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at least the story is being done by abnett

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link to new trailer: http://ultramarinesthemovie.com/trailer/

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that looks like shit, what the hell?

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>and the greatest of them all are the ultramarines
>montage of ultramarines being massacred

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"You were there too, Tyreal!"

Did Blizzard take pitty on them and give them some old models for their fledgling CGI attempt? Eh, still looking forward to it.

Though starting to wonder why they didn't just pay Relic to do it...

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Don't forget the pensionist.

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Why is my great-grandfather in that trailer wearing badly-CGIed space marine armor?

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Oh my god
That's just horrible

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Wow, these sure are great Starcraft 1 cutscenes.

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DoW 1 intro wasof higher quality than this.
Gentlemen, we've been trolled hard by whoever is making that movie.

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here i was expecting a featurelength version of this...

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Even Slaanesh hates this trailer.

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Relic didn't do the opening movies for DoW1 and 2.

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Bahahahaha! Wow, this looks like it's going to suck. Did you hear them?

>All that stands in the way are the SPESS MEHREENZ! Because... you know... the Guard doesn't fight 90% of the Imperium's conflicts. No siree! Those 1,000,000 space marines are EVERYWHERE!

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my fucking face throughout that trailer.

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what the fucking shit GW how could you greenlight this crap???

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Say what you want about the CGI, John hurt's voice gives em shivers.

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>Relic didn't do the opening movies for DoW1 and 2.
Who did? I'd buy ten copies of any 40k movies that was one and a half hours of this:


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>Watch cinematic
>See DoW 2 trailer link
>Notice how from the first game to its proper sequel, marine armor went from "reasonably sized" to "tiny little man in giant tin suit."
>My face

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CG looks like shit.

BUT, I still have hope, considering the riting is done by Abnett.

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Goddamn, what the fuck is wrong with me today?

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I don't like it

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i am now looking forward more to the dow2 expansion intro. Presuming its cgi and not another shite ingame one.

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maybe it's still in it's early phases?

oh who am I kidding

my face to games workshop when I watched the trailer

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so... this is a trailer for a full length films?

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Ok, someone here said that the Imperial Fists would either be incompetent or dead.

Whoever that was, you were right.

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After killing the BBEG, the few surviving Ultramarines gather for a heroic last stand against the remaining hordes of enemies.

Suddenly, Calgar makes his appearence, dropping with the Honour Guard from the skies and effortlessly destroying every xeno and traitor in sight.

You know it's going to happen /tg/.

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But John Hurt is playing a fist

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>starship troopers roughnecks had better cg than this

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i guess their trying to go for something slightly more stylised/realistic look to it or something.... i dunno.

Seriously who comes up with the ideas for this shit, i think it was pretty unanimous amongst the fans that the dawn of war intro's look fucking awesome and an hour long version of that would be jizz worthy.

Besides, it looks fucking spazz when they have so many diffirent "looks" to the setting, they should pick one and go with it. Saying that, everyone agree's they should have picked the dow look.

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Is it just me, or do the bolters sound like machine guns?

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This is the one thing that no 40K media has ever done right. NOT MAKE BOLTERS SOUND LIKE MARCHINE GUNS.

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firewarrior did it right.

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>But John Hurt is playing a fist
>But John Hurt is playing
>But John Hurt
>But Hurt

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It has to start somewhere, I will support this in hopes of higher quality films on the future.

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Blur studio

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If they have to sound like a machine gun, they could at least make it sound like a Browning .50 Cal instead of some 9mm assault rifle. :/

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gives me goosebumps every time

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1) I told you stupid niggers this would be awful, but as usual you fagged it up because it's 40k

2) The voice acting seems good.

3) The writing seems... good?

4) Everything else is as expected, except worse.

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You fool. Games Workshop FEEDS on hope.

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Those are basic shots before the various layers of effects are put on them, remember how detailed and realistic the one guy standing there was compared to this.

This was just a show of what the fighting and etc is like, not how high end the graphics will be upon release.

Remember that leaked copy of wolverine: origins that was let out, how crappy everything was and how you actually saw wires on certain character. well this is like that.

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Ah, listen to that bolter roar.

The game may have been bad, but at least they got something right.

