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I'm a little late, but whatever we do this until 1 at night anyway.

You are Commander David Lister (ZC, KCoZ) ace pilot and CO of the elite independant corps the Nachtmaren Unit. You've spent the war kicking ass, taking down Gundams and testing out all maner of prototypes but now it's crunch time: Operation Odessa.

A massive attack, led personally by General Revil, comprised of everything from Mobile Suits to infantry, on your primary source of resources, the Odessa mining facility.

After an attempt to make a good first impression via an airdrop night raid on an a enemy Artillery unit turned hilarious when the Gundam appeared out of nowhere, you arrived to Odessa and were given special orders.

Take out Revil.
And not in the flowers and movie kind of way.

In order to track the wily General down, you sent out your Wappa Dragoons out on a recon mission and reinforced the fatigued troops holding out at the defence lines. It's mid evening when you hear from them again...

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>And not in the flowers and movie kind of way.

's not like that way would've not ended in explosions and gunfire too...

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I'm reminded of that one Gundam game on the Dreamcast.

That game was pretty sweet. Took place in Australia.

Good times.

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Didnt M'quve claim they'd already exhausted the local resources after escaping in the original MSG? Or was that only in the Zeonic Front vid?

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Ah, Rise From the Ashes. Made of White Dingo, badass eyepatches and custom color schemes, and a Zeon operational plan apparently concocted by Poison Ivy.

Shit was indeed awesome

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I've been gone a month. How is this quest still going?

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It's around 6pm. After the excitement of midday, the enemy hasn't really come as close as they did to breaching the lines as that first attack. Plus the reinforcments from the Jaburo attack forces finally appeared on the scene to maintain defence.


>Around about 6pm. Just as the defence teams are about to rotate again, you receive a call from the Outer Heaven.

>"We've just received word from the Evac Fat Uncle, it's just gotten word from the Dragoons that they need an emergency retrieval from the area of Nove Village. The Fat Uncle has already lifted off. I'm not sure how serious it is, but early reports indicate they were successful, I think we should make sure they evac safely. What are your orders sir?"


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>'s not like that way would've not ended in explosions and gunfire too...

Doesn't everything we do?


We up to Operation Odessa.

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Load up and move out.

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Current complement of the defence battalion we're babysitting.

What was the dragoon battalion successful in again?

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Get on IRC faggot

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>What was the dragoon battalion successful in again?

Finding Revil. Hopefully.

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>Pixy Gundam

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Contact HQ. Request Sabretiger air cover.

If it's Revil we'll need every advantage we can get.

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Our Gun's a Carbine though.
I don't think that would work...

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Mobilize the squad, make sure that we're good on ammunition, then get to the Dragoons' dustoff site to help them.
Do we have a communication channel to the Fat Uncle? Can we get a sitrep on what the Dragoons are facing?

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>Contact HQ. Request Sabretiger air cove

We could make Bernie use one of those AA-Mechs again too. That would free the planes which are probably more useful elsewhere

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Okay so you want to try and requisition Air Cover whilst you make your assault.
First things first though, supporting your Dragoon teams to make sure they extract, and deliver that vital info to you.

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Carbines can have bayonets.


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What suits do we have at the moment?
Have Bernie and David upgraded their suits anywhere between the start of Jaburo and here?
The Act Zaku's getting a bit old, and the Zaku Kai is a bit meh.

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Head to the Dragoons' evac site, and have a sabretiger squadron on standby. If our recon unit was successful but asking for emergency evac, they're probably being chased by something nasty.

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>We could make Bernie use one of those AA-Mechs again too. That would free the planes which are probably more useful elsewhere

You'd have to go back to Odessa HQ to get those though

>Mobilize the squad, make sure that we're good on ammunition, then get to the Dragoons' dustoff site to help them.
Do we have a communication channel to the Fat Uncle? Can we get a sitrep on what the Dragoons are facing?

You do indeed have communications link to the Fat Uncle, and are fully loaded. You all load up back on the Outer Heaven and move to support the Transport as it makes it's way NorthEast, into enemy territory.

Meanwhile Anita raises the local command structure asking for Fighter Support. She reports back the following.

"Command say's it can't spare two wings of Saber Tigers, and they ask if were fine with a wing of Saber Tigers and Dopps instead. What should I tell them Commander?"


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The Zaku Kai is probably going to stay in our roster until the end of the war. It's an amazingly efficient design that can hold an absurd amount of kit. Seriously, Bernie went into Odessa decked out like a Kampfer-lite.

The Act Zaku is even more useful, but I still think Dave might want to upgrade to one of our Gelgoogs. Especially if we can get the Jaeger refit.

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Bernie is starting to get good with the Zaku Kai (See: Awesome) and there are no other suits in the Zeon Arsenal with Magnetic coated joints.
Asked in one of the other sessions if it was possible to upgrade the Act Zaku with UMP parts and trusters but that apparently would fuck with the suits balance.

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That'll do. Everyone move out. How's the minovsky density here, can the air support radio ahead about enemy positions, or do we have to get our asses in range of the enemy before we know they're shooting at us?

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>Have Bernie and David upgraded their suits anywhere between the start of Jaburo and here?
The Act Zaku's getting a bit old, and the Zaku Kai is a bit meh.

>Zaku Kai is a bit meh

Have been reading the shit Bernies been doing in that suit? HE NEARLY KILLED THE GUNDAM.

>Bitching about the Act Zaku
I dunno, you've been getting some amazing results out of it really, easily on par with the others in their Gelgoogs.

Current Squad Lineup:
David: Act Zaku (El Muerto Segundo)
Zolomon: Gyan Kai
Elaine: Gelgoog B (High Mobility)
Jolyne: Gelgoog K (Cannon)
Bernard: Zaku Kai
Calvin: Pezun Dowdage E (Recon pack)
Hovis: Rhinoceros

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Is it a mixed wing of sabertigers + dopps or 1 wing apiece?

In any case that'll do. Relay what info we currently know as well as our suspicion that we have found revil. Ask GHQ to immediately reroute any air assets that become available if the information is confirmed.

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>can't spare two wings of Saber Tigers, and they ask if were fine with a wing of Saber Tigers and Dopps instead
Well, some air cover is better than none. I'll take what we can get.

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>Bitching about the Act Zaku
Wasnt complaining, just saying a bit more power is always welcome.

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>Gyan Kai
What, Zolomon can travel through time now? Is there anything this man can't do?

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Dowdages. Can we give them to any of the people fighting at Odessa, if we're not using all of them?
The Pezun Dowdages are quite decent suits, but if we're not using them, someone else should be.

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>Have been reading the shit Bernies been doing in that suit? HE NEARLY KILLED THE GUNDAM.

He delivered a flying kick to a ground type and killed it with a stickybomb. He keeps this up and he'll punch the Alex into the sun if he meets it.

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Homing Heat Hawks

At least not yet.

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>Is there anything this man can't do?
Be patient. :-)

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You accept their offer. You also tell them that you think you've found your "primary target" and any and all air support they can lend would be appreciated.

>Gyan Kai

Sorry, meant Gyan Kreiger

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are they in good condition?

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Woo! Zeonquest!

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Well, let's move out.
What suit is Aznable Char in? an Efreet? Would he be better in one of the dowdages?

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His custom Gelgoog. He's good.

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Anything in the air is a ton better than nothing in the air as far as I'm concerned.

Lets get rolling. We're going to want plenty of cover-generating stuff- smoke grenades and the like. It worked well for the Feddies here, it'll work well for us. Heck, even some leg-mounted rockets with smoke charges might do the job.

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He's in a Pink YMS-14/MS-14S.

Everybody's good. Elaine, Jolyne and Bernie just needed more ammo which I'm sure has been taken care of by now.

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Everythings in decent working condition.

You catch up with the Fat Uncle in short order, and link up with them for a status report on your team.

"From what we heard, they were being pursued by enemy Tank, Mech.Infantry and light Helicopter support. They were optimistic they could outpace the former, but the latter was slowing them down as they had to keep to cover and snipe at them with man-portable AA missiles."

"We can't risk getting shot down when we go to pick the infantry up. If the Helicopters are taken out, then the Wappa teams can pull ahead of the ground troops and we'll have time to pick them up."


