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What fantasy creature would you be given the chance ?

You will have to live in the world were it comes from and deal with the society it resides in.

pic related for shits and giggles

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I wouldn't mind being a kobold, really. An elf is fine too, and a dragon.

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You want me to tell you?

I'd chose to be a halfling, a non-hobbit, non-cannibal survivalist, non-kender halfling.

and proceed to fuck shit up all over.

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you sick son of a bitch.

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It begins...

>captcha: 1984, posionts

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Except I would be a total bro with everyone else. I'll let little kids ride me and stuff.

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Sign me up with the Elves.

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>captcha: tobughe gandhi

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Maybe an elf.

I'm too much of a lazy fuck to be a dwarf, plus I dislike smelly people and it's rare for me to drink. I do like my awesome beard.

As an elf, I would get to see them pretty ladies, I would live in the woods, which is nice and would live for a fucking long time. Would lose my awesome beard, though. But sacrifices have to be made.

I really wouldn't see myself as any other fantasy creature.

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can we be a female?

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uuuuh, you can do thins in the real world

remember /tg/ - trans gender

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Yeah Warforged would be fairly decent.

Although I'd rather be one of the God-Emperor's angels of death

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you will get some your mom jokes alright

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A 1st Generation Von Carstien vampire from WHFB.

Sunlight? DONT CARE
Sigmarite Priests? DONT CARE

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Dragon. Or who is most powerful are there? Demilich?
God is a fantasy creature?

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Trollkin from the Iron Kingdoms.

Being able to rip off an arm, have it grow into a tiny drunken version of yourself that you can order around for a week or so, and regrow the arm by eating a giant meal? Hell yeah.

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Gnoll. Sexy anthropomorphic hyenas? Yes please.

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enjoy your clit-dick

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>sexy anthropomorphic hyenas

Uh oh, we've got a furry here.

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Sexy? Fucking furries.

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Ulitharid Alhoon.

Fuck yeah.

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fuck you captch I can't write greek

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Run around hunting the fuck out of werewolves as a wolf-person is kinda ironic, but sounds fun.

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I dunno. Probably one of those long lived ones like Elves or Elans or something
Demilich isn't a race, it's a template

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>Oh god it's a furry I am required to give a fuck about it.
Chill out.

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oh those terribly fucking weird Dragon mag races.

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I will really grow to love it.

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This is like humans riding around on chimpanzees

you now notice how retarded this is

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you cared enough to respond.
I cared enough to respond to your response.
Far too much caring going on.

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Dorf. I like mountains, drinking, beards, and have a work ethic.

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ITT: FAggots don't realize Lupins are from BECMI Mystara.

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A motherfucking dragon. Sleep all day, hoard treasure all night, and snack on armor-clad knights in between. Hell yeah.

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3.5 Silver or Gold Dragon

Extreme long life
Can assume any humanoid form I want at will
Can bang any chick of any race if I want
Huge magical power (lol hax)
Great physical power also
Can fly

and being good aligned, when I die I go to heaven, which I will know actually exists and can even visit if I feel like it. In fact I can even visit all the planes and decide which one I want to end up in for eternity.

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To be fair the only reason we don't is the size and the fact they aren't really known for long distance running. Not because they are similar to us
All the same they're still pretty fucking stupid looking

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I cared to respond not to continue it, but to reduce pointless posting and spam. but yes, there is far too much caring going on in this conversation about something as silly as lolfurries.

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Either Elf or Dragon. I'm a lazy fuck and would enjoy being able to sit around all day, but have the capability to do whatever I want.

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There, now I can be all of them and not have fucked-up backwards hands.

>secrecy, pitutran

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Probably Tiefling.

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As far as I know I don't think level adjustment comes into play, so you may as well go full doppleganger. Mind reading is just handy

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Oh I'll agree, they're just a rip-off of Palladium's Wolfen design-wise.

supposedly they were werewolves stuck in that position.

