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Tell me your secrets, /tg/.

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a confession?

don't hate people or deep-city. jealous, wish I could be real human being, do normal human things

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I want all that cake

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A cross post from /jp/ and /tg/?
Pretty unrelated boards.

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I'm hungry now.

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I don't know how to play GURPS, DnD or anything like that, but I have tonnes of ideas for settings and races.

I shy away from telling /tg/ though, because I don't know how to play any PnP games (like I said) and I fear they'll be laughed away.

Also, I want that cat.

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I fucking hate you all.

Except Captcha
>hoodelly revolution:

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I'll tell you one.
I've not had a single game of 40k since last year.

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Back in 2004, I got caught shoplifting in a big retail store. It was the second time I had shoplifted, and it was the last. Since this happened in Michigan, and it was the first time I had ever been apprehended shoplifting, it was handled as a civil infraction. I paid a fine, and didn't have to have any of my family know. I wonder sometimes if my Mother ever found out about it somehow, but just kept quiet about it.

I had to pet sit for a friend back when I was 16 or so. I'd drop by a few times a day to give his pets food and water and attention. I violated his family's trust by poking around the house. He had a bitchy, ugly sister whose room was a fucking disaster. I went through her drawers and found a vibrator. I jerked off onto it, just as a "fuck you" to her. I wiped off the better part of it, and you couldn't even see the thin residue of cum. Fuck you, Evelyn, my dried-up sperm's been in your cunt.

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Same here.

It's not because I haven't wanted to either.

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All of my NPCs are actually anime characters. Sometimes in a show I haven't seen yet.

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I started playing 40k about 6 months ago. First purchase was Assault on Black Reach splitting it with a friend.

Since then I've aquired almost $1800 of Orks for about $500 because of building terrain and other projects for my LGS, and the list of projects is ever growing thus I'm starting a fantasy Dwarf army.

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I don't feel like I've actually connected with anyone I've ever met even to the point where I'd actually care if they died.

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Gay sex is pretty normal, y'know. Just saying.

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Oh, and I guess if you want a /tg/-related one I once took a friend's 3.5 Monster Manual into the dorm bathroom to jerk off to the nymph illustration. My shame is deep.

Considering what else /tg/ is willing to use as stimulation while masturbating, I guess the nymph isn't so bad.

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this is more of a rite of passage as a /tabletop gamer/ than a secret

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It wouldn't be a secret if I told everyone, now would it? Dumbass.

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The face I put on for friends and family is extremely proud of my intelligence, height, and masculinity, but I wish that I could be turned into a stupid, illiterate, short woman for a week with some extremely simple ways for the change to be accidentally made permanent, completely obliterating my intelligence while leaving me with no asset to survive but my body.

If anyone I knew found out exactly how big of a fantasy that is for me I'd probably have to move to another state.

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I once actively attempted to poison someone to death, and failed. How do you fail at the absolute easiest method of murder, you ask? Good question, I still don't know.

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I plan on bailing out a close friend without them knowing it. Their former fiancee is an absolute scumbag and is withholding some of their possessions and asking for money. Call me a White Knight but you don't do that to people

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>I once took a friend's 3.5 Monster Manual into the dorm bathroom to jerk off
What in the fuck.

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This, I'm okay with.

>>11791524 friend's 3.5 Monster Manual

This is just not done.

<--- There's the door.

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If you´re not playing Tau when you are 20 you have no heart.
If you are not playing imperium when you´re 40 you have no brain.


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If you are not on /v/ when you are 20 you have NOGEAMS!
If you are not on /tg/ when you´re 40 you have NOBEARD.

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Sister, reason why I don't stress my suggestions anymore is not that you convinced me they are wrong.
I just want you to go your own way, even if it will lead to your doom.
Oh, and that final "I told you so" will be so worth this wasted time ...

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I love to play D&D 3.0/3.5 fighters.

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LOL Churchill hijack?

-Winston Churchill

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Wow my secrets?

I secretly enjoy the game and modeling aspect of Warhammer 40k, but hate the fluff.

I also enjoy the fluff and modeling aspect of WHFB but hate the rules.

does this make me a bad person /tg/?