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Speaking of Gelgoogs, we should laser combat data over to Pezun once we get a spare moment. They could really use the combat data we got from Jaburo, considering Ghiren fucking blew up the Gelgoog production building.

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I think that our approach vector is good. It should place us between the extraction point and the incoming Feddies, and also puts us on an intercept course in case the dragoons get bogged down.

>> No.11753988


second. Anyway, move out, send in air forces first to scope the situation out.

>> No.11754014

I'm tempted to send a few Dopps in to kill off the hellicopters and not overplay our hand by having the Outer Heaven swoop in.

>> No.11754026


At the very least have 'em scope out the situation. It might turn really serious, really fast. Engage targets of opportunity, mebbe?

>> No.11754039


Send in the sabertigers for a quick assault.

They're rocket propelled so they should be able to get in fast and out again.

>> No.11754040


That sounds smart.

>> No.11754052


If we can get those choppers harassing our infantry down, it'll make consolidating the ground forces easier. Shouldn't take long either.

>> No.11754096

Probably a good idea to send in the planes, have them spot enemy targets, and try to take chopper pressure off the infantry if they can.

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Have the Dopps go in, scout out the area and identify possible obstacles along the route that the infantry are going to use.
The Saber Tigers can take out the Feddie helicopters.

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You send the fighters on when they catch up with you. They reach the combat zone about 5 minutes before you do.
Using the laser-comm network they report back to you:

"Were counting about 8 Attack Helicopters attacking our boys, they're under heavy attack and appear pinned down in two locations, we're moving in to assist."

Three minutes later you get an update.

"We've sighted enemy fighters, we're moving off to engage, the Dopps will continue to engage the enemy Helicopters."

You arrive on the scene to see the following.
Tanks visibly heading down the road towards Kurchurhan.
About 3 Helicopters remianing, currently under attacks from Dopps.
A full blown furball between your Saber Tigers, who are badly outnumbered but keeping the two squadrons of enemy fighters occupied. For now.

You don't see the Wappa squads, hopefully they're at or nearly at the extraction zone.


>> No.11754191

Combat drop. Get Hovis into a position where he can assist the Sabre Tiger flight with flak fire. Take out the gunships then prepare to receive tanks.

>> No.11754204

Cover their extraction if possible. Dunno if we should combat drop though. Hovis deffinitely not since he wont be able to get back aboard as easily.

>> No.11754216

Engage and support our boys.

>> No.11754223


...with the OH.

>> No.11754256

We know the infantry was pinned as of a few minutes ago.

Expect to need to pick up our groundpounders piecemeal.

Crater that road. Let's slow down and disrupt that armored formation. See if Hovis can walk some artillery down that line before they can smoke or spread out beyond a simple column.

We need disruption more than destruction here.

>> No.11754264


The Outer Heaven moves in to intercept the Tanks. Opening up with a quick barrage of beam and missile fire to suppress the enemy units, it hovers down briefly, allowing you all to quickly disembark, before lifting off again.
You bark out orders.

"Hovis, you and Calvin support the AA effort against the choppers and Air Units. Elaine, you find a sniping point and support the attack teams. Elaine, you and Bernard flank around, try to attack from the west at the same time me and Zolomon do, we'll try to force them to reatreat across the bridge, and then destroy it. Clear?"

"Yes sir!"

The squad splits as you each go your seperate ways.

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>Tanks visibly heading down the road towards Kurchurhan.
I would like to introduce them to my friend Art Illery.
>About 3 Helicopters remianing, currently under attacks from Dopps.
David's a good enough shot with the SMG to take 'em down, maybe Elaine or Hamburger could help out too.

>A full blown furball between your Saber Tigers, who are badly outnumbered but keeping the two squadrons of enemy fighters occupied. For now.
Disengage. Do we have any AA capable of tagging a fighter jet?

>> No.11754327

>>David's a good enough shot with the SMG to take 'em down, maybe Elaine or Hamburger could help out too.

>>Hamburger could help out too.


>> No.11754341


As you dart forwards, the disrupted tanks begin to fire at you, but you easily dodge their uncoordinated fire. As you open up with a burst from your beam Carbine, the shots from Zolomon beam guns on his shield, as well as fire from Elaine and Bernard catch the enemy forces in a crossfire.
Explosions and chaos follow. The survivors try to retreat across the bridge you harrass them lightly as they go before giving the call to Jolyne to take out the bridge supports.
Two yellow shots lance through the concrete legs of the bridge, building materials shatter, metal twists and breaks and the bridge warps and bends before collapsing. Destroying the rest of the enemy forces.
The river get's shallower down river, and any survivors of this should make it out alive.

The enemy Helicopters are retreating, and it looks like the air units are disengaging also. With a bit of luck this might be mission accomplished for your Wappa teams.


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>. With a bit of luck this might be mission accomplished for your Wappa teams.
In b4 multiple gundams

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We're gonna need some "u three times madder".

>> No.11754448

a bit.

>> No.11754470

Here you go.

Still, stop calling him Hamburger. It's bad luck.

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Thank you. So, out of the Feddie gundams, which ones are left alive to threaten us?
Blue Destiny's still alive, as is White Devil, but who else?

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Meta info on Gundams remaining.
RX-78-2 (Amuro)
RX-78-3 (Bandit)
RX-78-4 (Possibly not built yet)
RX-78-5 (Possibly not built yet)
RX-78 NT-1 (Probably has not yet been assembled/ manufacture in progress)
RX-78XX Gundam Pixy

>Only a single Gundam Pixie was known to be constructed, and it was being stored at Albatross Base in the Gobi Desert in preparation to be transferred to the Pegasus-class assault carrier White Base for use at Odessa. When Principality of Zeon forces in the area commenced Operation Desert Dragon and attacked Albatros Base the Gundam Pixie was commandered by Captain Bork Cry of the Albatross transportation team to fight off the legions of Zeon mobile suits. The ultimate fate of the Gundam Pixie is uncertain. The unit may have been destroyed on the night of October 19th, UC 0079

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>my face when logh in gundam


Well, if you read last friday's epilogue, we may or may not(read; will definitely and at the worst possible time) be facing the Gundam Pixie.

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So who was that blue gundam we fought in Jaburo?

>> No.11754621

That wasn't a gundam

>> No.11754628


Someone that, if we keep Apologized happy, we'll never have to face again.

>> No.11754650

Oh. Never mind then.

Whatever it was, it was a match for Lister, though Lister+ Zolomon together put a big fucking dent in it, and Nimbus chased it off.
I think that if Char, Zolomon and Lister attacked Amuro together they'd have a pretty good chance of killing him.

>> No.11754655

Yeah didnt include any of the EXAM suits. Oh well. Hopefully Nimbus Schterzen can keep them in check.


Personally I still hope to get some better flight type suits before the war is done. Then again the only way that'll happen is if we win at Odessa and then it'll be pointless as we'll be headed into space.

>> No.11754667

>"Char here, we're taking on the White devil! Lister, Zolomon, you two are my wingmen!"
>You are Jolyne. One week earlier, Amuro was killed and his gundam dismantled, but only after claiming the lives of David Lister and Zolomon Ringo.

>> No.11754696


That depends on how severely we really damaged Jaburo. And how much damage Odessa takes in the exchange. If we end up mutually crippled, the Federation will need to be dealt with much more groundside than in space.

>> No.11754706


>> No.11754710


For real. We'd have a better chance on our own. Char is like a black hole of talent.

>> No.11754720


Did I bring on a wave of LOGH? FUCK YEAH.

>> No.11754722


So what happens if we convince Char to be OUR wingman?

>> No.11754729


More like a Talent Vampire.

>> No.11754745


Good question. I'd try it out, but I don't want to blame it on the misfortune of my birth.

>> No.11754751


This is the best day ever.


I assume he becomes the opposite, and we defeat the Federation with a few well placed shots and a manly headbutt.

>> No.11754775

If they are disengaging...

... could the Feddies be preparing for an artillery barrage on our location?

>> No.11754776

>So what happens if we convince Char to be OUR wingman?

>> No.11754791

>So what happens if we convince Char to be OUR wingman?

