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The FFG forums are full of whining about how girls will be offended if they cant play a female marine/have to play a big manly SPAC MAREEN if they want to play Deathwatch.

What are TG's thoughts on this?

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I'll let them play female Spehss Marehsn when i can play a male Sister of Battle. Sound fair?

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tell them tough shit and stop being whiney faggots

>and imornick

yeah and him too thanks for reminding me captcha

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they can still be a sister of battle at 4th rank in power armor

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That's retarded, but then most forums are retarded some I'm not surprised. By the way you worded it OP, it sounds like a bunch of whiteknights defending girls that don't exist.

My girlfriend thinks space marines are kind of cool, but I don't think she'd like the play Deathwatch, it is maybe a little too manly. But I could see her joining as an Ascension-level Inquisitor.

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>FFG forum goers confirmed for shit players

Seriously, no girls care about it. Many play male characters in games. Nobody gives a fuck. You do not have to play as the same gender as yourself.

Isn't this is the same forum that came up with that retarded ammo house rule for Rogue Trader (each miss when using autofire lowers your profit rating!) which everybody praised the guy for?

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Let them play as a SoB then?

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No man, theres totally a girl in my group




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They can

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No, that was BoLS.


This is the correct answer. Also, if your table wants female SPESS MAHRENS, then FUCKING DO IT. Fun trumps all else.

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See my problem with this is that it would blatantly be a token character whos there through fudging.

A good comparison would be the Kings Wifes role in 300, tacked on and totally fucking pointless just to include a female POV

Captcha says womark vis-a-vis and I agree

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Have you been using the suptg chargen too?
Got a dude 'roritas called Rablias.

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Thats retarded, it would appear Chris Rock is now a GM

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There's no way there's enough girls who actually care. It's just fags who like the roleplay female characters.

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I'm a special snowflake!
Dude, your a 10 foot high, 8 foot wide armour plated killing machine, your already special

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While we're at it, I think we should complain about the lack of Islam in Deathwatch. It is a travesty that islamic people's rights are being infringed by the lack of Islamic deathwatch space marines!!!

Except for ultramohammed of course.

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Space Marines are men. Why? I don't know, it isn't very well explained and the flimsy explanation I've heard doesn't really cover it.

But they are, and that's that. It's probably just an asthetics thing - the Imperium is medieval and the Space Marines are warrior-monks or Church Paladins. There's already Joan of Arcs in the Sisters, and Ascension puts them on space marine levels.

So that is the end of that. The fun rule might get played but players who whine for female space marines are either creepy or have an entitlement complex and need to be slapped down.

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"Man the fuck up, you pussy"

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Imperator is the only god
And Roboute Guilliam his prophet!!

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so let the girls play girl marines. problem solved.

the only kind of player that would throw a hissy fit if you slew one of the myriad pointless sacred cows on the retarded funny farm that is 40k fluff is the kind of player that you dont want to be playing with anyways.

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Not a huge 40K fan, but I do have to admit it's a little refreshing that there's some room in the Imperium for both the stances of gender equality (IG seems like theoretically women could have equal footing, might be wrong here) and something of a split with the Marines vs. the Soritas. If the assumption is that the SM geneseeds are based off the Emperor and some of his original buddies, then it makes sense that females mightn't exist... just means their Y chromasomes are more full of ULTIMATE POWAH!

>Captcha: sternhe 101
Secret Female SM Project?

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Why not just play a Pretty Marine?

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The Guard has both female/male only and mixed gender units, so yeah, they're pretty into gender equality. Female Marines is still pretty dumb though, and smacks of "BUT I WANT TO BE A PRETTY EIGHT FOOT TALL MONSTROUS ABOMINATION ;-;".

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>it isn't very well explained

Yes, it is. The Emperor tinkered with his own genes to create the first Space Marines. The Emperor has a Y chromosome. Therefore, for some of the bullshit they have to do to you to make you a SM to work, you need a Y chromosome.

And it's theoretically possible that the geneseed might take on a woman. But it would be a rare woman, one in several trillion, considering only one in one thousand men are even suitable. So why even bother screening for one?

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Then you can do it without violating canon and play a Blood Angel. They're supposed to be handsome, brooding prettyboys anyway.

GW's decided to stick to their guns and not retcon Space Marines into being gender equal. This might end up hurting their sales, but the alternative would probably piss off the hardcore fans too much.

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TG's thoughts?


Female Marines do not exist.

Hell, I don't even think Rule 34 covers this.

> Captcha - Let frabust

Let my frabust go!

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> 11738614

Mmm... not certain. He could be helping her up? And she's just wearing the shoulder pads, which chicks did dig in the 80's, so yeah, doesn't necessarily = RAEP.


> Captcha - allegiance therin

My allegiance is therin - where is yours?

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I don't think they can be blamed for wanting a female space marine, given the Marine Propaganda machine runs non-stop.

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Whilst there may be no female loyalists, i have no issue at all with female chaos marines, as long as it isn't played out as HUGE BEWBS EVERYWHERE!

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>And she's just wearing the shoulder pads, which chicks did dig in the 80's...

This is your new chapter leader.

Those pauldrons...

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Disproven by the response page linked after: http://www.fightingtigersofveda.com/roarsgirls2.html

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Lets say female space marines existed, after the process of turning them into marines they'd look like fucking Buck Angel so what would be the fucking point in fan boys/girls wanting them? You wouldn't even be able to tell the difference anyway unless they fucking stripped down.

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Maybe they just think it pointless?

SMs are men. But the IG is the manliest thing ever, and there are plenty of those females.

Space Marines are about war and death, not BITCHING and whining, constantly letting your emotions dominate you, and all the other bullshit. Women naturally prefer backstabbery and other bullshit.

Men have a natural preference for beating the shit out of idiots. Space Marines are purely masculine.

End of story.

Unless you think th elove of Bieber and Twilight is totallly okay!

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>Girls in Deathwatch
Let them play a Blood Angel

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It's not a disproof, it's a rebuttal.

From that page:

So, I hope you can understand why some people won’t accept female Marines. They have been accustomed to the “fact” that all Marines are male since Warhammer first came out in the 80’s. But, of course, nothing justifies being rude toward people who like female Marines and use them in their chapters. Just because an army background does not 100% conform to the stated canon, it doesn’ t mean you can’t play against them (or even worse—gasp—side-by-side). Boo to those rude people!

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>Mmm... not certain. He could be helping her up? And she's just wearing the shoulder pads, which chicks did dig in the 80's, so yeah, doesn't necessarily = RAEP.

Yeah, it could a totally healthy and loving relationship. She's a working marine girl from a poor family, he's a nid who dreams of being a world class tap dancer.

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insecure bitter jilted neckbeard ahoy!

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A mistake in my terminologies, then. Apologies.

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>after implants and drug treatments

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>>and Ascension puts them on space marine levels.
No, it gave us rules to shoot at them but otherwise, for all intents and purposes, forgot they existed.
I honestly seems that the reason they are soon to release Blood of Martyrs is because they suddenly went 'Oh, you guys, there are rules to play as Sisters here. Maybe we should throw them a bone or something.'

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> 11738710

I do so love the way you put "fact" in quotation marks, like there is still some sort of debate over it.

There isn't.

Female. Marines. Do. Not. Exist.

And while, sure, being rude to those who want to use them is a little on the silly side, it's worse when those that /do/ want to use them insist that they should be able to.

> Captcha - parnsi me!

Ah! Go parnsi yourself!

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When I finally make enough money to fund and distribute my own war gaming setting, I'm going to have incredibly butch all female marines.

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Fuck that. Pink Chapter. Space Marine Chapter made entirely of Valley Girls.

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Make them all like Vasquez from Aliens and you've got yourself a customer.

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>Female. Marines. Do. Not. Exist.
except in Traitor Legions and yes they did have miniatures for them.

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> 11738754 - I honestly seems that the reason they are soon to release Blood of Martyrs is because they suddenly went 'Oh, you guys, there are rules to play as Sisters here. Maybe we should throw them a bone or something.'

Ain't that the truth.

I can honestly see them finishign the final draft on Ascension when some smart fucker says "Hey guys - what about the Sisters?" "OH SHI-!" and then they quickly added 'Sister' under Hierophant.

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Like this?

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> 11738774 - except in Traitor Legions and yes they did have miniatures for them.

Really? Where in the traitor legions? And what miniatures. Was this back in the days of Rogue Trader, when 40K fluff was a complete mess, before the Horus Heresy existed, when Lord Macragge and Leman Russ were just normal men, and when Shuriken Catapults were standard weapons everyone could have?

If you answer to any of those is "Yes", then you're still wrong. Once the 40K fluff became more 'solid' (solid in the sense that they no had boundaries and defined races), that shit went away.