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"Never in the field of human conflict were so many owned by so few!!Ⅰ"

-Winston Churchill, 20th August 1940

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You're going to hell for your sins. You are scum.

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I was hanging out with him in the dorms, flipping through some D&D books, and I got a chubby looking at the nymph. He was in another room on his computer, so I went in the bathroom and quickly rubbed one out. It's not like we never took shits in each other's bathrooms.

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Where the fuck is my gin?
-Winston Churchill, most mornings at 6am

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I hate almost all the games that my gaming group plays, but it's the only time we hang out, so I play anyway.

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I want to fuck both my best bros. But they're both straight.
/tg/-related: I've never played a non-electronic RPG.

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I...I could be your bro if you want me to.

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OP is a faggot
-Winston Churchill

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I want to leave my country for lack of tabletop players and it being a sack of shit third world craphole

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I have never played a game of D&D, but sometimes pretend I do when posting on /tg/ about characters or stories.

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"NO U"
-Winston Churchill

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I enjoy C.S. Goto's books.

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Why don't you just play a game, then?

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So do I. I don't see how they are supposed to be anything but hilarious.
I mean c'mon, terminator kung fu fights.

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I think moreaus are a neat idea and wish I could run a game using them except I'm afraid I'll attract furries or be thought one myself.

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tell both sides to piss off.

and do what I do, point out the at least 6 "furry" races from before the internets and furry in general.

feels good man.

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But I am a weak-willed coward who follows popular opinion!
Just kidding. It's not a lifelong dream to hold a moreau game, just something rattling around in my head. Don't have any proper ideas for it.

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What's a moreau? Like the book?

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Eh just providing a defense, back in the early 00s I was able to get away with my hulking wolf-people due to being able to point out the long line of things like Lupins and Wolfens from Mystara and Palladium, so just remember that.

Also I like to suck cock, regardless of how trappy I look at the time.

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pretty much, though more like the movie done in the 90s off the book, animal-human hybrids that are a part of d20 future.

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I don't care for any DnD, really.

4e: never played, noone around to play with, tried to read, not interested

3.5: read, played, terrified, read stories, disgusted

2: never played, but see lower

1e/0e: The best edition I looked at, I enjoyed palying it but it's mostly freeform with minimal mechanics so there's some combat. I like it in a way, but it's because I enjoy imagining I'm in the 70's, not because I enjoy elves.

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Oh, well, I never saw the movie, and I only read the book about 6 months ago. I'm surprised there's a movie! I gotta see it...

Anyway, I wouldn't think you would be a furry. It's a cool idea. And a good RP environment. You practically have unlimited creativity.

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You took someone else's property into the toilet, then poceeded to jerk off with it right there. That is fucking disgusting and completely disrespectful of the dude's property.

Would it have been so goddamn hard to just rely on your memory and imagination? You're a DnD player for christ's sake.

Shit dude, I could understand if it was like middle school or something, but college? Really?

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I have the core books for all four editions of D&D and like them all, and thus take no side in edition wars.

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>also I like to suck cock, regardless of how trappy I look at the time
>I like to suck cock, despite Iooking like a trap
>I am gay, despite looking like a gay guy/straight woman
wut. Am I reading that wrong?

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that's at least 5 editins faggot.

BECMI represent!

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I enjoy listening to erasure

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Ooh, I actually DON'T have BECMI, I meant the 2 editions of AD&D and then 3.5 and 4e. Been meaning to get BECMI though, one way or another; have a pirated pdf of it.

I suppose I don't REALLY have 3.5's core books either; I have Pathfinder instead, but it's close enough.

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I enjoy looking like a trap, but sometimes I also enjoy letting myself go a little bit manly.

and yes I enjoy sucking cock, bifag here.

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English isn't my first language, so don't rip out my entrails if I'm wrong, but doesn't "regardless of how trappy I look at the time" mean that he likes to suck cock both when he's trappy and when he's not?

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I have a diaper fetish and I hate myself for it.

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Ah. Shadows of Mystara?

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Hey OP asked for secrets

>> No.11791882

ALWAYS, I WANT TO BE WITH YOU.... Oh fuck yes.

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Your English is really good, man. Better than a lot of Amerifags I see online, at any rate.

