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(discovered Love and Kreig and wanted to do this)
So, Terranis used to be a nice place, now we're up to our eyeballs in these Emperor-damned Krieg soldiers. At first it wasn't so bad, they'd stay in their camp, or you'd see them digging trenches or fortifying some building, and they'd ignore you. It was even great for business at the bar, they drink a lot, pay up front, and don't make trouble. However, it turns out that apparently there were some girl Kriegers among them and for some reason the boys can't get enough of them.

For example, there was this really cute guy who used to come into the bar after work, always made eyes at me. I was playing him along a little, but then one day he walks in with one of those gas mask wearing bitches. I decided to make a move, and that little freak jumps the bar, assaults me, and beaks my nose by smashing it with her pistol.

The really infuriating thing is that they don't react the way they should. I mean, after that incident, I put up a policy sign that said all weapons had to be checked at the door. No one complained or anything. They just did it.

Also, I swear there's this one Krieg who just comes in every night that creeps the hell out of me. I know it's impossible to tell them apart, but I swear. It's the same guy. He just comes in, sits down at a table near the back, orders one bottle of amasec and just stares out into space the whole time. I swear I think he's watching me, he's here right now actually...you know what? I'm gonna go ask what his deal is....

Argh, I hate these people! He didn't say anything, just nodded at my questions and insults. The only response I got when I asked him his name, was to take out his dog tag and show it to me. Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713...damnit, he's STILL staring at me. What does he want?

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I was just about to go to bed too...

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OP, it's easier for everyone if you write these guys out BEFORE posting them
Still, want to see the rest.

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Oh. Is this suppose to be in mordern world or in 40k universe? I'm confuse.

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Contemporary-equivalent world in the Imperium, I'm guessing.

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Ugh, today is just one of those pain in the ass days. That guy and the Krieg girl who broke my nose came in today. Apparently they're getting married and are on a pub crawl to celebrate. Maybe, I don't know. Either way, rounds for the whole bar, lots of quietly clinking glasses, and whatever passes for mirth for these people. Everyone's asking for refils, and I don't know who's tab it's going on at this point. At least some of them took off their gas masks. Although, the bride-to-be gave me such a vicious look when she did.

Wait, is that piano music? Is someone playing that busted piano in the corner? Hold on.

Well...that was interesting. There was someone playing the piano. It was Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713. I asked him if he was the one who fixed it. He nodded. Also he had taken off his gas mask. I thought he would be just another blonde and blue eyed copy of all the others. He actually has very dark brown hair and these pale grey eyes.

He's really good at playing the piano. People were giving him requests, either calling them out or in the Krieger's case writing them out, and he knew nearly all of them.

I...invited him to come back if he wanted. I mean...a little piano music here wouldn't hurt. He nodded, and I think I saw a slight twitch around those grey eyes of his.

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Right. Awesome modern 40k world. I'm still confuse on how there's a Krieg girl dating site...

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It's not a dating site it's... Listen, just read http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Love_and_Krieg
You'll get it then. it's a sweet story, and I like it. The spin-offs too.

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I'm reading it. First thing.
>I was once set up on a date with a Kreig chick on one of those dating websites.

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Oh, that part... It's not a KRIEG dating site, just a dating site in general.
And it's never mentioned again.

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...Now I'm imagining dating site in 40k. "Sister of Battle looking for pure man 24/f/Segmentum Solar"

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Hey, can I trust you guys to keep this not 404d for the next 7 hours? I need sleep.

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Ronery Wytch looking for man she can torture and snuggle after.

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Namefag op, it helps.

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She doesn't like the torture, she is just a little - accident prone.

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Adorable. And humorously romantic.

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What ever happened to Krieger Quest?

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You'll have to keep it updated for me partner.

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Disappeared alongside with Maid Quest and Mage Corps Quest after another insane 1-day janitor was let loose upon /tg/.

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Easymodo archives everything on /tg/ with a 1-5 minute delay. Except full-sized pictures. So just save the easymodo link I posted and you will be set.

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When was that? 'Cause I haven't seen Bard Quest around either. And the current Janitor is active. He was deleting porn left and right this afternoon.

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Hey there, a Love&Krieg writefaggot from forever ago.

I'm glad to see people still like this stuff. If this thread is still alive tomorrow, I'll start writing some more.

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The janitor/mod who caused the quest exodus was removed after one day of activity. Late June, I think.

I know we currently have a janitor for the late EU evening/night time zone. I'm mostly indifferent.

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Okay, weird day. Nice...but weird. #1713 came back again today, he didn't order a bottle like he always does, but instead sat down at the piano and looked at me. He did that for five minutes before I went over and asked him what he was doing. He just gestured towards the piano with a tilted head. Finally, I realized he was asking what he was supposed to play. I told him to play anything and he shook his head. Then I just mentioned the first song that came to mind and then I went back to work. Ten minutes later, I noticed that I was hearing the same song. He had been playing that tune over and over again. I went over to him and told him to stop. He instantly got up from the piano, and I swear, closed his eyes, and got on his knees as if he was about to be executed. I pulled him back up and explained to him that he needed to play more than one song. I asked him to write down all the songs he knew...he's sitting at the bar right now, still writing.

Alright, he's finished, and there's three pages of this stuff. I haven't even heard of half of these. He's even sorted them by origin. Well, some Valhallan some drinking songs would be fun. That's odd. There's just three songs from Krieg. There's the national anthem, a marching song, and this last one... Regentropfen. Well, I'll make him play it at closing, when there's just the Kriegers here.

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Oh...oh my. That was...when he started to play that song. That very pretty song. All the other Kriegers got up from their seats and stood at attention. There was another one of those Krieger girls with her boyfriend (not the one who broke my face) and she didn't have her mask on like the others. She was crying. He finished, and then the Kriegers all left. I grabbed the boyfriend and asked him what that was all about. He said that apparently, that's the last song that had been written on Kreig. After they bombed the place to the ground, it rained radioactive sludge for months. That song was written by one of the sons of the Loyalists. Apparently it reminds them of their home before it went to hell. Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713 is still here, he's tuning the piano. I have to thank him.

I think I did something stupid. I went to thank him for the evening of music (seriously, I made a ton more tonight than I have in a week.) He had his mask off, and there were tear stains on his face. His grey eyes...they were so sad. I kissed him on the cheek and asked if he would play here regularly. He nodded and left. I continued to close the bar, and I'm just finishing up when I see Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713, he has a duffle bag and a mattress roll with him, and then he goes into my back storage room and sets up camp! Apparently, he feels that his new assignment is here, in MY bar! Still...well, if he's here I don't have to worry about theft...so I guess it's okay.

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Well I think we could knock over this bar for some quick cash and- WHAT THE FUCK THERE'S A MACHINE GUN NEST!

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I just realize that the main character in this story is the Bar girl in Love and Krieg story.
Goddammit I'm slow.

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Thank god, I assumed this was faggotry.

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Ugh, just when I think I have some control over this situation something like this happens. I put out a tip jar for Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713 when he plays the piano. First, I have to explain to him that it's not his amasec glass. Then I have to say that he doesn't have to return the tip to the person who gave it to him. After that, one of those 'Cute Kreig Couples' (By the Emperor, I loathe them) explains what a tip is. Apparently, the guy didn't do it well enough, because the girls are then putting in money for every song that they like, and then removing money for every song that they don't like. Two of them even got into a fight, as they both wanted to dance (if you can call it dancing) with their partners and they each wanted 'their' song to be played. I think I may need another sign. I have this horrible vision of the future...my bar plastered with instructions on every surface, detailing how to do every little thing. All from ordering a drink, to having a quickie in the bathroom. Ugh...more trouble than it's worth.

Oh, Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713 is playing Regentropfen again. Is it closing time already? That's such a pretty song...

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I like this, keep going.
Someone should add it to the 1d4chan when it;s done.

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Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713 has turned...my bar...into...a bunker. I told him I would be gone for the day to visit my parents, and he needed to watch over the place while I was gone. He nodded. Apparently, baby brother has also found himself a girlfriend...no guesses as to what accessories she likes to wear over her face. I swear, if I ever find that dick who started that dating website...

Anyway, I get back, and my bar? Well, there's a trench around the entire place, and not just one of those little things you see around houses of people dating Kreigs, I mean a trench that looks like the one around the PDF base. The outside of the bar is now reinforced steel plating and concrete, and there's a basilisk on my roof. There is a FRAKKING CANNON on the roof of my BAR. Also, because there is now a basilisk on my roof, the inside of my bar is now revamped. There's eight times the support pillars, all the wood has been replaced with steel, and apparently my tables can now convert into cover shields, at the press of a button. The low lighting is gone, replaced with utility lamps and flood lights. The only positive, if you can call it that, is that there are now many more mirrors in my bar. Mirrors that allow anyone sitting in any seat, or table, to see everyone else. It's a nightmare...and the biggest joke? I'm getting more Kreig and Kreig-Daters than ever. I asked one of the guys why the influx.

"Well, they feel really comfortable here, it's a nice place to relax."

I'd consider starting to serve food, but knowing them, all I would have to do is put some MRE'S on some nice plates and I could charge triple...you know...that's not a bad idea...

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I want an artillery piece on MY roof!

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Damn it OP! I'm going to bed. This thread BETTER be here in the morning!

