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So what's /tg/'s opinion on this guy? Eh, I'm personally not a fan.


Sort of made a troll video on him (Buddy decided to rant on him, I recorded him and techno'd up one of jawa's videos). He did respond... eh I just really didn't give a fuck.

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it's all about the techno half way through

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He's a faggot

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I find the sudden army of defenders rather hilarious.

>NY: bernle

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Fuckin lol'd

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That autrach kid is sucking his dick in the comments

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Why are there feathers on your goofy ass tank

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Sounds like a tard but usually post some decent stuff. But lol at selling your youtube quality tutorials for cheap cash.

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Sometimes the sweetest tears comes from one's fanboys.


>instructive eavolli

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Jawaballs sells pdfs of how to paint... and he fucking blows. I mean OP isn't that much better... but he shouldn't be selling tutorials. I can understand if he's a GD painter. But he's a faggot

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I have never even heard of the guy and truthfully and I find warhammer painting very alien and weird

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someone should do a review of your failship

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He sounds like an idiot talking about how artistic his tank is, but your buddy ranting about it just sounds like a douche. The tank is nice, and that's about it.

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Fucking White Knights

How Do They Charge?

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Jawa commented LOLOLOLOL


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I actually met this guy at gamesday he's pretty cool

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I'm watching this guy's videos

He's a faggot

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Eh, I've had some problems with him. He thinks he's the shit and likes to lord over people

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I just subscribed to you. I have been watching your videos for a while, but I've always forgotten to sub.

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What does Zyzz have to do with it?

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He's the best artist in the Imperium

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Furious Fanboys

Furious Fanboys Everywhere

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Lold hard at OP's video


The amount of dick sucking going on in the comments

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That comment sums up the entire thing.

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This thread is full of fat nerds. Jawaballs is a legit guy. He's cool, I play with him regularly. Wtf OP. Shit is not cool.

Take it down before Jawa gets serious

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It was worth it to make an account just to comment on this video.


Hello, fanboy.

>towals fotografia

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Jawaballs is Bell of lost souls right?

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>Take it down before Jawa gets serious


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I bet your the faggot white knighting on the comments

I made an account JUST FOR THIS SHIT.

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>Jawa gettin shit on

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I'm Skullkrusher, and I think thou furious.

>burrying Benford

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Skullkrusher is fucking awesome

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Youtube Raid Ventrilo: Atlanta.MaxFrag.net 3824

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How did the tourny stuff go aux?

Also, got some nid stuff to discuss with you if you gonna' be here a lil' while.

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>Dualities of the Blood Angels
>Dualities of the Blood Angels
>Dualities of the Blood Angels
>Dualities of the Blood Angels
>Dualities of the Blood Angels
>Dualities of the Blood Angels
>Dualities of the Blood Angels

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Hey man, whats up?

I'm enjoying these comments guys

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>Why are their feathers on your tank?

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Why thank you, person who totally is not me sockpuppeting.

>1200 clarpry

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>@SkullKrusher000 children have douche lost souls? that wasnt even remotely funny...

>@Mattqq yup thats what i thought u got nothing. ur just a asshole and now we all kno it. thanks for being a dick to jawaballs u asshole

>@Mattqq omg so not only are u black but ur gay?? i mean if u have fantasy's of me sucking jawa off then u got serious problem. u fuckin perve homo hahaha

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>ur shit looks like a Lego hahahaha fuck outa here saying dat shits artistic



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Nothing much.

Tested out the 9 carnife(carnifucking) list with various results.

Multi charged four tanks with three carnifexes, wiped them all out. (chimera+trio of leman russes)

Charged 10 TH/SS guys, wiped them out with just 3 fexes. Wipe them down to 5 dudes on the charge and they sorta gimped it after that killing one fex in return and then I made them run for 5 more saves, 2 more failed and won the next round easily.

... Three carnifexes are fucked up for a unit. One charged and two more help it.

