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Here's an eclipse phase thread

if you've got questions, I can try and answer them

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In the meantime, I'm going to dump some artwork related to TITAN AI's, in case anyone's interested in some new ideas for them.

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Why is making a character such a cluster fuck?

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download the latest .xls file, you can run it in openoffice if you want. It cuts character creation down to something manageable by a human.

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I have a question or two;

How do you easily handle morphs and new bodies?

How does hacking work?

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I had trouble with hacking too. Hell, all the stuff like combat initiative with different speed ratings and stuff were pretty confusing. Anyways, the hacking sequence is at the back of the book, just before the references. A lot easier to look it up that way than going through the 30 different pages its all spread out on in the rest of the book.

As for morphs, do you mean in-game, or for sleeving into a new morph? Just carry a morph sheet for whatever morph you're going to sleeve into. The DM should have some default ones available too. As for getting them in-game, well the same way you'd buy anything. Get the morph from a body bank after paying for it.

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No help on my questions?

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Sorry, you reply hadn't shown up beofre I posted.

I must take a look at the hacking section again, from what I remember, I found it confusing, but it was 3am when i read it, so it could be that.

In terms of morphs, I mean, how do you handle your players no not fearing death? it can be hard to build tension in a life-or-death situation wehn they can easily get resleeved.

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Octomorphs! They've got 8 arms, if I give it ambidextrous x7 can I fire 8 pistols at a time?

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Not OP, but we didn't have that problem in our game, mostly because our characters had so much invested in their morphs that losing it would be a huge blow.

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in our game mental damage was what mattered most, because it lasted from body to body, not organic damage.

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Well I've only just been reading through EP now and I'm really rather getting in to it. I'm pondering running it now that my WFRP group can only meet once a month.

One question does strike me though. What's the difference between the various type of AIs? At my count there's Seed AI's (TITANs and other bad shit), AGI's (Which are fine in some places and not in others) and AI's which are pretty much everywhere. Is it just a difference in programming that stops a guy's Muse from going all TITAN on his ass? If it is, are there nutters trying to make more Seed AI's?

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Just don't make resleeving easy.

Almost every body available costs the same as a down-payment on a house [20,000+ dollars].

Anyways, why should the players really fear death to begin with? They know if they die they can get a new body and their ego is likely to survive, that's just what the setting is like. If you want to make death more critical to the players, then have them all use flats, or have the campaign take place on Earth, or on the other side of a pandora gate where they can't get access to new bodies very easily.

You could include dangers that wipe out their ego - exsurgent viruses are good for that. Corporate or government assassins might try to kill the character and destroy all his backups, etc. etc.

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It's a matter of processing power and programming.

Seed AI's are programmed different - they can recursively improve themselves. So they're already really freaking smart, then they make improvements to themselves, and they make themselves even smarter. Seed AI's need gigantic supercomputer systems and datacenters to run on though - and such systems are verboten in Eclipse Phase except for a few corporations and governments, and they're protected just as much or moreso than nuclear silos and launch complexes are protected today.

AGI's are AI's that cannot recursively improve themselves like Seed AI's, and they run on much lower-tier hardware, like a desktop server. They're basically sentient computer programs. IIRC, they're designed around a neural network similar to the human brain.

AI's are basically just 'smart' computer programs/algorithms. Not sentient, but would be something like a car that can drive itself through a city, or a plane that can fly itself between airports and deal with storms and weather and such.

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images in this thread are fucking rad, bump for more

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Don't try to be a "combat hacker".

The fastest you can hack something is over a period of 8 rounds and even then, it's at a severe disadvantage.

To be able to use your Scorchers on someone, you will need to be spending 16 rounds hacking them.

If you're okay with not really hacking that fast, the usual hacking wait time is 10 minutes.

Really, it's not good for ANYTHING combat-related.

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This bit still kinda disappoints me, but I haven't found a good way around it.

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Well it was written by the fuckwits who wrote the Shadowrun Matrix system - who think that all its game-breaking flaws are actually features - you shouldn't feel too bad about not being able to salvage it.

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Honestly, I love the setting for this game, but the mechanics of it really really need to be reworked.

I like that you can play and go through combat without needing a battlemap or miniatures, but the whole system feels so much more complicated than it needs to be.

I've been working on/off on the combat mechanics trying to flesh them out a bit more because of this, but it's the fundamental dice system that seems to do it.

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Perhaps you would be interested in this then?

Eclipse Phase conversion.

Not totally groking this system yet, but it is worth looking at.

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I looked it over a little bit, and I'm not sure if it's the right direction to go.

I think the problem is mostly just the complicated way die rolls and margins of success are determined, rather than something inherently wrong with the d100 system.

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Alright, going over the game mechanics, does anyone have any ideas for simplifying this down?

Ranged attack:
1. Opposed roll
a. Attacker rolls against his attack skill [60], equal to or less, he succeeds
b. Defender rolls against his fray skill divided by 2 [60/2 = 30], equal to or less, he succeeds
c. If only one player succeeds, they win the opposed roll
d. If both players succeed, highest roll wins

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