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Its Friday!

Any /tg/-related plans for the weekend?

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I put on my ears and fluffy tail...

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Might 40k tonight. But I think I look to fancy to just do that.
No clue Saturday, maybe progress quest?
Sunday is my party for my birth (24th) shootin pool.

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Beer, poker, pool, cigar smoking and hopefully girls why do you ask? Oh and all in a a bow tie.

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Work on my campaign, other than that, nothing.

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The bros are coming over saturday for a game, just finished building my board

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Got sick, missed my game for the week. Nothing going on this weekend. Feels bad.
"houbtaki Stanford" next character name capcha?

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Looks hella fun.

Come shoot pool with me then.

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Voting in a Federal Election... wait that's not exciting.

Umm... building a Necromunda Ratskin gang using Ratskins and Mordheim Amazons. :)

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50 point Warmachine Tourny on Sunday.

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How much is that compared to 40k?
capcha: eussee mother-child

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Then court on Monday morning ;_;

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I did all of my gaming yesterday.

Where I got my assa bsolutely handed to me by a 2000pt Warriors of Chaos army.

Godaaaamn can a Warrior block with HW + Shields + Mark of Tzeentch kick ass and refuse to die.
Led by a guy with the -1 Ld banner, they proceeded to beat, break and chase down 600+ points of longbeards and DwarfLord in a single turn of combat.

Shit went downhill after that.

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2 possible 1500pt 40k tournaments today and tomorrow may or may not go.

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Mmm. 50 point army list is... 1 heavy warjack, 2 light warjacks, 5 squads, 3 solos. Total model count: 38 models.

Its the largest "standard" game size for Warmachine/hordes, generally. This is going to be a hardcore tournament, so timed turns at 9 minutes per turn with a chess-timer.

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I'm planning to see Michael Ian Black at my college's club tonight, then hit the President's BBQ on Sunday for dinner since the meal hall is closed (don't ask me why, I have no idea). Saturday, I have no idea what to do. Might marathon SGA S1, watch Renaissance (some scifi movie), or play video games.

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yeah, i'm drafting m11 at 6 tonight, then again at 10.

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haven't been feeling right lately

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FoW night at Game Vault, a local hobby store. Last nite with those guise before i away to college.

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Friday night is spent in Camden

Saturday I'll be sending out my Warhammer gobbo green tide for the first time. Over 300 Night Goblins and 21 fanatics.

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>21 fanatics

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WATCH ANIME (Basara, Dougram and AT VOTOMS).

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Get drunk. Talk nonsense.


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Played Warhammer last night, going to try and get some more Empire troops assembled/ painted up. Other than that, plans for the weekend involve going out for a meal with friends (tomorrow) and possibly weed and homosexuality (tonight).

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Roleplayan right now, going to the pub afterwards. (It's now 4.30 pm here)

Playing WFRP, driving undead out of athel loren since our characters are all hideously overpowered by now.

That's right, i'm the faggot not paying attention and browsing the internets.

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L5R Tomorrow, Warmachine Sunday

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/tg/ related would be just painting my first berzerker. I always go through a bunch of mistakes when trying techniques to see which technique gets the best results for that particular miniature.

For my Thousand Sons for example, I went with black primer, drybrushed regal blue and then drybrushed ultramarines blue to keep to dull dusty effect. No highlights cause I adore the grimy look on them.

for my 'zerkers... i'm thinking of using mild layering and some blood red highlights. Maybe even try some wet-blending.

The rest of my weekend isn't at all related but i'm going to a bbq tonight, have a scotch and smoke a cigar on the beach with my bros talking about life, the universe and everything. Feels good, man.

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Play some 40k with a bunch of bros today.
Tomorrow I'm probably gonna pick up some miniatures with the money I won at the horse races.
Sunday I've got a family barbeque.

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Everyone posting in this thread seems to be doing really cool, social event type things. Either the stereotype's wrong, everyone's lying or only the happy nerds post here.

I'll assume elequen/t g/entlemen are all cool guys. Brofives all round.

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I'm drafting from 7:15pm until most likely 1:20 am

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Tabletop games are a deceptively social hobby.