When Mordenkainen says your form will freeze like that, he was right.

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Aboleth? Halfling? Elf?

I've been told I look like Peter Parker, Harry Potter and Frodo Baggins. Harry moreso than the others.

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Shadowrun elf, because FUCK traditional fantasy settings.

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You must know that responses elicit more responses. I care that you care too. :3

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I'll see your Shadowrun elf and raise you Gnoll Pimp/

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Shadowrun dragon, because owning a megacorp sounds like fun.

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I see your shit, and raise you one human technomancer. Because the future is digital, and we are the future of transhumanity.And I get to reprogram your medical bots to dissect you.

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Darksiders's nephilim.

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Sentient AI here.

Technomancers are smalltime.

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Is there a society/world of shapeshifters? Surely...

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In DnD at least they usually tend to just live inside other societies

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>implying you wouldn't ride a chimp

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Well fuck you/it.. AI`s are nothing but problems. Cool as all hell, but Ive had bad experiences, either the AI tries to fuck me over, or some Megacorp suddenly grows quite interested in me. No, AI`s are good laughs, but alien. And they will never eat bacon!

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Yes, I knew that, but my knowledge of where they come from, of how they're born and raised, is completely lacking.

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... it was a list...

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Dr. Lich, Necromancer MD

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Breed by budding; create a stable population of descendants.

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Troll all the way. Oh shit, I fucked up my leg, cut it off, grow a new one in a few days.

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Wouldn't it still hurt like hell to cut your leg off anyway?

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Hrud, fuck yeah

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dat hair

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Let's see...

1. Warforged. Tough, relentless metal action! Also, easy immortality and no need for food, drink or sleep.
2. Gold or Silver Dragon. Magic bitches! All kinds of neat magical abilities and very long lifespans.
3. Elan, Kalashtar and Shardmind. Psionics lol.

Captcha: ovskel playroom,"
Indeed capthca, indeed.

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Yeah, I think I'd go with Gold or Silver dragon, really. I'd turn into an elf and just chill out amongst the elves or something.

I wouldn't do shit.

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The gelatinous cube, or a rust monster

>> No.11744049

Changeling, bros

>> No.11744099

Be a Nyss elf.

Either get turned into an eldritch abomination or become a big damned hero and save your people.

Nothing could possibly go wrong.

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(nuselig corps)

>> No.11747057

a kobold is fine too~

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I was going to say Dragon, but that much power means that even when I'm good-aligned I'll have assholes trying to slay me.

So I think I'll probably go with a Changeling. Doppelgangers are hunted down, but changelings face a bit of racism at worst.

So when I want to be the chubby elf girl, I can be the chubby elf girl. When I want to be Brad Pitt, I can be Brad Pitt. It seems a fairly obvious decision.

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This. If I had a choice between being human or fantasy human I would so do it.

We are broken as fuck. Good at everything, free feats, more skill points, bullshit.

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Nyss Elf? I have never heard of those, and your image entrances me. Could you tell me more, or direct me towards a venue where I might learn more about these fabulous creatures?

Also: Captcha, what the hell? Don't give me Japanese Kanji to type. That shit is not cool.

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I think thats them, but I don't know their fluff

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Them's blighted Nyss. Regular Nyss is just pale nothern elves

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Here are some unblighted Nyss. They're "Winter Elves". The lived in the northern tundra and worshiped the elven god of winter exclusively.

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Gold Dragon.

Massively powerful, polymorph self to whatever humanoid form I want at will, and able to learn wizardry? Shit yes. Being a shiny golden glorious good figure helps too.

I'd totally run for president.

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the Whywolves from Adventure time. Possessed by the spirits of inquiry and bloodlust. Predator of housepeople, prey of the cosmic owl. also, poisoned by obnoxygen generated by annoying people.

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3.5 Red Dragon. Because massive magical power, fire breathing, physical strength, and evil enough to become a dracolich if I wanted to.