Find me a Female Marine in 2nd Ed. Go on. I want to see it.

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Nothing shows how deep and crippling the depravity of men who always play female characters is like the female space marines argument.

They cannot. Physically. Handle. Making a character that is not female. They can't do it.

>> No.11738797

Theoretically, a Slaaneshi legion could have some traitors that have turned femaleish.

However, it is a dirty, dirty lie that there were miniatures made for it. You filthy heretic.

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The only reason people want female space marines is because they can't have them.

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> 11738797

There certainly were female **adventurers**, who wore Power Armour, but Power Armour was common back then and did not = Marine.

No more than a female character in Rogue Trader (the RPG) today can have Power Armour. Don't make her a Marine.

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Can't even grow a proper beard yet. I can grow a goatee though...

Anywho, even by a purely logical stand-point, even if you had a chick who technically could receive the implants, they wouldn't take.

The implants have been completely catered to the male physiology.

Besides, we all know the real reason they whine is that they don't have SMs with SM sized tits to fap to.

I say it would be a good idea, with the breastmilk having healing properties and the stored fat increasing (Temporarily) regenerative properties about the SMs. The womb could be used to transport injured Guardsmen or the like. They would be Sms. I think there wombs would be big enough.

If GW went that route, then they would HAVE to be different. Not disabled, but different. Why waste fluff opportunity?

But they won't so.... don't be rude, just be frank.

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Implants and drug treatments, you say?

>> No.11738844

Muscle girl thread you say?

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>i have no issue at all with female chaos marines, as long as it isn't played out as HUGE BEWBS EVERYWHERE!

I made a Chaos Marine Army based off anime maids, is this bad?

I think I even drew a cover for them, if people wanna see the horrors of a fem chaos marine army.

Or people can just wish me dead instead, whatever works.

>> No.11738847

>even if you had a chick who technically could receive the implants, they wouldn't take.

Recruits don't get a choice about their implants. What they get is brainwashing, and a lot of it. Unless you mean no SM chapter would take a woman even if she's compatible. That'd be right.

>The womb could be used to transport injured Guardsmen or the like.


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Sure, why the hell not

>> No.11738889

No, I meant they wouldn't take as in her body would reject the organs. It would likely be a painful, violent death.

Besides, everything that mentally made them female wouldn't really matter after the brainwashing and biological screwyness.

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>Shows a picture of a muscle woman who wouldn't even qualify for SPESSS MEHREEN training, let alone look like that after the procedure.
>my face

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I say it would be a good idea, with the breastmilk having healing properties and the stored fat increasing (Temporarily) regenerative properties about the SMs. The womb could be used to transport injured Guardsmen or the like. They would be Sms. I think there wombs would be big enough.

I think you need a job as a game designer because this is the greatest army ever.

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I'm sorry i'm intruding upon your all boys club

>> No.11738916

>The womb could be used to transport injured Guardsmen or the like

Sorry, no. We're not catering to your unbirthing fetish

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do I even need to go into the flaws of this?

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Do we have to have this thread 3 times a day /tg/?
There's no females in the marines; they're all males because the geneseed rarely works on women and is too precious to waste. GW clearly wanted an army of huge manly men.
The only ones complaining are the men who want to field/play women, or think that the female players would care. There's plenty of female units in other armies. I don't see anyone complaining about the sororitas being all female either.

This isn't targeted at anyone in particular by the way, I'm just tired of the discussion.

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How would breast milk heal? It is just saturated fat and protein.

>> No.11738922


>talking about editing the gene seed to pull such things off
>talking about technology that the imperium doesn't possess

>> No.11738926

I bet she squirts when she cums...and that it has enough PSI to act as a sand blaster.

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This picture alone makes the guy's opinions completely irrelevant.

He made a female space marine with flowing red hair and bright red lip stick. Nothing he says matters.

>> No.11738940

Sorry, man. But this is more accurate.

>> No.11738941

It's a childish desire to have what you want even if it countermands the aesthetic of the setting as well as the some of the little purely solid and unchanging canon since the earliest days of warhammer 40k.

It's been stated multiple times in the rulebooks that the genetic augmentations, hormone treatments, and grafted organs, as well as the intricate cybernetic enhancements are designed around and for a male subject.

The whole point is that all of the organs listed are typed for being received by not only a male specimen, but one of a very specific genetic type. There's really no wiggle room in the fluff in general or the description of the space marine creation process to allow a female marine.

The closest you could get to having a female marine would be a marine who either had a very odd warp mishap, or was captured and experimented on by some phenomenally brilliant heretek biologis. And as to why he was trying to create a female marine I have no clue.

Wanting to play a female space marine in death watch, let alone running a "chapter" of them in the tabletop game is like complaining about why you can't play a character with modern firearms and not adhering to the alignment system (not even metagame wise, literally can do whatever whenever.) It's just against the setting. Not everything is meant for appealing to everyone. Get the fuck over it and move on.

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It's the Emperor's milk

>> No.11738954

Could Fabulous Bile make female space marines?

>> No.11738956

Pics or it didn't happen

>> No.11738957

>> No.11738967

Tiny baby wieghtlifter

>> No.11738971

This is about as attractive as it'd get.

>> No.11738977


Should read, "Not adhering to the alignment system in DnD.

>> No.11738980

Yeah, but shes looks awful. All bodybuilders do.

Now, if she had some fat to where hugging her wasn't creepy as all fuck and still looked like a woamn, then we could talk.

>> No.11738987

Don't say I didn't warn you....dog...You brought on yourself

Bile can do whatever the fuck he wants, who's gonna tell him can't? You?

>> No.11738988

I don't think I have even seen someone claiming to be female on this board who wanted this, it always a dude.

>> No.11738991


the implants and y chromosome stuff is why there are no female marines, not the sexist rant you came out with before.

I agree that they shouldn't exist, lets keep it civil though

>> No.11738995

Yes he's like the master of genetic enhancement these days, alongside access to the powers of chaos, hell he could probably make tau marines.

>> No.11738999

>> No.11739006

Someone mentioned Vasquez earlier. You know, I can't recall ever seeing an IG conversion that looks like her. You'd think this would be like kicking in an open door.

>captcha: bush bigans

Yeah, Catachans!

>> No.11739007

Bah I was expecting some miniatures to go with that.

>> No.11739011

Personally i think this would be the extent of the difference between each

>> No.11739012

you said you wanted some body fat?

>> No.11739015

It keeps getting mentioned that some female chaos cultist put on chaos spacemarine power armor, which book is this in or is it /tg/ bullshit?

>> No.11739020


Bile tries and fucking tries but he's never been able to recreate the gene seed. So no, he can't make female SPESS MAREEEHNS

>> No.11739025

I'd hit it

>> No.11739026


>> No.11739029

And here's a page from it

Please send me all your hate

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>> No.11739038

much better.

She's actually quite hot.


>> No.11739039

I send you only love

>> No.11739044


This is so terrible it space-time-curves in on itself and turns into awesome.

>> No.11739047

>> I don't see anyone complaining about the sororitas being all female either.
Not here but on Forums it is becoming as popular as the female space marine threads.
And oh god they won't shut up.

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>> No.11739054

It is upsetting Julie Marsland is a more handsome man than I am, and she isn't half bad as a women either.

>> No.11739055

This is utterly retarded.

Most girls don't care for Deathwatch, and the girls that play Deathwatch will understand.

Seriously, this bullshit is less about "I'm a girl and I can't play a Space Marine bawwwww" but more about "I'm a guy, and girls are dumb and weak, so I have to do their whining for themselves, hahahaha, oh I'm so smart and white-knighty to girls."

Fucking white knights are the true woman discriminators.

>> No.11739058

Now I remember why I hate California Libtards.

>> No.11739061

This post is so stupid it gave me cancer.

>> No.11739065

That was Fantasy fluff, IIRC. Chick becomes the slave of a Chaos Chosen, manages to kill him, puts on his armour, becomes Chosen.
>find beetwin

>> No.11739068

please provide the rest now for our enjo- I mean, hatred.

>> No.11739069

It isn't whiteknighting, it is muscle fetishist and transgendered guys injecting their issues into the game.

>> No.11739081

>, and
Stop that.

>> No.11739082

He has a point about white knights. White knights seem to assume women to be defenceless damsels in distress and rush to their aid to back them up - whether they want it or not - in the hope that they'll get pussy for being a nice guy.

However, White Knight Syndrome isn't the case here. It's fetishguys who want to continue playing their female characters and their musclegirls.

>> No.11739084

Don't crazy religious males in the schoola system become battle priest with huge chainsaws and megaphones or redeemer type miscreants?

