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Roses are #FF0000
Violets are #0000FF
All my base
Are belong to you.

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I'm sorry Tech-Priest, but your Logo-circuits fucked it up again.


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Fuck yeah, Chaos-chan

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Code processing error, servers logic core will be purged in the name of the Omnissiah. Activate physical memory wipe protocol A12.. Fuck man I wanted to be a commisar....

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> recycled poem
> from cheezburger network
> they shouldn't notice
> herpaderp poop fart.

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never claimed it was OC, so fuck you

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Alright children, calm the fuck down. This is a cultist dump. Dump cultist, stop bitchfighting.

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Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Get out of my sunflowers,
Or I'll disembowel you~♥

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This is the only girl for me. I'm the Emperor's servant.

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land of rising sun
touhou project is culture
i do weep for you
(alternatively: ha ha ha ha ha)

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You fail at haiku, but that's to be expected. You're just a failure.

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Crikey, not seen that one before. Awesome.

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Really? I thought they were 5-7-5, although I might have made a mistake as English isn't my native language.

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haiku are 5-7-5 yes

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Blood is red
Cholera victims turn blue
Fuck the Japs
Prepare your anus.

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It's recent.

Mind if I dump some Nurglette as well?

I have some new stuff of her... bg did one for me~. Even when bg told me that she wouldn't be caught dead doing a nurglette....

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By the gods, you're dense. Maybe if I flash my snatch, you'll pay attention.

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Ro'enn wit lahv.

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GM did a nurglette for me too.

He likes making nurgle stuff.

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Would you mind pointing out my mistake?

land(1) of(2) ri(3)sing(4) sun(5)
tou(1)hou(2) pro(3)ject(4) is(5) cul(6)ture(7)
i(1) do(2) weep(3) for(4) you(5)

I would like to improve but I'm nearly unable to get any experience speaking English around here. Thank you

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Someone did this for me as well but remained nameless so I dunno who did it.

He/she really liked doing it too!

I probably should put my name on now. It'll explain it a little.

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I even had one of these made to tease sergalfag with.

Because I chatted with her a bit on philosophy of nurgle religion. Had to tease her with this after that. I think GM did it? I forgot, I didn't tag it I was too tired when it was done. I stayed up until it was done and I had three hours of sleep after that.

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> pierced power nipple

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I forgot who did this one. The same fella who did swirly dark creepy stuff, if anyone remembers. I think he was anon as well.

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More Jubblowski?

More Jubblowski.

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Forgot to mention I requested this one. I somehow got lots of nurglette requests completed. Must be that people like her.

I forgot who did this one, it was also anon but someone mentioned knowing whose art it was and I didn't take note. I /r/'d for this too.

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/tg/ is far removed from anime, why is she still called Cultist-chan instead of just Cultist?

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Everybody is weeaboo here. Also, cultuist implies the male cultist from Dawn of War, which is where the inspiration for C-Chan originated.

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And lucky me someone else liked the compose of the request on this one to want to do one with a nurgling.

Still a work in progress he/she said, also anonymous. Wish I had names on put on all these being done at my request.

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No, you fool, the trick is to do it stealthily, like masturbating.

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Think I'm out of the ones I got request-done, now for general nurglettes.

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Cultist chan likes nurgle.

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I don't understand. I'm sure I'm missing some subtlety so tell me, if you please.

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Why is nobody posting cultist? Did I derail the thread again?

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Last one of nurglette that I got.

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It's okay Papa Nurgle. We love you anyway.


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I also requested this to be done... Asked for a long time, someone finally did it.

Was happy.

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>>11780239 Everybody is weeaboo here
Speak for yourself.

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I'm dumping some cultist too. She's a brogirl.

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Okay, let's take this one step at a time, genius. Count the syllables.

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Lil cultist comic dump.

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I tried see >>11780171

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I randomly saved these, I need to put them in order....

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>52 letter captcha entry, neither of the words are fake

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When I said to count, I meant the syllables in MY post, you fool.

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On second thought, I should have screencapped it.. Damn it. Scientific names were all long...

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When I said to count, I meant the syllables in MY post, you buffoon.

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It followed me home, can i keep it?

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Oh, I thought there was something wrong in the way I counted the syllables in my post. Why should I care about your attempts? They're no use to me.

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Should sign a pact first. That's the deal.

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>forgot pic

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okay pappy! c'mon, lets go play outside Rotty!

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Not quite perfect yet, but still, you're on the right track. How 'bout a reward?

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I like this picture.

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I prefer the name Rottenstiltskin but to each their own.