Char dies in defense of Garma Szabi

>> No.11754799

>Aznable Char
>Char Aznable
>Char Aznable

I get the feeling I'm forgetting something. Oh well, I'm sure it'll come back to me while I enjoy a nice warm cup of tea.

>> No.11754814


Argh, I wish there was a way we could bring this up without being meta...

>> No.11754830


It'd hardly be fun if we could solve every problem in the earth sphere.

>> No.11754832

Fun fact: The suit (MA, whatever the hell it is) "Sazabi" wasn't named after the Zabi family, but "saza" and "bi." Japanese for "small beauty."


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>> No.11754849


>> No.11754852


Anyway, after you deal with the tanks forces the Dragoons, who had use the distraction caused by the fighters and then you to escape to the drop zone call in from the safety of the Fat Uncle.

"We're transmitting our recon data over a secure channel now. The upshot is we found Revil, and were pretty sure we saw the Trojan Horse moving off to wreak havoc elsewhere too. He's still commanding from his Big Tray, but watch out, it's still being escorted by at least 6 mobile suits and a another Trojan Horse class carrier."

A few seconds later you get a situation update from Anita.
"We've received the data commander, it looks like Revel is overseeing the whole operation from the plains just south of Novopetro... Novoptro... he's to the north. That's deep inside Federation territory Commander, air cover and available enemy reinforcements are going to be pretty heavy. We're coming to pick you up now, we can work out a plan of action when your aboard."

>> No.11754856


Don't stop being awesome.

>> No.11754874

This is pretty much the entire Gundam universe summed up in 100 kilobytes.

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>> No.11754885

The problem is that since the Dragoons were being chased, Revil likely now knows that his position has been compromised.
We could attempt to rush an attack on him now, knowing where he is, or we could try later with better preparations, but without being sure of his location. Most likely we would end up charging into a trap if we wait too long.

>> No.11754897

Deep inside enemy territory?
I suggest HANO right on top of his ass, blow him up, and retreat AWAY from Odessa because Revil's probably closer to the back of the feddies than the front.

>> No.11754898


Getting serious again, We should mark his position to the main forces, signal for an attack, and move out from there, before Revil can get a good defense ready. We need momentum.

>> No.11754900


What would Bittenfeld do, when faced with a trap?

>> No.11754912

I'd say rush. Unsure exactly how the fuck we'd get in there though; trying to go through the air gets us feddie'd, breaking through the front lines gets us feddie'd, and going in through the back gets us both feddie'd and bandit'd.
Do we have any orbital options here?

>> No.11754913


>> No.11754924


Ideally, we're trying not to outright kill Revil. Y'know, martyrdom.


My better judgement says no, but hitting the enemy before they're ready was good enough for Rommel, so it should be good enough for Space Rommel.

>> No.11754931

You get inside and see the Dragoons recon data supplied.
Aside from Revil there's fair few other attacks of oppourtunity here.
There's also a time element as well, whilst they can't be sure if Revils been spotted, they can't discount it either, it's highly likely he'll try to redeploy unless we move quickly.

The Saber Tiger and Dopp squadrons report that the enemy has disengaged, and whilst the Saber Tiger sqaudron is down to 3 planes, the Dopp Wing remains at full strength.

A quick check with GHQ reveals that several currently refueling and rearming fighter wings have been allocated to your mission, but none have launched as of yet, and will take about 10 to 30 mins to arrive when they (it varies depending on where they launch from)


>> No.11754983

Neutralising enemy air cover seems like a fairly smart thing to do. We should get our asses over to the makeshift airfield, blow it up, then stop Revil.

Even the Nachtmaren aren't good enough to stand up to a whole massed formation of enemy troops, so stay the fuck away from them.

The infantry staging area is a bit far away from our objective, we'd get surrounded or pinned down and then killed.

So I'd say, come down hard on the Airfield, then go squish Revil.

>> No.11754986

If we go east around the front line, we run the chance of running into that Trojan Horse. If we go west, there's the infantry and tank staging area. Straight through means penetrating the Feddie lines and possibly getting our line of retreat cut off.

Besides the air power that has be allocated to us, do we have any artillery and ground attack reinforcements for this operation?

>> No.11754996


Notify M'Quve about the massing forces and the staging area. Point out the Trojan Horse's location to Char- It's his problem. As for Revil... You know what to do.

>> No.11754997


Give that staging area info to all artilery batteries.

That will ruin their day.

>> No.11755001


>> No.11755004

>we run the chance of running into that Trojan Horse.
>implying we're not going to run into it regardless

>> No.11755014

Oh wait. I've got an old anti-Assault carrier plan somewhere. If we're going to be droping straight into the thick of it heading back and switching Hovis into the spare Dowdage might be a good idea. Or we could hold him back and drop him after the Assault Carrier is dead.

Everyone carries more gear than usual in this plan specifically heat weapons since we're going to be disposing of them. Team HANO drops onto Assault Carrier.

David & Calvin try to land on top of the launch bays targeting them and it's the main guns.
Elaine & Jolyne try to land on top of the Engine blocks, each should carry a spare Dom heat rod and stab it into the engine block leaving them there before moving on and dishing out damage with their beam weapons.
Zol & Bernie should target the center of the ship. Stick heat hawks into important looking places and step on them.
Hopefully something in there will deal critical damage.

>> No.11755067

Aye. Artillery bombs the forces 'massing' for an approach. Shake them up a bit. Maybe mix in a bit of smoke as well just to f*ck with their organisation.

Meanwhile, we show up, do our job, wait for everything to go to shit, pull through by the skin of our teeth, then get out.

>> No.11755135


So, the plan is to ignore the rest of it, disrupt that staging area for a major push with Artillery and then take out Revel after first hitting the escorting carrier?

>> No.11755152


I dunno, that airfield looks like a sexy target.

>> No.11755158

Pretty much. If we hang around the fight zone for too long we're likely to catch a rather serious case of the dead.
So disrupt, run in, smash, grab, gtfo.

>> No.11755166


I was hoping M'Quve could hit the staging area without our help. I like the idea that we hit the airfield, then go straight for Revil while Char takes on the Trojan Horse.

>> No.11755177


How many artillery batteries do we have at our disposal? Can't half hit the staging area and the other half hit the air field?

Half of the ones hitting the Staging Area have smokes to fuck with people, where as the ones on the air field are just bombs. Exploding shells. Or something.

>> No.11755179

I'm also liking the idea of sending Char after the Trojan Horse. Keeps him busy and out of our hair, not to mention being a great distraction.

>> No.11755188


This. We're a small, elite force. This is our affinity. Plus, we can kick the legs out of Feddy air power for at least a while.

>> No.11755279


Sounds like a good plan. Also, send Char and his talent vampireness off to hunt White Bases. I don't want to get cockblocked by his HLV shenanigans again.

>>(M febrinvo

I don't even...

>> No.11755296

>How many artillery batteries do we have at our disposal? Can't half hit the staging area and the other half hit the air field?

Further on the way checks with GHQ reveal the following.

2 Hildolfr Artillry teams (three MT's apiece) are available for firemissions. But in order to get into range they would have to advance forwards slightly somewhere. This will require a moderate escort, and may thin ranks elsewhere.
The bottom line, they can supply artillery support to disrupt the staging area, but they won't be able to do so for long, and may be forced to retreat early.

You send a message back that the Trojan Horse is on the move and your estimated path. GHQ say they'll make sure an intercept squadron is sent ASAP.

>> No.11755315

>open /tg/
>notice "Odessa"
>I was born in Odessa
>read the thread
>a huge mecha army is being prepared by /tg/ to conquer my city, probably turning it to burning ruins in progress
>my face

>> No.11755321

Japan already did it back in '79.

>> No.11755325

Righteyo. Arty disrupts the lines, Char distracts the carrier, we derp in, donk the airfield, durr over to Revil, cause a case of the dead, and get our butts pounded in by whatever new threat apologised is cooking up for us.
Great! Let's get rolling

>> No.11755342



Fucking Japan, get the fuck out of my city

>> No.11755349

Ah, whatever. At least you're not from Zagreb.