>> No.11739101

And it's a fetish when girls play male characters? Bullshit.

>> No.11739103





They don't think or feel like human beings do. They don't desire sex, they don't feel fear. They don't think the way people do.


In the world of 40K, being male does not equal strong, being Astartes might do

>> No.11739104

I think it is just that guy who has to be a little girl, a muscle fetishest can just make a muscle girl out of any of the classes and fluff it with drugs and muscle grafts and no one would even notice.

>> No.11739105

Damn, failed to make /tg/ rage again.

I do have have some minis, but I'm not sure if I still have pictures of them. Also they're pretty bad.

>I don't see anyone complaining about the sororitas being all female either.

Well, no one really gives a shit about sisters, GW surely doesn't

>> No.11739110

When they play the charming scum who nails every barmaid, yes, yes it is.

>> No.11739111


I thought they were part of the inquisition, with the sororitas being a different faction in the same army?
But I'm not an expert on witch hunter armies.

>> No.11739118

White Knight is about as valid as saying Mary Sue, it's just an other ad hominem.

"What's this? Someone is talking about females in a subject that I oppose? I'll call them a White Knight, say that they won't get sex with the women they're 'defending' because that's what they're really after and declare victory!"

>> No.11739122

>When they play the charming scum who nails every barmaid, yes, yes it is.
And that's a completely different thing all together.

>> No.11739129

That's because they're pretentious deep hipster mary sue white knights.

>> No.11739130

No one is bitching (at the moment) about someone playing a female techpriest or gaurdsmen, just people who need femarines.

>> No.11739135


Out of curiosity, does being a "white knight" imply ONLY defense of females?

I ask because, I have, on occasion, referred to myself as a white knight (here, I'm not so egotistical as to call myself one in front of other *real* people). It's not that I'm defendan the ladies in particular, I just have overdeveloped morals and an incredibly strong protective instinct toward any and all people who seem to need help. Have I been misrepresenting myself?
[/thread derailment]

>> No.11739137

Tzeentch and Slaanesh will sometimes grant female cultists a mutation that renders them compatible with the geneseeds of the traitor chapters. Or something.

One of many pieces of missing archaeotech is a twentieth synthetic organ that can be implanted in women to allow the rest of the geneseed to be used on them.

Sisters of Battle discover technology that operates similarly to the black carapace and so on, that enhances their combat capability to the match of the Space Marines.

Do any of these not sound retarded?

>> No.11739140

How so? It is getting a sexual kick out of the other genders cultural gender role.

>> No.11739143

You are just a moralfag

>> No.11739147

>How so? It is getting a sexual kick out of the other genders cultural gender role.
You're making shit up.

>> No.11739148

You forgot autistic

>> No.11739150

No. But when you are constantly playing characters of the opposite gender, to the extent that you challenge well established and well reasoned back story just to make an opposite gender character, you have problems.

>> No.11739153

Female Inquisitor PC.



>> No.11739156



>> No.11739157

How is pretending to be a suave scum any different than a guy pretending to be a sexy girl?

>> No.11739158

>No. But when you are constantly playing characters of the opposite gender, to the extent that you challenge well established and well reasoned back story just to make an opposite gender character, you have problems.
And the same could be said about someone that cares that much about it being a "boys only" club.

>> No.11739159

I was wondering what girls actually think about it, so I asked my sister what she thinks of Space Marines.

She didn't care much about scifi, but if they can only be made from men, they can only be made from men.

Also, Vanilla Ice, Cyrus and Davian are hot, according to her. So male-only Space Marines wasn't really an issue for her.

>> No.11739161


Dunno about techpriests, but guardsmen are made up of both men and women. Sure there will be armies who refuse to let women enter service, but there's also one or two warrior women armies.
For some reason GW just decided to make all-male models nowadays.

Pic related, female guardsmen.

>> No.11739163


I thought moralfags were people who tried to push their morality on others? My morals are my own, I don't expect anyone else to live to my standards, especially because I believe that morality is highly (though not totally) subjective. My default behavior is just "must protect" when I see someone (regardless of gender, age, etc) who seems to need halps.

>> No.11739166

Nah. Saying someone is assburgers is a lot more common insult than calling them autistic.

>> No.11739168

>How is pretending to be a suave scum any different than a guy pretending to be a sexy girl?
No, I'm saying roleplaying the opposite gender is not the same as roleplaying some sex-craved character of the opposite gender.

>> No.11739169

Gurls play GW games?

>> No.11739170

>And the same could be said about someone that cares that much about it being a "boys only" club.

We don't want it to be a "boys only" club.

We follow the fluff.

If Space Marines were of any gender, we'd be bashing male-only and female-only Space Marine armies.

That's how fluff-accurate works.

>> No.11739175

Go take more pics now then!

>> No.11739178

>We follow the fluff.
And it's a silly fluff rule.

>> No.11739183

No it really couldn't.

The fluff says Space Marines are male only, and gives several good reasons why.

You can say "oh why do you care so much" all you like. It doesn't impress anyone.

>> No.11739184


But it is still a fluff rule.

>> No.11739187

There is an Imperial world where only females are considered warriors.

The planet is called Xenonia...

>> No.11739189

>But it is still a fluff rule.
Yeah but so were the C'than and now they don't exist. Unless I'm mistaken.

>> No.11739190


Then how come you go apeshit when Matt Ward changes fluff?

>> No.11739197

>You can say "oh why do you care so much" all you like. It doesn't impress anyone.
So, you've never disagreed with any GW fluff at any point in time, ever? I find that a bit hard to believe.

>> No.11739202

What? No, the C'tan still exist. Recent Necron fluff in the rulebook downplays their importance but they're still a very much canonical part of the setting.

Also, any chick who bitches and whines about not being able to play a female Space Marine shouldn't be playing the fucking game in the first place. Marines are male, end of story. You don't like it, tough. That's the fluff.

>> No.11739203

"Oh I think that having Space Marines be all xenophobic is a silly fluff rule, I'm gonna make my Space Marines xenobros but still be allied with the Imperium"

>> No.11739204


Guy makes soldiers based on his own genetic material.

Doesn't bother to make female versions, because they're soldiers, not a new race of sentient beings.

How does that sound silly, compared to wasting resources on creating female versions of your supersoldiers for no reason?

You see, there is no reason to create female Space Marines. Absolutely no reason.

Hell, if there were female Space Marines, there'd be an even greater chance for rebellion among Space Marines, because you've successfully made them into a race of post-humans who can sustain their numbers without human assistance.

>> No.11739210


I, personally, dont.
I couldnt care less.

However, the reason that people get angry about Ward is because he make the Ultras SUPER AWESOME because HE COLLECTS THEM.

>> No.11739212

There is a world where the women are the soldiers, Ravenor's fiancée was from there. They pass down relic powerswords matriarchaly

>> No.11739213

Wasn't that a direct spoof on an old scifi flick?

Pic related again, look in the lower left.

>> No.11739218

That's...not what I said. You were all "oh why do you care so much about girl marines? Afraid of cooties hurpa durp", and I'm not impressed.

>> No.11739223

>Bitch bitch bitch "I'M RIGHT"
And anyone that bitches this rudely about someone that disagrees with them must not be a functioning member of society.

>> No.11739227

Have you ever met a girl who hated 40k for the male-only Space Marines?

The only people I know that rage about it are fat sacks of meat that caress their tittied Space Marine conversions.

>> No.11739233


Wow, you're a fucking retard.

>> No.11739241

You're just a meddling jackass. People on the net can take care of themselves and won't learn by you discussing for them.

And In real life? I doubt anyone can use your help, if you are really capable or willing ofcourse.

>> No.11739249

Okay man, I'ma go get pictures of them. But if any one kills themselves because of them, it's your own fault.

Pic is just some old sketch I drew of one of them, The Tzeentch one I think. And the pictures only get creepier from here on.

>> No.11739250

Wouldn't be a problem if they were upfront about it.

But they aren't, so fuck'em.

>> No.11739251

If I was in a group where a woman had to have a female character in deathwatch, why not refluff an inquisitor with bionics and the like to keep pace with the marines?

>> No.11739253

Just popping in to say that I am someone who likes all the fluff, all the fluff retcons and all the possibilities laid bare by the setting of Warhammer 40K.

Interpretations of fluff however I get into arguments with everyone all the time on that. Especially about how Ork guns work.

>> No.11739256

The White Knight stereotype revolves around being a "nice guy" towards girls for one's own benefit.