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If Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713 wasn't so damn useful in making me money, I swear I would kill him with my bare hands. Alright, the bar...well...I should say restaurant now shouldn't I? My place is now getting a steady stream of customers, and well...it was getting awkward. The Kerig Daters always end up dressing like their partners. (I've seen XX and YY couples but I don't know if they're 'couples' I honestly don't WANT to know) So, here's me, walking around the place, serving up 'food' and pouring drinks among a sea of black coats and gas masks. I stuck out so much it went past being awkward, past weird, past being so-weird-its-fine, past heretical, and then back to just awkward. So I made the mistake of asking Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713 for some help. The next day he has a full uniform laid out on the bar for me. It's not a Kreig uniform, the fabric's too soft and there's not much 'coverage' but it fit perfectly. When and how did he get my measurements? All that time he spent, staring at me with those grey eyes...I swear. If it didn't feel so nice, I'd smash his tip jar over his head.

It's closing time, and always he plays Regentropfen. I'm going to ask him how to play that song.

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Apparently, Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713 had the sheet music for Regentropfen. I sat down and played the piece. It had been a while, but those years of torture at the schola still came back to me. Turns out he wasn't playing it right, there were several different movements he skips. It's no surprise, they're very complicated parts, but I managed to work my way through them. I still butchered the song pretty badly though, my teacher would be ashamed of me.

When I was done I looked at him. Tears were running down his face and his shoulders were shaking. I...I looked at his grey eyes, and I hugged him. He actually returned it. His shoulders heaving, and his breath stuttered. We just held it there for a while, and then he started to go to the back room. I stopped him, and told him to get his things and to get into the car with me. He's sleeping on my couch now. I'm...I'm not sure what's going to happen next. I think...I think I need to practice the piano some more.

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You should add dates.

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>and apparently my tables can now convert into cover shields, at the press of a button

That's actually quite clever.

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Skimpy krieg uniform? Do want!

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All bars in P&P games should do that, would be great for the multitude of barfights.

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>Apparently, baby brother has also found himself a girlfriend...no guesses as to what accessories she likes to wear over her face. I swear, if I ever find that dick who started that dating website...
Is that the sa- Nevermind. I don't even care anymore. Just WHY would a Krieger join a random dating site?!

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Ordered to by his superiors to enhance relations with the natives.

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It's already a no-brainer.

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So OP do you've any problem if I add these your stories to 1d4chan?

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Considering that we already have a Love and Krieg wiki in 1d4chan, I doubt OP will raise objections.

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I did ask just to make sure and well I've allreaydy added these to the 1d4chan. Link for those who are interested: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Love_and_Krieg_Spinoffs

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Moar, Indeed!

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We are watching this thread, it is relevant to our interests.

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This is my favorite writefaggotry, please prestidigitize more for me

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excellent, still here.

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Awww, no more?

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Is she sticking out her tongue? Is her face scarred around the mouth? Otherwise it's very nice.

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I love Love and Krieg and all it's spinoffs.

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(No, I don't mind being posted at all)

It's been really quiet the last two days. I mean more so than normal for here. The Kriegers never talk and the Krieg Daters, the longer they get into their relationship, get quieter as well. Either way, all the Kriegers got called back to the base. Apparently there's some more fortification that needs to be done, like either on top of a mountain, or at one of the poles, I don't know. The only thing I do know is that there's going to be some blessed, blessed days without the sight of any gas masks.

The only irksome thing is that Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713 got the relocation order when he was in the middle of digging a trench around my house. So there's a half-trench in front of my house, and it honestly looks a little embarrassing compared to the others. I don't want to just fill it in. I think I could even get shot for that...but I don't want to just leave it...it bothered me all day yesterday. I'll call my little brother and ask him what to do.

I really should never ask my little brother what to do. I called him, told him of the situation, and the next thing I know he's called some of his friends and today they're here trying to complete Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713's trench. They're not doing a good job, a far cry from the style the girls that they date have. Problem is that they don't really have any structure...hmmm.

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Alright, that was...different. I just wanted the damn tench to be finished and those idiots off my lawn. I put on my 'uniform' and marched out there and started to bark out orders to those idiots. As soon as I started, those boys snapped to attention and followed my commands to the letter. Just how whipped do their girlfriends have them anyway? Either way, they finished, and it looked pretty good. I got out of the trench and Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713 is just standing there. I was still into it, so I shouted, "Attention! Superior present, prepare for inspection!" All the boys snapped to attention and saluted Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713. He then took a while to inspect the new addition to his trench. He was less than thrilled, shaking his head and pointing at several places, but he nodded a few times as well. Then he went inside the house, and came back out with sheets of paper, which he distributed, the boys all smiled at the paper, and then nodded and left. Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713 then got to work fixing the rest of the trench to his specifications. He's still out there now. It's late though. I'm still in my uniform though...maybe I should order him back inside to sleep so we can be able to work tomorrow.

Huh...it worked.

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So well writefag I put those two stories you just posted up to the 1d4chan and then go to sleep (it's 22.14 around here and I've been up since 04.30).

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I can't help but think that someone is playing an elaborate joke on us all. Every day it seems that either the Kreigers get more accustomed to us, or we get more accustomed to the Kreig. I drove to work, Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713 sitting in the back seat like always (I've invited him from to the front, but he shook his head and gestured that this was a more defnsable position...ugh I'm even able to read their hand signals). Nearly every other house has a trench and every building now has a little fortification. I head into town, and there are pillboxes and sniper towers on every block, and I swear they are building a hellcannon on top of the library. Thing is...there are these little touches that make me think that the Kreigers aren't...well...soulless cloned automatons. One of the new Civil Defense Bunkers has a mural painted on the side. It's of a baneblade, and I swear I saw one of the Kreig put finishing touches on it. The sniper tower on the same block as my bar...has a flower box planter along the side at the top. I swear, I looked at it through some binoculars Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713 handed me when I asked what that thing sticking off the tower's railing was. There were actual buds!

Normal day, with two little hiccups. Now, whenever a Krieger walks into my bar, and I'm in 'uniform' they give me a salute. A formal one, not the usual one they seem to give the civilians. I know there doesn't seem to be a difference, but there is. Secondly...well...I played Regentropfen at closing, that's getting to be a tradition apparently. There was just me, Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713, and the couple that started this mess. They were slow dancing to the song. I finished, and the Kreig girl comes up to me. I flinch away, thinking she might want to break my face again, and she salutes me.

"Thank you, Ma'am. You play it well."

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She spoke! She actually talked. I didn't know they COULD talk. The girl had to use the facilities then, so I asked the guy what the deal was. Apparently, all they need is permission to speak. Huh. Makes sense...in a Kreig kind of way. So the couple left, and I'm here cleaning up with Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #1713, and I look at him. He just looked at me and nods. His face was neutral as always, but those grey eyes...you can see the difference in them between the Krieg that have just left the base, and the ones that have been out here for a while. There's something soft inside them...anyway I asked him something that had been bothering me.

"What were those papers you gave to the boys who helped with the trench? Permission to speak, granted."

"Commendations of duty." He said. His voice is not as deep as I thought it would be.

"Why were they so happy to get those? Permission to speak granted."

"When their...associates...see that a 2nd and 1st lieutenant have give them commendation. They tend to...reciprocate with...umm...fraternization." He said, and I swear, he was blushing.

That's when I realized something. His officer bar was gold. The little bar that was on my 'uniform' is silver. I'm the 1st lieutenant...he made me HIS superior.

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"Ummm, sir?"
"There's been a little situation at Terranis."
"What? Has the 'nid fleet arrived earlier than we thought? I thought you said we still had 2 years left!"
"No, no well...we do...sort of."
"What do you mean sort of?"
"Well...it seems that the splinter fleet of the Tyranid hive that was threatening Terranis...slightly crashed."
"With a ship that was corrupted by the Great Enemy."
"Yes apparently, the ship dropped out of warp right in front of the hive ship and they...collided."
"You're joking."
"No, sir. Anyway, from what we can tell they engaged each other, and then the enemy's ship returned to the warp and vanished."
"So it survived, damn. Well, at least the 'nids are done with. We should recall the 68th and put them somewhere more pro-"
"They aren't gone, sir."
"The Tyranids, aren't gone. The Great Enemy...they didn't destroy them, they just...sort of...pushed them back."
"Excuse me?"
"Well...they forced the Tyranids back...and then they left. The Tyranids are now rebuilding their fleet and continuing their approach to Terranis."
"How long until they get there?"
"Six Terran years."


"Oh," Nurgle chuckled. "We decided to renew the show for another season."

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For the love of krieg, more!

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Bump to keep this thread alive

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OH PAPA NURGLE! You so wacky!

>> No.11756514

When is slaneesh hosting his next craaaazy party?

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In the name of the God Emperor MOAR!

Although really the only one in my heart is Creed.

>> No.11756673

But you don't have a heart!
Creed has it in his freezer.

>> No.11756704


I know. He stole it away in the night that tactical genius.

>> No.11756761

Damn... and I thought it was bad when he stole one of my kidneys.
At least he was nice enough to leave one.

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Surprised there hasn't been more pictures.

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OP, I hate you, because of those stories I will waste 100-200 on a Krieg army.

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Why only such a small army? Don't you love the Korps?

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You mean you're going to buy five or six infantrymen?

>> No.11757664

I'm sorry, Sir!
This won't happen again, Sir!
I'll spend 500-...No! 800$, Sir!

>> No.11757682

Nay, I'll buy myself an army.

>Deutschland arifirs

You got it, Captcha.

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That's better and now thin your paints!

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someone needs to add the last 3 posts to 1d4chan
captcha: sprisies would

>> No.11757721

Did the Commissar and His Maid story on 1d4chan ever get past part 20

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Sir, my paints are thin, Sir!
But if it is your order, I will thin them, Sir!