>> No.11755393


Japan sent out "bomb balloons" out across the Pacific back in WW2. A few of them turn up every now and then in weird places in America.

>> No.11755423

>weird places in America
>implying US's Odessa
>google maps in the thread show places near Odessa in Ukraine
>my face

I don't get it

>> No.11755436

I think he's implying that Japan can reach anywhere.

>> No.11755448


It's a comment on distance, dude.

>> No.11755463

>Point out the Trojan Horse's location to Char- It's his problem.

I third/fourth/fifth this.

Even if it's not the White Base he's after, with him on the job it's one less thing to worry about.

>> No.11755537

If it's not too late have Bernie bring a chain mine to hit that carrier with.

>> No.11755541

Well, we've got arty harassing the front lines, planes supporting the arty, Char dealing with the pegasus-class carrier, wappas providing scouting data, a map of an airfield and a revil we need to kick the ass of, and a squad of Nachtmaren with which to kick that ass.


>> No.11755561


We should mention how effective those are against enemy MS. Bring a few, just in case.

>> No.11755570



>> No.11755589


This is superior. Char by himself is nightmare fuel distraction for the Feddies. We need to get the meat and potatoes served here- and breaking Federation air support will do that nicely. Our aerospace elements are showing some serious degradation as is, and fragging their airfield will give us an easier time getting in and out without being repeatedly strafed.

Stabbing straight into the heart of the Federation command unit without being able to set up a proper surprise will get us reduced to subatomic particles. Revil is too good to take down with a pure frontal rush-and-attack, we will pay dearly.

And we know he's not leaving unless Odessa becomes an unsalvagable loss. Soften things up, THEN go for the headhunt.

>> No.11755598



>> No.11755600

RAMIREZ is dead, killed by gendumz

also the rookie that none of you assholes liked

>> No.11755630

Do you think the Nachtmaren inspires more or less fear than Char does? We've got quite a few kills to our name by now.

>> No.11755649


If those Hildolfr are going to get a fire mission, I want submunitions. We need every decently flat surface and soft explosive target saturated with artillery bomblets. Final salvo smoke.

(And gawd, I'd kill for FASCAM rounds here. Nothing like trying to roll a landing aircraft through a runway full of mines.)

>> No.11755669


You okay the Artillery teams to begin shelling ASAP, whilst you push ahead for the strike. GHQ reports that a flight of Saber Tigers just took off from an impromptu runway outside Berezan and will be with you in about 20 minutes.

You push ahead regardless, as you advance on the area Anita informs you that enemy fighters are heading your way to intercept.

"Visual spotting confirms two wings of Heavy Fighters and a trio of Boosted Core Fighters, I don't think we can slip past them but we could pull back and wait for the reinforcing squadrons. If we push on we'll take heavy damage unless our escorts spilt up from us to delay them."


>> No.11755690

Who's got anti-air?
Bernie, Elaine, Calvin?

>> No.11755735

Better give some backup to those dudes. Who do we have on hand that could reasonably land a hit on those fighters?

>> No.11755740


See if we can't use our air cover to draw them down into a good old-fashioned fish-in-barrel shootingfest.

Go to ground behind cover, take a couple of decent deflection shots as they go after our lighter air cover, and have our Sabers loop back around to hit them while they reshuffle to go air-to-ground.

>> No.11755743

Damn. Odds are good those fighters will be able to climb just as high as the OH can if they're got rocket boosters. Looks like we'll have to wait. Our ship has to be able to pull our asses out of the fire if we get in trouble.

>> No.11755763


Push through! Attack with everything you've got!

Crush everything in your path!

>> No.11755779


So the plan is to draw the enemy fighters in and then help out your allied fighter cover with your mobile suits?

You know you can have the MS's stand atop the Outer Heaven and plink at them from there, you've done it before.
The Rhino is bit too big to fit safely on though.

>> No.11755802

>also the rookie that none of you assholes liked

Shiro should have been in a regular forces unit where he could have gotten some experience not in back because of his father. If he hadnt been assigned to Garma's bodyguard he might have been lucky enough to have done some real fighting and learned a thing or two. There was only so much we could teach him and it seemed like he didnt really apply himself towards improving. Garma's other body guard survived the same battle where Shiro got killed thanks to experience and some luck.
Shiro stood there like the guy who gets killed by the road roller in Austin powers.

>> No.11755826


True. I want to make them think we're pulling a stupid here- going down to drop our MS off for who-knows-what while the air support *oopsie* gets pulled back a little early.

They come at the OH, we're on the hull set up to cut loose, give them a rude surprise with the boosted firepower and THEN the Sabers come in to chew on the ragged edges of their formation.

>> No.11755866

rolled 4 = 4

>You know you can have the MS's stand atop the Outer Heaven and plink at them from there, you've done it before.
Zolomon better get a melee kill on one of those supersonic jet fighters.

>> No.11755890

No, fuck you, he got killed by the WHITE DEVIL, just like a host of Vets who have had the misfortune to cross Amuro
For instance the only reason Joylene survived was newtype hax

>> No.11755968


You order the Outer Heaven and the rest of your units to engage whilst you order your team to go topside and provide firesupport.

As the enemy planes fly towards you, they split apart left and right into two groups to avoid your advancing fire. Your escorts bank to engage whilst the Outer Heaven gently Viffs (so as to not cause you fall off) it's turrets firing at both sides. You, Zolomon and Bernard fire at the starboard attackers whilst the rest fire at the port side.

"Concentrate on taking those Core fighters down! We don't want any beam shots coming our way!" You order as you scan the battle line searching for the brightly coloured opponents.
Within seconds a purple beam grazes the nose of the Outer Heaven, you quickly scan the battle looking for the firer, you spot a Core booster banking away and send a burst of fire at it, it dodges the first but the second and third take it down.
Explosions rock the Outer Heaven as the Saberfish take advantage of the situation.

"Armours holding Commander, but we can't take too many of those barrages! Also, if we launch anti-beam chaff it will degrade the usefulness of our beam weapons. Should we deploy anyway?"


>> No.11755970

Sure lots of good pilots have been killed by the Gundam. Are you saying though that you've stopped denying he was a bad pilot that never should have been there?

>> No.11755999

There was nothing wrong with him, he was as good as anyone else even if he wasn't ace-material,
And Garma plue honour guard shouldn't have been taking on the Trojan horse directly anyway.

>> No.11756013


Hmm. Two Core fighters left. Suppression fire, they have to line up to get a shot that's going to stick on the Outer Heaven, and that means we get a straight on shot at the Core Fighter in turn.

Lister's got the right idea already. Chaff will degrade our firepower more than theirs.

>> No.11756062

Don't deploy the anti-beam chaff, or our own firepower will suffer.
Use suppression fire to force the Core fighters to line up for a shot, then take them down.

>> No.11756128


>> No.11756288


You order the rest of the team to rodouble suppression fire.
"Don't give those beam equipped fighters the chance to get a shot off!"
Your team intesifies it's fire, knocking down several more Saber Fish.

You see another Core Booster attempt a complicated loop and turn in what looks to be an attempt to pierce the bridge area from close range. Luckily you see him try the maneouver in time to catch him with a burst from your beam carbine.

"Third Beam Fighter destroyed!" Reports one of the Saber Tiger pilots, and you turn to see a fighter descend to earth in flames. With the loss of their heaviest attackers the remaining enemy fighters fight all the harder. Clearly the Dragoons recon was bang on, they do NOT want you breaking though.

As you replace your clip the Outer Heaven rocks again with further hits.

"Do we continue fighting in this fight commander or should we pull ahead, we've done enough damage for the rest of the fighters to finish them off surely?"


>> No.11756336

Confirm with the squadron leader that they have the situation in hand.
If so, pull ahead.

>> No.11756338

Onward to glory! Our fighters can handle the rest.

>> No.11756418


You confirm with the escort fighters.

"You go ahead sir, I think we have the best of them now!"

You feel the Outer Heaven push ahead towards Revel's last position.


>> No.11756463


Goo back in and re-arm/reload. We have everything to lose by staying out on top, and we can't risk anything immediately attacking us.

>> No.11756475


Prep for Steiner style aerial assault. They won't know what hit them.