I had a chat with one this one time and it was utterly horrid. He was out of a job and couldn't find anything that suited him. SInce I knew he was a pretty altruistic guy, I suggested that he volunteer at a charity or aid group or something.
A week later, conversation continues and I ask him about it. He said he couldn't find anything but old peoples' homes and he doesn't want to work there. I asked him why not and it went on from there.
In the end, it turned out that his primary motivation for being a nice guy towards 'unique' women and girls who looked like they'd need attention was so that they'd come to rely on his assistance, defence and motivation and become emotionally dependent on him. This was apparently a major turn-on for him, this position of emotional dominance.

Needless to say, I cut off all connections with the sick bastard as soon as possible - and that is the attitude by which I define White Knights. Since then, I've met more and I like to think I've learned how to identify them, for the most part.

They're sexual megalomaniacs who only nice to girls in an attempt to make their power fantasy become a dream come true and it disgusts me.

>> No.11739258

Any guy that isn't a Storm Trooper, Commisar or Inquisitor is a priest or ecclesiarchy lay person.
Very few have the disposition to grab weapons, let alone the training but a few do.

This is not an exception to the no male rule this is a utterly different kettle of fish.

The Inquisition does not nor should have it ever entered into the equation. GW just didn't want to develop an army so took the easy way out by making a new one and merging the two.

The Sisters are an entire self contained army that is organised, supported and supplied by the Ecclesiarchy although has a vast degree of freedom in their own affairs.
Sisters are all female by a loop hole in the law that states that the Ecclesiarchy can not have any 'men under arms'.

This was fully intentional on behalf of the guy who wrote the law, Ecclesiarch Sebastian Thor, otherwise the High Lords would've had his head if he kept the armies that were at his command and would've had his seat as High Lord if he didn't.

The HL kicked up a stink regardless until one of the first things the Adepta Sororitas did was clean out every traitor in both the Ecclesiarchy and Admin and High Lords that was left behind from the Age of Apostasy.
What little remained quickly shut up and Thor troll-faced long into the night.

>> No.11739262

>That's...not what I said. You were all "oh why do you care so much about girl marines? Afraid of cooties hurpa durp", and I'm not impressed.
Wasn't it? You seem to be saying I can't disagree with fluff rules, which are retconned quite often. Now this next part is rhetorical, you've never disagreed with GW fluff ever? If you have ever then you're being a hypocrite if not bordering on one. When you could have just agreed to disagree.

>> No.11739269

How is pointing out that the emperor would not want to create a new functional race and would want it so that the marines were always dependent on humanity, retarded?

>> No.11739270

>I'm really good at trolling guys.

>> No.11739276

>Knows it's right, has to be a troll.

>> No.11739279


No, I'm pretty sure they're dudes in the same way that Agents are dudes. You may as well call a Callidus Assassin 'inhuman' because they can morph into an Ork.

>> No.11739281


Thanks. The more you know...

>captcha: dijk, trolia

Oh captcha you so silly

>> No.11739289

This just in:

>weeaboo dipshits, take your moeblob female space marines out of my 40k

Go play Star Wars or something, with a 11 year old Jedi loli.

>> No.11739290


from the old fluff why females marines do not exist is

1: as said above SM are made from the emperor who is male and as such all gene seed is keyed in to work with males

2: due to this need for the need of various base line hormone levels in an unaltered body to be able to use the implants fully a male is needed

last though this is never said in fluff on average a male and a female of equal weight and height a male will on AVERAGE have both a larger muscle skeletal system as well as a larger cardiovascular system

>> No.11739292

>I'm still a great troll, look at how many people think I'm being serious

>> No.11739303

It's retarded because it assumes that the God-Emperor wouldn't know enough about genetic engineering to simply make them sterile.

If you're trying to defend it, at least put some effort into it.

>> No.11739305


>implying anyone making female space marine characters wouldn't make them SUPER PETITE KAWAII ^_^ anime chicks or Chainmail Bikini Armor sluts.

>> No.11739310

Testosterone makes the male heart larger. Probably could be rectified with drugs during development.

>> No.11739316

>there are no reasons to create femarines
>if there were femarines, they could procreate and give birth to babymarines, and they could naturally have kids which would mean there would be no need for wasting geneseed, training recruits, etc. etc. etc.


>> No.11739325

Even our "sterilized" genetically modified animals have enough fertile animals to reproduce.

>> No.11739326

higher base level of it means that the effect will be larger when you beef it up in making of a SM

>> No.11739329

Yeah, making male and female Space Marines AND MAKING THEM STERILE ON TOP IS TOTALLY GOING TO WORK!

Remember Fabius Bile?

>> No.11739330


I'm now imagining power-armored babies. Thank you.

>> No.11739337


I was actually referring to my real-life behavior. I'm the sort of dude who will give a hobo my shoes just on account of he hasn't got any. On the internet, I'm a total asshat.

Wow. Just. Wow.
Weirdly, as a side note, I work at an old folks' home.

>> No.11739339

They can't be as fast or else there muscles and bones would be torn and crushed. Other than that, no not really.




He's retarded and couldn't even pull off his Fapmarines that well.

Here's an idea. They are Jack of all trades, but masters of few. That few including co-ordination of different chapters. They split there chpater up among the other they are working with and with that co-orfinate them quite efficiently. They can more than double the efectiveness of chapters working with them due to their incredible skill at this.

There. They are both the BES MUHREENS and have a legit, kinda a cool reason for it.


Sure. They wouldn't be perfect, but given what they have access to, in could come close.

>> No.11739342

There's also the "creepy fetish" chapters.

There was this one chapter someone made - the Black Widows. All female, Chaos chapter. They reproduced by raping captured women with tentacles formed by their Black Carapace routinely until their bodies and minds were altered in the shape they desired.

>> No.11739348

Right, because bitching and insulting and being rude is such an oddity on the internet, isn't it? Or on 4chan for that matter. Jesus newfag, be less obvious about it.

Some fluff here and there changes. A lot stays consistent, like the Imperium, factions (except squats) In broad lines things don't change much. One of those things is Male space marines. They wouldn't be liked by older fans, they are unnecessary, hilariously weird and the fluff gives it's reasons why it's so. Somewhat believable one's to. It's hormones man, bitches have too much hormonal changes and all for geneseed to be compatible.

>> No.11739351

I am not sure if that is how steroids work, they shut down the bodies natural production of androgens so the baseline doesn't matter.

>> No.11739355


that is exactly the kind of thing that they probably were trying to prevent when they wrote the "all space marines are male" fluff.

>> No.11739363

The first response brought up an interesting note here, and I think it really sums everything up.
Infact, Im surprised there hasnt been more note of it.

Why the hell should there be female space marines, but not male sisters of battle?
Is it somehow less ridiculous to accept that than it would be to accept a female marine?

>> No.11739364


The problem is this: Picture that thing he just said, now they're all dudes. Ghey RapeMarines. You know some turrible pervert has made them.

>> No.11739380

Male Sororitas are against the Imperial Law.

>> No.11739387

That would probably be canon.

>> No.11739390

And where is this 'law' from?

The fluff? The same fluff that says all space marines are male?

> airopred relations
airopred indeed.

>> No.11739394

Chaos. Slaneesh. Khorne.

IIRC, Khorne is the God of Chilbirth. Makes sense.


Tell them Xenos make the best toys. Problems would get solved.

>> No.11739396

Next we'll be hearing that they will stick in male Callidus Assassins ...

(and yes i know there are a few dotted about, but the fluff says that women can bear being polymorphed better..)

>> No.11739404


>implying that... oh, fuck you. 8/10

>> No.11739409

I don't know if gender matters once you survive polymorphine.

>> No.11739411

This one?

>> No.11739412


Okay man, I warned you, I warned you, dog, this all your fault.

From left to right, here's a picture of a Chaos maid Termie, Sorceress and Champion

I prefer the term 'husky'

>> No.11739418

As if space marine players weren't annoying enough already.

Suddenly, female space marine players.

Any way you want to read that, you're right.

>> No.11739428

Yeah, you're not really a "nice guy". You're a nice person, end of story. A "nice guy" is a person who coddles and guards and defends anti-social and insecure women - many of whom are quiet and nerdy gamer girls - to their point where they learn to be completely and utterly reliant on him as their knight in shining armour, hence the name. A "nice guy"'s final goal is to shape the victim into a sweet little thing utterly devoted to him who couldn't live without him.

It's just... ugh. He seemed like an awesome guy, but through the process of that conversation, it just horrified me when I realized the only people he even wanted to help were women and even then, it was only out of the hope that he'd be able to satiate his fetish. Rumour has it he's also a necrophiliac too, but I just cut off as many ties with him as possible.

So, I am pretty hateful towards that sort of mindset. It just sickens me.

>> No.11739432

That's it.