>> No.11757804

Well, no shit. What have we got here, a fucking artist? Anonymous. I admire your honesty. Hell, I like you, you can come over to my house and paint my Armageddon Steel Legion.
(Sorry ran out of reaction images, will stop here()

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"Where ya from, Boomer?!"
"Urdesh, sir!"
"Urdesh?! Only steers and queers come from Urdesh and you ain't got a set of horns so that sorta narrows it down, doesn't it?
"Sir no sir!"
"BULLSHIT. I bet you could suck a golfball through a garden hose!"

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bump, im liking this

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One more bump before I head to work. Hope there's MORE when I get back in 5 hours.

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Laundry in 7 hours. Hope there is MOARS!

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>> No.11759789

i wonder if anything happens when a bunch of she-kriegers are pms-ing at the same time?

>> No.11759803

What do you think all the trenches are there for?

>> No.11760461


>captcha:incing called

anyone know an incing?

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last bump before bed

>> No.11761351

Sooo this is going to end in tragedy. Tyranids foces are rarely pushed back by the Imperial Guard since most of the time THE SPRESS MAHREN COME IN AND KILL EVERYTHING then there's still the spore left and stuff.
I bet it'll either end in exterminatus or sad-happy ending.

>> No.11761591

I never really considered myself a violent person. Passionate perhaps, but not violent. All I know is that if I ever find the dick that made that dating website, I will make sure that they suffer. I was running the Basilisk like normal (I changed the name, I mean, the cannon on my roof is rather distinctive.) and #1713 is playing some light Vostroya songs. In comes this woman, and she walks up to #1713 and give him a paper. She claimed that she had gone to that dating website, and had been 'assigned' to him. He nodded, and took the woman's hand. I...umm...well I may have lost my temper and called her some rather unflattering (but true) names, and then...I might have grabbed the lasrifle #1713 put under the bar, lept over the counter and tried to assault her. Thankfully, I didn't get far as #1713 grabbed me, disarmed me, and sat me down at the piano. He had his mask off, and they always look like that but...I think he was frowning for real. He left with the woman. I guess that's good in the long run. No more waking up to see rations laid out for breakfast, no more trenching or fortification of my home, no more seeing his grey eyes...or hearing Regentropfen the way he plays it.

I miss him. I...I want him around. I...I...oh...damnit!

>> No.11761594

It was stupid but...I didn't know what else to do. I went onto that dating website and I put my profile up there. It asked me for preferences...dark brown hair, knows the piano is a plus, hard worker...grey eyes. I didn't realize it until after it showed me my completed profile...#1713. Oh, man...I have to apologize to baby brother, now don't I? Anyway, I completed that stupid form and the site thanked me for my help and said that they'd be in touch. The next day...#1713 is there in the bar like nothing happened. He hands me a piece of paper. It's from the website, it's an apology to #1713, for pairing him with a 'less that optimal' partner, and a 'new, more fitting position' has opened up and he was to be immediately re-assigned. It also said that if he was still unsatisfied with his new position, a new assignment could be made at anytime, as 'We feel that these assignments should be the best possible, and no person should ever have to settle for anything less. Shouldn't YOU be with your PERFECT assignment?' The dick that designed this website better never show their smug-ass face here or I will shove it down my basilisk and then fire.

Regardless, my #1713 is back, and I'm happy. Also, I keep finding new things about the Regentropfen...it can also be played as a duet.

It's such a pretty song.

>> No.11761664

YES! OP YOU ARE A GOD. This made my night.

>> No.11761848

This was going to be complicated. Probably the most complicated thing ever. Oh, there had been manipulations before, and originally this was just for a quick laugh. Now, however...now there was a new option for an old problem.

The Chaos Gods interfering was a complete shock. He would never admit it, but it took him totally by surprise. Not that he didn't welcome getting three more years to fiddle with Terranis. However, there was no way that it would happen again, and She Who Thirsts wouldn't just be satisfied with the slow sweet subversion of the soldiers.

The only problem was that there were so many thin little threads holding this whole thing together. He supposed that this is what happens when he actually focused on something that was originally just a little something he put together to keep him amused one night. Also, this was one of the first times in his life he wasn't being a complete and total...oh! That was it! He smiled, perfect. Yes, that would work nicely. First however, he had to do probably the most important step.

>> No.11761854

"So, you're to be on your best behavior. Also, you're not to talk about Mommy or Daddy. You got a bump on your head, and lost your memory. Okay?"

"Yes, grandpa."

"Also, don't pick at your ears. I know it stings a little, but they have to look right. Now, the people who are going to look after you are nice people...but you will listen to them until Mommy or myself come to get you. Okay?"

"Yes, grandpa."

"Alright, now. Give Grandpa a hug, and then I'll send you down. You remember the story you're supposed to tell?"

Of course she would remember it. He hated messing around her mind, shuffling away memories and making new ones, but he couldn't risk anyone finding out what she was. She had fallen asleep when they arrived on the planet. He decided to leave her on the doorstep of the very first pair. The oversized basket he had left her sleeping in was a little much, but the picture was just too funny and too cute for him to pass up.

He would make sure that things went fine for another ten years or so. But for now, he was content that he had actually found a decent set of babysitters for his Granddaughter for a few years. Honestly, things were getting a little crazy and it would be nice to just have some peace and quiet for a while.

>> No.11761863
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*Hands over a piece of paper*
"The Krieg 112th humbly request this thread to continue in all of it's glory and daww."

>> No.11761919

A fine reading by candle light. Looking forward to more.

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fantastic, it's still here.

>> No.11762019

Added to the 1d4chan. And well I'm thinking to request archiving this thread.

>> No.11762021

No valhalan
Primarch, i am dissapoint

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/tg/ did it.

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Creed did it.

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>> No.11762338

Kreig Commander 68 stared at the piece of paper on his desk. It was the nightmare missive that every Krieg commander feared to receive. The Vitae Womb wasn't functioning right. He just vaguely listened to the Enginseer as he droned on about how the machine spirit was weak, how this was the Emperor's will, that the Krieg had gone so long using this borderline blasphemous technology was a blessing given by the Omnimessiah, and just as easily taken away. All he saw in his mind was the front line of Kreig soldiers, slowly dwindling away, until the great and honored Death Korps of Kreig were just a memory...and soon that would fade, and then the only thing people world remember Kreig for was the betrayal to the Emperor.

No. He would not allow that to happen. He looked again at the papers. Trying to see if there was something he could do, some problem that didn't involve banging on a console and praying. He noticed one line coming up again and again. 'Loss of Genetic Cohesion.' It seemed to be the main issue, that in turn caused all these other issues. He looked at his Enginseer and pointed at the phrase, wanting to know the meaning.

The Enginseer explained that after all the years of replication, and reuse, the genetic material of the Kreig models wasn't working anymore. Not totally. The Machine Spirits just weren't able to take hold of the spirit of the Krieg flesh and create new life from it. They had tried other methods, feeding newly made models and older models into the system to try and regain it. However, it jsut wasn't working. The great line of Kreig was fading, and there seemed to be no way to fix it.

>> No.11762375
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you... you deserve it....

>> No.11762410
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>> No.11762446

68 walked into town to clear his head. It made him feel better to walk down a street and see a properly fortified city. Every day it improved a little, and the citizenry had been more than helpful. He was glad for that. He remembered serving on planets where they were viewed with mistrust, or even hostility by the 'common rabble' here, the citizens were actually welcoming, and helpful. Not to mention that a few of his 'daughters' found suitable individuals to...fraternize with.

Kreig Commander Model 68 entered a restaurant called the Basilisk. Named after the fully working, and well maintained cannon on the roof. He approved of that. Functionality and a pleasing ascetic.

He walked in and sat down at a table. The woman in charge, a 'First Lieutenant' saluted him and showed him to a table and gave him an option of MREs. He felt the need to torture himself further, due to the bad news, so he asked for a Tallarn and a bottle of Amasec. She nodded and went into the back to bring him his food.

As he ate and drank, mostly drank. He just sat and watched the people come and go. There was 68b #6345, her husband, and the foundling they had discovered. Quietly eating, and sharing notes with each other, smiling. 68b #6346 was dancing with her 'associate.' 68a #1713 was playing the piano, some Cadian song. There were others here too, his people and civilians, although as the bottle slowly emptied, he found himself almost unable to instantly tell the difference between the two.

>> No.11762504

Terranis becomes New Krieg?

>> No.11762516
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Oh god, does this mean what I think it will mean?

>> No.11762542
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>> No.11762544

No, it didn't, but if theres a cry for MOAR, i will deliver.

>> No.11762555

The night went on, Krieg Commander found himself lost in his thoughts, and his bottle. He knew that soon his 'daughters' would vanish, followed by one set of sons, then another, and soon...Krieg itself.

That's when he heard it. The first soft stanza of the song he knew from the moment he first had emerged from the Vitae Womb. Regentropfen. There Shall Come Soft Rains...he stood up and looked around.

The place was nearly empty, people were heading towards the door. #1713 and the '1st Lieutenant' were sitting at a piano, playing the song together. He was glad he was still wearing the gas mask. It hid his tears. They played it so wonderfully. The woman especially, doing the complicated trills that spoke of how those quiet waters slowly washed away the beautiful buildings that once covered Krieg. He had only heard it played that well, and as a duet, once before. When he was at home and 'Mother' had played it the night before his battalion was to go off and face the Emperor's enemies. This girl played Regentropfen just like a true Kreiger. It was so painful to think of home, and how his people would...slowly...disappear...

