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I fucking hate storygames like Mountain Witch or Dogs in The Vineyeard. It's like Wii of RPGs. Garbage for causuals. Real gamer play GURPS!

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I too hate Dogs in the Vineyard.

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You want some more HERPS with your DERPS?

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GURPS is only for when all else fails.

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GURPS is so hardcore that no one can be good enough to play it.

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obvious troll.jpg

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Games and simulations are for pussies. Real men dress up nerds in orc costumes and then beat the crap out of them.

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Troll thread, but why do people have this impression that GURPS is hard to learn? it's a fucksight easier to get a handle on than 3e D&D is for a new player.

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Because GURPS ifs free ruleset. So you must think what to play, and DnD3 just plunges you in fantasy world with set of monsters etc.

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Not everyone is into character optimalization. When you just play character you want even if he's suboptimal and DM doesnt punish you for that 3,5E isn't very hard

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Because this is /tg/ and you're required to hate GURPS. It's in the rules. Shut up and start posting about how much you hate GURPS or the mod will ban you.

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FATAL was here. GURPS is for pussies.

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I believe it's not so much hate as "People Who Think GURPS Can Do Anything" versus "People Who Point Out GURPS Is Suboptimal Compared To A Specialised System"

Generalisation vs Specialisation

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