Last cultist pic I got.

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rolled 88 = 88

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Finish it off with a spoof I modded... I just felt like modifying this as a joke.

No insult to the original artist.

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rolled 90 = 90

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Imperfection merits no rewards. You will not lull me to complacency.

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rolled 97 = 97

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rolled 50 = 50

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ugh. this moronic back-and-forth between you two bores me. Her original critique was in haiku format. You dense little shit.

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Bitch, you are ruining this for me...

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Well, that was just rude, to go butting in like that, just pisses me off.

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rolled 38 = 38

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Oh my how uncouth of me. Take your pedantic lesson in poetry somewhere else.

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Could you please post more decently clothed Yuuka?
She's my favorite, and seeing her in such a state of undress is simply... disconcerting.

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Buddy, nobody tells ME what to wear, or when.

My sunflowers, my rules.

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> She's my favorite, and seeing her in such a state of undress is simply... disconcerting.
Pic related

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Tell me, are you aware of what her bomb looked like in the PC-98 games?

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Stupid sexy tits.

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That was censorship, an umbrella in my cunt wouldn't be PG.

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> cultist-chan thread derailed by some weeaboo bitch with an apron and sunflowers
/tg/, I am disappoint.

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me fucking too. oh well.

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Dammit, I can't tell what in the hell she's saying...

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>half a dozen posts to about fucking fifty-plus

Yeah, no. Cry some more, bitch.

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It's not that it is half a dozen posts.
It's that it's the LAST half a dozen posts. This could be a 140-image thread, and if everyone except the apron bitch stopped posting pictures, it would be derailed by apron bitch.

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It makes more sense if you've played Dawn of War.

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Stop roleplaying. You are not a touhou.

What? I like my characters to be fully characterized human facilities. Over-sexualized, base, and vulgar images of a favorite character can be unsettling. This feeling is the cognitive dissonance caused by having your preconceptions challenged by (perceived) reality. I think of Yuuka like a regal, sadistic beast. The images before me depict her as a tawdry tempter of men. My brain, confused by this, causes me to feel disconcerted.
Like, imagine... your mother, or a sister, or a female teacher whom you respected as a child, working in a strip club.

>explansy was
Yes, that post WAS explainy, captcha.

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So, how was your first semester at the university?

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You mean last year? It was alright, I guess.
I think the AP classes I took in HS only taught me how to slack off more effectively. B average, spent most of my time fapping, instead of studying - due to the wonderous lack of a roommate. This year, unfortunately, I won't be able to lounge around skyclad, as it would probably be too uncomfortable (what with the Chinese exchange student I'm sharing a dorm with). It's probably for the best, though, as I need to raise my GPA .4 points to get some scholarships back.
Have you attended a Uni? Any tips for dealing with a roommate?

>> No.11780916

Yes, I have and am still attending a university. I sadly can't help you with your roommate as my parents bought me a flat near my university. But it might help if you get to know each other if you're living so close for some time. Maybe he shares some of your hobbies? If not try to introduce them to him and it guess there are lots of interesting things to learn from a Chinese exchange student. On the other hand I'm quite sure I wouldn't last long as I value nothing as much as some quiet and privacy.

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>Stop roleplaying. You are not a touhou.
Stop roleplaying. You are not an elf.
Stop roleplaying. You are not a dwarf.
Stop roleplaying. You are not a fighter pilot.
Stop roleplaying. You are not a warrior.
Stop roleplaying. You are not supposed to have fun on my /tg/

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This is my /tg/ and gave him permission to have fun.

>> No.11780948

>my /tg/
oh boy, here we go

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Not anymore, it isn't. the Department is taking this show under our wing. It's out of your jurisdiction now.

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IMO, roleplaying should be confined to role-playing games.
/tg/ should be for the discussion of said games, or occasionally host to a game (e.g. quest-threads).
Role-playing outside of a game is just asinine.

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As much as it pains me I agree. Picture oh-so very much realted.

>> No.11781059

It is a beautiful thing that your opinion does not matter.

>> No.11781152

Hey, man. I'm not trying to tell him to "gtfo mah /tg/." I'm just letting him know I think what he's doing is asinine.
Remember that I posted touhou - in a capacity that is not in any way /tg/ related.
I'm not trying to be an iron-fisted one-man fascist government powered by butthurt.
Your violent reaction to my voicing my opinion makes it seem as though you're endorsing shitty roleplay of an obscure Japanese bullet-hell game (not to mention the stuff mentioned in your pic).

>your opinion does not matter.
Thank you for taking the time to respond, then.