The idea came to him in a flash. The entire night played out before him. Walking a city filled with proper fortifications and weaponry. Sitting in a place filled with people who looked just like his soldiers...and now...emosone who had never seen his homeworld was playing the song that spoke of its soul.

He had a solution. It was wild, near heretical, and he would have to do many things to get it right...but if he could do this. He would save Krieg.

Krieg Commander 68 ran back to the camp...he needed some medical staff, and enginseer, and a WHOLE lot of paperwork.

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>> No.11762577

Added to the 1d4chan.

>> No.11762616

Welcome to /tg/, you must be new here


>> No.11762640

always goo do see something old get resurrected.

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>argyriv relationships.
i dunno, i think captcha is supporting the direction it's goin

>> No.11762676

lol, dude, im the one who wrote the extended part of a krieger and his maid.

also the slender krieger.

so there is cries for more. let me get some stuff down regarding this latest development, and see what i can do for you :3

>> No.11762685

Is thing thread going to be archived regardless of the story being copied to 1d4chan?

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i owe you an internetz

>> No.11762718

I was just sayin you don't need to ask when it comes to Krieg fiction, you silly goose.

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>> No.11762748

They were not happy about it. No, that's not accurate. NO ONE was happy about it. Not the Enginseers, not the Commissar (even though he kept looking at his 'personal aide' with concern each time the subject of the Krieg ending came up), not his superiors, and the Tech Priest from the Adeptus Mechanicus Biologis nearly ordered him executed for heresy on the spot the moment the vox reached him.

However, no one could argue with the obvious evidence. It was try this, or sound the death knell of the Krieg. The Enginseer and the Tech Priest argued with the Commissar, with each other, his superiors made remarks, and around and around it went. Krieg Commander 68 rolled his eyes, he had seen Administratum meetings that had been less productive than this...but not many. The key argument was determining what exactly was the Emperor's will. Was it His Will that the Krieg slowly die off, or was it His Will that the Krieg had come to Terranis and discovered its people?

68 sighed and stared at his collection of war trophies and other junk. He knew that when the splinter fleet of xenos arrived Terranis would fall. Not all at once, but there was too much biomass unprotected, the oceans themselves were a buffet for the Tyranids. The cities would hold for a while, he was proud of that fact that he, his brethren, and the people of Terranis had done such a fine job in preparation. However, it would be a losing battle. Too much open ground, too much biomass for the 'nids to consume and repurpose, too many fronts. An evacuation was possible, but it would have to be started soon...and even then it would be a tight race. This place was doomed, the Krieg were doomed...unless...

He would need to call in some favors, and give some out as well. May the Emperor forgive him. He was going to do this anyway.

>> No.11762773
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you know, you guys are killin my supply of internet brofists and highfives... but... you guys earned them...as soon as captcha stops fcking with me...

>> No.11762834

So The Krieg Commander is going through all this trouble just so his troops can screw civilians?
Well, they can screw then now, but screw then and have kids?
I like him.

>> No.11762840

Added to the 1d4chan. And well captcha seems to hate me, for some reason.

>> No.11762877


These all still need to be put up on 1d4chan.

>> No.11762894

/tg/: the only place capable of placing heartwarming stories in the most inhospitable universe every conceived.

I love you guys.

>> No.11762896


>> No.11762969

Yep, I'll add them.

>> No.11762989

Please don't say that's all D:

>> No.11763019

have we hit auto sage?

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>> No.11763045

Don't leave us hanging, man! What happens next?

>> No.11763090

Collecting the material was easy enough. Mandatory health inspections that included blood, hair, saliva, bone marrow and...other fluids were a snap to set up, and the Terranis citizenry rose to the occasion. Anyway, if anyone refused...well...then they chose their own fate. It took time though, precious time that Krieg Commander 68 knew that he didn't truly have.

Not if he wanted to complete his mad mission. No, that he would be able to complete.

It was just that...even if his timetable was early...he would not be able to say goodbye.

The Vitae Wombs were on Krieg. The Adeptus Mechanicus Biologis would not allow it to be anywhere else. He would need to take the materials with him. He would not leave it out of his sight for an instant. He would be the one who would supervise the...augmentation of the Vitae Wombs, and he would be the one to deal with the consequences.

But, unless the Warp showed him a kindness that wasn't even comprehensible, by the time he arrived at Krieg, sent a message to Terranis, and received one back, at least ten years would have passed.

>> No.11763095

He would have to leave them here. All of them. The people, his 'sons' and 'daughters,' the Commissar and his maid, all of them. Maybe a few of them would get off on their own, but if he did this then there would be no chance for evacuation, no effort made to divert Astartes to help, nothing. It was take this gamble...or stay here and try to hold back the Unstoppable.

Krieg soldiers are only allowed to cry when they hear Regentropfen, as part of their training. 68 did not cry now. However, he found he had difficulty breathing, even with his gas mask on.

Emperor forgive him, he would miss this place. But he was a decorated Krieg soldier, a Commander, a man who was supposed to make these hard decisions, and really there was no decision, just a fact.

However, it made his heart ache when he informed his 'children' that he would be leaving...and they would not be following.

And this cold fact kept him up at night, if this didn't work...then he would have ended the existence of the Krieg 68th Siege Regiment, for nothing.

>> No.11763114

(the following happens approximately parallel with the piano playing Krieger)
Tricero, hey, wake up.

I know it's late, but do I ever have a story for you. The hot springs here, remember how I said I would need to investigate them? Well, I have. Turns out, Timote, the old grox, has set up his "official commissariat outpost" inside one of them. By the emperors grace, and a fair few threats of summary execution I'd wager, he has gotten himself a private spring. He offered to lend me his office while he goes off to some hearing down on the southern continent, so pack your, what ever it is you pack, and remind...
wait, she...
already has filled out a requisition form to get you a set of humid environment upgrades.

How does she do it?
Anyway, on the bounce, there's a new office to settle in.

Recorded 4215188.M41 68th Krieg Field Artillery – Saghalain Autoscribe #303440288

>> No.11763153

Added. And well EchoGarotte youre the best writtefag that I've seen on /tg/ for sometime.

>> No.11763210

Tricero, did you just see what i just...
I didn't think the munitorium manufactured those, that they were just the subject of a gelt fetish publication. I know there is munitorium standard swimwear, but I had no idea that, those were, and how would a Krieger even..

But i digress, this new office is typical of Timote. He never really understood the whole modesty and minimalism back at the schola, and time it seems, hasnt changed him. Look at this, he had a chair made out of a nid. I didn't even know he had fought them. So we have settled in quite happily in our temporary quarters, 6345 traded some amsec for some more homely trinkets, it's amazing how used to having razor wire and sand bags around I have become. There was a little bit of a hiccup with our gear however, her bag's still haven't arrived, so she has temporary loan of an engineer's uniform.

Again, after seeing her in grey for so long, the tan coat makes her seem so, different. She still gets more paperwork done than i understand how, but, that's just how she is.

Have you always had that... device there?

Recorded 4215488.M41 68th Krieg Field Artillery – Saghalain Autoscribe #303440288

>> No.11763229

Krieg Commander 68 didn't ask for any news about Terranis. He forbade anyone to tell him anything about that...that...brief paradise. He spent all his time with the Tech Priests in the Vitae Womb chambers. They were a little awed by his dedication. Those long nights staring at countless Gs, As, Ts, and Cs on a screen, praying to the Emperor when he could, and just being an actual help, was impressive.

Also they appreciated the fact that he was the only one who was trying to FIX the problem, rather than just argue in circles about it. Apparently, the policy of the Adeptus Mechanicus Biologis had become 'If it works we'll claim credit, but we're going to keep arguing anyway so that if it doesn't we'll execute 68 and claim he was working alone...possibly tainted if need be.'

It was the longest two years of 68's life. This included the four years he spent in an extended siege in a hive that had lost all forms of plumbing and waste removal. Two years of work, prayer, and watching Krieg companies grow quietly desperate.

The only odd thing was that one day he noticed that his personal account had a large amount of credits added to it, and a private message. It didn't have a date on it. 'For your outstanding babysitting service! Thanks!'

Some dick was obviously playing a joke on him. 68 ignored it and went back to work.

It was raining on the day of judgement. Krieg Commander 68 stood outside the facility, in full protective gear, looking up at the grey sky and seeing the quiet, burning, water drip from the sky. An old song played through his head. He took a deep breath through his filters and walked inside the cloning facility...he was considering wether it would be better to be executed or to do it himself.

>> No.11763235
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Two writefriends? Writing about Krieg? As in, right now?

>> No.11763283

So I finally found the time to try out one of the hotsprings this evening, Tricero. I haven't felt this good since they gave me my graduating dose of rejuvanant serum, it's amazing. Truly this place is blessed by the Emperor and his saints. And speaking of blessed, I found out that 6345 has been able to visit the springs almost nightly, thanks to her affiliation with me. I was talking to one of the other aides around Timote's office, and she said that every night since we got here, regular as clockwork, or, I mused to myself, regular as a krieger, she had slipped into the commissarial spring.

Don't give me that look, Thelonius, might think you're possessed or something. Fine, yes, I did go to the springs tonight just because of her. You got a problem with that, bolt bucket?
You're right, I'm sorry, that was uncalled for.

So I did go to the springs because I knew she would be there. And yes, that explains what she was wearing last night. I really didn't know that there were Munitorium made two piece swimwear, let alone where you would find a requisition form. 6345 however, seems to be able to find things like this like Fuklaw finds things to hate.