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>this is what GW fanboys actually believe
How do you like the taste of Matt Ward's cock, by the way?

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>remember how detailed and realistic the one guy standing there was compared to this.

Nope, I remember him being about as shit as this clip.

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Except this isn't leaked material. It's an official trailer.

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What is it with everyone's obsession for CGI anyway? Both 2D cartoons and live-action are vastly superior and prettier.

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they should have made a sitcom about a dreadnought family instead

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>assault rifle

I know this isn't /k/, but a 9mm assault rifle is like a live ghost - a total oxymoron.

Assault rifles are distinguished by firing intermediate rifle cartridges rather than pistol rounds or full-on rifle rounds.

On a more /tg/ note, I see no problem with Bolters sounding like machine guns. They do fire bolts like a conventional weapon - the rockets don't activate until after the bolt has left the barrel.

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It shouldn't fire that fast.
and it sounds too... puny.

Bolters shouldn't go BRKKKKK
they should go BAM BAM BAM BAM

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lol'd a little

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It'll be a bad movie. Its about the Ultrasmurfs. The CGI is terrible. I just hope the mindless masses, who know nothing of quality or 40k, think this is gold. They'll be eating shit, but they don't know that.

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This is what a bolter should sound like, except full auto.

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>What is it with everyone's obsession for CGI anyway? Both 2D cartoons and live-action are vastly superior and prettier.

Yes, yes it would be, unlike this shit.

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Probably not in context brosef but i couldnt help notice.


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The DoW 1 and 2 intros just give me the hardest boner ever, especially when the Dread appears in each. DAT VOICE

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I see no reason why it shouldn't fire that fast (aside from creating the appear of infinite magazine capacity - but that's a common occurrence with any weapon where they don't show the weapon being reloaded) as there's no reason that the Imperium's greatest small arm would fire so slowly.

Especially when wielded by superhumans in power-assisted armor who could easily account for recoil.

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>I just hope the mindless masses, who know nothing of quality or 40k, think this is gold.
>think this is gold.
Did you actually watch the trailer??
I think it's safe to say that that's not going to happen.

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cg is a lot cheaper

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>9mm assault rifle is an oxymoron

OTs-14 Groza is here, firing 9x39 rounds, alongside his buddies AS VAL and VSS Vintorez, designed to penetrate most military body armor up to ranges of 600 meters. Did I mention AS VAL and VSS fire subsonic rounds, thus making them pretty silent if you manage to stay 30 meters away

yep, the crazy Russkies did it, and pretty well I might add (CIA freaked out when they got their hands on a VSS in the 90's, since it could defeat the standard combat armor of US troops easily. That weakness has now been fixed, but at ranges of about 150 meters or less it still pierces it).

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thats pretty awesome

any reason why its firing in 2 shot bursts though?


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CGI can be done. But give it to a quality fucking workshop like weta

Weta did LOTR

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Puny Tau handling it. Can't fire more than two shots or he'll fall on his ass.

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/k/ommando here

They jam.... a lot.

Ever wonder why the Russians did give them out to all their troops so they could be deathspewing commando death machines? Its a gimmick gun.

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The important part there is the:

part. The thing that defines rifle rounds from pistol rounds is typically their length. Rifle rounds kill through sheer velocity rather than mass. Velocity is achieved by having a long cartridge packed with powder.

>> No.11794702

What? Since when?

You'd think it'd be a lot easier and faster to just draw this shit. And the end result would look better too.

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Blur Studio should have gotten the job. They are more than qualified.

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Boltguns are .75 caliber. They don't NEED to fire that fast, especially considering they're usually being shot by highly trained, very accurate space marines. Besides, to have a fast-firing weapon with sufficient ammo, you would need a HUGE ammo mag.

>> No.11794732

As I recall, bolters in Fire Warrior fired semi-automatic or in two-shot bursts as seen there. They DID make a good THUNKTHUNK noise, though. The Chaos bolters later in the game had a bit of a hissing sound to them, too. A real shame the rest of the game was such garbage.

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Is it me or

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Avatar was popular.

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It's still 9mm, and it still works.