>> No.11739437

This all comes down to the concept of 'equality', which in the minds of women has somehow morphed into 'anything they can do, we can do better!'

Somehow, it's completely viable for a woman to take on the role long-held by a man... but a man taking on a role usually held by a woman?
Well, that's just ridiculous.

>> No.11739441

>tentacle rape
>anime girls

I can see the logic in why those things would be together

>> No.11739442

I noticed that I remain absolutely indifferent to trolling... I just post out of some kind of mechanical habit... anyone else too?

Drawfaggotry included.

>> No.11739443








>> No.11739444

HOT DAMN. I remember that fantart

>> No.11739448


>> No.11739451

Then why hasn't Khrone made fem-zerkers then?


>> No.11739454

There is no women involved in this, don't try to blame it on them.

>> No.11739455

Want me to post their fluff? Might set off a bit of rage on /tg/.

>> No.11739460

He does in fantasy

>> No.11739463

Rage is the only way we get our heart rate up, go for it.

>> No.11739468


with Slaanesh, I just kind of accept that there probably would be some chicks who, through daemonic abilities, mutations, or whatever, could "counts as" Marines, but they wouldn't actually be Astartes.

perhaps, Possessed Marines could be possessed by a female daemon, if daemons actually have gender. (I mean, Daemonettes look like chicks, but are they really chicks or just sexy sexless entities?)

maybe a greater daemon of Tzeentch or Slaanesh could appear in the guise of a mortal, but with enhanced strength, so you could have a female chaos marine that way, but it wouldn't actually be one, it would just look like one because it felt like it.

>> No.11739475

Do it, sister.

I want to taste delicious nerd tears of rage and fury.

>> No.11739479

Why the hell do girls on the FFG forums want to be some mary sue who hides his lack of skill in plot-armor?

>> No.11739484

+Further to your order (AF/992.D5532674/058666.M41/9283) I have transferred this final copy of my analysis prior to Epsilon-level data purge, including hard copies and original source materials.
Index Astartes Entry 89F41699.D2941


Seeding Stage:
This broad category covers the time period when Black Widows are first introduced onto a target world. The exact methods and dates are cause for significant wasteful speculation amongst my staff, but most reverse-predictions based on infestation levels point to a general time period beginning as early as 75 years prior to the 13th black crusade. Covert planet-drops would leave behind landing craft remains and residual landing-site ion evidence, and victims of human-trafficking normally undergo medical inquiries sufficient enough to reveal a widow for what she is. Indeed, it is the lack of evidence in this area that we find most disturbing, and pray for The Emperor’s light to bring this sin to comprehension.

>> No.11739492

The witch that turned into a demonette in the Cain books was still gendered female despite being a psychic ball of evil, so it's possible.

Of course, that book also had Jurgen smelling so bad his scent overpowered a Daemonette's musk, in addition to his null effect, so no clue here.

>> No.11739493


The Ecclesiarchy cannot have "men under arms", and yet every Priest and Cleric has an eviscerator and every Redemptionist carries flamers.

>> No.11739496

I think all you would need to count as a chaos marine would be demoniacally possessed marine armor.

>> No.11739498


Every menstruating woman is already an automatic follower of Khorne.


>> No.11739501

The ones that are on permanent PMS?


that bleed literally everywhere?


>> No.11739502

Uh, both items are gardening equipment, duh.

>> No.11739503


I'll bet that under the helmets and armor, a fair deal of those are female. After a certain point of mutation, male and female are rather indictinct concepts.

>> No.11739505

Is that really good idea for fa/tg/uys?

I've seen those all-bacon bacon sandwiches you guys eat

>> No.11739507

Demons have no gender.

You see, their form in the Materium isn't their true form.

The true form of a demon, is like a stream of sentient energy.

The Materium is from matter. The Immaterium is from energy.

>> No.11739511

>Next we'll be hearing that they will stick in male Callidus Assassins ...

Trap Callidus nuns can assassinate my erection any day.

>> No.11739512

Widows quickly breed with men from the local population. Normally they remain in the lower castes of society, where larger families are commonplace and the chances for detection are minimal, but occasionally one will seek out and seduce a man of particular importance on that world, a magistrate or an admiral. When this happens it is particularly troublesome because it compromises the world’s security at very high levels, and if left undiscovered on worlds with hereditary titles, can even lead to the planetary leaders themselves being descendants of a Widow.
Before they awaken, Widows display no knowledge of their inhuman nature and dark purpose. They are normally faithful members of The Church of the Emperor, and accounted as being hard-working and diligent parents.

>> No.11739513


I think Khorne cares about the method, though. If it's a natural biological process, that does nothing for Khorne. It has to be willing blood sacrifice or unwilling because BAM YOU JUST GOT YOUR HEAD CUT OFF WITH A CHAIN AXE FUCKER.

I don't think accidental bloodletting would please Khorne, mostly because I would attribute extremely gory industrial accidents to Tzeentch, because Tzeentch is a dick and would find that hilarious.

CAPTCHA: discist 45

Sorcerors of Tzeentch ride discs, so they could be called discists. 4+5 = 9, Tzeentch's number. CAPTCHA agrees with me.

>> No.11739516

He has in Fantasy. In the first Gotrek & Felix book, there is a Chaos Champion who views herself as the wife of Khorne, who whispers her promises of power and glory if he just shows him her passion and fury - by bathing in the blood of villages.

She has an internal struggle and barely stops herself from killing a little girl when raiding a particular village. Khorne whispers promises of Daemonhood in her ear if she goes back to slay the little girl and so she heads back, unaware that she is now under the protection of Gotrek & Felix, who have found the ruined village.

After a long fight, she is killed and her warband forced into retreat. I think in the end, the little girl was left to her own life, her parents avenged and with Khorne whispering seductively in her ear instead. Although I think my memory might be faulty on that last bit.

>> No.11739523

True, but given the general incompetence of cultists, I think the total numbers of female cultists given enough attention of Khorne to be uplifted with demonic strength is very very very low.

You'd have more chance with a traitor guardswoman from an all-female regiment.

>> No.11739524


>> No.11739526

So anyone male not actively being a jackass to a female is automatically some kind of manipulative sociopathic monster in your mind?

Good to know.

>> No.11739529

>4+5 = 9, Tzeentch's number.

Tzeecntch is Cirno?

>> No.11739530


>> No.11739534

Awakening Stage:
Although the mechanism behind it is not understood, when an infected world comes under attack by chaos forces, Black Widows will leave their families and workplace and begin an aggressive and devastating guerilla campaign against the world’s defenders. Depending on the level of infestation, this can vary between light to heavy raiding all the way to complete revolt and planet-wide chaos, as was the case on Falcurno. Their intimate knowledge of local cities, terrain, and populace, allows them to strike strategic targets with devastating effect. Prime among their initial targets will be weapons and ammunition caches to arm themselves more heavily, which is occasionally made simple if some of their number were formally part of the planetary defense force, using their authority to infiltrate such installations with greater ease.

>> No.11739541


Pretty much, since non-sorceror Thousand Sons are Power Armor with ashes and a trapped soul in them.


Yeah, that's how I generally view it. I suppose it would be possible for a daemon to take on a preferred gender identity/material form, but that's not the same as actually being male or female.

Also, now that I think of it, Tzeentch probably is responsible for more transgender shenanigans, what with being the god of change.

>> No.11739542

Upon meeting up with the chaos invasion forces, they begin acting as advisors, leading small raiding parties and providing priceless information about terrain and defensive layouts. If their numbers are high enough, they will be organized into their own armed forces, utilizing whatever weapons and armor they can acquire. When suits of Power Armor become available due to casualties, both friendly and enemy, the plug-in points for The Widow’s Black Carapace are completed, providing a large and eager pool of recipients to don the armor as soon as it becomes available. Thus Black Widow fighting formations slowly evolve over time from what would be comparable to a planetary defense regiment into a fully-equipped marine force. Normally this takes place rather slowly, even over the course of several campaigns, but occasionally power armored suits are specifically provided to the Widows by the Dark Mechanicus.

>> No.11739543

In general yes.

Jackass guys are pretty nice down inside. Nice guys are mostly OR seriously disturbed OR woman-hating get-in-your-pants THE GAME pick-up artists.

>> No.11739550


I am not a weeaboo so I have no idea what that is, but if it associates itself with the number 9 and likes blue, I'll allow it.

>> No.11739556

Final Stage:
Once a group of Widows reaches the final stage of its maturity, they will be a full-fledged chaos marine force. Battle-hardened and fully-equipped, they will form their own command structure and become somewhat autonomous from the legion they originally joined. Black Widows are known to capture the finest of the enemy soldiers they fight against, using them as breeders to create the next generation of super-human warriors. Black Widow armies tend to be rather small compared to other legions, but occasionally several smaller groups will find each other and merge into a much larger force.

