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What is the last game you played that wasn't an RPG or a miniatures wargame?

Pic related, shit is so cash.

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Blank White Cards

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Wings of War. I don't know much about the game, but this version used cards.

Shit was cash

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Citadels, quite an excellent game.

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Te Star Wars version of Risk.I actually had fun.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

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Mall of Horror: Survival is in the betrayal

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Twilight Imperium. It truly is the game of kings. I was the Hacan and bought my way to victory. Buying two War Suns with Trade Goods alone was delicious.

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Grand Theft Auto 4.

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chess, against myself.....it's lonely here in germany.

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>it's lonely here in germany.

Europes biggest Euro-boardgame nation..

..Friend even went over there for a Boardgame Convention.

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I bet you still lost.

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This counts, right?

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Is it a game?
Is it an RPG?
Is it a wargame?

Yes, it counts.

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I'm actually still playing, I take a turn, wait a bit look over the board again as the other player and make my move, then I take a little break....but in the end yes I will lose.

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Sure. It's a boardgame (atleast it aint /v/).

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Technically Munchkin, but that's tabletop relatedish, so I have to say Forbidden Bridge

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That looks INTENSE

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this was crap....it was all bank cards

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Creepers added a bit of gameplay value over regular FLUXX, but it was still rather bland.

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Chess is a miniatures wargame

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My girlfriend and I love fluxx. I need to zombie pack.

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I'm assuming that you mean traditional game, in which case, probably Risk 2210, at least two years ago.

If any kind of game, Sim City 4

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If you havent tried out Citadels do so. Another great little cardgame (if just the bit more complex and pref played with 3-7 players).

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Fuck yes you are the best game of stealing land and cities ever!

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Betrayal at House on the Hill

Sooo long ago though ;.;

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Do i see a dragon? what expansion is that?

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have to get me some carcassonne. friends havent played it.

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Carcassonne: The Princess & the Dragon, I think?

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Vidya Game: Team Fortress 2
T/G: Cards, or if that doesn't count, Settlers of Catan.

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ricochet robots! excellent fun.

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Shits pretty fun. And the cards are durable and laminated.

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Niagra's pretty cool.
Last game would technically be Mount&Blade:Warbands
but last BOARD game would be Robo Rally

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I don't actually think it was this game, but I'm going to say it was as I play it often enough

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Pandemic. I just fucking love that game.

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played summoner wars last night. Shit was awesome. too bad nobody will pay attention to this post since im too lazy to include image.

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Very nice game
Love it too.
Balls deep awesome

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My friends won't play this anymore, because they got frustrated over the game demolishing them suddenly when they thought they were doing well.

Last game I played was the munchkin cthulu game, and Shogun before that.

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Shogun is another great one. I only played it once but shit was intense

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race for the galaxy. I got schooled, but the game seemed cool.

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Truth be told, WoW. My friends play it ;_;

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not a fan, to much about knowing what's actually in the deck (fun when no one have played it befor and with the addition and a fifth player).

I prefer Citadels (for the genre).

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Had a big group of people over this weekend. First we played two rounds or Arkham Horror with Dunwich and Lurker (lost the first against Glaaki, won the second against Hastur.)

They still wanted to play more so I got out Shadows Over Camelot and taught them to play. We lost twice in a row, although the second round was very very close. Never played it with so many people and it seemed a lot harder than going with just a few.

All in all, good times.

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rolled 50 = 50

played:::arkham horror
played to conclusion:::settlers of catan.

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Favorite game of all time, must have played at least twice a week for the last year.

Custom scenarios are only for the most experienced investigators.

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>Favorite game of all time
How come? Wouldnt you rather be playing a Call of Cthulhu RPG session? I just dont get it why people find Arkham fun (it takes a long time, not much happens, you smirk a bit at the random events, once, first playthrough and after that it just becomes tedious and longwinded).

Sure, good inspiration (with all the art and nifty little bits of fluff texts) source for CoC.

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Set-up takes a long time if you try to do it by yourself, but it's fast when everyone participates. The rounds themselves tend to last about 2-3 hours for me. Not at all bad for a board game.

Events are 'random' yes, but once you know the game you know what to expect in general from each location. For instance, if you need money, the Newspaper is usually a good stop. If you find yourself having a lot of repeated events, you should pick up some of the expansions.

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CoC is PnP style and while amazing in its own right takes a different kind of group to get going, and requires a little more storytelling and committement, lastly CoC involves the storyteller creating the world for the players, essentially on the other side of the glass.

As for Arkham Horror all of the people involved are on the same side, and once you have played it a few times it becomes all about the strategy, at least for my group. We play custom scenarios and league games that increase the difficulty immensely and generally just have a great time whether we win or lose. Once you have access to all of the expansions there is something to be said for the variety, while not limitless its pretty large.

Protip for extra difficulty try fighting two ancient ones at once.

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I've played its everal times and it was fun teh first time and the others it was just well the same, we knew what to do and did it and well.. It didnt feel Cthuluesque at all aside from well art and fluff text, the feeling of the setting dont seep through like it do, very much so, in a game fo Call fo Cthulhu (RPG) and I guess that just makes it bland for me.

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>As for Arkham Horror all of the people involved are on the same side,

So are they in CoC - a GM aint against anyone, , we all work for a enjoyable experience.

>..and once you have played it a few times it becomes all about the strategy, at least for my group.

Ah, okay that I can see might be fun for some. Personaly I'd rather play a good Euro game in that case. Also if you dont have access to a GM I guess Arkham would be the onlys econd best one has to go for. To "tactic" a setting all about theme, mood and the fluff just feels like a waste to me.

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Fuck yeah! The most fun time I've ever had staring silently at a board for 5 minutes.

No seriously, I love this game. But from the outside, it looks like a bunch of people staring silently and not interacting with each other.

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People who like Lovecraft but don't like RPGS play Arkham Horror over CoC.

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I love RPing but my friends arent into it anymore. Too much of a commitment for them. So I'll take the next best thing : Arkham Horror

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Arkham is a real mixed bag, I alternate between loving it and hating it.

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Are we counting video games? Then Victoria 2. If not, probably Star Wars Risk.
Fucking death star is overpowered, I cut off my enemy easily.

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apples to apples.

or alternately, if you include videya, Fallout 2.

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This weekend, we played Ticket to Ride. It's great fun. Also, we played this old game called (I think) Globetrotter. You're a traveller and have to visit more cities than anyone else. It was a little less intellectual, but was still fun.

I guess we had a travel theme going.

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