>> No.11763344

I don't think that she heard me over the small waterfall that fed the spring, because when she turned around to see me lounging on the opposite side of the pool, she nearly fell off the rock she was sitting on. I have seen horrific things in my short commissarial career, but never have I seen a more adorable sight as 6345 just then, blushing furiously, her wet hair hanging over her eyes as she mumbled apologies for not being more attentive and how distraction leads to heresy. I jokingly reprimanded her, and asked her what she had been doing while she was sitting there. Her eyes went wide as she splashed back to where she had been sitting, looking frantically around the rock, before snatching something off the top of the water. I waded over to her, and looked over her shoulder as she frantically wiped at the screen of the dataslate. The slate was fine, the waterproofing had held, praise the emperor. She noticed me looking at the slate and clutched it to her chest.
"I was, reading, Sir".
She said quietly, the blush on her pale cheeks deepening.


>> No.11763357
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Elegan/tg/englemen, This is wonderful, I thank you.

>> No.11763360

The enginseers and Tech Priests used complicated words and terms as they busied about. Talking part in gothic, part in those clicks and buzzes. Krieg Commander 68 had a better idea of what was going on using more simple terms.

Basically, the Machine Spirit of the Vitae Wombs, and possibly the Emperor himself, were looking upon the genetic coup of the people of Terranis. Gazing deep into its essence and even their soul. Holding it up to comparison against the glorious spirit of the Krieg. Measuring it, testing it, and seeing if the soul of Terranis could be used to strengthen the soul of Krieg. That Terranis was worthy enough to infuse Krieg with enough spirit to enable these old relics to create new life.

>> No.11763364

68 closed his eyes, not that anyone could tell with his mask on, and placed his hand on the egg-like bulge on the machine. He believed in Terranis. He knew that they were worthy. They had never faulted in their faith in the Emperor, they built up their cities as fortresses, equal to the ones here. He had stared into the eyes of his 'son-in-law' and saw a quiet determination, a strength that said that here was a man that would stand and hold...if not for the Emperor, if not for his home, if not for his life, not even for the girl he loved with his entire being...but that he would hold...because that was what a human did.

He wished he could tell the Machine Spirit of the battle they must have faced. How every man and woman on Terranis did face the Tyranid horde and not a one of them shirked in fear. How they made those bastard xenos pay for every inch, and for the years...yes years...they held their cities while around them the xeno horde shrieked for their souls.

He begged the machine to accept Terranis. That is was worthy. That being on that planet hadn't made him and his soldier soft, or made the Terranis hard, but had made them both greater. This was the Emperor's will. Krieg had stood on its own for so long, and now its strength was faltering...but the Emperor had shown them Terranis, shown them the strength there, and Krieg Commander 68 had sacrificed everything, and would even sacrifice more, just to ensure that in some way...in some form...both Kreig and Terranis would still stand.

>> No.11763481

She clutched the dataslate closer when I asked what she was reading. She bit her lip. BIT HER LIP. Do you have any idea, wait, no, you wouldn't would you, of how beautiful it is when a girl does that. I asked her what she was reading, and she mumbled something, so I asked again.
"A story, sir." She said, just barely loud enough to hear. I asked what sort of story, to which I got another mumbled reply, before she offered the slate to me. I took it and looked at the cover of the slatescribed story. She was reading a gelt romance... about, well, about a commissar and his aide on some forgotten paradise world. I looked up at her, and she looked away, before looking back at me with a small smile on her face. A small smile that quickly became giggles as I started reading the story to her, giving characters voices and generally abusing all the speech coaching we were taught in the schola.

This continued until, as I was reading, 6345 began to shampoo her hair. Quickly, her blond tresses were covered in the white foam of that shampoo she had bought back when we were in Saglahain, the sweet scent of the desert lilies filling the air.


>> No.11763491

There was a rumble, and the machine let out that familiar acidic smell, and horrible whine it did whenever it was brought to function. Krieg Commander 68 took several steps back as Apothecaries stepped forward.

He unclipped his laspistol from his side. He would do it himself, do it quickly, and then no one would say that the 68th had in its ranks any cowards or heretics. He took a deep breath and put his fingers around the handle. His thumb inside the trigger guard.

The Apothecaries were still working on the machine, the usual tide of rust colored water pooled on the floor and went down the drain.

68 set his pistol on half charge, that way it would just be enough for him and not hurt or damage anything else. He quietly said his prayer to the Emperor. Begging forgiveness for his folly. He had only been trying to help...he only wanted to keep Krieg alive...keep Terranis alive. He was so sor-

The wail of the newborn child caused his eyes to snap open. He ripped off his gas mask and pushed through the crowd of Apothecaries. He had to see...he had to see...

He stared open mouthed.

>> No.11763493

Indeed more buffers!

>> No.11763496

Twins...the VItae Womb had never produced twins before. A boy and a girl. The girl had grey eyes, and the boy had hazel eyes...like his son-in-law. He stepped forward and held out his arms. One of the Apothecaries wrapped the children in sheets and handed them to Krieg Commander 68.

He told himself that someone was playing Regentropfen...somewhere. That was why he was crying as he held his grandchildren.

He gave them back to the Apothecary and the woman took the children away to begin their teachings and training. The Tech Priests and Enginseers were hailing the Emperor and the Omnimessiah as they busied over the machine. Green lights turning on. Hailing the birth of the Krieg twins was a sign of the Emperor's Grace.

Krieg Commander 68 received many accolades, trophies, letters of recommendation galore. There was talk of promotion but it didn't get far. The Commander passed away in his sleep two days after the birth of the twins.

All in all...he thought it was more than a fair bargain.

>> No.11763513
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>> No.11763542

>The Commander passed away in his sleep two days after the birth of the twins.

>> No.11763545
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>> No.11763580

I reached out and buried my hands in her hair. She froze instantly, tensing like a Catachan coil snake. I started to gently massage her head, and she relaxed, her arms dropping to her sides, as she, for want of a better term, melted.

I sometimes feel, Tricero, that my life is slowly becoming a gelt romantic. After rinsing her hair, she smiled at me, before returning the favor. She has magic hands, and I knew there was a reason i accepted the pay docking so I could have longer than standard hair. I haven't had someone play with my hair like that since, Emperor abounds, since back in the schola.

After 6345 rinsed my hair, she excused herself, saying that she had some reports that needed to run, and that I should enjoy the springs for a while longer. I just smiled at her, and told her I would meet her back in the office.

After 6345 had left, I saw she had forgotten her dataslate. I picked it up, and was about to have a peek through, when I felt something. I felt, Him. The Emperor himself told me to stay my hand.

There is something about that girl, something amazing Tricero.

Recorded 4215588.M41 68th Krieg Field Artillery – Saghalain Autoscribe #303440288

>> No.11763581

HOLY CRAP! I take a 1 hour nap and ths thread explodes! JAWSOME!

>> No.11763612


>> No.11763624

>After 6345 had left, I saw she had forgotten her dataslate. I picked it up, and was about to have a peek through, when I felt something. I felt, Him. The Emperor himself told me to stay my hand.

Ruh roh?

Also, what's a gelt romantic?

>> No.11763641

In case anyone is curious, the inspiration for Regentropfen is, as is obvious if you translate the German, Frederick Chopin's Prelude No. 15 in D Flat Major, 'Raindrops.'

>> No.11763673

Cheesy girly porn. Like the Harlequin novels.
please tell me the Tyranids didn't actually win? I hate sad ends!

>> No.11763684

Scribe Servitor Intermission part four
Tricero hummed quietly to himself as the Commissar and Krieger 6345 slept. Outside, the wind howled, and quietly, a faint snap.

The mountain, Saguninius's Spire, was home to a number of wild animals, most of which had been scared off by the town, and then, just about anything left had been evicted by krieger entrenching tools. But not this one. The muscled form of a mountain bear quietly made its way around the base, sniffing at the open window of the commissars quarters. Thick skin was untroubled by razor wire, as the moutain bear clambered over the protective coils. Landing lightly on the patch of grass that made up the small garden outside the commissars office, the bear made its way towards the open door.

There was a quiet whirr, a small click, and the bear was torn to ribbons. A pair of glowing eyes seemed to smile, as the door closed.

Tricero likes master, Tricero likes pretty lady. Tricero will protect master.

Tricero remembers how.

++Initializing subroutine alpha alpha delta 344, cleansing start++

>> No.11763686


>> No.11763695

Awwww please say the tales of the Basilisk Bar are not over! Good write faggorty are rare on /tg/ as is, let alone when it borders on damn well poetic.

>> No.11763696


>> No.11763699
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>There was a quiet whirr, a small click, and the bear was torn to ribbons. A pair of glowing eyes seemed to smile, as the door closed.

>Tricero likes master, Tricero likes pretty lady. Tricero will protect master.

>Tricero remembers how.

>> No.11763707

Stupid servitor! If you had just snapped the neck, the Commissar could have had a new bear-skin rug!

>> No.11763713

I left it ambiguous on purpose. I don't feel comfortable (right now) writing the fate of Terranis. If you want to write out the invasion, then more power to you. If The Littlest Krieger, or anyone else, wants to work together to write it...then shoot me a line and we'll see.

>> No.11763726

Sad ends would be more fitting to a 40k story since nothing ever get a fucking happy ending except the Ultra. But then again this entire story doesn't fit in 40k anyway so yeah.
I want a happy ending.

>> No.11763734

With you left it like that on purpose I'm going to continue to pretend that stuff kept popping up to delay the Tyranids until they finally hit an Ork world and nobody remembers they were coming. Errors in book-keeping keep the 68th Krieg on the planet.
Finally, and Administratum error I like!