>>she proplore


>> No.11756497

Well great now you're making me paranoid.
Grab more ammo to replace any we used on the fighters. Zol and Cavin stay up top one of us can pass spare mags to calvin for his 90mm if he needs them.

>> No.11756547


>> No.11756596


You return to the Outer Heaven, as you head onwards, you receive word from Anita that two more wings of fighters were spotted headed towards the air combat you just left, it looks like they haven't seen you which is good. But you hope those friendly incoming fighters have arrived to back up your escorts...

Within five further minutes your over the drop zone.
"We've spotted Revel's Big Tray! It's currently heading south, trying for to get to the cover of that nearby town!"

The ship lurches sideways suddenly.

"Enemy Trojan Horse sighted! It's firing at us from below, it's raising in altitude towards us! Were moving to evade whilst engaging!"


>> No.11756645


Get over the big tray and drop onto it.

HANO, straight into that damn thing.

>> No.11756650



>> No.11756696

Time to kill us a Trojan Horse. Commence combat drop.

>> No.11756707

Can't ignore the Pegasus class right below us.

Get out on the OH and have the Gelgoogs snipe the big beam guns off the Pegasus while David and Zol jump on the Pegasus Class.

Is it feasible to open the MA hangar doors so the Rhino can fire out of it without causing major damage to the OH or having it fall out?

Can the OH drop the Rhino a little away from the Pegasus so it and the OH can start demolishing the town Revil is hiding in while our MS take on the Pegasus escort?

>> No.11756769


>Is it feasible to open the MA hangar doors so the Rhino can fire out of it without causing major damage to the OH or having it fall out?

Not particularily.

>Can the OH drop the Rhino a little away from the Pegasus so it and the OH can start demolishing the town Revil is hiding in while our MS take on the Pegasus escort?

Sure, but the Pegasus class would have to be distracted first.

So, general plan is to concentrate on the Trojan Horse first then the Big Tray?

>> No.11756780


>> No.11756788

>>11756650 >>11756645
Seem like a pretty TERRIBAD idea bro's we've kinda got somewhere to be and we're in the middle of enemy territory

>> No.11756801




is pure prophesy.

It's Revil's fricking escort ship. Not so sure we want to airdrop the Rhino in all this unsupported. Gawd knows what's lurking down below, and we don't have recon on that.

That Trojan needs to go, though. Where's it's MS complement?

>> No.11756806 [DELETED] 


Yep. Drop the MS on it, and have the OH and the Rhino work to engage Revil while they're busy.

>> No.11756823 [DELETED] 


WAIT SHIT NO. Keep the OH for backup.

>> No.11756872

>and the Rhino work to engage Revil while they're busy.



>> No.11756880



>> No.11756882 [DELETED] 



>> No.11756888

Shut up shut up shut up! I want to see if thier stupid tactics can make him lose another limb or two

>> No.11756906

Delete button, quickly before apologised posts again.

>> No.11756923

David, Zol, and Bernie jump on the carrier that is trying to gut the OH.

Elaine and Jol get on the OH and start sniping the big guns off the carrier.

Can Calvin get a flying sled thing? If so have him flying around scanning for a good place to drop the Rhino so it can start firing on the White Base. Also he should keep a look out for enemy air assets coming to support their Supreme Commander.

Once that Rhino is deployed the OH can put its full attention to destroying any incoming enemy air assets as well as demolishing the carrier since at this point the Trojan Horse will have spilled out its MS compliment and thus our MS will be tied up with them.

If we can do this fast we can turn our attentions to flushing out Revil and killing/disabling his Big Tray without having a Pegasus carrier killing our ride out of here.

>> No.11756948

This is no place to leave an artillery unit alone. We have no idea where the Trojan's MS are, we have no idea where the Big Tray's potential other escort armor/MS are either.

This thing needs a Zolomon special into the bridge, stat.

>> No.11756960

>> No.11756961

>This thing needs a Zolomon special into the bridge, stat.
I agree with you in the strongest terms possible.

>> No.11756963

I don't think anyone has said to drop the Artillery platform that is the Rhino inside the town itself. It was my impression they meant to have it work with the OH to bombard the place with heavy beam guns and shelling.

It might be better to have it hang back to take on any incoming enemy core boosters since our air escorts are probably long dead at this point. And once we take care of the carrier we can climb aboard the OH and drop quickly where ever Revil gets flushed out to.

>> No.11756976

You order the OH to drop of Hovis for fire support when they get a chance.
The rest of you are taking out that Trojan Horse with a ship to ship combat jump before it can get up to your height.

If it works it'll be one for the history books all right.

The lower exit door opens up and you wait for the optimum moment to make the jump. You see great purple beams lance forth from the side mounted beam cannons and the Outer Heaven roll to avoid.

"Go!" You order and your team pile out towards the enemy Carrier.

"Zolomon, you and Bernard concentrate on the Hangar bays, Elaine take out the engines, Bernard, you and me assault the bridge!"

You leap into the red sunset sky, the gradually dwindling light is going to make this assault problematic, you hope nobody misses the target.

It then starts firing at you with it's numerous flak turrets, lighting it up nicely.
You use your thrusters to avoid the enemy attacks, unguided missiles are added to the mix, making things even harder.
Elaine and Jolyne begin firing their beam weapons in response and you see reactive armour plating bloom in yellow energised explosions. It wont stop the beams from penetrating but it will reduce the beams power.
You see the hangar doors begin to open up as it turns to try and avoid you. You gun the thrusters to compensate and your through the flak and land heavily and unsteadily on front deck of the ship. You activate the magnetic soles on your MS to stabilise and you see Zolomon, Elaine and Jolyne manage to make similar landings.

"I missed my landing. I'll support you from the ground" Calvin reports.

"Whooff!" Bernard comments as he misses his landing and bounces of the side of the Trojan Horse.


>> No.11756978



And yes, I found the delete button, I just panicked and forgot what to do.

>> No.11757046

David assaults the enemy bridge.

Zol ambushes anything coming out of the hangar while Calvin and Bernie work in conjunction on the ground to support whoever needs it most (Probably Zol and Elaine).

Elaine goes for the Engines while Jol takes out any of the big mean guns the Pegasus has left so the OH can start moving in for support.

If the Pegasus is neutered then the OH can get in much closer with its big mean beam guns as well as be close enough for us to retreat to if need be.

>> No.11757048


Everybody unload Beams weapons into vital parts of the ship. Anyone with the spare heatsabers and heat hawks stab them into the engineering sections and step on them!

>> No.11757050

Bernard is pulling double duty?

>> No.11757089

Bernard kinda needs help guys...

>> No.11757097

Pritty sure he meant Jolyne on one of those.

>> No.11757105


Double duty how? ah.

>"Zolomon, you and Calvin concentrate on the Hangar bays, Jolyne and Elaine take out the engines, Bernard, you and me assault the bridge!"

fixed. Sorry.

Incidentially, in case I haven't been clear, Bernard just missed the landing and has rolled over the side of the ship.

>> No.11757121


Have us and Zol concentrate on the bridge while Jolyne and Elaine deal with the hangars. have the try and disable the doors or throw explosives in them to wreck shit.

Meanwhile, have Calvin and Bernie hunker down and try and clear an LZ for the Rhino. Then get it down there asap to support them and suppress Revil.

>>oadroted wonder

Some kind of wonder

>> No.11757125

Since he is falling to the ground instead of on the Trojan Horse he can help Calvin out and instead of having one of our boys stranded on the ground waiting to be ambushed by the already deployed enemy MS complement we have Bernard there to help him out on the ground and Jol on top ready to assist from an elevated position.

>> No.11757129

We're gonna want the ship's bridge, engines, and turrets BLOWN THE FUCK UP 15 SECONDS AGO.
As soon as the pegasus class is no longer able to counter-fire, it's rhino time.
... Actually, if the OH flew close enough, could it drop the Rhino onto the White Base?

>> No.11757143

You know a Big Tray has guns alot bigger than the Rhino, it seems like a bad idea for him to go solo against it and whatever other assistance it has in an Arty dick-waving contest.

>> No.11757147


This sounds like all kinds of bad. However, dropping the Rhino on the Big Tray's bridge....

