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Is it true that (according to D&D anyway) if one elf subrace mates with another, the offspring always appears as one or the other parent? In other words no mixed race appearances for offspring between elves. What if it is an aquatic elf or a drow? Is that why the half-elf half-drow in Demon Stone looks completely drow?

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>half-elf half-drow

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IIRC it's because elves are all traditionally from the same place (at least all the way back to 2e where the Coomple Handbook of Elves had a fucking tree on this) so it makes sense, almost, not sure about why Mer-elves and Land elves don't have half-breeds.

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The way I do Half-Drow scenarios is I treat the halfie as a member of whichever culture raised him/her. If it was both (Somehow) I would mix the two races in a way that seemed fair.

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Ok but what if the half-breed were to mix with another subrace of elf? What would happen?

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I like my elves better. Basically they're more "unstable" than other races, which means they're capable of adapting to their environment by just spending some time on it, so they're also born adapted to wherever they are born. And by adapted i mean their coloration will be appropriate camouflage for the terrain and they'll feel comfortable at that range of temperatures.

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The looks a bit on the purplish side rather than black.

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No Drow vaginas yet!

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We have a janitor, saving us from those evil, evil nipples and vaginas.

I, for one, rest easier knowing that such things are being removed from my /tg/.

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FR has The Crinti. They are a mix of elf, drow and human. They are brown/grey skinned though.

Anyway aren't Wood Elves a mix of all the other subraces (in FR)? So why can't race mixing work?

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My last DM had an NPC Half-drow. She had apparently made up a full race set-up for them, and I'd swear by it since from what I know she had a hand in developing 2e D&D into what it was released as via playtesting and such. Made for a very interesting character, seeing as she was a Swordmage with every level of sworn enemy put on something Drow-related (spiders, driders, etc).

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Half-drow have been statted in previous versions. I recall seeing stats for either 3E or 3.5 in one of the FR books, once. Buggered if I know which, of course.

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Fuck you janitor. If kids are up this late/early then they deserve titties.

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Ops talking about half-surface elf half-drow though. 'half-drow' by itself means half human. And is statted in Races of Faerun.

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Sorry, I should have mentioned. She doesn't run anything later than 2e AD&D. Looked at 4e and said it looked too simplified.

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Well, there went the titties. Sorry folks.

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According to Vhaeraun, the drow must fuck everything, because the offspring will always be closer to drows than to the other side, and if they fuck enough then there'll soon be only drows.

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As far as i remember it's the opposite way around: wood elves are the closest to the first elves on Abeir-Toril based on their looks.

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WTF? Wow. Pic related.

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Heredity does not work that way!

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But being a drow is a curse, it's not only genetic. Plus, it's true that drows can outbreed most other humanoids.

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Well lolth has a different idea on the matter.

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Anyone notice Drow seem to breed better than elves? House Do'urden had like 5-6 kids at the time. Compare that to surface elves who are lucky to have one child per couple.

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because drow fuck moar

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>obligatory Drizzt sucks and Salvatore is a shit writer.

now that thats out of the way.

Drow noble houses have something most elven couples don't- Incentive.

Every female drow baby is another potential priestess or aristocrat for the family.

Every male drow baby is another potential high-born warrior caste member in the house army.

Every drow baby is potential fodder for political marriage in a cutthroat-politics environment.

Drow matriarchs are known to rotate stables of suitors, why wouldn't they?

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Sometimes the simplest answer is the right one. One could say it's due to the female dominated society that favors a Spider-Goddess. So they go for the "HAVE A SHITTON OF KIDS AND HAVE THEM FIGHT IT OUT" model.

Goddamn, I need some Drow babes to fap to.

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Aren't drow females put to death if they give birth to a male?

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No no no, in Drow society, females rape YOU.

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Plus, with all the in-fighting, the mortality rate for a brood has to be 85% or more.

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This. Its mentioned in the Faith and Pantheons entry. Actually Vhaerun isn't that bad a guy. He actually preaches Elven Unity, and can't stand Lolth.

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Don't forget all the kids they can afford to sacrifice.

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Posted some, Janitor deleted.

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