrets for my Slaanesh daemons army. but I hit a bit of a block and can't decide how I want to procede with how it should look. I'm kind of inspired by the song madame guillotine right now though, enough to consider giving two large blades (similar to Guillotine voldo's final weapon from Soul caliber 2), even so I have no Idea what to do for the rest of the body and so I ask these questions.

1. should the body be multi limbed, bipedal, or serpentine?
2. If I follow the madame guillotine feel, should I have the keeper decapitating one or several people?
3. What should her arms be? mostly claws with the main 2 as her Guillotine arms? or should it have some humanoid arms as well ?

I also wouldn't mind ideas on how to personalize this keeper instead of making it another face in the crowd, Ideas for armor,trophies, maybe daemonettes as a chorus on it's base?

Song(please excuse the video, it was the only one that was not an AMV that had the song in good quality)- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3xvrntfFI0

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I know the gutter and I know the stink of the street!
Kicked like a dog, I have spat out the bile of defeat!
All you beauties who towered above me...
You!Who gave me the smack of your rod!
Now I give you the gutter!
I give you the judgement of God!

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Vengence victorious! These are the glorious days!
Women of Paris come gather your bloody bouquets!
Now gaze on our goddess of justice, with her shimmering glimmering blade!
As she kisses these traitors , she sings them a last serenade!

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Zing! Swing ! Savour the sting!
As she severs you! Madame Guillotine!
Slice! Come paradise!
You'll be smitten with, Madame Guillotine

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Vengeance victorious! These are the glorious days...
(Women of Paris, come gather your bloody bouquets!)

Now gaze on our goddess of justice
With her glimmering, shimmering blade--
When she kisses these traitors
She'll sing them a last sereneade!

Sing, swing,
Savor the sting
As she severs you,
Madame Guillotine!
Slice, come paradise!
You'll be smitten with,
Madame Guillotine.

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The world may be ugly but each man must do what he must!
Give in pretty dear!In a year you will be pretty dust!
Now come let out lady possess you!
In her breathtaking hair-raising bed!
She will tingle your spine...
As she captures your heart and your head!

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I'm just here to ask the name of the artist.

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Zing! Swing! Savour the sting!
As she severs you!Madame Guillotine!
Slice! Come paradise!
Our Delia will, shave you razor clean!

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God! When did man lose his reason?
Save us my God if you're there?
God can you not feel the terror?
Like a fire in the air?

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Flash! Slash! Glisten and gash!
She will ravesh you! Madame Guillotine!
Slit! Madame just bit!
Give her more to bite! She's a hungry queen!
Zing! Savour the sting!
As she severs you! Madame Guillotine!
Slice! Come paradise!
Madame Guillotine!

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artist of the song or one of the pictures?

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I may be a simple frog
filled with stolen grog
But I have to ask thee again:
who, pray tell drew them?

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Hunt for the man!
Comb the city--
Every street, every grate!
Set a guard at every gate!
Drag him out! Shout the moment that you find him...

Knock on the doors, lock up the city
Track him down through the town
And be quick about it now!

How the devil do I ever prevail when I'm only a man?
But I'll never be duped by this scurrilous phantom again...

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I wasn't born to walk on water,
I wasn't born to sack and slaughter.
But on my soul, I wasn't born
To stoop to scorn and knuckle under!
A man can learn to steal some thunder--
A man can learn to work some wonder!
And when the gauntlet's down, it's time
To rise, and climb the sky!

And soon the moooooooon will smolder!
And the winds will driiiiiiive!
Yes, a maaaaaan grows older
But his soul remains alive!
All these tremulous staaaaaars will glitter,
And I will survive!
Let me heart grow colder--
And as bitter as
A falcon in the diiiiiiiiiive!

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different artists, but all of the ones I have post so far are all GW canon pictures.

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Okay, yes, I know there are different artists involved, but since I was pretty slow to post, the time I asked there were only three pictures here - so I'm only interested in them.
The first three.
I know I should know it because it is immensely familiar but it's early morning and.. yeah.

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They are from the liber chaotica vol2 (slaanesh).

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Anyone want to help out with my modeling idea?

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John Blanche.

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practice practice practice

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>fuck you captcha, never ever give me a word long enough that it won't fit on the fucking bar again.

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and it didn't post the picture....damn it!

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So fucking kvlt they shit unintelligable band logos.

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There needs to be a Slaaneshi black metal band, since Khorne got Debauchery.

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oh god... trying to identify what bits were used is impossible due to the hardcore paint job, because of how three-dimensional a lot of that looks.

Some of those are regular Space Marine legs with way more detailed painting on them than I consider possible on even a three-up. I see a heavily converted Cypher (that's a pretty badass conversion, too) in there. *maybe* one of those Space Wolf helmets that actually looks like a wolf head, which has also been heavily modded out.

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lots of green stuff, if memory serves he used a few bitz from the Blood angels but it's not apparent.

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I think the new Death Company guys have legs with tabards, but most of them are in jump pack poses.

looks like some Black Templar tabardy goodness might be in there, and a Company Champion or two - looks like one of them has the same thing going on as my Chapter Champion: Company Champion tabard, Space Marine Commander cape. Except way more fuckawesome.

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well I'm about to start on the pictures that I've gotten off of /tg/ anyone feel like giving me insight or opinions to my first post?

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What a terrible fucking drawing.

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That Chaos Marine looks like a fucking Neopet or some shit.

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well fuck this I've been sitting on this thread for almost 4 hours, I'm done. thanks a lot /tg/

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