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Hey /tg/, I have a present for you. I know it's not what you wanted, but it's the closest thing I could find. <3

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They have the acid spit?? Wow.

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I had to re-size this part, sorry.

I ran a game tonight, it was quite enjoyable.

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Indeed they do. My group's apothecary used it to blind a tau guard so he couldn't find the alarm button before he was beaten to death.

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Can you be a Grey Knight?

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I love you

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There are 6 chapters with rules in the book:

Space Wolves
Black Templars
Blood Angels
Dark Angels
Storm WArdens.

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How about a scan?

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No Iron Fists? Lame.

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Would you mind scanning the section with the list of powers that you can get for power armor? Specifically, the random histories?


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If I remember right, he don't have a scanner.

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Sorry, friend. I don't have a scanner, and even if I did I don't want to hurt the binding of my $60 book, or spend hours scanning it.

They will be there in a later release.

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Does each chapter come with a list of which organs, if any, they are missing or have had their functions altered via mutation?

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I can paraphrase for you, if that's okay.

You are correct, sir. See >>11708009

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Black Templars do not gain the effect of the Sus-an Membrane or the Betcher's Gland.

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Stats for Terminator armor, and benefits from it.

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How about getting a job and buying it yourself?

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How about you eat your own shit, fucking moralfag?

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Struck the softest, most womanly bone on this poor, poor, (financially, that is,) sap.

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Only the Templars? Hrm. I always thought that only a bare handful of chapters had all of the organs functioning as intended.

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as a black man I have to say the lack of salamanders is not only rasicist is retareded. don't those fucking limey faggot understand what it means to be pc? Fucking jews.

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I hear that. Sereiously, unless your a total cripple, you can earn and save money. It's not hard.

Everytime a FF game comes out, there's always some tard with the 'Wah Wah, I've no money, all those moralfags are picking on me because I'm a waste of space'. Fuck off and get a job you commie.

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Marines have a gland that controls the melanin pigment count in their skin. Salamanders are black because theirs doesn't work properly.

All marines, if on a sufficiently sun-scorched world, will turn black. It can even protect them from limited amounts/types of radiation.

Thus all Marines can be black.

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Fuck your mother while your father fumbles with the balls of a bull, you dog blowing piece of shit.

I just want to read it, not play it, you son of scum.

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Imp Fists have the same limitations as the templars I believe... there was a pretty awesome quote along the lines of ' We do not sleep nor do we poison our foes... we are the Fists! We Crush our enemies!'

Something like that anyway

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And what about those of us who plan to buy a physical copy anyway, but also would like a PDF to use for RP over IRC and the like?

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While waiting for OP to type up requested info, here's some more detailed fluff on the Space Marines' extra organs.

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So? I buy plenty of RPGs just to read em. So should you.

U mad?

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Astartes Terminator Armour
Locations Covered - All
AP - 14
kg - 400
Req - 100***
Renown - Famed

***This encompasses 60 Requisition for the Terminator Armour itself, and the minimum 40 to arm it.

"Terminator Armour incorporates all the systems of standard Astartes power armour with several upgrades. Superior actuator and stabilisation systems allow for Heavy and Mounted weapons to be fired one-handed. This also provides the Auto-Stabilised Trait and grants +30 to Strength instead of +20. The auto-senses are part of a sensorium, which provides the same capabilities as an auspex. If two or more Battle-Brothers are in Terminator Armour, the input-link capabilities of a sensorium also increase the Squad's effective Rank by 1 for the purposes of determining whether or not it is in Support Range. Terminator armour's heavy layers of protective alloys can deflect even the heaviest bombardments. In addition, the Crux Terminatus on every Terminator's shoulder plate serves as a ward capable of turning aside attacks from power weapons, melta fire, and even the baleful energies of the warp. This protection provides the same chance toe emerge unscathed as a Force Field with a Protection Rating of 35. Due to the chance of the hit glancing off the armour strongest surfacesk, there is no possibility of Overload. Also roll once on Table 5-12: Power Armour History.