>> No.11757151


Tough enough as it was to get what we did on that ship. We've got two men on the ground. Clear an LZ for that Rhino and get it working, make the best of the mishaps.

>> No.11757153


For some reason I'm getting the Konig Monster scene from Macross Frontier stuck in my head...


>> No.11757156

... Balls.
Right, disable the Trojan Horse's ability to fire. Most likely by threatening the crew from the bridge or killing an engine so it falls to the earth.
Bernard and Calvin should focus on MAXIMUM EVASION and MINIMUM HAMBURGER. If they can clear a LZ for the rhino that's good, but I vote we drop the rhino once the Trojan Horse can't just shoot it out of the sky.

>> No.11757167

We don't really need two guys to take out the bridge with beam weapons I don't think. We can have Jol and Elaine go for the engines and Zol wreck the hangars from the above while Bernard and Calvin wreck them from below as well as look out for enemy MS.

>> No.11757176

I'm with these guys.

>> No.11757185

We probably shouldn't drop the long range unit on top of what it is supposed to be shelling.

>> No.11757258

Thirding this. Dropping Hovis now just makes him a giant target. The Pegasus is about to launch MS at the moment, so the last thing we want to do is draw attention to him.

>> No.11757309


Right. We don't drop the Rhino till it's sane to do so, but now we've got folks on the ground to watch out for it there when the time comes.

>> No.11757359

What if Bernie take a hard fall?
Seeing as he just went head over arse off the boat and we're not sure how much safety room he has to right himself before impact I would plan for it.

>> No.11757383

Calvin is on the ground a-okay so he can help Bernie up if need be.

>> No.11757385

Spacenoid + AMBAC. He'll be fine. And his suit thrusters are a good 60% more powerful than those on our J-Type when we did our first combat drop.

>> No.11757424

Hoping that Bernie can make a successful landing you bark out orders.
"I want this ship neutralised in 15 seconds or und..." You barely dodge out of the way as the high powered beam shot lances at you from behind, as a blue GM armed with a large rifle leaps out from the open hangar bay.
Zolomon moves to intercept, but suddenly a GM with a beam spear is blocking the way.
Then, sailing over everbody is Bernards Zaku kai, evidently he didn't roll ALL the way off. He bodily tackles the blue sniping GM, and it's beam rifle goes flying as the two suits fall over the side in a clinch.
In an attempt to take advantage of the chaos, you put a 3 shot burst from your carbine into the bridge, the shots hit the trunk causing bright explosions and then smoke to plume from them. There are further explosions from the rear, near the engines, looks like Jolyne and Elaine are getting things done at least.

Zolomon and the GM Striker exchange blows with their beam sabers, the GM leaps back over the gap between hangars and uses the space to draw it's machine pistol to fire a spray of bullets at Zolomon's Gyan Kreiger, he blocks the salvo with his shield and responds with round of grenades fired from his shield.
The GM avoids by dodging on the side, one foot lands on the open hangar door, which gives way under the extra pressure and collapses the Gm falls over the side in suprise .
Zolomon moves to pursue but a bright flash fills your viewscreen, you look to the left as your viewscreens compensate you see a mass production Guncannon falling to the ground.

The carrier itself is listing, billowing smoke and gradually descending to the ground. The flak guns are still firing, but you haven't seen the beam guns fire in a while. It looks like this ship is out of the action for a while.


>> No.11757439


>> No.11757460

Help out Zolomon by putting a few well-placed shots into the back of that GM Striker.
Get a sitrep from Jolyne and Elaine, then get over to the side to try to get a look at where Bernie would have fallen.

>> No.11757467

Jump, fire another burst into the mid section of the ship, then try and engage any Fed MS while we're falling.

>> No.11757469


Damn, nice recovery! I want the next person that says our Zakus in Nachtmaren are under-rated to find themselves fired out of the Rhino's main guns.

Make sure that Guncannon isn't going to be able to get back up once it hits the ground.

>> No.11757478


>> No.11757496

Can Jol or Elaine tell us if the engines are destroyed/disabled or are the still functional enough to persue?

With the engines destroyed or crippled and its nasty beam guns disabled then the ship is neutered. We should tactically retreat and regroup while pulling any of the enemy MS compliment into the OH's firing lanes. Once the enemy MS are off our backs or left far enough behind we can flush out Revil before the swarms of enemy air assets arrive.

If the engines are still functional we should buy Elaine and Jol a little more time in destroying them before engaging in a tactical retreat.

>> No.11757500

>Spacenoid + AMBAC

I has a quwestion!

What happens if you stick a buttered bread to a spacenodi's soles?

>> No.11757536

>What happens if you stick a buttered bread to a spacenodi's soles?
Zeon gets exhausted.

>> No.11757543


>> No.11757545

Then the spacenoid would walk on his hands.

>> No.11757567

>Can Jol or Elaine tell us if the engines are destroyed/disabled or are the still functional enough to persue?

Elaine and Jolyne report that the engines are offline and have taken heavy damage.
You see Zolomon take a couple of shots at the falling GM with the beam guns in his shield, sparks fly from the enemy suit, but you don't think it's a kill.

So, jump off, and engage any enemy Mobile Suits who survive the fall?

>> No.11757587

Do it. We need to make sure Bernie finished off his opponent in the SP. Zolomon can probably take that guy out on his own.

>> No.11757602

Yes. With the Pegasus class out of the picture we should make sure these MS cannot interfere with our flushing out of Revil. If we can draw these MS away from their still flak spewing downed carrier where the OH could support us with beam cannon fire that would be splendid.

Also before we jump off the side of the carrier make sure no MS snipers are lining up a nice shot on us. So ask Calvin for his report from the ground.

>> No.11757620

Sounds good.


>> No.11757749

Should we throw a grenade or two into the MS hangars, just to be sure?

>> No.11757781

Drop the rhino.
Ensure the Carrier's going down
Help Wiseman. Have Jolyne and Elaine shoot at whatever targets present themselves.
Get Calvin to tell us what's going on at the ground.
Kill any MS near the carrier landing.
Have the Outer Heaven support the Nachtmaren in clearing the skies/ground
Regroup, get a sitrep and recon data
Go get Revil.

>> No.11757786


You leap off the very slowly crashing ship along with the rest of the crew, you can't see Bernie and the enemy GM, but the other enemies have both landed already so you assume they must have.

You spot the muzzle flare of the enemy Guncannon in the failing light, and you return fire before dodging. You see your beams start a fire in the wheat fields, not yet harvested, but fail to hit the target. You switch to IR. Picture is fuzzy since the light hasn't fully gone, but still workable.
You spot a heat and light bloom further over and spot Bernie and Calvin tag teaming the enemy sniper. It's already lost an arm, so you don't think he needs help.

"Commander, I'm on the ground, do you need fire support?" Hovis reports.

You land comfortable and scan the area. You spot the other two enemies retreating east towards a town for cover.

"Sir! The enemy unit is surrendering, what should we do?" Bernard reports.

"Tell him to exit his Mobile Suit and then blow the suit up. He'll be no problem on foot."



In the distance you can hear the sound of falling artillery shells coming from the staging area, and the IR sensors pick up a major air battle to the south, possibly the same one you left.
The enemy mobile suits from the Trojan Horse class are retreating eastwards, your target is moving south.


>> No.11757789

There's no kill like

>> No.11757829


feels goodman

>> No.11757843


Gentlemen, we have ourselves a prisoner. Get him to the OH, then work our way to Revil.

>> No.11757847

Have Hovis land artillery fire on the town so the Fed MS's keep their heads down. (Hopefully) The rest of us should form up and move out after our target.

>> No.11757861

Regroup and begin moving towards Revil's Big Tray. Have the OH relay coordinates to Hovis and have them both open fire to try and distract it. Hovis should fire once or twice and then move. I want the Big Tray's guns distracted so our MS can approach instead of having an artillery contest.

Calvin should keep scanning for enemy MS while we move in a scattered formation to the target in order to avoid the Big Tray guns if they spot us. Two by two I would think.

In fact what is keeping us from just sending in the OH to atomize the hostile Big Tray?