Fuck lairs, I'd stay mobile until I was big enough to burn everything else to the ground.

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Any fantasy creature?

God of gods
And I'm talking straight up lord Ao style

>> No.11747950


Fuck yeah, I'm a genie. Pool Party erry day.

Furthermore, 16 foot tall blue women. Fuck yes.

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That picture is great, any more/source?

> Music score in my captcha D:

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Demilichdom seems the obvious choice
Even enough power (epic spells) to go back to the "normal" world.

And before you faggots call out
>but its a template!11!1
A template is just a change to a creature that makes a new creature
(through lichdom is just an artificial race, but it's not like half-elfs are banned)
I am of course talking about d&d 3.5 demiliches
But the OP did say any.

Being a Head Wirh powers to do anything (even change shape) and exist forever is good end.

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What does Ao do for fun though? Being Ao would be soo boring.

>> No.11748129

Obey his own master, manage his cosmos, etc.

>> No.11748171

But like, what does he actually do? The only thing I've ever heard of him doing is fucking with the gods during the Time of Troubles.

>> No.11748211

Never read anything about it. I guess he watches a lot and maybe keeps the planes in place or something. I wouldn't want to be him either, anyway.

>> No.11748217

I'd be a Krogan. I'd get to live in a great universe and be an extremely durable life form with a pretty awesome culture and history. Sure there's the whole sterility issue, but I guess I could always adopt.

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Nyss elves are awesome.


Old IK game we ran, I played a Nyss. Shit was rather cash.

>> No.11748357

No one says you have to act like him

Besides who is his master?

>> No.11748452

>What fantasy creature would you be given the chance?
AI. Artifical Intelligence. Just because they get all the bitches.

>> No.11748498

> Besides who is his master?

That's anyone guess, I suppose. He speaks to him at the end of the Waterdeep novel. I don't have it in English, but he's basically asking "So Ao, how's your cosmos going?"
"They have restored the Balance, Master. The Realms are saved."

My personal theory is that there would one God above it all and the pantheons would actually be petty powers compared to the Creator. The kind of thing they'll never actually mention, and I'm surprised they would even imply such a thing.

>> No.11748620

Based on what you said I think it's a bro to Ao that has his own cosmos set up and his name is just master.

>> No.11748660

Could be. They always come up with such weird names in fantasy settings.

> sappork investigator
I wonder what...

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I'd honestly like to be a Solar Exalted.

>> No.11748689


Yeah, but their setting is terrible. If you could be a Solar Exalted *here*, though, well then...

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Gelatinous Cube. The freedom from thought and emotion must be bliss. Just the drive to move forward and consume.

>> No.11748879

>freedom from emotion

>> No.11748918

But being a Solar clearly means you're one of the protagonists, which means you will succeed in the end through hotblooded-ness, given Exalted's themes. You can then save and rule the world as you see fit. Then you can invent a magical internet and be a fa/tg/odking.

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You seriously think a fa/tg/uy would be able to overcome the stupidifying effects of the Great Curse?

>> No.11748950

Yeah, Everblight is awesome. Every now and then I regret selling off my LoM army when I got out of wargaming, but I just don't have the money to piss away on minis that I no longer enjoy painting :(

>> No.11748951

I would be the Omnipotent Emperor of Creation, in my private fantasy setting.

>> No.11748970

What makes you think a fa/tg/uy would even attempt to? The only absolutely stupid ones are in Valor, which I doubt any fa/tg/uy has as his highest virtue.

And what's a Great Curse matter when you can explode mortals with your mind and fling Dragon-blooded into the sun?

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Always best answer

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I would like to be an ilithilich with a 10" cock. so I could just mind-fuck people, fuck them hard, and then leave them to completely be mind-fucked again by having been made to enjoy riding some undead abominations cock.

no one.
fuck with me.

also Captcha Avenue, Shwoon lololol

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Honestly, I'd want to be an Illithid.

>> No.11750960

dragon... suck it

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I would choose your standard elf for longevity and hot females, but on the other hand I love beer too much.