>> No.11763747

Thank you for the story and please come again, /tg/ always appreciates good writefaggotry!

>> No.11763782

That is not how I want to start my morning. Ever. So I wake up this morning, and walk to the little kitchenette that is part of my quarters here, and look out the door at the little garden Timote has been making, only to see it covered, no, drowned, in blood. I yelled out to 6345, who appeared wrapped in her sleeping tunic, rifle in one hand, my bolt pistol in the other. Grabbing my pistol from her, I wrenched the door open, our weapons scanning in overlapping fields of fire. The garden looked like the remains of a kegger at a khornate cult. Whatever it was, thankfully wasn't human, but it still raised the question, what could have done this? A few vox calls later, and Timote said he would be back as soon as he could manage, and I have put the rest of the base on heightened alert. I found out later it was the body of one of the apex preadators here, a mountain bear, big as an Astares they are, but quiet as an eldars fart, to use the words of the local who identified the body.

I had a cold shower after that, and 6345 made me some breakfast. The day went as usual otherwise. I mostly mulled over my experience from the night before, could it be the Emperor just didn't like the idea of me going through 6345's slate? Was there more to it? I had no idea, so I did what seemed like a good idea, when I returned the dataslate to her, I asked if there was anything else on it. 6345's eyes darted away under her mask, and she mumbled something, just like she always does when she is embarrassed. I asked her again, and she told me that she had a diary on there.

Now, it's not heretical to call the Emperor a bro is it? I knew why he had told me not to, it had been a test. A test to see if I trusted her as much as she trusted me. A test, thanks to him, I passed.

>> No.11763800

She looked up at me and I smiled, telling her I didn't look, and that I was just curious as to why she was so protective of it. She gave a sigh of relief when I explained myself, and took the slate back, before turning her attention back to the ever shrinking pile of paperwork on her desk.

We went to the springs again as well, turn's out she's quite the accomplished swimmer as well. And her gear duffel arrived today as well, so she will be back to her standard grey coat tomorrow.

The fortifications are coming along well, and the monthly valk drop is coming up again soon. I'm looking forward to it this time. 6345 ordered herself a new pair of jump boots, and she spent the afternoon polishing them. She seems very happy with herself, and I will admit, she does look good in them.

Recorded 4215688.M41 68th Krieg Field Artillery – Saghalain Autoscribe #303440288

>> No.11763817


>> No.11763830


>> No.11763844
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Rape Stove!
The Stove that RAPES PEOPLE!

>> No.11763878

Timote returned today, with a few magos biologists, to see what had happened to his garden. We made some jokes about trying to summon a daemon in his yard, with fertilizer for the fertilizer god being the highlight. It was funny, you had to be there. The magos looked around, took some samples, and gave us two options, both were fairly unlikely, but it was either, the mountain bear had held onto a valk and fallen off, landing with a splat, or the warp did it.

We decided, due in no small part to not wanting inquisitors skulking about, that it was the Valkyrie and bear story. This was all well and good, but with Timote back, meant that 6345 and I were being put into new quarters, again.

However, the Emperor rewarded me for the dataslate situation, and our new quarters had literally its own indoor spring. It had been the residence of a govenor or noble or something back before the militarization of Terranis, but with this area now a high priority target, it had been requisitioned by the Estate Imperialis.

However, in their rush to leave, the lady of the house had left half her wardrobe, rack upon rack, shelf upon shelf, of clothing, shoes and accessories. I'm beginning to think that 6345 is a favorite of the emperor. She threw open the door to the walk in wardrobe, and nearly squealed with joy.

Seeing her so happy makes the life I've lived so far all worth it.


>> No.11763911

I live int he rocky mountain area. Bears explode all the time, nothing to worry about.
Totally isn't aliens or nothing... totally.

>> No.11763929

Having finished all her paperwork, 6345 disappeared into the wardrobe, as i sat at the huge desk in the study that was now my office. I don't know how whoever owned this place afforded a Master crafted Catachan whippet tree wood desk, let alone how he got it studded with cygnium crystals, or why, around the edge of the desk, it is engraved with images of space marines and daemons, in which the marines are laughing, and the daemon is making a plaintive gesture. But it is solid, and should I ever need to dive under it, I'm fairly sure its going to protect me.

I finished signing the small pile of paperwork that required an actual signature, not just a stamp, found a cup of recaff, and went to see how 6345 was enjoying herself. I knocked on the slightly ajar door to the wardrobe, and got no answer, so I poked my head in.

Tricero, I swear, if I go blind, and they cant get bionics to fix me, I wont care. 6345 span around, clutching a top to her chest, clad only in regulation white socks and panties. Her face went red, her eyes wide, a look part surprise, part embarrassment and part happiness on her face, and my jaw just hung slack for a moment.

>> No.11763958

I like where this is going

>> No.11763974

I pulled my head out from the door way and closed the door, apologizing profusely for my intrusion. She told me not to worry, and to wait just there. So I waited, images of her lean, creamy skinned form dancing in my head. If the emperor sees all, hes a luck man.

a few minutes later, she opened the door a crack, and asked me to close my eyes. I did. I heard soft footsteps as she walked in front of me, and then asked me to open my eyes.

She stood in the main bedroom, light from the window streaming around her, as she stood there, resplendent in one of the ballgowns the lady of the house must have owned. It looked like she was wearing a cloud, a cloud that emphasized everything that should be emphasized. She did a little twirl and giggled, "We don't have clothes like this on Krieg," she told me, "And I have never seen a requisition form for them either".

I smiled, and had an idea. I asked her, what would the Krieger's say if we were to have a ball? 6345 looked puzzled at the idea. I explained that it would be good for morale, and we could share it with the other regiments here on Sanguinuse's Spire, we might even invite some of the civilians, winning the hearts and minds of the Emperors people was important.
6345 looked at me, "Can I wear this?"
I nodded.

And that look of happiness I will never forget.

Recorded 4215888.M41 68th Krieg Field Artillery – Saghalain Autoscribe #303440288

>> No.11763975

dem stockings
those thigh highs

>> No.11763987

right my elegan/tg/entry, I must take my leave.
Tomorrow however, I shall return.

Look for the Krieger, and we shall deliver.

>> No.11763988

A lady in a ballgown, wearing a gasmask. Thoughts?

>> No.11764016

Do want!

>> No.11764048

Are you my mummy?

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>> No.11764126
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Well I'm going to bed too. THis thread will 404 before I can look at it again, so I just wanna thank everone who wrote here. You dide a good job.

>> No.11764217

Hoping that this thread isn't autosaging as of the moment.


>> No.11764249
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There we go.

>> No.11765481


>> No.11765633


>> No.11766061

so...are the writefriends done?

>> No.11766085

One will be back tomorrow

>> No.11766216
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A bump of approval!

Though, as much as I'm loving this I just want to point out, not all Krieg regiments are clones, plenty are pure 'bred', and almost, if not all, Kriegers have proper names; Guardsan Draeta, Colonel Cseke, Lieutenant Marot and Captain Tyborc to name a few.

Again, my approval, stuff like this is why /tg is the best board.

>> No.11766428

If I remember right, it's mostly the officers who are bred and have names.
The 68th may just be one of the controversial clone regiments.
I know I wouldn't bother to name a lot of clones.

>> No.11766473

(This takes place about 300-500 years later)

Lord Commissar,
Not special as to report yet, sir. We've been engaging the Orks for a while. The Astartes have been taking the lead, leaving us to hold what they've cleared out. It's been going well, only 4 executions for cowardice, and we haven't lost any ground to the filthy xenos.

An interesting little side note. We have a battalion of Kriegers here, along with the rest of the rabble, and I noticed something new about them. I have no complaints, they've been exemplary troops, this is just something that struck my curiosity.

They've added some new Iconography. A colony symbol that I never saw before. It stood out because usually all you ever see is the emblem for Krieg. I asked one of them what it was. They said it was the symbol for Terranis, and he (she? I can never tell) made the sign of the Aquilla. Apparently the Krieg have made up this colony to be a form of afterlife for loyal, dutiful, Kriegers. It is the Emperor's reward for those who have redeemed themselves in His name.

I looked into this, out of curiosity, and saw that there was a colony named Terranis once, but it's...well...disappeared. Either it was lost to the Astronomicon or the Adminstratum lost track of it, or something. Either way, all I can find is the record of a planet that had a Kreig garrison and was under immanent attack by a Tyranid fleet. Contact was lost before the invasion began, and nearly everyone assumes that the place was lost when the xenos hit it. I mean, one planet against an entire splinter fleet. I asked the next Krieg soldier I saw about this, why they believed that a planet that was by all reasoning most likely a dead rock, was their place of salvation and reward. The Krieger soldier just saluted and said the first words I've ever heard a Krieger speak.

"Terranis held."

>> No.11766710
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>> No.11766806


Good end

>> No.11767035
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>> No.11767219


>> No.11767224

I have no reaction picture worthy of this.

Suffice it to say, no words either. I salute you.

>> No.11767481
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And now you do.

>> No.11768318

I love you!

>> No.11768358

Added to the 1d4chan, sir!

>> No.11768398

You do good job! You get Gold Star!

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>ROMANCE sonegal
Captcha is officially sentient, and approves.

>> No.11768670

Lord Commissar,

The battle is going well. The wretched xenos are being pushed back slowly, but surely. We retook one of the larger cities today and freed a large group of slaves. The Astartes continue their march, and victory looks inevitable.

I know I am coming back to this seeming boring point, but again the Kriegers confound me. One of their members fell during the last push, and I heard them speaking about that soldier's 'reward' on Terranis.