The ways to best take advantage of this would be.... What exactly? I'm assuming tie up units with maybe catalyst or something. Packing 9 fexii noms most things, even made a dude with 10 zerkers afraid to charge them.

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The tears are beautiful.

>the thfuntli

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I was running Dakkastars. 3 Dakkafexs and a Prime with LW/BS. Hilarious shit ensued

Eh, I like Carnifexs when I Gargoyle spam. Fun stuff with the coversaves for all the low Ninjafexs. I'm really not liking the 3x Trygons I've been running. It get's old.

At the moment I've been playing Stealer Shock. 60 Genestealers and Tervigons giving them FNP. Death to Orks.

Eh, if you can get good with it... lot's of possibilities. You need to try out the Prime with LW/BS. Making others go at I1 is awesome with fexs

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Just out of curiosity, why is everyone ganging up on Jawaballs?

I know that selling paint tutorials is fucking stupid, but I've never really had a beef with the guy (nor was I aware others did/do).

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So, apparently, use of the word "boy" implies racism now.

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Fun, maybe I should run warriors with loads of deathspitters and nine fexes perhaps?

He seems full of himself and people love picking on people who are so self important.

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Damn right, boy. Boy needs to learn his place.

Boy boy boy boy boy.

Why don't black people love me

>donenran 1950's

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OP to answer your question,

/tg/ Doesn't like Jawaballs

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>The ways to best take advantage of this would be.... What exactly?

Make sure they have Catalyst cast on them constantly. You'll need a couple of Hive Guard broods to crack open any skimmers or transports the Carnifexes won't have a hope of catching, and I'd say a big mess of Gargoyles (~40-60) led by the Parasite of Mortrex to get in and bog down the enemy army long enough for the Carnifexes to get into combat and start doing their thing. Unfortunately, I imagine you're going to be quite thin when it comes to scoring units, so a canny opponent might be able to pick off your Gaunts and force a draw that way.

It's certainly an interesting idea, and I can see the potential, but a little two eggs-in-one-basket for me.

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Actually, down here in Georgia we say that all the time. Racism's in context and intent, not an intrinsic property of the word. Certain exceptions apply, but mainly it's intent.

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This guy is a regular at my LGS. He's not that bad. He's part of this circle of six guys who only play each other. They're always practicing for tournaments, and they don't really talk much while they're playing. They just declare stuff and glare at the models. But they keep to themselves and they don't run around giving people advice and lauding their own abilities.

So yeah, actually knowing the guy he's weird but he's not overtly irritating. Which is a lot more than I can say for other members of the LGS.

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Urgh, early morning grammar fail. You get the idea.

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If you're using it in reference to a black person, yes. Way too much history behind the term.

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I love /tg/

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>on skimmers

Yeah... I want to try and keep the twin sets of talons on the carnifexii. Pushing for 1440 points total.

I might put scream on the fexes though to avoid having to use the guard, since most transports with speed are AV12 and those that are fast are usually wide/big models so scattering blasts hit more.

Think I should run bio plasma on the fexes?

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I don't actually have a personal vendetta against him. It's more of what he represents/his attitude. I fly out to GTs/Events as well. Eh, the guy thinks he's the shit. He needed to be deflated a bit.

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>Think I should run bio plasma on the fexes?

I'd say no. You should be using Run every turn other than the one you charge to get forward faster. St7 isn't reliable enough anti-tank (even anti-transport) to pay 20 points for something you're not likely to shoot very often. While it's nice against Infantry, you say yourself that three Carnifexes will stomp all over pretty much everything as it is; a bioplasma salvo in advance is probably overkill, not to mention the possibility of the opponent removing casualties near the Fexes and denying them the assault.

I wouldn't bother with any upgrades on them, myself. Maybe Adrenal Glands and Frag Spines.

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oh my god! i'm a racist! EVERYONE AROUND ME IS A RACIST! OH GOD! damn it and I thought I was doing so well! Don't worry my Affro-English friendly friends i'll go out and give myself a beat down right away. On a side note are there any other hidden racist words I should know about?