>> No.11751030

Haters gonna hate?

>> No.11751064

This. Screw the Genophage and give me sum fine ass asari bitches!

>> No.11751065

Or Mindflayer. Cutest brain sucker.

>> No.11751076


Neutral to the world, and uncaring about events except objectively. Removed from the struggle of life and death, I can freely chronicle and observe all events, and learn everything I can about everything.

I have nothing to lose in this. I have no significant other or children, and will never have these things. The world could use a timeless figure living in the shadows, recording the foibles of all races for all time.

When the world ends, I will move on to see the universe, in time.

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Oh wait, is this even a fantasy race?

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>What fantasy creature would you be given the chance ?

>You will have to live in the world were it comes from and deal with the society it resides in.


I'm not giving up internet, porn, hot running water and flushing toilets for awesomeness.

Only circumstances where I can have it all, I'd have to become a fucking elf wizard, and I know for a fact I'd just become a lich. What good is a shower, porn, and a flush toilet to a magic skeleton?
Fucking nothing.

But if modern society were to become made up of the new race?
Maybe Nerubians. I'm not a big Warcraft fan, but I fucking love the talking true neutral spider people, and would love spinning webs and being good at math (race of architects, must be good at math).

>> No.11751122

I have to disappoint you son ...

>> No.11751160

Something female, immortal, powerful, and lesbian.

>> No.11751164

Pic related.

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>> No.11751220

Fuck yes man, nerubians were the only thing that really shined out to me in that entire setting. Otherwise, it was realy just a rather generic fantasy setting.

>> No.11751232

Pre-Slaanesh Eldar here, enjoying everything up until the GRIM'N'DARK sets in.

>> No.11751253

I almost always play a human in D&D not because I'm forced to, but because I like that humans while squishy are a hardy race.

That being said I would probably choose a doppelganger, I always wanted to live a hundred lives, to be mistaken for another, and sow woe and misery with each intricate lie I weave in my web.

>> No.11751270

It would be fun to fuck around and pull pranks.

>> No.11751271

They can't mount up, they're pretty large so they can't really fit through doorways, they'd be SO easy to target in PvP it wouldn't be fair, and armor wouldn't work well with them (pants would plate their legs, but compared to the more simple bipedal models it would require as much effort for one race as all the others would).

Metzen wanted Azjol Nerub to be the largest (entirely underground) zone in NR with quest lines to defeat the Scourge, befriend the living Nerubians, and destroy the corrupt old god serving Viziers and establish the beginnings of Nerubian Light worship.

But the plan would have pushed back the release date by a few months, so they used the Tuskaar as the native to befriend and kept Killix the Unwraveller there just because of what could have been.
They even shortened the instance...originally it was like Dire Maul+BRD.

I find myself using the goblins, trolls, and the orcs (although I keep them all setting related) because it gives me the option of more than just periodic human/elf/dwarf towns and goblin gold lust is easy to work with.

>> No.11751301

I heard about alot of the Nerubian stuff that got cut out and, it really saddened me to hear it. Hell, I'd be happy if they just got more appearances and such. They dont need to be playable.

>> No.11751365

Seems Metzen really likes them, he wrote a huge amount of lore for them that never ends up getting used.

They keep getting retconned too, they went from Drow made of real spiders to aliens to Cthulu worshipping zerg to stoic bros to Jews to what they are now, which is basically guerrilla fighters who number less than a few hundred and are too scattered to organize.

Even Anu'Barak was going to be a big figure in WOLK, but his roles basically went to Lich king appearances during quest chains-just about any time you see Vrykul was going to be undead Nerubians, just about any time you see some random ass lich was going to be Kel'Thuzas back and taking matters into his own hands.

They simplified it to make the Lich King the entire focus of the expansion (other than the old gods, which are being built to be ever present in every expansion from now on).

>> No.11753289

So you want to be an asari or female drow eh?

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