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I dunno about rascist.. but I agree with you man... Salamanders Deserve to be playable

Instead they give us these gay little storm wardens whose entire schtick is 'WE UZE DA CLAYMOAR SWORDS! WE IZ UNEEQ'

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The massive frame of a Terminator is not without limitations. A terminator cannot run, and the wearer suffers -20 to Agility, and cannot Dodge (but may still Parry). Furthermore, in order for the Terminator's frame to properly support, aim, and interface with weapons, the must be affixed by special couplings. Arming Tactical Dreadnought units is a laborious and sacred ritual that may only be performed by high-ranking Techmarines with the proper ceremonial accouterments and facilities. This prohibits the weapon configuration from being changed under other circumstances. Weapons typically available with the right couplings for Terminator armour are limited; when Requisitioning Terminator armour, the Battle-Brother pays the 60 Requisition for the armor itself and then must spend a minimum of 40 additional Requisition Points to arm it. Its weapons must come from the list below. (There is no restriction on Upgrades or Wargear.)
Terminator-Compatible Weapons; Any combi-weapon, Power Weapon or Force Weapon, Storm Bolter, Storm Shield, Heavy Flamer, Assault Cannon, Cyclone Missile Launcher.

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Thanks man.

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>Cyclone Missile Launcher.

Fucking. Love.

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The Ordo Malleus module that's coming for Dark Heresy lets you be a Grey Knight.

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Theres more to them then that. And can you blame FFG for wanting to make their own chapter and give their DH/RT setting, the Calixis sector its own chapter?

It won't be hard to make up rules. Make their special ability rerolling tech use when dealing with items of wargear. Give them a Flamer standard instead of a bolter (if a Tac Marine). They're a relatively codex following chapter, so take the Ultrasmurfs advancement tree (SHOCK AND HORROR) and replace some of the "Ultra marines are so Respected and good at talking with dudes" skills and abilities and replace them with others. Or don't, since the Salamanders are pretty popular with the common folk too.

Or just sit and stew until the supplement with additional space marine chapters (including making your own) comes out.

Oh and by the way, DW takes place in the early, mid 800s.M41ish, well before the second Armageddon war.

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Oh god, nigga marines. I can see it now.

Honestly though, no Iron Fists or Salamanders? Or GREY KNIGHTS?

But Storm Wardens? WTF?

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>This protection provides the same chance toe emerge unscathed as a Force Field with a Protection Rating of 35

Hah, basically a 5+ invulnerable save.

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Well I guess you make good points bro but...

>DW takes place before the Armageddon conflict

What does that have to do with anything? Salamanders Did exist before then yknow? They didnt just materialize for the sole purpose of allowing Tu'shan to bitchslap a MM commander

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Grey Knights would never be part of Deathwatch (an organization affiliated with, but not controlled by, Ordos Xenos).

Grey Knights are the pets of the Ordos Malleus.

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Woops, didn't see this. Disregard >>11708375
from here on.

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>Salamanders aren't in Deathwatch

Fluffwise, I somehow feel the Salamanders are far too reasonable and sane to be seconded to the ultra-purile everything-hatin' kill teams of Deathwatch. If anything their lack of presence in this book is a nod to their level headedness than it is a purposeful omission.

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I know. I just figured I'd mention. Since the majority of everything else in 40k fiction is set near the 42nd millennium, while DH/RT/DW are set a good hundred years before everything else.

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But salamanders hate everything except their fellow man and his delicious thanksgiving celebrations (On Nocturne the holiday is annually celebrated for OH THANK THE EMPEROR WE ARE NOT DEAD)

Oh and hammers.... hammers with flamers taped onto them..

And the tape is made of salamander skin

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That be the case, it would take agents of Chaos and Xenos (Ork, Dark Eldar, and/or Critter X) to be a threat on the same planet then for them to be together?

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By the way, here is a list of major forces fighting the Achillus Crusade (the setting for Deathwatch). Well, when the crusade started a good 35 years before "present date".

The Disposition of the Forces of the God-Emperor of Mankind at the Outset of the Achillus Crusade circa 7252.777.M41:

**Notable Imperial Guard Units**

Cadian Shock Troops: 2 Regiments
Terkarn Armoured: 1 Regiment
Iaxian Tithe Guard: 2 Regiments
Terrax Guard: 3 Regiments
Harakoni Warhawks: 1 Regiment
Mordian Iron Guard: 1 Regiment
29th Descaal Lancers: 1 Regiment