>> No.11757865


>> No.11757867

I said this before but they have more of it even if all they have is the Tray, do we really want to call down the Thunder so early? Maybe position our group first at least

>> No.11757877

We don't have time to stop and pick up an enemy soldier packing a sidearm or maybe explosives.

>> No.11757878

Holy shit so the guy in the guncannon is Lt. Burning?

>> No.11757883

I don't know if we have the time to pick up a prisoner. Shouldn't we be making haste to Revil's last known position?

>> No.11757902

the fact it would be a massive target if they happen to have another beam sniper or something

>> No.11757922


What's got me nervous is that whatever suits are left, they're going to be going out for blood next. The General is damn likely to have more of a bodyguard than the few suits we've taken down.

Tigers are most dangerous when cornered. Be wary, any fa/tg/uy should know what to expect from tactical geniuses.

>> No.11757948


>> No.11757962

my guess is that is Adel, I'm willing to bet that Burning is in the Striker rather than Bate

>> No.11757963

>any fa/tg/uy should know what to expect from tactical geniuses.

Especially one's that have read our book.

>> No.11757993

Keep the current lot of enemy mobile suits supressed with Artillery fire from the Rhinoceros whilst the rest of you chase down Revil?
Also, taking the surrendered pilot prisoner would realisitcally require the Outer Heaven to land at your position and would take time. It's probably best to just let the guy go, it's not like he knows anything that the Feds in the local area wont know anyway.

>> No.11757994


Suddenly, General Stubbs' lost Baneblades mysteriously teleport behind Feddie lines. Lols ensue.

>> No.11757995

How big is a rhino?
How big is a big tray?
How big is the outer heaven?

>> No.11758013

I'm Expecting the Maximum!

So as it looks like we're about to take him down we get this, but with Gundams instead of Manta's

>> No.11758024

Have our wappa troops pick up Monsha is they are able to.

>> No.11758031


>> No.11758044

Well fuck. If we can't take the guy prisoner, perform a field execution.

>> No.11758053

The dude surrendered, you've accepted and destroyed his MS, we are not stomping Monsha in cold blood.
Go join the Gihren faction if you want to be a bastard.

>> No.11758063

Or not waste any fucking time chasing down a single tiny useless downed pilot and focus on destroying the big fucking landship with the very big guns and that is carrying the Fed Supreme Commander.

>> No.11758083


This would be the most logical decision. We're not so low as to execute a surrendered pilot in cold blood, and we're not going to risk this operation by having some guy who just tried to kill us run loose.

>> No.11758096

We are just this second about to launch the attack, they know they are under attack in general, he's on foot with no gear and minovsky particles everywhere.

There is no way whatsoever that pilot can affect the situation

>> No.11758107

I figured as much. Why can't the OH just beam Revil into his constituent subatomic particles again?

>> No.11758110

What risk? We just wasted an entire assault carrier and have half a MS squad -and- the operational flagship in full retreat. We're not exactly operating under the radar here.

Ditch Monsha and pursue the Big Tray. We could leave a MS or two to support Hovis, but we need most of our squad pursuing Revil.

>> No.11758122

Because it would not survive to tell about it, duh.

>> No.11758138


It's still currently circling, keeping tabs on the Big Tray, you want to time your attack with a cocurrent air strike with the Outer Heaven?

>> No.11758144

You overestimate our carrier...

>> No.11758146

I just don't like having a loose individual running about, and It wouldn't hurt to have a wappa pick him up, but if you insist, let's go get Revil.

>> No.11758158 [DELETED] 


Yeah, some fire support would be nice.

>> No.11758182


Yes. Shock and awe needs to happen here. If we can disable that Big Tray or severely damage it in one salvo, all the better.

Accepting Revil's surrender would be best, but reducing the entire ship to ashes is a close second if he doesn't come quietly on the first demonstration of firepower.

>> No.11758199

It takes 1 GM sniper to kill a Zanzibar.

Killing an enemy solder who had just surrendered would be a violation of the Antarctic treaty. Wost that can happen from us leaving him on foot is that he runs back to another unit and hops in a spare fighter. Feds wont have any more spare MS for their pilots to use.

>> No.11758209


>> No.11758271


Other than our platoon of dragoons from California, we still had 2 squads of infantry and 1 of commandos.

Are they still on the OH?

If so have them do a combat drop once OH has flown over. If we need to capture Revil's Big Tray they'll come in useful.

>> No.11758287


You order Hovis and Calvin to keep those retreating Mobile Suits supressed and from helping your oppoennts.

You push on at best speed, Bernard replacing his 90mm (lost in the fall) with your spare 220mm Bazooka. Even through your IR sensors you quickly spot the retreating Big Tray. Side mounted artillery cannons swivel to face you and begin firing, silent so far in the hopes that you would miss them somehow. Large shells rain from the sky and you dash forwards under their arcs avoiding them with a standard zig zag movement.
Jolyne returns fire with her shoulder mounted beam cannon and quickly manages to silence the guns. You advance now only having to face it's lighter flak guns. Which are shorter ranged and far less dangerous.

You're about 100 meters away from them when it's rear end seems to warp and ripple through the grainy IR viewscreen, it suddenly distorts almost fluidly and splits into four leaping shapes that fly towards you.
You stop and fire a burst from your beam carbine into one of the shapes. The yellow shots lance it, and then the mobile suit underneath casts it off. You see him hurl an IR distorting smoke grenade into the floor, and in the few moments you see the V-Fin of your opponents.
Unknown Model Gundams.
Four of them.


>> No.11758312





>> No.11758332


>> No.11758344

>You stop and fire a burst from your beam carbine into one of the shapes. The yellow shots lance it, and then the mobile suit underneath casts it off.
So did we just kill one MS and his buddy had to throw him out of the way?

>> No.11758362

I think they were wearing camo sheets.

>> No.11758366

I think he meant 'glance' it

>> No.11758367

>Unknown Model Gundams.
>Four of them.

Calling in the Red Comet like a King.
Running like an Emperor.

>> No.11758369


>> No.11758391

Yes 'mobile suit underneath' rather implies it, along with the fact we've just been ambushed by a squad of ninja gundams, who I assume are sporting.... beam knives, Mr GM?

>> No.11758417


Whilst some heated discussion is still present even 20 years on. It is now becoming an accepted fact that the Federation had less aces and ace teams than Zeon.
Despite this, the Federation still possessed troops and pilots who were clearly a cut above common line soldiery.
One such group was the Midnight Pixie DeathSquad.
That last part of their name seems at least to be a misnomer, even with the most strenous of investigations there are no examples of the unit ever being used as a legitimate deathsquad, and it's likely the unit CO, a one Lt Lloyd Baxter merely used the term for intimidation purposes.
The Pixy part however was much more practical, as the squad was solely put together for use of the RX-78XX Pixy Gundam, an advanced Gundam model that was designed with agility over armour in mind. The Pixy had numerous weaknesses compared to the Gundam, it could not travel in space without serious modification, and it's armour was decidely lighter than it's predeccessor. Furthermore, it's lighter minovsky reactor couldn't power a beam rifle to satisfactory levels along with the Beam Knives, and the Pixy used conventional weaponry as a result. Nevertheless, the unit was a close combat powerhouse, and the MPDS were all experts in close quarters combat.
They acted directly under and answered solely to General Revil, and it's believed they were formed as a mirror to Garma Zabi's now feared independant corps: The Nachtmaren Unit.
The Midnight Pixy Death Squad accounted for no less that 100 mobile suit kills and it's believed that they eventually met their end during...

- From "12 Month Heroes" by Kamille Bidan.

>> No.11758437

You tease.

>> No.11758439

Oh wow, this is gonna be very bad.

>> No.11758457


I'd love to meet the girl who wrote that...

>> No.11758474

>>RX-78XX Pixy Gundam
>>formed as a mirror to Garma Zabi's now feared independant corps: The Nachtmaren Unit.

Fuck me with a spork.

>> No.11758498


>> No.11758512


>> No.11758516

I've finally caught up. Thanks Apologised.

>> No.11758518

I like what you're cooking up but at the same time I have to say having Dave and squad personally encounter EVERY Gundam and almost every Ace the Federation ever had in all of canon pertaining to the OYW is slightly over the top.

