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Would a thread like this be permissible? I generally trust the populace of 4chan more than I do finding good one on one RP elsewhere. All I can find anywhere easily is YAOIYAOI or FURRYFURRY or CHICKSWITHDICSNOMENALLOWEDEVER.

Does anyone know a good resource for finding decent RPers for IM or other such RPing, or have any interest in such? Pic related, as I'd like to do some original 40k RPing(not really mehreens though).

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I too am interested in finding resources for competent freeform RPing.

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Try the IRC of Suptg i guess

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There's this great freeform text MUSH called Tapestries, that has a bunch of settings woven together via dimensional portals (hence the name).

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interested too, bump. all i find are chicks wanting dicks in asses or dickgirls everywhere

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No, stop that, suptg isn't a catch all for "I can't think of where to send you so I'll throw you there".

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I'm on the suptg IRC and interested in freeform roleplaying. If he gets there maybe we can strike up a conversation.

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rolled 36 = 36

Why are all of them painted except for Vulkan, where is the love for the Salamanders?

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bump for fellow brother experienced in the horrors of bitches wanting yaoi

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