>> No.11739559

Nice strawman.

There's a vast difference between being a nice person who treats men and women all with respect and being a "nice guy" who lavishes anti-social and insecure women with attention, defends them at every turn and tries to establish himself as an important part of her life all for the hope of turning her into a submissive and complete dependant pet, for lack of a better word.

>> No.11739567


Final, FINAL stage: the Black Widows are wiped out when the Adeptus Mechanicus recovers the STC for a vacuum cleaner.

>> No.11739568


>> No.11739580

Combat Doctrine:
“When we move left they hit out right, when we move right they hit our left. They flow around us like water leaving us to shoot at shadows, all the while sapping our strength and will to fight.”
–Unattributed vox recording from Taroi.
Black Widows grow more sophisticated as their equipment and armor improves during their development stages, but they never abandon the guerilla style warefare they begin once they have awoken. Black Widows are slow and methodical, using elaborate feints and dozens of coordinated raids in collusion. Small groups will engage the enemy, using stealth to infiltrate a position and launching a devastating attack at close range, then withdrawing before enemy forces can coordinate a proper defense. Enemy forces sent to pursue them as they withdraw are drawn into carefully laid ambush points, usually accompanied by remote-detonated radiation minefields or plague-ridden punji pits. Dozens of such raids will be used to draw enemy reserves away from the Widow’s actual target. Only once a target is sufficiently exposed will the Widows attack it.

>> No.11739586

S.T.A.L.K.E.R., thank you. THANK YOU.

Planning a campaign where I needed an insidious traitor chapter, that wasn't the Alpha Legion.

I like how the total numbers of Chaos Space Marines increases over the course of the campaign.

Now I need to come up with the magguffin the PC's need to get/activate/destroy in order to save the planet.

>> No.11739592


The Emperor's DVD collection (They're Criterion Collection! All of them!)

>> No.11739596

>>Now I need to come up with the magguffin the PC's need to get/activate/destroy in order to save the planet.

>> No.11739601

I don't get it.
Female spy everywhere. Main force arrive. Those normal female spy sunddenly turn into Chaos Spress Marines.

>> No.11739610

Use a radio beacon that contacts the Sons of Antaeus.

"Did someone just shoot a Plasma Cannon at my face? It sort of tickled."

>> No.11739611


A vacuum cleaner is the best weapon against a spider (unless it's one of those Australian ones that is so big it has a health bar, and also screams at you).

There's probably an abortion joke in there somewhere too.

>> No.11739614

Yeaaah about the Alpha Legion...
Lightning raids and orbital insertions against enemy communications grids, munitions and arms manufactorium, power network nodes, water purification installations, and ration caches are all preferred targets. In the final stages before an all-out attack, The Black Widows will begin an elaborate pattern of shelling and raiding, designed to force their enemy to constantly fight or redeploy, denying them rest or relief and depleting their remaining ammunition reserves. The effect of these days without food or sleep is a complete collapse of enemy morale.
Only once an enemy is depleted of food water and ammunition, cutoff from communications, and exhausted from ceaseless raids, will The Widows finally attack. When they do finally strike, Widows use overwhelming force, attempting to shock their besieged opponents into a quick surrender. Where possible, this is accomplished by allied chaos forces, as The Widows have no qualms in sacrificing their allies to achieve victory.
Black Widows never voluntarily attack an enemy able to withstand them. When fighting alongside other chaos forces whose sense of martial pride demands an all-out attack, The Black Widows will use the opportunity to attack enemy installations left lightly defended as the chaos advance is countered.
Unlike many forces of Chaos, Widows prefer to take their enemies alive, and while there is no current explanation for this phenomenon, we have unconfirmed reports from Taroi and Ganatas of enormous burial mounds filled with husks drained of all bodily fluid.

>> No.11739616

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. your computer will probably be the birth of Khorne, all that rage copypasta will collapse in on itself.

>> No.11739621

Fuck yeah. Sons of Antaeus.

You think the Blood Angels are tough?

We can walk through an Orbital Bombardment, and the only thing destroyed are our purity seals.

>> No.11739637

Oh. Really? I never try to hurt a spider.
Black Widows normally eschew the Dreadclaw Lander used by other chaos forces, preferring the Epsilon Mark VIII Pattern Drop Pod, which is normally associated with loyal astartes forces. The source of these pods is unknown, but we have several confirmed vid-logs of Widow’s Drop Pods each trailing a single silver strand of monofilament wire behind them as they descend to a planet from orbiting spacecraft. What purpose or function this strand serves we cannot say at this time.
Most unusually, Widows have been shown on several occasions a willingness to enter battle without their armor in order to infiltrate a target. On Ganatas a group of twenty Widows masqueraded as traveling gypsies, and used contacts within the gypsy black market to enter the lower hive city through secret underwater entrances. On Alucant, several Widows in civilian clothing managed to mix themselves in among hundreds of refugees being shuttled from the surface up to the remaining orbital defense bastion.
If that ever happen I'm going to kill Khorne for breaking my computer.

>> No.11739650

How about a world self-destruct button located on the left tit of a horrible spider thing?

Nothing test a person's faith of the Emperor by asking one of his subjects to grab the tit of a horrible chaos spider monster thing.

Should I post more pictures or would people rather quietly hate me to death?

>> No.11739655

Reports of sexual debauchery among The Black Widows are commonplace, but no definitive link has been established to Slaanesh worship. In fact, there are no accounts at this time of The Black Widows making any kind of gesture to the Dark Gods whatsoever. They do not fight for honor or glory or to gain the praise of a precocious deity. They fight because it is their nature to do so, and because it pleases them. They do what they were created to do. Still, they retain their memories from the life they had prior to their awakening, and it causes them great pain in moments of solitude, like a splinter in their minds. This guilt leads them to be extremely active between campaigns. Widows personalize and adorn their armor, and engage in riotous entertainment, anything to numb them to the shame of the people they betrayed and the life they once had.

>> No.11739667

Please do.

My Guardsman has taken it upon himself to slay all treacherous tittied Traitor Astartes, in our Ascension campaign.

Since we mostly fight Slaaneshi things, he's quite apt at it.

It's always good to have pictures of the enemy.

>> No.11739671

Every Widow must eventually come to terms with their status in the universe. They are monsters. Damned souls, created by evil hands and flooded by the darkness of the void before they were even born. Inhuman, immoral, irredeemable. For some, they eventually come to embrace their inhuman nature and wallow in the debauchery the universe offers. For others, they seek death in battle to end their misery. For still others, there are whispers of Widows falling upon their own swords rather than countenance the depths of their damnation.

>> No.11739686

You're not going to like this part.

It is quite likely that The Black Widows geneseed was originally developed from Alpha Legion stock, although this conclusion is based almost entirely on circumstantial evidence. Black Widow infestations on Imperial worlds have been followed by attacks including Alpha Legion forces at least 76.2% of instances, which could indicate a close working relationship between the two.
During our examination of a partial-corpse that was obtained from a failed raid on Listening Post Pan-9T420.259 (see attached file and photos ref. #3A54808GG464) High-Priest Duvanilite of the Mechanicus commented during the autopsy that the additional internal organs displayed a genetic neutrality that was similar to the Primogenitor geneseed, or what he called “original geneseed.” The following day High-Priest Duvanilite was aggressively reassigned to another sector, and all attempts to locate his current assignment have gone unanswered, so I am unable to provide further details at this time.

>> No.11739690

Chaos Genestealers.

>> No.11739692

>wellwritten fan female-chaos space marines
>they're all whiny emo cunts

Hahahah, I love this stuff!

>> No.11739697

Possible. Fabius Bile combines Genestealer genes with Alpha Legion geneseed, and for shit and giggles, he sticks it in females instead of males.

>> No.11739698

Black Widows lack Phase 3 and 18 Implants. Phase 3, Biscopea, stimulates muscle tissue growth, which is why Black Widows are no physically stronger then normal human females. They are therefore, perhaps intentionally, externally indistinguishable from normal human females. Phase 18, Progenoids, are the implants by which geneseed zygotes are normally harvested. Black Widows are able to pass on, through an unidentified process, their modifications to their female offspring.

“The Thirst of Drak’Nal has come!” (it is unknown what this refers to)

++End transmission++

>> No.11739704

In Australia, only the mighty shoe can kill a spider. But you have to be careful, because some spiders get off from that.

I swear it was an ad for sandal

>My Guardsman has taken it upon himself to slay all treacherous tittied Traitor Astartes

Is it because they're super heresy or does he just go on /a/ too much and only like flat chests now?