**Calixis Sector Levy**
Scintillan Heavy Infantry: 2 Regiments
Scintillan Guard: 3 Regiments
Maccabian 5th Drusus's Own" Guard
Maccabian 16th Janissaries
Mortressan 14th Highlanders: 1 Regiment
Gunmetalican 13th Armoured
Volg 3rd "Mercy Bringers"
Landrian 202nd Light Infantry
Monrass 25th Scythewind Recon
Merov Penitentiary Indenture: 4 Penal Legions
Gathalamor Heavy Grenadiers: 8 Battalions

**Known Adeptus Astartes Contingents**

Angels Vermillion: 1 Company
Space Wolves: 1 Battle Company
White Consuls: 2 Companies
Dark Sons: 3 Companies
Grey Knights: [Restricted]
Blood Swords: 2 Companies
Relictors: 1 Special Detachment
Storm Wardens: 7 Companies

Also elements of the Death Spectres, Subjugators, Disciples of Caliban, and Iron Snakes represented in a sanctioned Crusader Company as guardians of the Holy Crusade Banner.

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**Recorded Contingents of the Adepta Sororitas**

Order of the Valorous Heart: 1 Commandery
Order of the Bloody Rose: 4 Commanderies
Order of the Argent Shroud: 1 Preceptory
Order of the Fiery Tear: 1 Mission
Order of the Crimson Oath: 2 Missions

**Recorded Contingents of the Officio Assassinorum**

Assassins: [Restricted]

**Recorded Contingents of the Adeptus Mechanicus**

Adeptus Titanicus - Legio Venator: 3 Battle Maniples, 2 Scout Maniples
Centurio Ordinatus: 1 Ordinatus
Skitarii Tech Guard: 4 Regiments
Ordo Reductor: 2 Siege Formations
Korvath Knight Household: 2 Formations
Legio Cybernetica: 1 Division

**Recorded Contingents of the Imperial Fleet**

+Vessels of Note

Belial - Emperor Class Battleship
Execution - Eternal Oberon Class Battleship
Proclamation of Wrath - Vengeance Class Grand Cruiser (lost with all hands 786.M41) (including the Crusade leader, Lord Militant Achilus)
Eternal Requiem - Exorcist Class Grand Cruiser
Caelestis Dictatio - Mars Class Battlecruiser

**Recorded Contingents of the Departmento Munitorum**

Reclamation & Provender Army Inc:

3 Pioneer Regiments
2 Field Enforcement Regiments
4 Labour Battalions
1 Administratum Assay Corps.

**Recorded Contingents of the Holy Ordos of the Inquisition**


**Recorded Contingents/Miscellaneous Forces**

The Vassals of Rogue Trader Kazandus Lan (5 ships of the line, equiv/ 3 Regiments Militant)

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Well, just because Deathwatch specializes in kicking Xenos ass doesn't mean they won't respond to Heretics or Chaos causing shit. They're not gonna go "Nope, not aliens, not our problem, call us when you've got some Xenos." They're gonna go "FOR THE EMPEROR" and burn some heretics and purge some chaos.

Heck, one of the primary salients/warfronts of the crusade is against chaos.

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Fuck off yourself. Some of us like to view before we buy.

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Indeed. And I'll bet anything that if you really wanted to, you could make this a straight SPESS MEHREENS campaign against whatever you damn well pleased with the Deathwatch elements cut out.

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>Achilus Crusade
>Chaos Anomaly
>Relictors: 1 Special Detachment

Hmmmm, I WONDER what the Relictors could be up to...

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Marines don't need sex.

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i bet you there doing sum crazy badass shit

>> No.11708628


Well, if they're doing what I think they're doing its certainly crazy.

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dam right man, if i was there chapter master, i would be like "to every marine in this chapter, the gate is open and there is a Huge ass crusade at the Achillus system. iamma ordering this chapter to split into two and head to both Cadia and Achillus. why SO WE CAN FUCK CHAOS UP!"

>> No.11708713


Errr, do you know who the Relictors are?

>> No.11708736

no no idea but who cares

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So to make the ultimate mary sue, i simply induct a half eldar grey knight into the deathwatch?

>> No.11708790


They collect Daemon weapons, Chaos artifacts, to turn against their creators.

Fighting Chaos with Chaos, if you will.

This eventually lead to a boatload of Inquisitors and 4 chapter masters turning up at their homeworld and demanding they turn over the chaos artifacts. They did and were sent on a century long pennance crusade (all chapters deployed to some hellish battlefront, no new recruiting, survive the century and you're forgiven).

