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Why /tg/, why do you hate me so?

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Hey, I have a Tau Fleet.

>Unger carduoc

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Last time I played BFG, I proxied an Ork fleet. Try-before-you-buy, that kind of thing.

It was lots of fun. Would want to play again, but I have no clue where I could get the minis from.

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Shas'o R'myr, YOU, You of all people have a Tau Fleet!? I never would of thought.

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Good source of fluff for Rogue Trader.

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You're really fun!

...it's just that I have no one to play you with and if I tried to make a 'nid fleet out of greenstuff it would end up looking like the penisfleet from that one spaceship game.

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Official GW site, ebay... Uhhh.. Other places, yeah, pretty much GW site. Anyone got any warstore like place that sells BFG?

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I know, right? Surprising.

>ousibles integrate

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Abhor the Shas, and heed not its painting advice.

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>he actually plays Tau in BFG!

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>linghims Sandor

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You haven't suffered like I have. I saw his entire army when he posted it. No amount of bleach could clean my eyes.

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You can normally just walk into your local hobby store that yuo buy 40k/fantasy mini's GW or not and they'll order them in for you, you might have to pay fo postage if it not a GW store though

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What, may I ask, is the issue with Tau, besides the fact of Tau?

>consummate rondent

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Because Necron win. Every. Single. Time.

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Well shit, they have to be able to win something.

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Necrons were so crazy because the designer was tired of getting his ass kicked by Eldar.

>wormond extent,

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Oh how I wish i could find and buy this.

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just kitbash from the 40k kits
a single box of gaunts will give you at least 36 escorts with no geenstuff work. A box of warriors can easily be turned into 3 cruisers and another 6+ escorts.

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Easy for Nids, but hard for every other race, cept maybe Orkz.

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I've seen some good necron ships scratch built out of layered plasticard and sprue

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Anyone know of any BFG books, like from Black Library?

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I have it, along with a remarkably vast Imperial and Chaos fleet.

Ebay may be in their future, since there aren't any other players where I live.

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I also wish to know.

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There is the Gothic War omnibus (or something like that). It is composed of the two books Execution Hour and Shadowpoint. Both are excellent.

There is also Relentless, from the same author, but I have not read that one.

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Which makes it easier to crush under my foot.

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So... Anyone have a BFG forum?

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i'd say portmaw but they didn't pay for the domain or something a few months back and it's been MIA since

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DUDE I LOVE BFG! I think it's the best game system GW ever made.

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