I honestly expected something more...grand. A golden city, sitting at the feet of the emperor, surrounded by all matters of creature comforts. Instead Terranis sounds like one of the most mundane paradises I've ever heard. Simple houses, living with civilians, a restaurant, days filled with trench digging and 'living quietly.' Thinking on it again, I shouldn't be surprised. A Krieg paradise seems just as disciplined as the rest of their lives.

However, it still galls me a little. They speak of a lost planet that has to be dead. Devoured by an entire fleet of Tyranids. Kriegs are good, but still...to see them put their faith in something so...irrational irritates me for some reason. Perhaps it would be easier for me to take if Terranis was some grand utopian paradise, but the idea of a quiet, almost boring world...it just doesn't match up.

One of the other guardsmen apparently shared my opinion and was familiar with the fate of Terranis. (He has served with Kriegs before.) He voiced the facts. Terranis was dead. Devoured. A tragedy, yes, but not some place that any sensible soldier should dwell on.

The Kriegers just paused in their fortifications, look at the guardsman and, again surprising me, spoke.

"Terranis held."

They say it with so much conviction. It almost sounds believable.

>> No.11768738


These need to be added to the 'Commissar and his Maid' page on the 1d4chan.

>> No.11768991

Inquisitor Jakobi,

As per your request, we have sent scout ships into the Tyranid held sectors you specified in preparation for the upcoming crusade. The mission has gone as planned, but there is one development that I feel deserves your attention.

One of our scout ships was making a stealth run over the old colony world of Terranis, when they started picking up odd sensor readings on the surface. Further analysis and visual data confirmed there was one city still operational, even after all this time. Of course, direct communication was impossible due to the heavy Tyranid presence, but we sent in a Deathwatch kill team to investigate.

Sir, are you aware of any Krieg regiments operating in this sector? The Deathwatch team reports that there's an entire damn city of them still on Terranis, diligently manning the defenses and going about their everyday duties as if the Tyranids were just a daily nuisance than any credible threat. As far as I know, the city is populated and defended by most of the original inhabitants.... and their children.

They claim they're descended from the Krieg 68th, but all files I can find on them are classified. Please advise.

Interrogator Klein

>> No.11769245
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hells yea, moar

>> No.11769260


The inquisition will probly just go "heresy. Exterminatus"

>> No.11769325

Is this the same writefriend who just forgot his/her trip?
Still, MOARS!

>> No.11769499

Carry on.

>> No.11769559

Lord Commissar,

I'm not exactly sure of all of the events of today. My head is still spinning and the Apothecaries say I'll need a few more treatments before I'm fully healed.

I'll start with the bad news. It seems that some of those slaves that we freed were of weak wills and in their cowardice, gave themselves over to the Great Enemy. I can offer no excuse. I should have paid attention to them, instead of the Ork hordes which we had well in hand. If you deem my failure an executable offense, then I accept your judgement.

We had no idea that we had the enemy within our camp...until they summoned the Demons. Three of them. They tore through us, most of the squads were obliterated, and our line broke. Ironically, the Orc horde rushing in to fight the demons was a blessing as it caused two of them to become occupied with the xenos long enough for the Astartes to arrive and dispatch them. I had ordered the troops to fall back, so we could effectively regain our defensive position, but the third Demon cut us off. A horrible parody of the human form grafted onto what looked like the body of a scorpion. A horde of heretic cultists behind it. The men fought, but we were obviously overpowered, the demon's powers giving the heritics strength and power. I was hit on the head, and I fell to the ground unconscious. It was only by the Will of the Emperor that I survived.

When I returned to awareness, I was on the ground. The cultists must have thought I was dead. I saw that they were gathered around in a circle, with the Demon at its apex. In the middle of the circle were the still surviving Krieg soldiers. Eight or nine of them, it was hard to tell. I frowned in surprise. They weren't being executed ritually, or fed to the demon. Also, why had they only spared the Kriegs? For an instant I thought that they were traitors to the Emperor as well...and then the Demon spoke. A horrible voice, smooth and silky, subversion and seduction itself.

>> No.11769572

"You would be fools to refuse this bargain, my bargain. I can see into your souls, my little boys and girls. You ache for that place. Terranis. I can send you there...but why should I send you to an empty barren rock? You know, you all know that there is nothing left of that paradise. Your Corpse-God let the Hungry Shadow gobble it up. What kind of loving God would do that? However...if you give into my master. Praise yourself unto him. Then she will reward you with the ultimate prize. The warp will bend to my master, and you will find yourselves, not on the empty, devoured rock...but back when it was fresh and whole. Can you not see it? I will show you."

I must have been in range of the Demon's power, because for a moment I saw visions. Visions of this place that the Krieg spoke of with reverence and hope. Of people, places, stories, a song played on a piano that caused Krieg eyes to fill with tears. I understood. I have heard the librarians and chaplains speak of paradise, of how the Emperor rewards the faithful with all of world delights and more, how spending eternity among his reverence is bliss itself. To a Krieg, one day on Terranis was enough. I found myself hard to argue with it.

The vision ended and the Demon looked at the Krieg soldiers. "You don't even have to pledge yourself to my master...all I ask...all my master asks...is that you say 'Please' and I will send you to Terranis in its prime."

One of the Krieg slowly removed his gas mask and looked the Demon directly in the eyes. He spat on the ground.

"Terranis held."

>> No.11769583

The Demon snarled. Motioned with one of its appendages, and the cultists fell upon them. Their deaths were not quick.

I am sure they would have noticed that I was still alive, had not the Astartes arrived. (Too late in my opinion, but I will not deny that ending two other demons takes time.) The Demon and the cultists were, of course, no match for the Emperor's greatest. They also discovered that I was still among the living, and evacuated me along with their chapter, back to the battlebarge, where the inquisitor presiding over the reclamation of the planet called for Exterminatus. With the Ork presence and the Ruinous Powers so prevalent, I did not argue.

I think of those Krieg soldiers. I had only heard the faintest whisper of the power that Demon had used, the level of corruption forced into their minds would have broken battalions. I look out into the stars, and I think of that one little planet out there...lost to the Imperium and set to be devoured by an innumerable swarm that almost nothing can stop...and I believe this to be true in my deepest soul,

Terranis held.

>> No.11769597


>> No.11769644

Nah, different guy. I was just writing that for fun.

Might consider expanding, but that'll have to wait, assuming this thread doesn't autosage when I get back.

>> No.11769668

This is nice...but in all of my writefaggotry the fate of Terranis will be an unknown. To have it devoured is depressing, and have it survive is...unsatisfying. Feel free to write whatever you want of course, but I'm going to stick to either before the invasion, or long after and Terranis is a total unknown...apparently some dick caused the entire place to blink off the map.

>> No.11769711

I agree, at most push right to the edge of the siege and leave it on a cliffhanger.

>> No.11769775

I'm still confused at the song reminding them of before their planet went to shit. Didn't that happen millennia ago?

>> No.11769812


>> No.11769814
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>> No.11769825

Yes. But it was the last song wrote before that. They are taught the song from birth. And what the song meant.

Also, I'
m surprised this thread has lasted 3 days.

>> No.11769826

Stories are told

>> No.11769830

Wrong, fool.

It'd take some sort of tactical genius to give Kriegers hope for the future.

Truly this is Creed's greatest gift to the Imperium.

>> No.11769858


Again, these entries need to be added to the 'Commissar and his Maid' page on the 1d4chan. His work needs to be recognized.

>> No.11770045

I agree, but I am woefully unaware as to how 1d4chan works.
However, easymodo and sup/tg/ HAVE archived these threads.

>> No.11770076


the inspiration for regentropfen, as stated by echogarotte here >>11763641

>> No.11770087


... and it really is a beautiful song, but I've seen no incarnations of it as a duet yet.

>> No.11770091
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Terranis is now canon

>> No.11770100

I love /tg/ cannon. So hard.

>> No.11770109

As stated, it is only the inspiration.

>> No.11770164

any pianocomposerfags willing to give it a go?

>> No.11770209

Like any fa/tg/uy can play Piano.

>> No.11770227

Chopin is now officially a elegan/tg/entlement.
His first duty: compose a duet out of Regentropfen.
Someone a good shaman at hand for speaking with the dead?

>> No.11770251

the hobbies of fa/tg/uys have been more outlandish than that at times. it wouldn't surprise me, even if it was a "my mom\girlfriend\sister\brother\butch-top\friend from /mu/ totally loved the idea and tried it" situation.

>> No.11770325

I agree, considering that we had somebody who translated the phrase "Onii-chan, buy me some ice-cream" into Ancient Egyptian, I wouldn't be surprised if there is some anonymous already working on it.

>> No.11770366
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>we had somebody who translated the phrase "Onii-chan, buy me some ice-cream" into Ancient Egyptian

... why don't we fucking run the world yet, exactly?!

>> No.11770382

- Krieg
- - Regentropfen

Krieg is not a place known for art or music. The national anthem is a relic from the beginning of the planet and rarely played, as the Heretic Traitors took it for their own. Their marching son is a rather dismal plodding tune, it speaks of how they are all to die and how that is the only way to cleanse them of their shame.

There is one more song however, and it is a large exception. Regentropfen has been certified by no less than eight approved scholars to qualify as a 'masterpiece.' It's a layered song. That is, there are many ways to play it, from a simple piano piece, to a full orchestra.