However, not learning their lesson they started looking for new Daemon weapons to fight chaos with again.

This got them declared Excommunicate Traitoris, and then the Grey Knights came and kicked their ass.


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Make his father an Ultrasmurf (bonus points if he is Calgar) and we can talk

>> No.11708804

Done. The only possible competition in a Space Marine RPG is on the battlefield of Suedom.

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heh, only the grey knights can destroy a whole chapter

>> No.11708812


Nah, just make your character be Illiyan Nastase, the Half-Eldar Chief Librarian Astropath of the Ultramarines.

>> No.11708819


And Ultramarines

>> No.11708828

>Dropped in alone
>No allies
>No recruiting

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Does the Deathwatch book actually have Lip Reading any where other than the character sheet? I ask because it is that way in Rogue Trader.

>> No.11708851


Not really, plenty of chapters have been killed by other things. (plus a couple hundred Relictors survived)

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no, smurfs are over rated mary sues that newfags like you, go crazy about

>> No.11708860


whoops, that was supposed to be "all companies deployed"

>> No.11708872


Wasnt their most powerful daemon weapon some kind of warp infused flail that they kept locked in the deepest reaches of their citadel?

I wish there were more flails in the 41st millenium...

>> No.11708885


And the Grey Knights are even bigger Mary Sues.

Stronger than normal marines, immune to chaos, the pets of the Inquisition, all psykers, the absolute best equipment. Second only to the Custodes and the Primarchs...

They make the Smurfs look ordinary.

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ok i have to agree with you on that, but is the newfags that give the ultra there fan base

>> No.11708929

mmm type'o there

>but is the newfags that give the ultra there fan base

but its the newfags that give the ultra there fan base

>> No.11708934


>immune to Chaos

Like that matters these days. Read the fluff sections in the current Space Marine and Blood Angel codices, both are kicking Chaos ass so much that it makes me wonder why the Grey Knights are there in the first place.

>> No.11708939


So while Grey knights must confront the denizens of the warp... so too must the Ultramarines steel themselves against the most hideous of all abominations..... the newbies

>> No.11708966


Fuck off Grammar Nazi... even your own spelling needs some work (and no, I'm not going to tell you what it is)

Die in a raging inferno

>> No.11708969


Really? Whens the last time you saw someone play an Ultramarines army? And the GW store black-reach rules demo set doesn't count.

Think about that a second.

Whens the last time you saw Space Wolves, or Blood Angels?

The only problem with the Smurfs is Matt Ward. Otherwise they're actually a pretty underplayed/under-represented group.

>> No.11708974

the grey knights are there to kill deamons and purge planets

>> No.11708987


They do the Emperors bidding. No matter what it is.

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Quick question before I go have my shower.
Basically just the same ones I asked yesterday, namely:
Are bionics covered in the book?
Are vehicles touched upon at all?

>> No.11709001

well i guess some one here is mad

>last time you saw someone play an Ultramarines army?

just today, it was a 1000 point game

>Whens the last time you saw Space Wolves, or Blood Angels?

two weeks ago

>> No.11709005


If I recall from earlier threads, vehicles aren't included.

You'll have to turn to Into the Storm for that.

>> No.11709009

Bionics are covered, yes, though not very thoroughly. Just use the DH/RT stuff.

Vehicles are 'touched upon' in that they are mentioned in passing as part of the rules for a psychic power and a grenade.

>> No.11709018


Both are regularly done by other Marines, who perform very well in these actions..

>> No.11709028

Woody, a 40K Metal Slug!

>> No.11709036

yes but grey knights do it better. now this conversation is done

>> No.11709043


Really lucky you? Most people I've talked to, here, on other forums, and in person have never seen a Smurf army beyond maybe someone who just bought a Blackreach box.

Meanwhile my store has two blood angel armies, two space wolf armies, two "counts as" space wolf armies, and a "counts as" blood angel army for players. As well as a couple orks, a nid guy, a necron player, and an eldar dude.

So I'd hazard a guess Smurf armies are a very small minority within space marine players.

>> No.11709053


Does it say anything about Dreadnoughts?

>> No.11709067


So that's why the Grey Knights went to Baal asking the help of the BA Sanguinary Guard against Ka'bandha and his armies.

>> No.11709068


It's worse playing Salamanders. "OMG VULKAN, EVERYONE PLAYS SALAMANDERS," and everyone I see is playing Codex: Space Marines are Dark Angels and Obscure Chapters running Vulkan to curbstomp people.