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That cheating son of a quail!

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Running a 4e game tonight.

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I will be eating, drinking, smoking, farting, burping and screwing. Ron-ron-ron all night long!

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Running two back to sessions of 4e for game day, also have a friendly match of Flames of War, Italy Vs Finns the rematch!(2000points)

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Playing Rise of the Runelords with some buddies.
We just finished foxglove manor, we are moving to magnimar.

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I have a gig tomorrow, yo.

If there's any Eirefags on here who'll be at the Rose Of Tralee this week, come see us.

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Is...is that Norman from freaking Mighty Max?!


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Running the third part of the Deathwatch demo mission tomorrow night. Am really looking forward to it, have a bit more planning to do. My players have had a few close calls so far and I'm anxious to see how they do against the genestealers in the close quarters of the sewers and factories.

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Bros and bitches are coming round for some Pathfinder.

Playing through the Sandpoint campaign, just to get everyone back into the 3.5 mindset.

We've been playing a lot of my system, Paranoia and some Scion.

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GMing Shadowrun4. Good times.

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maybe an FNM draft
or maybe get drunk and play some starcraft

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Just finished the new 40k deamon prince model, finishin up some berserkers tonight, then gunna start plague marines tomorrow, and at some point I'm supposed to be makin a 3.5 campaign for some newbeys in my gamin group

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Trying black magic to keep SS2 running.
Writing a homebrew based on the stillborn Dyad game.
Would be drinking during any of those, but I don't have the money.

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Starting the second season of our V:tM campaign after summer vacations tomorrow. I have no idea what we'll be doing, I hope my players have some neat ideas for stuff their characters have been doing during the downtime.

>shacia Government
What's that, captcha? Should I try a different kind of vampiric government? Thanks for the idea!

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Playing some D&D tonight over a friend's place.
making some meatbread, just waiting for the dough to rise.

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rolled 10 = 10

I will be working on this Sentinel I just got and preparing for my interview at the FLGS on Monday. Wish me luck /tg/.

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Finishing up the end of a quest with my D&D group.

They have been trapped in a pseudo possessed graveyard, where a blue mist controls everything around them ala silent hill/that-one-episode-from-samurai-jack style.

They fought their way past undead and made it to a large roofed cathedral with a collossal set of doors, cracked with the mist pouring through as an entity on the other side attempts to smash through.

Heavy silver chains coat the door, and 4 large padlocks adorn it, only 1 contains sword buried in the lock as a key. Danger looms as a black dragon swoops down from a balcony and stamps infront of them, ready to battle.

They fought the dragon hard and managed to slay it, but now zombies and skeletals have started trickling in though the various entrances. Book-cases become hallways teeming with undead, Zombies crawl over balconys and drop down as the beast within attempts everything it can to destroy the intruders.

Long story short they need to find the other keys to seal away the whatever which has been leaking its necromantic influence.

1 stone sword is in their possession, 1 is already in place, 1 stone sword is buried in the dragons small horde of gold. The last one is built into a statue, but will the party figure out that the sword the statue is holding is a different stone to the swords the others are?

All while defending themselves against teeming undead.

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Tonight, FNM. I just hope there's less "LOL PRIMEVAL TITAN RAMP" than last week.

Tomorrow, M11 draft before I hit up a party with the girlfriend.

Sunday, hopefully finish painting Shadowsun and few other odds and ends.

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working on my "if you can play M:tG you can play dis" RPG system

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Today - finish my current project (video timing and syncing), send it to boss - hopefully before mindnight, get some sleep.
Tomorrow - assemble plastic soldiers (Skaven), prime, start painting, figure out how to use almost complete box of Empire Flagellants I just obtained (one sprue is defective, so there was huge discount on it, couldn't resist), go haggle with 12 y/o about price of some old M:tG shit I'm trying to sell.
Sunday - go visit parents (meh), go out with GF (yay) then either stay with her, or get hammered.

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Just got Space Hulk, planning on playing a game or two, and I have a lot of minis to work on.

Also, the Space Hulk miniatures are some of the most detailed, beautiful minis I've ever seen.

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