Anyway here's a close up of the Termie.

>> No.11739711

You mean they play like Sisters of Battle?

>> No.11739712

>I hate Female Spress Mahren
Not handsome enough for you?

>> No.11739720

>Black Widows are able to pass on, through an unidentified process, their modifications to their female offspring.

This is the most worrying bit.

Wasn't there some copypasta hinting at Black Carapace tentacle rape somewhere? I remember it, I swear.

>> No.11739730

Wait, wait. What? Original geneseed? AS in Primarch, or Emprah?

>> No.11739735

It was more because he found out that the local "Female Spess Murheen Slaaneshi cult" made titplate armour. With a weakpoint between the tit armour.

And he has a meltagun. Zap. Dead.

I must admit it wasn't his idea. We saw a Khorne Berserker chopping through some Slaaneshi Chaos Woman Marines, always hacking away at the chest, until a Noise Marine blasted him away.

>> No.11739747

Incoming Message.....
Transmitter - Station Oriationem 8A57H10-Omicron-5B-Theta…
Receiver – Station Audentia 83645-12B…
Author identified as Senior Santicas Genetor Harkoy…
Beginning Audio Feed…
Beginning Video Feed…
Beginning Holo Feed…
Displaying now…

Puertia Class Autopsy Report #93472-J.40
Ardura Primus-Steiermark-Polizeirevier Sechste

1930 Local Standard Time: Subject corpse delivered under attendant polizei guard operating under Lentus clearance 234.754-H. Subjects clothing and gear removed with some difficulty due to cauterized blood around torsal wounds and delivered to Junior Santicas Joseph Kileman for examination. (Reference #93472-J.43 examination report) 1 (one) set of civilian clothes; 1 (one) mesh-material under-suit, materials identified as local make normally issued to standing guard, small power-supply unit, heavily damaged during removal process; 2 (two) pistols, make and design identified as autobaugn reuger 22’s; 17 (seventeen) pieces of jewelry and personal artifacts discovered, among them imperial dog tags from private Fraun Ultren. Datum Servitor Y3.64-D beginning tabulae search but cautions that complete search of all imperial worlds will require 14.66 standard years without further search refinements.
I don't even find Spress Mahren attractive. They're HUUUGE. I just feel the urge to rip and tear their guts.
I could try searching for it.
I don't know.

>> No.11739752

Here's a close up of the champion

>> No.11739759



>> No.11739769

2010 LST: Initial visual investigation leaves no doubt to the cause of death. Subject suffered complete circulatory-system failure, consistent with the reported method of termination, having received a direct hit from a Triplex Pattern Plasma Gun during a peace demonstration, burning a hole .32 meters into the chest cavity, destroying the primary heart, and the left ventricle of the secondary heart, and cauterizing the primary lobe arteries. Presence of secondary heart in female frame indicates high-functioning levels of mutation, mandating a Secunduas-level internal autopsy to follow.

2014 LST: Subjects vital statistics measured as follows: Height: 6’2”, (93rd percentile for standard human female), weight 168 pounds, hair color black-22. Eye color, green-16. Spectral analysis indicates hair and skin pigmentation with altering bio-dermal compounds normally associated with the Melanochrome gland found in adeptus astartes. Mammory glands noted to be unusually large for frame (89th percentile for standard human female). Singular example of ritualistic scarring consistent with the Yparah peace-movement detected. Large symbol discovered on the back of subject’s neck, bearing unidentified markings. Unable to determine if mark is brand or tattoo. No other scars or birthmarks noted. Fingernails, Toenails, and face of subject were painted with various pigmentations to alter their color. Data Servitor 823.X53 could not correlate colors and patterns to any known cult, but suggests a 91% possibility that the markings are linked to Arduran courtship and dance customs. Skin type 2-C showing a consistent tone with no blemishes. Subject appears to lack body hair except for head and eyebrows. Epidermal analysis indicates that hair growth appears to have been deactivated at the cellular level. No explanation currently available.

>> No.11739773

If you can't find it, we can settle for this. Thanks.

>> No.11739785

Wat. noe seriously wat!?

>> No.11739786

2039 LST: The chest cavity proved difficult to open, requiring the strength of two Servitors with Tygor pattern servo-meds. Ribcage displayed ossification and inter-laced bone plates consistent with Ossmodula organ modifications, but required 28% less force then standard, possibly due to smaller frame. Remnants of secondary heart indicate reduced capacity and size, again, possibly due to smaller chest cavity. Datum Servitor Y3.64-D calculates 71% probability that secondary heart acts merely as a supplement to primary heart, and would be unable to sustain sufficient diastolic pressure independently.

2210 LST: Examination of internal organs progressing. Unable to locate anticipated scarring, internal or external, from implantation of additional organs. Biscopea not present, which is consistent with muscle mass and distribution, both of which are within normal human ranges. Both Preomnor and Multi-Lung exist not as separate organs, but as integrated chambers of stomache and lung respectively. Both Progenoid Glands completely absent, and appear to have never existed, meaning that there would be no way to harvest gene-seed from subject and create additional ones. If more abominations like this one, cannot be created, this would indicate a finite threat.

>> No.11739787

And here's a blurry close up of the Sorceress.

That's all I got for now, I could take few more pictures of the less-well painted minis I got, or I could post the pictures I drew that are so horrible, they caused a few members of the Bolter & Chainsword forum to kill themselves.

>> No.11739794

2341 LST: Skull has been opened and examination progressing. Catalepsean Node and Sus-an Membrane are completely integrated into surrounding tissues. Genetic sampling indicates lack of genetic neutrality. Datum Servitor Y3.64-D calculates 82.1% probability that additional organs present since birth or possibly conception, but offers no explanation on how such a thing could be achieved. Lyman’s Ear also shows lack of scarring nor shows genetic neutrality, and appears to be the natural inner ear developed from conception.
Occulobe organ appears to be heavily altered and presents itself as a large hemispherical organ integrated directly onto the brain’s sensory centers. Effect unknown, although Data Servitor 495.X43 noted an unusual distribution of the different regions of the subject’s brain. The subject’s brain’s pleasure center is approximately 38% larger then in found in standard human females, and has far more connections to the sensory areas of the brain then is normal.

2417 LST: Servus M-433.S reports completion of genetic analysis. Analysis indicates that subject is genetically female, making possibility of surgical alteration now .2%. Serves reports heavy presence of non-mamillian chromosomal sequences and possible presence of fifth base pair. Servus M-433.S deactivated and scheduled for incineration to prevent possible taint of witchcraft. Servus M-317.S tasked with repeating genetic sequencing to verify findings. Station Oriationem instructed to stand by to relay verified findings to Inquisitional Center at Pars-Oriens Datatarium (Reference # 93472-J.41)

>> No.11739803

0116 LST: Epidural layers on torso have been peeled back, revealing the presence of invasive neural bundles consistent with Black Carapace organ. However, no neural sensors or transfusion points have been fitted, masking it’s presence until now. Without plug-in points the implant serves no purpose, leading to speculation if plug-in points were intended to be fitted at some future time. Data Servitor 823.X53 observes that without the plug-in points, there is no external variation between subject and a normal human female.

0122 LST: Servus M-494.T reports completion of blood analysis. No sign of viral, bacteriological or toxicological contamination has been detected, and the hormonal patterns are only marginally consistent with standard human female, with estrogen and glycogen 23% higher then normal, and three unknown hormonal types present, making possibility of surgical alteration now .005%. Levels of HCG, Human Corionic Gonadotine detected, indicating pregnancy.

0235 LST: Opening of uterus revealed unborn fetus, which appears to have died some short time after the subject. Calcium dating and cellular differentiation indicate that the fetus has been developing for eight weeks. This is inconsistent with visual examinations, which place the fetus well into the second trimester. Servus M-494.T estimates 4 month gestation period, but unable to confirm with available data.

