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Working on a quasi-Persian desert themed adventure and I'm just looking for some inspiration.

How's about we start up a desert-fantasy art thread? Arabian, Indian, fuckin'... gypsy, whatever. I don't care. Sand, scarves, scimitars. Post it.

I'll be rifling through my massive and unsorted art folder for some more content of my own.

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> 892 sprovens

Hee hee, sprovens.

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HEY! I have an Eastern folder too!

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Well fuckin' bring it!

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It's... mainly full of ladies.

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Fine by me!

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Breath of Fire IV. So desert, it shits sand.

> large bulges

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this is your party's rogue

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does this count?

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I don't know, man. I just can't picture it.

I mean, there was once an old-time image of arabia as being noble scimitar fighters and sultry, busty, athletic women clad in only a few sheer scarves.

Now, all I can imagine is crazy bearded zealots and women that look like they got stuck under a collapsed tent.

as such, I just can't suspend my belief enough to imagine characters like >>11795974 >>11795949 , or >>11795940. I can't even imagine it having been possible in the past. Not with Islam's hold on the area.

Sultry nomadic desert princesses may have existed in some form or another, in the past.. I mean, there must be some sort of inspiration for the idea... However, I just can't imagine it anymore.

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The Berbers still kind of have that going on. Berbers and Touregs man, that's where you'll find that shit.

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There's a better picture of some Uzbeks from the north who look ridiculously hardcore operator.

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gimme gimme

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what's wrong with you guys?

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I wish I could find it. They're all lined up wearing red berets and Oakleys.

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Former most enlightened, scholarly, tolerant and creative societies in the world.
Amazing what a little (LOT) of time and a lot of conflict will do, isn't it?
Neil Gaiman's got a short story called "City in a Bottle" that really pegs the tragedy of it all right down.

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What the shit

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fair enough. I'lll find it w/ that description

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Weird... I happen to be working on a similar project. Well, sub-project, part of a larger chunk of worldbuilding.

In short, lurking eagerly.

>fifians edified
Good for the fifians.

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a Persian dwarf

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Somebody hasn't heard of the Ottomans.

Or that Saudi Arabia had (emphasis on had) a better track record for women's rights than the United Kingdom did in the Victorian age (India also did the whole repealing of women's rights, so did China around the turn of the Common era.). It's just that most people associate Islam with Saudi Arabian Islam (Wahhabism), which is neck and neck with Evangelicalism. Most of the other countries aren't as bad as the Saudi Wahhabis, and there are even a couple that are quite nice for Middle Eastern Women.

Finally, can you say, "harem?''

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Islamofags ruin everything they get their hands on

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SORRY! SORRY! I was slacking off!

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My waifu is dead, all I taste is ash, I see is ruin.

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Hmm, were getting close to some PROMOTION!

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How's about this dude?

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samurai egyptians. Your eldar joke is noted and not appreciated

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I would say far worse than neck-and-neck.

But yeah the crazies were the first to find the Saudi oil, shit went downhill fast.

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Sand you say?

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Ok, let's see if I have anything that fits the bill...

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Why are sand worms always the desert monster? Why not something else?

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>> I mean, there must be some sort of inspiration for the idea... However, I just can't imagine it anymore.

As if you see still armor clad knights, robed druids, and court jesters ambling down the street in any modern European city?

Also, Persia (Iran) is hardly some super fundamentalist/conservative Muslim theocracy.

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Because of Dune?

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Iran is...messy.

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Because you can fight civillian NPC's anywhere?

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Some Caroline Munro, for reference.

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It would be neck and neck if the Evangelicals found that one of their parishes were sitting on one of the largest stocks of oils in the world. They're fucking nuts, but they don't have that much concentrated power.

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No, it's a secular dictatorship that masquerades as an Islamic theocracy.

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Crazy Shiite Theocracy & co. making the state its bitch aside, the Persians are quite secular. Hell, the average person over there loves the US (and most of the other Muslim countries hate Iran for fucking with their distinction of Church and State. Yes, funnily enough, the Saudi monarchy believes that the Ulema can only advise and carry out the law. They do not run things directly. 9/11 helped reinforce this after Osama started targeting them in 2003.)

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bumping in hopes of more pictures being found and less discussion.

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/end dune coon thread

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Read "Rose of the Prophet".

Generic but good.

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Oh wow, I didn't think my thread would still be here when I got back. Neat stuff!

Except the furry art.

But neat stuff!

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This thread really needs more dudes. Unfortunately, I only have two.

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And the other:

(Attempt 3. Captcha: however, livertio)

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See? Anything can be 40Ked.

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check out Madonna's book The Adventures of Abdi. I can't remember if the story was worth anything, but the illustrator is brilliant. it is a version of Saudi Arabia like you have never seen

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All I could find in my folder after a quick search was an image of Shivaji.

Sorry, OP. :/

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Did these two ever finally just fuck each other? I kept waiting for it to happen, but eventually found better things to do... in America.

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They're brother and sister, so no.

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I think I saw a picture of that once.

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You think that's going to stop them? Please, they fucked like animals off screen.

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And... your point is...?

Also, contributing.

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Despite the opinion /d/ may have give you, most of japan is not about sex, much less deviancy. That's merely what's most appealing to americans. There's no reason for them to have sex, and at least two for them not to, so they don't.

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