A fact that few non-Krieg know is that Regentropfen isn't the song's proper name. The proper name of the song is 'Es wird kommen Soft regentropfen zu waschen entfernt Unser Versagen, Scham, und die Trauer.' Translated into Gothic it is 'There Shall Come Soft Raindrops To Wash Away Our Failure, Shame, and Sorrow.'

It was written by Johan Gast, the son of Wilhelm Gast, one of the few noble families that remained loyal to the Emperor during the rebellion. The story goes, that after the initial bombing, caustic rain fell from the sky for months. Brigette Gast was a sculptor of great talent, and the Gast estate was covered with her statues and art works. Johan watched as the water erased everything his mother had created away. The quiet rain eroded his ancestral home, and caused the grounds to die.

>> No.11770387

It's times like this that I regret not being a polymath. I give what I can to /tg/ but I only have so much talent, please let there be some composer out there.

>> No.11770388

The composer then locked himself in his room, and stayed there for two weeks. Drinking little, and eating less. The only thing he did was write, and stare out the window at the falling water.

When he emerged, it was with Regentropfen. The original copy is still on Kreig. All thirty-four pages of composition. (Usually only part of the piece is played.)

It is assumed that Gast had intended to turn his work into a full opera. There have been notes discovered that have ideas for lyrics, and half written pieces of other songs. Sadly, the Gast estate was sacked by traitors two days after Gast finished Regentropfen, and the entire family was killed. Mercifully, the music had already been mailed to a family friend of the Gasts, a piano virtuoso, who was also loyal and thankfully survived the war.

Every Krieg is exposed to Regentropfen during their training. It is used as a symbol. To remind them of what they lost, of how they must bear their disgrace, and finally...how they can redeem themselves. Although it does not effect their behavior, whenever a Krieg hears Regentropfen, they will begin to weep tears.

>> No.11770414

Who tells you we don't? You just haven't been her long enough to discern a edition war troll-thread from the secret meeting to decide where the next economic bubble will explode.

>> No.11770418

>weep tears.
Oh good, I was worried for a second there

>> No.11770446

I get what you're saying. I'll probably leave the end ambiguous, but on a bit of higher note. Might have to start a new thread since this one is getting pretty full fast.

>> No.11770452


>> No.11770453
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filename is so goddamn relevant...

>Philanthropy, goldgeop

>> No.11770457

Actually, what's the post limit before autosage, I honestly can't remember.

>> No.11770461

I thought they began to weep blood.
Or semen. Either way.

>> No.11770495

300, we're almost there.

>> No.11770498


>> No.11770536
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>'There Shall Come Soft Raindrops To Wash Away Our Failure, Shame, and Sorrow.'

Not perfect but a bit better than google translate:

Es werden sanfte Regentropfen kommen um unsere Fehler, Scham und unseren Schmerz hinwegzuwaschen.

And you just had to remind me of this, hadn't you?
>And not one will know of the war, not one Will care at last when it is done.
>Not one would mind, neither bird nor tree, If mankind perished utterly;
>And Spring herself, when she woke at dawn Would scarcely know that we were gone


>> No.11770540
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>> No.11770560

I had hoped it would be animated.

>> No.11770575

Well, 'Raindrops' was the initial inspiration because I wanted a pretty song that I liked. Then I thought about the story of Krieg and it just seemed too perfect not to pass up.

>> No.11770608



Soviet animation based on that story.

>> No.11770620

Me too. Sadly this is not the case.

>> No.11770625


I took your advice and investigated the matter further. Naturally, I was highly suspicious on how Imperial holdouts could have survived this long without support. I suspected they might have made a deal with the Ruinous Powers or the thrice-accursed Eldar and would have called for Exterminatus if Librarian Finch (an Ultramarine) didn't convince me otherwise. Of course, I thought of arguing him, but the Librarian caught on and gave me that "I've been fighting Tyranids longer than you've been alive." look so I shut up and listened.

Anyways, we in the Ordo Xenos know that the Tyranids are far more intelligent than the propaganda says they are. They are cold, calculating, and have a sense of purpose. Apparently, it's not uncommon for Tyranids to completely bypass pockets of resistance if they feel the effort will sacrifice too much biomass. Usually, this happens during the heat of battle, and only lasts from anywhere from hours to weeks. Lasting for YEARS is much rarer, and we all agreed it would be worth it to study what exactly made this little city so special.

I was quite surprised at the reaction the Kriegers gave us when we landed. Normally, when I land with a Deathwatch team and I flash my Inquisitorial badge, people act like it's the apocalypse. Here, the Kriegers treated us like royalty (or whatever passes for Krieg royalty). In honor of our esteemed positions, they put us in the most exclusive lodgings they had, a repurposed hotel that was literally sitting on the frontlines. Apparently, to Kriegers, being as close to the frontlines as possible is considered a symbol of status.

The local garrisson commander promised to give us a tour of the city itself tomorrow morning. I still have my doubts, but Librarian Finch assures me that "they're legit".

>> No.11770657

I'm not sure if the rape robot makes it better or worse.
Nice find nevertheless, thank you.

>> No.11770689

I love that librarian, laughing my ass off.

>> No.11770724

I have to say, the city itself is unlike anything I've ever seen. Every single sector, every block, down to invidual habs has been repurposed and refitted into fortifications. However, unlike the types seen on Cadia, these fortifications are oddly, I don't know how to describe this, "functional". Foxholes and trenches in the lawns seem to flow naturally with the landscape. Bunkers and pillboxes are lined with planters and flowers. Throne, even the streets were repainted and widened to accomodate Chimera and Leman Russ traffic, which is pretty much what everybody around here drives these days. The Kriegers seem to have integrated with the local population that defies description. I see locals dressed in Krieg uniforms and showing signs of Krieg discipline, while the natural Kriegers show little bits of humanity and emotion I never thought they were capable of.

Of course, they weren't the only ones here. There were a number of refugees and Guard remnants that had retreated here when their respective defensive zones faltered. The largest by far had to be a regiment of Valhallans who were stationed in a neighboring city. Apparently they had fought so hard in the initial invasion that they were pretty much considered blood brothers and honorary Kriegers.

Their masks hide it, but I'm pretty sure the Astartes are just as amazed and awed by what they're seeing as well. And we almost completely pass over all of the detailed scenarios and battle plans the Kriegers have cooked up to repel Tyranid raids. The Tyranids as a whole have essentially given up trying to assault the city, and just send token forces of a few hundred thousand lifeforms to probe the lines, which the Kriegers repel fairly easily.

They promised that they have a real good show for us tomorrow. I should try getting some sleep, but the goddamn shrieking from the Tyranid hordes just over the horizon keeps me up all the time.

>> No.11770810
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>> No.11770879


I... I don't know how to say this, as the very idea of it is patently ridiculous, but I don' t know how to put in any other way...

I think I just got engaged to a Krieger girl.

Now, before you start dialling the Assassinorium, let me explain.

So remember that show the Kriegers were talking about? Part of their defensive line contains a river that's very good at bogging down Tyranid advances. However, every few weeks, so many carcasses start piling up that they pretty much dam the river. The Kriegers send engineer teams out to clear the obstructions before they get too troublesome.

Now, as the Kriegers are prepping, I see one of the engineers, she couldn't have been older than twenty Terran years, with a bit of panic on her face. I can tell since she's the only one without a gas mask. I ask her what's wrong and she starts frantically pointing to her squadmates and I realize she's lost her gas mask. So, being the gentleman I am, I loan her my mask. The upside to this is that I have an excuse to stay behind and "observe from a distance" without offending the Kriegers.

So anyways, the whole mission goes smoothly. They blow the bio dam, and get ambushed by a brood of gaunts. Fortunately, the Kriegers and Astartes were only outnumbered by a margin of six to one, so they managed to get back with minimal casualties.

Anyways, later that night, I return to my room and I see two Kriegers standing there. One's the girl I helped out before, and the other is the garrison commander. The commander hands me a written note, which was an "Offical Notice of Unit Transfer". He just basically assigned the girl to my personal retinue!

>> No.11770884

Now, I learned later on that in Krieg culture, trading or loaning gas masks was a real big deal to them. Not surprising, since they treat those things like a second heart. Anyways, it's a sign of extreme respect for a Krieger to give or recieve a gas mask from someone else. I should've caught on to this earlier. I noticed that some of the Valhallans were carrying around Krieger issue masks instead of their own. So I may as well have just asked this girl to marry me. Oh, and before I forget, her name is Private Krieg Female Model 68-Derivative #0153. They just call her "Sam" for short.

I can hear the Astartes, especially the Space Wolf one, laughing and joking about it in the other room.

Oh Throne, what have I gotten myself into?

>> No.11770947

Go on (won't be awake much longer, but still, go on)

>> No.11770973

I think all of us Krieg Writefags need to get together and make something cohesive out of this, before it spins out of control...MORE out of control. Also, probably make something EpicAwesome.

>> No.11771004
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This thread's win is transcendent.
I proclaim it King of /tg/ for the day.

>> No.11771058
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This thread is still going!? Bloody good show, /tg/!

>> No.11771086
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>> No.11771123

I love Space Wolves.

>> No.11771181
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>> No.11771240

One more bump before work.
But, as we are so close to the bump-limit, I can say that this will 404 before I can get back.
I've been saying it since 2 days ago, but this time, sadly, I know I'm right.

>> No.11771265

So someone start a second Krieg write thingie?

>> No.11771366
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>> No.11771371

Not worth it. Running the world takes work, and provides little d'awww.

>> No.11771375

and link it to this one.

>> No.11771379
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>> No.11771444

Made the new thread

>> No.11774396


>> No.11777369

There's still a few people who haven;t read this. Bump for them.

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