I hear the word chicken and melon could be seen as racist words too. Do I have to start calling them "The other duck" and "big water apples"?

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Bioplasma is a no. I really don't like upgrades on fexs. Run them naked

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Yeah, frag spines seems like a must.

I could spam small squads for dual killpoint and harass/attention-grab so my carnifex-to-balance isn't a problem.

With synapse bit of a problem at long range, maybe winged ripper swarms might be better then gargoyles? They would be better tarpits I think.

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I'm sure you do this solely to troll people like me.

Well, congratulations. You are succesful.

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I don't get why he thinks he's so artistic with his tank, I've seen what people can do with their Warhammer Miniatures (Free handed Dark Angels Land raider and the Air-brushed monolith anyone?) Those I would consider art, You could show those in a gallery and people could be like "oh wow"

But his is like... "Um, Whats Artistic about this? You painted the blood angels emblem on a blood angels tank, whoop-de-fucking-doo, I applaud the effort you put into this tank, I really do, but it looks just like another show piece for an army, nothing Golden Demon worthy."

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Nakey, not without frag spines.. I face lots of fists and orks unfortunately.

Apologies, I was goofing off.

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aux... i love the comment "I love constructive criticism. I welcome it all and have no ego concerning my work. " -JB

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juventusx20 is the lulz

Especially when talking to mattqq

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>BLAIR: jactiant

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I don't know. It's kind of like sand blasting a soup cracker. He's TOO easy a target.

>National turapper

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Sand blasting a soup cracker is fun, though. Use of overwhelming force on something that doesn't need it is usually amusing.

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juventusx20 is the lulz is like the entity of /b/ and /adv/

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You DO love me, Papa Nurgle!
>jimice cultures

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oh man this thread

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(Carnal fellatio, get it?... I know, stupid..)

Not sure how to go about that.

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Look at the comments.

I love /tg/

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>the feathers less angular

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Interesting to look at your channel, Aux.

I notice you have like 6 lists up, and you literally seem to run zero hormagaunts. Are they really that terrible? I haven't played 40k this edition, but it seems a shame that the only small model that doesn't look like ass isn't any good. Those genestealers and termagaunts just look stupid, compared to the proper looking hormagaunts.

>> No.11723072

Lack of str4 to hurt tanks reliably for cheap I'd imagine. Shooting before charging is more boss, especially when the guns can hurt Av10 without upgrades.

Most likely those are the reasons. Hormagaunts are so very topheavy that come with bases that you can't glue nickels under to weigh them down. (even then it's shitty unless the talons are tri-podding the model)

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I own 40. I've used them. Raveners/Hormagaunts/Rippers. I own them, they don't get much play.

I ran 6 Ravs at the St. Val GT. I ran Hormagaunts with our last Dex at Mechanicon last year, I like them... just other units work better.

Preference really. I haven't been using Tervigons in the last month or so. Depends.

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That shouldn't be tough for anyone to deal with. Just use a set of boltcutters to cut nickels in half, or use something like bird shot in putty.

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I like how aux is balancing a legit 40k thread and a raid thread

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To get into base contact I have to turn my models sideways.

I modelled them standing upright with the hooves digging into the base(ground) and people cried it was WYSIWYG modeling advantage with TLOS giving monsters cover saves. Even when I said I don't do that...

So I gave up.

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Pennies man

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Flash and metal cast off from old metal minis.

>> No.11723199

I changed their bases from their slotta to regular. I was talking about their forward pose being a problem.

I am on a different type of army(armies) of tyranids. Too nostalgiad to get rid of my busted up genestealers I plan on rebuilding like mutants and such.

Sucks. Glad orks are so free from model confines.. Landship army on the way.

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Aux, I love you

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Hes mine faggot.

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Ummm Hi

>Post on /tg/
>Continue lulz

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Why ther's no thumbs down guys?

>> Captcha: scepticism otenes

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Well, it has been fun trolling this kid, but it's time to head to bed. Later, all.

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