And I don't even run Vulkan.

>> No.11709085


An unfortunate effect of the increasingly competitive environment of 40k.

Glad I got out back when 4th was new.

>> No.11709093


Not necessarily. I fought a Sicarius list in a tourney just two weeks ago.

>> No.11709259

>Bionics are covered, yes, though not very thoroughly. Just use the DH/RT stuff.

I only ask because my current ideas for an Iron Hands custom Chapter involves them getting D5 Bionics instead of starting stat increases (good quality costs 2 choices) and If I were to use the Rogue Trader list of cybernetics, I'd have to add that mechadandrites, void-skin and synthmuscles are all excluded. Whereas I'd assume that the list supplied in Deathwatch would already account for that.
Although I'm in two minds about the MIU weapon interface.
In all fairness, I can see an Iron Hands having like a shoulder or backpack mounted Plasma Pistol on a MIU link ala Predator.

As for vehicles, fair enough, I thought that would be the case, I just wanted to see. I only asked with regards for doing White Scars at some point.

>> No.11709714

So how long will it take before someone makes rules for ANGRYMARHEEENZ for deathwatch?

>> No.11709740

they stat Tau? how do they look.

Please tell

>> No.11709762

There will be rules for custom chapters in the first Deathwatch expansion book.

>> No.11709773


>> No.11709791


I've already started. Mostly just fluff though.

>"...and so he beheld the abomination and did proclaim: "Thou art huge! Therefore thou hast huge guts! RIP AND TEAR! RIP AND TEAR YOUR HUGE GUTS!" and so with his powerfists he did indeed rip and tear, and in the daemons entrails did he forsee the coming of the Pain Train. Choo! Choo!"
> Sermon from the Book of Doom, by Brother-Chaplain Stalvern

Chapter Demeanour: Semper Iratus

Solo Ability: Bring it OOOOoOooOoooOOOoooOOooOOOn!

(when he's the only one fighting a horde in close combat, he ignores all horde bonuses to damage both from the horde he's fighting and any horde shooting into combat. Once per combat.)

Squad Ability: Shitcunt Fuckwaffles
Cost: ???
All eligible squad members in combat may re-roll damage rolls. Futhermore all close combat attacks count as being explosive and ignore toughness soak on the first round of close combat with a target.

>> No.11709978


Tau were statted in a different thread earlier. Off the top of my head I only remember Crisis Suits being an Elite challenge, meaning it'll take severeal Marines to take one down. 90 wounds or thereabout.

>> No.11710055

curses, I'll have to track it down

>> No.11710092

Did anyone ever give stats for Tyranid stuff? I wanna know just how rape the Hive Tyrant is etc.

>> No.11710406

http://archive.easymodo.net/cgi-board.pl/tg/thread/11659293 Stats for their various shit is somewhere in here.

>> No.11710430

Yep, that's right all marines are niggers.

>> No.11710452


But are all niggers Marines?

>> No.11710515

Of course not you preposterous snorg. It would be like saying that all squares are rectangles and therefore all rectangles are squares.

>> No.11710567

Wait, so Fenris has a really pronounced orbit, during summer practically the entire planet melts and gets reshaped. So that means Space Wolves annually turn black, then back to white as winter rolls in.

>> No.11710589


What like desert/volcano hot? Because a little sun isn't really enough, I mean if it was Blood Angels would all be black as well.

I think it's more of a case of Space Marines NEVER get sunburnt, only tan, and they do it fairly quickly as well.

>> No.11710601

SMhater here, I think the the Storm Warden fluff has promise. It's still mary sue but surprisingly unfaggy

>> No.11710889

As in all the ice melts volcanoes go off everywhere, plate tectonics go so crazy that aside from Asaheim the entire planet has different landmasses. More than "a little sun"

>> No.11712286

Bumping this.


Into the Storm has a "Combat Bike" in it, and the one on the cover looks a lot like an Astartes model. And you'd love the idea I have to use a modified Dreadnaught pod to drop a kill-team a pack of 4-6 bikes (Whatever is appropriate) for a mission where they suddenly need to cover a lot of distance.

Or maybe drop a speeder.

>> No.11715053

Bumping again, with a visual of just how far the Warp-gate the Imperium is fighting this Crusade to secure stretches.

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