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I would like to see some kind of inter-board mixing between /tg/ and /sp/, since /tg/ is fucking awesome and /sp/ is funny as fuck.

I know there will never be bonhomie between nerds and jocks, though.

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It'll pick up a bit now that we're getting into Sports That Matter season.

Within a couple weeks we'll be in regular season NFL play and preseason NHL. Doesn't get better than that, sports-wise.

>> No.11791952


The Bruins need to unfuck themselves real fast...

>> No.11791966

fuck I hate the NFL.

why you may ask.

Fucking Seahawks.

>> No.11791977

Hey, I'm a Chifag. I have nothing to complain about hockey-wise except being branded a bandwagoner because Rocky Wirtz is some kind of miracle worker for turning the team around as fast as he did.

Now if only the Bears could get an O-line that knows how to do their fucking job and keep the pressure of the QB...

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I won´t laugh.

I Secretly want to be a girl, but know this will never happen. And OP´s picture is awesome. Furthermore, my custom setting has elves but no dwarves D:

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>my custom setting has elves but no dwarves

>> No.11792018

because Dwarves are in the same boat as gnomes and halflings, over rated as fuck, and hey poster want to be a girl.

>> No.11792027

I'm not >>11791988, but I imagine it has something to do with dwarves being unpleasant in just about every way imaginable. I mean, female dwarves are good for porn, but when the fuck do you ever hear about a person PLAYING a female dwarf?

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Wanting to be a girl is mundane. Using elves and not dwarves is sick.

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I tend to play humans that despise elves. I once managed (in an epic-level campaign) to become king and ally with the dwarves to kill/subjugate all elves. That was my favorite moment, ever, despite me becoming the BBEG of the next game.
>I still legitimately beat everyone else

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only if you take /tg/s mems serious.

hell I at one point hated Dwarves jsut because people playing them were all of the lets play them as a race of all men who also have mysteriously Scottish culture and accents.

I have since made them less this and more they're all relatively normal.

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I'm currently throwing together some writefaggery about gladiatorial combat in an Imperial hive city.

This is where I got the idea for it.

I'm sorry, /tg/.

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And out come the..


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I killed a person and I got away with it.
And I want to kill everyone of you sometime.

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you motherfucker

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You know, all this talk about what's the "better" race and such is just thinly veiled racism. No one race is intrinsically better than another, retard.

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The elves refused to help against the ARMY OF UNDEAD.
Fuck 'em and fuck the eladrin bitch from the party.
I ended up defeating her with magic and throwing her to the soldiers.
So, fuck 'em literally, then.

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You're right. Despite the fact that racialism in D&D is proven and true. Despite the fact that it's easy to beat everyone at their own game as a human.

>> No.11792129

And here come the "no fun allowed" liberals. It's a fucking fantasy setting, get over it.

Actually, I'm probably getting trolled.


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I'm a reverse trap. I'm terrified people will find out. I may never have a significant other because of this.

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I'm a sadist to my players. I let them develop attachments to things in-game only so that I can use those attachments to leverage some new fresh hell onto them.

This, I feel, is normal and the way things ought to be for GMs.

But I have a deep desire to violate the social contract of gaming and trick my players into doing something incredibly boring. Not unpleasant, perhaps a bit challenging, but not exciting in the least.

I keep trying to come up with scenarios that could work for this, but so far the best I've come up with is a game where I take a bigass stack of index cards and tell my players that it contains a wide variety of different character concepts for a scifi game, with some repeated for the sake of interesting party dynamics. What I don't tell them is that all of the cards are just Weeping Angels from Dr. Who. I get them through chargen and set them to an actual normal adventure for some McGuffin or another, and in the pursuit of it they must enter a contest. A staring contest. And in order for the brackets to work they must add either four players at once or nobody new at all.

Being weeping angels, they win against any other race... until the party meets each other in their rounds. The most boring character "death" ever.

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In D&D superior races can literally be quantified as such, just like IRL :)

>> No.11792184

I'll agree, but it's also just as annoying for the LOL EVLES SUCK BECAUSE TOLKIEN that the DM did.

ITT: memes are serious.

>> No.11792187

Not everyone hates reverse traps, you know.