>> No.11739807

0251 LST: Internal autopsy of fetus has revealed presence of additional organs in development, patterns identical to the mother subject. Rather than being implanted, they seems to have been hard-wired into the genetic code, although no known craft could achieve such a thing. It is highly inappropriate for me to inject personal commentary into this report, but for the sheer shock in which I find myself I feel I must. By The God-Emperor this creature is abhorrent to me, and I cannot in good faith proceed without fear of tainting my own soul. It makes my skin crawl just to look at it, and my soul shakes to consider the purpose of such a thing. I am ordering a hault to this autopsy, and will contact my superiors at…

Message feed interrupt.....
Transmitter - Station Inquisit-J25321 666 Location blocked…
Message redirect without tracer authorized – Clearance Level Ultraviolet…
Immediate execution by lethal weapons fire of Senior Santicas Genetor Harkoy and attendant staff commanded of attendant polizei guard…
Subject corpse and attendant Servitors to be placed in stasis immediately until further notice.
Puertia Class AutopsyReport #93472-J.40 No longer found
Transmission Ends…

>> No.11739819

Lord Ustin Michka had only two regrets in his life. The first was that in his youth, he was possessed of an unquenchable ambition. He wanted power. Not the meaningless power that his peers sought, the kind of power that enjoys titles and ceremony, but real power. The power to make decisions that affect the lives of trillions of people. He wanted the power to guide the course of humanity, and change it for the better. He wanted the power to triumph over the enemies of the Imperium, and keep safe the lives of its citizens. This ambition had lead him to create many alliances with questionable individuals over the years, and had lead him to break many promises to people of integrity.
His second regret was that he had achieved his goals. In front of him lay an incredibly detailed three-dimensional map of Segmentum Ultima, which covered a large portion of the northern part of the galaxy. More than three-hundred-thousand inhabited planets, united under a single banner of The Emperor.
Without asking leave, Ustin’s attaché Miskyla Valkashin entered the room. There was no need to stand on ceremony when it was just the two of them. Ustin trusted her completely, and added a third regret to his mind. After so many years sharing duty and bed, he should have taken her to wife long ago. Miskyla did not know that Ustin had already appointed her as his successor, instead of that idiot Valkiev, but it was doubtful that anything would be different between them if she knew, for in addition to her stunning beauty, she had a mind like a razor, partnered with a terrible patience, which Ustin knew would make her a very dangerous leader for anyone to contend with.

>> No.11739826

A saucer of rassolnik stew was placed down along with a shot glass of uralite vodka, which would go un-drunk, just like all of the others. In his youth, Ustin had been a heavy drinker, but now he could not touch the stuff. He needed both eyes open to make the decisions that were his burden to make. Ustin took in a few spoonfuls of the hearty stew, before pushing the bowl away from him. He could not remember the last time he’d had an appetite.
In a recess built into the floor, sat a ring of mysterious figures, hooded and cloaked. Wires and cables spilled out from where their arms should have been, connecting to the base of the projector which created the display in front of Ustin and Miskyla. Some of the higher-ranking members of the cult of the machine, who had voluntarily given up their humanity to become the most perfect expression of their faith. Cyberneticly altered to such a huge degree that their will had been completely swallowed up in their function. In fulfillment of ancient oaths, they served Ustin as they had his successors, as the core of his intelligence network. Their minds touched every ghost of the Machine God, on every planet under his supervision. Their eyes saw through every machine-eye and auger on countless worlds, and their minds perceived every message and command.

>> No.11739833

Ustin had ordered them hooded and cloaked, for they were horrible to look upon, with cables and machinery bursting forth from grey necrotic flesh, and small clicking mechanical mandibles which twitched and flexed grotesquely with a will all of their own.
With a simple command, the projection spread and passed around Ustin and Miskyla as it enlarged, highlighting the center of the Tyrant Cordon, where the fighting was most fierce. The latest reports from Tridia indicated that Gual’Du’Har’s Legionnaires controlled nearly sixty percent of the surface, and nearby Ural was faring no better. The battle for the space lanes over Tridia, which had been the only part of the campaign going well for them, had been reversed by the arrival of several Ork fleets.
Ustin wished that he could go back in time and speak with himself as a young man. There was no glamour in command. There was no glory or honor. To be in command is to be a butcher, not of the enemy, but of your own men. To be in command is to send men to their death, and it was not something that anyone should aspire to achieve. It was a horrible numbers game. You kill ten men, in the hopes that it will save twenty, but it does not change the fact that you are the one sending those ten to die. Trade a thousand lives to save a billion and you are a hero…to everyone except the thousand that die, that is.

>> No.11739845

“Battle group Omera is to disengage from Ural immediately, and reinforce Battlegroup Nepena at Tridia,” Ustin commanded, with some difficulty.
“Estimate complete loss of Ural system within sixteen days of Battlegroup withdrawal,” came the cold reply from a priest.
“Execute,” Ustin ordered coarsely. The decision was wrenching, but he had to make a dozen such decisions each and every day. This decision, in particular, had been acutely difficult. If he did nothing, both systems would be destroyed, but Ural was his homeland, and most of his family still lived there. Ustin put his aged hands up to his face. He would kill every man, woman, and child on Ural, in the hope of saving Tridia, which was, unfortunately, more important strategically.
“I am a butcher,” he said as he thought about his nieces and nephews. At that moment they were probably playing in the backyard of his brother’s estate in the nekov mountains, blissfully unaware that their uncle had just condemned them to die, or worse.
Ustin felt a pain in his chest, but it was not brought on by the burden of his office. He clutched feebly at his heart and doubled over in pain. He moved to scream, but his throat was on fire, and he could barely squeak out a whisper.
“Miskyla…Valkiev…anybody, please call an apotheacry in here,” he choked out.
“I’m afraid Mister Valkiev has been dead for some time now,” came the cold reply from the woman standing over him.
Ustin tried to reach out to tap the control runes on his console, but his strength gave out and he fell out of his chair to the ground, knocking over the bowl of stew that she had brought in.

>> No.11739857

His vision blurring with pain, Ustin could feel his heart stop beating. As he lay there dying, he could only watch helplessly as Miskyla lowered herself down into the recess with the machine priests. Pulling out a small ceramic dagger, the woman began cutting the cables and tubes coming out from their backs, one by one. The priests could do nothing to defend themselves, their decaying bodies having lost the ability to move centuries before. With their nourishment cut off, the clicking of their mandibles became slower and slower, and then finally stopped.
The projection of the Tyrant Cordon flickered a few times before dying, and the room went dark.


Next is either Fag Bile story or Some random attack story. Meanwhile Army list.

>> No.11739860

Black Widows (1750 Points)
Uses Rules From Codex Space Marine
Models: 62 Vehicles: 6

Captain Nariko (Counts as Vulkan He’stan) (1 model)
Captain Nariko with Master Crafted Relic Blade, Heavy Flamer, Digital Weapons, and Storm Shield. (190 Points)

Mistress Sorano (Counts as Space Marine Librarian) (1 model)
Mistress Sorano with The Avenger and Gate of Infinity. (100 Points)

Tactical Squad Shiro (10 models):
7 Marines with Boltguns, 1 Marine with Meltagun, 1 Marine with Multi-Melta, and 1 Sergeant with Combi-Meltagun and Power Fist. (210 Points)
Drop Pod (35 Points)

Tactical Squad Momoiro (10 models):
7 Marines with Boltguns, 1 Marine with Meltagun, 1 Marine with Multi-Melta, and 1 Sergeant with Combi-Meltagun and Power Fist. (210 Points)
Drop Pod (35 Points)

Tactical Squad Kuro (10 models):
7 Marines with Boltguns, 1 Marine with Flamer, 1 Marine with Multi-Melta, and 1 Sergeant with Combi-Flamer and Power Fist. (205 Points)
Drop Pod (35 Points)

Tactical Squad Haiiro (10 models):
7 Marines with Boltguns, 1 Marine with Flamer, 1 Marine with Multi-Melta, and 1 Sergeant with Combi-Flamer and Power Fist. (205 Points)
Drop Pod with Locator Beacon (45 Points)

Tactical Squad Murasaki (10 models):
7 Marines with Boltguns, 1 Marine with Flamer, 1 Marine with Multi-Melta, and 1 Sergeant with Combi-Flamer and Power Fist. (205 Points)
Drop Pod (35 Points)

Tactical Squad Aka (10 models):
7 Marines with Boltguns, 1 Marine with Flamer, 1 Marine with Multi-Melta, and 1 Sergeant with Combi-Flamer and Power Fist. (205 Points)
Drop Pod (35 Points)

>> No.11739877

>Fag Bile

No doubt it's a deep, rich, very personal story where Bile deals with homosexuality

>> No.11739908


>> No.11739935

Well you can play FSM all you want....TILL you try that in a tourney and get DQ'd in 10 seconds with illegal figs. Cause as we all know GW don't play that shit, HELL they go apesith when you TRY to talk about Squats.

>> No.11739961

Alright, /tg/ seeing as how you don't hate me enough, I'm posting this. The begining of the most horrible thing ever. Also the lines aren't done very well.

Oddly enough, I took my Femarine army to GW In-store tourney and I won a prize for it, I shit you not

>> No.11739973

If it's 50% GW material and obeys WYSIWYG, there's no reason to get shitcanned.

>> No.11739991

Too fucking bad.

Also, sage for yet another HURR DURRRRR Y NO FEMALE SPESS MAHREENZ???? thread

>> No.11740047

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