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Why are there no Khornettes? I am quite disappoint.
Any lass that can and will attempt to break my spine in AND out of bed is a winner with me.

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Why is it that the defense of shitposters is inevitably the equivalent of "FREE SPEECH DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO"?

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Let's make this official.

Now, proceed.

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Before this thread completely falls to touhou, can I get sauce on this? Is pretty funny, would like full set.

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There are I just can't find my Khornette images right now

>> No.11781874

>Why are there no Khornettes?

You just have to look a little harder.

>> No.11781885

glad to help

>> No.11781891


part two

>> No.11781930


Here you go, it's where I found it.

>> No.11781931

I may potentially love you.


I am prepared for any trial.

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>he still thinks he's in /b/
Fuck off back to /b/ if you like being lol so randum xd. Why shit other boards up when you have a perfectly shitty board for yourself and people like you? Why spread shit everywhere else?

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It's cute that you think you run the place. If this is so distressing why don't you email moot or report the thread instead of shitting things up even further?

>> No.11782049

>He still thinks /tg/ isn't good /b/.
Summer can't end soon enough.

>> No.11782079

Cool story bro, it took you an hour to post that.

He probably is. Unless he's one of those "/tg/ doesn't need mods or janitors they don't understand this place and would only shit it up."

Wish we had better moderation. The janitor's given up, or else trolls have figured his schedule out now.

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/tg/ doesn't really have a subject anymore. We talk about what we want when we want.

>> No.11782265

And that needs to be changed. It would be nice to have a traditional games board without "what do?" roleplaying and fetish threads.

>> No.11782373


But /tg/ is epic because we don't strictly follow a subject.

Look at /a/

they strictly stick to their subject and they suck.

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Is /tg/ the place for me to ask about college?
Is /tg/ the place to talk about last night's game?
Is /tg/ the place to complain about television?
Is /tg/ the place to find porn?
Is /tg/ the place to complain about my job?

Apparently it is to you and everyone else who forgets there's a wide open Internet out there! /tg/ is not epic because people are unwilling to look outside one board.

Then again, I can see how /tg/ would become a horrible place if all we had to talk about were the myriad traditional games out there, how to run/play those games, discussing their fluff, sharing gaming experiences, homebrewing, etc.

That all sounds like boring shit to me. Should I start a lizardfolk porn dump instead?

>> No.11782483


This is the keyword here. I'm fine not following things "strictly", but this thread and others of its ilk go well beyond that.

>> No.11782545

And they don't stick to their subject matter either. Waifu threads, getting angry at tripfags, "check these doubles," 3DPD, VN threads. That's just what I can think of in a couple minutes.

>> No.11782680

My problem whenever this argument comes up again is that everyone assumes that it's a binary state; if you don't like the off-topic threads then you must want dedicated censors deleting anything that goes a millimeter outside the rules with a zeal that would make Orwell blush, if you don't want rigid enforcement then you think /tg/ is just /b/ part 2.

Why can't both sides see that what made /tg/ great was that we found a happy medium between the extremes? Some things we discuss that are worth discussing aren't within the letter of the rules, but they still relate back to traditional games somehow. I'll admit that some things may need to go now that there is /lit/, because we annexed speculative fiction some years back to the point where fantasy and scifi settings became a traditional game.

But my point is that *slight* deviations should be allowed as long as they're good threads. Frost Giantess, Zeonquest and the other good quest threads stay because roleplaying/collaborative storytelling is a recognized traditional game. "Ur now mah fetish, WHAT DO???????" threads get deleted because they're shit.
The *occasional* thread that derails into (or I suppose starts out as) fantasy porn can stay because honestly, there's an ad for hentai at the top of the page, you're not on a worksafe website. I emphasized occasional because porn on /tg/ (whether written or drawn) is like salt in your soup: a little bit can add a lot of flavor, but too much and it just tastes like shit.

>> No.11782910

>fantasy porn can stay because honestly, there's an ad for hentai at the top of the page, you're not on a worksafe website.

Somebody better tell Moot that, because last I knew, /tg/ is defined as "worksafe." So it's still breaking a rule.

So who decides what off topic things stay and go? The userbase? Good luck getting a consensus. Mods? We're going to get retards bitching about that.

>> No.11783125

/tg/ doesn't need mods, we do a fine job moderating ourselves.

>> No.11783159

He says as a blatant porn thread continues to shit up the first page.

>> No.11783181

"oh noes porn"

What are you, twelve?

>> No.11783237

I'm pretty sure a 12-year old would be too busy fapping to sage a thread that contains no porn.

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