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Oh god, /tg/, I'm gonna jizz. I'm gonna jizz all over the keyboard, all over the monitor. I can't help it! My balls are so tight and swollen. Fuck! I can't hold it much longer! Post some /tg/-related pics of The Blood God. He's my waifu! Ughhhh!

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Khorne thread? I've got some stuff, but frankly, most of it is Khornette.

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You stop that right now! I don't want anyone but Knorne! Ohhh so hard right now. I wish I were a captured Ultramarine forced to strip naked before him and in chains. And it's due to Slaanesh's influence as arranged by Tzeench. Ugh! Oh fuck! So close. So hard. And then Khorne prods my bottom with his cock, just barely letting it slip the head in. Oh my god! I'm JIZZZZZZIIIIING!

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I came.

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