This was probably true when they were first developed, but they are sexy hambeasts of guns anyway.
Although the troops the VSS was assigned to in Afghanistan loved the gun, and Spetsnaz uses the VAL and Groza routinely in high-risk operations. I don't think they'd use guns that jam that much.

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I remember Boltguns in Firewarrior, it was a small missile launcher in that game.

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Yes, and do you forget that alot of the movies that come out these days are crap as well? Poor CGI aside, they may like, or even love this movie. We see a bad movie about dem ultrasmurfs. They'll see a new movie about a story they've never heard about, full of violence and darkness. They may even like the storyline.

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Yes we know, we all get our gun info from the internet too.

Oh and rifle rounds, like all rounds kill with yaw cavitation and fragmentation, also from yaw.

Wow i sound like such a nob


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>this movie


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Fire Warrior had surprisingly fun gameplay in multiplayer games I thought.

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Don't you even THINK of starting that shit...

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>implying a bunch of faggots with no idea of the actual fluff or story whatsoever flooding into the hobby is a good thing for anyone other than GW

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where do space marines keep their extra mags by the way, in their huge boots??

I mean, a bolter holds 30 rounds. That mag is the size of the marines own head. Where does the ammo come from? Do they shoot the first 30 enemies and and then use it as an expensive club?
That pic is the most ammo I've ever seen on a space marine, and that's like all of 100 rounds right there? Please tell me I'm not the only one bothered by this.

inb4 40kay cannot into logic

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Fags on DakkaDakka actually eat this up.
Can't wait to see what the fanboys on warseer say about this.

>> No.11794796

They keep extra mags in their giant pauldrons.

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This was hilarious and extremely well done. The director is incredibly stupid for not hiring these guys.

>> No.11794806


>implying GW cares if it's a good thing for True Fans

>> No.11794812

>You fool. Games Workshop FEEDS on hope.
GW is Nurgle?
Or just it's customer base?

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Sure they do. A high fire rate is *always* important for an assault weapon, so long as it isn't so fast that it's entirely unmanageable.

I sure as shit would want a gun that fires fast if some huge ass Tyranid was bearing down on me for instance. That's a target where "fast firing" is useful because every second it's getting closer and every second another bolt isn't tearing it open is a step closer to death.

>Besides, to have a fast-firing weapon with sufficient ammo, you would need a HUGE ammo mag.

Or you could simply fire in short, controlled bursts.

Like, you know, every military force does. Modern assault rifles can but hundreds of rounds through the gun in a minute if fired continuously. That doesn't mean however that soldiers walk around spraying fire over everything.

>It's still 9mm, and it still works.

That's like saying "It's still 7.62, so it still works" when you give a bunch of dudes with AK's 7.62 NATO. The second dimension is important. It's the difference between something that fits in the gun and your guns being worthless.

>> No.11794847

If it sucks, why is it used by special forces? Those guys would need the most reliable guns around.

>> No.11794861


Next they'll be saying the Mosin-Nagant's 7.62x54R is the same at the Tokarev's 7.62x25 round.

>> No.11794867

Relic had 2 different companies handle their CG work for the Dawn of War series. Blur Studio created the opening cinematic for the first DoW. Plastic Wax Animation did the one for DoW II.

I'm honestly surprised that GW decided to let this trailer go out in this condition. I see shapes and objects with the most basic of shaders, and the frame rate is not something I would want on a polished product. The camera angles used for the brief action parts don't impress either. I figure GW wanted to save cash by going with Pop6 Studios, rather than the other two animation companies.

>> No.11794869 [DELETED] 

blur studio always does awesome cutscenes.


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It's a special purpose weapon, now stop trolling that /k/ommando

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Well it might be good. I mean anything's possible, right?

>> No.11794891

>implying I implied that

As I said, it would be a good thing for GW.

>> No.11794894


>That doesn't mean however that soldiers walk around spraying fire over everything.

Well, I think It'd be FUCKING AWESOME if soldiers walked round all day constantly spraying bullets in all directions.

>> No.11794895

Hardly trolling, just a fan of the gun. I might get a chance to use it in a year or two (I have two years left in the military, I'm Russian). Guess I'll post a detailed review on /k/, then.

>> No.11794897

>That doesn't mean however that soldiers walk around spraying fire over everything

Yeah they do. Suppressive fire is about all the army does anyway.