>> No.11758534

I see what you thid there.

But seriously, 100 Mobile Suit kills by this squad? You'd think we'd have been hurting a lot worse for spare MS and pilots.

>> No.11758542



>> No.11758550

Someone has to blow up all the zakus and not a zakus

>> No.11758559

What if it's been mainly Ghiren's side they've been raping? And who's to say we aren't left with alot less mobilesuits in some places?
And you know, there's no evidance the squad dies here, that book is written many years after the war, if any of them survive they could rack up more kills later on.

>> No.11758572

Hah, I was even more right!


>> No.11758597

GIGAZAM is the true savior of Zeon!

>> No.11758599


Char leapt sideways as his wingman took several missiles on his Shield. Now ruined, the MS-14 Gyan discarded it and dashed back into the cover of the apartment block across the road. His attempt to rejoin with Char foiled by the Gundam.

"Those modular Heavy Armour components sure do pack a wallop don't they sir?" The pilot asked of him

"Not as much as those beam cannons. Don't give away your position, these buildings offer no protection against such firepower."

As if to punctuate this point, an ameythist shaft of light tore directly through where the Gyan was the moment Char was finished talking. The suit promptly exploded.

'Damn! That pilot's intuition seems to have gotten even sharper! Is there no end to his apparent potential?" he thought to himself.
Nevertheless he took advantage of the situation and leapt up over the warehouse he was hiding behind. Flipping himself up over the twin-linked beam shot he knew to be coming he fired off a shot at the Gundam whilst inverted with his Gelgoogs beam rifle. As expected he dodged to the right. It would have been a miss had Char even been aiming for him. However he'd deliberately lured the Gundam into that spot, just so he could put a beam round into the storage building to it's right, which he had noticed was storing large amounts of demolitions explosive.

>> No.11758607

The Gundam must have had an inkling of the danger when Char's shot went apparently wide, but the extra weight of the Full-Armour pack meant that he couldn't avoid the full brunt of the impressive explosion that followed.
The Gundam flew backwards and to the untrained eye it might look like the victory belonged to Char. Char however recognised instantly that the Gundams flight was too controlled, he also notices that it had forcibly ejected the extra armour parts.

"A last second maneouver, you shed your skin to escape in time. I guess your piloting skills are so second rate any more are they Gundam Pilot?"

Drawing his Beam Naginta, Char closed, intent on keeping the pressure up on his nemesis.

>> No.11758611

We've just gone from "capture" to "kill" on that Big Tray.

As in "Fill that thing so full of boom from the Outer Heaven they'll be able to salvage the remains with a teaspoon and have room left over."

>> No.11758626

my head is full of fuck.jpg

>> No.11758645

>I like what you're cooking up but at the same time I have to say having Dave and squad personally encounter EVERY Gundam and almost every Ace the Federation ever had in all of canon pertaining to the OYW is slightly over the top.

It's not like your encountering AND THEN KILLING them.
Besides, plenty of those Gundams were where they were supposed to be. The Blue Destiny was probably supposed to go to Jaburo at some point, Agar had his showdown in the Mudrock with Midnight Fenrir in Jaburo as planned, the Gundam was in Arizona, and it took part in Odessa, and the Pixy was supposed to be tested in Africa, but in Canon it got intecepted by the Wulfgar team, but in this it didn't because the Wulfgar team were killed by Amuro.

Beside that, I haven't really thrown to many other Gundams who weren't piloted by Bandit.

>> No.11758646

No no not the weakass FA-G
All that extra weight does is turn the suit into a sitting target
easy meat for beam armed aces

>> No.11758688

the best troll is that in the last episode everyone dies to this

do it faggot

>> No.11758693

>>No no not the weakass FA-G
>>All that extra weight does is turn the suit into a sitting target
>>easy meat for beam armed aces

>>No no not the weakass FA-G


>>My face

>> No.11758694

When did you fall under the illusion that Revil would still be in the wrecked Tray by the time you've managed to overcome his Pixies?

>> No.11758724

>We've just gone from "capture" to "kill" on that Big Tray.

Actually we went from "OH YEAH" to "OH FUCKING FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK - SHIT" in record time.

We can probably survive this one though as we still have artillery support...and maybe some air support too.
We're still pretty fucked as we're in a city and they're running around in Kämpfer-Gundam.

>> No.11758731

lol you want the whole teams guts to be blown halfway back to Side-3 ya psycho?
It's not fair to pit them against such.... Perfection.

>> No.11758765


>> No.11758766


Don't be a fucking woman. With Zol's crazy and Bernie's balls, we'll....survive the day. Easily survive. Probably won't be a stunning victory, though.

>> No.11758784

Question, Apologised:

You said a while back that THE gundam (ie, Amuro) basically has plot armor. Now, the question is: Is it possible for us to make him lose that plot armor or will it last through (at least) the end of the OYW?

>> No.11758785

You know what would be cool? If there was a sequel quest where the Titans became a Zeon-style rebel army and Nachtmaren was re-assembled to put down the threat. Or better yet, a new team, and Nachtmaren showed up in brief moments to save the day...

>> No.11758821

>Don't be a fucking woman. With Zol's crazy and Bernie's balls, we'll....survive the day.

I don't think that we're packing smoke, mines or anything else USEFUL when you're trying to fight in a city.

But still, bless Berines soul and his grenades and thank god that we've got him around.

>You said a while back that THE gundam (ie, Amuro) basically has plot armor. Now, the question is: Is it possible for us to make him lose that plot armor or will it last through (at least) the end of the OYW?

Do you remember how many shots the Trojan horse took WITHOUT going down? compare that to the other two White Base carrieres we've encountered.

>> No.11758829

I don't really see Zeon winning and gaining such control of the Earthsphere.

We still have the massive manpower and resource problems but now they are intensified due to Zeon splitting in twain.

And even if we do somehow magically beat the Federation into submission, or more likely get them to agree to a truce or ceasefire of some sort with us, we still have to deal with the matter of Gihren's Zeon.
The civil wars only been postponed, not cancelled.

>> No.11758885


Who says we bother with that?

The Big Tray is down to it's secondaries. Direct the Outer Heaven's superior ranged weapons at the thing and hose it down until there's nothing left. Those Pixies don't have long-range beam weaponry, either. We keep alive, we keep dodging, and we keep pumping as much firepower into that hulk until it turns into a ball of reactor failure while we're doing it.

>> No.11758886

Or a combined government with the earth sphere assembly moved into space and Garma ruling most of Earth. With the Titans being a joint venture intended to deal with Girhen loyalists... and getting out of control. Was actually thinking of writing something like that a couple of days ago but thought I'd wait to see if Revil lived or died.

>> No.11758889

>we still have to deal with the matter of Gihren's Zeon.

How are they holding up anyway? All resources mined on earth end up with Cyllica after all.

>> No.11758913


Can you just give us an overall summary of the state of Zeon?

>> No.11758942

You really seem to be obsessed with the OH but it ISN'T that unstoppable, destructive and accurate you know.

>> No.11759129

So what do you guys think the Galbaldy is going to be like? It's bound to have a lot more United Maintinence Plan parts so hopefully that means it'll be more powerfull than the baseline stats we have on the Galbaldy Beta.

>> No.11759143

Bravo sir, Bravo.

See you all next week.

>> No.11759599


Oh, I know it isn't. But we've ravaged that Big Tray and stripped it of it's long range weaponry- and it's a fucking huge target.

The mission is to kill or capture Revil. We destroy the Big Tray, we can pull out with a "mission accomplished"- and if he's NOT on the Big Tray, pulling out is still the sensible thing after we wreck it. Killing a bunch of wannabe ninja-Gundams is just icing on the cake, but unless one of them is piloted by Revil, they are NOT the mission. They are an obstacle. Obstacles are either avoided, or neutralized. Either is victory.

We've destroyed a Trojan Horse and punched a nice big hole in the C3 for the Federation forces attacking Odessa.

Tactically, we're already ahead on the deal.

>> No.11760064


We can also assume that he's still here or in the process of fleeing. Otherwise the Pixies would not have deployed.

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