>> No.11792200

They certainly seem to in the real world. The internet is an entirely different matter.

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Captcha: stakenex November

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Honestly? If some guy turned out to be a chick, I would be creeped the fuck out.

>> No.11792248

Wouldn't bother me, but I know what you mean. For me it'd depend on how feminine she looked. I'd love to meet a "pretty boy" reverse trap.

>> No.11792250


Lets put it like this then, it´s fine for a gal to kinda look like a dude. But keeping her gender secret won´t help.

>> No.11792253

Well, I'm bi, so I guess I'm not exactly objective in this matter.

>> No.11792255

Reverse traps are awesome. Be proud of who you are.
Very true. Good to see another who likes em
You just havent found the right people to hang out with yet.
I would be pleasantly surprized myself

As for my secret. I like Reverse Traps more than i probably should.

>> No.11792256

I plan to join the army once I graduate. No one knows.

I also don't know if what I feel is mere autogynephelia or full blown transgenderism, but I do want to be the little girl.

>> No.11792294

fun fact.

I was surprised by the number of traps, both reverse and regular when I came to /tg/.

thank you for not making me feel like a freak /tg/.

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Thanks in advance for serving, man!

>> No.11792312

I've wanted to join the Army too. But I'm smart and everyone expects me to go to college and it would break my girlfriend's heart for me to be away that much. I love her to much to do that to her. Plus, I've never been much of an athlete so I don't know if I could meet the physical requirements.

>> No.11792328

>my face when we still have conscription here
Feels bad, man. Some of my best friends are going.

>> No.11792405

I'm not racist.

>> No.11792420

>reverse psychology

>> No.11792436

I'm secretly excited about Cataclysm even though i quit WoW last year. Might start up again for this.

>> No.11792456

I think it's more a matter of living in the south and not being racist like everyone else but playing along, either to fit in or just for jokes and stuff.

But later you find out everyone else isn't JUST joking.

>> No.11792462

>I'm secretly excited about Cataclysm

>> No.11792471

I believe that women are equal to men in every alright I can't keep this up.

>> No.11792481

I buy books, yet I barely ever get to use them. ;_;

>> No.11792490

I just got engaged, to a woman.

>>'Is thheempa
Is not....

>> No.11792493

You mean I could start hanging around people of other races and be such an insufferable bastard that they become racist?

It's a thought, I guess...

>> No.11792515

I've loved her ever since I met her.
She invited me to her wedding.
I hope they break up with all I am.
She's too good for him.

>> No.11792523

1. Because with how much Blizz has fucked up lore already this is kinda going to be a clean slate,
2. Human Hunters
3. Blood elf Warriors (Finally able to make Link, that's the only reason why id play a Blood elf
4. Werewolves i mean Worgen are going to be able to be played, hopefully they expand on that lore correctly.

Lore wise one can hope things go well.

>> No.11792525

I love playing kender because my childhood sucked. It's an excuse to play a childish adult and be loved for it.

>> No.11792532

I stopped reading right there.

>> No.11792535

I'm in love with my best friend. My best friend is in love with me. The only thing in the way? Kids.

Feels bad bro.

>> No.11792546


Im an optimist. But that's no secret. I know they are going to fail horribly and gyp me out of a birthday present but oh well.

>> No.11792556

No one loves kender

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My secret?

I'm currently playing a Burmecian-style rat man in a D&D campaign.

>> No.11792642


Ok that should never be a secret Burmicians are awesome. Freya brought the Dragoons back into the game for me. Reminiscent of Kain from 4 who was also a badass

>> No.11792669

I actually kind of like 4E, but everyone in my group hates it, so I tell them I hate it, too.

>> No.11792674

I made the first Angry Marine codex, and I'm stunned and a bit shamed at my small part in so many people deciding to make AM armies... so many people deciding to make Space Marine armies.
I'm a Tau man.

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I have been friendzoned by a woman, whom I have come to care for very much as more than just some girl I'd like to fuck.

She's dating my GM.

And every week, I need to sit down at that gaming table and deal with the two of them flirting mid-game. It's gotten to the point where I always volunteer to do the snack run.

Feels bad, man.

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