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>I'm Russian

Get off of my /tg/, commie.

>> No.11794925

Closer to a bolter than a real machine gun

>> No.11794954

Get off my /tg/, capitalist pig

dude I was raised in Florida

>> No.11794962


The only thing in that trailer that pleased me was watching Ultramarines die.

>> No.11794968


"Severus slept in again? He's going to be late for work!"
Dreadnaught in nightrobe bursts through door, causing a massive dreadnaught shaped hole
Cue obnoxious laughtrack and clapping.

>> No.11794977

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT698BOmSic&feature=fvw i counter your post

>> No.11794979

Most bolters have single, double-tap, and four-round capability. It's not that they shouldn't have a high fire rate. It's that, against most targets, you don't need that fire rate (either because you only need one shot or because your bolter's not worth dick).

>> No.11794983

/tg/ = /int/

>> No.11794986


Do you have the Krieger done by the same artist?

>> No.11794987

Oh god, fund it.

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This reminds me of the Grampa Dreadnought threads we used to have.

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Warbot in accounting is a short webcomic in a similar vein. He can't talk though.

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forgot my pic

>> No.11795099

Oh man, I just read through those, That was quite sad and funny watching poor Warbot.

>> No.11795108

Holy shit! I never realized just how awesome 40k could look in CGI.

>> No.11795188


idiots, with the budget GW have given this, you would get approximately 30sec of Avatar or 5-10min of DoW2 intro quality CG.

>> No.11795225


Think of it this way.

The more popular it is, the more other shit it will get. The more games that will be made, RPG systems like dark heresy, possibly non shitty movies, maybe even new armies for the tabletop.

Of course, it could throw the game in the shitter too, but still, some optimism could be good!

Besides, not every new person to the hobby will be a fag. I mean everyone on /tg/ found it by either hearing of it from someone else, playing a game about it, or stumbling across it. There'll be more cool people that are introduced to the hobby as well.

>> No.11795250


Christ, that made me laugh.

>> No.11795253

This is just terrible. Maybe it's still WIP, but if it is still in production why make a trailer? I've officially written off this movie. Waste of time.

>huge rouriu
Yes, captcha, huge roars of rage.

>> No.11795387

Oh Emperor, this is horrible!

>> No.11795541

dat subsonic

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I'm telling you, they should just scrap what they have so far and make it Season 5 of Blackadder. Captain Blackadder along with Battle Brothers Baldrick and George try to avoid being sent onto Space Hulks, drop podded onto the planet, all while trying to win Sister Bob's heart!

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Fund it.

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FUCKIN' HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


>> No.11795678

Writefags, get in here!

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And to think I was expecting something along the lines of this..........

>> No.11795812

>Lictor knocks him ten feet.
>Just grabs chainsword and gets up with a grunt.
>Lictor roars and threatens.
>Chainsword powers up
>Runs at it screaming



>> No.11795868


Gentlemen, BEHOLD!

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I have written a poem, I call it 'the orkish guns'


>> No.11795888

He put his heart and soul into that poem.

>> No.11795896

I like the penis

>> No.11795900

"Yes, you have a Gretchin that looks like a... thingy"

>> No.11795912

i'd love to have a gif of that chainsword powering up. you know, for the furry threads.

but unholy crap, the trailer looks like... well, crap.
i was hoping to see a movie-lenght relic CGI,
but this looks like the cutscenes from chaos gate!(late 90's)
the space marine shooters looks better

>> No.11795936


>> No.11795962

Well at least Abnett wrote it so


>> No.11795967


>> No.11795989

>everyone bitching about nothing but CGI.
You know that shit cost money. I'm sure they went with the best they could afford. And it's still not TERRIBLE. Sure it's not amazing or great but it's watchable.

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Sticking pencils up your nose and putting a pair of underpants on your head is a sure sign of Chaos worship, had to shoot an entire platoon of men for trying that once

>> No.11796008

God that is some awful CGI. The only redeeming thing about that trailer is watching ultramorans die.

>> No.11796037

in this day and age? lol i don't think so tim

>> No.11796090

Wibble wibble.

>> No.11796131

>in this day and age? lol i don't think so tim
You obviously know nothing of CGI.

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